Morgoth’s Review – Against The Controlled Warmongers of The Right – Jan 3, 2020 — Transcript

[Morgoth discusses the recent drone strike killing of the Iranian Al Quds military commander Soleimani in Iraq by the US, and how elements of the Right, especially in the USA are cheering this on despite the fact that this act is  just another neocon expression of their globalist warmongering agenda.

NOTE: When orgjew carried out 9/11 in order to launch the War OF Terror, General Wesley Clarke described their plan to take out 7 countries in the Middle East, ending with Iran. This latest event could well be setting the stage for creating that war.





Morgoth’s Review


Against the Controlled

Warmongers of the Right


Jan 3, 2020



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Published on Jan 3, 2020


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Hello again there folks.


I’ve been working on another video and I just thought I’d do a quick take of what’s been going on in Iran. So the Americans, Trump’s all had the missile strike on what appears to be the number two guy in Iran, head of the Al Quds military, an all-round top dude in Iran. And they have blown him to bits.

[Image] Ben Shapiro:
Trump’s Soleimani airstrike is utterly righteous. Soleimani was on of the worst human beings on the planet. America had to re-establish deterrence after Obama’s appeasement. This will not be the end of the story — Iran will continue to lash out. But they’re certainly on notice.


What has kind of got me triggered is the reaction of the sort of Alt-Lite Right wing populists on Twitter, on social media, and even in political parties. Jared Batten of UKIP has come out and said:


It’s all great stuff! All wonderful. Go on Mr. Trump.


What’s been happening in Britain over the last six months, or so, is this large rejection of the “Counter Jihad”. In this case it was Tommy Robinson. There’s been a lot of things said and I’ve never really got very involved in that. But what I did like about it was that it was also a rejection of having our people, our populist nationalist movement dragged around by the (((noses))).


What you can see is that when you don’t stand against this infiltration and these false narratives — which the Counter Jihad types promote — then you end up where you have to come out on the side of Neocon policies in Iraq. So I was quite happy to see the dwindling influence of that and for them to come over to a more authentic nationalist movement.


So when the Neocons get to work on this, and they start blowing people up in the Middle East — and how this plays out we don’t know, it’s too early to say. But when that begins to happen, like what I have seen today is just that all of this huge section of what we would think of as being populist Right coming out in support of it. And this isn’t even that controversial, because the foreign policy, the foreign wars, Trump was voted in to stop that.


So this isn’t talking about some deep zionist conspiracy stuff, this is just what Trump was elected for. They supported him when he got in on that ticket. And in terms of sort of red-pilling people and waking people up to certain questions, the foreign policy was the easiest one to swallow because being against foreign intervention, being against sending your soldiers to wars in the Middle East, is a very easy and uncontroversial position to hold.


So I at least thought well this will be an easy sell for a wider populist movement, because they don’t have to say anything particularly controversial, they can get on board with it. And after the 2016 election when Trump won, I thought by and large they have, and to one degree or another, they may not like some of the edgier talk which goes on in, say, the Alt-Right or whatever. But in terms of foreign policy and wars in the Middle East they at least get that much, they at least think:


Yeah, there is a little bit too much Israeli influence here and it’s not in our benefit, so that I can at least come out against this.


And yet, here we are and they have done absolutely nothing of the sort! They’re cheering it on! They think it’s great stuff that it happens. And these are the people who frame themselves as being against globalism! But what do they think this is? What power do they think is now tooling up the bombs to invade the Middle East? That is globalist power! They have got this knee-jerk reaction:


Oh well, it’s Muslims!


We’ve kind of fed this drip-feed, where we think:


Oh well, it’s all bad and the more we bomb them it’s better, because we don’t like them. We don’t like what they do in our countries.


And it’s just completely moronic!


What the neocons are, is really — and Trump at this point — is really just an extension, this is just a globalist foreign policy with bombs. And this is just the flip-side of say the transgender, mass immigration, White-privilege, all that rubbish that drives everybody day nuts in the West!


