Millennial Woes – Millenniyule 2020 – On the Offensive – Dec 15, 2020 — Transcript


[Millennial Woes continues his tradition of yearly Millenniyule series of interviews that started in Dec, 2016.

Here, for his first interview for 2020, he chats with the insightful On the Offensive, aka Hugh, an Englishman living in Vietnam. They discuss the Covid 19 issue, neoliberalism, China, Lefties, etc.







Millenniyule 2020


On the Offensive




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Published on Dec 15, 2020

Millenniyule 2020: On the Offensive
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Millennial Woes
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Woes: It’s been one fucking dreadful year for everyone, and for me as well! And I think we’re all just waiting for it to be over now. But obviously it’s nice to do this at the end of each year. And especially a year like this where there’s been so much discord, darkness, uncertainty, fear, worry, stress, and all the rest of it!


But, of course, because we’re streaming to YouTube as well as Dlive, with this particular stream, we can’t say perhaps everything we would like to say about this year. So that’s very annoying.


But anyway, welcome to Millenniyule 2020! I think, I hope it will go very well. I’ve done a lot of preparation work for it. Sorry about the delayed start for this stream. Again annoying technical errors. Welcome to the show! And I’ll welcome my first guest of the year, On the Offensive, Hugh. So I see you’ve got your own festive gear on again!


Hugh (OTO): Again! It’s become a tradition! I found them. I moved house and I lost them and then today I found them. And I thought, yes, I can get them out! So yeah, here it is. And I also added the hat, you know. I had the glasses one year which were, oh god I’ve got some fluff in my eye. I had the glasses one year as well. Do you remember those? I don’t know, they’re blue rimmed with Father Christmases on them, or something. So I couldn’t get those. But hopefully this will do. I don’t know if people can see. I think people are appreciating.


Woes: The antlers are protuberant enough! [laughter] So it is sufficiently protuberant! So I think people will enjoy them. And thank you. And they’re wobbling quite nicely. It gives a nice sense of uncertainty, and, you know, amplifies my own sense of stress! So thank you very much.


Hugh (OTO): Modernity and a headpiece right here?


Woes: Yeah! I mean, obviously we can just go straight into it. What would you say, I mean, you know, opening question. What the fuck would you say about 2020? I’m just gonna sit back!


Hugh (OTO): It’s like the neoliberal dream. It’s like this is what they imagined for us all, along coming to fruition. The Great Reset! Nothing nothing gets them more excited than that, does it? And this is the ultimate, the ultimate prerequisite! The ultimate sort of setup to set that ball in motion. I think these people are absolutely evil in what they’re doing.


You look at the death threat of this virus. And sure it is highly contagious, and sure it’s going to put a burden on hospitals. I’m not someone who thinks it doesn’t exist. But what they’re doing is absolutely insane! It is the most, for so-called liberal democracies that have taken the most a illiberal route here. It’s very interesting that they’re keeping everybody under house arrest, essentially.




I can’t see my family this Christmas. I’m really pissed off about that. I don’t know if I should say things personal, but I’ll just say a family member had cancer this year. I couldn’t visit them. You know, things like that. I mean, it’s truly evil what they’re doing to people right now! And we know the nature of this virus now. In the beginning we didn’t but now we do.


Oh! You’re still there Woes? You’ve disappeared from my screen. You still hear mate? Has Woes gone! Am I the only person on this channel? Oh my god! I own his channel! I own it! It’s mine!


Well I hope everyone’s doing all right. I will shoot the shit until he comes back. He froze! He’s gone! Woes, frozen Woes! Oh fuck says people in the chat. Well, I’ll keep shooting the shit then, I suppose lads.


I’ll tell you one thing before he comes back enormous amount of work has gone into setting this up. He, you know, making the countdown clock. It wouldn’t render properly. He got very stressed about that. Setting up his studio at home to make it all work. Getting this sort of outline ready. All this kind of thing that he does for this channel. Hit that like button for Millennial Woes! Make sure you click like, for the guy!


God! I feel at a loss without him. But I didn’t expect, I didn’t expect him to go! Oh god, people are saying! [laughter] and so someone says in the chat, Woes is finally free!


All right, what should I talk about? I don’t know. Ask a question in the chat lads. I’ll just host it. Am I hosting? I suppose I am. Thumbs up, have thumbs up everyone! 14 for Woes. 14 in chat. Lads, I don’t know when he’ll come back. I don’t know. I’ll check my phone. See if he’s messaging me, or not.


Don’t worry, I’m not going to say anything to get the channel banned. I’ll message him. You okay, you okay bud? It is the first stream after all, you know, technical issues and all that. I wonder if his computer’s crashed. He’s been having problems with that.


All right, someone asked:


“Am I still making videos on my channel?”


I don’t know lads, I’m kind of done with big tech. I posted a video on BitChute, on my BitChute channel the other day. So, I don’t know about how I feel about YouTube anymore. They deliberately demoralize you, so that you will demoralize your audience! That’s what they’re trying to do.


If you’re someone who’s leading people in the wrong direction, if you’re like advocating civil war, or telling people how to make Molotov cocktails, or something. Molotov cocktails. They’ll promote you, right? If you’re a nutter, if you’re not, they’ll downgrade you. They’ll kind of shadow ban you. They’ll cut your views. And they’ll make you feel like you’re stuck in a rut like, why my videos used to get 200,000 views! Now I’m getting 10,000. What’s going on? And they’ll ban you!




And they’ll warn you. And they’ll send you these messages about how you’re treading on thin ice here, son, you know. And they’ll say these kind of things to you. And it’s like, god damn it! Do I want to post on this platform anymore? It’s supposed to be a “symbiotic” — I hope. I’m saying that word right — relationship, where it’s mutually beneficial. Where you’re creating content, they’re happy, because they’ve got the eyeballs, they put ads on your stuff, they make money.


But increasingly it’s felt like you’re their bitch! And they’re just messing with your head!:


“Hugh? Are you Hugh? Hugh? Hugh?”


Yeah I am Hugh. Someone says in the chat:




Oh, I won’t read that:


“Looking pretty festive there Hugh!”


I feel pretty festive. I gotta say, as bad as the year has been lads, and ladies I suppose there’s probably three women watching, I feel pretty good about Christmas. I don’t know about you, I’m well up for it:


“How’s the shutdown Covid situation been in Vietnam?”


Not too bad. But the problem has been that I can’t travel. I can’t go home. I’m supposed to have Christmas with my family. Can’t go. As I said, earlier in the stream someone in my family had cancer, couldn’t see them. Couldn’t help take care of them. That was very, very difficult this year for me. And I don’t want to get all emotional, or something. But I got emotional off off, in real life, I’ll tell you that:


“When will the Three Stooges return?”


Well, we did an episode a few days ago, no, about two weeks ago. And we’re going to do one, I think, maybe this week. So the Three Stooges are still around guys. Don’t worry about it. We’re still there.


I’m just making sure that I’m still streaming on this thing. Goodness me! Poor Woes! I messaged him. Let’s see if he messaged back. See what’s going on:




He says. Okay. I’ll shoot the shit with you guys a bit more. Post anything in chat that you want me to talk about, and I will talk about it, as he comes back:


“Any thoughts on the rise of Dlive nationalism?”


Says Pragmatic Patriot. I don’t know when I get an “any thoughts” question, I’m always like:


“What are you referring to specifically?”


I mean, I know you said:


“The rise of nationalism on Dlive.”


Woes: Good! I am back!


Hugh (OTO): Oh! Hey! Hey! Hello!


Woes: This is, I should have said this at the start, my internet has been a bit wonky over the last few months. And I thought it would be just like it was actually happening this time last year as well and I was dreading that it was going to happen during Millennial. But somehow miraculously it didn’t.


And so I was thinking this time it’s just like the fucking thing, it’s going to happen! And it’s happened on the very first stream! So sorry everyone! Actually, literally nothing that I could have done about this. I actually reset the modern just before we went online in order to try and avoid this. But there we go. It’s happened. My apologies.


So Hugh. What have you been talking, and thank you for covering in my absence.




Hugh (OTO): I did my best! I honestly I felt rather anxious during that last period, as well lola. Like:


“Oh my god! It’s Millennial!”


It’s not just some regular stream where you just shoot the shit and, you know, chat the chat.


Woes: That’s why Schwab came in got me, while I was yeah trying to spread the word.


Hugh (OTO): I gave my thoughts on the year and just like, you know how these people have been treating us. What do you think about the year? It’s been worse for you, right? You’re in London, you’re in lockdown central.


Woes: Yeah, well I mean, yeah, weirdly London actually hasn’t been that bad. I think when I visited Scotland a few weeks ago and it’s definitely more of a, … See, I once heard the phrase “the moral rectitude of the Scots”. And I didn’t really recognize it at the time as a thing. I didn’t really know what the person was referring to. But I think it was in a written article. But now I do.


