Wake Up UK – Jeremy Poole and Mark Collett Discussing Ethno-Nationalism – May 29, 2021 — Transcript


[Jeremy Poole of Wake Up UK and a Civic-Nationalist debates with Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative and a Ethno-Nationalist.

As is made apparent in the discussion, Civic-Nationalism is the road to a totally multicultural, multiracial society that will eventually destroy White societies, as Whites become submerged by an unlimited number of non-Whites.

Poole’s position is that these non-Whites can, via sufficient education, be turned into worthy “British” people.

Collett’s position is that these non-Whites cannot, via sufficient education, be turned into worthy “British” people, and that they are being brought into Britain [by Orgjew] for the direct purpose of destroying and dispossessing Whites of their own society.




Wake Up UK


Jeremy Poole and Mark Collett


Discussing Ethno-Nationalism


May 29, 2021





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Published on May 29, 2021


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Jeremy Poole and Mark Collett discussing Ethno-Nationalism


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(105:09 mins)




Wake Up UK: Okay. Jeremy and Mark, you both hear me okay? All right. So we’ve got Mark Collett from Patriotic Alternative. Jeremy Poole who streams once a week on Wake Up UK and has his own channel on YouTube. Are you on your third channel now Jeremy?


Jeremy Poole: I haven’t got a channel on YouTube anymore. [chuckling]


Wake Up UK: There’s something you’ve got in common already you and Mark!


Jeremy Poole: Yeah!


Wake Up UK: Starting with YouTube!


Jeremy Poole: Yeah.


Wake Up UK: You [word unclear] to play. So we’ve come together tonight have a little bit of a debate discussion regarding ethno-nationalism. I know you two has spoken during the week to hammer out what you’re going to be discussing and talking about. So I’m going to hand over to you two. And I’ll stay muted to the very end.


And we haven’t got a moderator tonight. I don’t think we need a moderator. You’re both very gentlemanly in the way that you handling yourselves. So, I’m sure you won’t be screaming and shouting at each other, not like some people do. And if there’s any blood on the dance floor we’ll mop it up.


Over to you two. I think we’re gonna do opening speeches, aren’t we? And as Mark’s our guest, we invite Mark to go first if he’d like to.


Mark Collett: Well. Thank you very much. Are you sure the stream’s working?


Wake Up UK: Let me just double check it. It should be, …


Mark Collett: Because I don’t see any video on the stream.


Wake Up UK: There’s a delay. But it is working. But it’s a long, long, delay. But I’m looking at YouTube now. We are going out here delay between OBS and YouTube.


Mark Collett: Okay. So you can hear me loud and clear?


Wake Up UK: Yeah. Are you looking in the side chat? Let’s get a thumbs up in the side chat to make sure they can hear. So if you’re in YouTube in the side chat give us a thumbs up, or just say yes if you can hear.


Mark Collett: I think we’re live. I think we are live.


Wake Up UK: Yeah.


Mark Collett: So would you like me to begin then?


Wake Up UK: Over to you. I’m going to be muted. To the end.


Mark Collett: Well firstly before I give my opening statement, thank you to Jason and Jeremy for inviting me on. And thank you to everyone who’s joined us tonight. My name is Mark Collett. And I am about to make the case for ethno-nationalism.


A nation is not just a patch of land. A nation is a community of people formed on the basis of a common ethnicity culture, common traditions, and a shared history. A nationalist is someone who identifies with one’s own nation and supports its interests. In simple terms nations are made up of ethnically similar people. And nationalists by their correct definition are those who support their nation, and by extension put the interests of their own ethnic group first.


The idea of civic nationalism is in itself contradictory, because civic nationalists fundamentally reject the idea that a nation is a community of people whose characteristics include a shared ethnicity.


Nationalism is ethno-nationalism. It is a love for one’s own people. It is a sense of in-group preference. It is the belief in that we, as a distinct and individual group of people, have the right to exist, and the right to control our own destiny within our own ancestral homelands.




And the primary influence that threatens the existence of people of European descent today – and that includes the indigenous people of the British Isles – is multiculturalism! Multiculturalism is the belief that a number of distinct cultural, or ethnic groups, can coexist within one society. The belief that multicultural societies can function effectively and achieve long-term stability is at best misguided, and at worst this belief is a genocidal lie pushed upon people of European descent in order to destroy historic European nations and replace White people in their ancestral homelands!


Multiculturalism has never worked! But not only have multicultural societies always broken down, and ended in violence, bloodshed, and war. These multicultural societies have never existed naturally. They have always been created as social experiments by those with vested interests. And critical to this debate, multicultural Britain is not a natural state! It has been engineered!


In 1950 there were fewer than 20,000 non-Whites in Britain. The vast majority of whom were first generation immigrants. In other words, they weren’t even born here. These people made up just 0.04 percent of the population. By 2011, the time of the last census, the non-White population of Britain had risen to over 8 million, and accounted for around 13 of the population. To put this into perspective in just over 60 years the non-White population of Britain has grown over 400 fold!


This is a social experiment on an unprecedented level! And to put it into historical perspective, more people arrive in Britain each year under the current government, than arrived here between 1066 – the last time we were successfully invaded – and 1939, the beginning of the Second World War.


Mass immigration – which is the means by which this multicultural society has been artificially created – is not natural. It is a post-war phenomenon that was completely manufactured, managed, and accelerated, by the establishment for political purposes.


And the result of this mass immigration and multiculturalism is that White Britons – the ethnic people of these islands – will be a minority by 2066, if these trends are not reversed! This means that the indigenous people of these islands are being systematically replaced, and displaced, in a managed fashion. Something that under the UN definition amounts to genocide!


If this continues and our people become a scattered, atomized, and isolated, minority, our nation will cease to exist! Our culture will be erased, our traditions will be lost. And the people who made these lands their home since the end of the last Ice Age will ultimately cease to exist!


The British Isles, as a cluster of islands that lay between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, will indeed endure. But if that is all you care about then you’re not a nationalist! Our nation is more than a collection of rocks in the sea. We are a distinct and individual people. And as nationalists we must secure an existence for our people and a future for our children!


Thank you.


Jeremy Poole: Hello. Thank you Mark! Pleasure to hear from you. Yeah. Now I’m Jeremy Poole. Those who were on Wake Up UK will know what I stand for, and where I come from, because I say it. And those who follow me on BitChute, other channels, also know it.


I do not believe in ethnic-nationalism! I believe in civic-nationalism, as opposed to ethnic-nationalism. And I’m going to explain why here.


The main reason is civic-nationalism can act as a shared aspiration for all of the community. Civic-nationalism has a political, rather than ethnic base. A nation of equal rights. And I mean, equal rights for everyone. Patriotism and common citizenship for all those who prescribe to the nation.


And for all those who aspire to be part of that nation. Britain has to be aspirational! We need people to aspire to be British! British people and people who want to come and make the nation greater. The people we allow in need to come, because they want to be part of a great nation. Not, because they want to change. Because they want to, in the words of John F Kennedy:


“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!”




And sovereignty is with the people in civic-nationalism. Whereas in ethno-nationalism it’s against a lot of the people. It’s for the totalitarian elite that control. I don’t want apartheid! I don’t want exclusion for Britain! Britain has to be a country that people aspire to in the long term, believe in it. And the Britishness will grow. It’ll grow and get back into the top position in the world. Quote, not a great person, but Mussolini said about race:


“It’s a feeling. Not a reality!”


95% at least, nothing will ever make me believe that biologically pure races can be shown to exist today. National pride has no need of the delirium of race!


Today I hope to open a few minds and win a few hearts as well. Ethno-nationalism is motivated by, us as Mark just said, from the last Ice Age, by primordial feelings, and civic nationalism, more rational and universal principles. Civic-nationalism can take us to a far, far, better place.


Ethnic-nationalism and any mass group; communism, fascism, neoliberalism, Black Lives Matter, they all aim to divide people by groups, and create in-groups and out-groups. And to have an in-group you have to have an out-group. And the out-groups will always come back and fight back. Division, hate, and killing! However well-intentioned. And I know from Mark’s speech it’s the opposite of what he wants. We both want peace and happiness.


But what I do not want for my kids is division! What I want for my kids is a good life where they can be brought up in peace around them. And we start by discussing this today, I’m in no way agreeing with Mark’s position. But that’s the point of civic nationality, that we can discuss things. And we can debate, rather than exclude. And that’s me for today. Mark, back to you. Thank you for listening.


Mark Collett: Well, [chuckling] ethnicity and nationalism are tied. And a distinct individual people isn’t an idea. If you bring millions, … What you’re basically saying is that being British, … And being British you can be a British citizen, but only a small group of people can be indigenous to these islands. And they are, …


Jeremy Poole: Britishness and indigenous Britain, that’s two two separate things for me.


Mark Collett: So let me ask you a simple question. Would you be happy for the indigenous people of these islands to become a minority and be replaced by, let’s say Zulus? If all the Zulus coming here – who were replacing the indigenous people – all wave little plastic flags, drank English Breakfast tea, sang God Save the Queen, and wore three-piece suits and bowler hats, would you be happy with that?


Jeremy Poole: Well, one, that’s not going to happen. But secondly if people come, …


Mark Collett: No, no, that is happening! That is happening! A minority by 2066.


Jeremy Poole: I could completely disagree on that. That, following the overpopulation and demographic models that you look at. And I could quite easily look at those and take:


“Lies, damn lies, and statistics.”


And say:


“Okay, there are other solutions to that apart from stopping people.”


I think we should stop the boats, slow the people coming in and only have people that are necessary coming in. No question on that, Mark. I’ve got no question on that.


You have to give people something to lose! People in this country, give them the feelings of being British. And when they start to feel more British, they have less children. History teaches us this.


You just take the United States of America when the Irish went over, they had massive families, and people hated them. They didn’t want them. No Irish in the bars. And then when they got accepted in the society, their population growth went down and they became part of society.


When the Italians went over the same thing happened. And it happens over, and over, again. It takes time. Everything takes time. Populations grow, they expand, they go down. But, populations change. We cannot just ring fence that and say:


“I want my family to continue and my country to continue.”


But I think. The best way to do it is not just to box us all up and pretend this world is not getting smaller, and there’s not more people on it.


We have to go out there and be part of the world. And that’s the only way Britishness is going to grow! Not by hiding away and trying to just protect ourselves in a little section for ourselves. No! That’s not how the Celts, … You talk about from the Ice Age that’s not true. Because the Celts came from Turkey, from central Asia, well before that.


Mark Collett: Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! [chuckling] You’re doing what every liberal does. You’re not giving an answer, you’re talking a lot of emotive nonsense.


Jeremy Poole: I did give an answer!


Mark Collett: You’ve not made a single salient point. And you’re also denying one of the most fundamental things that’s happening. In the past there has been small amounts of immigration into the British Isles.


And the last time we were successfully invaded was 1066. But all of these people were very, very similar to us. They were of the same racial group, overwhelmingly the same racial group! They had a culture which was very similar to ours. They had a very similar, or the same religion, or were coming here, because they have the same religious beliefs.


