Mark Collett – My Speech at the Patriotic Alternative Conference – Mar 18, 2020 — Transcript

[Mark Collett, leader of Patriotic Alternative gives the opening speech at the spring 2020 Conference. His theme is the importance of community, of building bonds through real-life meetings, rather than just confined to the online world, where misunderstandings, divisions, etc., are common.

Collett then goes on to discuss the long term goals of Patriotic Alternative:

“But what are our long-term goals? Well again, that is simple. In the long term Patriotic Alternative will become a political and civil rights group, that advocates for the rights of the indigenous people of these islands. In the long term, Patriotic Alternative intends to win power in order to ensure that we don’t need these “safe spaces” anymore!”



Mark Collett

My Patriotic Alternative

Conference Speech


Spring 2020


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Published on Mar 20, 2020

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So, thank you and, … [laughing] Can everyone please take their seats and put their phones on silent!


So, thank you to everyone who made it here today. We were a little bit worried last night and this morning. When I say “we”, specifically me! That we were going to end up with an empty room. And as you can see we have ended up with anything but an empty room! In fact, considering we had just over 200 seats booked, I think there’s about 10, maybe 20, at most, empty seats and that is phenomenal!


That means even in the face of this global catastrophe, even in the face of the adversity that we face from our political enemies, the establishment and the media, we’ve almost filled a venue of this size. This easily makes this meeting the largest nationalist gathering of its kind — by that I mean, a conference with a dinner — in the UK for well over a decade! [loud applause].

And even when we were in the British National Party and it was, at its height, even when we had 14,500 members — as I was in charge of producing the brochures for their National Conference. We always printed 200. And there was always at least 10 to 20 left, at the end, because we never quite filled it. So, to put this many people in a room shows how much support we have. And that was at the height of the British National Party.


So I think that is a large achievement. And I always know how many we had left, because I moved house recently, and — because I’m a bit of a hoarder — I found them all in my attic! And I still had piles of these old, outdated, conference materials. So to see this kind of gathering, it really does show that things are shifting in our direction, that people are actually interested in what we’re talking about. We’re no longer a tiny, marginalized, minority. We are something so much bigger!


Now, I’ve got to give a few thank you’s to everyone who has helped arrange this event. Most notably to Sven Longshanks from Radio Albion dot com. I do everything with him when it comes to arranging these events. And people are very quick to come and thank me, but he deserves a huge round of applause, because he’s always there working, so thank you Sven. [loud long applause].


Now, I said about the size of the meeting. But there’s also another aspect to this meeting. Many nationalists, or so-called nationalist groups, or street activist groups, are based around one person. One person’s ego! One person’s YouTube channel! But this is so much bigger. We have five wonderful speakers here today. We have myself, we have Laura, we have Jason from America — No White Guilt, we have Dionne, we have Millennial Woes. And we have Simon Harris by video link.


But it’s bigger than that, because if you look around this room there are enough other content producers in this room, who do regular shows, who have slots on TRS, who have YouTube channels, who produce brilliant news articles, who produce brilliant blogs, and most people could all in their own right be absolutely fantastic speakers at this event!


If we’d have wanted to there wouldn’t have just been six speakers, we could have a dozen speakers, easily, and then room for more with the kind of people we’ve got here today. This is such a big tent with so many talented people in it! To say this is the biggest nationalist event of its kind to take place in over a decade, that is something to be very, very, proud of!


And to see so many people in the audience, to see so many familiar faces, and so many new faces, that is something that fills me with joy! You see when we held that first ever event, our inaugural event in Lancashire, we had a hundred people present. And this event, well we sold more than double that number of tickets! Over 200 people bought tickets to this event.




Now I warned at the first event about growing too quickly. I warned people about “that guy” getting the wrong type of people to meetings. I said:


“That you don’t want to grow quickly at the expense of quality.”


