Stew Peters Show – Funeral Director – Mass Vaccine Deaths, Child Danger, Covid Camps, Genocide Planned – Sep 23, 2021 — Transcript


[Stew Peters from StewPetersTV talks with (23 mins) John O’Looney, a Funeral Director at Milton Keynes, England about the Covid-19 “pandemic“, and who claims that we are being massively deceived by it.

This is the second interview I’ve posted of John O’Looney. The previous one is here:


TheCrowhouse – Funeral Director John O’Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid – Sep 16, 2021 — Transcript


Now I must say that I’m sceptical about John O’Looney’s shocking allegations and overall narrative, despite him coming across as straight and genuine. It’s all on his say-so without any verification.

NOTE: If anyone can show any indication that there’s something fishy about O’Looney’s claims please comment. Thanks.




The Stew Peters Show


Funeral Director – Mass Vaccine Deaths,

Child Danger, Covid Camps,

Genocide Planned


Sep 23, 2021




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Published on Sep 23, 2021


Funeral Director: Mass Vaccine Deaths, Child Danger, COVID Camps, Genocide Planned

Stew Peters Show  Published  September 23, 2021 22,272 Views






Rumble — John O’Looney has seen deaths from the beginning, and what he has seen as an undertaker supports what many of us have suspected.

Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services

John O’Looney’s direct email:




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Stew Peters: Almost Friday! Thursday, the 23rd of September, 2021. Welcome to the Stew Peters show. My name is Stew Peters.


You might remember a viral video posted recently it featured an interview with John O’Looney, a funeral director from the UK. During that interview he made a number of very remarkable assertions.


He says that while retrieving a body in November of 2019, he found a hospital with a pop-up morgue, anticipating a massive wave of deaths. That was two months before anybody had heard of Covid-19. He says that he repeatedly saw people labeled as Covid deaths, even if they died of natural causes, of terminal cancer, even being hit by a car. All Covid deaths!


He says that it’s his belief that thousands of elderly people in the UK were euthanized with a sedative, and then labeled as Coronavirus deaths.


But he also says that overall in 2020 the death rate compared to past years was about the same, or even down.


Now he did see a huge explosion in deaths, but it wasn’t in 2020, it was early this year in 21. And it happened almost the moment mass vaccination began. Then from April through the summer he says it was one of the quietest periods he had ever seen. There weren’t enough deaths for him to keep the lights on.


And now he says the death rate is rising again. And the people coming in he says are from all age ranges. And they aren’t just old people. The causes of death he says are heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, multiple organ failure! Sound familiar? Almost all of these people he says are vaccinated. He saw a man, a barber who died at age 23, just after getting the second shot.


And now he’s terrified of what’s happening next. Because the vaccine is now being administered to young children.


And if they start to die he predicts the deaths will just be blamed on a new variant of Coronavirus. In short he says there is no Covid pandemic.


He believes the whole thing is a sham! The elderly last spring were put down with sedatives! The dead from the past year were killed by vaccines!


And he believes this is a centrally organized depopulation agenda to kill the old, and cull, or sterilize, the young.


And he says that what’s coming next is massive prison camps, which he says will be dubbed Covid quarantine camps where he says vaccine resistors will eventually be rounded up and murdered. With the new deaths, of course, being blamed on Covid!


In short everyone that and love will die in the years to come either from the vaccine, or from murder at the hands of the government! That’s a very remarkable set of claims, but John O’Looney says that he’s utterly convinced he’s right. And other funeral directors and doctors agree with him.


Well after all that I knew I absolutely had to speak with John O’Looney, and he joins us now. John thank you so much for being here.


Does all that pretty much line up with, …


John O’Looney: Yeah, …


Stew Peters: Take us take us through this.


John O’Looney: To be honest with you, I like the fact that you’ve done your homework and you’ve listened to that interview. Because that’s exactly what I feel will happen.


Now the method used with the vaccine has been very, very careful and it’s called the “Advocate Method”. So let me explain.



