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Sven Longshanks


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UK Government Grooming Gang Initiative


Mon, Apr 3, 2023


[Sven Longshanks, a long standing British White nationalist, strong supporter of Patriotic Alternative, and the man behind the Radio Albion website gives a brief update on his ongoing persecution by the legal system under its Orwellian hate speech laws.

Successive traitorous (((British governments))) have been, and continue to be, involved in a genocidal agenda to replace the White British through “legal” (and illegal) mass migration of non-Whites, against the overwhelming objection of its White population.

Sven has been found guilty of (((hate speech))) for ten podcasts produced several years ago where he spoke against White genocide, and now awaits likely a sentence of years in prison.

All nationalists should give their support to Sven against this creeping tyranny, in any way, big or small.



Published on Mon, Apr 3, 2023



The Daily Nationalist: UK Government Grooming Gang Initiative – DN 040323
Sven Longshanks gives some brief thoughts on his recent trial and comments on Rishi Sunak’s new grooming gangs initiative.
After pressure from the alt-media and GB News, the UK Government have finally announced a raft of measures to deal with this national scandal.
Police will now record the ethnicity of the perpetrators and a new ‘aggravating’ factor will be added to sentences, similar to the one used in racial hate crimes.
A new taskforce of experts will help local police do the investigations, while the National Crime Agency will be overseeing them to make sure political correctness does not hamper proceedings.
It will also be mandatory for those responsible for children to report any fears of child sexual abuse occurring, which means fear of being called racist will no longer be accepted as an excuse for dereliction of duty.
Presented by Sven Longshanks
The Daily Nationalist: UK Government Grooming Gang Initiative – DN 040323
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(33:55 mins)


You’re listening to Radio Albion, talk radio for the Nationalist community.


Hello and welcome to the Daily Nationalist. Today’s date is Monday the 3rd April 2023 and you’re listening to me, Sven Longshanks, streaming at


Well, I’ll just say a few brief things about the trial. I don’t want to talk too much about it at the moment. I am very pleased that I was actually able to beat King’s own counsel on five counts, but obviously not happy about being found guilty on ten counts. And these charges related to language that I had used half a decade ago, and I would be the first to admit that I was using impolite or vulgar language back then. And the jury found me guilty of inciting hatred with that language.


And I think that was the reason why the judge had some harsh words for me at the end of the trial, which I know a lot of people have been upset about. But I think he did that for the journalists, because the journalists couldn’t, obviously couldn’t use the language that I had been using because the jury found it to be hate speech. And because the jury had found me guilty of incitement to hate, then the judge was duty bound to comment upon it.


And obviously because the journalist couldn’t use that same language, he gave them something that they could use to try and convey just how terrible the language was.


Now, what I’ve done, because this was language, as I say, it was used over half a decade ago, I was arrested in 2019 and it came out in court. There was one charge from 2019, and the detective in court said that they had been monitoring Radio Albion up until 2021 and they stopped monitoring it in 2021 because it became apparent that there was no more offending.


So in light of this and the decision that the language that I was using up to 2019 counts as incitement to hate, I’ve removed the social commentary on the website up to the end of 2019. So I’ve removed the Daily Nationalist, the Daily Traditionalist, Aryan Britannia. I’ve removed all of those.


So hopefully everything that is on the website now is within the law. And obviously we looked at these things in 2019, and, 20020 and came up with a formula for talking about these subjects and doing it in an objective way and doing it in a way that stays within the law.


There’s been no requirement that the website be taken down or anything like that. And to ensure that that doesn’t happen, obviously I’ve taken steps to make certain that there is nothing on there that could be considered to be incitement to hate.


So that’s all I really want to talk about as far as the trial goes for now. They’re waiting for a pre-sentencing report and sentencing should take place on the 28th April. So until that time I will continue as normal.





And there’s a bit of good news that I want to get into today, and it’s something that we’ve been calling for here at Radio Albion ever since this scandal first appeared in the news about the grooming gangs:


“Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced a new set of plans to stamp out sex grooming gangs who have targeted young women and girls in a major victory for a GB News investigates campaign.”


