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[Morgoth discusses the massive loss that the Labour Party incurred in the general election, and how they deserved that outcome, and even worse;

Of course, I mean, the crimes that have been committed are so heinous, that it borders on ethnocide! That these people should actually be in the dock, facing a noose! And on trial for crimes against the British people!





Morgoth’s Review


The Labour Party

Earned This


Dec 14, 2019



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Published on Dec 14, 2019


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Hello again there folks.


So I thought I’d just round off this general election cycle, with a few thoughts of me own and have a bit of a ramble. I’ve done three live streams on it over the past few days, and I haven’t got that much to say. I haven’t got that much left.


But I thought that I would do one which was a bit close at home, a bit more personal, and a bit more anecdotal, because I’m in the area of the “Great Red Wall” of Labour, which has came down.


And while I’ve been watching all of the drama over the last day, or two, I remember an exchange I had when I was working with a fella, a year or two book. And when I’m in the the job working in the factory, I’m as deliberately as politically incorrect as I can possibly get away with! Because what I find is that you then break the ice and then the other lads, will think:


Well I’m not going to see anything as extreme as that, but, …


And they tend to open up a bit. And they tend to tell you what’s on their mind. And it liberates people when you do that.


And what this fella said — we were sitting outside having our dinner, it was summer — and he replied to me. I was being a little bit edgy, and he replied to me, sort of half whispering, and he was saying:


You know, me and my lass — meaning his girlfriend — we’ve been looking these things up on the internet and about what’s going on with girls in this country.


And I said:


Oh! What do you mean?


And he, … Especially in Yorkshire, but it’s happening everywhere, it’s happening in the West End of the town, meaning Newcastle. And what’s happening is that you’ve got these immigrant grooming gangs, and they’re doing all kinds of horrible things to English girls, but almost nobody knows about it, because the Labour Party is covering it up. And he was saying:


It’s happening everywhere!


And in these hush tones he was saying:


It’s happening everywhere, they say. And the Labour Party, and the Labour Party councilors are covering it up and nobody knows about it.

And I knew exactly what it was talking about, of course. But what I thought was interesting was that I wondered how many more people are thinking like this? How many more people are — under their breath and in hushed tones — they’re saying:


Oh, we knew what’s going on, Labour. There’s some horrible things happening all over the country and Labour is covering it up!


In actual fact, what he’s talking about also happened in Tory areas. It happened in Oxford, a big one in Oxford. But nevertheless, it began to dawn on me that this stigma had attached itself to the Labour Party in working-class areas all across England. And they’ve begun to be suspicious of the Labour Party. And it became a sort of urban myth, where people would say:


Well, we know what’s going on and Labour is behind it.


But they didn’t know why, and they couldn’t put it into ideological terms, because they don’t pay any attention to politics, really. They work long hours and then they consume product, they watch the football, and sit in the pub. And that’s kind of it. And then they didn’t have a frame of reference as to why Labour would be doing this, if it was true, of course.


Nevertheless, it seemed to me it was on Labour, the Labour movement, on the Labour Party, it acted like a sort of “poison dart” which Labour had been shot with. But which wasn’t immediately, it didn’t kill Labour about outright. But what I did was, infect the vital organs of Labour and just slowly kind of drag them down, and slowly poisoned them with this new urban myth that had attached itself to Labour.


And around about that time there was a big drama came out on the BBC. A big flashy documentary, which the BBC called “Three Girls”. Which focused on the grooming issue in Rochdale.


And I blogged about it at the time. And I thought it was interesting, because it was actually quite hard hitting. They didn’t dress it up. There was none of this political correct nonsense in it. And a lot of people are saying:


Why would the make that?


And my blog post that I did on it at the time was they are aware, the liberal elites, are aware that there’s something going on, something’s rumbling down in the working-class, among the working class. This new legend of Labour betrayal is sort of spreading, spreading around their base. And in my opinion the “Three Girls” documentary was an attempt by the Left’s Champagne socialist elites of Britain to draw the poison out. And say:


Well, we’ve addressed it! It’s there on BBC One, in prime-time! We didn’t pull any punches! This isn’t some sort of conspiracy theory, it’s right over there. Look! We know! We know about it!


