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Be Careful Out There


Wed, May 10, 2023


[In this video:

Andy is joined by Mike Walsh for a show entitled, ‘Be Careful Out There…’

We discussed: Mike’s analysis of the conflict between Russia and the West, along with its potential devastating consequences; the trial of Kristopher Kearney (better known online as Charlie Big Potatoes) who was affiliated with Patriotic Alternative; how can Amazon justify selling ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’ a book that teaches its readers how to make bombs, when they have banned hundreds of other books that do not encourage violence; why we need to keep up with changing legislation regardless of whether we like it or not, in order to protect ourselves from our own governments, who are becoming increasingly hostile to points of view they do not like; and many other topics.


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Published on Wed, May 10, 2023




ACH (2147) Mike Walsh – Be Careful Out There…
May 10, 2023 by achitchcock
In today’s show originally broadcast on May 10 2023, Andy is joined by Mike Walsh for a show entitled, “Be Careful Out There…”
We discussed: Mike’s analysis of the conflict between Russia and the West, along with its potential devastating consequences; the trial of Kristopher Kearney (better known online as Charlie Big Potatoes) who was affiliated with Patriotic Alternative; how can Amazon justify selling “The Anarchist Cookbook” a book that teaches its readers how to make bombs, when they have banned hundreds of other books that do not encourage violence; why we need to keep up with changing legislation regardless of whether we like it or not, in order to protect ourselves from our own governments, who are becoming increasingly hostile to points of view they do not like; and many other topics.
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Andrew Hitchcock: To learn who rules over you. Simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise. You are listening to ACH and I’m your host on today’s show.


I’m delighted to welcome that my dear friend who’s been with me since the very start, Mike Walsh.


So let’s bring him up right now. Mike, are you with us?


Mike Walsh: Yes. We’ve been together for a very long time, haven’t we? And I hope that we will be together for a very long time in the future, because it’s very rewarding talking with my friends around the world and hearing from them, which you do.


So thank you for all the messages of support since we last talked. It really is appreciated and very much helpful.


So I just want you to know that from this side of the world, you are very much appreciated. The whole family. Thank you, Andrew, for having me on your show again.


Andrew Hitchcock: Well, thank you so much, Mike.


And should we start off with, we’re recording this on Tuesday, May the 9th. And we’re going to be putting this up in about 15 hours, early on Wednesday, May the 10th. But, of course, today is this day that Russia celebrates every year, some military victory day. Mike will know more about it than me.


And, of course, we’ve had an increase in the violence in the Ukraine. So what is your current analysis of what’s going on between Russia and Ukraine and the West, Mike?


Mike Walsh: Yeah, I don’t consider it a war, Ukraine against Russia or Russia against Ukraine. They’re being used as a battering ram, Ukraine. And the war would have ended at least a year ago had it not been for the arms and the money pouring in from the Western alliance.


So it’s a proxy war. And it’s a war that they’re losing, but they will just not admit that they’re losing. I’m not talking about Ukraine. It’s going to be an absolute disaster! And this is why the Western Alliance is working so hard to keep the war going, because they don’t want to lose face, as they did with Afghanistan. And there’s no question about it, the war is being won in Russia’s favour only today.




And remember that Ukraine, in terms of population, is a very small country. It’s got about 20, 25 million, most of whom are female or the very old or the very young. They don’t have many men of fighting age. And yet today they’ve lost 460 fighting men in the war. The attrition rate is eight to one. So for every eight Ukrainians who die in this conflict, this NATO conflict, there’s only one Russian dying. And they are a much bigger population, a well organised army. They’re a world nuclear power. They can afford it. Ukraine can’t.


So far, the figures are staggering! Ukraine has lost, so far, an estimated 350,000 fighting men. Now out of a very small population, less than half of that of Spain, that is cataclysmic! When you bear in mind that they’ve never forgotten the Vietnam War, which lasted for 20 years.


And of course, the important thing to remember about that debacle is that 55,000 American servicemen lost their lives in the unfortunate hapless Vietnam War. Nearly seven times that number of casualties have occurred in this NATO conflict against Russia, which is only 14 months old now. That is the scale of this catastrophe! Ukraine will never recover from it.


But NATO, the Western alliance, Andrew, will never recover from it at all. Because even as I speak, even though the Russians, there is no triumphalism, not on this particular conflict anyway.


Another story. But the Russians don’t accept yesterday that they won. But everybody knows, even the Western pundits are bracing for a defeat for Ukraine.


Now, if Ukraine is defeated, and it is already defeated, it’s not just the defeat of Ukraine, because Ukraine really doesn’t matter anymore. Ukraine is half the size, or it will be half the size that it was in February 2022. They’ve already lost, 20% of their territory, which in terms of mineral resources is the richest, richer than the other 80%, to Russia.


There is absolutely no way that Donbas or Crimea is ever going to be under the Ukrainian or the NATO flag. That is not going to happen.


