Brythonic – TeaTime 6 – Mark Collett, Unwashed, Ronny Cameron, Allfather, Brizer – Mar 6, 2020 — Transcript

[Brythonic Tea Time # 6 brings us several guests to discuss the ongoing genocide of Whites being carried out by Orgjew and its proxies, amid current events.



Brythonic – Tea Time # 6

Mark Collett, Unwashed, Ronny Cameron,


Son of Allfather, Brizer


Mar 6, 2020



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Published on Mar 6, 2020

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Livestreaming on Friday March 6th 2020 from 7:00pm UK time.

Joining the stream today from Great Britain is Mark Collett and Unwashed, from Canada is Ronny Cameron, from USA is Son of the Allfather, and from Ireland is Brizer.

Legal disclaimer: Nothing we say in this stream is intended or meant in a defamatory or hateful manner, nor to defame or incite hate. We will be discussing historical events through different perspectives which may contrast and/or give context to the official agreed-upon narrative which the general population is encouraged and/or forced to believe, or in short “history written by the victors”. We will try to keep this discussion within the bounds which YouTube and the ADL has set. Those boundaries are shifting day by day, but nevertheless, we are giving our perspective as we see it. We harbour no hatred towards any group of people; either national, ethnic, racial, or religious. We express this in good faith and kindly ask to remain uncensored on the wonderful public space that is YouTube. Thank you for this opportunity to engage in and enjoy the free exchange of ideas and perspectives.

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Potential topics:

– Greece being invaded by Turkey, with Erdogan calling for ever more invaders to rush into Greece. Turkey has deployed special forces to fight the Greek border guards. Is this war?

– Amnesty International condemns Greece’s measures to block migrants at Turkish border as “inhumane” and “reckless”. Is this NGO intentionally part of the overall agenda to flood Europe with migrants, or are they unknowingly playing into the agenda that Turkey and much of the mainstream media have for Europe?

– Mark Collett’s video on the NGOs involved with importing migrants into Europe has disappeared on YouTube? Now on his BitChute channel.

– Grooming Gang Review petition, and how people with British blood who aren’t UK citizens are, in the eyes of the current UK government, lesser than people with a British passport without British blood. Why can’t people of British ancestry vote, but invaders can? Sign and share the petition:…

– Why are we having a points-based immigration system rather than adopting a family reward system / breeding program for native Britons?

– The rise of Unwashed’s channel, and him being booted off of youtube and subsequently having to rely on DLive.

– The Irish election (Brizer)

– Canadian secession (Ronny), and Ronny’s connection to Richard Spencer’s brand of secession. In terms of Fight or Flight, this is a hardline Flight stance, or ethno-separatism. How realistic is this in comparison to a “ Stand Your Ground ” stance? What is the end goal and methods for either path?

– Tommy Robinson, and his Hearts of Oak party. Can he be held accountable for the missing donation money, his broken promises of various documentaries etc, and his shattered credibility? What do we say to his hard-line followers and Israel supporters?

And more…

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Brythonic: And today is Friday March 6th. Welcome to the Tea Time # 6. Joining the stream today from Great Britain is Mark Collett and Unwashed. From Canada is Ronnie Cameron. From USA is Son of the All Father. And from Ireland is Brizer. Welcome everybody!


UNWAShED: Hello.


Brizer: Hello everyone. Good to be here.


Brythonic: Good. And before we start just wanted to ask all listeners to see the legal disclaimer in the video description. And now we can introduce each guest, starting with Mark.


Mark: Hello everybody. It’s great to be here tonight. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with you Oliver, in fact, last time I think we did something together you had a stream called the Brexit party. So it’s good to be back and it’s good to see you back on YouTube.


Brythonic: Yes, indeed. That was a different time, seemingly.


Mark: It got pinched didn’t it? The name of your group got pinched by Nigel Farage and turned into something much larger!


Brythonic: Yeah, even the font and the logo seems to be very similar. So I wonder if they saw it and thought that’s a good idea.


Mark: Well it certainly worked out for them didn’t it?


Brythonic: Yeah sure. Okay is anything else you’d like to introduce yourself with, or can we move on to the next guest?


Mark: No I think most people know who I am, so I don’t want to hog the mic space. Let’s go around the introductions and get into the main chat.