Yet in just over six months, we’ve more than doubled our numbers. And we’ve done so without compromising on quality! We’ve doubled our numbers, and we’ve maintained that high level that we need to maintain in order to be a professional movement. In order to be a movement that reaches out effectively to normal people. And to see this room so full, I think we’re building a very special kind of community. And community is the theme of my speech today, and of the conference. The importance of community!


I often talk about what we need to do to achieve victory! What we need to do in order to win! And when you were once winners, you have to look back and say:

“Well what did we have when we were at our greatest? What did we have when we were at a zenith? What made us so special? And what have we lost? What’s the one thing that’s been taken away from us, that has left us at the low we are at today?”


And the answer is quite simple. It’s community!


When we were at our best, when we were strong, we had a cohesive community. Everyone knew their neighbors, everyone knew the people who lived on their street, everyone knew the parents at their children’s schools. When they went to the village, or town shops to collect their groceries, they knew the name of all of the shop owners.


But now we’re atomized, we’re isolated. And in many case people live on a street and don’t even know the names of their next-door neighbors! And how are we meant to come together as a people, as a community, when we don’t even know the people living next to us?


But it’s more important really to think slightly differently. How could we come together, how could a group of people who were so atomized and isolated, come together and successfully defend themselves against a group that does organize as a community?


You see, what’s being taken away from us — people of European descent — has been encouraged and fostered for those of migrant descent. Whilst we’ve had our community shattered, whilst we’ve been marginalised, whilst the establishment never ever refers to us as a group! I mean, when did you ever hear of the establishment talk about the needs, wants, and desires, of the indigenous people of these islands? Never!


But the very opposite is true for every other ethnic group. And rarely does a day go by when you don’t hear about the black community, the Muslim community, or the jewish community! And come election time, all of this intensifies. When the major parties vie for votes, they’re constantly asked:

“What are you going to do for black unemployment? How will you help the Muslim community?”


And, of course:


“How are you attuned to the needs of the jewish community?”


And at the last general election here in Britain, much of the debate between the two major parties, centered — for the Labor Party — on allegations of anti-semitism! Because apparently the Labour Party doesn’t grovel enough to the needs of the jewish community! And the Conservative Party, they were accused of something else! Islamophobia, and xenophobia! Because apparently they don’t grovel enough to the needs of the Muslim community, and the needs of migrants.




And that’s all very strange, because I saw a lot of groveling! [loud laughter] the Labour Party even went to the length of publishing a special manifesto, for what is known as BAME. And if you don’t know what that stands for, that is people of “Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic” descent. But interestingly where was Labour’s manifesto for the White working-class? The very people who have time, and time, and time, again for generation after generation, elected Labour MPs without question. Oh, Labour completely ignored the White working-class and their needs.


Because you see our people, we are not allowed a community! In fact, the idea of us standing together as a group, is it best ignored, and at worst derided, mocked, and opposed! Our communities lay shattered, our people are isolated. And anyone that seeks to unite our people, bring them together in order to form a positive community, is viciously attacked and maligned! Anyone that campaigns for the interests of the indigenous people is attacked and torn down in the most vicious, and public way, possible!


And I am so pleased that we’re here today building a real-world community, full of wonderful people, full of the right people! Full of people who are smart, professional, and most of all full of people who want change! And people who are willing to come out and work toward bringing about that change.


And this is so important, because for so very long we’ve been confined to “online communities”. We have used the Internet as a place to hide, and to talk about real world problems. And we’ve attempted to build communities on YouTube, on social networks, on forums. And there is a usual critique of this method, which is, of course, that our enemies own these platforms. That our enemies can get rid of us at the push of a button. Tomorrow we could all wake up and our YouTube accounts are gone! Our Facebook pages deleted! They can shatter online communities and just make them disappear in a heartbeat.


But even if we own our own sites and forums, we still aren’t really in control, because they can shadow ban us. They can blacklist us. So we don’t appear in search listings. You see, I have a BitChute account, and this might come as a shock to some people, but I occasionally search for my own account! And despite me doing that quite a number of times, every time I search for my own BitChute account, I have to fill in the information fully. Because Google’s forgotten, conveniently forgotten, that I ever searched for it.