Kiev has already ceded western Ukraine to Poles. Because in 1945, when Europe was carved up by the military victors, a great slice of Poland was given to Ukraine in compensation. They were given a large swathe of territory, former German territory. So everything shifted to the West. Now, Poland being Poland, wants their territory back. They’re not going to give the territory that they took from Germany back to Germany, but they want the territory that was taken from Poland and given to Ukraine in 1945 under Stalin. They want that back, and they’ve already got it back. They’ve got de facto, they’re changing the laws.


So everybody living in western Ukraine, which again is about 20% of that country, is now under Polish influence.




Now, when this happens, and it is happening, Hungary, which again lost a lot of territory, Hungarian territory, to Ukraine in the aftermath of World War II, as did Romania, they want their populations back. Because again. In western Ukraine there are many people who are ethnic Hungarian, who see themselves as Hungarian. They speak only the Hungarian language. They go to Hungarian schools and Hungarian churches. They follow the Hungarian culture. Absolutely the same with Romania.


So the whole shift is occurring as we’re talking. And what will the outcome be for the Western alliance? A fiasco! A debacle far greater than was Afghanistan! If you think Afghanistan, which they scarpered from in a couple of days, was a fiasco for the United States and NATO, it’s going to be dwarfed by the collapse of the Ukrainian front.


All of the NATO Arsenals, and we’re talking about, I think it’s 20 countries or 30 countries, they have been emptied. Even Britain can’t even defend itself now.


I read that Poland has enough in their military Arsenals to last in a fire-fight for about two days.


So the Western alliance has completely collapsed! It couldn’t fight anything now.


So that’s completely gone.


Biden is hanging on by his teeth. If the war is lost, then the next election is going to be won by Trump. And the European Union, which stupidly followed the Washington line is going to be isolated as the United States collapses, and there’s going to be a Russia – that’s already happening with Hungary and other countries – they are already preparing to make friends with Russia, simply because they won’t have any choice.


The omnipotence of the United States, like the British Empire and like the Soviet Union, is evaporating.


And that means the two strongest powers, the true omnipotent powers of the world today, will be Russia and China. And Europe, the European Union. If the entire of Europe, from the Urals to the Atlantic Ocean, was a foot, the European Union would actually only be the size of one’s big toe!


So it’s insignificant, in world affairs, and it’s increasingly insignificant. The world is de-dollarizing, the West is gone.


So this is the outcome of this debacle, this latest NATO debacle.


Scott Ritter, the former Weapons Inspector for the United Nations, said:


“NATO is Europe’s suicide pill!”


And it absolutely is! All it’s good for is creating refugee crises, making the arms or weapons industry very rich, but impoverishing people and killing hundreds of thousands of people! I think there’s been more than 40 conflicts since 1945.


Today, the Soviet Union is celebrating what they call Victory Day. I don’t know whose victory it was, but we don’t live in a real world anymore. And I am a victim of those who don’t like the “truth”. Inconvenient history! That’s all I’ve ever written about, is inconvenient history.




And Russia will today forget. I’ve got nothing against Russia. I’ve always said that the war was against Bolshevism. Soviet Union, Bolshevism. There was no problems at all from Germany or anyone else about the Russian, or the Russian people or the Russian culture. If The Times would be turned back and Putin was in power instead of Stalin in 1942, there wouldn’t have been a Second World War. The Germans and the Russians would have gone on, fine.


What they also forget, and this will be an inconvenient history today is over a million in the Vlasav [sp] regiments. In the Vlasav regiments of World War II, over a million of Russians fought on the side of Hitler’s Germany against Bolshevik Russia. Vlasav himself was a former Red Army, a much Heralded Red Army general who saved Vladivistok, … Not Vladivistok, Moscow, rather. He saved Moscow. But he led the Resistance. So that in that respect, World War II for the Russians was a civil war.


And they also tend to forget that it wasn’t the Russians who won the war. They wouldn’t have done it unless they were in total collaboration and gaining the support of the West, which they deny.


So there wasn’t a Red Army soldier whose tunic was not made in the West. All of the buttons that held the tunics together were made in the United States. All the ships, all the tanks, everything on wheels was made in the United States. All of the railway rolling stock was made in the United States. They couldn’t have done it!


So the victory was a victory for three world empires who collaborating together, which was the greatest insanity ever, destroyed a country that was half the size of Texas! If they can call that “victory” and hold victory parades, then I find that they can probably make Father Christmas appear to be truth!


But this is the world we live in. We live in a world of total fantasy! We’re fighting to struggle, we’re fighting to avoid totalitarianism, and we tend to forget that we are already living in a totalitarian society.


The war is over. Ukraine is totally defeated. They’ve got no chance whatsoever of mounting a counter offensive. The Russians take the policy of:


“He who hits first, hits twice.”


I think they’ve hit them so many times, the Ukrainians, and, of course, NATO, that the war is decidedly over in Russia’s favour.


