Debate – Mark Collett vs Destiny – ‘White Genocide’ – Jan 13, 2022 — Transcript

[Mark Collett, leader of the pro-White British movement, Patriotic Alternative, debates a guy called “Destiny” on the reality and significance of White Genocide.

Destiny comes across as someone who has taken lessons from a local rabbi in hair splitting and arguing about the definition of obvious terms. After 25 minutes of listening I find him an anti-White shill for the establishment, not really interested in a genuine debate.

Mark Collett does a very good job, so far, of holding Destiny’s feet to the fire.





Mark Collett Vs Destiny


“White Genocide”



Jan 13, 2022



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Published on Jan 13, 2022


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DEBATE | Mark Collett vs Destiny – ‘White Genocide’


Jan 13, 2022





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The long awaited debate between Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative and Steven Kenneth Bonnell II, also known as Destiny. The debate topic is White Genocide; Is it real? Should it be a concern to White people? Is it happening organically or is it manufactured? And by who?

Originally aired: January 10th 2022

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Moderator: We’re gonna do opening statements. The topic is White genocide. Should I see how Wikipedia, … For people who don’t know about this maybe, just what White, … We’ve talked about White genocide before of course. But this is how Wikipedia describes it. And take that for what it’s worth, of course, too:


“The White genocide, White extinction, or White replacement conspiracy theory, is a White supremacist – this is how they describe it – is a White supremacist conspiracy theory which states that there is a deliberate plot, often blamed on jews – this is what it says here – to promote miscegenation, interracial marriage, mass non-White immigration, racial integration, low fertility rates, abortion, governmental land confiscation from Whites, organized violence, and eliminationism in White founding countries, in order to cause the extinction of Whites through forced assimilation, mass immigration, and violent genocide. Less frequently black people, Hispanics, and Muslims are blamed for the secret plot, but merely as more fertile immigrants, invaders, or violent aggressors, rather than the masterminds.”


Now I’m going to give it to Mark, to take on! Describe the issue how you think it is! Now that’s how Wikipedia describes it! Now White genocide, take it however you want with your opening statement. And we’re going to cover the whole issue. And some of those topics. And if that’s the truth, or whatever. Now go ahead, Mark.


Mark Collett: Thank you very much. White genocide, or the demographic replacement of those of European descent is a phenomenon that every Western nation faces! Originally, those who spoke about this topic were branded as “conspiracy theorists”..


However, the reality of White people becoming a minority in their ancestral homelands is no longer regarded in that manner. Now, rather than being called a “conspiracy theory”, White replacement is openly celebrated by the establishment, the media, those in the corporate sector. Those who control social media, and leading liberal commentators. White replacement is taking place!


The only two issues up for debate, is whether this replacement is part of a planned and concerted effort to reduce White people to minorities. And secondly, whether White people becoming a minority is a good thing, or not.


However, when I say these issues are up for debate, that is rather erroneous, as all forms of debate on this issue are shut down by the mainstream media, social media companies, big business. And even governments attempt to criminalize those who push back against such demographic change. This fact alone is enough to prove that White replacement is not just an accident, but the powers that be endorse it.


But let’s look at the UK figures on demographic replacement, as they are very Illuminating. In 1950 there were fewer than 20,000 non-Whites in Britain! The vast majority of whom were first generation immigrants. In other words, they weren’t born here. These people made up just .04% of the population.


By 2011, the time of the last census, the non-White population of Britain had risen to over 8 million! And accounted for around 13% of the population. To put this into perspective, in just over 60 years the non-White population of Britain has grown over 400 fold! This is a planned social experiment on an unprecedented level!


And to put it into a historical perspective, more people arrive in Britain each year, under the current government, than arrived here between 1066, the last time we were successfully invaded, and 1939, the beginning of the Second World War!


Mass immigration which is the primary means by which this demographic change has been brought about is not natural. It is a post-war phenomenon. And it was completely manufactured, managed, and accelerated, by the establishment for political, social, and financial purposes!


So that just leaves one point up for debate. Is this demographic change good? Well, White people all over the world, and especially in the UK, have consistently shown they don’t want this change. Whether that has been demonstrated in polls, in their habits, such as White flight, or in voting patterns.