And one example of it is this! The English are more laissez-faire about, you know, Covid restrictions, you know. That yes there is a community spirit. Yes there’s a desire to do the Right thing, and all that. But with the Scots it’s a wee bit more deep seated I think. And it’s not a bad thing in itself. But it’s obviously manifests in different ways.


And I think that with the, like with the smoking ban back in 2006, they were first to do that, and that’s for a reason. And I think it’s the same now with Covid. I’ve only been asked once about wearing a mask. And it happened when I stepped off the train at Edinburgh. And by two police officers who were standing there. So that seems kind of significant. But anyway. So we’re talking about.


Hugh (OTO): The mask. The mask to me seems to be, and many of these things are just memetic warfare, it’s all a psyop! It’s like the constant reminder of the threat of the danger!


Woes: It’s a constant reminder of your own obedience as well, though!


Hugh (OTO): Right. It’s the first step of putting you in a submissive frame of mind. And so you’ve got, well the masks work apparently, you know, masks work they tell. You can look at graphs where.


Woes: Well, hold on! Hold on! Hold on a second! I don’t know if it’s against the YouTube rules. I think, this is to say, that the masks, to cast doubt on their efficacy might well, you know, piss them off in Silicon Valley!


Hugh (OTO): Yeah. So let’s just assume that the masks are tremendously effective!


Hugh (OTO): The masks tremendously work! But then I wonder if they tremendously work, why the social distancing? And if the social distancing works then why the lockdown? You know, I’m just wondering about the rationale of our betters here! I know that experts are running the show, and I should just follow what they say, and take everything as gospel.


But occasionally I like things explained to me so that it seems reasonable! [chuckling] I like it when the proposals appear rational, you know, that’s what I like! And I can’t seem to see this. I’ve heard that droplets can pass through the mask, of course, even a fool would know that a mask will stop blobs of mucus flying out, when someone sneezes so there’s that. The sneeze prevention is very important for saving lives. [laughing]


But it does seem to me, and I’m no expert here guys, but it doesn’t really seem to make sense! And I wish, I would just wish Bill Gates were here right now. You can clear it all up and tell me:


“Don’t worry! Stay in your house for the next three years! And then everything will be okay!”


Even after you’ve taken the vaccine! Stay home!


Woes: I’ve got to say one of the scariest memes, and I’ve collected a lot of memes about Covid over this year, and the one of the scariest ones was I think it actually might be a real graffiti mural somewhere. And it’s Bill Gates with a syringe. And he’s smiling and it says:


“Time to install your update.”


Aahhhhh! That is just so unnerving! So frightening! Because that’s the thing, for a lot of us — you’re similar age to me — we remember Bill Gates as this fucking hopeless geek in the 90s! Just a dork! A complete dork!




Hugh (OTO): Yeah! [chuckling]


Woes: And now he’s there’s something from “They Live”, you know, this scary, globalist, titan who’s in league with all sorts of powerful people. And he might be a puppet of them, he might be a collaborator with, whatever.


But either way he’s operating in these leagues where they’re literally, they’re making huge decisions that affect not just countries, but that really the whole world!


I mean, somebody pointed out to me the other day I mean, even Iran is on this. Yeah, I mean, everywhere! I think the only two exceptions that I know of are Belarus and Sweden, which are continually.


Hugh (OTO): Yeah, it’s amazing, Sweden isn’t. Yeah, it’s like, why are they resistant to this? And their results seem to be much the same as other European nations, maybe a little bit better. They seem to have a lot allowed the virus to get into old people’s homes, which obviously cause some deaths. Like old people are susceptible to this disease and it is fatal for many of them.


But look, I mean, Chris Christie, that fat fuck survived it! Look at the guy! He lives off cheeseburgers and full sugar cake. That’s what he does. The guy the guy is, you know what I’m talking about, right? Chris Christie.


Woes: I don’t. I’ve just got a mental image.


Hugh (OTO): An obese Republican, very unintelligent, inarticulate, man who bumbles and baffles around, you know, and bounces off pillars in Washington. He looks like an absolutely, like if you imagined an unhealthy bloke in your mind this guy would fit that image pretty. Well, that’s the point in itself for god’s sake!


Woes: That’s an interesting point in itself. You just said he’s baffling and bumbling around. This is an interesting thing about Covid and the lockdown, is that it really reveals that it’s the same with all politicians.


Boris and his fucking health secretary Matt Hancock, Dominic Cummings the advisor to whatever he was. All of these people now seem completely out of their depth. It’s obvious that they’re just doing what they’ve been told to do. It’s revealed all of these national politicians as inept. And I think that is an interesting thing in itself. I mean, Brexit, it was similar in a sense. But this is obviously a global thing and yeah.


Hugh (OTO): What is Matt Hancock, right? Like crying, crying, about the vaccine being rolled out. And it was still I don’t understand this new trend. It’s very 2020. Men crying on the news. It’s happened a lot this year, and just fake crying in general, a lot of people.




Woes: You and I are going to cry on this dream!


Hugh (OTO): The racial injustice is just too much, you know? [Hugh mimicking a cry baby] it’s the inequality! What are you doing? Who. You think you’re winning? Any points here? Who are you appealing to? The middle-aged single cat lady, you know, who’s like:


“Oh! He’s very nice I’d like to take care of it.”


What exactly is this demo you’re focusing on here, you know? Who’s the target? What’s the target segment? I don’t understand it! I don’t get where this is, … It looks to me like the cringiest thing you could possibly do, is fake cry! No! You know, I’ve never done it in my life. I’ve never faked cried!


Woes: When Matt Hancock did that, it was like he did it for a second and then thought:


“Oh no one will buy this!”


So he stopped. But then they went with it. They ran with that:


“Oh, you’re really emotional are you?”


And then he had to go along.


Woes: Would have been ashamed lola!


Woes: But the thing is, all of this is just to support what seems to be a farce! I mean, you know, there is a massively high survival rate from this virus. And there’s so much that could be said about it. Again, I don’t know, I’ll have to brush up on the rules before we do any more streams. But I should have done that before hand. But I’ve just been hearing from other people what the situation is on YouTube nowadays.


It’s obvious that like with the election you can say one thing, and you can say the other thing. But you can’t say the two things in one video. This is the kind of thing that you’ve got to keep track of.


I can remember in 2014-15 it was just you could say whatever the fuck you like! And I don’t want to go into a big nostalgia, because everyone knows this. But it’s fucking depressing! It’s really sad! This is why I want people to transfer to Dlive and BitChute when it eventually does live streaming. Which I think is probably going to be within the next year, or next six months.


Because we desperately do need to get away from YouTube. Now it’s possible, this is another topic altogether. Well I was going to say it’s possible if the Democrats get in, then they’ll actually lay off all of this heavy-handed censorship. But, of course, that depends on the outcome of the election.


So do we want to go into the topic of the US election?


Hugh (OTO): Well I have kind of given up on following the ins and outs and every lawsuit and stuff. I just can’t keep up with that. So I don’t. But if the Democrats win I can say that they will, the hammer will come down on us. My main fear is this, that if they come in, the First Amendment’s toast!




They’ll find exemptions to it, they’ll pack the courts, they’ll pack the Supreme Court. They already have been filling the judiciary with activist judges who don’t give a shit about the law! Even with a cucked conservative he’ll actually follow the letter of the law.


And the letter of the law ain’t that bad! It’s not awful! You know, a lot of consideration has gone into it. New precedents are hard to make it. Judges are very scared to create and, or not scared, but that’s a huge deal to change the law with a new, you know, when they’re in that situation, so it evolves incredibly slowly. So it evolves far slower than the rate of social change that’s taken place over the last 10, 20, 30 years. Way more based than, you know what’s going on. What were going to say? Go on.


Woes: Well, I was going to say that you’re absolutely right! That law changes more slowly than social change. But that is why a lot of the control and maintaining of social mores has now been transferred from law and the government to private corporations, because they can do whatever they like. They can implement a policy so quickly that we don’t even know what the situation is.


Hugh (OTO): Yeah.


Woes: A situation where you don’t even know what the rules are.


Hugh (OTO): Yeah, well I mean, you know, I think it’s called a common law system, right? I remember studying this at university. But so there’s civil law and there’s common law system. But in France it’s all legislation. It’s just like they just pass the law. They just, you know, they just make up the law as they, and it’s done by politicians.


But in America it’s done by judges. So its way slower. But if you pack the Supreme Court with activist judges who are Leftists, they will find ways to “reinterpret” the constitution to make it like, well I mean, you got “free speech” but you don’t actually have the Right to!