Now this is good. GB News, mainstream media source, and they obviously highlighted this, but this is highlighting it four or five years after the alternative media were also highlighting it.


So this just shows that if you put pressure on the government from the media, you can get them to institute policies that we want to see:


“In a landmark new policy for tackling the national scandal, Downing Street announced the formation of a new grooming gangs task force which would involve specialist officers being parachuted in to assist police forces with live child sexual exploitation and grooming investigations to bring more of these despicable criminals to justice.”


That’s an absolute quote there, calling them “despicable criminals”:


“The new force will be led by the police and supported by the national crime agency, the NCA.”


So let’s hope that this grooming gang’s task force are good at doing their job. It seems that they think they will be:


“The NCA has seen significant success in dealing with historic group based child sexual exploitation cases in Rotherham where it was brought in to deal with the town’s scandal after local police and council failures were exposed in a series of government reports.”


And of course we will remember all of those. I think they took place in 2014 and the main reason why these crimes were not investigated is because people had a fear of being called “racist”. And we still have that fear today. People are still very careful and they talk about certain subjects because they’re concerned that if they don’t talk about them in a certain way, they could put themselves at risk of accusation of racism, or accusation of incitement to hate:


“GB News understands that the NCA will act as oversight for local police forces with specialist officers being sent into specific areas if issues are raised about a hesitancy to tackle grooming gangs.”


And who is it that’s going to raise this issue about a hesitancy? Is there going to be a hotline set up? And if victims feel the police are failing to investigate their allegations, will they be able to call up, or will this be something that the police force themselves are expected to do? Sort of when the police announce that they’re going to be investigating themselves. It doesn’t make it clear here whether it will be a member of the public that can call for this to be investigation, call for this to be investigated, sorry, or whether it be the police themselves:


“The 2014 Jay Report found that some 1400 girls had been groomed, abused, raped and tortured in Rotherham between 1997 and, 2013, with the police and council failing to act due to fears that tackling the problem would look racist.”


And a lot of people forget that there was torture involved here. There was horrific things that were done to these girls:


“Since launching it’s own investigation in the town in 2014, the NCA has revised the number of victims to 1, 510, identified hundreds of suspects, and secured several high profile prosecutions and convictions.”


So it seems like the NCA and their specialists have had some success in doing this. And when you look at the numbers here, they’re talking about these 1400 girls, and that went up to 1500. And around about this time, Sarah Champion, the former Labour MP, I think she was Labour MP for this area, said that there could have been up to a million young girls that have been victims of these grooming gangs. And you can use a search engine for that and you can still find the article today. It was produced in the Mirror suggesting that up to a million girls could have actually been victims. And at the time, it was shocking enough that they said that 1400 girls have been groomed, abused, and raped. But you think a million, a million victims!


And of course, there is child abuse within the White community. And where the White community are the majority in this country, you could say, well, the majority of abuse is carried out by people who are White.


But if you look at the figures for the grooming gangs that were carried, actual grooming gangs, that is a gang of people involved in this, not an individual child abuser. And you will find that these grooming gangs are majority Asian. And then if you look at the percentage of the population that is actually Asian, you will see that they’re actually far more likely to be involved in this child abuse activity than somebody who is White.


I mean, the government famously brought a report out last year, I think it was, and they said:


“Oh, White people are more likely to be involved in grooming gangs!”


And they fudged the issue, basically, because White people are 85% of the population, so of course they’re going to be in the majority.


But if you look at the percentage of the population that are Asian, and then look at the number of grooming gangs, you’ll see that Asians are more likely, as a group, they’re more likely to be involved in this.


And of course, that’s not to say all Asians are groomers. It’s only a minority, but they are a group that is more likely to be involved in it! And part of these recommendations has actually addressed that issue, which I’m very pleased about. We’ll get to that in a bit:


“The government’s announcement comes less than two months after GB News broadcasted ‘Grooming Gangs: Britain’s Shame’, the Channel’s first documentary under the GB News Investigates brand. The documentary called for a new NCA task force to assist local police investigations into group localized child sexual abuse and exploitation.”


