Black Pilled – Unity is Our Strength – Jun 9, 2020 — Transcript


[Devon Stack, aka Black Pilled, gives a spirited call for unity among nationalists, saying diversity of views among us should be accepted, else we will fall to our enemies whose goal is our destruction.

He ends with:

We stand together, or we hang separately!





Black Pilled


Unity is Our Strength


June 9, 2020


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Published on Jun 9, 2020


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All right everybody, I’m recording this, because I got into a little bit of an interchange with some people on Instagram. And if you don’t follow me on Instagram it’s black underscore pilled, black_pilled. You should go check that out. But I posted something that I got a lot of push-back on that I wasn’t expecting, quite frankly. I posted this post here, and it just simply says:

“In 1629 Japanese religious authorities made suspected Christians stand on an image of Christ. If they refused, or hesitated, they were tortured and executed.

The [our] ruling class has decided that you will be multicultural! Their religious authorities are asking you to kneel.”



And what I thought was a rather clear-cut metaphor caused some people to disagree and get angry, for what I think are really kind of silly reasons that illustrate why we are so disorganized. And why we can’t seem to get anything done in the same way that the Left has been really getting things done, recently.



And so I want to break that down a little bit, okay. I’m not going to get into the specifics of who was saying what. But basically the push-back was:


“Well this is a bad metaphor, because the Japanese nationalists, the Japanese culture, was trying to get rid of people trying to subvert their culture. And so in this case the subverters were Christians, and so this is a bad thing, because by doing that they preserved their culture, they preserved their nation, by getting rid of the Christians.”


Okay, that has nothing to do with what I was saying at all. But well, I’ll get into that in a second. The other push-back was the argument I’ve been hearing, I mean, everywhere from 4chan to Twitter. Anytime you mention Jesus there’s always someone that pops in and starts blaming:


“Well this is all happening, because of Christianity!”


And yada yada yada yada! So I want to address both of those.


Let me address the Christianity one first, because that’s actually the easier one of the two. When I see all these people get upset and complain about Christianity being the cause of all of our problems, I see that we have a big problem with unity! Because first of all in terms, now this isn’t going to matter as much, this isn’t going to apply as much to the Europeans because, quite frankly, I’m American. I’m not European. I’m European descent, but I’m not European. So what I’m talking about is specific to America.


And America, whether you like it, or not, has always been a Christian nation. Well not now, but it was. It started out as a Christian nation. I can’t believe I’m having to argue that, but it was Christians that came here and began to settle America. And it was Christians in mass that came from Europe, and continued to come from Europe to America. And yes, and obviously the staying power was not there. But was that really the Christians that did that? And I hear a lot of people talk about that:


“Oh well, it was the Scofield Bible!”


Yeah but what you’re talking about really, is you’re talking about something that made Christians subservient to others. And I think you all know (((who))) I’m talking about, okay? . So it wasn’t the Christianity that caused the problem. It was the subversion of Christianity that caused the problem. But really it’s, at the end of the day, that’s all irrelevant. Because in this country while it was a largely Christian nation, and the laws and, you know, local and federal, were mostly informed, especially in the beginning by Christian laws and values and whatnot, it was never explicitly Christian. You never had to be Christian. You could be an atheist. You could be Christian. There’s like a bunch of different varieties of Christian you could be. All this all of this arguing about:


“Oh, you know, that the Catholics have it right! The Orthodox has it right! Oh, it’s the evangelicals! Oh, or it’s the Mormons, or whatever!”


It doesn’t matter. Or the atheists. It doesn’t matter. You see, you guys are missing the point! I want to live in a country that has some diversity! All of these different ideologies can coexist just fine, in the same way that the Left has diversity in their religion. Their religion, their virtue, is diversity! They are all they’re all united around this one virtue called “diversity”. And it doesn’t matter to them if some of them are Satanists, and some of them are Hindu, and some of them are Buddhists, and some of them are these Joel Olsteen types. [05:04] It doesn’t matter to them. Their virtue that holds them all together is “diversity”! Diversity supersedes all of that. It’s a huge umbrella that holds them all together. And the problem is, the mistake people are making is they see this hyper diversity, this religious diversity, and they think to themselves:


“Okay, well then clearly the answer to this, the antidote to this, is zero diversity!”