Jeremy Poole: It’s not true though, is it? The Vikings came with the Norse gods.


Mark Collett: Are you more similar to someone who is indigenous to Sweden, France, or Germany, or are you more similar to someone who is indigenous from Somalia?


Jeremy Poole: Just taking your point that they came with the same religion. No, they didn’t! The religion of the islands of Britain then, was not Christianity. It was not Viking gods. They came with different religions, completely different religions! And the world was much smaller then.


Mark Collett: I thought you said the world was getting smaller now?


Jeremy Poole: It is smaller now, but in smaller sections then. You lived in much smaller communities. So they came from, in terms of relativity, much further away to travel from Norway to Britain then, was much more difficult than traveling from Spain.


Mark Collett: Look! I’ve asked you two simple questions Jeremy! Would you be happy for the indigenous people of these islands to ultimately be a minority, and Africans to be a majority, if they all wore their bowler hats and sang, …


Jeremy Poole: I don’t think that is a question. I think you’re framing an argument! You’re framing an argument.


Mark Collett: Would you be happy?


Jeremy Poole: Well I wouldn’t be happy, because it’s not going to happen! It’s not happening.


Mark Collett: [chuckling] You think demographers, leading demographers, say that the indigenous people of these islands, White Britons – the people on the census who are defined as White Britons – will be a minority by 2066, if current demographics continue!


Jeremy Poole: If! It’s a big “if”! There’s an “if”! Take the “if” out and tell me the facts! Without “if” there’s no “facts”.


Mark Collett: You’re not answering [chuckling] the question! This is typical, …


Jeremy Poole: I am!


Mark Collett: This is typical of somebody who is either a fraud, or a coward! And you are being cowardly! You won’t answer the question.


Jeremy Poole: Right. Yeah, so you’re now going into personal attacks, … If, you said if!


Mark Collett: If demographics continue at the current rate, …


Jeremy Poole: Well I say demographics won’t continue! If demographics don’t continue, then it won’t happen. Am I right?


Mark Collett: If they continue, …


Jeremy Poole: And if they don’t?


Mark Collett: , … Would you be happy, … If they don’t continue I’ll be happy!


Jeremy Poole: I said I’ll, …


Mark Collett: If Britons remain a majority in Britain, the indigenous people remain a majority, …


Jeremy Poole: I’ve answered that question if you listen. I said I won’t. I said I won’t. But I don’t think it would happen. I did answer the question.


Mark Collett: You didn’t answer the question!


Jeremy Poole: I think you can go back and say, I said I won’t be very happy, but it won’t happen! I did answer that question.


Mark Collett: So you wouldn’t be happy for White people to be a minority in Britain?


Jeremy Poole: I think “Britishness” will be in a majority, but White people won’t be in a minority. But I wouldn’t be happy if that happened, but it won’t happen.


Mark Collett: So why wouldn’t you be happy if White people, … So if White people were to become a minority, why wouldn’t you be happy?


Jeremy Poole: Because that is the Britain. And I don’t believe it will! My belief is that Britain can be with all nations! It can be with all colours! And Britishness can grow like that. It can grow.


So Mark, you can push along this line as much as you want. But, …


Mark Collett: I’m not going to push along this line, because that was the first thing, the first thing, …


Jeremy Poole: Wait! Wait!


Mark Collett: You didn’t answer that question.


Jeremy Poole: No, I would like to say to you, so you ignore history! You ignore the fact that demographics don’t follow. Once people settle and become richer demographics don’t follow the same line. So that “if”, it’s just pushing a situation that is near impossible to happen. Because demographics, when people get richer, when people get settled, they don’t have the big families. It’s been shown in almost every country in the Western world!


Mark Collett: That isn’t true!


Jeremy Poole: You’re just throwing out, …


Mark Collett: That isn’t true at all.


Jeremy Poole: No? So what happened in America?


Mark Collett: If you look at Muslims in the UK, Muslims come to the UK, they bring their wives over from other parts of the world. And they have absolutely huge families! You go to Juesberry [sp], you go to Rotherham, you go to Telford, you go to Bradford. These people have huge families! They are growing very, very rapidly. And their societies are basically societies, …




Jeremy Poole: So you won’t answer what I said now? I said, look at history. I said look at history and say when they become richer and become part of the society they move to, …


Mark Collett: I have answered, …


Jeremy Poole: When they become richer, they have smaller families.


Mark Collett: I answered that question.


Jeremy Poole: No you didn’t! You were talking 10 years. You’re talking 20 years! I’m talking hundred years!


Mark Collett: Yeah, I’m answering what you’ve said. People who came, …


Jeremy Poole: In America, …


Mark Collett: People who came to the UK historically, were people who were racially and culturally similar to us. And they assimilated, because they were similar. And my second question to you is; are White Britons, are the indigenous people of Britain, more similar to the indigenous people of France and Germany, than they are to people from Somalia, or to people from Pakistan?


Jeremy Poole: Of course they are, Mark!


Mark Collett: This is the basis of nationalism.


Jeremy Poole: But that doesn’t mean that we’re not humans and we can’t behave in the way of other countries. I live over here in Catalonia [Spain], I speak the language, I go on the streets, I talk to all the locals, wherever they’re from! Wherever they’re from! We can assimilate! Humans have learned to do that and the world is changing. We can put up our barriers and close our doors. But it’s changing. If we can make it a positive change, …


How do you? So, how do you, … I’m for limiting migration on a points basis. How would you want to get rid of these people from Britain, then? So how do we get rid of them?


Mark Collett: So, I have questions on something else as well here.


Jeremy Poole: You don’t want to answer?


Mark Collett: No. I’m going to answer that. But you keep saying the same thing again, and again:


“The world is changing, the world is changing, everything’s changing. You can’t ignore the changes.”


The changes are completely manufactured by a group of people who are bringing about these changes, because they want to bring about a multicultural society, in order to destroy primarily European nations! And once they’ve destroyed European nations, they’ll do the same with nations like Japan as well. This is a plan that is being orchestrated all over the Western world.


So when you keep saying these changes are happening, again it’s not addressing my point that I made in my initial opening comments. This isn’t a natural change. This isn’t something that’s happened organically.


This is something that has happened, because there is massive amounts of money. And we’re talking billions, if not trillions, each year being spent on attracting people from the developing world and the Third World into Western nations. And when they come here they are not assimilating! They are not becoming like us! They are turning our cities and towns into hell holes!


And often the primary victims in those cities and towns are White people! Rotherham, Telford! Look at the knife crime and the machete crime in places like Birmingham and London! Look at the terrorism! This isn’t working.


And all of the money that the government has poured in to trying to get to these people to be “British”, hasn’t worked. Because it’s never going to work! It never did.


Jeremy Poole: We agree on one thing, Mark it’s been a failure to have “mass” immigration! And I’ve said from the start “mass” immigration is a bad idea. I’ve said “limited” migration has always been part of the [word unclear] and always will. And we need to keep it going. There are people, … I’m all for the points based system. That people come and they assimilate into the UK.


Mass migration, I’ve never argued for it, ever! So that’s something that we do have in common. But you suggest is to get rid of people from the UK who don’t want to go necessarily. And that’s where, …


Mark Collett: No, I’ve never said that. That’s a mis-characterization of what I’ve said.


Jeremy Poole: So how would you get rid of people? If, and it’s an if, because you use the “if”. If this demographic argument, which I would say is falsely based, is true, you have to get rid of them. So how would you do it?


Mark Collett: Well, [chuckling] first it’s not falsely based. It’s based on cenus results. The results of censuses which gives us the, …


Jeremy Poole: The censuses don’t give you the future today, you said “if”. And if is a conditional sentence. And it means it’s not true, it’s a possibility. So sorry, carry on.


Mark Collett: It shows trends! It shows trends. And trends do predict the future. That’s how people, …


Jeremy Poole: And trends in the past?


Mark Collett: So that’s trends in the past, yeah, …


Jeremy Poole: Which I said in America, as people get rich, the demographics, …


Mark Collett: What’s happening in America, White people in America are going to be a minority even sooner than White people in the UK. We know that! So how do we get people to go back?


Jeremy Poole: White people, why would that bother you if White people are minority, or not in America? America was, is never an openly White country. It was a country that was empty, and filled with people. Why is, ….




Mark Collett: America was founded by people of European descent. It was uniquely European it was founded by people who wanted to basically found what was essentially an ethno state. It was White European Christians that wanted to found a state in their image.


Jeremy Poole: But the American idea is a civic nationalist idea built around the flag, and around their ideas.


Mark Collett: It was never a civic nationalist idea until they changed the immigration laws there! The immigration laws in America up until, …


Jeremy Poole: America can only have White people, …


Mark Collett: The immigration laws into America were “European men and women of good standing”. And then they were changed! They were changed!


Jeremy Poole: Why?


Mark Collett: Why have they been changed all over the Western world? There is an orchestrated plan.


Jeremy Poole: When was this changed?


Mark Collett: I believe it was in the 1960s. Somebody will give the exact date in the chat, I’m sure. Now this was changed, is something that is widely known that it was changed. And ultimately this same problem of demographic change is happening in every European nation! These people are coming in. And they are being incentivized to come here.


And the way to stop them coming here and the way to make them go back, is firstly, close the borders. Secondly, Institute actual equality, real equality. That means everyone plays by the same rules. That means if you walk into a hospital and you can’t speak English, you don’t get a translator at 30 quid an hour. It means if you go into a council office and you need to claim benefits, if you can’t speak English you don’t get them. It means if your children don’t speak English when they just visit the school, …


Jeremy Poole: This is America. This is why they changed the laws in America. I’m not following.


Mark Collett: I’m telling you how we get people out of Britain.


Jeremy Poole: Right.


Mark Collett: We Institute genuine equality! So everybody living here operates under the same law and under the same rules. So if you don’t teach your kids English, you don’t get state education. If you walk into a hospital and you’ve not bothered learning the language, you don’t get free medical care. If you don’t speak the language, …


Jeremy Poole: This is not equality. That is straight out of the South Africa, and you sit at the back of the bus, because you are not one of us.


Mark Collett: I thought you said you weren’t a multiculturalist? I thought you said you were all about integration?


Jeremy Poole: Yeah I am! You were saying separate people. I learned the language. But you have to give people, when they come in, yes, give them time, effort! Over here like I know I live in a place that this happens, more than Britain. And in the schools it’s difficult. But every single child in the school’s, after the first year, they speak Catalan and Spanish. They come over and they do. And it works. It’s difficult, it’s not easy. But these kids in one generation, two generations, become part of the community. And lots of them straight away.


Mark Collett: You’re just a multiculturalist, aren’t you, really? Because what I’m saying here is the essence of nationalism! People come here. And they come here, and they learn the language, they try to fit in. Those that don’t are no longer eligible for state benefits, for free goodies, etcetera.


Once those people no longer get all the free goodies, once they can’t have their halal meat, their kosher meat, once they can’t cover their face in public, these are all perfectly sensible suggestions for our safety, for the safety of animals, they would no longer want to live here. Then they would be offered generous benefits to leave.