They’ll basically find a way to enact hate speech laws and to lock people up. I mean, they’ve already had this a lot of talk about red flags for gun owners, right? If you:


“Oh well he visited this forum, he displayed signs of being maybe schizophrenic. He shouldn’t be allowed to go on.”


Or all this kind of stuff. And it seems very reasonable on the surface to say:


“Well, of course, the schizophrenic shouldn’t be allowed a gun.”


I mean, they have a high propensity for suicide, and for murdering people, you know, they have episodes, of course, they shouldn’t. And people will go along with this. The housewives vote! [chuckling] And this is a big problem. So they’ll go along with it. They’ll say we’re keeping the kids safe! Think of the mentally deranged child at school who’s going to get a gun! We’ve got to they’re going to have these red flag laws!”


So this is step one. And step two is okay now you can’t actually say all of this stuff! And if you do say this stuff you lose these rights! And you start implementing gradually a Social Credit system like they have in China.


Woes: Well yes. And then I guess that gets us to the well the question if the Chicoms. And I used to be quite skeptical of this and now I’m think I’m reappraising it and thinking is there actually some truth to this now. What do you think about that?


Hugh (OTO): By Chicoms, you mean like by like Chinese infiltration?


Woes: . I mean, the damn Chinese communists are taking over the West, via Silicon Valley!




Hugh (OTO): Well, I don’t know. But yeah, I don’t know about that specifically. But I live in southeast Asia so I can tell you about China. I mean, incredibly aggressive country! Colonialist to the core! Ethnocracy! If you’re not Mandarin speaking Han Chinese, you don’t have a lot of rights in that country.


You don’t have a lot of opportunity to elevate your status, to go up in society. Unless you are some sort of equivalent of a shabbos goy for them. And you’ve got to go along with it with everything these people want.


They just don’t care! I mean, the extent to which they don’t care what you think of them! Not giving a fuck “defined”! Chinese-owned firms produced baby milk that was poisonous to babies, and killed babies in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, a bunch of other countries. Right? It’s that powdered milk stuff. They were faking it! They’re making fake baby milk.


And it was a Chinese-owned company. No repercussions! All these babies died! No apology. Nothing! There was a storm I think in Indonesia. I can’t remember. It’s Indonesia. This is about four, or five years ago. So I can’t remember exactly. China said:


“Oh! We’ll do food aid. We’ll come in with food aid.”


And what they really did was bought off a bunch of local politicians during this. But the actual food they gave, they gave people fake rice! So it’s like 30 percent rice, and the rest is plastic. They make Chinese-owned firms, right? Like the government owned firms, because loads of stuff is government owned there, right?


Like it’s not really communist anymore. It is free market. There are free markets. You can own a house. You can own a car. You can set up a company. Loads of people own their own businesses there. But, Chinese-owned, government-owned, firms are making fake eggs! That’s the extent.


Have you frozen again Woes? You look like you’re frozen.


Oh my god! I’m alone again! He’s frozen hasn’t he lads? Tell me in the chat has he frozen, or is it just me? I’ve got to go down. Fake rice. Yes, fake rice, fake eggs. Yes, sounds like fascism! Yeah, you know, okay I’ll keep chatting, because you know why not? Woes isn’t there.


A lot of people are like, China’s based! Right? Like, you know, in our neck of the woods, they’re like China’s based! Like they’re oppressing the Uyghurs! They’re setting up camps! Like they’re taking care of business! They’re expanding their territory. Who doesn’t want to be like the Chinese? And I do understand exactly where people are coming from with that narrative. Like why wouldn’t you just have, they express the will to power? They’re just going for it. And no, no, like moralizing can stop them! So I do get:


“Hugh, what have you done?”


I didn’t do anything, all, right? It’s not my fault! It’s not my fault.




Anyway I understand why people think like China’s pretty based. I get it! But if you’re not Chinese like this is a problem for you, right? Like if you’re not one of them it ain’t good. Like if you’re Chinese I get why you would support the government.


But if you’re not and people seem to think like we’re so far removed from China. Like, it’s not going to be an issue. But we see right now a trade war between Australia and China taking place. And these kind of things can escalate. They have a tendency to, … I’m not saying World War III is imminent. But the Chinese killed Woes! They didn’t! That’s a false narrative [chuckling].


What I’m saying is who are we gonna side with? Australia, or China, or with New Zealand, or China? We know how these things will play out like if it escalates.


Give me something to talk about lads. I’m not good on my own. I don’t stream on my channel. I’m not Dangerfield, you know, I don’t stream on my own.:


“Hugh killed Woes!”


I swear, grossly offensive, that’s not true!:


“Dlive is owned by a Chinese national.”


Is it? Very interesting. But I don’t think they have anything to do with Woes’s modem going down.:


“How is OTO based?”


I don’t know, maybe I’m not! Maybe I’m a lose bag!:


“Talk about gutter oil.”


Thanks for the suggestion [laughing] all right.:


“Mandarin, Han Chinese, not just Chinese.”


Yes that is an important distinction, you know. Within the country itself it is an ethnocracy, right. Depending on how you break it down in China, I believe that certain academics will break it down to being 556, I think, ethnic groups! Distinct ethnic groups!


There are different ways you can measure this. Like, you can look at intermarriage between different peoples. You can look at genetic, or racial differences. A lot of people think that China is just this big blob, and everyone’s the same. You know, obviously the [word unclear] aren’t the same.


The Uyghurs are a Turkic ethnic group. They don’t look anything like the Han Chinese. Right now they’re taking Uyghur men, right, accusing them of terrorism, putting them in camps. And then they move Han Chinese dudes into their wives homes! And basically like it’s state mandated rape, to get rid of this population. They also force the Uyghur women, they’ll like accuse them:


“Oh, you were teaching a lesson in Arabic! That goes against our motto!”


They’ve got some motto, which is like:


“One people, one mind, one country!”


Something like that. Where, you know, every everyone’s got to be a fucking robot, you know! And they’ll, … Oh! Is Woes back? I can hear him now.




Woes: I’m back! I’m back.


Hugh (OTO): I talked about China while you know, ..


Woes: You didn’t say anything racist about China did you?


Hugh (OTO): Hell no! I love those little guys! [chuckling] They’re great! I will say this, I’ve met many Chinese people who are lovely. So I do want to distinguish between, ..


Woes: What the fuck have you said!


Hugh (OTO): Yeah, I was really, I was really racist! So I really went off. [chuckling] But I want to distinguish between the political systems that are going on in the country. The political setup, and the way the government operates, and the incentives that are provided by the government to the people. Which I think are destroying the people, just as much as destroying outsiders. And the people themselves who are pretty cool.


Like if you meet a Chinese person you have a chat with them they’re always nice. That’s my experience with them anyway. A little dodgy with business dealings. A little funny in contract readings. Gotta be very careful with your language and a contract when you’re writing one with the Chinese guy. He’ll always look to make a buck! That is just true!


But other than that pretty cool people. So anyway what is going on with you. Like your modern keeps fucking up?


Woes: Yes it does indeed. And it’s rather frustrating. But I don’t know. It doesn’t usually happen twice in one night. This is very unusual.


Hugh (OTO): When I saw you and I saw your computer set up, I was like:


“Jesus Christ! You have like a million things open! You’ve got like all these external hard drives.”


I don’t know how you keep track of it. I mean, I’ve got a laptop, you know. Like I have a few windows open.


Woes: I can’t remember when you came over. Did I have my big computer, or was I still using the laptop? Because that’s a while ago.


Hugh (OTO): Big computer I think.


Woes: The big computer, right okay. Yeah, well yeah, no I’m still on the big computer. Yeah it’s, but that’s not the issue it’s the modern. But I don’t want to bore people with technical stuff.


So yeah, the question I want to ask you at the start. You said that this has been the manifesting, or the birthing, of the neoliberalist dream. So why don’t you say what is, … And this is what I wanted to ask you at the time. What is the neoliberalist dream?


Hugh (OTO): Well. I think they love a certain type of free market. They like a specific sort of freedom. Which is everybody’s got to be of the same mind. But the trade is pretty much unlimited.


It’s like Thatcher didn’t like unions, but she loved free markets. Well isn’t a union part of the free market? What’s wrong with the union? Isn’t that just people organically collectivising for their own self-interest? And I’m not a particular fan of unions, you know, I’m not saying, but it there’s a contradiction there. If you say I’m really pro-liberty. And that’s what I’m about. But I’m gonna dismantle the unions. I’m gonna do it legally. I’m gonna rip them apart!


And actually of course, you know, in her dismantling of the union she ushered in the Blairites, so it didn’t really work. She got in technocrats. But I think now the neoliberal thing is its just an absolute reliance on a certain narrative.