We have to have this hyper specific ideology that everyone adheres to exactly, and then that’s gonna fix this problem of this hyper diversity that has infected our society.


And I’m sorry, you’re not gonna get a movement off the ground if you think that you’re gonna somehow develop this hyper specific, rigid ideology that everyone’s going to agree to and adhere to, or be forced into. That’s not going to happen. It’s impossible!


Now you can have a broadly, generally specific set of values, specific set of rules. And I think that everyone can agree that’s fine. But you’re never gonna whittle it down to some algorithm that you’re gonna then install on everyone that’s on your side. It’s never going to happen.


And if somehow, you know, if you were able to do that, create some kind of cult-like environment where you’ve somehow infected everyone’s brain with your mind virus that you’ve carefully crafted it would never last! It would never last! Because every all these ideologies, all these systems are already fragile! And the more specific you get the more fragile they become. And humans aren’t robots. So you would create, you would craft this perfect ideology that would work wonderfully, if we were robots. And then, because we’re not robots, it would fail! And so people are squabbling over things that really don’t matter.


Because everyone’s forgetting the one overarching virtue that should be holding us together, and that’s reason. Why do you think our people are the first people that to start rattling off statistics? And trying to prove even in these arguments amongst yourselves that I’m talking about between which religion is best. It’s all these people trying to use reason, trying to use rationality to make their arguments, because that is our virtue. And it’s easy to tell if this is true, because it’s the one virtue our enemies don’t have. It’s the reason why the time for arguments is over, because that’s the dividing line.


One side is on the side of “reason and rationality”. And one side is on the side of “diversity and feelings”.


So it shouldn’t matter if some of us are Christian, and some of us are pagan, and some of us are atheists. That doesn’t matter. A lot of you don’t realize what a small minority we are. And I’m gonna get to that in about a second. If you start trying to purity spiral and try to find someone that’s exactly like you on every subject, to be your brother, you’re gonna be all by yourself on that battlefield.


Look it doesn’t matter if the reason that you think, for example, that there are only two genders is, because that’s the way God intended, that’s the way God designed us to be, or if it’s, because that’s the way we’ve evolved. And that’s the natural law of things. It really doesn’t matter! What matters is we have the shared values.


You see, that’s the diversity this country used to have. You want some kind of diversity. Which is exactly why so many people fell for the “diversity lie”. Because diversity, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. But there needs to be limits placed on it, or it destroys your society, like we’re experiencing right now. When taken to its extremes it destroys societies.


That’s the first thing I want to address is that all of this nonsense all this fighting about:


“Oh well, you know, paganism is the way! We lost our way when all, you know, when Christianity was introduced to the West!”


Or even from the Christian side where:


“Oh you’re an atheist and you’re going to hell, or you’re not my specific kind of Christianity so you’re going to hell!”


It’s ridiculous. You do have all these voices saying:


“Oh no! Divide and conquer, divide and conquer! They’re trying to divide us up by races and stuff!”


We are divided up by races. We are divided up by tribes. And every other race and group, and tribe recognize that. It’s just us, it’s just, it’s literally just our team that keeps passing to the other teams and wondering why we can’t win the game! And, because people are starting to realize that, and starting to understand that, … You know, our team keeps passing the ball to the other team and they only pass it to themselves. And so their response to that is to create a tribalism so specific that there’s only four people in the tribe!


You need to understand that within these other groups there is diversity. Just as an example, and this would apply to any group. But just as an example if you look at black people do you think they’re all the same exact religion? You think you think that every black person is in the same religion? Or even jewish people. You think there isn’t any diversity within jews? You think they all stand together on every issue and every aspect of the religion? Diversity is good, just not when taken to extremes. And certainly not when it’s turned into a religion.




