talkRADIO – Nigel Farage – The UK is Housing 48,000 Illegal Migrants in Hotels – Jul 30, 2020 — Transcript

[Farage. speaking with talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, says that the UK government is currently housing 48,000 invaders in hotels and private accommodation across the country, that over a ten-year period is estimated to cost 4 billion pounds. He says that several thousand will come via crossing the channel in small boats and rubber dinghies, landing in places such as Dover.


In other insanity, Farage talks about the upcoming elections in the USA and how Joe Biden, running for the Democrats, doesn’t even appear to know where he is on stage at one event, requiring an aide to move him around by the elbow. This shows that the elections are a farce, that those elected are mere figureheads and puppets of  others in the shadows.




talkRADIO – Nigel Farage


The UK is Housing 48,000


Illegal Migrants in Hotels

Jul 30, 2020



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Published on Jul 30, 2020


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Nigel Farage has claimed the government is housing 48,000 illegal migrants in hotels and private accommodation, costing the taxpayer up to £4 billion over the next 10 years.

Speaking with talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, the Brexit Party leader said:

“Nobody, and I mean nobody, in our national broadcasters, in our national newspapers has done anything about this story. They all think it’s too difficult, too awkward, too embarrassing.”










Mike Graham: Welcome to yet another day in the dangerous world of international journalism. I’m looking out on the blue skies of London. Beautiful hot weather coming. It’s going to be 33 to 34 degrees apparently tomorrow. And that can only mean one thing, there’s a lot more dinghies arriving on the beaches of Dover and Hastings, as we go.


Let’s talk to the man who knows all about that, Mr Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party. Nigel, very good morning to you.


Nigel Farage: Good morning! And you’re absolutely. Right beautiful day, very calm seas and my intelligence is that so far eleven dinghies have been apprehended and brought into Dover already this morning, when given, you know, on average there’s a dozen to fifteen people on most of them, you can see we’re already well over a hundred people that have come in so far today!


And just get a handle on this, because one of the reasons that I went out a couple of months ago to expose this, is the pace is increasing! In 2018, 300 people came by that route. In 2019 just under 2,000 came by that route. We are on course Mike, this year, for seven and a half thousand! And what I was trying to do, was to alert people to it.


Mike Graham: Yes. And incredibly Nigel, you have alerted everybody to it. And yet, aside from talk radio, hardly anybody else is paying any attention to it.


Nigel Farage: Yeah, well I’m afraid there is across mainstream media a view that things like illegal immigration can’t be discussed, because if you even debate it, you know, a finger will get pointed at you, and you’ll be accused of racism, and xenophobia, and goodness knows what else.


But actually what we’re talking about here is, you know, properly controlling our borders, protecting ourselves from importing more Covid19, and here’s the real kicker, over the course of the last month we have seen two horrible murderous attacks carried out by people who have failed asylum seekers! If you haven’t got a clue where these young men come from, you’re potentially putting yourself in a security difficulty as well.


And yet, as you say, mainstream media will not talk about it! Which is why the Oscom Report, that has come out this morning, shows that public trust in the BBC, and other organizations, is literally collapsing!


Mike Graham: Yes! And it’s hardly surprising. I mean, I’ve said this many times this year, I never thought I would be so ashamed of my media colleagues as I now find myself to be! Because it, quite frankly, is appalling the way that stories are reported, the way that stories are not reported, and the way that language is used to kind of pretend that something is happening when it clearly isn’t!


Nigel Farage: Yeah I mean, you know, Priti Patel keeps making tough statements. If any of your listeners choose to write to the Home Office to ask for an explanation of what’s going on the channel, they will get the sort of bog standard reply, that:


“We are working in close cooperation with the French authorities, that we do actually deport people.”


You know, it just is nonsensical! And I kind of wonder, because I know that Priti Patel herself would like to get tough on this. I just feel that she’s part of a conservative government and cabinet that aren’t really very conservative. And don’t have the will to do anything about it!