If you had a hundred vaccines in a tray. And let’s say, hypothetically speaking, 85 of those were placebo. And they did no damage at all. And 15 of those were designed to maim and kill. So you have a hundred recipients come up and they take those vaccine. The vast majority, the 85, will suffer no effects. And they are then your “advocates” for the vaccine. The 15 that becomes sick and ill, are your Covid patients, and your Covid deaths.


And they were very, very clear about warning us these vaccines wouldn’t be 100% effective, weren’t they? And that would correspond with what I’ve just said.


Now I did wonder how are they going to nail people who have had a vaccine, but they’ve had a placebo? How is that gonna happen? And then they recently announced regular boosters for the next three, to five years.


So basically when you go up for a vaccine it’s a lottery. You’re either lucky, or you’re not. Do you think you’ll be lucky for the next three, or five years?


Stew Peters: Right.


John O’Looney: That’s it.


Stew Peters: So we have the placebo group like you mentioned. Do you believe that all of the shots that are not placebo, are essentially kill shots?


John O’Looney: I think there’s a range in there, because I’ve seen so many, I’ve had people come to me, and one guy whose mum went blind, another guy was paralyzed from the waist down almost instantly. And was then given the second shot and found passed away at home the second day.




Another guy died on the way home, in the car, from the clinic. The hairdresser, as you’ve heard, in the Good Fellows Barbers, he was found to have had an undiscovered heart condition at 23.


You know, these are more, and more, common deaths that I’m seeing coming through.


And I make a point of asking the families:


“Was mum or dad jabbed?”


And there’s a mixture. Like some people see it, and they’re very angry, and they’re dropped like a [profanity] stick! You know, nobody will listen to them. And the others are totally oblivious. They’ll say:


“Yeah, mum was jabbed. But it can’t be in that, it was eight weeks ago.”


They just don’t see the connection! Because there’s been a really intense, … It’s a really, … I mean, I have to applaud the level of genius behind it! Because it’s actually insanity! Because they’ve actually got people advocating killing their own people without realizing it!


You ask any politician who’s got an 85% advocate base, 85% majority. There’s no way on earth that can ever be overcome. And that’s what they’re doing! That’s what they’re doing!


Stew Peters: So you’re seeing. I’m going to just say “victims”, I guess, of all, …


John O’Looney: I feel as though I’m conducting the funerals from [word unclear] victims. Many, many occasions, not everyone, because there’s obviously a natural death rate. But I’ve been reached out to by doctors, nurses, who have told me exactly what’s going on in hospitals.


And, for example, the Midazolam scandal. You’ve had someone going into hospital with a chest infection. They’ve had a chest X-ray. And they’ve been put on the pathway [Liverpool Pathway], based on that X-ray. They haven’t even had a Covid test.


Stew Peters: So yesterday on this program, Karen Kingston joined us. She worked for Pfizer years ago. She’s a biotech analyst. And she said:


“If kids become injected, she just doesn’t know how they will survive!”


Do you agree with that sentiment?


John O’Looney: A hundred percent! I agreed with it before, and I agreed with it after!


Now on Tuesday, I went for a meeting in London, in Westminster, Birdcage Walk. And we sat with a very eminent member of Parliament, who’s very influential. And I’m going to resist naming him.


But I was surrounded by a plethora of the brightest scientific and legal minds in the world! Amongst them were Dolores Cahill, who’s run level three biography-labs labs, and has worked in level four. And a plethora of others! You know, I could have a list up and read them all off there. They’re household names almost, because of their expertise. And they basically said:


“That they foresee in October, November, and December, a terrible death rate globally, exclusively in the vaccinated.”


Children that are injected will die. One of the main causes of this would be inflammation of the heart. And that’s been well documented, but totally ignored, constantly. And that those deaths will be labeled swiftly as a new virulent strain of Covid.


And they’ve been very clear on doing that, haven’t they? Every few weeks you get a new strain. And then:


“Oh! There’s a new variant! There’s a new variant!”


And this variant will be the one that is said to do the most damage. Now that there will be civil unrest as people slowly come to terms with the fact they’ve been lied to. And nobody loves anything more in their life than their kids, do they, let’s be honest. That doesn’t matter where you’re from, what country, what religion, what faith, we all love our kids, more than anything else in this world!