Now the other argument that I want to address against this metaphor, this metaphor that the Japanese ruling class had a religious authority. And if they suspected you of being a subversive Christian they would have you stand on a plate with Jesus, or Mary on it. And if you hesitated, or if you wouldn’t do it they would know that you were a Christian. And they would torture and kill you and get rid of you. The people that push back and said:


“Well that was the Japanese preserving their culture. That was the Japanese preserving their nation against subversion.”


I have a hard truth that you need to get in your head right now! And this is going to seem counterintuitive to a lot of you people, because it kind of goes against the way we’ve been thinking about this which is part of the problem. Right, this is very important. I want you to listen.


You are the outsider! You are the subverters! You’re not part of the ruling class!


The ruling class decided a long time ago that diversity was the way to go. And anyone that doesn’t agree is now obsolete and is being asked to step on the plate. In this case it’s kneeling. And if you don’t step on the plate, or if you hesitate to step on the plate, whether that’s put a black square up when you’re told, or kneel when you’re told, that’s how they identify the outsider. That’s how they identified the subverter. You are the subverter!


I don’t know how much proof you need to see other than the fact that we have no institutional power. You have major international corporations donating billions, billions of dollars to the enemy! You have every politician, every member, every public member, at least of the ruling class, openly kneeling, physically, or figuratively, for this movement!


You are the outsider! You are the subverter!


What you want, what your goals are, they are against the prevailing culture! They’re against the nation that you are in! You are living in enemy territory.


This idea that we’re gonna roll back the clock to some time before it was as obvious as it is today, that you are not in charge, that’s not going to happen. Trump was gonna be the one that was gonna help you accomplish this unrealistic goal of rolling things back. And Trump, even before all this nonsense started happening, what has he done? He’s gone on and on, and on, about black unemployment numbers. On and on, and on, about record Hispanic unemployment. And he hasn’t mentioned you once. You have no institutional power! And, quite frankly, you never did.


You are the subverter. So if you’re not using the tactics of a subverter you’re going to lose! Or if you try to fool yourself into thinking that:


“Well no, actually I’m representative of the nation. It’s the silent majority, silent majority.”


I really hate that term, because all that term is, it’s a way for cowards to feel good about themselves for doing nothing! And it honestly, it actually doesn’t even matter and it’s irrelevant even if the majority of the people agreed with you, if they’re silent, if they’re doing nothing, if they’re sitting on their hands.




Paul Joseph Watson tweeted something out that demonstrates exactly what I’m talking about. He tweeted out:


“Attacking police, defacing Churchill statues, and blocking traffic definitely gets attention. Does it win support? Only from abject cowards who cave to the mob!”


Well guess what? That’s most people. That right now is most people. And, you know, it’s true, because a silent majority is exactly that, silent! They don’t do anything. And if you think you’re gonna win this in the ballot box, how’s that been working out for you? And what’s more our enemy understands this:


“(Black guy) I think it’s primarily a misinterpretation, an intentional misinterpretation of Dr. King. [Martin Luther King] His non-violence was strategic. It wasn’t that violence wasn’t necessary. It was that we couldn’t win with violence! We couldn’t get our agenda accomplished with violence. America is showing us something totally different right now. It is saying we will not pay you any attention until you burn something down! And that’s not our fault America is signaling to us that we will not give you any attention, we would not pay any attention to your grievances, unless you are burning something down!


So the strategy inherently has to change. And then even still, I want to correct myself a little more. It wasn’t until they saw the violence of Bloody Sunday that me, well-meaning liberals, were actually kicked into gear to say, okay we have to do something. So it really is a, it’s a condemnation of the United States of America that in order for us to have any type of meaningful change, violence has to be attached to it. And maybe that’s the curse of America being such a violent nation.”


If you’re competing for power over a nation of cowards, it’s not going to be the best argument that wins, it’s not gonna be some magical statistic you’re gonna find, or some infographic full of statistics, that’s gonna win.


It’s gonna be dominance that wins! It’s gonna be dominance that brings people to their knees! And, by the way, dominance doesn’t mean violence. Dominance means solidarity.


What did he say? He said that Dr. King didn’t think that violence was unnecessary. He said that at the time peaceful demonstrations of solidarity of, quite frankly, a show of force without actually using the force, a controlled show of force, was what worked.