Brythonic: All right next we have Unwashed.


UNWAShED: How’s it going everyone?


AllFather: It’s going fantastic my friend.


UNWAShED: Excellent! It’s good to connect with people. I’ve been booted off YouTube for a week today, so I do need to rely on other people for the next seven days!


Brythonic: How about you Ronny?


Ronnie: Well I don’t mind taking up some time here to describe my positions and promote myself a little bit. My name is Ronnie Cameron. I run a YouTube channel called Proper Gander TV. I’m based of Toronto here in Canada. I’ve been involved in politics for about like three, or four years now. I consider myself to be part of the pro-White rights, or the dissident Right.


Lately I’ve been very focused around the idea of secession particularly here in Canada, and the US. And I’m happy to be here tonight. I think Brythonic you have an excellent channel. That’s been growing, seems to be growing very fast I must say. And you’re bringing along some excellent guests. So thank you again for having me and I’m looking forward to getting into the topics here.


Brythonic: Fantastic and Son of the AllFather?


AllFather: Hi, good morning, or good evening, wherever you are. I go by the screen name “Son of the AllFather”. It’s just a little bit of a narcissistic joke that I used to use as just my profile before I had a channel. And I was commenting a lot on different YouTube channels, dissident Right channels and some people said:


“Hey why don’t you start making some videos?”


So I did. I have a small channel right now. I have about fourteen hundred subscribers I think, but some very loyal viewers and they’ve been nice enough to include me on some of these chats recently. So I’m a nationalist from the United States. Currently in the what we like to call the northwestern redoubt, up here in the Pacific Northwest. And I focus mainly on demographic replacements, indigenous right issues, and things of that nature.


Brythonic: And last but not least, Brizer.


Brizer: Yes, hi folks. This is Brizer. I was on with Brythonic’s show last week, which was great, with Paul English and Dennis Wise. I run a radio show every Monday between 10:00 and midnight. Which goes out on grissom dot And we cover all sorts of issues such as mass invasion of our White nations, the JQ, geopolitics, health, all sorts of different issues. We’re doing very well at the moment.


Great to make the acquaintance of the other guys here. I know of Mark alright quite well. Watched a lot of your YouTube’s. The other guys I don’t know, but it’s good to make your acquaintance and it’s great to be here again. So thanks for inviting me.


Brythonic: Very good. And I wanted to jump within two seemingly the most pertinent issue right now is our situation in Greece. And seemingly it’s being invaded by Turkey, with Erdogan calling for ever more invaders to rush into Greece. And apparently Turkey has deployed special forces to fight the Greek border guards [05:00]. And wondering if this is start of a possible war. Anyone has a any comments?


UNWAShED: I’m urging Europeans to change the language on this one. And I think it’s working as well. Is to refer to them as “invaders”, because the footage of how they’re actually acting and what the crowds look like came out too quick.


So the BBC will still do its routine of getting as many women and children out that, yeah, getting the footage of women and children out. But I mean, Mark’s video today was all about how they’ve been caught red-handed.


We already discovered that they were training migrants, I don’t know what you’d rather, I call them, but these people they were training them how to act to garner the most sympathy. But this time around it’s like we’ve been too quick for it. And they all arrived at once and there was just no way to hide what they really are, which is invaders. That would be my two cents.


Ronnie: Yeah, if nobody else wants to right now. I think it’s pretty clear that Greece and the rest of Europe do not want this type of invasion. I think 80% of Greeks plus are opposed to the current levels, or raising it any further. It’s only like two percent of Greeks want more immigration. And this might not hold true across the entirety of Europe, but if you’re talking to dissident folks, if you’re talking to the right wing, I’m sure we would see similar numbers across Europe.


I think it’s also pretty clear that Turkey is pretty much dug their own grave, so to say. They make the excuse that’s the EU has not followed through on their end of the bargain. But basically what’s happening right now is they’ve just opened the floodgates, because of their involvement in Syria. And they’re worried that there’s going to be more Syrian refugees coming into the country. I think they’re already home to around like 3, or for million refugees, which is Syrian refugees. So they’re afraid that they’re going to basically have more than what they can handle. But this is directly a result of their own responsibility for backing the rebels in Syria, right? So they’re just trying to pass the buck on to Europe.


