Mark Collett – Is the Covid Jab Causing Heart Attacks? – Oct 8, 2021 — Transcript


[Mark Collett, leader of the pro-White British movement, Patriotic Alternative, discusses some of the possible adverse effects of the Covid-19 vaccine.




Mark Collett


Is the Covid Jab


Causing Heart Attacks?



Oct 8, 2021



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Published on Oct 8, 2021


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First published at 12:00 UTC on October 8th, 2021.

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The Covid Jabs have already been linked to myocarditis, but are they behind a worrying rise in heart attacks? This video explains how the immune system works, what a traditional vaccine is, and why the Covid jabs are NOT vaccines and how in fact the…


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(14:00 mins)





A recent article in The Times stated, and I quote:


“Health experts have been left baffled by a big rise in a common and potentially fatal type of heart attack in the west of Scotland. During the summer there was a 25% rise in the number of people rushed to the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank with partially blocked arteries cutting blood supply to the heart”.



End quote. Health experts may indeed be baffled, or they may well be ignoring the elephant in the room. That this mysterious rise in heart attacks may well be linked to the Covid vaccination drive.



We already know that the Covid jab is linked to an increase in myocarditis. An inflammation of the heart muscle that can lead to heart attacks. But could this increase in heart attacks also be linked to the Covid jab?



Well, to answer this question it’s good to start by ensuring we understand what our immune system does, what a traditional vaccine is, and why the Covid jab is different to a traditional vaccine.



Your immune system is a wonderful thing! It is one of the ways the body protects itself from disease. Your immune system learns and adapts and creates a targeted response to viruses and bacteria that enter the body. When a harmful virus, or bacteria, enters the body the virus, or bacteria, will do two things. Multiply and cause damage. The more time that the virus, or bacteria has to operate without a response, the greater it’s numbers will become and the greater the damage it will create due to the cumulative effects over time.




But also, because over time it will have multiplied and a larger number of pathogens have the ability to create far greater damage. As such, the immune system attempts to deal with any bacteria, or virus as quickly and efficiently as possible.


However, every bacteria and virus is different. This presents a problem for the immune system, because when the immune system creates a response in order to kill a particular bacteria, or virus, that response is specific to the particular bacteria, or virus, in question. An immune response that deals with one bacteria, or virus, does not work against any other bacteria, or virus.




If you think of the immune system as an army, and a bacteria, or virus, as the invading enemy, then every time that the army engages with a new enemy it needs a new type of bullet. And that bullet only works against that specific enemy.


So what happens when your body encounters a new type of virus, or bacteria?



Well, your immune system attempts to act as quickly as possible by firstly analyzing the new threat and then producing the specific bullet needed to deal with that threat. This is a race against time, as your body tries to develop and deploy it’s response before the bacteria, or virus, can multiply and cause damage that may, if too much time elapses, be serious, or even fatal.


Once the body has developed the bullet to deal with a specific bacteria, or virus, the blueprint for that bullet goes into the immune system’s memory bank.



Then, if the body ever encounters said bacteria, or virus, again a response can be immediately deployed. This is why you never get ill twice from exactly the same type of bacteria, or virus. Because if a bacteria, or virus, invades your body a second time, your body’s immune system recognizes it, selects the right bullet to deal with it and destroys the bacteria, or virus, long before it has time to multiply and become a problem.


Bearing this in mind people often ask why they catch a cold multiple times, or why they will experience flu more than once in their lifetime.



This is because cold and flu viruses are part of a family of pathogens that evolve fairly rapidly. Hence, there are many different individual cold and flu viruses. Even though you won’t get exactly the same cold, or flu twice you will inevitably suffer from more than one infection from a virus that is a member of those particular families of viruses.



So, what is a traditional vaccine, and why do we vaccinate? Certain bacteria and viruses are more harmful than others. Whilst a cold is a mere inconvenience that will leave you feeling slightly under the weather for a couple of days, typhoid will likely leave you disabled, or even kill you!


Sometimes a bacteria, or a virus can do serious damage before your body manages to create the specific bullet needed to destroy the threat. And in the time your body takes developing that bullet, the damage caused by the bacteria, or virus, may even be fatal. These more serious threats are often negated with what we know as a vaccine.





A vaccine is essentially an inert, or harmless form of a bacteria, or virus. Vaccines can be made in two ways. Firstly, they contain either a live form of a bacteria, or virus that has been weakened. And because of that the virus, or bacteria, can’t multiply, or is unable to cause the damage it would normally cause.


Secondly, a vaccine can be produced that contains a virus, or bacteria, that is completely inactive and essentially dead. When these vaccines are injected into the body, the body’s immune system then has a chance to analyze the weakened bacteria, or virus, safely without said threat being able to multiply, or cause any damage.



This means the body can produce the specific bullets necessary. So if a fully active version of that virus, or bacteria, gets into the body the body is ready and can act swiftly before any damage is caused.


So what are the mRNA Covid vaccines produced by companies like Pfizer? Well, they are not vaccines!



They do not involve injecting an inert form of a virus into the human body. They, in fact, do something completely different. They cause the human body to produce a protein which is meant to be sufficiently similar to a protein that is found in the capsid that surrounds the Covid-19 virus.