And when we emerge from it, when the muck flops, it’s going to be a totally different world from that that preceded February 2022.


There is no war, not even a 100 years war, that has ever created such a disaster for the West as this war! This NATO war, to ruin Russia. Russia has had 12, 600 sanctions imposed on it. It’s emerged stronger! It’s got a higher GDP than the West, [?] it’s got lower interest rates on absolutely everything. They’ve emerged from. It very successful while we are digging our own graves. There you are. Thank you for the opportunity for bringing you up to date, Andrew.




Andrew Hitchcock: Well, thank you so much, Mike, for that detailed analysis there. Very, very interesting.


And what I’m going to ask Mike about, many of you will know that Mike led the British movement. A political party, for many years, and took over from Colin Jordan, who took over from Arnold Lease. So certainly Arnold Lease is someone that I’ve read a lot about. I’m not so keen on Colin Jordan. I think I can speak for Mike as well there [chuckling].


But the reason I mention this is that there’s a guy who’s called Charlie, calls himself Charlie Big Potatoes. Interesting name, but his real name is Kristofer Kearney. And I’ve been following this case because, well, let me read to you from the Liverpool Echo newspaper online. This is from the 8 May:


“Charlie Big Potatoes claimed Hitler did nothing wrong. Court told Kristofer Thomas Kearney used the name Charlie Big Potatoes on Telegram when he shared the manifesto of Norway killer Anders Breivik, but said he did not know it was among the library of literature he posted as he just gave it a quick scan. A judge will determine whether posts shared by Kearny were reckless or if the evidence is consistent with an intent to encourage terrorism.

The self described British fascist is part of the Right-wing group known as Patriotic Alternative. He added the main aim of the organisation was not to become minorities in our own home. The Old Bailey heard. The 38 year old, who is originally from Liverpool, told Telegram users ‘Adolf Hitler showed people the way’ and ‘did nothing wrong’.

The defendant, a former soldier in the Parachute Regiment, regularly featured on Right-wing podcasts. He also set up his own channel called Fascist Fitness to hand out exercise and fitness tips.

An image of Kearny with a National Action flag was shown in court, which the defendant said was taken at an anti-grooming gang rally in Darlington. He is said to have been an active member of the neo-Nazi group until a week before it was banned for glorifying the murder of MP Joe Cox.

Kearny was extradited from Spain to face charges last September and pleaded guilty to two offences of disseminating terrorist publications.

He is believed to be the first member of Patriotic Alternative to be convicted of terrorist offences. On Friday, May the fifth. Last Friday, Ged O’Connor, defending, set out how Kearney was unaware he was posting Breivik’s manifesto. Prosecutor Naomi Parsons told the court Kearny’s Telegram channel contained themes of ‘White genocide’, anti-semitism and the glorification of Nazi Germany. Ms. Parsons said:

‘These themes are depicted by violence. There are numerous videos that suggest violence is looming. Violence is inevitable. The evidence is consistent with intent rather than recklessness. It is evident from the defendant himself, the images and words he has said, which suggest he is of the mind that violence is inevitable and that others should commit acts of violence.’

But Kearny told the court he viewed violence as ‘counter-productive’ and when questioned if he believes in violence, responded, ‘No other than in self defense, no.’

The offences relate to two Telegram posts on January 23 and March the 8th, 2021, which disseminated dozens of documents encouraging extreme Right-wing terror attacks, including the manifestos of Christchurch mosque killer Brenton Tarrant and Breivik, who murdered 77 people in Norway. Two other far-Right extreme extremist manifestos related to Texas Walmart, mass killer Patrick Crusius and John Earnest, who shot people at the California synagogue in 2019.

In 2021 he posted a numbered list and links to 89 extreme Right-wing documents. It is believed he was head of Fitness at Patriotic Alternative and regularly shared posts from its accounts such as White Lives Matter banners.

The issue of Kearney’s motivation will be decided on Tuesday before he is sentenced.”




Now, I found out that the court case was starting at 10:30 a.m., Tuesday, May the 9th. And I thought that he was just going in there to be sentenced because he’d gone guilty. But what he’s actually said I’ve been frantically trying to find things because I thought that I’d be able to present what was put in the media, present his sentence, get Mike’s response.


But the best I’ve come up with is this is 3 hours ago as we’re recording this off Twitter. So this is happening at 11:40 am UK time in his court. There’s five Twitter posts, but I’ll read them all together:


“Kristofer Kearney is back in the witness box. He is being cross examined by prosecutor Naomi Parsons at a New Tupton hearing after pleading guilty to sharing terrorist documents on his Telegram channel. She is going through some of the documents he linked to. Among them were the manifestos of Anders Breivik, Brenton Tarrant, Dylan Roof and Patrick Crusius, all of whom committed massacres against Left-wingers, Muslims, black people, and Latinos, in that order. And the novel, turner diaries. The Turner Diaries is a novel, which says Ms Parsons, depicts a revolution against the Jewish controlled government which leads to the creation of a new White order after an apocalyptic war.

