Morgoth’s Review – The Deep Breath Before the Plunge – Nov 3, 2020 — Transcript


[Morgoth gives a quick take on the US elections now in its final phase, and speculates that the “Deep State” might attempt to pull off a “color revolution” to install Biden. And failing that outcome and Trump wins, there will be “freak out” by antifa, BLM, etc.

My take is that both Biden and Trump are simply puppets of the same (((Deep State))) and the whole thing is theater  to maintain the illusion of “democracy“. 




Morgoth’s Review


The Deep Breath


Before the Plunge



Nov 3, 2020





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Published on Nov 3, 2020


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Morgoth’s Review


The Deep Breath Before The Plunge
•Nov 3, 2020
Morgoth’s Review
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Hello again there folks. I thought I’ll just do a quick, off the cuff video to mark the occasion of the American election. I see that places in Washington DC is being boarded up as if they’re preparing for war, depending on how the election goes. And I’m reminded that back in 2015, 2016, I was well on board the Trump train. Obviously I’m not American, but it was just for the “trigger the Libs” effect, that I jumped on board to try and, you know, stab the system in someway.


And when Trump was actually elected that became less of an issue. He didn’t seem to get anything done. But I will say that I think in the Alt-Right back then, was much more focused on one particular center of power, or one group in the power system, and not so much in the system as a whole and how it worked.

But nevertheless, I kind of drifted away from the Trump scene, if you like. And I made a conscious attempt to concentrate more on back home after Trump won the election.


But in terms of the elections cycle this time around, I wasn’t really involved in it, or interested in it either. But that’s mainly, because in one of the things I’ve learned is that it doesn’t really matter, because nobody, or almost nobody’s going to change their mind. So I know, and I’m not on Twitter either, so like I’m not under any illusion that I can make any kind of difference to this. Which I think a lot of people fall into the trap of.


I mean, if you think back in the when Trump in the early days with the Russiagate scandals and all of this, if we’re honest about it, nobody who actually supported Trump gave a damn. It could come out that he was completely bankrolled by Putin, and very few people would really care. At the same time that that also goes for the people on the Left, as well. Where you’ve got this stuff come out with Hunter, Biden’s son. I mean, he’s just like he’s a complete degenerate!


But, at the end of the day, they don’t care! Nobody cares. Because in 2020, in the “current year”, we operate in these kind of bubbles! Which is, it genuinely is a thing. And your truth, your own truth, becomes subjective. And any truth which contradicts that, you’ll just reject outright! You just don’t care! Someone will present you with a fact that you may not be able to refute, but your knee jerk reaction is to think:


“Well, this doesn’t go along with my narrative, so I’m going to reject it. And anyway, there’s probably somebody else out there on my side who could reject it.”


And so this is a kind of coping mechanism that people have for not actually changing their views, because you’re constantly surrounded by others who reinforce your views. And that’s a kind of function of the internet.


But as far as the internet goes as well, the censorship is another reason why, at the end of the day, I just kind of dropped out! Because I mean, how much of Trump’s support, which was on the internet, is just gone now? Well, that’s up for grabs. But it’s a lot!


But at the same time, back then, back when I actually supported Trump I got into a lot of arguments with people in my own community, let’s say. Who was saying that it was all a psyop [psychological operation], and Trump was a shill! Basically it was all just so that we could have more neocon wars in the Middle East. And that he was gonna get sort of middle America, Christian evangelicals, and he was going to get all of these people on board and coax them into war with Iran, and more adventures in the desert, let’s say.


But, you know, at the end of the day, what gets forgotten about now is that in 2015, Hillary Clinton was pretty much just going to declare war on Russia! Like that one of the things that nobody seems to talk about these days is just how antagonistic Hillary Clinton and the American Deep State, let’s say, how much they had it in for Vladimir Putin, and they wanted to go to Russia.