And I don’t think it worked, because it just carried on after that. But what’s worse again is that Labour began to become more unhinged, as the social justice scene, the social justice ideology moved its way into the Labour Party and especially under Jeremy Corbyn. And so what happened was they then began to view the people who already had these suspicions about the Labour Party as the enemy! Their own base was the enemy! Because this was a mindset.


This was a framing of political discourse in which somebody such as David Lammy would be in would be oppressed by the factory worker, or a docker in Durham and Doncaster and Middlesboro. Where the man who works 12-hour nightshifts stickering boxes is the oppressor of Ash Sakar, who works for this huge left-wing grift operation, and has never done a day’s work in her life!


And then what you saw was that the earlier suspicions about what was going on, the rumours that were going around, that something was wrong with the Labour Party, were then completely confirmed, because they it was out in the open! Completely out there in the open! And the people who had actually been suffering all along were then put into the position of being these “evil oppressors”!


And, of course, he got all the other rubbish, with it. They were told that their history, there was colonialism, and their whole identity was wrong, and oppressive, and evil, and sick!


And so it confirmed in their minds that well those rumours that were going around must be true all along! And to many people it took a long time, because these people aren’t very engaged. But it certainly happened now, finally! And it happened in one fell swoop! From what I can gather Rotherham [That had 1,400 cases of Muslims sexually abusing White girls] itself, still voted Labour back in.


But the point that I’m just trying to make here is that the poison which had infected the Labour Party been there for a lot longer than just since Boris Johnson. All he does is act as a sort of populist — fake one as we know, of course — as a sort of outlet and a rejection of what the Labour Party had become. But, of course, that’s another, what we’re gonna get into in the future is the problem with the Tories themselves.


But just in terms of what I think a lot of people are missing throughout this election and the fall of the “Great Red Wall” is that this has been a problem which has been simmering under the surface in working-class White communities for a long, long, time! For longer than their think. It’s just it didn’t have an outlet before, and the Tories were seen as being toxic.


But the Labour Party have earned all of this! Earned all of this it! And what’s worse again is that they can’t actually address this problem. Because social justice is like ratchet, the Cultural Marxism acts like a ratchet, and all they ever do is move in one direction. They can never loosen it up and go back, and say:


Well, you know what it is, we’re gonna bring you on board, and we’re gonna listen to your concerns.


Of course, I mean, the crimes that have been committed are so heinous, that it borders on ethnocide! That these people should actually be in the dock, facing a noose! And on trial for crimes against the British people!


But, just in terms of winning the White working-class back, they can’t, because they can’t go the other way. Because the London “Champagne socialist” minority factions who earn a good living, would scream an outrage if there was some sort of new outreach program being implemented to win back White working-class workers of the north! It’s not gonna happen! And so they’re locked into this trajectory, and there’s no turning back from it. And good riddance! Good riddance, I say!


But that issue has been infecting the Labour Party for a long time. And this is it now. This is the final, it’s finally surfaced.


So it isn’t just about Brexit, that just played into it. It isn’t just about the mass immigration which they never wanted, never had any choice about. It was that this, what was attached to Labour was this whole swath of something which should become an existential threat to White communities, working-class White communities, and the “Great Wall” fell! And I for one, I’m glad to see it go.


But as I said, I’d like to see a thorough investigation into what happened with all of these things. The structural ideological nature of the Labour Party itself is the problem here. And it should be looked at in terms of an existential threat. And, of course, the indifference of the Tory party, isn’t much better.


But in terms of that just simmering away under the surface and knowing that something was toxic in the Labour party, that was there for a long time. And so it’s finally surfaced! It’s finally broken Labour in the north, which people have been crying out about for a long time. Why, why, do they still vote Labour? And it’s finally changed.


So I think that’ll be my final thoughts on the election.


Thanks for listening folks. And I’ll catch you later.





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