That would mean that the few immigrants that were here, that wanted to live by our way of life, would actually show that on a daily basis by adhering to our rules. Once they did that, once they adopted our culture, a small number of people who would come here would stay. And they’d stay by their own volition and we wouldn’t force them to leave.


We’ve never said we wanted a 100% White nation. What we have said, and it is quite clear, is that all these people that have come here are being incentivized to do. So those incentives, …


Jeremy Poole: When you say “come here”, what do you mean? Like only European people? Anybody else? Is it African people, Chinese, American? These people that have come here.


Mark Collett: Anybody that comes to Britain needs to speak the language. That is a number one. And we’ve got a problem here in that large numbers, especially in the Pakistani-Muslim communities, fewer and few of them are speaking English now, because they have their own schools where English isn’t spoken as a first language. You are basically endorsing the creation of several parallel societies! And I’m saying all that needs to be walked back.


Jeremy Poole: Well, I’m not, because I wouldn’t agree with that. I wouldn’t agree with any of that. What I would agree with, …


Mark Collett: You just did!


Jeremy Poole: No I didn’t.


Mark Collett: You just said:


“Let them speak their language.”




Jeremy Poole: I never said that! I didn’t say that! I said when they come in, they learn, … I explained what happened over here. I said they learned onwards. I never said that! I said, when they come in they learn the language and they fit in the schools. They learn the language here in the schools. They separate them in separate schools, they learn the language and they begin to fit in. It takes time. I didn’t say they don’t have to learn the language. Of course, you’ve got to learn the language!


Mark Collett: Your words exactly, were, you said:


“I would create a society, like South Africa, where some people were sitting at the back of the bus.”


I literally just said, …


Jeremy Poole: That wasn’t my words, … That was my words, yes. [chuckling]


Mark Collett: People have to learn English.


Jeremy Poole: And they do. Sometimes people come here and it takes a time. And you are excluding people.


Mark Collett: I am excluding ppl.


Jeremy Poole: I want to be, … People want to come and make an effort. People go to all countries and they learn when they get there! They don’t always learn a language before they get there. So they have to be part of that country, and learn to be part of that, and love that country. And if you were creating something that doesn’t allow them to do that and says:


“We are this lot, you are not, go away!”


You’re creating a negative effect. You’re pushing people away!


And I want good for the country. And I don’t think that will work. I think what you will have then is as in Myanmar. They tried it there, and they ended up with 45 years of ethnic cleansing, because we’re not talking about Whites.


Ethnonationalism has ruined lots of parts of the world, when it’s killed people. Not just Europe. And now they’ve gone to civic nationalism there, to try and come back from the ethnic cleansing, from the pushing people they don’t want out into different areas. And trying to bring things back to a civilized society.


And I don’t think going back to before 1945, is a civilized society. We need to start controlling our borders. The people who are here turning them into British, helping them be British citizens.


Mark Collett: We are an overpopulated country, …


Jeremy Poole: Why are we overpopulated? Give me a reason why. Please tell me.


Mark Collett: How do you want me to define “overpopulated”?


Jeremy Poole: Well you said the word, so you obviously know what it is.


Mark Collett: In England there’s only 14.9% of undeveloped land left. By the fact that if you go to many of our major cities people are sat in hours of traffic jams every day just to get to work. The fact class sizes now are, …


Jeremy Poole: Well all this is investment in infrastructure, not about overpopulation.


Mark Collett: You’re only going to be happy when this country doesn’t have a single scrap of green space! Everyone can come here and they should be given a couple of years to adjust. And if they don’t adjust we still can’t be mean to them. Because then it’s South African apartheid!


You’re basically running a channel called “Wake Up UK”, and you’re putting the people to sleep, with the same kind of arguments that David Lammy would make!


Jeremy Poole: Whatever. Not what I’m saying at all. I’m for, … I’ve been called, I’ve been called far-Right. Because I believe in Britain and tight borders.


What I do not believe is that people with different colour skins, different ethnicities, different religions, cannot be part of Britain! They can be part of Britain. They have to be. Plenty of other countries, …


You say “overpopulation”. Where there’s plenty of other countries, Macau, Monaco, Singapore, just lots of other countries with much higher populations and densities. Israel, Netherlands, Japan. And they’re all doing rather well.


Mark Collett: So what you’re saying is basically:


“We’re up to our chest in manure, but some other people are up to their neck in manure, so pour some more manure in!”


Jeremy Poole: What I’m saying is, Britain is great, we’ve coped, we can use technology, we can use all kinds of things to make the country greater. I’m saying the population, … If you want to look at demographics, the population of Britain is coming towards a problem without youngsters. We need more children in Britain, not less children.


Mark Collett: We need more White children.


Jeremy Poole: Well, you go by color. I don’t go by color. Because I think that’s just purely wrong! Children of all.


Mark Collett: Why is it wrong, …


Jeremy Poole: Because you said we need more White children, …


Mark Collett: We need more English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh children. We need our people to breed! And they are being disincentivized to breed. They are being worked longer and longer and harder. And we are constantly told we need to bring in “virile ethnic minorities” to replace us. And your idea, …


Jeremy Poole: There’s something I agree with you on. I agree with you on our population, especially the women, have been told that there’s more important things than children. And that’s one of the things I stand strong on. That we’ve made big mistakes in the past, that we’ve put careers before children. And now we’ve got ourselves in a bad position. We’ve got an ageing population. That is the reason why the hospitals are full! That is the reason why there’s not enough doctors!



It’s because we’ve got an ageing population. We’ve got this gap of people that have had not enough children being born for 30, 40 years. That is the problems with the hospital. Not the fact that this foreigner is coming in! Not the fact that people don’t speak English! That’s not the problem! It’s that we have not produced enough children in the UK. So you cannot blame these the foreigners for that, who have come in now and are producing children.


They will go along the same route, I suggest, as they become more British, they’ll produce less children. So then another minority will come in, as it did in America. First you had the Irish, then the Italians, then yeah, because they keep doing the same thing. As they become richer they produce less children. That is the demographic problem, not that they’re going to produce more. Because they stop producing more, as I said, history shows as people become richer they produce less children. And that’s just the way it is. Become richer and you produce best children.


Mark Collett: That’s really [chuckling] got nothing to do with what we’re saying.


Jeremy Poole: It’s not?


Mark Collett: You sound like a typical Labour party MP justifying why White people have to essentially be genocided in their own homeland!


Jeremy Poole: No!


Mark Collett: And I’m here saying, …


Jeremy Poole: I say we need more children.


Mark Collett: We are a distinct and individual people. We gave birth to our own culture And I want to suggest an interesting analogy to you here. You see, once you are happy to say that anybody can come here and sort of be just.


Jeremy Poole: I didn’t say that! I said control borders! I said control borders with a point system for people come in. Not anyone.


Mark Collett: But you think that anyone can come here and basically be British, correct?


Jeremy Poole: Can be British, but not ethnic British. Two different things.


Mark Collett: Can’t be ethnic British?


Jeremy Poole: No. Of course they can’t be ethnic British! They can’t be ethnic British, because you I can’t be ethnic Chinese. I can’t be ethnic Ghanaian! That can’t be the case. But I can be Ghanaian if I move there. I can’t, my children can, when they start to become part of the community, learn to live there, and learn their ways, …


Mark Collett: Your children! Is your partner White?


Jeremy Poole: Yes.


Mark Collett: So if you went to, … Let’s say you went to the Zulu, …


Jeremy Poole: I don’t know whether you consider her White, actually! She’s Spanish.


Mark Collett: So if you took your Spanish wife to the Zulu nation. And you had children that were biologically yours in the Zulu nation, would you say your children were ethnically Zulus?


Jeremy Poole: Not ethnically. No, that’s what I just said. They could never be ethnically. But they could be from, … But this is a problem isn’t it? South Africa is turned into an ethnostate, where they get rid of Whites. And that’s exactly the problem! They turn into an ethnostate for blacks, where they throw Whites out. And that is exactly what I’m fighting against! Exactly what I don’t want!


Mark Collett: The fact is, South Africa is dying, because White people have left! And I can tell you this now. If the people who are indigenous to these islands do become a minority, and these islands are populated by people from sub-Saharan Africa, from the Indian subcontinent, not only will it be a crime that we are a minority, but every part of our culture, and every part of what we’ve built will be lost as well! Just as every wonderful thing that White’s gifted South Africa is now being destroyed and lost to the sounds of, …


Jeremy Poole: By ethno-nationalism! It’s been destroyed by ethno-nationalism!


Mark Collett: Not being destroyed by ethnic nationalism!


Jeremy Poole: Ethno-nationalism!


Mark Collett: It’s not ethno-nationalism. The people who brought blacks to power in South Africa were jewish communists.


Jeremy Poole: Jewish communists? Okay. I wasn’t going to [chuckling] bring that up! You brought that up! You seem to put a lot down the jewish communists! And why? I’m going to ask you a simple question, because I’m not going to, …


Mark Collett: I just noticed patterns. I noticed patterns. And I’m not suggesting that all jews are involved in some global conspiracy.


But what I am saying is that jews are disproportionately over represented in anti-Western activities. And they have a strange, hypocritical, stance whereby they support an ethno state in Israel, but do not support any European nation in its endeavors to become an ethnostate, or retain its ethnic identity, and White majority status. Which is a bizarre hypocrisy!


And if you look at what’s happened in South Africa, this hasn’t been turning South Africa into an ethnostate. This has been communism. And if you look into the history of Nelson Mandela, if you look into the people who supported him.There’s even a speech by George Galloway, who openly praises jewish communists for being the force that supported and kept the ANC in government, …




Jeremy Poole: Communism and jews, it’s quite the reverse, isn’t it? Jews are pure capitalists! They are what, … The reason they get at the top in business is, because of the capitalism. You might say Marx, you might say Trotsky, or those. But they came up with a theory. They weren’t the ones, they were, … I don’t believe there was a Russian leader was a jew I don’t believe the jews have been looked on very kindly in communist China, or by Pol Pot, or North and South Korea, or any of these. They are not!


Mark Collett: Eighty percent of the Bolshevik government, …


Jeremy Poole: That is not, …


Mark Collett: That is completely true!


Jeremy Poole: No! Because I knew you’d say that, and I looked it up. It’s not true! The government at the time, there was one! One!


Mark Collett: No. And that’s, because they always change their names to hide in plain sight!


Jeremy Poole: You know, they’re hiding! You know, they change their names and they hide!


Mark Collett: But the vast majority of people don’t, do they? The vast majority of people don’t know which ethnic group Margaret Hodge, or Michael Howard, come from. Because they’ve changed their names. The vast majority of people don’t understand why all of these Hollywood elites change their names.


And you can sit there giggling about it. But it’s a fact they change their names. And they don’t change their names, because they’re not trying to hide. They change their names, because they try to hide, in plain sight. And when you go through lists of names of people who are influential in the Bolshevik government, you will find that many of them appear to have Russian names. And when you dig a little deeper, you find out they changed their names.