Remember, Australia faced this ten years ago. Australia ended the problem! But it’s not just, … I mean, I think, you know, the vast majority of people who hear about these young, … And when I say “young men”, you know, bear in mind that over 80 percent of those that are coming in through Dover, are young males between the ages of 18 and 26, coming from all over the world.


In many cases they have no documentation. So it’s difficult for us to know really who they actually are. But if people are angry about that, let me promise you something, they’ll be even angrier when they find out later on today exactly where these people go, how many of them there are, and what the cost of the British taxpayer is.


Mike Graham: Well this is what I wanted to ask you about, because you put a tweet out this morning basically saying:


“Where do all the illegal migrants that come into Dover go? Yesterday I went to find out!”


Now without wishing to sort of give away too much, if you want to release it later on, what can you tell us?


Nigel Farage: I can tell you that at 4:30 on my social media you will see a video. And this is me in response to my to my films in the channel. A lot of members of the public emailed in to say:


“Something really funny is happening to our local hotel. It appears to be full.”


And one of the reports I got, was from Bromsgrove in Worcestershire, in the West Midlands.



And I was told that the [ex-Hilton — now owned by Britannia Hotels] hotel Bromsgrove, was now full, with 147 young men! Asylum seekers, illegal migrants — you can choose the phrases which you prefer.



So I went up yesterday to Bromsgrove to investigate this. And I walked through the front door, and asked whether I could book a room. I was told:


“No. We’re closed.”


I said:


“You can’t be closed, I can see lots of people milling about.”

“No, we’re closed.”


And if you go onto the website of the Bromsgrove hotel, you’ll find they’re booked for the rest of the year. And the reason is, that the government have taken over the hotel. They’ve given the contract to a big company called Serco [awarded a 2 billion pound contract over 10 years].



And we are now, and just get ready for this, we are now, in hotels, and private accommodation, we are currently housing 48,000 people, who have illegally come into the United Kingdom!




Mike Graham: Blimey!


Nigel Farage: Who are waiting for a very long period of time, to have their asylum claims dealt with. Even if their asylum claims are rejected which in most cases they will be, they still won’t be forced to leave the United Kingdom.


So we’re putting people up in four-star hotels, giving them food, giving them 40 pounds a week spending money, free health care, free dental care!


And, you know, Mike the estimated cost of this over the next 10 years, and the contracts that have been given out to these big companies, it’s four billion sterling! All right? I mean, that is a vast sum of money, and that estimate was made before the increase in numbers that are coming in this year. So it’s going to be even bigger than that!


Mike Graham: That’s extraordinary! That is absolutely extraordinary! I’m not quite sure, ..


Nigel Farage: It is extraordinary!


Mike Graham: I think I’m going to ask you to repeat the numbers again, because. I think people are going to be listening to this going:


“Actually I can’t believe my ears!”


48,000 people?


Nigel Farage: I tell you what they can’t believe, and that is that nobody! And I mean, nobody, in our national broadcasters, in our national newspapers, has done anything about this story! They all think it’s too difficult! Too awkward! Too embarrassing!


So the figures are, we are currently housing in hotels, and private houses, 48,000 people! Over 80% of whom are young men between the ages of 18 and 26. And the estimated cost of this, for the next 10 years, is four billion pounds! And that is an underestimate!


And of course, you know, the other side of this story, and it was revealed a little bit I think in Leicester, the other week, with some of the fruit picking farms.


Mike Graham: Yeah.


Nigel Farage: Is that once they get rejected, because they’re not refugees! They’re not, you know, under the 1951 Geneva Convention definition of refugees, very few of these people qualify. When they’re rejected, they stay in the country, and then go into effectively the slave economy, which we know is booming!


Mike Graham: Yeah.


Nigel Farage: In many parts of this country! And frankly, a lot of our big employers are totally unscrupulous about this! We should be hanging our heads in shame.


Mike Graham: Yeah.


