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[Morgoth discusses the Covid vaccination mandates, forms of resistance, and where the globalists are trying to herd us.





Morgoth’s Review


The Morgcast 13


Resist the Lobster Pot


Nov 22, 2021



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Published on Nov 22, 2021

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Morgoth’s Review

The MorgCast 13: Resist The Lobster Pot

November 22nd, 2021


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World Health Summit: … globally thinking and research and development in innovation-minded person, and therefore I’m very interested to hear what Stefan has to tell us.


Stefan Delrich: Now ultimately the mRNA vaccines are an example for that cell and gene therapy. I always like to say, if we had surveyed two years ago in the public:


“Would you be willing to take a gene, or cell therapy, and inject it into your body?”


We would have probably had a 95% refusal rate. I think this pandemic has also opened many people’s eyes to innovation in the way that was maybe not possible before.


Morgoth: Well hello again there folks. I haven’t had much to say about the Flu World Order, recently. I mean, I felt like I’d said it all. You didn’t want to repeat yourself and all that. And so I thought I’d go just do some of the sort of effort posts, video essays on the YouTube channel, as far as content was going. Because the agenda was just kind of chugging along regardless. And you think well:


“I’ve predicted all this shit, you know! I said it was all going to happen. And it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop any time soon.”


But over the last week, or so, I think something, … There’s been a definite shift in tone over the last week across Europe. And there’s like more of a backlash than ever. So some of the protests we’ve seen recently are really gigantic. And I mean, in this day and age we’re kind of used to seeing like masses of people on the streets. But these aren’t astroturf. This isn’t like antifa “Black Lives Matter” bullshit. The establishment genuinely doesn’t like this. So that’s interesting to see.


And the one that caught my eye the most was the one in Rotterdam the other night, where it you can see that it was much more vicious and much more out of control. And one of the things I think’s interesting is that because the anti-lockdown scene, … There’s a strong component of a middle-class, kind of bourgeois, liberal, element to it. If you think of some of the big names in it. And the people who give speeches. It does seem to be quite White, and more of an old-school liberal kind of mindset. And what I think is funny is a lot of those kind of people – they are one of the problems that we’ve had with them for years, and years – is that they don’t see race. They’re totally useless when it comes to seeing how different ethnic groups, or races, actually are, or demographics.


And so I thought when the riots kicked off in Rotterdam the other night, there was a lot of them. Because I do feel like as if I’m on their team as well and I’m happy about that. I don’t mind that. But I do find that it kind of stuck out that they were kind of confused, because all of the other lockdowns have been kind of gentle and like you get Piers Corbyn given speeches, and David Icke turning up, and all this. And it’s all very gentle.


But then in Rotterdam you see all of these like Moroccans and Turks just torching police cars and going completely berserk! I mean, I don’t think you could really call it an “anti-lockdown protest”. I think even just to describe it as that is a bit of a stretch! Because really what it is all of these youth, the urban youth, that have been imported into all of these European cities. And in Rotterdam they make up the majority, as well.


I remember Pim Fortuyn being shot. Like that was part of my kind of racial awakening, all those things, when I lived in Europe, back in the day.


But anyway, they don’t really see the racial component of this. And so they think well this lockdown protest just got like a little bit out of hand, and a little bit embarrassed by it. In actual fact, what you have is the same elites, the same globalist elite class carried out the Great Replacement, as they are now carrying out the Great Reset.


And here you get, I think, something interesting emerging. Lot of the big cities, maybe even most of the big cities, have a demographic now of easily roused young Muslim men. And the establishment in Europe, in the different countries, have spent decades and decades trying to sort of pacify them. And they’re bending over backwards to make them happy! Bending over backwards, just giving them all this dole money. Letting them off easy with crimes and rapes, and all of this.




And now what I think’s weird is, … And they seem to have sort of got it under control, I don’t know. I remember back in the France, you look at the terrorist attacks, you look at all those mass car burnings that used to happen in France. It could be that the media is just hushing all that out. But at any rate, they’ve tried their best to pacify these people and keep them happy, any way they can. But now, they’re turning around and saying:


“Well actually you’re gonna be forced to be vaccinated!”


Or you’ll get locked in your flat in an apartment block in the suburbs of some big European city. And they’re not gonna take very kindly to that I think! In somewhere like Rotterdam, they’ve just had enough. Because they’re not scared of Covid. They don’t really give a shit about all this! All they see now is the government shitting on them! All they see now is that the government has forced them to get a vaccine which they’re paranoid about, probably. And they’re just gonna riot and burn!