Jeremy Poole: So what happened to the jews in Russia?


Mark Collett: The jews in Russia did some terrible things! They killed between eight and ten million ethnic Ukrainians.


Jeremy Poole: That was the jews? But I thought that the Russians.


Mark Collett: They were instrumental, …


Jeremy Poole: Stalin was a jew? Stalin was a jew?


Mark Collett: His wife was a jew. Lenin was part jew. And they ethnically cleansed tens of millions of Russian Christians, …


Jeremy Poole: So you see jews everywhere! Everywhere there’s jews! It’s like, any company in the UK you’d probably find I’ve got Christians on it. Any company! So you could say that it’s all run by Christians. In America you could say, …


Mark Collett: No, no. You either didn’t hear what I said, or you’re deliberately misinterpreting it. I said, …


Jeremy Poole: No, no, I heard. You’re seeing one swallow and you’re saying it’s spring.


Mark Collett: When two percent of the population are so vastly over represented in certain businesses, certain endeavors, certain industries, you can quickly see a pattern forming. And I’m not here with, this isn’t the actual topic of the debate, …


Jeremy Poole: No, no, it’s not. But you said “part jew”. You said, sorry I think you said Lennin was part jew. Which part? You said Lenin was part jew. I don’t understand that.


Mark Collett: Yeah, he had jewish ancestry.


Jeremy Poole: But how do you know, it? Okay let’s just talk about ancestry. How do you know? How far back do you go? I know my ancestry back, well four, or five, generations. And they’re all from Wales. But how do I know I’m not a jew? If you check me, I could be a jew. Couldn’t I?


Mark Collett: So really when you’re saying this, you’re now saying that you do believe something to do with ethnonationalism. Because earlier on when I said that, …


Jeremy Poole: No, no. I’m just saying that if you check. If we’re looking for a drop of jewish blood in anybody, …


Mark Collett: I’m not looking for a drop of jewish blood.


Jeremy Poole: Why was Lennin a jew?


Mark Collett: I’m going back through historical records and pointing out facts which make you feel uncomfortable, …


Jeremy Poole: I don’t feel uncomfortrable, …


Mark Collett: Because everything exactly is based on facts, …


Jeremy Poole: But you will find a one drop, one swallow, and you say:


“Oh look! It’s spring!”


And it’s not! You’re finding one drop of rain. And you think:


“Oh. It’s going to be a flood.”


The jews have been pushed around the world. They’re great businessmen. Nobody will deny that. Perhaps we should try, … Instead of attacking them perhaps we should try and copy them, and be like them! And work as a community and do well in business. Not knock people who are doing well. Do what they do!


Mark Collett: I don’t believe in genociding the Palestinian people. I don’t think, I’m going to be, …


Jeremy Poole: No, neither do I. Ethno states are wrong! Ethnonationalism is wrong in that thing. To genocide the White in South Africa, ethnic nationalism! Genocide in Myanmar, ethnic nationalism! In Germany, ethnonationalism.


Mark Collett: No, no! The biggest genocides going on at the moment are in Europe! People of European descent are becoming minorities in their ancestral homeland. And that could, …


Jeremy Poole: Becoming a minority is not genocide! Genocide is the killing of people!


Mark Collett: No it’s not.


Jeremy Poole: It’s not one group of people [Mark laughing], population growing. Genocide is getting rid of people.


Mark Collett: No it is not! And that just shows you how uneducated, … You can have the biggest bookshelf in the world Jeremy. But if you’ve not read any of the books, unfortunately it’s not going to help you.




Jeremy Poole: If you don’t listen to anybody else, it’s not going to help you either. And, in fact, I’ve read those books. And I’ve read all the books. So it was a genocide when they kill millions of people. It’s not democide when governments do it. Genocide is when people have children! Wow! Well done Mark! Genocide is having children! That’s what you said.


Mark Collett: I’m actually bringing up the UN definition of genocide. I’m actually looking for it now online. Because the UN definition of genocide includes:


“Bringing about conditions that will result in a distinct ethnic group basically becoming a minority.”


It doesn’t have to be via violent means. It can be by:


“Preventing births within the group, moving large numbers of people into an area which basically forces a group to be displaced, or replaced.”


All of those things under the UN definition count as genocide. I’ve done whole videos on this.


Jeremy Poole: Well, I don’t agree with the UN on a lot of things. And I don’t agree with that as genocide. If you’re forcing people in and forcing people out, possibly. But genocide is killing people, Mark! That’s what it is. It’s wiping out populations through killing people. It’s not one population having more children, than another. That’s called population growth! It’s a very different agenda.


Mark Collett: No, no. That is genocide under the UN definition.


Jeremy Poole: Very different. Come on! Okay, I got six children. So I’m committing genocide q well done! Nice one! That’s what you believe. I got six children. So I’m committing genocide on people in Catalonia, because I’m, …


Mark Collett: What I’ve said. And let me be very clear about this. If you manufacture a situation where an indigenous group of people are replaced, or displaced, within their ancestral homeland by other groups who are being incentivized to come there, that under the UN definition, counts as genocide.


I didn’t say you were genociding anyone. I said that the people who are bringing about, and what I call this from the very beginning, this wholly unnatural state when we are seeing mass immigration on an unprecedented level – I gave you all the facts and figures earlier – bringing that about, bringing about those conditions, is genocide! I have never blamed individual immigrants.


And if you want to know who to blame, it’s the people bringing it about.


And that is why I am trying to bring about political change, so that we can get rid of the people in power who have repeatedly – against the wishes of the British public who overwhelmingly in every single poll say that they don’t want any more immigrants – are told that they have to accept more immigrants by people like you who think they’re going to be, in some way, enriched by them!


Jeremy Poole: People like me? No! I have said since the start of this, I’m all for tight regulation and a points based system. So it’s not people like me. I’ve said all along I’ve been anti-mass immigration. I believe, …


Mark Collett: You don’t want a tight system. You already said people can come here and not even know the language, and they get to adapt and they get, …


Jeremy Poole: That was in response to your question. At the start of this I said I want a points based system, same as Australia, which allows, or similar to Australia, not quite the same, which cuts the immigration to an absolute minimum on jobs that are necessary.


Mark Collett: The Conservatives have a points based system now. Yet they’re breaking all the records for letting in numbers of migrants.


Jeremy Poole: They’re doing it wrong then! They’re doing it wrong! Simple as that.


Mark Collett: So what would you do with all these people then you’ve just flooded in?


Jeremy Poole: Illegal migrants have to return, because they’re illegal! That’s the law of the country. They come in illegal, return. Quite simple.


Mark Collett: So can I ask you another question?


Jeremy Poole: Legal and illegal, are two different things. Sorry Mark, yeah.


Mark Collett: So if you’ve got somebody who comes here. And they don’t speak the language, they’re coming here with their wife and children, they’ve got very few skills, and they arrive as an illegal immigrant. That’s right?


Jeremy Poole: Well I say that wouldn’t happen. In my system that wouldn’t happen.


Mark Collett: Okay. So if tomorrow a boatload of people turned up in the UK, they didn’t speak the language, they’ve got lots of dependents, they want benefits, they want free medical care, they want free education. Because they’re here illegally, that is incorrect, yes?


Jeremy Poole: Yes. And I would say that they need to be returned. And this is illegal, and illegal immigration, … If you go through legal channels like I have, then it’s correct.


Mark Collett: So if that boat, full of people that you’ve just sent back across the channel, if that boat that you just sent back across the channel is intercepted by Boris Johnson in a speedboat and he gives them all passports, all of a sudden they’re welcome, because they’ve got a piece of paper and that’s all sorted out.




Jeremy Poole: No. They have to come through the system properly. And I can’t be clearer than that.


Mark Collett: But they have just come through the system. They’ve just been given a passport. And what I’m saying is a piece of paper doesn’t make you the same as us.


Jeremy Poole: No.


Mark Collett: A piece of paper. If I go to Zululand with Mrs Mark and Sophia next week. And we all put on grass skirts, pick up spears, and shields, and run around singing their songs, I’m not a Zulu.


Jeremy Poole: No. It doesn’t matter what piece of paper, …


You could be a positive part to the, …


Mark Collett: These people don’t get pieces of paper and become us.


Jeremy Poole: No.


Mark Collett: They get pieces of paper and they remain what they are.


Jeremy Poole: But you couldn’t be a positive part to the Zulu community? You couldn’t go there and be positive there, and do positive things, and fit in and add to the community? You couldn’t do that?


Mark Collett: Do you think I could bring something positive to the Zulu community? Well that’s an interesting point. And I’m going to answer it this way. Everywhere that people of European descent go, we take with us medical advancement, we take with us technology, we take with us farming advancements.


When we arrived in sub-Saharan Africa they haven’t even invented the wheel. What you are drawing on here is what’s known as a false equivalence. You are saying that people of European descent, you’re comparing people of European descent going to places that have nothing, and taking with them everything, to people coming to a state that has everything, and bringing with them nothing! But, …


Jeremy Poole: That’s exactly the worst of what I’m saying! Thank you Mark. What I’m saying is we control immigration. And if there are some places that have got excellent doctors that we need, we invite them if there’s some Chinese scientists that are exceptional, because they’ve worked on certain things. And they want to come here, we invite them.


If there’s some Israeli scientists have worked on some nuclear reactor they’re good at, we invite them. And we bring the best! And we allow them to come in. And if we need people to work on this thing, we get them. And that’s what we do.


We control our immigration to make Britain great. And if the people who are here then see the great Britishness, they become part of that. And people who are illegal leave. Simple as that! And there’s no question about that I said all along, …


Mark Collett: Well you see that doesn’t work. What we need to do here, is we need to educate and invest in our own people. And we need to raise them up, mass immigration, people coming into this nation, all it’s ever done is drive down wages, and make life worse.


Jeremy Poole: When you say:


“Educating our people.”


How many generations they’ve got to be here to be “our people”?


Mark Collett: People have got, for a start, the number one set of people we need to look after are people who on that census go under the definition of “White Britons”. We need in-group preference.


Charity begins at home. We put our own ethnic groups first! We invest in them, we educate them, we make sure they are in employment, and we make sure they are enumerated fairly. And what’s more, we don’t participate in some global brain drain.


Africa is in a mess! And Africa could do with people who are doctors. It could do with people who are nurses. It could do with people who are scientists.


And the last thing that anyone with any form of global social conscience would do, is go around to places in Africa, places in the developing world, and attempt to bring their best and brightest to Britain, which would not only harm those countries, but would harm the indigenous people of this country by driving down wages and taking away their opportunity.


Jeremy Poole: Mark, I would agree with you 100%! I’m talking about short-term, why are we investing in our country. And I agree with you 100%. We need to invest in our own country. That’s what we need to do. British need to invest in Britain, we need to build Britain.