I mean, they claim to be empiricists, right? And they think that everything they believe in has been justified through experiment. They’ve tested the hypotheses! They’ve done the experiments! It’s proven! This is the way it is! And they’ve kind of worked it all out. So now they have this broadly materialist worldview. I wouldn’t say they’re necessarily, what do they call it? Physicalists, right? They’re not necessarily that. Some of them still believe in god, the occasional one. But they’re kind of, their ideal man is Stephen Fry, I think. And it’s:


“I want to know what’s actually true. So I’m an empiricist! I’m an empiricist!”


And that’s like what they want everyone to be. They want everyone to be like Stephen Fry. [laughing] And this is the “new empire” that they’re looking to build, based on free movement of Labour, low wages, obviously is part of it. And yeah, they absolutely do! Have you read Harare? Have you read, what’s he called Yuval Noah Harari. He wrote a book “Sapiens”.




Woes: No.


Hugh (OTO): And Barack Obama recommended the book. Mark Zuckerberg recommended this book. They’ve got blurbs on the back like:


“Recommended by Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg.”


And it’s like a history of humanity. It starts like a hundred thousand years ago. And it talks about all sorts of things which are highly, you know, it’s a very egalitarian book. So it completely denies basic things like the MRI tests that were done in Australia, between Europeans and aboriginals and stuff. Just don’t feature. He says:


“The brain evolution ended 45,000 years ago, or 50,000 years ago.”


I believe. So that’s before the aboriginals left Africa, right? And it’s like:


“Well, wouldn’t they have identical brains now?”


You know, there’s many, many problems with it. But he has a whole unit in his book justifying Empire. And the idea is you can just reshape people’s identities, and reshape their cultures, to mold them into a broader thing. And that means you get more trade!


And you get, you know. I mean, the British empire for all it’s faults, did usher in like 100 years of peace. And we controlled the seas and trade flourished. And people were using either the same money, or things that were, you know, valued in the same way. So everybody knew what they were doing when they interact:


“Okay, well I’ve got this. We know what that’s worth in your money.”


And it could work, right. So you could just meet someone, have hardly any language and go! And people were already, … English was becoming the lingua franca of the world. And this is the globalist, neoliberal, dream. Is to make that truly global! Not so much I think through force, but through like technocratic mechanisms, social engineering, nudge, nudge not force! Use the corporations as you were talking about, and make it happen.


And this is what they see as true prosperity. They see it as liberatory. They don’t see it as destructive. They see it as setting people free from their identities. Setting people free from markets that they’re within. They see the setting people free from sort of the cages of nationalism. And when you say:


“Well this will homogenize the world. And this will destroy true diversity.”


I don’t think they care. I think that they think:


“Oh jolly good!”




Because there’s a point, you know, there’s a convergence, the end of, the sort of the real end of history, where we’ve all worked out what works. And they think they’ve worked it out so it’s ultimately sort of a cultural eugenicist and an economic eugenicist project to meet that final point. And a virus like this [Covid] is just the ultimate gift in achieving that dream.


Woes: Why? I mean, I don’t know [word unclear] I just want to hear it in your own voice, you know.


Hugh (OTO): Well! What do you think? I just rambled on for like five minutes. What do you think?


Woes: Well you see, I’m not used to, I’m, … And this is something I want to get back into, is the sort of art of collecting your thoughts together, and articulating them, you know? But right now, I’m not really in that mode! And so I just want to hear what other people think, because yes, it seems like the Right thing to do on Millennial.


But in terms of, … I’ll give it a go. You see, it is a very different world view. And it’s one that’s fairly forthright, assertive, sure of itself! Whereas ours is much more hesitant, I mean, because we don’t have all the money behind us, the institutions, the corporations, and so on. But I also think there’s a certain doubt in our minds that well, if people wanted to live. And I’m not trying to plant doubts, or anything. I’m just saying the way I feel about it.


If people wanted to live like, you know, villagers 500 years ago where everything that you use is made within a mile radius of where you live, then they would. But frankly no one does that. So that implies to me that either they don’t want it, or they can’t be bothered being, they don’t want to be the first one. They want someone else to do it first. They want someone else to set up that settlement and then maybe they’ll join, you know.


But no one’s doing it. And so that means that we begin our argument, our defense, our attack on globalism from a position of weakness, because we don’t actually know how workable is this. And how pleasant would it actually be as a life. I mean, people say it will be more meaningful. Yeah it would be, but that’s true.


But as I say no one’s doing it. It’s like we’ve got a similar kind of dilemma to the one that the libertarians, or the anarchists, had. They advocate this type of society, but no one’s ever done it. And so I think in the same way we, if we’re going to fight against globalism, then we have to do it in a way that’s meaningful, and palatable, but also feasible! So what are our real objections to globalism? What are the fundamental things that we just that we object to about it? And I think it is that this dissolution of everything! This dissolution of nations, people’s, histories, but even, ..




Hugh (OTO): Tradition.


Woes: Tradition, but even sexes, men and women. It’s I mean, yes, there’s fun to be had in the world! There’s fun to be had with all the possibilities of existence. That’s true! But also if you’ve got nothing but possibility, then you’ve got really not much. Because there’s nothing meaningful. It’s just endless sensations, and endless novelty. And I think that, ..


Hugh (OTO): A spiritual death! I mean, that’s the problem with modernity that I think we all feel! Is it’s a spiritual problem and the betters want to solve that with, in empiricism. They want to solve it scientifically, or they want to solve it politically. And that’s not the Right framework. If you ask like Richard Dawkins:


“What’s the meaning of life?”


He’ll like, you know, smugly laugh you off, like:


“Oh well, science can’t answer that!”


And it’s like, well aren’t we facing a spiritual crisis? Isn’t that what’s going on here? Why do people feel so empty? Why are suicide rates up? You know, that’s what’s going on right. That’s the void. And they admit that it’s there, that within their epistemological framework that they’ve chosen, that they’ve adopted. They don’t have any, they can’t even use it to address that question! To say:


“Well, what’s the purpose here? What am I doing here? Why is there something, rather than nothing?”


They’ll just go:


“Well, you know, that’s not science! That’s not science!”


You know, [laughing] they’ll say that! And you go:


“Well it looks like your fucking entire outlook is kind of lacking something, don’t you think?”


And they don’t see it! They just don’t see it! It’s the arc of progress they believe to drop all of that! To drop the spiritualism, and the beliefs, and the faith. And even things like a priori reasoning, they don’t like it! They think that:


“No! No! This is the way! This is the framework we’ve got it! We’ve worked it out!”


I think that when you asked me “why?”, it is partly ideological commitment to this project. A belief that if you look throughout history it seems as if peoples have gotten broader, right? It used to be separate tribes in England, and now it’s England. And then it became the UK.


And there were different European countries, now it’s the European Union. I mean, there are still the different countries there, but, you know what I mean.


And you see that throughout history, like smaller groups becoming together. And then they meld and they become a new identity, and they become a new people, genetically as well. They all race mix. And then they’re one. And they just feel like that is how it goes!


And to try and resist it, to try and preserve, to try and conserve, is a, you know, it’s a fool’s errand! Don’t bother! Like that’s just not how history works. It goes the other way. And they spend an incredible amount of time, and effort, and money, trying to convince other people that that is how history works. That:


“No unique identity can ever really be preserved. And it’s kind of worthless, because it’ll be gone in 100 years, anyway. So why bother!”


Woes: Yes. But the fact is, that there are unique identities that do get preserved.


Hugh (OTO): Absolutely! Yes!


Woes: Yeah, so like the Han Chinese that you were talking about earlier. They protect their interests. And they protect their existence. Their first interest is their existence. So it is a lie. They’re also spreading a lie that people don’t want that, you naturally shouldn’t care about your group identity. Whereas I think people just do, because it’s familiar, it’s the thing you are! So from that point of view alone.




Hugh (OTO): Well I think we know of so many examples that contradict their narrative. You look at Sudan, right? Like if it works, why is it why is it such a crime that the British and the French went into Africa, and a bunch of other European people, and drew borders, and pushed different tribes together. Why is that such a crime? Isn’t that just progress? Then they would have melded together. No they didn’t. They genocided one another! As soon as soon as colonialism ended, absolute, ..


Woes: [words unclear]


Woes: No political class that could rule things. And they all started murdering each other! The Arabs and the Muslims really did very badly.


Woes: And this is something that’s held against the British as well. That they’re just maps, across ethnic lines and across tribal lines, and mixed people together. And that was a dreadful thing for the British to do. But it’s fine for it to happen in real time now within every European country. In every Western country.


Woes: Right. We see succession movements all over the place as well. Where people have been forced, independent states, or group of people who see themselves as a unique people, have been forced to join a greater nation. I mean, a lot of people in the nationalist movement don’t support Barcelona, or Catalonia becoming independent, because a lot of Marxists are involved in that secession movement. But I remember, who was the chap passed away this year? What’s his name?


Woes: Simon.


