Malleate – Bullet Free Genocide – Weaponized Migration – Nov 22, 2019 — Transcript

[Australian YouTuber, Malleate, lays out the figures in an exercise that shows how the deliberate genocide of the White race can be achieved without the use of overt violence, or “bullets“, but rather by Whites being manipulated into having below replacement level birthrates, while non-Whites brought into our countries by a hostile (((elite))) have above replacement level birthrates.

The figures are based on current trends persisting. In most White countries that means that Whites could become a minority around 2056, and insignificant by 2100.

Whites need to wake up to the fact that their so-called  “leaders” are puppets under the control of psychopaths, organized jewry and its money power, that want Whites exterminated, so as to bring about their plans for a One/jew World Order.







Bullet Free Genocide

Weaponized Migration


Nov 22, 2019


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Published on Nov 22, 2019


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Bullet Free Genocide – Weaponized Migration
•Nov 22, 2019
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In this video I will demonstrate how genocide can be commited without using any explicit violence. A passive genocide via weaponized wombs.

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For the past few decades we have been watching as Europe slips into a demographic crisis. People are massively ignorant to how quickly demographics can change. And so I’m going to explain, right now, how you can commit what is essentially a genocide, without ever imposing conventional violence on anyone.


Because the truth is that it only takes a few people and even fewer generations to commit a genocide without ever firing a bullet.


A complacent native populace and an invigorated migrant population, and your fate will be sealed!


Your family and your descendant will be eliminated from the game, and your family tree will be eaten away at the roots and die!


I will be showing you several scenarios in which migration, even when done in a measured manner, or stopped altogether, can still lead to the destruction of a people, as well as the nations and civilizations they collectively generated and maintained.

NOTE: The video contained the page for 2019. This is the 2020 version.



Before we get into the examples I should mention that the unit of measurement we will be using is the “fertility rate”. If we take a look at the fertility rate, we will see that it is measured by children born to each woman.


We measure the fertility rate using women, because women can only have one child at a time, and they can only have so many children throughout their life. That means that your population will grow at the speed of your women’s fertility rate, not your men’s.

If you have an entire village of only women, but one man, then that village can grow at a steady rate, because that man you get every single woman pregnant at the same time. But if you have a village of entirely men, with only one woman, that village will almost certainly die, because that woman can only have one child at a time.

What ultimately matters for measuring birth rate is how many babies each woman is going to give birth to. As long as both parents are from the same group, then it doesn’t actually matter what the man’s role is when it comes to measuring demographics.

Measuring it this way means that a rate of 2.0 is breaking even, because you need two people to have a child. A woman and a husband need two children just to replace themselves.

So supposing that a native population had a fertility rate of 2.0, which is replacement, and the migrant population has a rate above 2.0, say 2.5, [Note: graphics here show a 3.0 fertility rate] then within a century the native population will have been out-bred, and then replaced in their own homeland, without ever having a single bullet fired at them.

This is, because for each generation the additional 0.5 fertility rate is added on top of the 0.5 fertility rate of the previous generation. Each generation the foreign population grows and so the generation that follows has a higher number of people to apply that extra 0.5 fertility rate to. It creates an exponential effect that rapidly changes demographics.


So now, let’s get into some examples.

This first example is just pure out-breeding. This is what you would see in the example of say like a refugee crisis, where once the migrants came in a single wave and you cut off immigration afterwards.

For our first example we’re going to start with a population of about 80% natives, and 20% migrants, which is roughly analogous to the populations of Europe. Since in 2016, four years ago now, Germany had a foreign-born population of 16%. The UK had a foreign-born population of 14%. Sweden was at 18%.


And those percentages only take into account people who were born somewhere else and then immigrated to the country. It does not account for people who were born in that country to two foreign parents.


So, to keep the examples simple, we’ll just use a village of 800 natives and 200 migrants as our starting point. If we give the migrants a fertility rate of 3, as in every migrant couple has three kids — two to replace themselves, and one additional child to grow their numbers, then within four generations the native population will become a minority in its own village. And within a few more generations after that, it will be almost entirely destroyed, despite maintaining a replacement fertility.


[NOTE: In all the population numbers given it is the number of reproductive females and their fertility number that matters, and therefore shown. The fact that a couple lives, on average, for three or more generations or so, is not a consideration here, as that is a common factor to all groups.

Also, the rate that Whites are genocided in the scenario here, is based on current trends continuing. From a White perspective they may get better or get worse — KATANA]


So just twenty years after our example begins, the native population remains the same, but the migrant population goes up. It’s now 300 people, taking it from 20% of the population, to 27% of the population.


Forty years after beginning, two generations, the migrant population is now 450 people. That makes some 36 percent of the population, while the natives have remained at 800 people, because their fertility rate has remained constant.


When we move to generation three, which is 60 years after the beginning of our example, the migrant population is now 675 people. Making them 46 percent of the overall population.


The next generation, just 80 years after the beginning of our example, is when the migrants finally become the majority, at 56 percent.