But when you say there are people in Britain who are not “ethnic British”, that have been in Britain and been part of Britain for a long time. And you were suggesting some kind of two tier system. We invest in those we don’t give it to the others. But that can only create problems between the two groups! If you treat them as an in an out group, then you, …


Mark Collett: The out group was created by multiculturalists like you Jeremy, because you brought people to this country that have, …


Jeremy Poole: I’ve never brought anybody to the country, Mark! Never brought anybody.


Mark Collett: You’ve said tonight that you want to bring people here. You want people to come to Britain. You said:


“Britain has to be an open nation.”


Jeremy Poole: Nope! Never said that. Not an open nation. Britain needs to be a strong nation, needs to be a powerful nation. Not an open nation!


I’ve said about controlling borders all along! All along I’ve said about controlling borders. So how would you do that then? So you take ethnic White people and you take people who perhaps been here since 1970s, what would you do with those? Would you say you can’t be educated then? You can’t, … I don’t understand. How would you force people to have more children? And force other people to have less children?




Mark Collett: You don’t force people to have more children, Jeremy. What you do is you take away the horrible capitalist system which at the moment does everything it can to turn people into units of labour.


So women are told that it is better for them to go out and work. People are told that it’s better to go and spend money on consumer goods and enjoy themselves in the short term, so we can boost GDP, than it is to have children.


People are constantly incentivized in the West not to have children. And then they are then told that they’re not having enough children. So they have to bring in migrants!


Jeremy Poole: Mark, you’re repeating what I think there. But how would the ethnicity come into this? I don’t get it. If there’s people who’ve been in since the 70s. I agree with you that we need to incentivize people to have more children. I don’t understand how that would work. You split them by ethnicity and say:


“You have to have more children, because you’re ethnic British. You cannot, because you’re not ethnic British. Your father was black, your mother was White. Nah, you can’t have more children.”


I don’t understand it.


Mark Collett: This is beautiful you see, because what you’re doing here again is another one of these strange liberal talking points. You seem to be incredibly concerned, you’ve used this several times, because you’re aware that mass immigration really ramped up at a certain point. And you I think it was, …


Jeremy Poole: I think mass immigration was bad for Britain.


Mark Collett: You think it was?


Jeremy Poole: No I know it was!


Mark Collett: But you keep saying, and you’ve said this again, and again:


“What would we do about these people who’ve been here since the 1970s?”


But not once tonight have you said:


“What are we gonna do about these people who have been living in these islands since the last Ice Age?”


The fact is I’m concerned about people that have been here thousands of years. I’m concerned about a group of people that actually built everything that we see around us. And you’re more concerned about these people who have turned up on the last boat.


Jeremy Poole: No! I am concerned about them. Very concerned, very concerned. Because I believe that to build a great Britain is the best for them, and to do that we cannot have an ethnostate with different levels of society depending on your DNA!


We have to close down now, people coming in, just the ones we want. And then build the people who are there. Investment in the country, investment in the people. Encouraging people to stay at home mothers, or fathers, whoever wants to stay at home. One working parent looking after children. Less government interference to be honest with you.


But you seem to say only that for the White people. And that’s almost a eugenicist kind of argument where you’re saying that a certain group of people are having too many kids but are a lower class than us. So they can’t have their kids. We’ll stop those having kids, but we’ll encourage us to have more kids. And it’s an in-group, … You talk about in-group preference, you’re saying.


Okay, I agree that people in the UK have stopped having kids for the wrong reasons, because they want to be more capitalist, a stronger capitalist. And I agree 100 percent with it!


We went down a bad road! We should have gone family friendly. Families! Families! Families, all along. And we didn’t. Now we’re in a certain situation where we have to turn things around. And the answer is not to close everything down and say:


“Right, White people have more kids, the other people, you can’t have more kids, because you’ve already got plenty.”


Mark Collett: Wait! Wait! So this is another interesting point you keep saying. You seem to be really upset when I keep pointing out that White people, the indigenous people of these islands, the English, the Irish, the Scots, and the Welsh, they need to develop their in-group preference, or they need to rediscover it. This seems to bother you.


Jeremy Poole: Not at all! I love White women! [chuckling], …


Mark Collett: That’s my preferential group. Don’t you find it strange? Doesn’t it sort of trigger something in your brain, when you see that White people aren’t allowed in-group preference? And today you’ve been really arguing against White in-group preference quite heavily. But every other racial and ethnic group in Britain are incentivized to having in-group preference.


Jeremy Poole: Now, I agree with you on that. And that’s something like black lives matter, and I disagree with that. I think each group can have their in-group reference, agreed, 100 percent.


But try not to make one group higher than the other. Because this is what happened when the Vikings came to Britain, I don’t know if, you know this, but when Knute came, he decided to be British and he sent his armies home and became British. And this is what happens. We have to make them want to be British, part of our community. And then Britain will be great.




Mark Collett: But why do you keep saying:


“Then Britain will be great.”


Look, this is a really this is really bizarre what you’re saying. Ultimately things have got worse, and worse, and worse!


Jeremy Poole: How do you stop them having families?


Mark Collett: Things have got worse, and worse, and worse, the more multicultural Britain’s been. And it seems that your solution to that problem is to ultimately say:


“Well we need to bring more people in but just make them, …”


Jeremy Poole: Never said that Mark! That’s not even close to what I said! I’ve said at least five, or six times:


“No! We stop. We use a system and limit very tightly who comes in!”


I’ve said that all along! So Mark you’re not even, …


Mark Collett: Why don’t we just stop? Why don’t we just stop people coming in? And why don’t we say to those who don’t want to be like us, and there are many of them in this country who actively don’t want to be like this and us, and they’ve imported their culture to the exclusion of ours. Why don’t we be big enough just to say to those people:


“You’re not fitting in and we don’t need you here?”


Why do you want to push a round peg into a square hole, right? Why do you want to make people be something they don’t want to be? The people who’ve come here, …


Jeremy Poole: Because the suggestion for me is that they’ve come here. So they do want to. Perhaps they don’t know how to? A lot of them don’t want to be. And if they don’t want to be, perhaps they should think about leaving.


But the ones who come here, have come here, because perhaps they want, they’ve got an aspiration. And perhaps when they’ve come here that aspiration hasn’t been realized through education, through whatever. And perhaps, if we can help these become part of the community, and help them be part, and realize:


“Wow! I really want to try and be British!”


And then we can make it better. It’s not up to us necessarily to make, change their feelings. But they are here. There’s people here. We either got to say:


“Right, go go back to the country you came from! Goodbye!”


Mark Collett: That’s the correct course.


Jeremy Poole: No, no! Or we have to say:


“How can we make things better here?”


We can stop them coming in, we can encourage better behavior for the ones who are not. We can apply our rules fairly to the whole population! Fair rules to the whole population. And go along that road of giving people shared aspirations of a nation. And make a shared aspiration.


What is your suggestion then? Because there’s, what, millions, two million, three million, eight million, people here, that you would just want to get rid off. How would we, …


Mark Collett: Yes I do. And let me, this might blow your mind, but, …


Jeremy Poole: No, no, I know you do. When you say you do, and all kudos to you. You actually say it.


Mark Collett: This might blow your mind. But when you go to places like Juwsbury, what do you see? You see people wearing their clothes, you see people practicing their religions, you see people speaking their language, you see people eating meat that has been prepared in a way that would appall the average British person, if they knew how it was prepared. You see people importing their culture to the absolute exclusion of our culture, the indigenous culture! They do this and they create mini ethnostates.


Now this may shock you, but what is different about that little community in Juwsbury, and a community in Pakistan? There’s only one thing different. And that is that the British government are giving the community in Juwsbury, free healthcare, free housing, generous benefits, giving them all manner of little perks for being here.


These people, and this is why this is an engineered genocide. These people are not coming here as you, if you don’t mind me saying, naively suggested, because they want to be British, or they’re looking to become like us. They come here, because they are being allowed to come here, bringing everything about them, bringing their nation with them, but doing so at our financial expense!


And what I am saying to get these people to go away, is institute true equality. Take away their financial incentives. And actually say to them:


“Look, here’s some money, and a one-way plane ticket. If you don’t like it, if you don’t like living by our rules, if you don’t like speaking that language, if you don’t like not abusing animals, if you don’t like not abusing little girls, and forcing them to mutilate their genitals, if you don’t like showing your face, ….”




Jeremy Poole: Those things are illegal and they have to be stopped! Those things are illegal.


Mark Collett: But they’re going on.


Jeremy Poole: And they are going on and they need to be stopped!


Mark Collett: But why are they going on, Jeremy?


Jeremy Poole: Because people are not standing up and saying:


“This is illegal!


Mark Collett: No, no! …


Jeremy Poole: Force the laws! That is illegal. It’s illegal and has to be stopped. And treat people equally by the laws. People come into the country they obey the laws of the country they come in. Now we can pick these people. And I’ve talked about this many times! I’ve criticized this, that the different treatment under the law, of different groups. I say:


“One law for all!”


Mark Collett: Well, when I said that earlier, you said that was going to force people to the back of the bus.


Jeremy Poole: No! One law for all, not one law depending on the color of your skin, depending on where you’re from. One law for all!


Mark Collett: I didn’t say:


“One law depending on your colour of your skin.”


When I said earlier that everyone has to operate under our laws, and there has to be true equality. So we all speak the same language, we all agree that we’re not chopping up little girls genitals, we all agree that we’re eating meat that is responsibly slaughtered. When I said those things you said:


“I was putting [word unclear] on the back of the bus.”


Jeremy Poole: I said about the learning of English when you come here, and it takes time. And you can’t separate people instantly.


Mark Collett: It takes time. And if they genuinely want to come here, they should take the time to learn English before they come here!


Jeremy Poole: It’s not always possible. It’s not always possible.


Mark Collett: But why is it not always possible, Jeremy? Again you sound like David Lammy!


Jeremy Poole: It’s not always possible. People immigrant for all different kinds of reasons. And when they get to a country they learn. I’ve seen it here [Spain]. People come and they learn. And it’s not always good that people come here. But you talk about giving them money to go away. Hasn’t history taught us that, that just doesn’t work! That just attracts more people. If you give people money to go away, …


Mark Collett: No [chuckling]! Look, we could secure our borders tomorrow if we wanted to. We could secure our borders with little, or no effort. And if our police actually wanted to they could have stopped the grooming gangs. They could stop female genital mutilation.


Jeremy Poole: I agree.


Mark Collett: They could stop illegal halal slaughter factories. They could do anything. They don’t do it, because there actually is a two-tier system in this country. And Whites are already second-class citizens. And by the time people like you are done with your multicultural nonsense, we won’t just be second-class citizens we’ll be a hated minority an ancestral homeland.


Jeremy Poole: Well, I think if we try to drive people out, instead of saying stop people coming in and treat the people here with respect to the same laws, the same laws, which you said, we need to do. I believe that they the vast majority, …


There’s always bad people. And if you point out the bad eggs, you miss the good eggs! You miss the good things.


I worked for a long time – you see my dog here earlier barking – in dog rescue centers. Always, all my life I’ve worked rescuing dogs. And I could give you a story every single day of a British person that’s abused a dog. And I could make British people sound terrible! White, ethno-British people, if you want.