And when these people that have been duped, take their kids for an injection, and the kids die, they won’t buy the variant stories! So it’ll kick off!


And that’s exactly what they want! Because that’s the excuse they need to bring in martial law. Once they bring in martial law, they will go door to door then, and force vaccinate, or take people off to internment camps. That is what will happen!


I’ve kind of spoken in depth with these brilliant minds, and the feeling is, the consensus is, this is what is going to happen. Unless we can turn it around and convince these advocates, that they’ve been lied to. And encouraged them to look at the scientific data! I mean, we spoke to this guy. He wasn’t remotely surprised! He knew! He knew! He couldn’t give any guarantees and he said:


“He would see what he could do.”


I need to speak out and tell people they need to wake up! Because if they don’t, very shortly you’re going to be sitting in your house, you’re going to look out the window as a jab recipient. And you’re going to see the police taking people away. And you’re going to see them as a deadly threat, because you’ll be sick and dying. And you’ll be happy for that threat to be removed.


And it’s all part of a well-orchestrated, well-funded, elaborate lie!


Stew Peters: So let’s talk about these internment camps, a little bit.


John O’Looney: Yeah.


Stew Peters: You said that there are satellite images?


John O’Looney: Yeah. The one that’s closest to me is obviously the one that I’ve focused on. And that’s a place called HMP Wellingborough. Interestingly, I’ve had a number of Australia’s, thousands, I’ve taken thousands of calls and emails, obviously since going public. More than I could ever answer. And I would kind of hasten to add to people, my apologies if you haven’t heard back from me, I can assure you I’m real! I’m not an activist. And this is me!




Pressure has been put on me already. HMP Wellingborough is the one that’s closest to me. Now I would ask you. I’m a 53 year old guy. I’ve grown up with the constant spectre of prison overcrowding. Sometimes it’s more advertised than others.


Every now and again we’ll get a new Home Secretary. He’ll promise to address this, and they never do. When was the last time? I can remember the last guy that was elected into power and he made promises and he kept them. And he was robbed at the last American election! Do, you know? That I genuinely believe, that anyone, their people just don’t keep those promises.


So I’d have to ask you, why they feel the need to build these superstructures now, at a time when the world is on its knees economically, and actually do it? And actually build these facilities. What are they for? What is the need for them? Does that detract from what I’m saying, or does it add credence to what I’m saying? And any question you can ask me I’ve got an answer for!


Stew Peters: Here in the United States, John, they have CDC Green Zones, the Centers for Disease Control has actually published these Green Zones, where it’s supposed to be safe for people to go who have not been inoculated, or have been jabbed, or have Covid, or have antibodies. I don’t know, whatever it is, they’ve published this on their website. And this is just a way to, …


John O’Looney: Of course.


Stew Peters: … Segregate one class of people from another people who have been jabbed, people who haven’t, people who are sick with Covid, and who are not, or present with some symptoms. What do you suppose it is that’s keeping the mass amounts of people from understanding actual data? I mean, …


John O’Looney: Trusting government. Trust in them, and the propaganda that’s been spewed out consistently.


Stew Peters: So you have admit [word unclear] syndrome, is what you’re saying?


John O’Looney: Yeah! Yeah, exactly that! You’ve got 85 percent of people who have had a jab, and have had no ill effects! They’re fine. So they’re then advocates. They’re committed to that. And they haven’t got sick! Because there is no real Covid! I don’t doubt there is a biography-weapon of some sort, that they’ve used along with malpractice in hospitals to create deaths. The Midazolam thing, which I would hasten to add, is a brand name.


So nurses have spoken to me and told me how it was done and they’re furious! They’re beside themselves with grief, and regret, and anger! Because these are women that care.


And I would hasten to add, it’s not every nurse, and doctor. But the government’s run the hospitals now. And it’s not done on clinical decisions. Any treatment that was effective for co Covid has been swiftly pulled off the table things like Ivamechtin [sp] and the hydroquino [sp] whatever it is. The other one I can’t pronounce.


Stew Peters: Yeah, hydroxychloroquine.