However, there is a big problem with this. Your immune system is being taught to attack a protein that your own body has produced. And if that protein is similar to other proteins within your body, this could result in what is known as an autoimmune response.



Which is a situation where your immune system mistakenly attacks your own cells. As the fundamental building block of your body’s tissues are, in fact, proteins, if your immune system was to attack. One of those proteins in error the results could be serious, or even fatal.


And so far in the UK there have been well over a million adverse reactions to the Covid jab including over 1400 deaths.



This statistic is taken directly from the NHS’s own Yellow Card Reporting site. What’s more these figures are only for the adverse reactions that were reported and logged. Some reactions will not have been reported. And there has been widespread anecdotal evidence to suggest that some doctors have been reluctant to log these adverse reactions.


As such it’s highly likely that this number greatly underestimates the number of adverse reactions caused by the various Covid jabs. These adverse reactions include headaches, blurred vision, swelling, tinnitus, heart problems, and strokes.



These reactions are often caused by blood clots forming in the body. Blood clots can form as part of an immune response. And in this case an autoimmune response. What causes these adverse reactions from the Covid jab is that the body’s immune system is mistakenly attacking proteins in the body’s own cells, causing damage to the body. If the cells being attacked are blood cells, then clotting takes place.



If these clots are either large enough in size, or number, they can be life-threatening, or even fatal. The rising heart problems we are seeing in parts of Britain may well be linked to the rapid deployment of Covid jabs. The jabs in question are largely untested and were rushed to market. These jabs were not subject to what is known in the medical profession as “Good Manufacturing Practice”.



Good Manufacturing Practice, or GMP is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. GMP is designed to minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production. And as these particular jabs were rushed to market, the long-term effects are still not properly known. What’s more the companies that produce them have been granted total immunity from any form of legal challenge if their product causes side effects, or even death.



This fact alone should set alarm bells ringing. But if it doesn’t let’s look at a historical case of a drug that was presented as safe and caused widespread suffering.


In the 1950s a West German pharmaceutical company developed a drug called Thalidomide. It was originally intended as a sedative, or tranquilizer, but was soon used for treating a wide range of other conditions, including, colds, flu, nausea, and morning sickness in pregnant women.



The drug was sold under a variety of different names in 49 countries, and was specifically recommended to pregnant women. Thalidomide has a number of side effects. One being severe birth defects with limbs and internal organs often failing to form.



Over 100,000 babies were affected by the drug. Yet it took until 1962 for the British government to issue a warning over it’s use. Similarly, it could be years, or even decades before we have all the data necessary to assess the safety of the Covid jabs.


But just remember, future data on the safety of these jabs will come from the public. We are the guinea pigs!


Now, it is worth noting that Thalidomide is a drug and the Covid jab is being marketed as a vaccine. But both of those treatments were meant to be subject to the same testing and set of standards.



But why would these big pharmaceutical companies push largely untested products upon the population? Well, the answer to that is quite simple. These so-called vaccines are products, and these companies are interested in profit.



Recently Project Veritas released a number of damning exposes, featuring secret recordings of researchers and scientists working at Pfizer. This footage is very Illuminating. And one of the Pfizer employees elaborates on this very point. Have a listen.:



[Cris Croce] I mean, I still feel like I work for like an evil corporation, because it comes down to profits in the end. And I mean, I’m there to help people not to make millions and millions of dollars. So I mean, that’s the moral dilema.


[Journalist (female)] I would say billions and billions?


[Cris Croce] I’m trying to be (laughs) nice.


[Journalist] No, I hear you. I hear you, I do. I mean, I’ll still give you a hard time about it.


[Cris Croce] Basically, our organization is run on COVID money now.


[Journalist] How so?


[Cris Croce] By it netted, like over $15 billion last year.


[Male voiceover] Chris Croce is a senior associate scientist with Pfizer. He goes on to explain a test that is currently taking place at Pfizer. Not to determine the effectiveness, but to see if it is leading to heart attacks.


[Journalist] I’m glad you didn’t get any myocarditis. That’s a concern, right?


[Cris Croce] Yeah. More so for younger people.



[Journalist] Why?


[Cris Croce] That’s what we’re looking into right now.


[Journalist] Oh, cool.


[Cris Croce] So yeah, we’re doing, we just sent like 3,000 patients’ samples to get tested for … like elevated troponin levels (levels to detect heart attack) to see if it’s vaccine-based, or so …


[Journalist] What’s it look like?


[Cris Croce] I don’t know. But we just sent that over this past week – and the last batch will be sent over next week. All external testing. We’ll see, hopefully it’s good. I mean, if not then, my opinion, that might pull something from the market.”


I have left the link to that video in the description below. So you can watch the full presentation.


In closing, I repeat. At the time of writing there have been over one million adverse reactions to these jabs in the UK alone. And these are just the reactions that we know about, and have been logged. The true extent of the number and severity of these negative reactions is not yet fully known. Only time will tell exactly how safe these jabs are.


But the worrying rise in heart problems that we are witnessing, may well be far more than just a coincidence.




















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