She says Professor Paul Jackson says it and the manifestos gave moral justification for extremist Right-wing terrorists. Judge Marks asked Kearney if he was horrified at Professor Jackson’s opinion that he was encouraging political violence. He says, ‘He is.’

The court are being shown videos he posted on his Telegram channel. They include one which appeared to be produced by Russian far-Right and included the term ‘White Jihad’, and another which was violently anti-semitic.”


So this is pretty much all the up to date information that I can get so far. I’ve also got a statement from Patriotic Alternative on Kristofer Kearney, known as Charlie Big Potatoes. But before I read what they say, their statement on him. Any comments? Mike, over to you.




Mike Walsh: Well, there seem to be in the British Right-wing at least is a political in-sophistication. We have strong Right-wing movements throughout Europe and they wouldn’t be so foolish to be publishing things like that, certainly without making it absolutely clear that they did not support it. So it’s whether there was an “intent to” and with the likes of Brevik’s manifesto, who was a Left-winger anyway, and gave a clinched fist salute, which, ridiculously, the press said was a Nazi salute. I never ever saw a National Socialist in my life giving a clinched fist salute. But there you are, that’s the press. They turn the truth on its head.


But as far as I’m aware, Brevik’s manifesto has been published in the mainstream media! And much of the information that you’ve otherwise mentioned has likewise been covered. So it’s whether it is done with any “intent”. Now, this is where he has to wriggle out, if he’s not diplomatic enough in the first place, to be very careful about what he post. He’s got to make absolutely certain in what he posts that he doesn’t support it. He’s a news reporter.


That’s what I do with Europe Renaissance. I’m not supporting violence, I’m not a violent person, and I don’t think that violence achieves anything at all except bloodshed. It never has done. It’s got to be debate, and that’s the way I make it absolutely clear.


And this is what he should.


But he’s been very unwise in publishing this sort of thing. The days are gone when you could pick up a copy. I used to sell it in the days of the British movement. I was a leader of the British movement for 15 years. Not two or three years like Colin Jordan, but for 15 years.


And in those days you could sell the Turner Diaries. It was one of those I did. I used to sell the United States, Army Survival Manuals, and how to make explosives and all the rest of it. You can’t do that anymore!


These people need to drag themselves into the 20th century. There has been a quiet revolution which has turned against anybody of conservative thinking. All of my books have been banned, and yet they’re absolutely tame compared with some of the books that he has been perhaps or seem to be promoting! And they’ve certainly got to be a little bit more sensible in what they do, or stay out of comment altogether. We don’t have a free press! We don’t live in a free country!


As I said earlier, Andrew, we are living, and we’ve got to accept the fact that we are living in a totalitarian society and we are very limited to what we can do. And we have to be particularly careful about the way we handle world affairs. I do. Everybody else does.


But this again explains why Britain, alone in Europe, is showing the smallest Right-wing unity of any of them. Even Sweden has got a far stronger Right-wing than has Britain. The National Front is gone. The British National Party is gone. The National Party is gone. There is nothing!




As soon as anything reaches any level in which they can potentially achieve anything, a division occurs. It is so predictable. It’s like December the 25th! You know it’s going to be Christmas Day. And, you know, that as soon as a political party, a political movement in Britain, as soon as they get to any strength at all, where they could start vying for some kind of influence anyway, it divides and splits.


But you got your Brothers of Italy*. In Italy, it’s powerful! It’s in government!


[* Brothers of Italy (Italian: Fratelli d’Italia, FdI) is a national-conservative and Right-wing populist political party in Italy, the country’s largest after the 2022 Italian general election. The party is led by Giorgia Meloni, the incumbent Prime Minister of Italy.]


You got Marie Le Pen in France. That if they would hold an election, everybody regrets having voted for Macron. If there was an election tomorrow, then Marie Le Pen, the former National Front leader, would walk it!


It’s the same in Spain. Vox is now the most powerful kingmaker in the Spanish government in Madrid. But right the way through. You’ve got the AFP in Germany, you’ve got the Swedish, you got the Danish. Every single one of them is far more sophisticated, politically sophisticated, and aware than Britain. Britain, really, in terms of political activity, is really in the “pram stage”. It’s a Toddler. And I just about give up on it, simply because those who could have done anything with it, like myself, like John Tyndal, like Martin Webster, perhaps, and certainly like the others that preceded us, Oswald Mosley, what a great man he was! Have we ever been in a world in which there was a greater need for Oswald Mosley? There aren’t anymore. But it will take some kind of a social revolution anyway to change things.


And as I said before, Andrew, we’re going through a collapse. I’ve just done a story today in Europe Renaissance, the European Union is collapsing. I predicted it a long time ago. I predicted the collapse of the United States. I predicted the de-dollarisation of the dollar, the United States dollar. I predicted a shift to Russia, as did [word unclear] incidentally. So everything is happening just as I predicted.