Europe sniffs it out. Europe understands what’s going on. And I think it’s great that Greece and Europe are standing together in solidarity on this one.


UNWAShED: The other issue, is that they’re not Syrian. Like the majority of these people are definitely not Syrian! You can tell just by looking at them.


AllFather: Right.


UNWAShED: And I think that bit of the narrative is falling apart as well. I think people aren’t falling for that.


AllFather: Right I mean, some of the people you saw on Marks channel, the earlier video, clearly African.




AllFather: And what were they doing in Turkey in the first place? That’s my question.


I’m kind of surprised honestly I didn’t have a whole lot of faith in the, I don’t know what you’d want to call them. I mean, maybe a center-right party that took control there in Greece. But I guess, at this point, they really have no other no other choice given what happened back in 2015 and 2016, and the subsequent rise in popularism, as a result of that invasion. And they see that it’s happening again. They really have, the EU really has no other choice, at this point, at least to pretend, at least, that they are in solidarity with Greece, at this point.


UNWAShED: Yes, I suppose they have to keep up that pretense at the moment don’t they? Because yeah as we say, they’ve lost the optics battle. It happened too quickly. So they have to be like:


“Oh okay we defend Greece?


But that’s not what they want to do.


AllFather: And this is even worse, because they didn’t invite this invasion, so I mean, this was orchestrated and engineered by a foreign power, who has, you know, obviously had some tumultuous relationships with the EU up to this point. And has, you know, been questionable in the way that he’s dealt with his relations with the EU. Speaking of Erdogan, of course.


Mark: I think the thing with Erdogan is really, he’s playing a very powerful card here isn’t? He’s saying he wants more money. He wants recognition. He wants the EU to take Turkey seriously. And if they don’t, he’s going to unleash wave upon wave of immigrants on the West. And as someone so rightly pointed out, these aren’t just [10:01] Syrian refugees. These aren’t just refugees from the Middle East. These are people from all over the world. They’re clearly economic migrants. They clearly don’t want to go back to wherever they came from.


You’ve got to remember, and this should always be made very clear to any of these liberals who are talking about our obligations. Well our obligations to other countries end at France, Germany, Denmark! Countries that border us. Because refugees are meant to settle in the first peaceful nation they reach. Take aid in that nation. And then return home when their country is again stable.


Now Syria is for a large part now a stable country again. The war is all but over. President Assad is now back in control. He runs a secular government. And these people could be returning home en mass. But instead there’s 3.7 million Syrian refugees in Turkey still. And they all want to come to Europe.


So these aren’t really refugees, they’re economic migrants. And as I said, they’re not just Syrians, there are also people from all over Africa and all over the Middle East. And they want to come here, because when they get here, as I say it’s not the first peaceful nation they reach, but it is the nation, or group of nations that give out the most when it comes to benefits!


So this is all about coming here to milk our systems! And it’s also not about coming here to embrace our culture. Another great lie the Left love to say is:


“Oh well then they come here they’re gonna be just like us, because if they want you to be like Syrians, or if they wanted to be like Afghanistan, like people live in Afghanistan, or they want to be like Pakistanis, they would stay in Pakistan, or Afghanistan, or Syria. But they don’t! They come here, because when they come here they want to be British! They want to live a Western life!”


But they don’t! They want to live in Britain just as they lived in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Syria but with British benefits. With a free house, with free electric, with free gas, with central heating, with travel allowances, with an interpreter, with generous handouts every week, with the NHS, with an education system that bends over backwards to provide everything for people who’ve just arrived!


So they’re just bringing in their own cultures, their own ways of life, setting up a little enclaves. And that enclave is funded and paid for by the British taxpayer!


And these things are all very, very important to point out, because they absolutely undermine, don’t just undermine they completely destroy the leftist argument on this subject! It is very right call them an invading force.


But I think the real scandal about this, and I covered this in my video today. It really is quite touching that you guys watched that. I’m just thankful that you do watch my videos. But the point is the media is on their side. The media are creating, choreographing, and staging photos to make us feel sorry for these people!


And when you look at these photos they’re all the same! They all a close crop, a still image, and it’s always a crying child, a wailing woman! But when you pan out and see the truth these children aren’t in danger! In fact, the parents are holding them over open fires, so they get smoke in their eyes and cry. So it’s a better picture for the camera.


