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[Morgoth discusses whether you should vote or not in the upcoming elections, given that the choice between the main parties is like being offered the choice between a bowl of puke and a turd sandwich!





Morgoth’s Review


My General Election



Nov 26, 2019


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Published on Nov 26, 2019


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Hello again there folks. So I’ve been thinking for the last couple of days, that I should say something about the General election which is on the way. But the problem is, I mean, you may have noticed if you watch my stuff, that I don’t really get into party politics at all. I’ve been burned out with it! I’m one of these people that wandered off the plantation, after the Brexit fiasco and after watching three and a half years of being ripped off and ignored! It kind of broke the camel’s back and I realized that there is a clear agenda of (((cabal))) and their will, will not be defied!


And so if you vote for a party and they promise to reduce immigration, let’s say, it’s just not going to happen. They’ll just ignore it! They’ll just ignore you!


And in the case of Brexit, well it was an “in” or “out”, and I thought they would show their hand. And I was interested in how they would deal with it, how they were gonna carry that through without flouting the basic rules of a liberal democracy. And with this, that’s actually the story of the last three and a half years.


So all I did was confirm in my mind that democracy is a bit of a farce! You can vote on a policy about NHS beds, or something, and yeah, if that’s your big thing, then whooppee-do! You will be able to use your “power of the vote” to change how many beds exist in an NHS ward, or something like that.


But if it’s for something more fundamental to the current state of Britain, in this case, then you’re not! Then you’ll just be bullshitted and lied to, and your vote will be crushed! And the last three and a half years since Brexit has been, that’s been the story of it.


And I’ve came to the conclusion that I didn’t really want to play a ball with this farce anymore. Because it gets to the point where if you’re gonna carry on believing in the theater, you feel like a bit of a moron! You feel like a mug! Because you are then actively participating in this system, which is just a sham! Which is just rubbish! And so you feel like a bit of a muppet for going along with the lies!


And I decided that the moral position was to opt out and say:


I don’t believe the system works, and I’m not gonna endorse it anymore! I’m just gonna opt out and we’ll see how all of this plays out.


So now we look at the current situation where we’ve got yet another General election and we see that the parties lining up and all of that patter is coming out. And I watched a couple of days ago, I watched Academics Agent’s video on Jeremy Corbyn — the Labour Party’s manifesto — just out of interest. And I was actually quite horrified by how far they’re going. I expected heavy taxes. I expect a Corbyn to go after the CEOs and all of that. But what left me quite mortified was the social policy.


Let me just take a couple of steps back here, because some of my friends on the hard Right will back Corbyn, because they know there’s a certain clique who can’t stand him. And then there’s also that they see him as a wrecking ball against the neoliberal, global capital, let’s say. And with his overt, like communistic, socialist policies. He’s gonna lend 850 billion pounds, or something like that. And so it’s a fair argument.


My problem is if he’s gonna blow up the banking system, or whatever the hell it is, then all right fair play. But the problem that I have is the social policy. And as for taxing all of these CEOs and what not, to death, well they’re just gonna take their money! They’re just gonna leave Britain and the wider system will still be intact. All that’s gonna happen is that the so-called “White van man” is gonna be crucified by these taxes! And so you see where there was somebody on [05:01] “Question Time” talking, and he earns 80 grand a year. He was obviously lower middle class, or working class. He probably owned a factory somewhere, probably works about 70 hours a week. And then he was quite shocked to discover that he was actually in the 5%. And that they were gonna absolutely nail him on taxes! And so that’s this huge chunk of middle England, that are gonna have to pay for Corbyn’s socialism.


But then, the problem is the money. It’s not gonna work in the way that some people on the Right think, because the money is not gonna trickle down to a cohesive group. So you can’t think of it in terms of pushing socialism, or the Swedish model of the 1970s where you’ve got to have a very high trust society, and everybody’s watching each other’s backs. It’s a very comfortable, safe, society and people don’t mind paying a huge chunk of taxes.


And the reason you’re not gonna get that is, because the neoliberal social policy is mass immigration and what the centrists would call “identity politics”, pitting one group against another. And everybody’s against each other. Everybody’s aggrieved. Everybody is out for themselves! And this has resulted in the native demographic of atomization and everybody being out for themselves.


And so, I can actually understand it in that context why they’re gonna go and vote Tory. And on this the point here is that Corbyn’s regime is going to be absolutely savage! And so to get back to my original point of not voting, is it then the moral position to remain aloof from the system when you can see these lunatics coming in? Because I just don’t buy this argument that it will upset the, …. It will open up a gap for dissident politics. The dissident politics is going to be extreme neoliberal, socialist, policies! And Corbyn’s out there now saying there’s gonna be much more “White guilt” dripped into the classrooms!


And on top of all of that, it’s the equivalent to having Antifa run your country! That’s what we’re looking at here. And I don’t see how there’s gonna be any kind of opening for a dissident politics of the Right, whatsoever! In fact, when you look at who’s gonna be prominent within the party, those of us in Britain will be lucky not to be in jail by the time we get through it all! Because it will be like having the Unite Against Fascism, or Antifa running the country.


