Morgoth’s Review — The Psychotic Left, Feb 2019 — TRANSCRIPT


[In this video, Morgoth, who runs the blog, Morgoth’s Review,  talks about how the big media names of the Left are silent about the criminal consequences of the policies they promote on behalf of their masters [aka,Organized jewry]. As an example, the Muslim rape gangs that plague Britain, with the latest episode of their crimes being in Halifax.


Morgoth suggests their silence and unwillingness to accept responsibility — despite outcries in social media by ordinary people — stems from the psychotic trait that runs in extreme Lefties, as well described in Kerry Bolton’s book, “The Psychotic Left“, and also described by the Hungarian jew, Max Nordau, earlier last century.


This psychosis, this lack of empathy for the suffering of people in your midst, has filtered down to ordinary lefties who empathize with the suffering (only in the abstract) of non-Whites in distant lands, while ignoring the real suffering in their own communities, for example, of young White girls and women, who are raped and molested by their Third World imports.







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The Psychotic Left



Feb, 2019



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Published on Feb 6, 2019


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Hello again, everybody.


So, I don’t know if you saw it, or not, but there was another grooming gang scandal this week in Halifax. Thirty Muslims are up for it. And needless to say there was hardly any coverage in the press. Nobody seemed to care. It wasn’t all over the news. But it was another big grooming gang thing in Halifax, being wrapped up and being sent to court.


And, because this doesn’t really get mentioned in the press at all, I went to Twitter, and I did a few sort of variations on searches, “grooming”, “Halifax”, “Muslim”. And one of the things that I saw, … Yeah, it did verify it.


And one of the things that I also saw, which I thought was really fascinating was that there’s so many members of just normal people, and I’m not gonna do screenshots, because this is gonna get a little bit leery. I don’t want to be accused of libel by some of the big chump [sp] stars that I’m gonna talk about.


And anyway, what I saw was a lot of people tweeting the articles at prominent liberal leftists, and anti-racists, and antifa types, and pro-immigration, and multiculturalists. And I’ve never really taken notice of this before, but they are the normal, everyday members of a public are bombarding these people with the results of their ideology! Day in, day out!


I mean, if you’re like a big fat antifa prick, who’s now writing for the mainstream media, well you go on your social media and it’s gonna be just like a non-stop sort of barrage of people accusing you of facilitating the mass rape of English girls!



And the same goes for all of these, … Even Teresa May was there with these massive lists of English towns and cities, from all these grooming gangs. And at a sort of low-level, the British public are calling out these people! And they’re shoving it in their faces! And they’re saying:


You are responsible for this! This is disgusting! It has to stop! And you are responsible! Your ideology is responsible for it!


And they are met with complete silence! They are met with, just nothing! And, in fact, the reaction, their reaction is a problem! That’s the problem that has to be dealt with.


Let’s put yourself in the shoes of a sort of prominent antifa type, who gets bombarded with this, day in, day out, every time there’s a terrorist attack, all these crimes that go on in London, and it’s being shoved in your face every day, and hourly! Just non-stop! And yet, your reaction to that, is to just shrug it off, and carry on peddling the multicultural line. And, in fact, saying that the people who are screaming out at you, :


Look what’s happening! Look what’s happening, because of your ideas! Because this is what you want! You’re chained to this!


And they have absolutely no interest in this, at all!


It’s a staggering, unbelievable, lack of empathy, on a most basic human level!


[Add. image]


And it reminded me of an article that I read at Counter-Currents, a long time ago, actually, by Kerry Bolton. Where he wrote a book on, basically the gist of it was, the Left are psychopathic. And he made the case for that.




And let’s take a step back for a second, because normally when we talk about this. When we talk about how we ended up with these people, we come at it from an angle which is that, it’s that they’re being brainwashed in the Universities, they’re being brainwashed because of the media, there’s the Frankfurt School, cultural Marxist, the “long march through the institutions“. And it kind of goes in that direction.