Despite this though, both sides of the illusory political divide have supported this demographic replacement. And the constant narrative from the mainstream media is that White people must accept immigration and embrace it, or else!


The consequences of this replacement for White people in the UK have been, on balance, profoundly negative! Whilst White people are constantly told that minorities must be given special privileges, and a leg up, when White people become a minority in towns and cities they do not benefit from their minority status! They receive no protections. And are often treated appallingly, as worse than second-class citizens!


And the establishment and the media are regularly complicit in covering up crimes against White people that are perpetrated by those not indigenous to the British Isles. If White people are reduced to minorities they will not be celebrated and protected. But instead, they will be a hated and despised minority, that will be repeatedly blamed for all the ills, and all the failings of the multicultural State in which they live.


I advocate for the UK, and for other Western nations, to remain places where people of European descent are a super majority! And where their cultures and traditions remain dominant. And I believe this is not just best for Europeans. But it is best for all peoples, from all over the world!




Moderator: Thank you sir. I appreciate that. Getting us started here.


Destiny again. Welcome back to the show. And you can go ahead and do your opening now.


Destiny: Yeah. When people talk about White genocide I think the biggest hang up that they have is establishing the intentionality part. I think that there are a lot of reasons why immigration benefits of society, especially economic ones. And I think that there are a lot of people that support immigration throughout all of society. All without having White genocidal reasons so the establishment of an “intentionality”, I think is pretty important part of genocide.


If we agree with the, … I forget which conference it was that established like “genocide” as the thing, but the intentionality part is pretty important. One of the reasons why, or the main reason why I’m talking about kind of White genocide, I think is a pretty boring topic, or a topic that isn’t very relevant to modern day debate, is, or even political conversations, is that there’s not really anything you can do about it, at this point.


The idea of trying to block all immigration based on a certain skin colour, or the idea of even getting the majority of the public to support such a policy, is basically impossible! And I think that the framing around a lot of these topics:


“There are secret people trying to get White people to be a minority, et cetera, et cetera.”


I just don’t think it’s very productive to getting to an actual good place in terms of public policy, or discourse. I do agree that there are problems, even problems faced by White people uniquely, maybe, in certain countries in the West.


But I don’t think that the solution to these problems is some fantastical border policy that has zero chance of passing in almost any relevant country.


I think that instead, it’s probably better that we talk about those specific problems. And then the policy positions we would need to adopt to address those problems. And then, yeah, that’s all I got.


Moderator: Now what do you say to that Mark? Kind of says, not even, … He didn’t say, it was not a big deal necessarily, but the ship was kind of sailed on, …


Mark Collett: He didn’t really say anything did he?


Moderator: Well.


Mark Collett: I mean, he didn’t really say anything other than:


“Well, it’s sort of going to happen. And you can’t really stop it. And that’s it.”




Destiny: Well, White people coming a minority is going to happen. The White genocide is something, …


Mark Collett: So let’s establish this. You do believe that White people will become a minority, that is actually happening?


Destiny: So when you define White people with the one drop rule, then like mathematically, of course, that’s always going to happen! If any amount of Hispanic, or black blood makes you Hispanic, or black then you’re necessarily going to have minority, …


Mark Collett: You don’t need to say a thousand words, very quickly,


Destiny: Your opening is like five minutes long, I don’t know why you would, …


Mark Collett: You don’t need to say a thousand words very quickly. I’m just trying to establish.


Destiny: Sure.


Mark Collett: You are accepting that White people in Western nations are becoming minorities! And the likelihood is that if trends continue White people in nations like Britain, France, Germany, United States, wherever, will be a minority. And will no longer hold majority status. You agree with that?


Destiny: Based on how you define White people, yeah, of course!


Mark Collett: Based on how I define White people? We’re not going into Sargon-esque definitions here are we Destiny?


Destiny: Well, if a black person and a White person have a child, what kind of child is that child?


Mark Collett: It’s mixed race.


Destiny: What would you consider mixed race, would be non-White to you, right?


Mark Collett: Mixed race would be mixed race. It’s, …


Destiny: Well hold on! No! No! Hold on! You can’t push me on an answer and not answer a very simple question!


Mark Collett: I’m answering a question! I’m answering the question! It’s quite simple. Whenever a child is born that is mixed race, I classify them as mixed race. I classify them as somebody who’s of mixed race origin.