So what you’re going to have in Europe, is you’re going to have a complete collapse of the European Union and one country after another, they’re already starting, they’re starting to shift their alliance from across the Atlantic. America will become self sufficient. It will withdraw all of its bases and all the rest of it. It doesn’t have any choice. It’s being kicked out of the Middle East. It’s being kicked out of the Persian Gulf. It’s being kicked out of Africa, it’s being kicked out of Indonesia. Everywhere else.


What we’re saying now is another collapsing empire, which on this day, in which the Russians call it Victory Day, good luck to that one. It just kept coming as I’m going for another 45 years. And the Gulag and everything else we were supposed to afford, it would just put them in charge. But there you are. I hope I didn’t wander off topic there.




But people have to be more circumspect when they’re publishing things, when they are living, as we are, in a totalitarian state. Britain is in a totalitarian state. It’s only three or four days ago when Republicans who wanted to simply put up placards and hand out leaflets calling for a referendum on the leadership, that kind of sovereignty of Britain, King Charles III, that’s all we were protesting. There was no violence or absolutely anything at all. They’ve all been released without charge, but they were all rounded up. If that doesn’t tell you whatever your views are on the Royal family, if that doesn’t tell you that you’re living in a totalitarian state, then I’m afraid you missed the boat altogether. Thank you, Andrew.


Andrew Hitchcock: Thank you, Mike. And I have actually got a conclusion to this Christopher Kearney case, though not the one that I guess most people the sort of final conclusion, if you like. But again from Twitter, where is it? Here. This is from 2 hours ago:


“Judge Mark says he will need to have a report from the probation service before he delivers sentence. He says sentencing of Kristofer Kearney will have to be put off for a month or so.”


Okay. So there is not going to be any verdict today, which is what I expected. So no doubt he has been returned to prison because when he was extradited to hear from Spain, I believe he was put in Chemlsford Prison [in Essex]. And initially he was going by video link to the court to submit his pleas. But it looks like what we were reporting today, that he actually was in the witness box today being spoken to by the prosecuting barrister.


But I want to go over to, … They mentioned in this other post, The Turner Diaries. Now I remember the Turner diaries were being carried on Amazon for many years.


In fact, I just checked to see if it was. I checked both the American site and the UK site and it isn’t. But there is something that is being carried on there. You can, however, go to Ebay. And I’ve typed in the Turner Diaries. Yeah. And several results have come up. People are selling it, so it’s very easy to get along with the book Hunter, which was by the same author.


And of course, Andrew McDonald was actually a pseudonym of National Alliances William Pierce.




But let’s go over to Amazon now. One thing that I thought was banned, and I’m sure I’d read about this being listed when people are being tried for whatever they want to call it, hate or terrorism or what have you. One publication that they don’t like is The Anarchist Cookbook. But on Amazon Co UK, you can buy the paperback for 21 pound, 36 Pence. Or you can buy a Kindle edition. It’s had its little Kindle work done. And it’s the original version by all looks of it. I’ll give you the description here:


“The Anarchist Cookbook will shock it, will disturb it, will provoke. It places in historical perspective an era when turn on, burn down, blow up are revolutionary slogans of the day. Says the author.

This book is not written for the members of fringe political groups such as the Weathermen or the Minutemen. Those radical groups don’t need this book. They already know everything that’s in here. If the real people of America, the silent majority, are going to survive, they must educate themselves. That is the purpose of this book. In what the author considers a survival guide. There is explicit information on the uses and effects of drugs, ranging from pot to heroin to peanuts. There is detailed advice concerning electronics, sabotage and surveillance, with data on everything from bugs to scramblers. There is a comprehensive chapter on natural, nonlethal and lethal weapons, running the gamut from cattle prods to submachine guns to bows and arrows. The section on explosives and booby traps ranges from TNT to whistle traps. 111 drawings supplement the recipes.

This book is for anarchists, says William Powell. Those who feel able to discipline themselves on all the subjects, from drugs to weapons to explosives that are currently illegal in this country. Techniques, disciplines, precautions and warnings pervade. That what may be the most disquieting how to book of contemporary times available on Amazon.”


And I’m just going to look at one review here that I noticed. It says:


“With power comes responsibility. First published in the turbulent sixties, this book has attained a sort of cult status for that time. It reflects many of the mores and problems of that generation of young people and is worth it for a read for that, if for no other reason.”


But get this:


“So far as bomb making and all of that, the book is technically good. But the methodology involving use of nitrogen compounds, particularly red fuming nitric acid and cotton to make gun cotton is fundamentally unsound and unsafe. You could blow a hand off, or worse, very easily following Powell’s directions.”


So here’s a reviewer saying that this book could actually tell you how to blow things up. Just maybe you’d be harming yourself in the process.


Mike, as someone who had all his books removed from Amazon, did your books give any ideas to people as to how they could make bombs that Amazon still sells books about like this?