And the solutions that we were talking about a few years back when we were covering this issue, we were saying this could not have taken place if it wasn’t for multiculturalism! That is the root of the problem! No multiculturalism, no potential victims, no potential Asian grooming gangs either, because you don’t have the multiculturalism.




So of course people say:


“Well, how can we change that? We have multiculturalism.”


But you have to remember the ideal is to have homogeneous communities which everybody is always best off amongst their own family and amongst their own extended family. They’re always safest amongst their own extended family. We have to remember that ideal, even if we do have multiculturalism. And we have to hold the government to account for this because they are the ones that changed the demographics of the country. They are the ones that:


“Sent out search parties around the world.”


I think was the comment used by the Labor MP, the Labour government rather, under Tony Blair. They sent out search parties around the world looking for as many immigrants as they could find to import into the country, to quote:


“Rub the Right’s nose in diversity!”


Close quote. So we have to hold the government to account for setting up the conditions where this sort of abuse could take place:


“The documentary called for the task force to hold the police to account after decades of scandals, whether it is for failing to collect data on ethnicity or for not prosecuting criminals.”


And this is the important point. The government are now going to collect data on ethnicity because the majority of the victims are White and the majority of the perpetrators where it’s grooming gang activity are Asians.


So this is a factor. And if they’re not collecting the data on ethnicity, then they can’t find out this information.


And of course there is this fear of accusations of “racism” and that’s why they weren’t actually collecting the details on ethnicity. And what that effectively means is you could have a group in society that has a higher percentage of criminal types within that group for a particular type of criminal activity and they could be carrying out their crimes.


And because the government is not collecting the details on ethnicity, it would just pass them by and the government wouldn’t realize that one of these groups was responsible for this activity.


Once you can find out which group is most likely to be carrying out this activity, then you can target your resources to preventing that group from carrying out this activity.


So I think there’s two parts to this. They’re going to record the data on ethnicity so they can see who it is is most likely, or what group is most likely to be carrying out this activity.


And then the second part of this policy is going to be putting in these experts working alongside the police that understand these communities, I should imagine:


“Downing Street said the NCA supported task force will include data analysts to identify the types of criminals who carry out these offences, helping police forces across the country catch offenders who might otherwise be missed.”


And of course, it’s rather a generalization to say, well, it’s Asian grooming gangs, but there may be a particular positions in society within the Asian community that are more likely to be a part of these grooming gangs. I mean, it might be minicab drivers, for instance, might be kebab shop owners, might be restaurant owners, things like that.


So if they collect this data and they can see that that is a likely profession for these people to have, then that means they can target their resources on those areas, they can target the resources on the minicab drivers, they can be more strict on giving out the licences. They can investigate the people that they give the licences out to. They can give them a heightened investigation before giving them the licence. And this is a sensible thing to do.


Of course, the government is now being accused of profiling and racism and all the rest of it. And you have to give Suella Braverman, you have to give her some credit here because she is saying:


“Well, what’s more important, not being politically correct or saving these victims from happening in the first place or pursuing these criminals, preventing these crimes from happening?”


Surely preventing horrific crimes like this from happening is more important than the risk of being accused of racial profiling, or being a racist, or not being politically correct:


“In a statement, the government added that the task force will also include police recorded ethnicity data to make sure suspects cannot evade justice because of cultural sensitivities, which is another demand made in the GB News Investigates documentary.”


And of course, that’s something the alternative media have been talking about for a long time, that the ethnicity needed to be recorded. Because people who were pointing this out, who are saying:


“Well, this goes on within this community.”


They were told that they were:


“Racists, they were making it all up, and this community would never do such a thing!”


And if the police had actually been recording the ethnicity, they would have had the data there and it would have shown them that they were more likely to carry out this activity. And they’re saying here that people have been evading justice because of cultural sensitivities.