It’s generally the media in the establishment that defines anyone who is mixed race as black. So, for example, Obama is not black. Obama is mixed race. Yet he’s widely categorized as the first African-American President. When, in fact, he’s mixed race. I’m saying they’re mixed race.


And when we say that White people are going to become a minority that obviously means that people of European descent, who are wholly of European descent, will become a minority. That’s quite simple!


Destiny: Sure. But by that definition then, isn’t literally everybody being genocided? Black people, and Hispanic people, and every other minority group? Because the more interracial marriages that have, …


Mark Collett: What a a ridiculous point!


Destiny: I didn’t even finish my question. I know you might be used to steamrolling people, because you weren’t talking over, …


Mark Collett: I’m not used to steamrolling people, ….




Destiny: Let me finish my, let me [both talking over each other briefly], …


Mark Collett: You are getting away from what we are talking about!


Destiny: I’m not being slippery! I just want to, … The problem is, … By the certain premises that you lay out for the argument you’re almost begging the question, right? So with any person that has a child with a White person, if that child is considered non-White. If we have multiple ethnic groups mixing together. And we’re trying to use this framing to say:


“Well there’s a White genocide happening!”


Well if a mixed-race child is not a White child, and you’re telling me now that a mixed-race black child, isn’t a black child, they’re mixed race, then it kind of sounds like everybody’s being genocided! Now, I don’t think you want to own that conclusion, because obviously it weakens the White genocide point.


But would you not agree then that if a lot of Hispanic, and black people, and White people, are all interracially marriaging and having kids, that kind of every race is being genocided?


Mark Collett: No, because it’s different. Because what we’re talking about here, we’re talking about nations where White people are either indigenous, or White people were the founders of those nations. And the White people in those nations are being reduced to minority.


So here in Britain, White people are indigenous. So the English, the Irish, the Scots, and the Welsh, are the indigenous people. And they are being reduced to minority status.


You don’t have, say, Nigerians being reduced to a minority status in Nigeria! So it’s a completely different point.


And you know it is. You’re just being intentionally slippery!


And what I’m trying to establish is that you do agree that White people in Western nations are becoming a minority!


Destiny: Okay.


Mark Collett: So it’s a yes, or no, really. Isn’t it?


Destiny: Okay. Well, so I understand that you have a dialogue tree that you usually like to run people down. Don’t call me slippery just because I’m trying to engage with your questions on more than just, …


Mark Collett: I’m not calling you slippery, because you’re trying to engage with my questions. I’m calling you slippery, because you’re not trying to engage with my questions! [chuckling]


Destiny: So initially. You said that there was a planned genocide of White people, okay? You said there was a planned genocide of White people. And then you said:


“Mixed race children don’t count as White.”


That’s fair, okay? We might end up agreeing finally and everything you’re saying. I’m just trying to make sure we have all of our terms and everything straight, okay?


Now you’re telling me that it’s not so much that White people are being genocided. It’s that the indigenous, or founders, of a certain nation – which may be White people – are being genocided.


There might be minority genocides going along, going on, as well, because of interracial dating, and children making, and everything. But you don’t care as much about those genocides, as you do about the White genocide. Is that, …


Mark Collett: No. What I’m saying is, that I don’t believe it is a good thing for White people to reduce to minority status for a variety of different reasons, which we can get into.


But what I am clearly stating, or trying to ask you, is you accept that White, people of European descent, are becoming minorities in Western countries.


Destiny: That seems to be the case, yes. If we are ignoring mixed-race children, then yes, White people seem to probably becoming minorities.


Mark Collett: Okay. So we agree on that? We agree on that.


So what we probably don’t agree on then, is whether that is intentional. But what I would say to you is, are you streaming this on YouTube?


Destiny: Yeah.


Mark Collett: How many subscribers have you got?


Destiny: Why is that relevant to this conversation?


Mark Collett: I’m just asking! Just asking!


Destiny: Forty thousand.


Mark Collett: Forty thousand subscribers? What, watching now, or I thought you had more than 40,000 subscribers.


Destiny: If, you know how many I have, then why are you asking me? [chuckling] [He has 402K subscribers]


Mark Collett: Because it’s interesting to see, … You see the point that I’m getting to.