Now the initial village we started with, 1,000 people, has a population of 1800, and over 1,000 are migrants.


If we fast forward another three generations the migrants are now 81%. Add another two, to make it ten generations, two hundred years, and the migrants are now 94% of the population!

Using this example you can see just how quickly a population can be replaced! But that’s not all, because this example doesn’t actually tell the full story. The full story is far, far, worse!


Because the example we just observed assumes that the natives will continue to breed a replacement, which we have no evidence to support. In fact, the evidence is to the contrary, because there isn’t a single Western nation that is currently breeding at replacement! Every single one is below replacement!


This example also assumes that there will be no ongoing emigration. That it was just one wave, say a refugee crisis, and then after that we accepted no more migrants.




We planted one seed in the middle of the village, and 200 years later, it has grown and strangled the life that initially inhabited the village. This example doesn’t even go into things like interbreeding, and polygamy!


If we ran the initial example again but we added a little bit of ongoing emigration, just say, like 1%, then the replacement of that village is hastened to an even earlier date.


But like we said before, this was a very “positive” example, because it doesn’t take into account “negative” birth rates. We haven’t even considered that up until now. And so let’s run the same example, but giving the native is a birth rate that is actually accurate to the real world. Because the average of birth rate for every Western nation is about 1.6.


There’s not a single Western nation that is above replacement, most of them are around 1.6, which is also the birth rate of Western nations, not Western people! That birth rate includes people who are from foreign places, and happen to have a lot of kids, pushing the birth rate up even higher than it actually is.


The native fertility rate will actually be lower than the average birth rate.


But putting all that aside, let’s have a look at our new example taking into account negative birth rates.


Starting again with a village of a thousand people, 800 natives, 200 migrants, and just 20 years of time. We see that the overall population has gone down by about 150 people, but all of that decline came from the native population, who are now 650 people. And the migrant population actually grew to about 300 people, making them again 32 percent of the population, while natives are now just 68 percent of the population.


Forty years after we begin our example, the migrant population is now 460 people, as opposed to the natives at 520. It is only forty years after we began and the migrants are once again nearly overtaking the natives for control of the village. They are 47 percent of the total population!

In generation three, the percentage of migrants pops up to 62 percent. It only took three generations sixty years, less than the lifetime of the average human being, for the village to become completely overwhelmed by foreign people.


If we skip ahead to the tenth generation, 200 years after beginning this example, migrants are 99.2 percent of the total population. The natives are gone! It’s an ethnic cleansing! It’s a genocide!


This is the process that the elites began, because the our population dipped a little bit. This is where the soulless elite, who care for nothing more than the numbers in the annual report, get the justification for replacing you and me in our own homelands!


Which leads us to the next factor that has not been considered. And that is the inevitable interbreeding that will occur between natives and foreigners, especially when the incoming group begins to outnumber the natives, and they are left with no other options.


If the native population interbreed with the incoming population, the demographic replacement is yet again hastened! This is a serious issue when the incoming group is much larger than the native group, because that means they can continually pour more, and more, genetic material into our nation. It’s a genocide by genetic smothering! There’s no explicit violence, but the native genes are just slowly removed through interbreeding.


This is exactly the threat that is facing the European people right now!

We are roughly 8% of the global population. There are less than a billion Europeans on this planet. There’s roughly 800 million Europeans worldwide, that includes Australia, the United States, and Europe. There are more Indians, 1.3 billion of them, on this planet than every single European ethnic group combined. There are more Chinese, 1.35 billion of them on this planet. There’s more of the Chinese alone than every single European ethnic group combined. There are more than 1.2 billion Africans on this planet!


So by taking the previous example, and adding race-mixing to it, in just 20 years, one generation, migrants become 32 percent of the population and those of a mixed-race origin, are now one percent.


In the second generation, the migrants are 47 percent and the mixed-race on now one and a half percent.


In generation three, the mixed-race are now about two percent, and the migrants are now at 63 percent.


At this point, the amount of mixed-race people actually begins to decline, because there just isn’t enough natives for the migrants to interbreed with. We’re already only 20 percent of the population.


So while the whole number of mixed-race individuals goes up each generation, it goes down as a percentage of the overall society, until those mixed-race people are folded back into the foreign population again, and again, until they become indistinguishable from it.


Meaning that even the genes that did survive in mixed-race people will eventually be wiped out! Until there is no trace of the natives anymore. We will just disappear! We will be snuffed out entirely!


No matter how many children we have, we cannot hope to catch up with the rest of the world, nor do we have a responsibility to blow up our own birth rates just to compete with the rest of the world, which is over populating the planet irresponsibly.


We should not be punished for being the only population on the planet that voluntarily lowered its own birthrate. If we want to go forward and live in a lifestyle that is more conservative for our own environment, and more conducive to the prosperity of our people, we should be free to do so, without random global (((elites))) coming along and telling us who will pay the taxes, who will work at MacDonald’s:


Look at all these poor people! They’re drowning in the Mediterranean! What are you gonna do? You have to help them! It’s your responsibility!