Why do you think they went so hard about Charlottesville? Solidarity and a show of force doesn’t need to be violent. People in Charlottesville weren’t burning the city down! They weren’t looting. They weren’t lynching people!


Now the whole reason they flipped their shit over Charlottesville was, for the first time in a long time, there was a physical presence! There was a physical solidarity, in fact, a lot of people forget, because everyone just keeps calling it Charlottesville that it was called “Unite the Right”. And the people that showed up weren’t just like one flavor of the Right. It was a lot of these different people that have varying different views of the specifics, the nitty-gritty of how it should be. But they were united under a few ideals.


And they could not allow that to happen! They had to splinter us up into a billion fucking pieces and scare the fuck out of anyone that might think about doing that again! By giving James Fields like 400 fucking years, or whatever the fuck he had to do! For doing less than what we’ve seen looters do for the last two goddamn weeks, who are not gonna be prosecuted.


[Image] James Fields


So you can keep fighting over insignificant interpretations of different Bible verses, or even whether, or not the Bible itself is just some fairy tale, or not. Just don’t look outside your window. We have to be united guys! We have to be united! We have to be brothers! And I don’t care if that means you have a pagan brother, an atheist brother, Catholic brother, Orthodox brother, a Mormon brother. As long as we all share the same basic values. And we all believe in the virtue of reason and rationality, justice. Not social justice! Not hyphenated justice! Justice. Then we can have diversity among us.


We need to stop fighting over what color we want the curtains to be, when we haven’t even built the house yet. The enemy is literally at the gates, they’re scaling the fucking walls! And instead of rushing together as brothers to meet them, to fight them, to keep them out of your castle, you’re arguing about the color of the curtains in the castle they’re about to burn down!


And I’m tired of it! I’m tired of all this useless bickering! Bickering about things that aren’t gonna goddamn matter when they’re burning our fucking homes to the ground! Get your shit together! Bickering about details that don’t matter, because this isn’t our country anymore!


We are the outsiders! We are the subverters! In fact, if any metaphor was bad, it was probably the castle metaphor, because we’re not the ones in the castle. We’re the ones in the slums.


You know, the sad thing is, I was thinking the other day, why is it that we have such a hard time coming together? What is it about other groups that keeps them together? They have diversity in these other groups. There’s atheist jews, there’s Hasidic jews, there’s Reformed jews, there’s like a bunch of different kinds of jews, but they don’t have these problems of division. They stick together.



So I was thinking about this. And I remembered a video that Adam Green [Know More News] did once. And he was talking about a survey they had done, where they asked jews:


“What is the thing that defines you as a jew? What is the one thing that brings you together as a people?”


And there were all these different options:


“Was it the Talmud? Was it, you know, the ethnicity of being jewish? Was it Israel? Was it the Holocaust?”


And they answered, and I forget the exact number, but with the great majority, that it was the “Holocaust”!


And that’s when I understood, because look at black people, it’s the same story. You have atheist blacks, you have Baptists blacks, you even have the blacks that think they’re jews. But they have solidarity! Why, because just like the jews, they have a persecution narrative. Their’s slavery. Even the blacks whose families were never slaves, they identify with slavery, just as jews have had no family die in the “Holocaust”, they identify with the “Holocaust”.


And for whatever reason Whites, not only do they not have a persecution narrative, even though for thousands of years Whites have certainly been persecuted, as they are quite literally being persecuted right now. They’ve always looked down on this in other groups. They always say:


“Oh you’re always trying to be the victim! You always want to be the victim! Don’t be the victim!”


And it seems like an honorable thing to say, but it also seems like a major disadvantage. A disadvantage. That right now is leading directly to a persecution narrative like the world has never seen! I don’t want to wait around for that persecution narrative to get so real that it’s burned into my genetic fucking memory!


We need to get our shit together and start acting like brothers now! I don’t give a goddamn that it’s a cliche, we do have to stand together, or we will hang separately! All this ego and machismo about ideological purity is gonna get us killed! We stand together, or we hang separately!


For Black Pilled, your brother, I’m your brother, Devon Stack.










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