Mike Walsh: None at all. The one of the hated of the most was Europe Arise, which was purely a defense manual for the White people. And that there was absolutely nothing that anybody could object to, but it was White. But the book that you’re just talking about, The Anarchist Cookbook, that was, of course, always a Left-wing book from the 1960s. And I shouldn’t think that if the police were to do their job and the Crown Prosecution Service, if that is what it’s called, was to do their job, and make some up raids in the Left-wing and the black power movement and all of the radical Left-wing movements, they would be able to jail the lot for the rest of their lives.


But of course, they’re not interested. The only one that puts the fear of God of them, the only side that puts up the fear of God of them is the conservative Right. And we see evidence of this all the time and they don’t like those who expose government.


Now, how can Britain possibly describe itself as a free society when in the high security Belmarsh prison. His Majesty’s Belmash Prison. You have Julian Assange, a genuine journalist, who has never, ever been prosecuted for anything, that he has ever written! Even the Brazilian Prime Minister this week, Lula, he condemned it. Everybody has condemned it. Mexico has condemned it. The entire world is standing up to the totalitarianism of the West, and Britain is in the forefront of that!


So when you’ve got the likes of Assange in jail, yet they’re selling, openly, The Anarchist Cookbook, then there is something radically wrong with society. And it is not the radical Right, it is the radical people who occupy the seats of power.


And this is what we’ve got to be up against.


Now, what you’ve got to be careful of here is that if you were to purchase this book, if you were read it for any reason at all, and the police confiscated it, they could claim, as the gentleman that you’ve just been talking about, is that you’re using it for ulterior motives. So you’ve got to be careful of what you possess. I always said that if you’re going out for a night out, there are so many attacks on Whites by blacks now that you really need to carry something that protects yourself. Now you’re not allowed to defend yourself in Britain. This is against the law, to defend yourself.


So if you take a knife, or well, you wouldn’t take a gun, even though it’s legal for you to carry one. No, it’s got to be. You couldn’t do it. But I always said, take a bunch of keys with you, and put your finger through the ring of the bunch of keys and use it as a knuckle duster. It is absolutely devastating! Far more damage than a knife could cause. But it’s legal. How are they going to prosecute you for carrying a bunch of keys in your house? Everybody walks around with the debit card and the credit card and plastic cards like it in their wallet. It’s nastier than any open razor, in opening a face. I did this for the ladies, primarily because the ladies are being attacked by migrants.




So I said:


“Take your card out, put it between your fingers and use it to open the skin of anybody’s faces who attacks you!”


And showed them how to stick your fingers up and attack his nostrils and rip back! Or how to give them a belt in between the eyes because it breaks the bone and goes into the eyes, but only at defense! And I have to make that absolutely clear all the time!


The British troops, when we had an empire and they were not allowed to carry guns, they carried a rolled up newspaper, because a rolled up newspaper, when you grasp it in your hand and bring up the rolled up bit onto somebody’s chin or into between their legs, is absolutely devastating!


But another trick that I always used to say is take a bottle of lemonade, or any bottle of bottle of beer. There’s no law against carrying a bottle of beer home.


But if you are surrounded by four or five thugs then you break the bottle of beer you hold onto it’s neck and you got a dozen vicious knives in your hand! At least you’ve got a chance. But this way it is very, very difficult for the state police. I don’t like calling them police officers anymore, just simply because they swear allegiance to the monarch. A lot of people apparently did that a few days ago. But it doesn’t make them officers, does it?


So I don’t like using the term “police officer”. Making an oath of allegiance to his majest, in my book, does not make an officer. I came from a society in which an officer was somebody of great competence who took a ship from Liverpool to Rio Janeiro and could do it competently and take it anywhere else in the world. That was an officer. An officer was somebody in the armed forces in the Royal Navy or in the Air Force, the Royal Air Force, or in the army. And they were well, officers.


But to relate, police officers I call them “state agents” as they were in Eastern Europe, as they were in East Germany. They were state operatives. And they’re not policemen! I say a policeman because I came from an earlier generation. I see a policeman as a Bobby who helps children across the road who helps grannies who are struggling with their bags and shows people the way. Not these uniformed pretend soldiers that we have now.


The people who wouldn’t go into a British Army uniform in case it brought a threat to them. But they wear a policeman’s uniform. I just don’t accept them as officers at all. But there you are. I think again, I went off topic. It’s typical of me. I hope people can live with me.




Andrew Hitchcock: Thank you, Mike. But you didn’t really go off topic. It was quite helpful because I’ve got, … This is the only self defense DVD I’ve got. I looked into this a few years ago. I’ve never been very good at, … When I was at police training school they used to do this thing you could do extra PE in an evening and stuff like that. There’d be a guy at the front doing all these movements and you’re copying them and stuff like that.


But I’m just all over the place.


So there were some people from my class and friends of mine that had come along just to watch how I was trying to keep up because it looked like I had Saint Vitus’ dance* or something. I just couldn’t do the moves that the instructor was doing that everyone else had seemed to do. So I’ve always been all over the place for things like that.