This isn’t something separate. This is the exact same thing, it’s just that it’s being exported to toughen us to crack with missiles, but the end result will be the same. And the same people will be sitting on top of the rubble.


And the way they try and tell themselves that this is something worth getting on board with is that they then turn to liberals, to people like Jeremy Corbyn, or Bernie Sanders, people on the Left who are in principle against foreign intervention, especially in the Middle East. And to one degree or another have quite a good understanding of it. George Galloway would be another one. And then what they are going to say is that somebody like George Galloway, is just a “snowflake”. And especially the Americans, the American boomer contingent of this is absolutely rotten! These patriotards!


I mean, on the one one hand at least in Britain we’ve made a dent in that, or at least I thought we had. I think we have by and large. In America it’s absolutely toxic! And you can see under everyone of Trump’s tweets. They are cheering it on:


Go for it! At least we have a President that is going to stand up for us! This is why we elected you to keep America safe.


But what they are cheering on is just the globalist’s foreign policy. And like I say what they are going to then do is say, if somebody, on the liberal left say, if they say:


We’re not on board with this, Trump’s a lunatic, we don’t want anymore problems, we don’t want anymore wars.


Then they are going to say that these are just “triggered snowflakes”. And they don’t like it, and we finally have a President who has some balls. And they have come out with some of the cringiest bad-take memes I’ve ever seen on the internet! They are absolutely appalling!


But you will notice that the only people who actively are also coming out in the media is awash with the Ben Shapiro types. And these populist Right wing figures like Jared Batten, and what not. David Vance on Twitter, all the rest of them. They have been bombarded for years, they have been bombarded for years about what this is all about. About who benefits from it in the Middle East.


I’m going to have to watch what I say because I’m on YouTube. They’ll start and censor YouTube in terms of who doesn’t like going to war on Iran. That is coming next as well. Because they already do it for the social policies, so then you are a Far-right extremist, an Alt-Right incel. And they are just going to do it for the other side of the paradigm, which is foreign policy. That will probably end up being censored as well.


And these lunatics who think of themselves as being Right-wing and against this agenda are coming out cheering it from the heavens! It’s just so, so stupid, that I can barely believe it!


They have been told all of this stuff a million times, they have been called zionist shills a million times! And then when it comes down to it and they know that there is a huge base of support who can see straight through the bullshit, they then going to do it anyway! They are then going to go around with the neocon line anyway! Despite it all! And these, they call them now, “influencers”, these social media “influencers” who spend all day on Twitter, tweeting this stuff out.


And it’s depressing, it’s really quite depressing! And I did me own tweet, where we’ve had this crap Star Wars film came out, and there’s a bit where on the trailer, where the Emperor like clicks his fingers and all of these Star Destroyers break through the ground and come up. And all of a sudden there’s this huge space navy in the space.


And I thought this is the same kind of thing. They have broke cover! And revealed themselves for what they really are! And I think that is the take-away from this. I don’t know how this is going to play out. It be that it settles down, this new trouble in the Middle East with Iran. It could settle down.


But in the days and weeks ahead, however it goes, you’re now going to see the real shills reveal themselves! That is what going to happen here.


And sometimes you are going to find people who be principled, these American pundits, I don’t know much about. There’s one called Cassandra Fairbanks, or something. They’re coming out against this, and you think, okay that is fair enough.


And then you have other people like Jared Batten, who really surprised me, I didn’t think he would come out in favour of this. And so, the real shills, or if you don’t like that term, people who are just wrong and a bit stupid and going along with a false narrative, are now going to reveal themselves. The “wheat” is going to separate itself from the “chaff”!


But it’s a pretty depressing state of affairs, folks, I’ve got to say that. I thought we had reached them. I thought this was done with. And it feels like the last five, or six, years have just been for nothing! But let’s see how it turns out. Let’s see just how many of these people will reveal themselves.


And just wanted to make a video, sort of saying, this is the situation, and we can keep an eye on it.


So thanks for listening folks. And I’ll catch you later.



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