The only responsibility we have is to our own children, however many children we decide to have. If we want to lower the population of our own nations, we are free to do so, without you crying, because your annual reports are going to look worse.


I don’t care about the GDP! I don’t care about taxes! I don’t care about your annual reports! I do not care about your shekels! My people are worth more to me than your shekels!


We cannot compete with a billion Indians, a billion Chinese, and a billion Africans!


All populations that are going to skyrocket over the next century.


That unbroken chain of father and son, going back further than any of us can even comprehend, is going to be shattered!

And we were never asked! And we were never consulted! It was just foisted upon us, using the justification that population dipped for one generation.


This fate was pushed upon us with no justification, besides vague notions of “diversity” and “multiculturalism”.

Our altruism and compassion was taken and used against us as a weapon, that will lead to our destruction! We have been led by people we falsely believed to be altruistic, to our demise!

And if the new arrivals had the ability to behave themselves and contain their violent tendencies, then within just two hundred years this planet would have belonged to them. That that may be the silver lining that saves us.


The undesirable behavior of the migrants has served as a catalyst to begin a “European Awakening”! The behavior of the “new Europeans” is so egregious that even the most well behaved citizen of our multicultural, liberal, democratic, paradise, can no longer ignore it!


Europeans are finally beginning to realize what has been forced upon them! The sheer magnitude of the emigration! They have finally realized that it does not matter how much you give, you will never be able to satisfy the elite, or the migrants. They want everything!


It is time for Europeans to take the fate of their nations back into their own hands. Our ancestors gifted us these prosperous nations. But we didn’t get these gifts unconditionally! With these gifts we were given responsibilities, the responsibility to safeguard our treasured Nations and hand them down to our children. That is something I intend to do!

I am tired of being told that we owe the rest of the world something. We do not! The only people we owe anything to are our children. And what we owe them, is the safe, prosperous, nations that our forefathers gave to us. That is it! That should be your sole purpose in life right now, is to secure the future for your children! That is it! Nothing else matters until that has been achieved.


Securing a future for our children is the goal of my life, and it should be the goal of yours. The main way most people can do this is just by spreading awareness, that were actually being subjected to a ethnic cleansing, right now! You just need to explain to them that just, because there’s no bullets being fired, no one’s having their heads cut off with machetes, or putting to mass graves, it doesn’t matter! Our genetic information, the building blocks of who we, are is being snuffed out by an ever-growing inflow of foreign people.


And if this ever-growing group of migrants begins to put a strain on the economy, or breakdown social cohesion, you can bet that the guns and the machetes are going to come out and it’s not going to be a peaceful ethnic cleansing, it’s going to be an outright violent one!


We are running out of time! It is only a matter of time before all of these ethnic tensions, and environmental degradation, lead to something horrible! There will be no point having any children if this is the planet we’re going to give to them, when we are gone. We need to start doing things now!

We need to raise awareness that the same people who are raping the environment for everything it has, are the same people pushing for Third World immigration into the Western world.



They do not care about the repercussions of it. They do not care what will happen, because they don’t plan on having any children who will face the consequences.


We need to start raising awareness, and speaking up to everyone, you know. The next time you hear them say something stupid don’t let it go unchallenged.


Most of the people who are saying stupid things are only repeating what they heard on TV, from the mouthpieces of those same global elite.

And the moment you challenge it, they will just back down! Just making them realize that they have no reason to believe the things they believe, is enough to help.


And there are so many people out there who are trying to spread a message that is good for us. You need to share those videos with the people saying stupid shit! You need to signal boost anyone who is putting these messages out.

I think the best way to support people’s videos is to comment beneath them. Just say whether you agreed, or disagreed with the content of the video, or if you see another comment you agree, or disagree with respond to that one.


Don’t be afraid to get in an argument with someone who disagrees with you. It’s actually pretty fun. And the more you do it the better you’ll get out it. And when someone does say something stupid in real life, you’ll have a much better chance of convincing them that there is a better way.

Comments are great, because you can’t use bots to fake them, like you can with likes, dislikes, or subscriptions. It’s much harder for people to pretend that a video with a lot of discussion underneath it, is unpopular. Discussion is a good thing, it makes us stronger.




Of course, liking and subscribing to the videos is still very helpful. And make sure to hit the little bell button next to the subscription button, because that will make sure you see the videos that people are creating. Because YouTube is trying its absolute hardest to stomp down anything that doesn’t toe the mainstream line.


The time to start taking seriously the responsibility that our ancestors handed down to us, is now! We have to secure a future for our children!


If you do not take the responsibilities of your ancestors seriously, then you do not deserve the reward that your ancestors worked endlessly, and often died, to secure for you.


It is our turn to embark on that journey, that each of our ancestors embarked on before us. A struggle is coming, and we do not know what form it will take, but what we do know is the people who will prosper are those who work towards strength today! Those who build communities today! Those who will prosper in the future, are those who will take action today!











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