And it’s kind of interesting. Because my general take on this has long been, … I get accused of coming out with like all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories. I’ve said all along that my main concern here is the digital IDs. And I’ll sort of kind of play around a little bit with like the vaccines. I mean, there is a lot of adverse reactions.


And now we’re seeing excuses coming out in the mainstream media about why so many young kids are dropping dead of heart attacks. And why there’s this new thing of adults in their 30s, they’re calling it like “sudden death syndrome”, or something.


But the problem is you get into this kind of statistics, kind of head fuck where everybody’s just throwing around different graphs, and charts, and that I’m not great on all that. But what I do know is that this is all heading towards the digital ID scheme.


And so it reminds me of as being a sort of salty sea dog, the lobster pot. Because now that you see that the boosters are coming in, the normie kind of Whites, let’s say, … And I know it isn’t that much of a racial thing, but like the average normie. And they are now like thinking they’re getting their booster, so that they can have more freedom.


And it’s actually not like that. Because then the restrictions would be on the unvaccinated. And then soon people who haven’t had a vaccine within six months, which is the new thing. Again all of this was predicted years ago now. Where you kept on this hamster wheel all the time.


But what’s really happening is that if you look at how a lobster pot works. The lobster goes into the pot to get a juicy morsel. But once it’s in the pot it can’t get back out. And my sort of view on this is that’s what the vaccine passports are. Once you get in there, once you get into that system, into this digital grid where you’re constantly being boostered up, or you fall off and your vaccine isn’t up to date, it’s the same as a lobster trap. They’ve got you! And like, I don’t understand how people can’t see this. Like, I don’t understand how people can be this dumb, as to not question any of this!


And so the more people who are outside the lobster pot the more problematic that is for the system. Because it’s a lack of control.


So what you see is them trying to get everybody into the lobster pot now I used to kind of look at it in terms of, will they be satisfied, … About a year ago you used to hear like the 85% number, 85% vaccinated. And then that will be enough! I can’t remember now where that number came from. But it was basically the idea that they’d be content once they had an overwhelming majority of people in the lobster pot, boostered up on the system with their ID vaccine passports. And all of this. That would be all right. They’d be satisfied.


And then it would be like 15%, or 10%, or around that number, they’d be kind of just getting gradually locked out of society. And there’s a couple of things with this. Because what we see over the last week it gives me the impression that long term, they don’t want anybody outside! They want 100 percent! They want everybody in the lobster pot! Nobody gets away with it. Otherwise like you wouldn’t begin to see this shift in tone.


And because it’s as if the political class are becoming kind of hysterical! It’s as if they’re becoming, like whether it’s ruthless – it always was, because it was always based on lies. They talk about misinformation, propaganda campaigns, fucking dancing nurses on Tik Tok! We’re all in this together! All of this flannel. And then you’d expect, well they leave it alone. You know, once they’ve got what they want they leave it. And they’re not!




Otherwise this shift in tone to me, they’re desperate! They’re getting desperate! And even a little sign, if you look at Savvy Javid, whatever he is. He used to be in the central banking complex. And now he’s a minister of health? How does that happen? Like, what does he know about health? What does a banker, some Goldman Sachs shill, or whatever he is, what does he know about health, and running hospitals, and this kind of thing? Well he doesn’t. Because he doesn’t have to. It’s all just being dictated to from on high.


And this is kind of what I think’s interesting I think this is what’s showing a problem for them now. And I look at somebody like Boris Johnson. And I just see a satrap! I just see the equivalent of like a regional governor, who’s taking his orders from the globalists, the World Economic Forum, or whoever is pulling the strings over in America, international cabal. I see that all that happens is there’s a plan that they want to happen and the Prime Ministers, and Presidents of countries, they just get handed to them. And they’re told like:


“Something big is happening. We need to change things out of like root and branch in how the Western world works and this is what you’ve got to do. And just keep your mouth shut and get on with!”


And I think this is a problem, because it’s all very well for the IMF, and the World Health Organization. And all of these sort of captured institutions who work for finance, at the end of the day, for international finance, the World Economic Forum and all that it’s all very well for the big boys up at the top to sort of dictate this. But like it’s the local satraps, and regional governors, like Boris Johnson, and whoever runs Austria. When they get their own people in as well, like they have in New Zealand and Canada, you’ll see that’s where it gets like the most extreme. The World Economic Forums, like young global leaders of the future kind of scheme, that they had going on.