John O’Looney: That’s the one! Yeah, [chuckling] you’re better at pronouncing it than me. But it’s been a very concerted effort. And the chess pieces have been moved into a place, over a number of years, with an infinite amount of resources. And I think finally people are beginning to wake up to that. When people like myself, and nurses, and doctors, speak out.


But this in turn, means that the people that are responsible are now going to up their game! And they’re pushing forward. And I mean, we laid down on the table to this guy solid evidence that children are going to be maimed and killed! And it’s still going on in hospitals.


I’m getting emails from parents, right? Who have reached out to me. And they’ve told me they had an email at 12 o’clock in the afternoon telling them that their child was going to be vaccinated that day. So they didn’t get the email till 12 o’clock!


Stew Peters: And did it be allowed to happen? I mean, did this, …


John O’Looney: Yeah, well, it’s happening! Yeah, so how many of those kids, … You’ve got 12 year old kids who can’t vote, can’t drive, can’t have sex, can’t buy a beer, can’t do anything! But they can give consent to a life, or death vaccine that world renowned eminent, the greatest scientific minds are saying is deadly! And funeral directors, I’ll tell you, is killing people in numbers! And yet it’s still going ahead. No one’s concerned enough to stop it.


Stew Peters: So now, are other funeral directors and doctors who say this, …


John O’Looney: I’ve had, yeah, I’ve had about 50 reach out to me. But when you’re like, you’ll understand, that business is to run. And they’re all terrified. They know what’s going on.


Stew Peters: They don’t want to come forward? They don’t want to say their names? They don’t want to confirm any of, …


John O’Looney: Some of them do, some of them don’t. I’ve pointed people in the Right direction. I’ve kind of said to them:


“It’s down to you.”


You know, I can’t betray their trust. Nurses and doctors that have been happy to talk, I’ve forwarded those details on. Including to yourself, as you’ll understand. There’s a couple of names recently. I hope you’ve got a hold of them.


I can tell you, there’s going to be a huge death rate, very, very soon! They’re killing people on a daily basis! , you know? Are you going to believe the new variant story when it comes? Because the death rate is about to hit! Because they’re putting needles in arms. Will you believe it?


And if you don’t, you’ll kick off. There’ll be civil unrest. And then they’re going to smash us all! And go door to door rounding up! That’s what’s going to happen.


And I want to go on record as being the man that actually stood up, and was honest, … Because I know my days are numbered. I’m not stupid! , you know? And I know they will silence me, because I’ve had so much feedback from all over the world from like-minded people. Thousands! More than I can ever answer!




It’s happening! It’s gonna happen! It’s just a matter of when. And there’re good forces out there working hard. And there’re bad forces working hard to kill us! And so, I would hasten to add, I’ve washed and dressed personally, well over a hundred Covid victims, myself, personally! Without a mask!


I’m 53, I’ve got asthma. It’s a miracle I’m alive.


Stew Peters: So you believe that they’re going to kill you for speaking out? Is that what you’re saying?


John O’Looney: I, well, they’ve got two choices, haven’t they? I kind of think, you protect yourself by speaking out. So if I was to get silenced, or to be killed, for example, would that lend credibility to what I’ve said, or would it detract from what I’ve said?


Stew Peters: Right.


John O’Looney: Now they would have considered that. And let’s face it, they’re going to nail us all shortly, anyway.


Stew Peters: So who is, so who is “they”? Who is “they”?


John O’Looney: Well, when you look at it logically, clearly it’s a global movement, isn’t it? Because you’ve got all governments saying the same thing, and using different methods to achieve the same objective.


You look at Australia and the way they’re behaving, it’s draconian. This is the thing that our grandfathers fought and died to destroy. And we signed the Nuremberg treaty that seems to mean nothing, anymore! You know, autonomy over your own body. And they’ve taken that away and they won’t even acknowledge it. If I was to Google “blackmail”, you know, it’s a crime.


Yet they’re blackmailing people into losing their jobs! We’re all slave to the money lender! You need your job, you need to feed your children. You’ve built a long and extensive career, a medical career, they’ll struck you off! They’ll sack you and struck you off!


If you’re a reporter and you report it, the work dries up. I know, because I’ve spoken to them. I linked people like Anna Breese, and the big reporters. Do you know, those stories are being written up, they’re being presented, they’re not getting any further than the editor’s desk.