Hugh (OTO): Simon Harris. He wasn’t a big fan of it, right. He wasn’t a big fan of the secession movement, because he was like:


“They’re a bunch of stinking Marxists!”


And I understand where he’s coming from. But it’s also they were drawing on a natural desire. I mean, they were, the fact is they speak different language. Their first language isn’t Spanish, they all speak Catalan. I mean, you’re going to try and make them Spanish? Like it’s pretty hard to do that. Like to just take people and go:


“Well, you’re Spanish now!”


And you see these people, after years, decades, deciding:


“No! We still are not you! We’re not you! We’re different. And we want to be different.”


And we don’t give a fuck if these people are Marxists over here we’re going to go with them if they’re the ones running this movement. And you look at the repression of those people as well, just being beaten up by the cops for voting to leave, for having a referendum. They got beaten in the streets for it.


It’s very interesting. I feel like on our side, this is the last thing I say, because I know you wanted to come in. But I feel like on our side we don’t care what other people think! Like I voted Brexit I don’t care if somebody voted leave, sorry remain. They very much care that I voted to leave! They very much care! Like there must be something deficient in me! My worldview has to be stamped out!


The people in Barcelona who wanted to leave got absolutely, you know, shat on by the powers that be! They very much care what we want. And what we think! We don’t really mind about them I feel. We’re like well, of course, like Leftists exist, of course, like Remainers, you know, that’s natural. But they’re very keen to oppress them.




Woes: Yeah, I don’t really know where that comes from. I mean, obviously I know the facts on the ground. But it obviously as part of our psychology. There’s some desire for moral purity in the populace. Everyone else should think like me that, yeah, there is clearly something there that’s being utilized towards this end. But what I wanted to say, because you mentioned that the Catalans speak a different language.


And it occurred to me that, well in America you quite often hear that Spanish is becoming ingrained as a second language. And indeed in some workplaces it’s the necessary first language that you have to speak [chuckling]. And I thought it’s just interesting, because the language that you speak is obviously critical. It’s critically important to your sense of self and your identity.


And I think it’s interesting that such effort has been put into deconstructing America. And I don’t want to go too much talking about America, because there will be plenty of Americans on Millennial.


But I’ll just say this now, so much effort has gone into deconstructing American, White, European identity. And that would be one of one thing, because it’s not easy to do that. It’s its not something that can just be done! The literature has to be printed and reprinted, and so on, the signs have to be made, the road signs, etc. And another thing, another aspect of this which, and again it all seems like a precursor to what we’ve seen this year.


Other things would be the discrediting, shaming of the Confederate flag. Where in the 80s, and 90s, and 2000s, and most of the 2010s, the Confederate flag was just nothing! It just was absolutely not controversial!


And then, of course, the statues that came down this year. And that happened in Britain as well. I don’t know if it happened elsewhere. It definitely happened in Britain. And you do get the sense that our history is being dismantled.


So if, on the one hand, I’m open-minded, I’m interested in the limits of people’s ethnocentrism, and so on, because we do live in a unique age. But I also think, well clearly a lot of effort has to go into destroying their sense of self, because that’s what’s happening. It’s something that is being done. And it’s something that’s artificial and I think in the normal run of things most Americans, and most Brits, would not just out the blue decide to just destroy their own damn statues! It’s just not something that would happen.


And, of course, the big irony, the big grotesque irony, about the statues, is that in the end it turned out that George Floyd, well I don’t know. Again, I don’t know for safe saying this. But there’s a question about whether he was murdered by the police, or whether it was a fentanyl overdose, or drug overdose, and a heart attack. And everyone’s seen the footage now. I’ve seen the footage several times. And basically I think that the whole thing was built on a lot of shite! I think it was just a lie!


The whole summer of BLM, … And BLM now I saw, just before we went on air, I saw there’s a new video from Sargon, the lotus eaters, about Biden has apparently disavowed BLM. Which I don’t know if that’s, I’ll have to look into it. But it interests me, because it’s like, well they are the ultimate useful idiots, then.




Hugh (OTO): They get activated like that when an election is growing and you’ve got something like Donald Trump in the White House. But yes, the video was, of course, disturbing. No one could watch it without going:


“Oh god! Looks a bit rough!”


But the guy’s off his face! He’s off his face on drugs. You watch the full footage. Yeah, the whole thing is a lie. Okay I basically agree with you.


It’s very interesting how the incentives work in this system. And how people will play along. I’m a big believer in incentives, you know, I think that’s probably a libertarian hangover, perhaps. Maybe a bit of conservative hangover they still have. But I think that people do react to incentives, to financial incentives, to social incentives.


Woes: Of course they do! Of course they do!


Hugh (OTO): The fact that you can say certainly and behave in a certain way, and be and be utterly rewarded, and praised as, you know, that they’re revolutionary as they engage in these acts of destruction. As they tear down statues.


Look at the people that tore down, was it Colston in Bristol, and threw him into the river, through the statue into the river. All young White people who basically who are in Bristol. Bristol is something like 87% White. It’s a hub of Extinction Rebellion.


I’ve got several friends from school who live. They’re all an Extinction Rebellion. Two of them are communists. One of them is a neoliberal. It’s painful, honestly! One of them, actually the neoliberal, contacted me and said that I was putting out “hate speech” on my channel. And that:


“What are you doing? It’s spreading hate!”


He was particularly upset that I wasn’t fond of five-year-olds being taught about homosexuality! He thought that was a real affront to liberty, or something [chuckling]! But if you’re not a particularly thinking person you’re just going to react to the carrot in front of you. You’re just going to follow it along. I think that a lot of it is to do with that.


And the Left have always been very good at sculpting a facade over reality to make it seem like they have the majority view. To make it seem like everybody agrees with them.


You see it in debates where those Intelligence Squared debates, where it’s not even particularly controversial. But maybe somebody is arguing that Islam is a problem say with terrorism. And the other person is saying Islam is all peace and love. And every time the person saying “Islam is peace and love”, everyone claps! Everyone’s like [sound of approval] and the other guy is getting woo noises [sound of disapproval] from the crowd. I think Jesus! You know, he’s making some all right points, doesn’t he? And then it comes down to the vote. And it turns out he’s one the guy. The guy who’s getting the woo sound effects has won.




And it was the same thing with Brexit. It seemed like everybody is against it, you know, the Left us so good at sculpting this false reality, to make everybody feel this. And political correctness is the ultimate example isn’t it, of that. Where you can mold reality to appear that everyone surely agrees with the general Lefty view.


But, of course, there are repercussions if you don’t! Because you’re violating political correctness! And then therefore people don’t! And therefore it appears that the majority view is Lefty. And so they continue to march.


Woes: Yeah, well I mean, that’s why that is so important that the vote is private, because if it were public, you know, ..


Hugh (OTO): Oh I wonder if they’ll change that?


Woes: Well [laughing] I mean, Brexit was a surprise to everyone, because the public mood, what you saw on TV and everything was just so pro-Remain!


I remember being very surprised. I thought that it would win, I thought that Brexit would win. But it was a weird situation, because I thought it’s clear that they’re absolutely going for it. And then the same thing happened with Trump in 2016.


The same thing absolutely happened this time with 2020. They’re demonizing them in the press constantly, non-stop! It’s remarkable. But you’re right the Left are experts at this. They’re experts at shaping a social situation to make something seem like:


“Yeah, this is the state. This is the consensus!”


Hugh (OTO): Yeah.


Woes: If you go against it you’re some kind of weirdo.


Hugh (OTO): That’s the word I was looking for earlier. Yes. That’s exactly right. Yeah, go on mate.


Woes: Yeah, well they give you a set of options as to what you can be if you defy the consensus. And one of them is “stupid”. One of them is “uneducated”. And the other one is just a “bad person”. You’re just full of “hate”!


Hugh (OTO): Conspiracy theorist! You must have seen this word, this term that would come on just suddenly right? I mean, they’ve always used it for decades, “conspiracy theorist”. But it is very much explained, you know, :


“You’re a total conspiracy theorist if you think the Great Reset is happening. Also the Great Reset is happening!”


Lolg We should say you’re a conspiracy theorist if you don’t like lockdowns. Also lockdowns exist, and you can have an opinion on it.


Woes: This is the thing something I noticed this year was that I remembered that people used to say, it was a common phrase that you would hear people saying very frequently, like when we were kids. You’d hear someone saying:


“It’s a free country! Do you like. It’s a free country. Yeah, you can do that, it’s a free country!”


No one ever says that now. Maybe it’s just me. But I heard someone saying it a few months ago. And it was the first time I’d heard it in years! It’s just not something that people, … And this brings us back to the lockdown thing. Because I mean, it was really frightening in late March when it started. Because I got the sense of this is how easy it is, that this is how easily life can just change drastically, and people’s expectations can change drastically.