Destiny: Yeah.


Mark Collett: Is a lot of this can be seen as intentional, simply by the effort that the establishment, including, as I said, the corporate sector, social media, the mainstream media, and the government. The effort they go to actually prevent not people talking about White people becoming a minority, because that is something that’s accepted now, to stop people complaining about it.


So, for example, you’re on YouTube with your many hundreds of thousands of subscribers with a monetized account. And you are admitting that replacement migration is taking place. But, because you favour that, you are allowed to keep your account.


Whereas people like myself, who spoke within the law, within the legal limits, about similar things. And obviously speaking within the legal limits in Britain means that any YouTube account would easily be within legal limits in America, get completely taken down!


And that does prove that there is a major drive by the establishment, which big social media companies are part of, to silence people, like myself, who disagree with White people becoming a minority. Whereas voices like yourself, who actually celebrate this, are amplified.


Destiny: Okay. So, a few things. So one, when you say:


“Admitting that replacement migration is taking place.”


I don’t know if you mean replacement migration in an intentionality point, or not intentional. That’s a pretty important part of that. In terms of admitting replacement migrations is in place, I think everybody it will quote, unquote, “admit” this. It’s not something to be admitted. You can just look at statistics. Anybody in the Left, or Right, any economist, any sociologist, anybody will say:


“Well yeah, of course, necessarily as more people from other races migrate, and people intermarry, there’s going to be a less proportional amount of White people in any given majority White country, where immigration is coming from non-majority White places.”


Number one.


Number two. You say:


“Within the law, within the legal limits.”


It’s not really relevant to YouTube, or any other types of online conversations, because they don’t function as an arm of the law. They have their own individual terms of services, which they kind of ban people for.


Now we can have a discussion on what those TOSs should be, but any appeal to legality, is not really relevant, when we’re talking about what’s allowed, or not allowed, on certain platforms.


And then finally the conclusion that you draw is a massive non-sequitur! Just because a conversation is blocked in a certain platform, doesn’t mean that people are implicitly admitting that conversation is true.


Mark Collett: Hold on, …


Destiny: There may be people getting banned, let me finish [in a high pitched voice] my response! I’m not squeaking! Okay?




Mark Collett: You are squeaking!


Destiny: Are you okay?


Mark Collett: You are squeaking.


Destiny: Can I finish my response to you? When you jump on personal attacks and you call me slippery, and stuff, I’m giving you advice. The appearance to both me and the audience, is that you feel like you’re weak on your points, you have to attack me personally.


Mark Collett: No! No!


Destiny: Because you’re not used to engaging with somebody that can actually makes some points, okay?


Mark Collett: You are well know for squeaking and slipping out of things [smiling]


Destiny: Okay, I’m just putting that out on the floor. You can engage in that if you want, or not. Okay. So the third thing you said is a non-sequitur, right?:


“Intentional efforts to suppress a certain conversation.”


Does not necessarily mean that that particular topic is true, or people won’t admit it’s true.


For instance, if YouTube decided to ban all talk of like, I don’t know what you believe now, but like if Hillary Clinton being a reptile. Just because they’re banning that talk doesn’t mean:


“Wow! Obviously she is a reptile! Because it’s getting banned.”


You need another connector there! That doesn’t logically follow, okay?


Mark Collett: No, no! That’s [chuckling] not what I’m saying.


Destiny: That is exactly what you just said!


Mark Collett: What I’m saying is, on YouTube. And it’s not just YouTube. You just said a single platform. It’s every platform! It’s every platform! So you have YouTube, you have Facebook, you have Twitter. You have all social media sites, except for sort of renegade social media sites, like say BitChute, or Odysee, or Telegram. Which are pressured to follow suit, and to some degree have to with certain commentators.


All of them hold a line whereby people are encouraged to celebrate this demographic change! And I’ll give you an example. There are videos on YouTube of content creators saying:


“Oh! I went to London and White people are a massive minority in London! And this is great! And we should celebrate it! This is fantastic!”


Yet, if you go to London and say:


“Well, White people they’re a minority here now! I think London’s lost a little bit of its character. It’s not as British anymore. It’s not as English.”