[* St. Vitus’s dance. Saint Vitus’s dance is another name for chorea, a disorder marked by involuntary spasms of the limbs and facial muscles.]


Consequently, I was trying to do the extra classes for, … It was called UDT, Unarmed Defense techniques. But a few years ago I bought this DVD that’s actually quite entertaining as well. The guy who does it, there are some out-takes at the end which are quite funny as well. I suppose that’s not the real reason for getting it. But it’s called “Self defense, empty hands and with everyday items”. It’s by a guy called Franck Ropers. Now, Franck is spelt F-R-A-N-C-K. Ropers. R-O-P-E-R-S. It’s available from Amazon in the UK. At least for about 15 pounds, new. And on the back it says:


“An item that can look harmless can become a formidable weapon. To know how to use the surroundings is a basic asset for self defense.


Therefore, it’s important to be able to use the improvised weapons found anywhere around you. Thus, a pen, a key or even a newspaper may, if needed, be improvised as a weapon and save your life. To this day, Franck Ropers remains an undisputed expert in fighting. In this video, he shows you his self defense method based on the Indonesian martial art, the “Pencak silat”*, a devastating discipline.”


[*Pencak silat is an umbrella term for a class of related Indonesian martial arts. In neighbouring countries, the term usually refers to professional competitive silat. It is a full-body fighting form incorporating strikes, grappling and throwing in addition to weaponry.]


And as I say, I’ve watched it and I think I’ll have another look at it actually, because people who listen regularly know watch quite a few things.


So I’m going to put that to look at again. Because the way that he does it, he’ll do the move, someone set up scene, someone comes to threaten him, trying to attack him, and then he does it. And then he does it bit by bit to show you what moves where. And it sounds complicated, but believe me, if I could follow it, you certainly can.


So it’s something worth looking at.


And as Mike says, you have to be so careful with what you possess now. I mean, in Ireland, they’re even looking to pass a law to jail people for having things on their computer that they don’t like. Doesn’t matter if you’ve distributed it or not. And we’re not talking about things that should be prosecutable, like child pornography. We’re talking about a meme that they don’t like, a radio show that they don’t like. You don’t have to have distributed it. If you own it, they can jail you. That’s the law that they want to pass.




But before we go, I did say that I was going to read a Patriotic Alternative statement on Kristofer Kearney. Now, this went up on March the first [2023]. So let me just read this for Mike now and then we’ll get his comments and then we’ll go:


“Earlier today, March the first, Kristofer Kearney, better known online as Charlie Big Potatoes, pleaded guilty to recklessness at the Old Bailey in relation to sharing a number of documents deemed as illegal.

Firstly, it is important to make clear what has actually taken place here. Christopher shared a link to a page on Telegram which contained a library of over 10,000 books. Among those books, which included novels, health and fitness advice, gardening tips, and historical texts were a number of items that are banned by the UK government, including a number of manifestos linked to individuals who carried out unconscionable acts. It is also important to note that the banned items made up less than 1% of the total items in the library.

Secondly, Kristofer maintains that he shared the link in good faith, without full knowledge of what was present in the library.


However, he concedes that his actions were ‘reckless’ and as such he has pleaded guilty with a view to a reduced sentence.

Finally, Kristofer was living in Spain when the offence took place and the actions were not committed on British soil, nor were they deemed illegal in Spain. Kristofer also has a young family and his partner gave birth to his fourth child shortly before he was arrested and remanded in custody. He has now spent over twelve months in custody, missing the majority of his young child’s life.

As such, we understand why he is eager to bring these legal proceedings to a close and be reunited with his family. We also understand the severity of the charges.

However, we must stress that the link that Kristofer shared was done so on his own private page. It was never shared to a Patriotic Alternative page. And it was not shared in any official capacity. We completely disavow any form of violence and or terrorism and are completely committed to peaceful Democratic change through our community building program.

This case should serve as a warning to all those using any online platform or social network as to the dangers of doing so under new government anti-terror legislation. By sharing links online from sources that you cannot trust or are unsure of, you may well be putting yourself and others at risk.

We urge all those within the nationalist community to exercise caution when interacting online and remind all those associated with Patriotic Alternative that we have a code of conduct which forbids the use of racial slurs or advocacy of undemocratic means of achieving political change. We also hope that this case will now be swiftly concluded and that Kristofer and his family will be reunited as soon as possible.”


So I think that we certainly learnt a few things there, didn’t we Mike, that we didn’t hear in the Twitter posts I read or the Liverpool Echo article I read, didn’t we?




Mike Walsh: He’s been targeted, hasn’t he? And he’s been very unwise because he’s given them the ammunition that they were looking for. And this is where we’ve all got to be careful. We mustn’t provide the enemy, which is the State, with the ammunition that they’re looking for. So we’ve just got to be more careful than we have done in the past.