And I guess again, what they mean there is because people are sensitive about talking about these other cultures. And again, just the fact that people have evaded justice because of cultural sensitivities, that’s the government admitting multiculturalism has led to people evading justice. I mean, surely that’s what they mean by “cultural sensitivities”, they mean a different culture. So multiculturalism is to blame. It added:


“This will include better data on the makeup of grooming gangs, including ethnicity, to make sure suspects cannot hide behind cultural sensitivities as a way to evade justice. Elizabeth, a survivor of child sexual exploitation from Rotherham, told GB News ‘I truly hope this is the moment we have all been waiting for as survivors and campaigners. The national grooming gang scandal has dragged on for decades without major action, but these plans show huge potential’.”


So that’s good. One of the survivors here, one of the former victims, she’s had a look at this plan and she thinks it’s positive:


“The NCA secured the conviction of my abuser in 2018 and I hope the government’s new task force will help secure justice for other victims across the country, and not just in Rotherham. Elizabeth not her real name added the Home Secretary is right to speak frankly about the background of the perpetrators. Political correctness and fears of being called racist silenced so many people and prevented investigations when myself and thousands of other survivors needed it.”




Remember, this was going on for decades and it wasn’t investigated because they wanted to promote “community cohesion”, which effectively meant that they wanted to cover up these crimes because they were concerned that the so-called far-Right would be able to capitalise upon it.


And of course when you look at that they’re effectively saying:


“Well, they would rather have victims and girls being raped than have the chance of the far-Right being able to say, ‘Well look here, multiculturalism isn’t working! We never would have had all these victims here if it wasn’t for multiculturalism!’.”


And of course you get the accusation then, well:


“How would you deal with the problem of multiculturalism?”


And of course Patriotic Alternative have got a policy there: Voluntary repatriation. Then of course people will say:


“Well, what about people who don’t want to leave?”


Well they wouldn’t have to leave, would they? I should imagine that the sort of people that wouldn’t want to leave for voluntary repatriation would be the sort of people that have high paid jobs because they would be turning down a financial reward for voluntary repatriation.


And the ones with the high paying jobs are not really the ones that are causing the problems within society, are they? I don’t think there are many judges or doctors so far that have been convicted of being involved in these grooming gangs. So there is a way that we can limit the multiculturalism without harming anyone.


And in doing it in that way with voluntary repatriation, you’d actually be helping a lot of people as well because they’d be able to go back to their ancestral homeland with a large amount of money so that they could then set up a business there and they could help their people, they could be among their people.


And obviously it’s more conducive for happy living and a contented life to be living among people that are just like yourself, than it is to be living in a multicultural territory where it’s difficult to find people that think the same way as you and even speak the same language as you in some parts of the country.


Elizabeth said:


“I was sickened to see people calling the Home Secretary racist on Twitter after she correctly outlined the issue. Will these people never learn? Are our stories and all the data not enough?”


Well, it seems it isn’t enough for some people. You do get people on the extreme Left that just cannot see the wood for the trees. And you do get people on the Left that say things like:


“Well, these victims should just shut up for diversity’s sake! So we’ll just hide these crimes under the carpet and hope that nobody notices.”


Well, that’s gone on for long enough. And now it seems something will be done about this. There will be this special task force and the police will be recording the ethnicity so that we do actually have the data to point to:


“Maggie Oliver, the Greater Manchester Police whistleblower who exposed a rape gangs scandal in Rochdale, told GB News ‘I welcome the attention being focused today on this national shame, and I am cautiously optimistic about these plans. But my fear is this is more rhetoric, which I’ve heard many times over the past ten years’.”


And I think that’s what most people are worried about, that this won’t actually amount to something. But it seems one of these victims or one of these survivors has looked at this and thinks that, yeah, these are pretty good ideas. This former police lady, Maggie Oliver, she is concerned that it’s just going to be more rhetoric.


And of course, the answer to that is, we need to hold the politician’s feet to the fire, don’t we? The media, mainstream media, and the alternative media, need to make sure that the government carry through on this. And need to make sure that these figures and the details of this and the results of this, that they are made public. I think that’s the important thing, so that we can actually see the data for ourselves. She added:


“I heard similar promises made by former Home Secretaries Priti Patel and Sajid Javid, but sadly, action never followed the words. I hope this time it is different. But only time will tell. And until the monumental changes needed are actually put into place, victims of these horrific crimes will continue to have their lives destroyed!”