Then you would be banned! And that is done on a blanket level across mainstream social networks. That is done on a blanket level in the media. And what we are seeing here is anybody who advocates for White people to remain a super majority in their ancestral homelands, is being shut down! Which does point to the being intentionality!


Because there is a widespread campaign to stop White people organizing along ethnic lines. And to stop White people advocating for their own interests! Whereas every other racial group is allowed to advocate for their interests. And is actually encouraged to organize along ethnic, or racial lines.


Destiny: Okay. So you restated what I just said. What didn’t logically follow. But I’ll restate it. And then you tell me if you agree, or not, I guess we can move from here.


So you’re saying that, because people are banned from a multitude of platforms for trying to talk about X, since they’re banned from talking about that, X must be true! This is basically what you’re saying, right?


Mark Collett: No, … Do you want me to state what I’ve said again, but quicker? So we’re not like eating up the entire, …


Moderator: Yeah! Go ahead and do that! Yeah, say it again but quicker.


Destiny: Yeah.


Mark Collett: Right. You can talk! You can talk on social media about Whites becoming a minority, but only if you support White’s becoming a minority! So social media doesn’t ban you from talking about Whites becoming a minority.


They only ban you if you disagree with that happening, or wish to, in any way, advocate against that. So this isn’t like some mad thing what you’re trying to paint. As you’re trying to say:


“Well if YouTube banned you from saying Hillary Clinton’s a lizard, that doesn’t mean Hillary Clinton’s a lizard.”


No. What you’re doing now is you’re drawing a false equivalence to try and derail this into some kind of comedy, because you can’t answer what I’m saying.


Destiny: I haven’t even, … I’m trying to understand your question. I’m not trying to derail anything. Now. [both talking over each other briefly]


Moderator: What do you say, for example, like there might be an editorial where they talk about the browning of America, or whatever, or they talk about Whites are going to be a minority. And I’ve seen these myself. And they’re celebrating it right? It’s in the New York Times, ….




Destiny: I’m not disagreeing with that.


Moderator: Well, yeah! I’m just asking. What do you say about that though? Like I mean, yeah, I’m not even saying you’re taking an issue with it.


Destiny: I think it’s a dumb shit that gets banned for, because of, what advertisers think is friendly, or whatever, or what the most people will support without cancelling somebody. But I agree that a lot of that is cringe.


However! Just because platforms, even if it’s every platform in the world, is not platforming a certain type of speech, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is some truth that those people are getting at! There could be a variety of reasons for why they’re banning that speech. Not just because they’re trying to hide the truth. That’s all I’m trying to say [this is a retarded time-wasting point he’s making here – K]


Mark Collett: No, no, wait! You have just earlier on, in this very debate, accepted that White people are becoming a minority. You support that! You are a multiculturalist! Hence, you are allowed to keep your 400,000 strong YouTube army, make lots of money, have monetized videos.


But if somebody came on YouTube today, … If I started another YouTube channel, … I had a hundred thousand subs, mine initially got shadow banned, then demonetized, them banned all together. All channels that say exactly that come from the same starting point as you do, that this is happening. But then say:


“We disagree with it happening.”


Are banned! So what you’re seeing here is a concerted effort across all platforms to stop anyone talking about demographic change, …


Destiny: I acknowledge all of this. But what I’m saying is, because you’re trying to say that because that’s happening, either people don’t want people to know that it’s true, or they’re banning it, because there’s some intentionality, that they’re trying to hide.


What I’m trying to say is there’s an alternative explanation. And it might just be that this particular type of speech is so unpopular, that there’s pressure on advertisers not to host this type of speech.


Mark Collett: But it’s not so unpopular! It’s not so unpopular! Because when I had a channel I had videos with millions of views!


When I had a channel I was gaining a thousand subscribers a week, until YouTube shadow banned it. There are plenty of people out there talking about this, that are very popular. It’s not popular.


Trump got kicked off Twitter. He was very, very popular! He was the President. It’s not a matter of “popularity”! This isn’t just down to some sort of series of unfortunate coincidences. There is intentionality here! And you only have to be a mildly intelligent person, who can join up dots, to see that.


Destiny: What I’m trying to tell you is, it’s possible that you can get views, or you can get like millions of views and videos. What I’m saying is this particular type of speech is so unpopular, not that nobody will see it. But there’s enough of a public backlash against it, that advertisers might want to say:


“Hey! We don’t want to be involved in advertising here, or we don’t want to be involved in this particular thing.”