But even then the problem comes when they are now forced to implement things down like at the local level. Because from the perspective of like a globalist sitting up in his office dictating to the world, like all this programme, this big plan they’ve got. And then he has a look at a chart. And he has a look at a country like Austria, and it’s only got 63 percent vaccinated. And he’s going to get on the phone. And he’s going to say:


“Look! This just is not fucking good enough! You’re gonna have to get this sorted!”


And so then it’s up to the people at the local level. The local politicians have to take the shit for this. And it’s because they’re just lackeys, it’s, because they’re not actually doing what that people want. So then they are like these like regional satraps of an empire. If you think of the British Empire you think of the Roman Empire, and you had like some province somewhere with a governor overseeing it. That’s all these so-called elected leaders actually are these days.


But then they still have the problem of actually dealing with the physical reality that a sizeable like chunk of the population just refuse to get in the lobster pot! No matter what they do! No matter what kind of measures they take, they’re not going to go in there!


And now I think we’ve reached the stage where it’s first of all they’ve got. Like they’re gonna get diminishing returns on the boosters, because that’s also ridiculous that some people are now heading for their third, or fucking fourth boosters! And then you’ve got other people who just haven’t been vaccinated at all! And I just find it farcical k.




But it’s a wider emerging trend which I’m going to talk about in an upcoming video where I’m going to try and wrap all of this technocratic stuff up for the year. I just wanted to have a general kind of ramble on the Odysee channel about it.


It’s now they’re down to this problem of:


“What do we do? We’ve still got say 10 to 15 percent. It’s more in Austria. What do we actually do with it, while at least sort of maintaining the veneer of a liberal democracy?”


Like how does that work? And it seems like they won’t just leave them alone they want to go for a hundred percent vaccination.


And I was reminded of that thing from Sun Tzu, where he had this kind of maxim, where if your enemy cornered. And you have to let him have a little escape route somewhere. Leave open like a mountain pass, or something. And what you’ll see is that when he’s surrounded, but he’s got an escape route, then he’ll take it. And this then has a knock-on effect on the morale of the whole army. They then see that there’s some of the soldiers slipping away to the pass. And so the morale of the army collapses, because they see that the numbers are dwindling.


And basically it’s a good way to finish people off on the other hand, if you surround people completely and cut them off. And then it’s like, you’ve got no escape. And we’re gonna kill you all. Then they’ve got no choice but to fight to the last man. And I think this is kind of where they’ve hit. They’ve hit this hard kind of core now. Where even if it’s the kind of White liberals, they are absolutely adamant now that they are not going to get vaccinated!


And then more, and more, I think, you’re going to have the immigrant populations in European cities, they’re going to kick off as well. And it gets to the point where, if you didn’t understand what was happening, it gets to the point when you’re facing what’s already in say Rotterdam. I think it’s going to be the first of many. I could be wrong. [chuckling].


But what they’re facing, what it’ll amount at the local level, is like complete social collapse. Because they’ve already spent decades and decades trying to sort of pacify some of these areas in their inner cities with all these like people from Morocco and Turkey, and all of this. And now, they’re going to like deliberately rile them up and piss them off! And is it worth it? So, it isn’t, is it. Like, how can anybody believe this is still about a virus? It beggars belief!


But at any rate I was also looking at the Australian protests, which were like massive, and rightly. So because Australia, especially Victoria, is just a Police State there now. And there were hundreds, and hundreds, of thousands of people on the streets. And there was massive, massive, protests going on, all around the world, against this!


And what I began to think of it, is again to go back to something like the Roman Empire, or the British Empire. Less so the British Empire really. But what you have is a situation where there’s orders coming from like the central authority. And they are from on high. And this now has to be implemented across all of the different regions.


And they’re meeting, like finally, quite a bit of resistance. Like I say, they’ve kind of whittled it down now to the people who just resolutely refuse to go along with this. And when you look at it like from that perspective, what you realize is, that these are the problems that an empire will face. An empire will face where the authority, the capital, is far, far away. And then you’ve got all of these unruly provinces. I mean, you can handle one because you can send in a garrison of troops. You can focus on one province.


So if it was just Australia that was proving to be a bit of a problem then they could focus all of their energies on that and make them a sort of scape goat. Make an example of them, or something like that. But the problem is, it isn’t. It’s going on all over the place.


And at each stage, at each place, the regional satraps are having to burn through all kinds of social capital, and just create all kinds of tensions, and all kinds of fault lines, and all kinds of issues, in the societies, in their own regions. I mean, you can expect to see parties getting like booted out of power, because of all of this. You can expect to see people within the parties, … Say somebody in the Conservative Party, like David Davis, has actually been quite good on this. He’s saying:


“This is insane! You can’t force people to get injected with this stuff!”