Now the other week I was talking to a friend. And when talking to my friend we were talking about buying a particular product. And lo and behold, when I was on my phone, when I was browsing the internet, Google placed lots of adverts for this product that I’ve been talking about. They were very eager to listen in, and display things they thought I wanted to purchase, so they could make money off me. But the very thing I wanted to search for — and I’ve searched for numerous times — that mysteriously disappears! So that’s a very good reason not to put all our eggs in one basket.


But there is another very good reason not to put our faith in an online movement. And it’s actually a better reason than the one I just outlined. And this reason was brought home to me at the end of the last conference back in September. As the last conference came to an end and people were leaving, a young lady approached me to tell me how much she had enjoyed our event. To say how great a day she’d had. And after I finished talking to her she asked if she could have a hug. [chuckling] And being a gentleman I’d politely obliged! Probably a bit more risky to do that today!




But, that one small gesture has actually led to something much bigger, because that hug actually got me thinking. I thought about all the firm handshakes, all of the other hugs, the warm smiles, the friendly chats I had with the many attendees. I thought about the people who spent hours chatting together. Those who made new friends, and those who are still in touch with their friends now. Those who six months later have come back and are still friends with the people they met in September. And then it hit me!


The online community is not only flawed, because it places us at the mercy of our enemies. But even if we were assured that we would never be be de-platformed, even if we were assured that our YouTube channels and social media accounts were safe forever. Even if we appeared in search results in a fair and proportional way, an online community would still be greatly flawed. An online community has obviously been a start.


But it’s not an end. It might be a means to an end, but it can never be an end in itself. And if we see it as an end in itself, it will actually be our end! It will play into the hands of those who wish to see us gone. Because that hug, and the handshakes, and the smiles, and the face-to-face interactions, they’re all missing online. You don’t get those things online. They simply can’t be replicated in an online world.


And when you think about the interactions I’m talking about, the gestures and actions I’ve just described, they are the very thing that define us as human. The actions that let us show our humanity to one another! They allow us to bond with one another on a deeper and more meaningful level! Hugs, handshakes, smiles, they allow us to form genuine deep emotional bonds with each other. And those bonds are the very basis of the community that we desperately need! They’re the building blocks of the community we must create. And we can only rebuild that community by fostering genuine human interactions.


And there are other benefits to a real-world community. And these benefits are actually solutions to problems that we see in these online communities. Online communities are so anonymous, people come, people go. You never know who you were really talking to. You see I’ve been doing a show for years, and so many people have appeared in the chat on that show, for weeks, months, sometimes years. And then one week, I never see that person again! They never come back! But what’s happened to them? Where have they gone? Did they get bored? Did I say something that upset them? Have they left? Is nationalism just no longer for them? Or did something worse happen? Are they in trouble? Did they die? Are they grieving for a loved one? Are they deeply depressed? Who knows. Maybe, sadly we’ll never know.


Because a loose collection of anonymous online avatars can’t reach out to one another. We can’t pick up the phone to those people, or pop round and ask, how they are, if they need help. Unfortunately online communities, where anonymous people gather, never build the real bonds that come from the face-to-face human interactions that we have in a real world setting. But not only do anonymous people fail to build bonds with one another, they also tend to treat each other in a way that is less than human.


When you are speaking to someone online, you often don’t think of the person you’re actually speaking to. They’re just an avatar. They’re just a username. And when you see that avatar and username spewing out opinions that you don’t particularly agree with, or like, and you can’t really tell whether what was typed was sarcasm, a joke, meant in a light-hearted fashion, or whether it was actually deadly serious. Because, of course, there’s no context, because we have to use emojis, little smiley faces to tell people how we feel online. And, because of all of that, there’s many inherent problems with communicating online. And, of course, attempting to form a community is full of pitfalls and issues.