And that sort of public pressure is usually what gets this type of content deplatformed.


Mark Collett: So you’re saying now:


“You can have millions of views. You can have a 96, 97% positive ratio. People love your videos. But you’ll get banned!”


Because the three percent who are disliking your video are so powerful, that the advertisers will listen to them, YouTube will listen to them, and your speech goes down the toilet?


Destiny: Okay, I’m gonna ask you a question. And we’ll see if you can engage in good faith. [pot calling the kettle black – K] Do you think only three percent of people in society are offended by views related to White Nationalism, or ethnic majority White people needing to be a necessity for the future of country’s destinies?


Do you think only three percent of people in society are offended by that? Because you said, you made it sound like just because you’re getting 97% thumbs up, or whatever, doesn’t, …


Mark Collett: Yes. On the videos with millions of views.


Destiny: Doesn’t necessarily mean that the overwhelming amount of people support that type of speech. Even want to see it on these types of platforms.


Mark Collett: But, [exasperated] you see what you’re saying here is that there is a group of people who are undefined, who are apparently seeing these videos, that didn’t like it. But didn’t say anything about it. And because of that group of people, the videos have to be removed. Well that doesn’t really make a lot of sense.


It’s the same with Trump. You know, huge, huge, amount of support, roughly half of Americans supporting him, maybe more depending on what you believe, removed from all social networks! Now that tells you that this isn’t being done, this mass deplatforming, isn’t being driven by large majorities! It is being driven by small, vocal, minorities. Or a tiny minority of people who are in control of platforms, that have a very politicized agenda.


And part of that agenda is, ensuring that White people don’t advocate for themselves! I don’t know who that tiny minority of people could be! But I’m sure somebody in the chat can help us out with that.


Destiny: So you legitimately believe then, that that type of speech, that over 50% of people that are on YouTube are in favour of seeing stuff related to like White Nationalism, or White supremacy? That these are ideas that they would find palatable to be on YouTube?


Mark Collett: I didn’t say “White supremacy”. I said:


“White people advocating for their own interests.”


You then injected “White supremacy” to make my, …


Destiny: Very, very hard to find one without the other! Right? I can have a conversation, …


Mark Collett: I’m nor a White sumpremacist, where, …


Destiny: I don’t know if you are not. But half of what you said in this conversation is like, kind of not true! So, for instance, when you say White people can’t have, or advocate on their own ethnic lines, whatever. I’ve had conversation about that before, and I haven’t gotten banned, ….




Mark Collett: When I say White, …


Destiny: But hold on! The problem is that oftentimes this is paired with other types of speech. And that’s why these people end up getting de-platformed. Is they’re not just saying like:


“Hey! Like black people have their own groups, Asian people have their own groups, like Asian people, like a whole bunch of people. Why can’t they have their own group, and White people can have their own group.


I’ve had conversations like this before. And I don’t get de-platformed, on any of these platforms. So my guess is that when you say:


“Well, you can’t have these conversations!”


Because there’s usually other things that go along with it, like the little joke you just made about it:


“Well, there’s a certain minority of people that are controlling these things. I wonder who they are?”


That’s generally the case!


Mark Collett: No, no, no! Number one, you don’t get de-platformed, because you are an establishment mouthpiece. You support what the establishments are saying, and you’re leading a group of people who all support you down a road of sort of mocking White advocacy. That’s the first thing.


Secondly, making jokes shouldn’t really be illegal, should it? [Destiny trying to speak over] For White people, as a group, don’t just face losing their social media accounts. They face losing their jobs! They face all manner of social problems, which are leveled at them, by a small and very aggressive minority of people, who seek to silence them!


But the same minority group, that seek to silence Whites to advocate for themselves, raise up and amplify the voices of other ethnic groups that seek to advocate for their rights! And their interests! Which exposes another massive hypocrisy!


So, if somebody came on this stream, a black man came on the stream and said that they’re advocating for black rights, they were advocating for black people in America, or Britain, as a racial, or ethnic group, nobody would bat an eyelid.


But society has been conditioned, by a small group of people who have taken control of the media, social media, etc., to basically turn a blind eye, or walk away from anyone who says they advocate for White interests.