Nigel Farage: That this kind of thing is going on in modern day Britain.


Mike Graham: Well all you’re going to do to sort of double check all of that that you’ve just told us, is look at what happened in Glasgow just a few weeks ago, where a hotel, which was full of asylum seekers, right in the center of Glasgow, I think it was in Bath Street, which I know well. And there was a guy went berserk with a knife and stabbed a police officer, and tried to stab many other people. And it turned out that the entire hotel was full of asylum seekers!


Nigel Farage: Yeah, I mean, look we must be slightly careful. You know, not every single person that comes in to the country is going to behave badly. But, you know, when we saw this in 2015 across the Mediterranean, you remember the very large numbers crossing the Mediterranean.


Mike Graham: Yeah.


Nigel Farage: And when Mr Juncker, on behalf of the European Union, basically said:


“Anyone that sets foot on EU soil will be allowed to stay.”


You know, when that happened, ISIS publicly said:


“We will use this route to get our operatives into London.”


And here’s a very sobering thought. Of the eight men that committed those appalling barbarities in Paris, just a few years back, five of them had got into France by crossing the Mediterranean on small boats! So there is a very real security issue here. And the first duty of the British government should be to protect it’s people! And we’re not Mike, we’re not having that debate, and we should be!


Mike Graham: Yes, exactly! Because, quite frankly, and I’m certainly not suggesting that all of these people could be a danger. But at the very least they need to be tested for Covid 19, because it makes a complete mockery of an already shambolic kind of idea of quarantine.


Nigel Farage: Yes!


Mike Graham: Last time you and I spoke I think about this, I said the only way to get onto the beach at Hastings, is to arrive illegally from France. Because everybody else, ..


Nigel Farage: Yeah, absolutely!


Mike Graham: Because the beaches were closed, right? But if people are being told when they come back from a perfectly safe place, like the Canary Islands, that they have to quarantine for 14 days, and yet a thousand people you say are arriving today, who won’t have to quarantine them, ..


Nigel Farage: No, no! Not a thousand! I’m saying, well over a hundred.


Mike Graham: Yeah.


Nigel Farage: Just to be clear about that. But, you know, there was a boat taken into Malta earlier this week, with 85 people on board. And the Maltese authorities tested them for Covid 19. And 65 of them tested positive.


Mike Graham: Goodness me!


Nigel Farage: And more broadly, I mean, your point about quarantine, and all the rest of it, you know, if we were testing people at airports, if we had an effective test and trace scheme. And don’t forget, Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock told us it would be a world beating test and trace regime! If we had that, we wouldn’t need to quarantine anybody!


Mike Graham: No, of course. And that of that is the sort of the hole in the whole story isn’t it? Because I mean, you’ve been away, you were in Italy, and I presume, it looked like it was pretty normal activities going on in Italy. The restaurants are open, the bars are open. You know, you sent a couple of pictures back. It looks as though life is relatively okay there. You come back here, and there’s no problem at all. Why is it that, this kind of, we seem to be being held hostage now by our chief medical officer, who seems to think that we’re never gonna get out of this?


Nigel Farage: Well I mean, I think there is a very real risk, isn’t there, of a second wave. And just looking at the numbers we’re seeing it now in Belgium, and all over Europe. Looking at the numbers, they are concerning, of course they are.


But it’s, look! We cannot! We just simply cannot go back into full lock-down! You know, millions of people just will not be able economically, or even socially, to survive that properly. So what we’ve got to learn to do is to live with this.


And those that are very vulnerable, for them it’s incredibly tough, because they’re going to face perhaps very long periods of being cut off from their families, and their friends. But we’ve got to learn to live with this! And that means, you know, testing and tracing!


We were promised that back in May this would be happening! And I bet, you know, if we ask your listeners now how many of them have actually been contacted by the test and trace system, we’d find it was alarmingly low.


Mike Graham: Rite.