The other day I was hearing about some graduates who have begun their working lives, and in a certain set of professional sector. And they’re working from home on laptops. And now a year ago if they’d graduated the year before, they would have gone into an office. Now yeah we can say that’s got it’s own drawbacks. I’m just saying that.


The point I’m making is that this has already started to affect people’s lives, like their inauguration into certain new areas of their lives, are now colored by Covid, and the lockdown, and so on. You’ll get kids who begin school this year in lockdown with social distancing. Kids who begin nursery, kindergarten, this year with that, and so forth. And people who got married this year in lockdown, with social distancing! [laughter]


Hugh (OTO): That’s the one that I as well, the funerals. The no one’s allowed to attend. That’s an awful one! And the weddings as well. Like what should be a community event to celebrate these people announcing their intention to start a family, in a stable relationship. And they’re going to be engaging in high investment parenting. And it’s like:


“Well, no one’s allowed to attend anymore!”


That’s! I just can’t get over the unconscionable evil of this! The videos of old ladies. And I don’t want to get everyone depressed. So I’ll move on very quickly from this. But of the old ladies stuck in old people’s home begging for their families to visit!:


“I’m gonna die soon! I need to see my daughter! I need to see my grandchildren!”


Saying things like this. And you think, what possible end could this serve? This the amount of evil that’s going on here to deprive this poor old lady of human contact, in the last months of her life! Who gives a fuck if she dies of Covid! Really! Like let her see her kids! Let her see her family! She’s going to die in a few days! It could be weeks, days, or weeks, right? What is going on here?


And the fact that people have kind of been really conned into this to think that’s necessary. I saw a video of a woman being arrested for trying to take her grandmother home. She’s a nurse.


Woes: Yeah, I saw that.


Hugh (OTO): She was trying to take her mother home and she was arrested. And her granddaughter, the granddaughter is filming it on her phone, crying. And she says:


“It’ll be all right! It’ll be all right!”


You can tell the grandmother doesn’t really know what’s going on. And she’s in the car like, you know, dazed and confused. I just think this is such a far departure from the norm! We’ve really gone so, this is like getting ready for living in a pod and eating bugs, isn’t it? It’s like it’s really evil!


Woes: When that meme started about a year and a half ago it was completely outlandish! And a lot of people were thinking it was a sort of alt-light, civnat, talking point that was completely irrelevant and immaterial. But now, suddenly, …


See, this is a thing, this is interesting, because they were correct. And the more sort of ethnat side were wrong about this. Because I think they were more alive to the more cultural side of what the globalists are up to, and what they want, what they advocate. And it’s turned out to be quite correct. I mean, you’ve got them now talking about this kind of thing. Just a life where you, …




Hugh (OTO): [words unclear] about this, like two years ago and I was like well, ..


Woes: Are you serious? Who?


Hugh (OTO): Orwell and Goode.


Woes: Right, yeah.


Hugh (OTO): He was making videos about this like two years ago. And I remember thinking at the time, you know, mate, I don’t know. And he was like:


“It’s gonna happen! They’re doing it already. They’re dripping it in!”


He’s very connected to the media. And what they’re putting, the kind of signaling they’re putting out. And about two years ago they started the bodybuilders eating caterpillars, and stuff! And he was like:


“This is where they’re going with this. We’ve got to reduce our meat intake, and controlling our diet.”


Of course, the return on this for us is supposed to be greater security, healthcare, housing, secured. So it’s that old thing that conservatives have been talking about. And actually maybe they were right about giving up your liberty for greater security. And they are going now the full hog:


“Okay, you live in a little apartment, you don’t own anything, but you’re happy! You rent!”


And I look at my mates in London at the moment. Almost none of them are married. I think one of them is married from my school year, that I can think of one. Out of the guys I’m still in touch with, he’s minted! He made it in banking! He’s an investment banker, so he’s fucking people over, doing highly immoral stuff. He’s probably a psychopath. He was always a bit of a quiet weirdo. So he’s got a wife and he’s got a nice house.


The rest of them are in shared accommodation, even though they’ve got seemingly good jobs, you know. Their business cards look nice. They work 50 hours a week, minimum. Sometimes it’ll be like:


“You’re up for promotion.”


So you’ve got to prepare for this interview. So then they have to do like six months of preparation for their interview. Where they are worked to the bone! And it’s just every single day, seven days a week. Work! Work! Work! Work! Work! And they’re still all living together in shared housing.


Four of them bought a house together. They’re all renting. They’re all renting. None of them even own a car!


And my dad bought a house when he was 24 years old in a in a, you know, very low level position at IBM. He started off at the very bottom of the company. And he was able to buy a house. And you hear about stories from that era where firemen bought houses. Firemen! I mean, what’s a fireman buying a house? Get real, he’s on a council estate! Relies on the government for everything.


Woes: Yeah, it’s unthinkable. I mean, the people that I know of getting on the property ladder is just a pipe dream. It’s just not something that most people think about it. It’s not even an intention. It’s not even a thing that they want to do at some point. It’s not even on their minds, because it’s so difficult now. And well especially if you live in a city. That’s it, you know.


I mean, I know a guy who, he was in his early 20s, in the early 70s, and he bought a fucking four-bedroom house! A four-bedroom house, when I think he was 23, in London! I mean, that is just unimaginable now!


Hugh (OTO): Yeah.


Woes: And again how can that be a good system? But, of course, it ties in with what they want now. They don’t want you owning a house. They don’t want you having that autonomy. They want you renting. Yeah, they all want you on government, like the UBI thing.




Hugh (OTO): The manipulation of the economy has so many benefits for the elites because first of all, everything they own goes up in value! Everything that they own. And they can pay you next to nothing with this mass importation of low wages, the constant competition, making you compete to ridiculous levels with the entire world’s population, now!


If you’re working in London you are competing with the entire world’s population! And every single square meter is demanded by the basically the adult population, let’s say. I mean, I could be more specific, sue me! But that is basically what’s going on. And this definitely serves the real bourgeoisie, if you want, the real ownership class.


Like not just people who own a restaurant, or something. They’re fucked too! Small business owners how screwed have they been over the last few months? While these big business owners, the transfer of wealth right from the High Street to Amazon, has been astronomical!


And it’s interesting, right, these antifa types who claim to be Marxists. Yeah, they’re not really Marxists, are they? When are they, where are they protesting? Do you see them outside banks protesting? You know, fractional reserve banking, which is completely fraudulent! [Woes laughing] Do you see them outside Nike getting mad about the exploitation of labour? Do you see them outside government buildings, you know, saying:


“Allow small business, ..”


You know, small business owners in the Soviet Union, like grocery store owners, used to put up signs saying “Workers of the world unite”! I mean, they didn’t believe in it. But they were considered part of like the working class.


And, you know, where are antifa for them? Antifa only show up when someone violates political correctness! All they care about is language! All they care about is opinion. It’s like:


“Oh! A Candice Owens is giving a speech! Let’s get upset!”


Like this is the last of your worries if you’re truly somebody, trying to start off a classist revolution, or whatever! I mean, these people are such frauds, it’s amazing they don’t seem to see it! I think obviously it’s like there is a bent of Stalinism. There’s a bent of the Maoist influence there, in terms of like the strategy tactics.


But in terms of what they’re really trying to achieve. They are basically defending the neoliberal order by shutting down anybody who’s politically incorrect, who’s challenging it. That’s really what they’re doing. It’s amazing.




Woes: Yes. And antifa are the stormtroopers, the shock troops of the establishment. That’s absolutely true. And it’s interesting that Occupy Wall Street was, … I honestly wonder how many connections, and how many disconnections are there between Occupy Wall Street from 10 years ago, and antifa of today? That would be a really interesting discussion in itself.


But one thing I wanted to say was that, this question of whether they’re communist? Because people say:


“This isn’t fascism you dumb civnat! This is communism!”


I don’t think that’s true either and, you know what you’ve just alluded to is part of, well it’s why? Because it’s happening via global corporations, and yeah, I mean, there was always a connection between big capital and communism which we know about. That’s true. But it was still communism that was being implemented in Russia. Now that was the project, the creation.


This is not communism as such. We need a new term, maybe neoliberalism is the term to use. But I think we need to define what exactly it is, because it is something that seems to be pretty unprecedented. And it also well unprecedented in real life. Perhaps not unprecedented in science fiction, especially cyberpunk.


Because I really I mean, I’m sorry! But it does seem to be like the world of Bladerunner, where the Tyrell Corporation can get away with whatever the fuck they want to do! It doesn’t matter.


I mean, look at Pfizer now, for Christ’s sake! Everything is owned by a small number of of huge, corporate, unimaginably huge corporations that are so wealthy! But in any case the money supply doesn’t really matter, because they can just print money. They can do that. So they’re so wealthy that you could actually imagine them being put in charge of, like in Robocop, OCP been being put in charge of the police force of a city.