As I said before, some of these books, they were openly sold. All of the US manuals, I was making reasonable money out of those when I was running the British moment. How to how to make improvised weapons, I seem to remember one of them. And my own book, Behind Enemy Lines, very, very popular books.


There is absolutely no way that they could be published today! So, as I say, we’ve slipped into a totalitarian state. We’ve got to accept that. You’re not going to see the headlines in the morning that Britain is now a totalitarian state, but it’s pretty damn obvious you can’t do anything, as the Republicans found out a few days ago during the Coronation, you can’t even hold a placard up now without the permission of the police! And that is a Police State.


I don’t care whether you’re Left or Right, Conservative or Labour or Liberal or Green, that is a totalitarian state! We’ve got to accept it and we’ve got to work our way through it, same as other people have done.


But they brought by mostly peaceful means, they brought the Soviet Union to this Eastern Bloc and the Soviet Union, actually, they brought it to its knees. There was very, very little violence. There was no violence at all, really, in the how many? 14 or 15 years from 1919 to 1933, when Adolf Hitler was elected, January 30, 1933. A lot of time passed.


But as Hitler, who was always against violence, he said himself that there were more people died in the two or three day abortive uprising, the Easter Uprising in Dublin, than died during the entire period of the National Socialist rise to power. So National Socialism and Fascism, it doesn’t have to have violence, just truth on his side, courage, and help those who are fighting on the front line. This is our weakness today. We don’t get behind our leaders, and that’s something that we should do!




Andrew Hitchcock: Thank you, Mike. And we’ve got a couple of minutes left, so let’s run through quickly Mike’s website.


And of course, we’ve got Europe, which is something that I visit every day.


And if you want to go sort of get the most recent articles, you can scroll down to the slider. So there you go.


So at the moment, Knife Madness, Merkel’s Mayhem brings an epidemic of knife crime to Germany. Then we’ve got Russian SU 35 jet nearly knocks Polish patrol plane out of the sky over the Black Sea. US presidential candidate blames CIA for JFK assassination. That’s Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Of course.


And then, “You can shove your Coronation up your arse”, which is basically what the Liverpool fans were singing, or certainly a significant enough section of them at a recent Liverpool football match, showing that not everybody was behind the Coronation.


And I just saw along the top, it just went past me, the slider “Mass roundup of anti-monarchists in London”. And I even saw a BBC article. I was just looking on the BBC site because it was a top headline, where the Met police have actually admitted that they regret arresting these people. I think it was kind of a knee jerk thing. It was a case of:


“This is the Coronation, we’re just going to take anyone away that we’re worried about and then we’ll worry about the consequences later.”


That’s the way I see it.


And so now they’re all quick to apologise now, but they’d have still done the same thing in hindsight, in my opinion, because they just wanted that, whatever you want to call the Coronation, they wanted that to run without a hitch as much as possible. So they might claim to be regretful now, but as I say, I doubt they have done anything differently. What are your thoughts, Mike, before we go?


Mike Walsh: Yeah, they’re very selective in applying and dragging on the kid gloves. I remember a long time ago, must be 50 years ago, it was three or four of us, we went to Chester, beautiful city, and we took a part of the payment. We were not under anybody’s feet and we lifted three or four placards up, End Immigration Now, that’s all. End Immigration Now, Keep Britain, White, that sort of thing, very inoffensive. Within two minutes, the police came onto us and removed us. They said:


“Take your banners down and move away from here, otherwise we’ll all be arrested!”


And that was 50 or 60 years ago. But you’re seeing now these climate activists and all the rest of it, they’re gluing themselves to motorways. They’re calling in the most awful mayhem.


Well, I’ll tell you, if those ecology minded people were to lift a placard saying, Keep Britain, White, then they will not see the same kid gloves with them. The people who go into museums and art galleries and throw paint over priceless artifacts and paintings and sculptures and things like that, they get the kid glove treatment. But if any one of them was a Conservative, they would get 15 years in jail and fines up to 100,000! They would bankrupt them!




So it’s a very political, politicised political structure now, police structure. So the Left-wing can get away with more or less anything. The black power movement, the Black Rights movement and all the rest of it. It seems to me that there’s nothing they can do that is going to end them up in a jail.


But we’ve seen the gentleman that you were talking about earlier, just for something perfectly innocent, he should have been a little bit more diligent in what he was sending out. You got to be careful, and he wasn’t careful, so they will grab him.


There are lots of journalists out there who are saying things, but they’re not anti-State, so we are living in a totalitarian State. Please accept it and respond to it by working sensibly within it, work within the rules, and that will frustrate the people who want you behind bars. They want you behind bars. Don’t help them, as this gentleman obviously did.


Andrew Hitchcock: Thank you so much, Mike. We’re going to end it there today.


So I want to thank Mike so much for joining us today on a show entitled “Be Careful Out There”. I want to thank all of you for listening. I’ll, of course, be back with more tomorrow.


Until then, folks, have a wonderful day. Be careful out there. And bye for now.












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