Nigel Farage: We have to learn to live with the virus! And that means the government has to get on top of this. And at the moment, it’s all words and no delivery.


Mike Graham: Yeah, because at the moment the line coming out of Downing Street, is that there’s no point in testing people as they arrive back at the airport, because it’s not a silver bullet! It’s not the answer! Well if it’s not the answer then why are we testing anyone?


Nigel Farage: Well, quite! I mean, look, you know what really, I mean, of everything the last five, or six months, the thing that made me the angriest, was the day that Lombardy in northern Italy locked down! On that day, 17 flights came in from Milan’s Malpensa Airport into UK airports, without a single person being tested!


And we know that the main spread of coronavirus in the early stages in the United Kingdom, came from those flights coming in from Italy! So we do nothing at the outbreak of the crisis! And we wait four, or five months, and then start with six hours notice to put quarantines on Spain. I mean, it really isn’t joined up in any way at all!


Mike Graham: It’s really not. And you, of course, got some grief didn’t you when you went over to Tulsa to see Mr Donald Trump, the President United States.


Nigel Farage: Yes!


Nigel Farage: People said:


“Why is he going to the pub? He’s a disgrace! Absolutely awful man!”


You know, which they would have said whether you went to the pub, or not, no doubt!


Nigel Farage: Of course!


Mike Graham: But do tell us what you made of Joe Biden’s performance, that we saw overnight. Seemingly not actually knowing where he was.


Nigel Farage: Wellc he didn’t know where he was! And you might have also seen a young aide was grabbing him by the arm, and dragging him around the places, as if he didn’t know where he was going!


Look, I’m very worried about the Joe Biden situation. Very worried indeed! Because I want Biden to get through the democratic convention. I want Biden to be the presidential candidate for the democrat party. Because I know, that when it comes to those three head-to-head debates, which, of course, the Americans have been having since 1960. You know, Donald Trump will tear him to pieces! Because he doesn’t, as you say, know where he is. So, I’m going to go easy on Joe Biden today, because otherwise they might ditch him, and get somebody quite efficient.


Mike Graham: [laughter] Yeah, well I mean, look at Hillary Clinton, I suppose. But I mean, it’s astonishing really isn’t it? That the Democrats, that they are in such a bad way that Joe Biden is the finest man they can find to run against President Trump!


Nigel Farage: Well, I mean, similarly, of course, four years ago, Hillary Clinton was a very, very tainted candidate in every way. So they are making life as easy for the Republicans, as they possibly can! There is a perception that Trump has not had a great [word unclear] as leader.


But I’ll tell you something. All those newspaper reports that are telling you, day after day, that Biden’s 11 points in the lead, that it’s all over! That Trump is finished! He’s out of the door on November 3rd when the election takes place! I would just say this to them. Do not underestimate Donald Trump! A lot of people have made that mistake in business and politics, over many years!


And secondly when you look at the polling, it’s very interesting. Over half of Joe Biden’s people who say they’ll vote for him, say they’re going to vote for him, because they don’t much like the other guy. Is there is no positive vote out there for Joe Biden!


Mike Graham: Um.


Nigel Farage: And if your voters, if they’re any motivation to vote for you is they’re not keen on the other guy, it means their propensity to actually go out and vote on November the third, is much much lower.


So I think for that reason, and also, you know, national polls that show an 11 point lead for Biden, … Do, you know what? If in California, which bear in mind has got a population of 40 million. If in California Joe Biden wins by 8 million, it makes no difference, because he’s going to win that state anyway!


What really matters are the five to ten key swing states. And in those states whilst at the moment Trump’s behind, he is no further behind than he was at this stage in 2016. So my message to people would be, never underestimate Donald Trump!


Mike Graham: No! I say exactly the same thing. Nigel have listen have pleasure to talk to you. Thank you very much indeed. Again we should look out for for:30, when you release the report. And the real story of what is going on with the illegal migrant business in this country. Nigel Farage, head of the Brexit party, thank you very much indeed!













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