But if you concentrate only on the bad stories, we have to stop those. But if you keep telling bad story, after bad story, it’s what happens on the TV over here every day. They say how men abuse women. To say that women are abused every day. And they find one story every day, every other day, and push it out. And that’s what you do! You push the bad stories all the time. I’m with you! These things have to stop.


The police have to stand up, have some balls, and go in there and sort these things out! And apply the laws equally to everybody.


What I’m saying is by every day only looking at the, … There’s a jew here, so it must be the jews! There’s 20 Christians, but there’s one jew, it must be the jews! We need to look at the bigger picture. And that’s what I want to do.


I don’t want Britain to have mass immigration! I’ve said that since the start of this conversation. What I’m saying is, if you divide people. If you push an in-group and an out-group, the out-group is going to get worse, not better.


Mark Collett: The divisions were created by bringing people here! The divisions were created by mass immigration and multiculturalism! The divisions are inevitable, when you mix different people! The mixing of people is what is causing the problem.


The mixing needs to stop. And there needs to be reversal of that before we become a minority! And the fact of the matter is, you keep saying about:


“Oh. Well, if we bring people here we can get benefits out of them.”


Where are the benefits? We’re not seeing benefits from any of this! And if we are seeing small benefits, … If you really like your chicken tikka masala, absolutely fantastic!




But I would say hundreds of thousands of White British girls being raped, I would say machete crime, knife crime, moped crime. I would say female circumcision! I would say the mass abuse of animals! I would say the almost complete destruction of the English countryside. There’s less than 15% of it left now! I would say all of those negatives, and there’s many, many more, vastly vastly outweigh a chicken tikka masala on a Saturday evening!


Jeremy Poole: And when have I agreed with mass immigration, Mark? Which point of this conversation did I say I agree with mass immigration?


Mark Collett: You’ve repeatedly said in this conversation that the people here, we need to make them British, that you would bring more people here, because we need them.


You have repeatedly said that Britain needs to be open, and welcoming, and accept change, because we live in a changing world. All of those slogans that you said – whether you want to accept it, or not – are David Lammy, Labour, globalist, …


Jeremy Poole: Not at all what I’ve said. What you were talking about is creating two levels of citizens in Britain. First class citizens, ethno-citizens, that I don’t know how you tell as in the quote that I started with by Mussolini. He says:


“How do you know, who’s an ethno-citizen? How would you tell?”


Would everybody have to have DNA samples? And if you found that your grandfather is a jew, would that make you a jew? And you have to leave. How would you know?


Mark Collett: The fact of the matter is. And I always really love this, I always really love this, there’s always the snarking argument:


“What is White? Who is ethnically British, ha, ha, ha?”


Well, you know what, when the census goes out everyone knows what ethnic group they are! Everyone knows, because you just fill it in, don’t you. You fill in White British, or you fill in mixed ethnicity. Everyone knows what ethnic group they are, unless they’re a civic nationalist who’s trying to, “what is” an ethnonationalist.


Jeremy Poole: So, how do you know, then? You know it from them. So you would say:


“Fill in the form, and we trust what you fill in the form.”


And if you fill it in wrong, then you’re a second class citizen. And we’re gonna sort of give you 15 grand to leave. Is that the system?


Mark Collett: The system is this. And I’ve already explained this. People who have come here – regardless, we are not going to force anybody to leave via violent means, no one wants violence. But if you have come here and you haven’t learned the language, you haven’t adopted the culture, if you have imported your culture to the exclusion of ours, and you are on a myriad of state benefits, yet you haven’t even done what we consider to be the acceptable minimum for being a British citizen, then you will have those benefits and incentives withdrawn. And you will be offered money to leave!


So if you’ve been living here with your family for the past five years, the vast majority of them don’t speak English, you speak broken English, because you’re a taxi driver, …


Well I’m telling you this now, you’re not buying your halal food, you’re not having your wife and your daughters walk down the street with their faces covered. Because that’s a threat to our safety.


You’re not getting free interpreters on the NHS, because that costs us 30, 40, 50 quid an hour, depending on the time of day. And we’ve got better things to spend our money on than interpreters.


You’re not getting every booklet that the council print, printed in your language. What we are doing is saying:


“This is Britain! This is our culture! And if you have come here and you’ve adapted to all of that, you would not see any changes, or any adverse effects under an ethno-nationalist government.”


If however, you’ve been here importing your culture to the exclusion of ours, and at the end of all of that, the only reason you’re really here is for the money, that money’s drying up, and you are not going to want to stay! And that is fair enough!


And if I ever went to live in another country, I would learn to speak the language, I would make sure I was ready to go there. And when I went there, I certainly wouldn’t do things that were alien, or offensive, to the indigenous people, because that is common sense, and it’s called “politeness”.


Jeremy Poole: You would keep your own culture. You could not be, …


Like I live here, you know, where I live, and I speak the language, but I’m still British. I still have my own culture. And I mix in with the other people, and I mix in with all the people here, but I’m still British. It’s something you can’t change overnight is the culture. But what they can do is, like I do, make an effort to fit in. And that is where, again, where we agree.


And I think when you look at now from the 70s, the people coming, they are beginning to fit in. They are fitting in. They are being part of the community. They are being British. And eventually this is where we have to go.


And stop the mass immigration, and bring on the integration. I agree with you on the benefits. But where do we go from there then?


You’re creating a mass poverty group, and perhaps they don’t want to leave. What do we do then? Once you stopped all this. And they don’t want to leave, you’re creating a massive two-tier society then. What happens then when they don’t want to leave? When there’s certain groups that don’t want to leave.




Mark Collett: What do you mean when there’s certain groups? So certain groups, you’re saying, …


Jeremy Poole: Well jews don’t want to leave, because jews have got enough money anyway. The jews that you dislike so much, they don’t claim benefits.


Mark Collett: As I said, jews are welcome to stay. But they’re not having their kosher slaughter.


Jeremy Poole: So the jews, as long as they don’t kosher slaughter, they’re welcome to stay? You are happy to have jews in the UK?


Mark Collett: We would not force anybody out of the country! We would only deport illegal immigrants, or people who are here and have recently settled but committed serious criminal acts.


The fact of the matter is when we fashioned a system, the system would be fair. And the system would adhere by our ways. And if people come here, and they want to do things that we find abhorrent, then they either stop doing them, or they go! It’s as simple as that!


We shouldn’t be the ones changing our culture to suit people coming here! If somebody comes into my house. And I don’t like smoking, they don’t smoke in my house. I don’t like smoking, so if somebody comes to my house, and they want to smoke, they don’t smoke in my house. I don’t invite somebody over and they say:


“Well, I like smoking Mark. So you better start smoking, at the very least, put up with my smoking.”


That’s not how it works. These are our islands. This is our home. And if people are coming here, then they adhere by the rules.


Jeremy Poole: And that’s exactly what I said Mark. That’s exactly what I’ve said all along! That’s exactly what I said! They can have their own cultures, they have to obey by the rules. And that’s the way it is.


Mark Collett: But because the thing is, you keep parroting “integration”.


But one of the things you’re missing, is the vast majority of these young blacks who are part of these violent gangs in inner cities, are second, or third generation immigrants. The vast majority of the Islamic terrorists committing terrorist offences here in the UK, were actually born here. They are second, or third generation, immigrants.


Everything you’ve said about integration, actually points in the direction of me being correct. Because these people aren’t actually integrating. They’re not learning to be like us. In fact, when mass immigration began, it could be argued those people tried to be more like us, because they were fewer in number. And they were more isolated. But as their communities have grown, they have become more, and more, of a problem, not less, and less, of a problem.


And I can tell you this now. Over the next 20, 30, 40 years, as these communities grow, as our cities and towns change, you will see greater clashes between the indigenous people and those of immigrant descent. And you will see those, because integration doesn’t occur over a timeline. In fact, integration only occurs when you’re dealing with such minute numbers of immigrants, that they are forced to integrate.


So if you’ve got a thousand, … Say you’ve got a town with a thousand White families, and one Muslim family moves in, that Muslim family has to integrate, or they can’t talk, or do anything with anyone. They have to be like us.


But the fact is, there are now thousands of those families. So all of a sudden they don’t even need to talk to the White people. And that’s what’s happened. These people are not going to become like us now, Jeremy. They are not going to become like us, because they have the numbers!


Which means there needs to be some kind of serious incentivization – which is what I’m talking about – to either get them to leave, or make them see that adopting our ways is the way forward.


And only by a serious, serious, change in policy will that occur. Otherwise, 10, 15 years down the line things are going to be exponentially worse!




Jeremy Poole: Education! Education! Education! Applying the laws and education! We have schools that can educate these people. These people, all people, people need education. That’s what brings people into a society. And we need to work on the education system in Britain, and work on applying the laws we have.


Because everything you’ve said about knife crime, about female genital mutilation, is illegal! It’s illegal! It’s quite simple as that! So apply the laws.


And as I’ve said all along, same laws for everybody. I don’t want to create a two-tier system. So apply the same laws. You talk about the two-tier system, and I agree with you.


Mark Collett: Well, the two-tiered system was created by multiculturalists, not by ethno-nationals.


Jeremy Poole: Yeah, so don’t create another. And you think that’s bad, so don’t create another.


Mark Collett: Oh man! [exasperated] But I’m not creating a two-tier system Jeremy! I’m saying everyone adheres to the same system! I’ve said all night, consistently.


Jeremy Poole: Yep.


Mark Collett: You have one set of rules that everybody adheres to! How is that a two tier system?


Jeremy Poole: But a set of rules that that outs a group, not a set of rules that that no everybody can agree, …


Mark Collett: No! Rules that is based around the indigenous culture! That is based around the indigenous people! That is what the rules are fashioned about. The rules are fashioned around the people who own the house! Not around the guests!


Jeremy Poole: Right. But then you create an out-group. And the out-group then creates problems. And that’s what is happening now. We have to create one in-group! We’re all in it together. We have to create Britishness for everybody.


Mark Collett: And now it’s David Lammy again! He’s back! Look chat, he’s back on David Lammy!


Jeremy Poole: Well [chuckling] this is what it’s about. It’s not working dividing us. We have to join together. I agree, you’re gonna have sections in the community.


It’s like making a stew isn’t it? You have bits in it, and they’re different bits. But all together we have to make something that we all like. And a lot like it, or not – and I don’t like a lot of it – but there’s people in this country that are never going to leave.


So, we have to then think how are we going to make the best of this, not the worst of it. And the best of it is not by creating something that’s like all the other states that have come and said:


“This is our state, you out!”


We need to make the best of those British people. You say I don’t live in Britain anymore. I don’t, but my family does. And I feel for those in Britain. And they live in a Britain, still like, I think, about 80% White British, or 90%. I don’t know the exact figures.


Mark Collett: I think it was about 81% in 2011. It’s not going to be that. Demographics, as I said, are going in a very, very dark way. But you don’t think that’s happening, you think that, …


Jeremy Poole: No, I didn’t say, I didn’t think that.