And what fascinated me about Bolton’s article, was that he said:


That in every population there is gonna be a certain percentage of the population who will be psychopathic, and nuts!


And they will inevitably look for ways to tear the society down. And he cites an old, … I’ll link the article from Counter-Currents, below. And he cites some studies that were done a long time ago actually, in Hungary, by a Hungarian professor, called Nordau. And he was actually doing tests on whether these people, these psychopaths — he called them insane — and he called them degenerates.


[Add. image] Max Nordau (click image to enlarge)


So Nordau was looking into whether, or not, certain sort of psychopathic, psychological ailments, made somebody gravitate towards a certain political perspective. And, in actual fact, he made a very good case that the lunatics of society are going to be drawn to the Left. And then he went further and divided them in the two different categories, as well.


And just from the Counter-Currents article it says:


This theory postulates that civilizational values are an unendurable burden …


This is Bolton:


“… upon the mentally subnormal, including types that are both what may popularly be called the unbalanced genius and the common criminal. Hence, the revolt against civilization is rationalized as a political doctrine for the overthrow of social order, and the unleashing of pent-up depravity. The revolutionary Left, is rationalized sociopathology.


And that makes sense to me. And then further down it’s Nordau himself. And he says, he’s talking about these as he calls them, degenerates:


He therefore rebels against conditions and views of things which he necessarily feels to be painful, chiefly, because they impose upon him the duty of self control, of which he is incapable, on account of his organic weakness of will. Thus he becomes an ‘improver of the world’ and devises plans for making mankind happy, which, without exception, are conspicuous just as much by their fervent philanthropy, and often pathetic sincerity, as by their absurdity and monstrous ignorance of all real relations.


So, the problem here, if we’re going to sort of investigate this, is the Left are famous for their empathy. Are they not just too empathetic?



Are they not these snowflakes who love “the other” and they love everybody, they love humanity?


Well, that reminds me of an old article I did during the migrant crisis. And it focused on, it starts with, … Each day when I go to work, at the time, there was a paper girl, who does the papers around where I live. And she likes to take the piss out of my dog, and she was a bit of a character — she’s gone now, it was a few years ago. And when the migrant crisis was going on, I wanted, obviously, not a single one of these refugees coming into this country.


[Add. image]



And the reason for that was, because I think that she has the right to have a paper round, and be a bit of a mouthpiece. And walk around on the streets here, early in the morning, without being under threat from foreign men. And as I just got to before, with the grooming gangs, that is an absolute reality of what happens when these men come in.


[Add. image]


And I got debating with a lefty on this. And he wanted to sort of put my morals to the test. And he said:


Well, they’re still gonna come.


This is the English Channel. And he said:


They’re still gonna come! What are you gonna do about it, at the end of the day, what would you go through just to make sure this girl can walk the streets, you know, without even the faintest possibility of anything happening?




And he was trying to balance off my ideals, against the ideals of a human vision. And I said that I would bomb their boats, if it came to it. And he said:


Well that’s not gonna stop them, because they’re desperate! They’re gonna keep coming!


And I said:


Well I’ll keep bombing their boats!


And it’s sort of escalated until at the end of it, he had all of Africa, like moving towards the English Channel. And on my side of this, I had like helicopter gunships, and torpedoes, and jets, and tanks, and machine gun turrets, all the way along the English Channel!


[Add. image]


And I wouldn’t buck, I wouldn’t buckle one bit! And he ended up calling me a monster! He thought I was the psychopath!


Well, okay. So in his vision of things, in his understanding of himself, he had more empathy than I did. But the difference is, the paper girl is actually a real person who wanders the streets here, and I want our paper girls to walk the streets at seven o’clock in the morning, in the dark, in safety! Without being groomed! Without being pestered by foreign men in cars!


I think they have the right to feel at home here, and I will not back down on that! And that to me is a real and tangible thing. It’s the close at hand, it exists in my world in a real physical sense. But his empathy is purely abstract, because he doesn’t feel that way about humanity, that’s just impossible. So what’s there is actually nothing at all! It’s just a void, to make him feel good!