Because, if you say you advocate for White interests, there are social consequences! We are shut down for advocating for our own group! Which in the current, you know, larger political sphere, is massively hypocritical! Because everyone else is advocating for their racial group.





Destiny: So when we talk about cancel culture. I don’t think that this is driven by just a small minority of people. When you’re talking about people can lose their jobs, they can get de-platformed from large platforms, like I’m pretty sure that the pressure here is pretty massive. It’s not just three percent of the society that agrees with these certain ideas.


There’s a lot of people that participate in this type of stuff and I think, … When you look at like the “adpocalypse” in what like 2017, and YouTube, over like family-friendly content and stuff, or all of the weird stuff going on with children. Like a lot of this stuff isn’t just like a small minority of people that are shadow controlling, the “cabal”, trying to control everything behind the scenes.


I think there are genuinely a lot of big social movements that push in certain directions. Now maybe you’ll say they exist. But they’re controlled by a minority of people, I guess? But I don’t think that it’s just like a few people that are driving this. I think that there’s a huge cultural consensus around some of these ideas. And then that pushes advertisers to act in certain ways. And then that pushes platforms to act in certain ways.


I think that’s a far more believable explanation than there is like at the shadow cabal. Unless we can find them, or I guess unless you could show me them. But maybe that’ll be the next part of the conversation we’re moving on.


Moderator: Well, I was going to say, I made a notation here, the intentional part, right? That is a big part that we haven’t really delved into at this part, at this point, yet. So why don’t we do it now. Mark? [all talking over each other]


Mark Collett: Well I’ll talk another point about this okay functionality yeah that’s kind of I’ll talk another point about this intentionality.


Moderator: Okay. Yeah, that sounds good.


Mark Collett: I’ll talk another point about this intentionality. I’ll give you a great example. Everyone knows that I work in design. If I started Marky C’s Magical Design Company tomorrow, and put up a job application saying:


“Only White people are welcome for this job.”


Or saying that, say:


“Black people are not welcome at my company!”


I don’t want to employ them. I wouldn’t do such a thing. But if I did, there would be absolute uproar and outrage! But in Western nations, such as Britain, you do have examples where White people are excluded from certain jobs, certain positions in the state, certain positions in the media. White people are openly discriminated against in a number of ways. And they’re the only people who can be discriminated against.


Now, at this point, you might have, …


Destiny: Can I ask a a clarifying question? So in the United Kingdom, you’re telling me, it’s legal to discriminate on the basis of race against White people?


Mark Collett: No. It’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of race. But, that is something that doesn’t seem to apply when it comes to White people. So I’ll give you an example. The Fire Service in England, they change their testing so you needed 90% on the admission test to get in, if you’re a White male. 80% if you’re a White female, and 70% if you were somebody from an ethnic minority background.


Now that’s clear discrimination. Yet those things are basically rubber stamped and endorsed by the same people who say that they want no more discrimination, and they want equality. That isn’t equality! And what’s happening here is a system of discrimination. Just like I was talking about on social media.


A system of discrimination that discriminates against White people! Turns White people into second-class citizens! And again, this is endorsed by social media, because you can’t talk about it on social media. This is endorsed largely by the mainstream media and the State. Now, do you agree with that kind of discrimination?




Destiny: I would have to see in terms of like affirmative action. Basically, is what you’re talking about? I don’t know, I would have to see how it plays out in the UK. I can speak to US laws a lot better. But my understanding is in the UK, I don’t think you’re allowed to engage in this type of discrimination.


Mark Collett: But it does happen. I mean, even the BBC have posted job adverts specifically for people who are not, …


Destiny: Saying it does happen doesn’t mean that it’s legal, or allowed. There are a lot of things that do happen everywhere, right? So I’m not interested in like it happened one time. But more so like as a rule. Like this is something that’s become legal, or this is something that’s been culturally accepted. These are like far different than this.


Mark Collett: But it is culturally accepted! That’s what I’m saying! Discriminating against White people is culturally accepted, …


Destiny: In terms of, … Stop broadening the conversation. In terms of like job applications, or like tenants can live in areas. My understanding is in the way of the United States, and I’m pretty sure it’s still in the UK. There are certain classes that you’re not allowed to discriminate on, no matter what! You can’t say renting a house to only black people, only Asian people, only White people. My understanding is, I think, that’s similar in the UK.