Mark Collett: At the beginning of this chat you said you don’t believe that will happen.


Jeremy Poole: I don’t believe it will happen! I didn’t say I don’t believe what’s happening now, that the minorities are having more children now. I believe that as they get richer, as they become part of society, they stop having more children! They start to become part of the community. They stop having more children.


And then, as I told you, history shows that’s true. Every country that’s got richer, the amount of the birth rate has dropped massively. Massively! And that, whether that’s good, we need to encourage births to go up amongst people in Britain. Because, if we have another drop in birth rates, …


Mark Collett: We need to incentivize the indigenous people to breed. So they don’t become a minority. That’s what we need to do.


Jeremy Poole: But a minority? It changes, doesn’t it? Everything changes. And we have to go, sometimes you have to go with the changes and make them positive!


Mark Collett: What!


Jeremy Poole: If we make every change negative, if we make every change negative, … I don’t agree with, …


Mark Collett: We have to just make the best out of things? So basically what you’re saying is, if you’re on your knees and somebody’s saying, you know, it’s time you gave me some pleasure Jeremy, you’ve just got to make the best out of it, have you?


Jeremy Poole: No. We’re in the position we’re in now! We have to make the most of it! We have to do what we can to make it as good as we can. I stand up and I say these “peaceful grooming gangs”, sort them out! I said from day one:


“Sort this out! Don’t sit back and let it happen!”


Also you’ve got like, …


Mark Collett: You’re the kind of guy that when the Titanic’s sinking, you’re running around enjoying the buffet and telling everyone, you know:


“Do a little bit of paddling in the sea water, it’s all going to be great!”


What I’m saying is we shouldn’t be making the best of our own destruction!


We shouldn’t be talking about going as peacefully, and quietly, and pleasantly, into the night as we can!


We should be fighting back against our own ethnic destruction!


We should be fighting back against becoming a minority!


We should be doing something now before our children are completely on the chopping block!


Because it’s not just gonna be a hundred thousand, or two hundred thousand White girls, is it? It’s gonna be many, many, more, as we become more multicultural.


How many, Jeremy, how many White girls have to be the victims of grooming before people like you say:


“It’s time to end multiculturalism?”




Jeremy Poole: I have not, I’ve stood up against this since day one! And I’ve stood up and said:


“The law has to be followed!”


And these people have for me, castration, or worse for these people! I’ve said that since day one. But I don’t think that rests on culture! That resists on people! On people that are bad! And they are bad people.


Mark Collett: No! You see, you are being viciously disingenuous now. So you’re saying that the Muslim grooming gangs, that this has nothing to do with their culture, they’re just bad people! They’re just naughty boys!


Jeremy Poole: It has to do with where they’re from. They’re from a different background. They’ve not learned how to come into our society and behave properly. They’ve not been corrected by the law! They’ve not been corrected by the law when they’ve done it! The law has turned a blind eye to them! If they’d been from day one, …


Mark Collett: You are unbelievable!


Jeremy Poole: The law turned a blind eye to them! If the law hadn’t turned a blind eye, and that since day one the first ones had been expelled from the country, or castrated, it would have stopped like that. It would have stopped! But the law didn’t.


Mark Collett: You’re unbelievable! You’re finding any excuse to let people off the hook for their own actions.


Jeremy Poole: I didn’t say that! I said:


“Catch them! Castrate them! Throw them out!”


How was I letting them off the hook?


Mark Collett: You said, initially, that it hasn’t got to do with them, or their culture, it’s got to do with the fact they’re just innately bad people. And then you tried to claim that if we’d have educated them properly and, you know, give them a good smacked bottom when they did it the first time, they wouldn’t have done it again. This is not how it works, …


Jeremy Poole: When they come in, they have to obey the laws. Anybody who doesn’t obey the laws, … You look back in our own history, the amount of rape and pillage that went on until we came to understand it was wrong. And we were taught it was wrong. It happened. And now the same thing.


Get anybody who doesn’t believe our laws, gets out! Anybody who does these things remove them. There’s no question about that. That’s wrong!


Mark Collett: Is it their culture, or is it not their culture?


Jeremy Poole: What do you mean “their culture”?


Mark Collett: When these people, who are part of these groups, come here, is the grooming part of their culture?


Jeremy Poole: When you say “culture”, you mean Pakistani culture? You mean Muslim? You mean, …


Mark Collett: The people grooming White British girls. Is this a cultural problem? Is this part of their culture?


Jeremy Poole: I don’t believe it’s part of their culture. I don’t think their culture says:


“Okay, let’s go and rape girls!”


I believe it’s part of groups of bad people that get together and are allowed to get away with it, and they keep doing it! And they pass it around. They need to be stopped.


Mark Collett: It could have been anyone then? The grooming gangs, they could have been White, they could have been, …


Jeremy Poole: Well, I don’t believe Jimmy Savile, and the BBC, were Muslim.


Mark Collett: What you’re saying is, …


Jeremy Poole: I don’t believe they were! I don’t believe the Catholic priests. Catholic priests did the same thing.


Mark Collett: You’re gonna go away with a lot fewer viewers after this, Jeremy. Because what you basically saying, …


Jeremy Poole: I disagree with all of the grooming gangs, full stop!


Mark Collett: When this gets played back to you, you have just said that you don’t believe it is the culture of the Muslim, …


Jeremy Poole: What do you mean by culture? If I say, is this Pakistani culture? Is this Moroccan culture? Is it Islam? Is it, … What do you mean when you say “culture”? Because all these are different parts of the world, thousands of miles apart.


Mark Collett: Pakistani Muslims are involved in these grooming gangs. It is their culture! Their group, not just the men involved, but their entire communities covered it up, knew it was happening, and often the wives of the men involved blamed the girls, and thought their husbands did nothing wrong!


What you are trying to say here, is you are trying to basically write this off, that these people were just bad, bad people, that all ended up together. And it was just some quirk of bad luck that they were Muslims. It’s not a cultural issue.


Jeremy Poole: Well I’m trying to say, no, no, no. What I’m saying is, the minute they came into this country, one of them stepped over a line, they have to be taken. The problem is that it happens in the Catholic church when they did it. And they weren’t taken out first of all. But when they were taken out, it stopped. These people have to be taken out, and have to be sent away, castrated, whatever needs to be done. Whatever needs to be done!


Mark Collett: I’ve seen enough White British girls groomed by these monsters!




Jeremy Poole: Monsters, exactly!


Mark Collett: And we don’t want anyone else coming here! We don’t want any more Pakistani Muslims coming here! They’ve done enough damage to our society! And there’s one of us in this chat tonight that’s got big enough balls just to say:


“We’ve had enough! We don’t want these people coming here! They cause enough problems!”


But you still want to see people coming here, you want to make excuses, …


Jeremy Poole: I didn’t say that!


Mark Collett: That’s exactly what you’re saying.


Jeremy Poole: Never said that. Never said that. Never said I want them to come more, never said I want mass migration. What I said is that we need a peaceful society, we need to educate people, we need to remove people who are being bad. I said castrate them. I said control the borders very tightly. I said remove illegal people.


Because I don’t agree with separating people who were in your legally by their colour, it seems that I’m against, …


Mark Collett: Well, you’re against White British girls going about their business from not being raped, aren’t you?


Jeremy Poole: That’s quite disgusting to say that, because I’m not! And I have never have been. I’ve got three White British daughters, and I am not against them being here. That is quite, … You said against White British, I said castrate them! That’s what I said.


Mark Collett: You said, …


Jeremy Poole: I said, I know what I said.


Mark Collett: You said it wasn’t a cultural thing.


Jeremy Poole: Bad people. Evil people.


Mark Collett: You can’t make any excuses for these people.


Jeremy Poole: I’m not making excuses. I said they are evil people who need to be, … What excuses are there then? If I see Jimmy Savile raping people, he’s an evil bastard, he deserves worse than he got. I wouldn’t defend him. Never would! If I see these people, I’ve never defend.


Mark Collett: The difference Jeremy, there are people like Jimmy Savile, and they largely operate alone. And within White society, within indigenous societies, when they are caught, they are ostracized, beaten. And they are so hated they have to go on protection wings in prison.


Jeremy Poole: Like Jim Saville?


Mark Collett: Between our society and the Muslim society, the Pakistani Muslim society, it’s nearly every leader in those communities knew it was happening. The wives, and the families of the men who were doing it, knew they were doing it, and the whole community believed it was actually okay. Because the girls were White British, and not Pakistani Muslims.


Jeremy Poole: And they would never defend that, never defend T


Mark Collett: But that’s cultural, is it not?


Jeremy Poole: I would never defend that ever!


Mark Collett: Is it cultural?


Jeremy Poole: Well, it’s not culture. It is something they need to learn. That’s not their culture. There’s plenty of people in those societies I’m sure that would stand up. And I would stand up against it. And so this means that all of them, whether they are guilty, or not, they all have to leave. Is this the kind of argument? I suggest no more. I suggest lower it right down.


But we need to put this right and there’s plenty of people who will stand up and say like me, the answer is not just to get rid of people. The answer is get rid of some people. I don’t deny that!


But the answer is not just to create another ethnostate, another ethnostate that destroys everything around it!


Mark Collett: Yeah, wouldn’t it be so terrible for young White girls to be brought up in a almost completely White British society, where they weren’t being preyed upon by these gangs? What a nightmare world that would have been, Jeremy!


I mean, can you imagine, can you imagine how terrible Britain was in the 1920s, and 30s, before mass immigration? It’s a good job we’ll never go back to those wonderful days, isn’t it?


Jeremy Poole: Yeah the 1920s, and 30s, the great recession, the end of the First World War, the start of the Second World War, yeah! And what started the Second World War? Ethnostates! Ethnostates! Ethnostates!


Mark Collett: Our children weren’t being raped.


Jeremy Poole: Well I think there was plenty of people killed in the Second World War.


Mark Collett: If you can’t understand the simple fact that a lot of people [words unclear] I’m not going to begin, …


Jeremy Poole: The Pakistani Muslim problem is one that we’re in almost complete, … I think you have to come down hard and stop it! And I agree with you on that. And they need to understand that’s not acceptable. If you want to do that, you want to do these things, go back, go back to Pakistan and do it. It’s not allowed in Britain, simple as that!


Arranged marriages? I’ve had problems here with people doing that here. These things are not acceptable. And they have to be called out and removed from society. And I agree. And that is part of the, …


Mark Collett: These marriages again are purely, …


Jeremy Poole: Part of their culture, like honour killings.


Mark Collett: But I mean, I suppose they’re just bad people!


Jeremy Poole: No, no! They’re part of their culture, that they have to leave behind.


Mark Collett: It’s part of their culture.




Jeremy Poole: Yeah, yeah. And they have to leave them behind. And this is the way it works. And when we go to their countries we have to our culture. We still obey our own culture. But we have to accept their laws. And when they come to ours, our laws are over the top. How do you decide though? You’re talking, you’re taking these examples which are obviously gonna get people upset about women being raped, because it’s wrong.