And one regular problem amongst these online communities is constant fighting, constant bickering, fallouts, which get very, very vicious, and very nasty, very quickly! Now when you are sat face to face with somebody, when you set across a table with somebody, you can tell how that person feels. You can look them in the eye! You can read their facial expressions. You can tell the tone of their voice. You can observe their body language. And the person you’re talking with conveys as much through all of those tells, as they do through what they’re actually saying!


And when people sit like that, face to face, they alter what they say and they behave differently depending on how the person they’re sitting with reacts to what they’re saying and doing. So if you say something that causes someone to recoil, to feel uncomfortable, you often moderate what you’re doing to ensure that that person isn’t put off, isn’t forced away, doesn’t feel so repulsed.


However online conversations are completely different to that. Arguments erupt in seconds, and quickly degenerate often into name-calling and even threats of violence! And that’s something that would rarely ever happen in the online world, I mean, in the real world. Because of the feedback you get when you’re talking to someone.


Now I’m gonna go a step further here. When you see online arguments getting heated, when you see two people starting to abuse each other, the two people honor the sides of their respective screens, they’re only see each others as mere avatars, they don’t see each other as human beings. In fact, the whole process dehumanizes them in such a way that they don’t treat each other like human beings. Now I would wager, when one of these online arguments breaks out, if a huge red button appeared on the screen, and if the button was clicked, it would instantly euthanize the other person at the other side of the screen [chuckling], both people in the argument would be rapidly clicking on that button multiple times! Literally, as soon as the argument broke out!


But let’s imagine a different scenario. Let’s imagine people were sat at a table together and their conversation had become heated. Well, I would say, when they can look each other in the eye, when they can read each other’s body language, and they can see in here the intent behind the comments being made, not only wouldn’t it get that heated but they would try to see each other’s point of view and come to a consensus. What’s more, if that large red button appeared, no one would push it! Why? Because they see the person as a human being.


And more importantly, they wouldn’t want to see the horrible consequences of their actions play out in front of them. And I suppose that’s the key to all of this. Saying things to other nationalists online has consequences. You just don’t see them! Just as you can’t read emotions, and intentions behind statements, you can’t see the consequences of your words, or of your actions. And that causes people online, to treat each other in a way that they would never treat each other at a meeting like this today.


And ultimately — whether we want to admit it, or not — online interactions rob us of our humanity. They prevent us from expressing ourselves and forming the proper bonds that allow real healthy human relationships to form. And if people can’t form real and healthy human relationships, they can’t form communities either.


So when we lost our real-world communities, when we were atomized, when we were scattered by those who hate us, when we were forced into interacting in online spaces, rather than in the real world, when we hid behind these avatars and usernames, not only did we find ourselves at the mercy of those that want to see us gone — because we were using their platforms — but we’ve become less what we should have been! These online interactions have served only to dehumanize us, as we’ve been robbed of the emotional bonds that we need to foster.




We’ve become too quick to anger, we’ve reacted in ways that caused argument, strife, and trouble! And these communities are neither stable, nor strong! And more often than not, they’re volatile, and quickly splinter into factions.


And that is one of the reasons why we need meetings like this today. That is why we need to come together and build real lasting communities where we have genuine meaningful human interactions with one another. And that is one of the reasons that Patriotic Alternative is so very important, because it brings people together and allows them to interact in a “safe space”.


And yes, I do know what you’re thinking. And from that reaction, from people’s laughter to the term “safe space” I can see that reaction, or the use of the term, causes people a little bit of discomfort. Because the term “safe space” is a term that is mocked and derided! After all, it’s a term that our enemies use! A term that is used for meetings and initiatives that are held for minorities, for people who the media and the establishment love! There are safe spaces for the black community, safe spaces for the homosexual community, for the Muslim community, and, of course, for the jewish community.