I think he even got like a video removed. He was on Big Brother Watch, or something like that. And they even removed them. Like, he’s an MP! He’s representing the people. And he’s saying, … He was on Big Brother Watch doing a like a conference [word unclear] on a speech. And YouTube removed it! Because it’s spreading vaccine hesitancy, or whatever it happens to be.


But the point is you can imagine somebody like that, then causing problems within the Conservative Party. And so you’re gonna get this situation where at the local level, it’s just completely chaotic! Just all kinds of issues and all kinds of headaches!


And it’s the problems that you get with an empire which has overreached itself. And it’s got all of these different areas. It’s got so much on its plate at the same time that it finds it difficult to focus. Because it’s moving, … I mean, this is especially the case with Rome in the later days. You put out one fire. And then you’ve got to rush straight off to put out another fire.


And so to see people all around the world, it genuinely was like a White pill. It was good to see all of the videos of people pushing back. Because in a strategic way, … I’m somebody who’s been down on populism for a few years. But when you see it from this perspective at the global level, it’s a little bit different when you’ve got like a Right-wing populist movement. And then the leader let’s you down and eventually the system’s just gonna crush you. That could happen.


But there’s a sense that in a normal kind of populist movement if the populist mass trying to impose themselves on the system, and the system puts them down, they are trying to force the system to adopt their ideas. To stop immigration. To stop being so politically correct. Or close the borders, higher wages, whatever it happens to be. And then the system just refuses to buckle!


This time it’s a little bit different, because this time the system is imposing itself on the people. And the people are telling the state, the system, to go away. This idea that I’ve seen some people making it where, “oh it’s based”, because we aren’t liberals and it’s liberals if you’re scared of the state. And so this is just like the most fucking retarded argument I’ve ever heard!:


“Oh it’s based! It was based for the state to lock us all up, because they trampled all over, like standard liberalism, and the state can get shit done!”


This is like the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! The state is doing what the oligarchs want the state to do. And in this case it’s forcing people with experimental gene therapies. And the people are resisting it. A lot of people are resisting it. And a lot of people around the world.


And it feels as if the elite are having to keep a lot of plates in the air at the same time here. Because I haven’t even mentioned all of the dark rumours going around about what’s in the vaccine itself. Because, as I say, you get into this kind of statistical kind of minefield. It seems to just cancel itself out.


But in terms of people just not going along with the programme, it’s everywhere. I mean, I was looking at mass protests in places like Peru and Colombia. And so they’ve got I think until 2024 from the world bank to like wrap all of this up. So if they’re going to say:


“Well, we’re going to leave a certain amount of people outside we’ve got what we wanted.”


And that would be one thing. But I don’t know. I mean, it’s difficult to see. But one thing I think we can see though is that we need to sort out the friend enemy distinction.




Like all my family and most of my friends, have all of all had the vaccine. So this idea that:


“Well you got all these people and they crawled into the lobster pot. And they are then therefore the enemy.”


This is ridiculous! Because one of the reasons why I became like sort of invested in this was, because it was right in my personal life, in a way that a lot of other issues weren’t.


And so there’s two things with this. And the one thing is we want to the sort of the resistance. [chuckling] If you want to call it that! We’ve seen our numbers dwindling as more, and more, people caved in and got the vaccine. And then this is when you get that thing where people, they’re in the lobster part and their attitudes change.


I mean, I was sitting in the pub at the beginning of this year with one of my mates, who I hadn’t seen for a while. And we were sitting there having pints. And we were taking the piss and laughing about Bill Gates with his woolly jumper on. And about how dodgy his dodgy potions are, he’s forcing on everybody. And a few months later, the next day, we went for a drink with him, he’d been double jabbed!


And it ended up where we got into quite a heated argument where he said, basically that I was just believing anything that I saw on the internet. And I was saying he was just a sheep. And he was like he was a mug, because he believed all everything that he was seeing on the television, and all this.


So you can very easily stumble into some problematic territory with that. And so I think we’ve got to be very careful that the vaccinated people, the people who crawled inside the lobster pot, are not necessarily the enemy. The enemy is the person who put the lobster part there. And that’s the all of these institutions, it’s the global elite.


And so we bypass all of that and try and tell them:


“Look, I understand why you got it.”


A lot of people had to get it. Let’s also not forget a lot of people have been put in some extremely difficult situations! And they have had to get it. So all right, be that as it may, like my mother’s not my enemy, because she got the vaccine. People went along with it, that’s fair enough. But what we can say is:


“It’s a scam!”