Stew Peters: So every world government, every health care system, every doctor, …


John O’Looney: A hundred percent! Yeah. A hundred percent!


Stew Peters: And how are they benefiting?


John O’Looney: Not every doctor! But the system! Now there are good doctors and nurses out there. But it’s the system, the way it’s been, … They, for example, they revised the Hippocratic Oath in 2011, to omit the words:


“I would do no harm.”


Stew Peters: So we have a male clinic doctor here in the United States, in Rochester, Minnesota.


John O’Looney: Yeah.


Stew Peters: Who goes on Facebook and writes out sexual fantasies about denying medical care to people who refuse to wear a mask, or who are unvaccinated. These people are evil! They’re demonic!


John O’Looney: Yeah!


Stew Peters: I understand that there are people like that. But what is it about the, … What does the health care system have to benefit from being in lockstep with this thing? I mean, do they assume that they’re not next? Do they feel like they’re not going to be jabbed, as well?


John O’Looney: And that’s the thing. Let’s face it. Nobody wants to die, do they. Nobody wants to die, you and me included. And people are now slowly going into survival mode, where they think:


“Well, if I don’t say anything, if I duck and dive, you know, they need me, I’m an undertaker.”


Trust me! When you’ve fulfilled your purpose. And they’ve got down to the numbers they want, do these people in local government honestly think they’re of any value at the global table when we’re the last of us is gone? Of course not! So they’re kidding themselves.


And I’ve got two clear choices. I can either speak out now, and go on record as the man that was honest and stood up, and made an effort, and tried. And I’ve got everything to lose. I could quite easily say nothing, and take the money for 18 months, and then do a runner, and try and hide.


Stew Peters: Well, likewise. And I mean, brother, there’s no question about it. You and I are two peas in a pod in that regard. And I, me personally, I’m not scared of dying. I don’t know, …


John O’Looney: I’m more scared of living life like this. It’s terrible!


Stew Peters: Yes. And I am here for my kids. This is the war that I do not want my kids to have to fight, or see first hand, …


John O’Looney: One hundred percent! We’re supposed to be here to protect kids.


Stew Peters: And what you were talking about earlier, which you alluded to, that when people wake up, I believe that there’s going to be a mass suicide rate when people, …


John O’Looney: This is already!


Stew Peters: … Start understanding what’s going on here! Especially this fall when this antibody dependent enhancement starts to take over, …


John O’Looney: Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Stew Peters: People are reintroduced to viruses. I don’t think people are prepared to see the amount of bodies stacking up that I would anticipate, …


John O’Looney: No! No.


Stew Peters: … Is gonna happen.


John O’Looney: No. It’s gonna be very spiritual, …


Stew Peters: But I think there’s gonna be a rage!


John O’Looney: Yes!


Stew Peters: When people find out that it’s their kids!


John O’Looney: Yeah!


Stew Peters: I mean, I would go after, … That is one thing that will put me in a rage! Mess with my kids, …


John O’Looney: Yeah! Of course!


Stew Peters: People are capable of a lot of things that you would never anticipate!


John O’Looney: You know, that just gives them all the excuse they need to be extremely violent and suppressive with you! And go door door-to-door and take you away! Because you’re a domestic terrorist!


Stew Peters: So people that are going door-to-door, let me ask you about those people. The people that you think are going to go door-to-door. And I’ve thought about all of this.


How many of them do you think will actually go along with this when they start to see what’s actually happening? Because they’re going to be the next to get the needle, as well!


Like I predict here in the military, that 80 percent of the grunts. And those are the guys that are driving the tanks, shooting the guns, they’ll leave! They’ll be with us! I mean, so, ….




John O’Looney: Well, it’s interesting to see a lot of movement in America of hardware being tucked out of the way, wherever that’s gone. Large amounts of hardware being moved. I suspect there certainly, … I know here I’ve been reached out to by a large number of military, police, and various other people, who told me there’s a growing dissent, because people, we all have children. And if you’re privy to the information, … You know, somebody said to me:


“They’re gonna regret training us, as well.”