You could imagine a global corporation today being put in charge of like “debt”, I don’t know, something like that, or healthcare, or policing, education. And literally they are the authority! It’s not just that they are a supplier in that sector. It’s that they’ve taken over the government. Like in the same way that Twitter has taken over the public square, and so forth.


But I think they’re going to probably spread this out from social media to, well reality. I wouldn’t be surprised if, …




Hugh (OTO): It’s happening! It’s happening already.


Woes: Yeah. Yeah, what you’re saying, you know, because these people are so obsessed with language the neoliberal elites, whatever you want to call them, the people that are really running things, maybe you call them capitalists. I mean, fair enough.


It’s so easy for them to adopt the language and just carry on the mechanisms that are making them money. So they can keep exploiting child labour in Pakistan, and meanwhile talk about how they’re fighting “systemic racism” and bringing “gender equality” to the workplace! It really is about language I think.


I was talking to you about this the other day when we were chatting about Derrida [an Algerian jew], the postmodernist philosopher, right? And he had this thing, nothing, what is the quote? I got a penned down here. Yeah:


“There is nothing outside of text.”


So text is shaping reality.


Woes: Here we fucking go!


Hugh (OTO): Yeah, well I mean, okay to you and I, this is kind of retarded, [laughing] because we think of, like a word. Like I don’t know “bottle”. If I say “bottle” we think that that is a real thing! That it exists ontologically, right. Bottles exist.


But he will say, well, he’ll say several things. First of all, about any word you could think of he’ll say first of all, that there’s a duality. So there’s like a word in itself it has no meaning without its opposite. There’s no, “up” means nothing without “down”, or “on” means nothing without “off”. And with prepositions this works quite well. What’s the opposite of a “hat”? I don’t know what the opposite of a hat is.


But anyway, then they’ll talk about there’s the “signifier” and the “signified”. So when I just mentioned “bottle” to you, right, and you’ve got an idea in your head. So you’ve got the “signified” I gave you. The “signifier” which is the word, and you’ve got the “signified” in your head, which is your image of a bottle. And maybe I’m thinking of this plastic bottle here, but you were thinking of a totally different bottle!


Woes: Aaahhh!


Hugh (OTO): Oh! Words are meaningless! Words are meaningless! Meaning is subjective! But then there’s also, this is quite a clever one though. If you were to look up. Hold on, I’ll get the definition of bottle up. All right, okay, bottle:


“A container typically made of glass, or plastic, and with a narrow neck, used for storing drinks, or other liquids.”


Okay? So we’ve got the definition. Now let’s say we didn’t understand any word in that definition. So we would then go to the dictionary and we would look up those words. And then we would get more words to describe that word. And then we’d look up all of those words. And then we get more words, and we’d look up all of those words.


And we could go on, and on, and on, and on, until the word “bottle” would re-emerge! And hence bottle is, it’s meaning, is reliant on all these other words that are connected to it. It’s connected to, ..


Woes: Just imagine how fucking annoying it would be to be stuck on a desert island with Jack Derrida! [loud laughing] Can you imagine that?


Hugh (OTO): Because, you know, doing this like little mental mind game though, they’re able to say that basically, words in and of themselves don’t really have meaning out in the real world. It’s within the text! It’s within the text, itself! And so therefore like, because we’ve already established that your interpretation of text is subjective, it’s all just discourse. And you read it and you imagine something different from everybody else so it’s subjective.


And therefore knowledge is situated in the time and a place, and how you read it. In England, in the year 2020 will be different from how somebody read it in 1900. And in, I don’t know, whatever.




Woes: Yeah, go on, yeah.


Hugh (OTO): I know I mean, it would be in the minutia right? But therefore there’s no universal truth! There’s nothing universal! And all of reality is actually constructed socially, via text. And I think when we talk about antifa, they’re heavily influenced by this!


Same with the trans movement. Derrida said like the connection between words. Like if you’ve got “bottle” and you’ve got “glass”, “structure”, and you could connect them. And those connections between would be, he called it “differance”, right? Like “difference” but with an “a”. And he said:


“Maybe the meaning is along those lines. And we need new words to fill those voids.”


So like “cisgendered”, or like “non-binary”, or like this. And he said:


“It was highly problematic that we privileged certain words over others. Like we privileged “presence” over “absence” and things like this. Again a lot of the words that are used very commonly today by the Left.”


And his method of critique was called “deconstruction”. That’s what he called it. And you hear this all the time:


“We need to deconstruct systems of privilege!”


You hear all this stuff. So it’s very, very important. You go to a restaurant and they’re serving you a “deconstructed burger”, or whatever! You know, he’s in pop culture.


But you look at someone like antifa, they’re not really communist anymore. Yes, there’s the bent of it. But it’s all about language shaping reality.


Like, if you misgender Ellen Page, that’s a big fucking deal! Because how we write about now, Elliott Page, you know, this girl right who was in Juno [2007 film], who is now a man, whatever, called Elliot. If people don’t know, movie star, weirdo., you know, thought that the justice similar thing was legit. Like cried about that on TV. Like total fucking loopy Lefty. Yeah it just looks like a damaged child, to be frank!


Anyway, if you misgender, you know, actually as long as we all use the Right language for her, then she does become a man, epistemologically. Because it’s all relative anyway. So as long as we say the words, as long as we write the words, then we shape society, then we shape reality. And therefore collectively we could just make her a man.


And you might remember that scene, I know it’s cliche to bring up 1984, but when Winston is in room 101. And he says, the guy who’s torturing him I forget the guy’s name, but he said:


“Yeah, I could float to the ceiling in my chair right now.”


And Winston says:


“That’s impossible!”


He says:


“No actually, if everybody says I float to the ceiling in my chair, it happened, then that’s history. If it gets written that’s truth!”


And this is really the game that they’re kind of engaged in. It’s just:


“Make it up! Sing it in chorus! If anybody says the wrong thing, beat them up! And prioritize language above all else, because there’s nothing outside of text!”


Woes: I don’t want to contradict you too much. But I think that, it’s been a long time since I read 1984. But I think what O’Brien says is:


“If everyone believes that I floated to the ceiling, then it happened, then it’s reality.”


Hugh (OTO): Contradict me all you like! [chuckling]


Woes: But yeah, I’m just interested, because it’s a sort of prototype of what you’re talking about. Where it actually requires people to believe it, whereas by the time of Derrida, it just requires that we say it, is the case!


Hugh (OTO): Yes.


Woes: And then it becomes the case. Then everyone just will believe it, because it is the case! It is the truth! I mean, that is, …




Hugh (OTO): With Derrida though, I just want to make one very quick point. I don’t know that he meant it to go this far! I started reading his book on grammatology. It’s a very difficult book to read. I thought it was a retard, because I couldn’t understand it. Well, I was finding it very difficult to read. And then I watched the Yale lecture and the guy was like:


“It’s really difficult to understand.”


And I was like:


“Oh! You’re professor at Yale and you found it hard, all right. I don’t feel too bad about myself!”


But anyway, I don’t know if you meant it to go this far. I feel like if you told him his ideas were being used to chemically castrate young boys, I don’t know that he would be entirely on board. He was definitely a liberal. But, I don’t know how liberal! [laughing] Yeah, I don’t know if we go that far! And I think that they’ve taken his ideas, midwits, have probably taken his ideas to this possible conclusion.


Woes: It’s possible that ideologues and, you know, destroyers have taken the ideas of a curious, inquisitive, fluffy, woolly minded, intellectual, and weaponized them. Because another one was, I think it was Gramsci Antonio, I think it was him. One of the Frankfurt School was apparently shocked when he saw the hippie movement. He saw the students outside his university, you know, being layabouts, and so on. And he thought:


“That’s not what we were all about in the Frankfurt School! This isn’t what we wanted. It’s not what we were building towards. But it’s what it has become.”


And now again I’m not trying to defend the Frankfurt School, or let them off with anything. I’m just saying it’s an example of a sort of high-minded intellectual [Really? Not subversive? — kat] whose ideas become, well, weaponized.


Hugh (OTO): Right, well Marx wanted zero states, right? A stateless society. I don’t think Stalin was what he envisioned at all.


Woes: Yeah.


Hugh (OTO): I mean, his ideas are wack, you know, there’s no two ways about it. They’re crap! He doesn’t understand human beings, as far as I’m concerned.


But, like you can see logically now, with the perspective of history, but in hindsight you can see how it led to that, because his ideas were so rubbish. But yeah, I think he probably would have been horrified to see, like Ukrainians exterminated. I don’t think that was his intention. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe other people in chat can correct me there? But I don’t think.


Woes: So yeah, I’m sure. Yeah he’s gonna be a more complex, … I don’t think he was just a genocidal maniac.


