Morgoth’s Review – What If Classic Liberalism Is The Problem? – Oct 29, 2019 — Transcript


[Morgoth describes how classic liberal ideas and their current expression have failed us and have led us to a “clown world” where not only has nonsense — such as transgenderism and other sexual perversions — been promoted, but the whole, society destroying, multicultural agenda has been facilitated.

Liberal ideas chain and blind us to a system that enslaves us to the machinations of a (((cabal))) intent on destroying us, while its gatekeepers such as the smooth talking homosexual Douglas Murray misdirect by describing the ongoing murder of Europe by the cabal and its “goy” traitors, as a “strange death”!





Morgoth’s Review


What if Classic Liberalism

is the Problem?


Oct 29, 2019


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Published on Oct 29, 2019


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Hello there again folks. So there’s been another report out this week on the radicalization happening on YouTube. They call it “The Disease of Far-right Ideas Permeating the Platform”. The report says that since 2017 there’s been a drop in views to far-right channels, but classic liberals, safe conservatives, and the “Intellectual Dark Web”, they’re all doing very nicely. And I mean, that’s going to happen. If the system funnels a lot of money and publicity into a false opposition, and then shuts down the genuine opposition, it will have that effect! If you’re gonna play a game of tennis and you chop off your opponent’s arms, then guess what? You win!



And Sargon of Akkad did a video saying that the report was a good reason why he shouldn’t be banned. That the centrists can “hold the line”. The centre will hold them! That classic liberalism and soft conservatives act as a bulwark. And if they get banned, well the far-right is just gonna run rampant all over the platform.


But these discussions are always framed in a certain way. It’s always a question of whether, or not the center can hold, and not whether, or not, it should hold! We’re told that democracy is a wonderful thing, yet nothing that we discuss, or are concerned about was ever voted on! Multiculturalism was imposed on us without a single mandate! Where was classic liberalism then? In actual fact, it’s arguments based on rationalism, economics, and individualism, were being used to actively facilitate the multicultural project! After all, if we’re all just rational individuals with no interests beyond material gain, then what does it matter where somebody comes from?

Of course, some people may argue about there are biological differences in groups, and that this matters. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t? In this case we can use the much vaunted empiricism which classic liberalism covets to aid us in these arguments. Except that never happened either, because classic liberals allowed all the universities to be hijacked by Marxists and hostile groups! The debate was shut down and the classic liberals then went on to believe whatever the ideologues pumped out of the universities on these controversial subjects!


What people refer to as the “long march through the institutions” of the Left, was really just the “long defeat of centrist liberalism”!


The idea that people can be pressured into believing nonsense, exposed another flaw in centrism. The skeptics weren’t skeptical! When push came to shove they went along with whatever the elites dictated, just like everybody else. It’s one thing to say:


You base your worldview on facts and evidence, no matter where they lead.


It’s quite another when that brings you in a conflict with wider society. When you can be viewed as morally suspect, or even evil. Ahh, … But I forgot! The centrists have blessed us with the “free marketplace of ideas”! The good ideas based on evidence and truth will rise to the surface and the bad ideas will fall away and be forgotten!


And so when we look at the West today, can you see how successful this has been? Just look at all of the wonderful ideas dominating the discourse in society today! And some people may argue that all this insanity is being orchestrated by a group, or network of some kind, perhaps ethnic, or religious in nature? At least we can rely on the centrist truth tellers to expose it! Nah, sorry they can’t do that either! Classic liberalism doesn’t see groups, but just individuals. So even if there was a (((cabal))) they could only ever complain about the individual components, and not the activities of the group as a whole. But at least they aren’t extremists!


The liberal centre is like an old pair of comfy slippers. It just feels nice and safe.


There’s a joke that goes around in dissident Right circles. Whenever an atrocity, or an act of lunacy appears in what we now call “clown world”, people react by saying:


At least were not speaking German!


A hundred thousand English girls can be sexually enslaved and brutalized in horrible ways, but at least we’re not speaking German!


An immigrant can spit in the face of a native baby and say:


White people shouldn’t breed!


And he gets off scot-free! Not even a hate speech charge — nothing! But at least we’re not speaking German!


Children are encouraged to mutilate their genitals and take hormone blockers — at least we’re not speaking German, though!




The joke works, because it pokes a stick at the assumption that the centre is sane, that the crazies are on the outside. We have to keep the crazies out, no matter what! This is the centrist mantra:


We’re keeping the crazies out!




Douglas Murray often gives interviews and discussions. And like the rest of the gatekeepers, YouTube shoves them in your face, if you’re a little bit edgy! The algorithm picks it up and promotes it. But in these interviews Murray does two things which I’ve noticed. He tells us that Europe is finished! And then he also remarks at public events, that more and more people are asking him about IQ and other more controversial questions. He explains in somber, hushed, tones:


Something is dark! Something is bubbling under the surface. Old ideas are coming back and it makes him uncomfortable! We’ve got to keep the crazies out! But Europe is still finished!


And so Western man is shackled to these classic liberal assumptions about the world, like Ben Hur is chained to his galley! Only the crazies are trying to break the chains! The moderate, centrist, sane position is to not even try to get off the ship, but sneer at the crazies and then drown!



Imagine what it takes to write a book called “The Strange Death of Europe” and then act shocked when people point out illiberal truths! Maybe if they were listened to, the death of Europe wouldn’t seem so strange? Maybe if they had power, Europe wouldn’t even be dying? Oh well, we’ve got to keep the crazies out!


The cruel irony of all of this, is that these abstract principles are based on nothing! It’s just sheer blind faith that would make a middle-eastern fanatic blush! The biggest joke of all is that it was the Enlightenment which gifted us this dogma! A dogma which must be upheld into complete civilizational collapse!


It’s a big joke! The biggest joke in clown world!


I’ll catch you later, folks.



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