Now, affirmative action falls under a special different thing. We use for some universities. I don’t know if you guys have that for certain types of jobs, as well. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t? So I can’t speak to British law, as well as I can to US law.


But regardless, even if these things do exist, we haven’t gotten anywhere near the intentionality aspect, of like a White genocide, or a White discrimination, …


Mark Collett: Let me explain, …


Destiny: , … Explanation for why we enact these types of policies, …


Mark Collett: Let me explain in simple terms! Laws are enacted to bring about fairness, to end discrimination, supposedly. And these laws prevent you from advertising a job on the basis of ethnicity. But then, once that law has been enacted, usually another law is enacted alongside it, which states:


“Despite what they’ve said earlier, that you can’t actually discriminate in the workplace, on the basis of race, every workplace has to take so many quotas of people.”


So, in fact, they are discriminating on the basis of race, but only in the benefit of people who aren’t White. You understand that? That’s a very simple point.


Destiny: Yeah, I understand what you’re saying. I never take anything from people like you on face value! [talking over each other]


Mark Collett: You understand if you, …


Destiny: Hold on! Let me just say. Okay, because you keep throwing so much together. When you’re like the BBC is hiring certain people, right? If you’re saying that like the BBC is looking for like a reporter to report in a certain area, that has to match like ethnicity there. I can agree with that. I think that’s an okay thing.


Even in the United States we have exceptions for stuff like that. For instance, if you wanted to make a documentary about Martin Luther King, you’re allowed to discriminate there when it comes to hiring an actor. It doesn’t have to be equal opportunity. You’re not going to have an Asian woman playing Martin Luther King in a movie, right? Much the same that there are certain limited exceptions where asking for people of a certain background, …


Mark Collett: Why not! You’ve got black people playing English Kings and Queens now! Why can’t a White person play Martin Luther King!


Destiny: Hilarious! So there are certain times where it makes sense for some forms of like discrimination be okay. So when you’re saying:


“BBC job postings.”


It’s making me wonder if they were looking for reporters, reporting certain areas. In which case I can understand it. If you want to have a broader conversation about affirmative action, I mean, largely I’m not necessarily in favour of affirmative action. There are some cases where I can see it being the case.


But when you bring up BBC job offerings. This is what is coming to mind for me. And it sounds to me like you agree that there are larger laws in the UK that make it illegal to hire somebody, or not hire somebody, at least on the basis of race, or sex, or there’s probably other protected class in the UK, as well.


So if it has happened before I would probably disagree with it. If some people are pushing forward I would probably disagree with that. But this still doesn’t get us anywhere near the intentionality aspect of White genocide.


Mark Collett: I really like the way you say an awful lot of words very quickly, yet say nothing of substance! That’s a real skill!


Destiny: Okay. If I ever say something and you don’t understand what I’m saying, I can break down, whatever. Every word I say is very intentional. And if you don’t understand, you’re not following, Follie [?] and I will read it out for you. [talking over each other]


Mark Collett: You stated that a White person shouldn’t play a role like Martin Luther King. Yet black people are now playing the roles of English kings and queens. The fact is, that’s another interesting point that you raised yourself that defeats your own argument. That when a black person plays a White historical character, everyone cheers and applauds in the press, the media, on social media. If you speak out against it you get into trouble. Whereas if Mel Gibson was cast to play Martin Luther King, that’d be outrage. You could not have a White person play a black person.


Destiny: I never said that a White person couldn’t play, like unless they wanted to. I’m just saying that you have the option to discriminate there for artistic purposes, …


Mark Collett: I want to see Mel Gibson as Martin Luther King!


Destiny: Sure. So are you saying there are black people playing like historically accurate English kings?


Mark Collett: Yes!


Destiny: Are you talking about like Lord of the Rings, or like, fictional things?


Mark Collett: No. There was a black actress recently cast to play Anne Boleyn. [Anne Boleyn was Queen of England from 1533 to 1536]


Destiny: Okay. But I mean, like, I’m saying that if White people want to play historically, …


Mark Collett: White people are being erased from their own history! [taking over each other].





















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