Hugh (OTO): Yeah.


Woes: Probably. I don’t think he was a very nice guy at all. But I don’t think he would have approved of what happened. But yeah, so I guess, I probably should be wrapping this one up. Which seems ridiculous, because we only started an hour 15 minutes ago, an hour and 20 minutes ago, although I’ve been absent for several of those minutes. And I do apologize again.


I guess I would ask, I mean, there’s just so much that we could talk about. We’ve been skating over this at a very rapid pace! There’s so much to be said.


Hugh (OTO): It has felt quite frantic, I’ll be honest [laughing] it has felt like:


“We’re on! Millenniyule! First guest!”


Woes: Well I should actually, because there were many things that I wanted to see at the start. I should have made a list! Because one of the things I wanted to say at the start was usually Sargon opens Millennial. That’s been a tradition for the last, because this is the sixth Millennial, …


The first one was in 2015, and he gate crashed the very first one. And so ever since I thought it would be funny, and fun, for him to open it every year. So he had the first stream every year. And this year I asked him, and he said:




But I want to make it clear that it wasn’t, because he said that he didn’t like it. He said that he felt bad saying no, but that he now has five employees, plus his family, depending on him for his income. So he didn’t think it would be sensible to risk that.




Hugh (OTO): Well clearly it was censorship.


Woes: Oh, Yeah, it’s the censorious climate on YouTube that is the reason. And yeah, that was I think a respectable reason to give. Because after all, I mean, everyone does have to think about practicalities. So I just wanted to put that out there, because it’s not like he just blanked me, or gave me some bullshit reason, or whatever. So I want to make that clear to people. So don’t go after Sargon. I mean, who knows, maybe next year the situation will be different.


But that does bring us back to what we were saying earlier. Do you think that if, okay predictions! We may as well wrap up on that. Do you think that Trump is going to win? Or do you think that Biden is going to be, ..


Hugh (OTO): Oh god! Don’t do that to me! I don’t know! Fuck, I don’t know mate. I think, I don’t want to demoralize people. No. I don’t think Trump’s gonna win. That’s my honest, it’s my honest take. I don’t think, I don’t know that, but that is what they want me to think, you know? That’s what they want me to think, it’s game over! I’m not sure where this big thing is? You know, I’ve got a mate who, oh fuck, I can’t even repeat what he says. Because he’s just like:


“Military tribunals will be taking place, within two weeks.”


And it’s martial law, and Trump’s gonna win! And I don’t see it! I don’t see it! I don’t see martial law! I don’t know mate, yeah. What do you think? Is Trump’s going to win?


Woes: I did think so until about a week ago. And then it just seemed, … I don’t know I can’t remember what it was that made me switch. But I think, at this point, it does seem like fate is closing in on this. And yeah, I don’t know! I hope he wins. But I think he’s probably going to lose. Unless something changes, something drastic happens in the next couple of weeks.




Hugh (OTO): The power he’s up against! The forces he’s up against. Extraordinary power! It’s they were happy enough to take the speed bump. I think they want the show to be over.


And it’s like, how much support does he truly have? The Conservatives on the whole are cucks! The Left are obviously against him. The military are they with him? Maybe 65, 70 percent are. So it’s like, what can he actually do? What can he pull off. And what are the consequences of him actually winning for the United States? Is it even the best thing now?


Because imagine if he takes power. What’s going to happen to America in terms of like who will work with America? Who will trade with America? Like what’s the UK going to do? Is Boris Johnson going to abandon that relationship? What’s France going to do? What’s Japan going to do? It’s like it might not even be necessarily the best thing. Because it’s going to be discredited across the board, at least in public discourse, as being this guy’s a tyrant! This guy’s, he’s become the dictator we warned you about.


Woes: Yeah.


Hugh (OTO): I’m not sure that’s even necessarily that good for Americans. How much will they have to suffer if Trump wins? And, you know, relative to the suffering under Biden, I don’t know, though. We have no idea how crazy Biden would be. How far, I mean, Biden it doesn’t even seem like he knows what’s going on! So who’s running the show?


Woes: And then the other thing there is, is that he probably wouldn’t, going by the look of things, he probably wouldn’t actually be the President for long. Like a year, or two, and then Kamala takes over. And at that point you’re in, you know, it’s SJW world at that point.


Hugh (OTO): Yeah. And it’s like full-on globalist world! Which I think would happen even if Biden is still there. But don’t you think like Sam Hyde said:


“They’ll hit him with the heart attack gun!”


The freak accident! [laughing] he’s got bye-bye. He killed by Covid!


Woes: Bye! Bye! Bye!


Hugh (OTO): He’s out of the scene now that now they’ve taken over. But I’m like, I find it impossible to predict politics now. It’s so much crazier! And every time I talk to you I feel like we go:


“God! It’s really fucking crazy now!”


We live in a, you always used to say:


“We live in a fucking mad house!”


[laughing] And it’s like it’s gone beyond, it’s like when in spinal tap, when they say:


“Well, we’ve got it up to 11!”


You know, it’s like we’re on 15 now, or something. I don’t know where we are. But things are just beyond anything I could have foreseen a year ago. It’s nuts now! It really is.


Woes: Yeah, it really is. I remember in 2008 thinking that with the Parliamentary expenses scandal, I thought:


“Surely the British are going to revolt.”




Hugh (OTO): Yeah [laughing]


Woes: I really thought that I thought:


“Surely it’s gonna happen now!”


I mean, all the shit that’s going on in the country and I was concerned about other issues, … Well, yeah issues that I’m still concerned about now.


But I was, yeah concentrating on immigration then, and things like that, and the loss of civil liberties, and so on. And I thought, surely the Parliamentary expense, that exposes the system is completely corrupt! The establishment is useless now! No, nothing happened!


And then the Rotherham Report in 2014. Nothing happened. The migrant crisis in 2015. Nothing happened. And now this. That’s the British context. And it just goes, it just gets crazier, and crazier!


But then in America! I mean, it just sounds, … Like I don’t know how Americans, I don’t want to black pill them. I mean, it’s not like they’re that much worse than us, it’s just, I think it’s louder, over there, than it is over here. I think it’s a bit quieter. But it’s the same insanity.


It’s just that in America you have like, you know, street gangs of antifa and BLM literally intimidating people in their homes, on their streets, and their businesses, torching businesses. I mean, it’s just insane. And I remember someone said, I think it might actually have been Kamala, who said the rioting will go on even after the election, and it should do!


Hugh (OTO): Yeah.


Woes: Yeah, protests, protests, yeah. So again, I mean, that’s our President, probably going to be the President, if not, well she’s definitely the fucking Vice President of America, saying widespread protests, involving rioting, murder, looting, arson, it should go on, and on! [loud laughing] I mean, that is absolutely insane! There’s no, I cannot think of anything like that remotely like that in my lifetime!


Hugh (OTO): Yeah. You got to fight till all the injustice is gone! You gotta burn down all the businesses until everyone’s equal! You know, make everyone “equal”! Yeah, it’s gonna be done.


Woes: All right, okay. Well on that bombshell, let’s wrap this one up.


So, well this has been fun. I’m so sorry about the delay at the start. And I’m sorry about my technical, the modern cutting out twice. Very annoying. But nonetheless I think this has been an exciting, and interesting, and very fast-paced discussion.


So Hugh, thank you very much for opening Millenniyule 2020!


Hugh (OTO): Mate, it’s absolute pleasure. Yeah, I’ll be back next year.


Woes: And I should say that, because people were asking that you haven’t put up many videos on YouTube this year, rather like me.


Hugh (OTO): Yeah. Not even seven months I think, I haven’t published. I would say subscribe to me on Bitchute. I will be putting up content there.


Woes: Yeah. Hugh is another one like me who feels that it’s just a minefield putting stuff up on YouTube nowadays.


Hugh (OTO): It really is.


Woes: You put one up on Bitchute the other day. And also you’re very active on Telegram, it’s worth saying.


Hugh (OTO): Yeah, I am, yeah.


Woes: Again people really should get onto Telegram, because it’s a fantastic platform. And people who aren’t that active on YouTube anymore a lot of us are very active on Telegram. So I think that like daily stuff, daily commentary. I’ve been doing voice notes, I’ve been doing essays. I’ve been doing all sorts on there. And polls as well. I quite enjoy that. So yeah, that’s something that people should do. So excellent!


Well, thank you very much Hugh, On the Offensive. And I hope to see you again next year, or hopefully before then. And well, god knows where the world will be by then. But anyway.


Hugh (OTO): Yeah! [laughter] who knows? But Merry Christmas everyone! Try and enjoy it.


Woes: Okay, all right. Excellent On the Offensive. And I’ll see you in about five minutes with the Writer’s Block Crew. So all right see you then. Bye bye for now.












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