Well, I have to say, I think Suella Braverman, so far, she’s certainly doing a better job of being Home Secretary than Priti Patel and Sajid Javid, certainly doing a better job than Amber Rudd!


And at least she doesn’t seem too frightened to talk about these issues for political correctness reasons. And it is under Suella Braverman that this initiative is being started, so I can’t really criticize Ms Braverman. Mrs Braverman:


“The Maggie Oliver Foundation exclusively shared details of its annual report with GB News in February as part of the broadcaster’s year long investigations into the grooming gangs scandal. The charity said that it was currently working on over 50 live group localised child sexual exploitation cases.”


So on 50 different grooming gangs, basically, they’re looking at at the moment:


“Charity also confirmed that it had supported more than 1000 survivors of child sexual abuse and exploitation through its legal advocacy and emotional support services since 2020.”


It’s probably only about one in 100 of these victims that actually end up going to the police. I should imagine there’s 100 times that number there, especially if Sarah Champion was right when she said the number of people that were calling her up. She made this estimate that there could have been up to a million survivors in Britain.


And of course, that’s including all the years that this has been going on for. This charity here that’s been supporting 1000 survivors. I mean, that’s just the survivors this year, isn’t it? That’s not including the ones from 10, 20, 30 years ago:


“Last year alone, some 400 survivors contacted the foundation, having been failed by the police in some way. Ahead of the launch of the new task force the Prime Minister said the safety of women and girls is paramount. For too long, political correctness has stopped us from weeding out vile criminals who prey on children and young women. We will stop at nothing to stamp out these dangerous gangs!”


Well, he talks a good talk, doesn’t he? But does he walk the walk? That’s the issue. He says they will stop at nothing to stamp out these dangerous gangs. So we’ll have to look next year and see whether these victims are saying that they’re still being failed by the police and whether these gangs are still out there.




I mean, I do wonder if Tommy Robinson’s recent documentaries, maybe they have helped with this as well? It’s not just GB News that have been highlighting this. Tommy Robinson, for all his faults, has put out some excellent documentaries on this issue this year. I forget what they’re called. I think you can find them on Rumble:


“The government is also expected to introduce new legislation that will make being the leader of or involved in a grooming gang a statutory aggravating factor during sentencing. Which will secure longer prison sentences for perpetrators convicted of these offences.”


And of course, this is something we’ve been talking about at Radio Albion, and we were talking about this years ago, that these grooming gangs, it should be the equivalent of a hate crime. Because they are particularly going after White victims. And that is effectively what it means here. Because if there is a “hate” aspect to a crime, then that is a statutory aggravating factor.


So they are saying that being a leader of or being involved in one of these gangs, that will be a statutory aggravating factor. So we’ll have to see whether they consider it an aggravating factor. The equivalent to the aggravating factor, that would be if it was based on race or minority status:


“When Elizabeth’s abuser was convicted of two rapes in 2018, he was sentenced to just nine years. Being released after four and a half years, including two years spent in the comfort of an open prison. Elizabeth told GB News longer prison sentences are vital for us survivors. All too often, the rapists are back in their communities in no time. We see them in the street, we see them in the supermarket. It’s got to stop!”


And I remember there was I think there was two or three of these groomers that were put in prison and the Home Secretary said that they would be deported when they came out. And they came out and they weren’t deported. And the poor victim bumped into one of them in the supermarket:


“This new legislation is another campaigning victory for GB News Investigates in Grooming Gangs: Britain’s Shame. The broadcaster urged the government to act. We need stronger prison sentences for the rapists. No victims should see their abuser walk out of prison after only a few years.”


And, of course, again, Tommy Robinson has been talking about this. We were talking about this in Radio Albion. GB News is just the latest one, but GB News are a mainstream media organisation:


“The new developments come after Home Secretary Suella Braverman announced that the government would introduce a mandatory reporting for adults working with children if they suspect or identify that a child is being abused, which was a major recommendation from the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse.”