Girls! Girls! Not women! Young girls being raped by scum, by people, and lots of people knowing about it from both sides of the communities. The police, the politicians, and allowing it to happen. Now these people all need to be taken, … I don’t know how strong you want me to say. But for me, hanging for all of them is too good! Simple as that! No question about that.


Mark Collett: You can keep saying “hanging” but you denied the important point. Which is why people are here. People were here for a debate about ethno-national, …


Jeremy Poole: Let’s go back, yeah, …


Mark Collett: You can keep saying “hanging”, but you denied the fact it was cultural, several times.


And the point is, that we are facing this problem, because we are increasingly a multicultural state, rather than an ethnostate.


And, at this point. And this is really the crux of this matter. You ultimately do believe that multiculturalism can work.


I believe multiculturalism isn’t working! I believe multiculturalism has been brought around about in unnatural way. I believe multiculturalism is engineered to bring about our demise. And I don’t believe it’ll ever work. And I believe that we need to get rid of it, if we intend to survive!


You however believe that multiculturalism can work in some ways. And you do believe in a multicultural society. And I don’t think either of us are going to change our minds.


Jeremy Poole: In some ways, but so you want another Israel. You want another South Africa. You want another Russia. Get rid of them, …


Mark Collett: I want England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales for their indigenous people. I want our people to take our destiny in our own hands. I want us to have a homeland.


Jeremy Poole: Okay, fine! So you want it just for the indigenous people. And the other people, get rid of them?


Mark Collett: No, I said we have to accept, and I’ve said this repeatedly throughout the night, the people that have come here. And those that have done their best to fit in and have met our standards would not be discriminated against.


But the fact of the matter is, the vast majority of discrimination in all of these multicultural societies, is anti-White discrimination.


Jeremy Poole: So they will not be discriminated against. So they’ll be treated exactly the same as White people, whatever?


Mark Collett: Yep! Got to speak English! Got to abide by our rules! Don’t cover your face. You’ve gotta basically do as we do! When in Rome, …


Jeremy Poole: What happened to Rome? It died!


Mark Collett: Multiculturalism!


Jeremy Poole: Yeah, Rome died, …


Mark Collett: Thanks to multiculturalism.


Jeremy Poole: Well, thanks to lots of other internal problems. Yeah.


Mark Collett: I think when Romans were no longer Romans, Rome ceased to exist.


Jeremy Poole: Well, Italy has come back though. But it created itself quite recently, didn’t it? But Rome gave up and became Constantinople. And the last Roman empire, … I do like the history of Constantinople, … Quite into that.


And Mark, just so we can finish on, … But what else? Let’s see if we can change the subject a little bit. What about free speech? You and I, I think this is something we can agree on, free speech.


What about Mr Assange? What do you think about him? Just to completely change a little bit before we sign off. Just something I ask, …


Mark Collett: I think he deserves the right to speak freely.


Jeremy Poole: Thank you Mark so we can finish on something that we both agree on [chuckling]. Just so that we don’t end up on such a conflictive note, yeah. Me, as well. What about, should he be in prison? Because he’s in imprisoned.


Mark Collett: I don’t think he should be in prison. I don’t believe that he’s done anything wrong other than upset the global elite. But I am not an expert on his case.


Jeremy Poole: I ask everybody about that, because I’m a big supporter of Assange. And I think you should be allowed to speak as well. He should be out of prison, speaking.


And so anyway, that’s about it Mark. I think would you like to wrap up there. Because I think we’ve gone quite a long time now.


Mark Collett: I’ll just say this. I think people understand where I’m coming from. We are a distinct and individual people. We have been in these islands for thousands of years. The changes to demographics in these islands have only taken place relatively recently. And they’ve all been completely stage managed.


And they haven’t been stage managed for our benefit. They’ve been stage managed for our destruction.


If we don’t do something now, there won’t be a tomorrow for our people! The British Isles will always exist. But if things carry on as they are doing, they won’t be English, Irish, Scottish, or Welsh! They will be inhabited by people from all over the world, who will bring their own cultures here, bring their own ways of life, bring their own religions.


And ultimately our people, their accomplishments and their memories will be lost to history!


And some people will say they’ll be confined to the history books. But I can assure you of one thing, if we meet a terrible fate where we are genocided in our own homeland, where we are bred out of existence, we won’t even be remembered in history books!


Because any books that are still being printed will never, ever, mention us! Because what is being done to us is being driven by hatred!


You can see this in the current political agenda, in the social agenda, in the media agenda.


This is a pivotal point in history. And if people don’t act now, if our people don’t act now, there won’t be a tomorrow!


Please listen to what I’ve said tonight, follow anything I’ve set up. Everything I’ve said is based on facts, not feelings!


We have to do something now! Because if they don’t, if we don’t, there really is no tomorrow!


Jeremy Poole: Thank you Mark. For myself bit shorter than that.


What do I really want? Well, for me, more than a symbolic flag, I want a society that can feel British and everybody in our society can work towards one goal of making Britain great! I’m working towards a society that instead of seeing the fall of the greatness of Britain, can increase it again. It can work for everyone. Not on the part, like judging people the colour of this skin, but on the beliefs, on our beliefs, and our inner goodness.


We want people of goodness to come to Britain! I want Britain to succeed in the future! I want Britain to be great! It is great! It will be great! And it will remain great!


What we have to do that is be positive about it. Start selling Britain, start working, start having children, start having a family life, start being what being British is! A good honest family person, family men, family women, with children, getting out to work.


And not putting other people down, bringing yourselves up, and saying:


“Yes! We can be British! We are great I know we are great. And we can all make it great in Britain!”


And anybody who doesn’t want to be part of the Great Britain, you can go, goodbye! Because what we all want in the end is a Great Britain that can be safe for everybody!


Thank you. Mr Jason. I think that’s the end of it, Mark?


Wake Up UK: Okay. Thank you Jeremy, and thank you Mark. I want to congratulate you both from being able to have a debate without needing a moderator to hold you apart and stop you tearing into each other.


And I think we’ve proved the point here that two people that aren’t on the same page can come together and have a conversation. And even when you don’t agree, you have different viewpoints, you can come into the conversation, and have the conversation and leave without tearing chunks out of each other.


Mark would you be would you agree that you’ve had a fair air time tonight, and you’ve been treated politely and respected?


Mark Collett: Oh yeah. So I’ve got to say I’ve got to fly in a minute, because unfortunately I have been a bit ill today. And I was nearly late, because I basically went out for a walk just after dinner. And I found an injured hedgehog and he’s sat downstairs in the box.


I’ve got to, I’ve got an agreement with the hedgehog sanctuary staying open tonight. And I’ve got to go and take the hedgehog to the sanctuary, before midnight. So I’ve got to get off in a second.


Wake Up UK: Sure.


Mark Collett: But, with all of this you have been very fair to me. You’ve allowed me a fair time. We’ve had back and forth both of us have argued. No one has sworn. No one has used vulgar language. And thank you for having me on and doing this. And also, thank you to basically everyone who is in the chat, whether they support me, or whether they don’t. I’ve not seen anyone in the chat insulting anyone, or using vulgar language. And I think that’s really good.


Jeremy Poole: That’s all we want! Mark, thank you. I agree. I agree 100% with Mark. We agreed that we were going to be fair to each other. And we have been. And this is what is going to get people forward. Making things happen like this and not this nonsense of name calling and all this shit that goes on. Because that’s not gonna get anybody anywhere. So thank you for coming Mark I’ve enjoyed having you on you here. And I’ve enjoyed being here. But thank you for having me, as well.


Mark Collett: Thank you. It was a robust debate. And I think everyone’s enjoyed it for Saturday night. But I do I really have to fly now.


Wake Up UK: Sure.


Jeremy Poole: Good night.


Wake Up UK: Cheers Mark and thank you Jeremy.


Mark Collett: Thank you and good night everyone.












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Sovereign Eire
3 weeks ago (edited)
I believe Mark Collett won the debate, fair play to everyone who took part let’s keep open dialogue going and debate and not insults or ignorance.

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Based Redpill boycott coke products
3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
well it was a fair debate and Jeremy comes across as a good guy, however mark wins debate. fair play to both for a reasoned stream and keeping it civil. well done gentlemen

藍色 龍安
3 weeks ago
This debate really made me rethink some things. I’m not sure who I agree with now.. Mark certainly made some excellent points though I don’t think civic nationalism has to be such a mess, it’s just unfortunate it’s gotten completely out of hand with all the recent events. I do agree that everyone deserves their own homeland though, it’s hard to disagree with that. I also have to say Britain’s a much safer and nicer place when it’s majority ethnically British. I say this as a person of Chinese decent who greatly appreciates and respects British culture. I can feel Mark is a very genuine man. Read more

Dylan Shulgi
3 weeks ago
Nice debate, I miss this on YouTube. Good job to all, but I believe mark came out the victor on this one.

3 weeks ago (edited)
Great Job Mark Collette For battling on during your cold. Fair play to everyone for having a fair debate.

J. Link VII
3 weeks ago
Finally I found this. YouTube is censoring it I believe, “Mark Collett” filtered to within the last day or hour gives no results.

3 weeks ago
3:36 Mark’s opening statement
8:45 Jeremy’s opening statement

James Heyworth
3 weeks ago
Well semi-moderated and thanks to Jeremy Poole and Mark Collett for their contribution. Good debate. There is only one nationalism and that should be adopted by every nation and its people across the globe.

3 weeks ago
A complete ban on circumcision (for both genders) might be a good policy.

john morton
3 weeks ago
That was a good debate very interesting.

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D D Jay
3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
Excellent debate, thank you Jeremy and Mark. It was great to hear both sides put so clearly. Hope Mark is feeling better soon, bless him.

v bee
3 weeks ago
Enjoyable, thanks all

Unstoppable Man
3 weeks ago
Overall it was a good discussion. We need more of these.

Haywood Jablomi
3 weeks ago
Thank you brother

James Slayson
3 weeks ago

Spencer Green
3 weeks ago
Awesome 👍😎

3 weeks ago
So you don’t want forced repatriation out of fear of violence, Mark. Well I can tell you, that attitude will make it fail

3 weeks ago
Good debate. Mark was too rude though. Takes away from his arguments.

3 weeks ago
Mark is so immature.

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Brian Damage
3 weeks ago
He was a bit rude but he utterly smashed the debate.

3 weeks ago
How so?

Nomadic Hermit
3 weeks ago (edited)
I agree with most things Mark Collett said and Anne Marie Waters talks about many of the solutions he suggests and are in the For Britain Movement’s Manifesto… but look in the chat and you’ll see the Patriotic Alternative supporters writing the Ku Klux Klan’s 14 Words, ‘Heil Collette’ and promoting Hitler paraphernalia etc… and therein lies the problem, you instantly become un-electable – FACT!! Read more

Phoenix Rise
3 weeks ago
Civic nationalists are the more rational ones. Ethnats are just angry and resentful racists. I love how Mark says Jeremy is arguing feelings when that is exactly what Mark is doing too, because he doesn’t like people who aren’t white.



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