And an easy way to do this is one, to point out that it’s never going to end. The boosters are never going to end! They’re now dripping that into the news. So you can say:


“Well, yeah. And I understand why you got the vaccine. But you have to see it’s not going to end. You still don’t have your freedom back. You’re going to have a booster shot to go on holiday. Like they just keep raising the bar. And so you are being enslaved!”


I mean again just get out of the lobster pot! But you aren’t to blame. It’s the elites are the enemy! That is the enemy. And we are trying to explain to you that, like we’re trying to help basically. And I understand they’ll push back at that, as well. And they’ll not like it.


But the thing is. What we need to be doing is increasing the amount of people who are in the resistance. Because it would be nice if the vaccine roll out if, let’s say, like 40 to 50 percent of people got it. But it turned out that many, many, more than that. I mean, in Ireland. I think it’s like 93%..


So you’re going the on have to try and recruit people from who’ve been vaccinated, for their own for their own sanity, for a start. And say:


“Yeah, I know. Like you thought you were doing the right thing, it turns out it was a bit of a scam! And there’s no way to sugarcoat it really [chuckling]. Like it’s gonna be boosters forever! It’s never gonna end. And these are the people who have done it and here’s why they’re doing it, as well.”


I remember, it must have been in the Autumn of 2019, so just before this virus was released in China. And at that time I was talking to Academic Agent in private on Twitter. And we were discussing this book that we both happened to be looking at called, The Strauss-Howe Generational Theory. And it’s not great. But it does have some interesting points in there.


And basically it’s the idea that there’s, I think it’s like three, a few years. But history repeats itself. It’s really focused on America as well. But the idea is that you get like four generations, or. So and each one has certain traits to it. And this kind of repeats itself over, and over, again. So the generation X is like the nomad. Which is rings true. And then you can keep going back. And you can see that in previous cycles it would happen.


So you would have the American Civil War which was a crisis. And then you get a generation which grows up in the aftermath who have to be quite pragmatic and hard working. And then that leads, … It’s sort of like good times and hard men make good times, type of thing.


And one of the issues that we had with this theory, this thesis. And this was at the end of 2019 was that there doesn’t seem to be a crisis on the scale of this. Because the previous one was World War Two, which is a crisis, something that hits society, which changes everything. And you’ll get it once in a cycle. And according to Strauss-Howe it was set for the 2020s, now, where we are now.


So we were thinking like and according to the theory it would be the generation Zed, the Zoomers, who had to deal with it, or under the guidance mainly of generation X who would be heading into their, not old age. But at the age of being responsible, they would be kind of the elite.


But the thing is we were discussing this and we were saying.:


“But there’s no crisis like this arriving. It’s not here. Like even the Trump election, and, even though it was, … What do they call it, “fortified”? Like even that doesn’t seem to be hitting this. So it doesn’t seem to be anything like that. And it’s like Brad Pitt in Fight Club where he says:


“He laments that there’s no great struggle for his generation.”


Which would be generation X in 1999, I think it was. Like where is our Great War? Where is our great struggle? Where is the defining moment, the issue, the catastrophe, that’s going to hit us which will sort of define everything and change the world? And he laments that there is nothing!


And the weird thing is I think this is it! This is now it! I think this is the defining issue of the era, above everything else. So even in terms of like the kind of the thing with the demographics. Like in Britain, Whites are said to be a minority like 2066, or something. Fair enough.


But the climate change agenda are set to be implemented by 2030. And so by extension that means that and we’re all going to be on this Social Credit system, getting boosted up every six months with the digital currencies. Which could just cut us all off whenever they wanted. Like this is what they’re bringing in.


And to turn away from, like this is the thing of the era. It’s not going away! You’ve got hundreds of thousands of people out there. You’ve got basically laws coming in that you’ve got to be, … This is all unprecedented! This is not normal at all! And so this is going to be I think the event. It already is the event of the era. And I want to be on the right side of it.


So what I’ve touched on in this kind of ramble is, they’ve really gone all out, the elites. They’ve really sort of stuck their necks out here. And they have taken a lot of risks on this. And I think that if they lose this, if they can’t pull this off, it’s still going to change the world. There’ll still not be any going back to normal.


But then it’s a case of well, what will they do in order not to do it? And we’re starting to see that now. So the resistance, the opposition taking place all across the world, is genuinely heartening. Because how much of that can they deal with, when at the local level they’re demanding that they collapse local economics, they collapse political systems. What they’re willing to do to see this through is quite astonishing. And I’d like to see a bit more leadership in this.


But we’ll see how it goes.


Well that’s just some thoughts on where I think they are going with all of this.




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