And so to get back to my original point then. Can you still be noble while you see these lunatics taking over the society? They’re in the running to come out on top. Is it a moral position to still do nothing? Even though — and this is what I have to stress, this point — even though the Tories are scumbags themselves? Even though the Tories are just again these neoliberal shills, but then purely in economics. But as far as something like immigration is going, it doesn’t make blind bit of difference! You’re gonna get 300,000, or 400,000 regardless of who comes in, even Corbyn, I think.


And the reason for that, is that I think we are running at maximum capacity for what we can actually handle. I think the system, because we take in the equivalent of a Normandy landing, like every six months, or something. It’s insane! And in terms of just housing and infrastructure, there’s only a certain amount of people can be processed. And I mean, they talk about capping mass immigration, in actual fact, the system works flat-out to facilitate them coming in by the hundreds of thousands! It’s streamlined to perfection! What people call “The Replacement”. And yeah, that’s gonna happen regardless. Corbyn and the Labour Party may want more, they may want to increase the numbers, but I don’t think it’s physically possible, because there’s just nowhere for people to live. And you’re gonna get the same under the Tories! So that’s actually a moot point.


But in terms of nailing our people to the floor and having what Jeremy Corbyn calls, “Social Justice Commissions” operating up and down the land, and then attaching [10:00] themselves to people’s businesses, controlling everything that people think and do. You are beginning to see something quite horrific coming into view here! So then this tests my original idea of saying:


Well politics is a big scam! It’s a big joke!


Like the neoliberals, the money lenders, the top brass, will just move themselves and their assets, their money, and probably their businesses, away from Britain. But we’re still gonna get the transgender issues, we’re still gonna end with all of these racial and ethnic issues. And we’re still gonna have the kids taught “White privilege theory”. It’s just going to be much, much, worse! You’re still gonna get the neoliberal social policy, just the money will have gone.


And so then, you look at the devastation that all of this is going to cause, is it right to say:


Well, I’m not gonna vote?


Even though — and this is where they get you again — even though, you know, that the party you’re gonna have to vote for — whether it’s Farage’s crew, or whether it’s the Tories with Boris Johnson — you know they’re a bunch of scumbags who hate you as well! It’s just that they don’t hate you too extent that the the Labour party does.


So this then is the culmination of the great idea of “democracy”, is that out of blind panic you have to vote for the scumbags who hate you least! And this is where we are now.


And so the problem that I have is that you’re then validating the system! You know, that it’s theater, you know, that nothing positive is gonna come out of this for you! And what you want! You, all right there, if you’re watching this video the world that you’d like to see is neigh on illegal. And anybody who holds your opinions will be purged before they get anywhere near political power! So what you have to do was vote for the scumbags who hate you least! And this is where we are. This is the “Great experiment”.


So you can say:


Well, I’m just not gonna partake in it anymore, and watch the world burn, or wait for the Antifa government to come after you.


Which in my case they’ll probably do. But as far having some sort of positive ideal is complete, complete, tosh! It’s not gonna happen. And so you’re dragged back in! You’re like Al Pacino in “The Godfather Three”. Just when I thought I was out of this madness, just when I thought:


Well, you know what it is? I’m giving up on it. I don’t believe in democracy anymore! And I don’t want a validate the system by voting in it!


Then all of a sudden you find that if you don’t, you’re gonna be having the Social Justice Commission come after you for “hate thought”. And so, you’re forced back into the mold of voting in this complete farce! Because it’s beginning to take a bit of a sinister turn. You’ll never get anything positive. What you’ll get is maybe to stave off the most destructive elements of social justice and cultural Marxism, for a little bit longer. Five years down the road, it doesn’t matter, because the Tories probably have those policies anyway. That’s just what happens, with cuckservatism. So, you’re treading water, or you bite the bullet and say:


Let’s go for it! Let’s do this the “accelerationist” take, which people will say.


So that’s another argument which you see on the Right. Where, yeah:


We know it’s gonna be a madhouse, let’s just get it done and maybe everybody will wake up.


Well the problem with having Antifa in government is that they’re not going to allow any kind of grassroots movement to form. They’re gonna hunt us down with a vengeance, if they get in! And maybe all of the native population will go through hell, and after five years there’s so much dissent in the country of five years of Corbyn, or whatever, that they’re all desperate to vote for the extreme far Right!


You’ll probably see that somebody like UKIP, or For Britain, will see this bump in popularity, if they don’t get banned. But by and large, it will be people who are desperately running back to the Tories, because they’ve got to try and pay off a mortgage. That’s where this is going to go.


And so we’re forced back into this, this theatre! This illusion of democracy! It’s the choice [15:01] between a bowl of puke and a turd sandwich!


And I think, with a very, very, heavy heart I’m gonna have to go and take a slurp on the bowl of puke! Because the consequences of the Corbyn government getting in is something quite quite awful and shocking!


So, that’s my thoughts on the election there, folks. And it’s not particularly happy, or uplifting, but I can’t, I don’t really see any other way out of it.


Well, alright, let’s try and look at the bright side! [chuckling] Well maybe we will get Brexit, again? Like a carrot dangling before a donkey! That is what it is. A farce! Just a big circus! And if you don’t take part in it you’ll get destroyed, if you do the decline we’ll just take a bit longer.


Thanks for listening folks, and I’ll catch you later.




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