You know, I don’t advocate violence. But you have to remember that we are victims of crime. And there’s a deadly assault on us. At what point would it be okay to defend yourself from a deadly attack? Legally?


Stew Peters: Well, people, …


John O’Looney: The nurse, the conversation I had with a nurse, who had 29 years under her pin, who told me about the concerted effort of euthanizing people, coercing people into putting their loved ones on a pathway, just so they could spend time with them. And they did that, because they were clouded by, cloudy judgment through grief.


And her closing words to me were as follows. And I’m gonna quote her. Her name’s Michelle. She’s Guyanian [?]. And she said to me that:


“They stood and clapped on doorsteps for us. And when they realized what we’ve done, they’ll stone us to death!”


Stew Peters: Unbelievable. Everybody better get right with god!


John O’Looney: Amen! Amen! Yeah. So you’re wasting your time trying reason with government, now. I think you need to prepare, and you need to reason with the advocates who have bought into the lie, to get them on side.


Stew Peters: Your neighbor, your co-worker, your church congregation, these health care workers, everybody you come into contact with. They did this on purpose where they made it almost faux pas to talk about Covid from the very beginning! It’s an awkward conversation.


John O’Looney: Yeah.


Stew Peters: It’s like now you sit at the tavern. And you don’t talk about, what Jesus? You don’t talk about politics? And now you don’t talk about Covid-19! Well I talk about all three of them, everywhere I go, especially Jesus. And I hope people get right with them.


John O’Looney, you’re a brave person. Thank you very much, …


John O’Looney: God bless America, and prepare guys to stay safe.


Stew Peters: God bless you!




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2 Responses to Stew Peters Show – Funeral Director – Mass Vaccine Deaths, Child Danger, Covid Camps, Genocide Planned – Sep 23, 2021 — Transcript

  1. Pingback: TheCrowhouse – Funeral Director John O’Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid – Sep 16, 2021 — Transcript | katana17

  2. Cotard says:

    Mr Katana: Now I must say that I’m sceptical about John O’Looney’s shocking allegations and overall narrative, despite him coming across as straight and genuine. It’s all on his say-so without any verification. …

    In chess there are strategy and tactics. As far as strategy [general line] goes, the guy  merely says what Bill Gates himself has stated:

    Microsoft founder Bill Gates is on record saying that the world is facing a dire overpopulation crisis. Yet Gates has also donated over $10 billion for vaccine development. Now, if vaccines truly improve health, they would increase world population, wouldn’t they? Gates is logical enough to understand this contradiction. But if vaccines are intended to kill people, Gates’s words and actions become consistent. Check this video, which includes both a news clip on Gates’s $10 billion vaccine donation, and a speech he gave decrying overpopulation. In the speech, Gates let it slip that vaccines will reduce world population.


    For those who consider the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion a forgery, Protocol 10:19 says:

    It is indispensable to trouble the peoples relations with governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, envy, and even by starvation, want, and the inoculation of diseases. (emphasis added)

    The Protocols were first published over 100 years ago. If, as claimed, they were a fake orchestrated by the Czar’s police, how did they dream up an idea like “inoculation of diseases”?

    Q: Doctors aren’t stupid. If vaccines were really harmful, they would recognize that.

    Most doctors rely on journals which (A) are owned by the Establishment, and (B) depend heavily on drug companies for advertising revenue. In 1898, leadership of the American Medical Association was assumed by George Simmons, a journalist and abortionist with no medical experience, but plenty of political connections and Establishment backing. Since then, the AMA has promoted pharmaceutical and surgical treatment of disease while suppressing alternative, natural healing methods as “quackery.”

    Doctors who discovered cures for cancer over the past century were ruthlessly suppressed. Among these: Royal Raymond Rife (using specific light frequencies on cancer-causing viruses); Dr. John Beard (using the enzyme trypsin to devour cancer cells); Dr. William F. Koch (cellular oxidation metabolism therapy); Dr. Max Gerson (nutritional healing); and Harry Hoxsey (herbal remedy). All were targeted for ridicule, suppression, and in cases, assassination. Here is a rather long but excellent video that exemplifies the politics of cancer: It deals with attempts to suppress the effective alternative cancer treatments of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski.