And this is good, because I should imagine it was also teachers that were being politically correct and didn’t want to report what was going on with the children in their care because they were frightened of being accused of being a racist as well.


So this will make it mandatory that anybody that finds out anything about this, if they’re responsible for children, they have to tell the authorities:


“Writing in the Mail on Sunday, Braverman said the inquiry found repeated individual and institutional failures to report child sexual abuse. It recommended that the government should introduce a mandatory duty for professionals with safeguarding responsibilities to report any signs or suspicions of such abuse. Had this duty been in place already, countless children would have been better protected against grooming gangs and against sexual abusers more widely.”


So it must have been that the people responsible for these children, they didn’t report it because they were frightened of what they would be called. They would be called nasty names, they would be called racist, wouldn’t they? Or Islamophobic, if they had reported this:


“The Home Secretary has also announced that the government will provide £600,000 in funding to the NSPCC Whistleblowing Helpline. So they have a specific grooming gang helpline that’s part of the National Association or the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelties to Children. If a professional has concerns that their organisation is not reporting or handling child abuse cases appropriately, they can contact the NSPCC Whistleblowing Helpline for support.”


So perhaps it’s this helpline that is linked up with the NAC that we were talking about at the beginning of this article, that they would then cause them to go in and investigate, and send in specialist experts to actually help the police force:


“The helpline was launched in 2016 following Professor Alexis Jay’s report into the Rotherham catastrophe and has led to over 300 referrals to the police since then.”




So that’s 300 referrals for child caring organisations who have not been caring properly for the children. They’ve been allowing this to go on.


So this is people that have then reported. I guess, children’s homes and things like that, where they’re supposed to be responsible for caring for these children. And in actual fact, they’ve been hiding the fact that these children are actually being abused by these grooming gangs:


“Commenting on the latest wave of legislation planned for tackling child abuse in general and grooming gangs in particular, the Home Secretary said ‘child sexual abuse is one of the most horrific crimes facing our society. It devastates victims families and whole communities. The protection of children is a collective effort. Every adult must be supported to call out child sexual abuse without fear’.”


She doesn’t say it there, but it’s without fear of being called racist or Islamophobic. That is the fear that people have when this abuse is being carried out by members of the Muslim community:


“The despicable abusers must be brought to justice. They should not be able to hide and they must face the full force of the law for their crimes. That is why I am introducing a mandatory reporting duty and launching a call for evidence. We must address the failures identified by the inquiry and take on board the views of the thousands of victims and survivors who contributed to its findings. I would encourage everyone to engage with the process once it starts. It is important to have a national conversation about this, to shine a light on this terrible but too often hidden crime.”


Very important we have a national conversation about this, she says there. But the fear is, of course, once you start talking about these things, you can be accused of racism and Islamophobia. I hope we do have a national conversation about this. I hope it isn’t just GB News that talks about this and the alternative media. We do need to keep this subject in the spotlight because it is still going on, it hasn’t got any better and it’s very good that the government are now paying attention to this. It’s very good that Suella Braverman is highlighting this. And it’s good that she has called for a national conversation about it.


And I’d like, hopefully we might see her step in there if people are having a conversation about this and they get accused of hate speech, because I’ve seen that happen a couple of times now. I’ve seen Suella Braverman step in and announce on Twitter that she does not agree with what the police are doing, for instance, with regards to allegations of hate speech. I can’t recall the exact incidents now, but there have been two or three of them.


I think she also stepped in there, didn’t she, to appeal the judgement on the people that pulled down the Edward Coulson statue, saying that that wasn’t a crime, when it quite clearly was a crime. It was thanks to Suella Braverman that she got that appeal heard and they said that that was a perverse judgement.


So this is good news all in all, and we’ll have to keep watching it to see whether they carry through on their words.


Well, thank you very much for listening. I’ll be back tomorrow with more of the Daily Nationalist for you. God bless and hail victory.




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You’re listening to Radio Albion talk radio for the nationalist community.












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