So in that way, despite all of the arguments and even the online friends that I lost, you can’t say as we draw the to the end of the Trump, the first term — we’ll see what happens — you can say that at least we’re not embroiled, which Britain would have been dragged along as we always are, in the Middle East, in more wars. And we also avoided Hillary’s war with Russia, which if Biden gets in, we may, or may not, see coming again. So that’s one positive, if nothing else.




But what I think’s happened this summer, and then into the autumn now, which is why Washington DC’s got their shops boarded up, it’s because when we go back and look at Hillary Clinton again and to the sort of neocon Washington establishment, one of their favorite tricks over the years, is that if they just don’t invade a country and bomb it, and replace it with somebody who’s like more to their liking. Which means kind of liberal and international capital.


Then, one of the ways they can do this — and they’re doing in Belarus now, and to a degree in Poland. And one of the things they like to do is initiate a “color revolution”. So it’s a fake kind of CIA, Deep State operation. Which makes it look like the local ruling President, ruling elite, whoever it happens to be, wherever it is, they are then painted in terms of being this kind of “the new Hitler”. It’s always “the new Hitler”.


And what tends to happen is that all of these NGOs, and these globalist institutions, then psyop and fake with their rainbow flags, this astro turf, supposedly grassroots movement, which swells, and swells, and swells. And what usually happens is that the system has to clamp down on them. And by clamping down on them, they fall into the trap of being made out to be monsters and evil dictators, who have to be removed now, because that’ll get spread around in the press.


This is an old thing that the Americans, the American State, the Deep State, the CIA, and all of this, these NGOs, it’s all decentralized. This is an old thing they’ve been doing like around the world. They’ve been doing this for at least 20 years just in its current guise, with the rainbow flags and the liberal values, they’ve been doing it in this way.


But it actually goes back a lot further than that, as well.


So what I think’s happening, what we see now, which is why the election becomes interesting now that we’re heading to the end of it, is that it looks as if those same forces, all of them are the same forces. The NGOs, the multinationals, the CIA, the American media, the Democrat Party, it’s the same forces.


And it looks like they’re going to try and pull off a “color revolution”. But this time not in the Middle East, or in some central European country, this time it’s in America itself! If Trump gets in, then, … Because if you look at the modus operandi, is pretty much what they’ve been doing all summer! The “Black Lives Matter”, the antifa stuff! It’s all trying to point out that there’s something illegitimate about Trump’s presidency, and that he has to be gotten rid of. And you can see them coming out on social media saying that anything’s justified to get rid of him! And by and large, the media is turning a blind eye to it. And if they’re not turning a blind eye to it, they’re actively cheering it on!


And so let’s just assume that if Trump wins, then the shops and everything are being boarded up in America, preparing for these pitched battles! This kickoff! This freak out, by all of these people.


But really, when you get down to it, what it is, is the American system trying to purge itself of some rogue element, rather than thinking of it that these “Black Lives Matter” antifa, all of these leftists. It’s all nonsense! It’s just that they are just tentacles of the American Deep State. And what appears to be an attempt to get rid of Trump. Which they’ve been preparing for, pretty much all summer, if not a lot longer than that.


But what this leaves, and really when I say American commentators, like Nick Futentes, who are much more in tune with this than I am, I can really understand why they’re saying things like — because obviously he’s a Trump supporter:


“If you’re supporting Trump, then really you need to leave the cities.”


Because the the system is against you, obviously! And they have entered this really serious mode here, where if this is the case, they’re going to try and attempt some sort of fake populist coup against Trump, if he wins this election! That’s actually not like hysterical. It does look like that’s what they’re trying to do there.


And if you’re caught in what we’ve seen more, and more, is when people on the Right are caught in the crossfire of this, they will lose, you can’t lose [win]! Because what you’ll notice is that even when you defend yourself lawfully, you’ll be hung out to dry with the courts. And the media will crucify you as well. So I think you’ve got to be very careful if you’re around these big cities in America, and all of this begins to happen.


So that’s just my quick video on this and parting shot. So take care American subs! It could get a bit rocky out there.


Catch you later folks.




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