But what it’s also meant, is that he has no empathy whatsoever for the close at hand! What he’s done is create an abstraction that needs to be “protected” and “fought for” at all times. But it doesn’t actually exist in the real world! And at the same time what does exist in the real world, he has no empathy with, whatsoever!



[Add. image]


And it’s to get back to the beginning here. So then you see these people on Twitter, these sort of Lefty, you know, they’re all against the “racists”, they’re gonna have to shut us down, we’re gonna have to be de-platformed! We’re gonna have to have Patreon shut down, and all the rest of it. It goes on, and on, and on!


But, at the end of the day, they don’t show any empathy whatsoever for what is actually, really going on! For what is taking place in the real world! But they do have all of the empathy in the world for an abstract ideal, which is pure fantasy! And I can’t really think of any other way to put that, than they’re psychotic! This is unnatural, mentally ill, behavior!


But, because this is what the Left thrives on, this is Bolton’s argument, that it will draw psychopaths towards it with a destructive urge, because they don’t actually have to care about anything real, or tangible. It’s just all in their minds!


So yeah, the Left are psychotic, I’m afraid! [a despondent chuckle].


Thanks for listening folks, I’ll catch you later.











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    “Aryanism: the National Socialist religion” by Kerry BOLTON and David MYATT Marteau (Hammer) editions, Quebec, 2002

    This rare book is not at all despicable, despite its very old appearance today. We will first introduce you briefly to both authors. David Myatt (born in 1950) is the first editor and he is British converted to Islam. Since we have a weakness for paganism we will explain the origin of the word “vindex” which was a word part of the old email address of Kerry Bolton, who was born in New Zealand in 1956: “Gaius Julius Vindex was Gaul native of a powerful family of Aquitaine and Roman senator” (on the Wikipedia page for the term “Vindex”). But for Kerry Bolton “vindex” would also be “another Adolf Hitler” (op.cit., P.3), let’s say a contemporary “avatar”(reincarnation) of him, in order to use the term dear to our favorite Savitri Devi the Hindu. Since Vindex was Roman we are now going to reprint a paragraph of Max Ribaric, Italian author (so for us also Roman): “The epic of Kerry Bolton, whose frantic activity is posed as an ideal catalyst of political extremism, satanist cults and avant-garde artists, epic that will be particularly incisive and decisive in the kick-off to the first obvious associations between contemporary Satanism and the multiple expressions of neo-Nazism “(in” As wolves among sheeps “, Camion Noir editions, France, pp.120-121). Even if we do not like Muslims, we will reproduce a quote from David Myatt, the great convert: “By creating a healthy environment, controlling growth and technology” (op.cit.p.12). .. “we need a harsh and beautiful environment … the blood and the soil” (op.cit.p.11). “Newsletters, magazines and esoteric-political propaganda documents distributed from his home, from his motherland New Zealand, was the link through which the occult foundations founded by Wellington’s forty-year-old personality took shape” (in Ribaric, op.cit.p.124). Yes, in 1996 when the English original was published in Bolton’s “Flaming Sword” magazine, he was forty.

    written by Dionysos ANDRONIS

  2. Kerry Bolton says:

    Mr Andronis seems to have a mental problem. I have told him recently and more than once that I am NOT the author of the article ‘Aryanism’. I do not know how else to say it to him, but he refers me to the same nonsense as though it is something to be commended. I do not even recall the article ‘Aryanism’, and have no interest in looking for it, assuming I even kept it. Also assuming that I would regard Hitler as an ‘avatar’, is pure bilge. I do not support the race materialism of Hitlerism, and have written extensively repudiating such darwinistic notions (The Decline & Fall of Civilizations, 2018). Additionally citing the inanity i was involved with over two decades ago hardly represents anything of my subsequent views, which are mainly influenced by Christian corporatism, Oswald Spengler and Social Credit. Mr Andronis seems to have the same mentality as certain Zionists and Leftists who also keep regurgitating this crap.



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