Morgoth’s Review – On Liberal Blindness To The Jewish Question – Aug 4, 2020 — Transcript


[Morgoth replies to a question from a supporter who has become aware of the negative and central role of jews in destroying the West, and asks:


“Why would they do this? Why would they behave this way toward is us?”


Morgoth discusses how “Liberalism” has warped our sense of reality in that we expect others outside our culture, etc., to also embrace rationality and individualism, while human nature does no such thing, and so on.

I think the straightforward answer as to why Organized jewry does what it does, is simply their aim is to racially destroy us, in order to create a Jew World Order Tyranny. Instilling “Liberalism” and individualism ideas is one of their methods.




Morgoth’s Review


On Liberal Blindness to the


Jewish Question

Aug 4, 2020



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Published on Aug 4, 2020


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Morgoth’s Review

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Hello again there BitChute! So I recently got a message of somebody who supports me, which I’m always so grateful for. And he has just discovered what people call the Jewish Question. And he was asking me, … He was kind of confused by it. So he’s seen all the memes, he’s read a few books.



And the problem that he has he can’t really understand, … He accepts that they are doing this. For example they are behind so many of the hate speech laws, they do have so much sway in the media, they have been relentlessly pushing for mass immigration. The usual kind of talking points. And he’s having a hard time wrapping his head around why would they do this? Why would they behave this way toward is us?


And I thought this was interesting because at this point everybody will trot out all of their theories. You can say for example that they are on this millennial mission. Like they see themselves as Gods chosen people, and they perfecting the world, and all and these kind of things.


But the problem is that still leads the question from the European perspective in a bit of a confusing place, because it seems completely baffling and irrational. And irrational is the point here.


Because what we have to understand is that the problem is to ask the question itself. We have a group here who are obviously distinct non-European group. And they behave in a manner which is not particularly nice towards Europeans. This is the allegation.


Well, the assumption here is the problem. The assumption that they would be like us is the problem. So what we find is the problem is “liberalism”. And and I don’t just mean the problem in terms of liberalism as in progressivism, as the Americans would use it, or the politically correct, and all of that. I mean in its entirety, all the way back to the Enlightenment, like at its core it is false! And what it has to say and how it describes human groups, and human being on earth, is false and flawed!


And so essentially the question is to say, for example:


“Why do they support mass immigration into the West?”


By and large they do, all of these big organizations. But then at the same time they are completely the opposite, they are far-Right when it comes to Israel. They want their own ethno-state. Like how can they do that?


And you see to ask the question is to point out the hypocrisy, or to point out that it isn’t rational. But this is based on an assumption that the natural state of man is somehow rational. And so you see here we come back to the rational problem.



But there’s another one as well and it’s that Liberalism has trained Europeans to see the whole world as just individuals. And then not just as individuals, but self-interested individuals who don’t have anything else on their horizon than making money and being a consumer, a bugman who watches Star Wars and plays video games.


And again this is our state, it isn’t the state of the human race in general.


In general they all have their distinct identities, and they have all got their own religious identities. And within that, their own missions, and views, and meta-physics, and spiritual life of the world. And so what we see is that in actual fact the European population, the White population of the world has not only learned to swim in Liberalism to the degree that a fish swims in water, where they no longer recognize that the Liberalism exists, they think it’s the default setting! It’s the default position of human kind, is this Liberalism. It is to see people as essentially as individualistic and rational. That is where it begins and then it moves on from there.


And so the problem is that when people are introduced to the Jewish Question they then have a problem because they think that these other groups, and the jews in particular, they aren’t acting like Liberals. This is the problem. So this is when you get all of the questions coming back. Why do they support this? Why do they support that? And essentially what they are asking, what they are getting at, is why don’t they behave like Liberals?


Well here the problem with that you are assuming that they should behave like Liberals. And in fact, I don’t think anybody should, because I think it’s a false description of man. But Europeans it seems can’t see beyond that. So the fault is in — somebody else. A controversial figure once said:


“Does the sheep stop being hunted by the wolf, because the sheep no longer has horns?”


Does that change the natural state of man? Well in actual fact, no it doesn’t. It doesn’t. The natural state of man is just the same, the sheep will just get eaten!


So what we have done, is to firstly assume that the natural state of human beings is essentially to be Liberal. That even though they may have this or that identity, that religion, their ethic identity, or the fact that they read the Talmud and it says all of this stuff about calling us cattle! Like it’s all there!



Well these people inhabit that identity in the same way that Europeans currently inhabit Liberalism. And it’s the same for the Muslims as well. And it’s increasingly becoming the same for the black people. But their identity is essentially being constructed for them.


So what we have is a situation in which Europeans inhabit a world frame wherein they view everybody as just a rational individualistic actor, with some exceptions, when it is politically expedient.


For example Muslims when there is some trouble in the Middle East, and the neo-cons, the neo-Cohens, want some backing. So then they are allowed a bit of Muslim hate. But at a deeper level we view the world through this Liberal prism. And it’s a false one because we are ascribing characteristics and ways of existing on to other people which isn’t true!


So, in the way that the European, in modernity and in post-modernity, views the whole world like this. At the same time the jews they tell you, they have got their own identity. So they are looking through a different lens, a different set of values back at the Europeans.


And so when people are being introduced to this question the thing to ask them, is:


“Why do you suppose that everybody day on earth, all these groups, why do you suppose that they are just Liberals like us?”


Bs this is the central conceit behind so much of the problems in the West. And what they will say is something like:


“Its bigoted not to think that. It’s anti-semitic!”


But I’m not saying anything negative about that group. If anything I’m saying something negative about Liberalism and how it’s blinding European people to the realities of the world. I’m not questioning them, I’m questioning us! And our ability to see things clearly.


So, why then do you assume that these other groups, in this case, the Jews, or the Muslims, or whoever, why do you assume then, that they are just rational individualists like us? Because they also assume, let’s say the ethnic and the religious identity that is somewhat distant in the background. In actual fact, it isn’t. It is usually to the forefront. Even the atheistic ones.


This is when you get into this, well such and such percent [of jews] are not even religious. Well it doesn’t really matter because, I’m not a Liberal! Most Europeans may not even describe themselves as Liberals, but the way that you view the world is an a priori stance! It’s ingrained into the cultural fabric. It happens without even thinking.


And so if you are going to come in and you are from a religious group who has nothing but contempt, or a feeling of superiority over others, and even if you are not going to come out and say that explicitly, and even if you are not particularly fond of that way of thinking, it’s still there! It’s still that lens that is there!


So even you will find people who are White nationalists, will still resort to liberalistic framework of thinking where:


“Well how can they do this do us?”


Well why wouldn’t they? They are not Liberals! It’s false! It’s a false description of man.


So, thanks for listening folks. I like to try to reply to people.






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