But let’s look at this logically. Who are the people who suffer the most discrimination in Britain today? In fact, which group of people in Britain today is the only group of people that it is legal to discriminate against? Which group of people in Britain today are not even allowed to refer to themselves as a group? Well, of course, that is us! The indigenous people! We are the people who are openly and viciously mocked! We are the people that suffer when the public and private sector talk of diversity quotas! We are the people who are excluded when the state funds special groups and initiatives! Of course, there is the black Police Officers Association. There is the Society for Asian lawyers. The Muslim Council of Britain. And the Union of jewish Students!


But we aren’t allowed to be part of those groups. We can be legally excluded! But it’s worse! We are the people whose daughters, and sisters, can be groomed, raped, and sold into sex slavery, and the police turned a blind eye, because of our race! We are the people who can be attacked, because of the color of our skin, and the press don’t want to cover the story! We are the people who can be victims of racist attacks, and, because of our ethnicity, judges won’t take the racial abuse into account when passing sentences for our attackers!


And all of this is happening, not in a place where we’ve moved to, not in a land that’s foreign to us, not in a country where we are the newcomers, but it is happening in our own ancestral homelands! The countries where we are the indigenous people!


So what is Patriotic Alternative doing today? What is this meeting? Well it’s a “safe space” for our people! A safe space for those who want to preserve and look after the needs and interests of the indigenous people of these islands. Because earlier I said, we were the group that suffered the most discrimination in Britain today.


And we can take that statement a step further. The people here in this room, those who are courageous enough to stand up for their own rights, and for the rights of their families. Their sons, their daughters. Those brave enough to stand up publicly and declare that they want to put the interests of the indigenous people first! Well, we are the most discriminated against of those being discriminated against! No group of people in this country today are more discriminated against than nationalists! No one in Britain today is more roundly condemned, more regularly attacked, more viciously opposed, by the state, the media, and the establishment than those who dare to stand up and fight for the rights of those of European descent.




And, because of that discrimination — which includes having our rights to freedom of speech taken away — because if you speak freely, not only can you go to jail, but even if you speak within the legal parameters set out by the State, you can lose your social network profiles, you can lose your ability to have a PayPal account, or other financial services. And you can even lose your job! Simply, because you don’t hold the right opinions!


What’s more, not only have we had our freedom of speech taken away, but the establishment has also tried to take away our freedom of association. Had we publicly advertised this meeting today, had we shouted it from the roof tops, had we told everyone to come straight here, we all know what would have happened to us! We all know that far Left groups would have attacked the building, and the people in it.


And what would have happened if we’d have called the police? Well, they might have turned up. But they certainly wouldn’t have turned up to protect us. They would have stood back and watched. Choosing only to intervene had we decided to defend ourselves. And at that point it would have been us getting arrested. Because the State is so desperate to curtail our rights, that they are willing to work with criminal gangs, and domestic terrorists, in order to stop us meeting and expressing our opinions.


So when people say:


“What is the point of Patriotic Alternative? What are we trying to achieve? What are our goals?”


Well, that’s very simple. In the short term our goal is to hold meetings like this. Meetings where like-minded people can meet up, and have genuine meaningful interactions with one another in safe spaces. We intend to create environments where “our people” can feel at ease! Where our people can finally speak their minds! We intend to create spaces where the most oppressed, and unfairly maligned group of people in the whole of Britain, are actually free to be themselves and express their feelings.


And we are doing all of this in order to build a lasting community! A lasting community of people who wish to stand together against this tyrannical, anti-White, multicultural, system!


But what are our long-term goals? Well again, that is simple. In the long term Patriotic Alternative will become a political and civil rights group, that advocates for the rights of the indigenous people of these islands. In the long term, Patriotic Alternative intends to win power in order to ensure that we don’t need these “safe spaces” anymore!


Because ultimately, our goal is to ensure that every corner of Britain, is once again, a “safe space” for those of European descent! Our goal is not only to halt and reverse the demographic changes taking place in Britain, but our goal is also to ensure that the indigenous people of these islands are not discriminated against, or treated like second-class citizens in their own country!


Put simply, we are building a community in order to secure an existence for our people and a future for our children!


Thank you.


[Long applause]









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