    For the pharmaceutical industry, vaccines create a profitable vicious circle of increasing dependence on medication. For example:

    • Vaccines create attention deficit disorder in a child;
    • He or she is then placed on the medication Ritalin.
    • Vaccines create a certain cancer;
    • The victim receives chemotherapy drugs for that cancer;
    • But the chemotherapy causes nausea, constipation, and numerous other side effects, so the person receives medications for those.

    From  the book Truth Is a Lonely Warrior: Unmasking the Forces behind Global Destruction by
    J. Perloff

    And evidently presently there is much more to gain then “merely” transfer of money and enrichment of Big Pharma.

    But regarding the tactical elements of his massage, I don’t know, they fit well with the general strategy of these who are behind the covid hoax but may not be true.

    My friend wrote to me:

    “Well why are the people dying then? First of all, they aren’t – the numbers of deceased are lower than in past years. The ones that are dying, are dying from the combination of flu/respiratory diseases, co-morbidities (diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart issues), improper, aggressive, mandated medical treatment (incredibly high doses of corticosteroids and toxic drugs), ventilators and medical negligence. It’s the biggest lie and mass hypnosis in the history of mankind. I personally know more than 10 people who died after taking the vaccine, I do not know a single person that died from “corona” virus. …

    Doctors are either ignorant, corrupt or afraid. I personally know medical staff, who told me directly that the people are being killed in those “c*vid” hospitals by strong cocktails of very strong drugs and die of liver failure, stroke etc. But they are still a part of it, they don’t quit. For example, autopsy is forbidden on anyone who died with a positive PCR test. You can’t even see the body. They plug all the orifices with alcohol drenched gauze, put them in black plastic bags and bury them in metal coffins. Imagine that!”

    Summarise: Some details may be true or not but things most certainly are going in very wrong direction.

    Generally vaccines are quite unhealthy and even without any additional agenda, one should never allowed himself to be vaccinated:

    Vaccinating an individual to invoke antibody production interferes with the body’s most basic healing mechanisms, and I consider it to be one of modern medicine’s most dangerous weapons – truly a weapon of mass destruction. …

    Vaccines, which may include many different antigens, are intended to raise antibody production to raise the body’s so-called ‘acquired immunity’. However, as of now, there is no double blind control study to show that vaccines offer a higher level of immunity than by taking a placebo or by doing nothing at all. I wonder why there has never been such a study. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s official argument against studying the harmful effects of vaccines in humans is that any such a study (on humans) is ‘unethical’.

    And so I ask whether it is ethical to inject hundreds of millions of unsuspecting people, including children, each year with vaccines that have never been proven effective in preventing infectious disease, but on the contrary have been clearly shown to make them ill? Aren’t we allowing double standards and legalization of mass experimentation to override this legitimate question by parents who want no harm done to their child: “Where is the proof that vaccines improve my child’s immunity and keep it healthy?” Do we have to take the doctor’s word for it?

    Take the answer from someone who is best suited to have an objective insider’s perspective. Dr. Marcia Angell disclosed after two decades as an editor for The New England Journal of Medicine: “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines.”

    The fact of the matter is that vaccines inhibit and systematically destroy the immune system. And there is real scientific evidence to prove it; evidence that has not been manipulated to yield more power and resources to vested interest groups.

    Andreas Moritz

    Disappearance of certain sicknesses, attributed to vaccinations, was caused rather by a general improvement of sanitary conditions …

    Suggested reading on vaccines:

    Virus Mania… by Torsten Engelbrecht Claus Köhnlein

    Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children by Louise Kuo Habakus

    The Truth About COVID-19 Joseph Mercola

    COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled by James Perloff

    MURDER BY INJECTION The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America by Eustace Mullins

    Vaccine-nation Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time by Andreas Moritz

    Dissolving Illusions Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History
    Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk

    Vaccine Injuries: Documented Adverse Reactions to Vaccines by Lou Conte

    Millers Review of Critical Vaccine Studies by Neil Miller

    No doubt there are more interesting books, however vaccines are rather a new subject for me.

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