Patrick Grimm – Do You Get It Yet? – Mar 18, 2007


Patrick Grimm talks of how Whites’ obliviousness to how Orgjew has been systematically destroying our countries will not end well. The sheer sadism that jews are inflicting upon people in the Middle East, against the Palestinians, is a taste of what they will inflict upon us if we allow them to take total control over our societies. The solution to this immense problem that confronts us is to speak up, tell people your concerns — KATANA.





Patrick Grimm

Do You Get It Yet?




Mar 18, 2007




HERE is an article chronicling a criminal Jewish organization, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, this time its New England chapter, openly and unabashedly working to assist more illegal immigrants who are breaking into America. You still don’t get it yet? You still don’t see that the balkanization, the fragmentation and the dissolution of your nation is being orchestrated by one group and one group alone? It is the Jews, mostly Zionist Jews, who are sticking it to us.


Do you not yet understand that the Jews work better in a society that is not monocultural, but instead a stew of warring ethnicities more ripe for Hebrew control? Are you not yet capable of seeing the double standard and blatant hypocrisy of the international Zionist disease that is gripping America and indeed the entire Western world? I’m not mincing words here and I’m not going to disguise my ideas in pseudonyms about “liberals” and “secularists” when it is one group and only one group who is united in their desire to destroy us. Wake up! Wake up before it’s too late for all of us. Call me an alarmist if you want to. Call me an extremist, but as Barry Goldwater reminded us “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.” He also told us that “Moderation in the defense of liberty is no virtue.” I won’t be a fence-sitter as American slides into the Jewish sewer right down that slippery slope that organized Jewry has planned for us.



Isn’t it funny (strange in this context) how the Anti-Defamation League can criticize the most tolerant, pluralistic and open society on earth for its irritation and anger towards illegal invaders who are slowly transforming America into a Third World cesspool and stealing our European heritage, while the ADL supports their criminal brethren in Israel who are bulldozing and stealing Palestinian homes and cheerily shooting Palestinian children through the head for pure sport? The smirking Jew terrorists in Israel can build “Jews-only” roads, bridges and neighborhoods and the Israeli Defense Force can grope and paw at Palestinian women derisively at checkpoints and kill anyone at will, but let one American patriot complain that the United States is losing its white majority to criminal scum, drug runners and Mexican gangs and they will be labeled with “xenophobe”, “racist” or “Klansman”.


But no, the beer-swilling, Jew tube-watching, unthinking American imbecile believes it’s just radical Islam we have to fear. Present these facts to the average American and they will tell you “But Israel is our only ally in the Middle East. We have to support them.” But here’s the rub. Before Israel and the Zionist terror state came into existence, we had no enemies in the Middle East. Sure, we may not have agreed with the Muslim religion (understandably) or some of their autocratic and theocratic governments, but they did business with us and they happily sold us oil. Now it seems that some of them will do anything to hurt us, mainly because they are tired of the Zionist state trying to control their entire region and using American-made bombs and bullets to accomplish its hegemony. They are tired of Jewish-produced pornography flooding out of America into their countries and corrupting their youth. They don’t want their sons to be homosexuals and they don’t want their daughters to dress like street prostitutes. And they, like those of us in the anti-Zionist movement, understand the way the Jews do business. They know that many Jews make it their goal to lower the moral tone of every culture they enter into and debauch and defraud most every country they attach themselves to. The Muslims get it. Why are the Americans so thick-headed?


But the main question of the hour is “Do you get it yet?” Do you? Are you clear on it yet, and if not, what in the world will it take to convince you? If the aforementioned piece on the Jewish Zionist promotion, encouragement and actual funding of the illegal immigrant invasion doesn’t persuade you, what will? Will it take seeing your pastor or your priest locked into an eight-by-ten for criticizing Jews or homosexuals? Will it take having your basic First Amendment Constitutional rights ripped away from you by Jewish-drafted “hate crime” legislation? Or maybe when your first grade child comes home describing to you the intricacies of anal sex taught to him by his government school teacher in curriculum written by the sick perverted Jewish deviants of the Anti-Defamation League (and the ADL has written just this sort of curriculum) and passed off as good ol’ sex-ed, you will start to get the big picture. Maybe that Rorschach ink blot of convoluted agendas will suddenly morph into something static for you, a clear portrait of what Jewish control of a society looks like and what it means for your future.


Or maybe not. Perhaps you would rather tune out the truth, turn on the Jew tube and drift into a land of fantastical oblivion, a land of sweet packaged falsehoods and comfortable little lies. Perhaps the Talmud was right all along. Most Gentiles seem to prefer a life as chattel, as unthinking consumers in a Jewish-run Orwellian Mammonite state. If this is truly the case, then we deserve the kind of world that our masters have planned for us. We deserve to be slaves. We don’t deserve the heritage our forebears bequeathed to us. But just one last question for you. Do you get it yet?






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Patrick Grimm – Do You Get It Yet? – Mar 18, 2007






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