And you can see that our media and the people who run our media, are absolutely complicit in this invasion! These people are committing acts of treason by trying to solicit sympathy from those of European descent for an invading army!


Ronnie: And the migration is absolutely 100% organized! I mean, they’re using buses, mini buses, cars, taxis, coming straight from Istanbul to essentially ferry these people across the border. And yeah absolutely it’s not just Syrian migrants as you guys pointed out. It’s this is a deliberate attempt to flood Europe with an Islamic invasion!


UNWAShED: I wonder whether when it comes as such a huge wave like this all at once, whether it’s actually really helpful for like nationalism, as compared to the drip, drip, approach? Because this has got everyone talking all of a sudden, because it’s an emergency. So in terms of sentiment for the kind of things that we believe, I believe this will help us.


Ronnie: Oh yes absolutely. I mean, the European Commission President, I forget her name at the moment, but she said that basically the Greece is acting like a shield for the entirety of Europe. They’re sending in helicopters, and boats, border guards, all sorts of reinforcements for Greece. So I think [15:01] this really is a symbolic of the unity that is starting to grow amongst Europeans.


UNWAShED: Yeah I mean, it’s super irony that Europe is gonna have to unite, at this point, against the European Union! It’s just a paradox in itself!


Ronnie: Yes.


Brizer: Yeah, I think that also reminds me about five, or six years ago we saw the dead baby on the beach and we had all the photographers were there waiting to see it. And it just smacks of that again. But I think people kind of fell for it the first time. They felt sorry for these poor Syrian refugees and everything and said:


“Oh yeah we should take them in?


UNWAShED: And now we look at the consequences of it five, or six years later. And I think people are going:


“No! No! Hold on a second!”


Turkey is an interesting country, because where it’s situated. It’s a gateway between east and west. And it’s a member of NATO. It also has aspirations I think to join EU. And it’s also quite closely aligned with Russia as well. So it’s interesting to know what Erdogan’s up to there, you know. I think he’s, you know, as Mark says, he’s playing kind of a clever card here. What can we do here, because he knows he’s got these millions of these refugees there and he can unleash them at any point.


So yeah, it’s interesting where this will go, you know. But I think it is definitely, look this is an invasion there at that border, ready to cross. And thousands and thousands of them. And yeah, we got to stop it, because if they come in, we’re gone! Within a few years we will be gone! Because there’s millions of them, ready to come over. And if Turkeys a landing point where they can come through, well there we go!


Ronnie: Well, I know the EU is typically an enemy of ours, right? So I don’t want to mitigate that aspect. We have to be honest with the facts. And they have condemned Turkey’s policies, right? The EU Council put a statement saying:


“It expresses solidarity with Greece and strongly rejects Turkeys use of migratory pressure for political purposes. This situation at EU’s external borders is not acceptable?


UNWAShED: So I mean, we do have to kind of appreciate that for what it is. But again, not to mitigate the fact that the EU is typically not our friend.


UNWAShED: Well, it’s a rejection of what Turkey’s doing right at the moment. And I’m sure they’re not even lying in that, but the end result is the same. And we know that the EU is absolutely fine with that end result. So it’s an empty, empty, gesture as far as I’m concerned!


Ronnie: Similar to what Trump issues in the States, I’m sure.


AllFather: Yeah definitely. This type of thing has been happening at our southern border for four decades, you know. It’s like you were saying that the EU at some times will reveal some kind of shred of truth.


And I remember, I think it was during the, I think it was 2016 if I remember correctly, but I can’t remember what his name was. He was a Dutch politician that was, I think that he was a vice President of the Commission, or something. But he admitted that more than half of the people that were coming into Europe, they were coming from countries where, you know, they could basically assume that they had no reason to ask for refugee status, whatsoever. I think he said it was half, or maybe even 60% of the people. So I mean, that got disseminated by mainstream, you know, globalist left-wing media outlets. I think the Independent actually had an article about that.


Brizer: And I’m wondering like Turkey obviously, that was the center of the Ottoman Empire, and I’m just wondering are they trying to rebuild another type of Empire? And are they working with another (((little country))) in the Middle East to achieve that? Because I don’t know why they’re going into Syria and causing these problems anyway in the first place. So I don’t know if any guys have thoughts on that?


UNWAShED: I like what you say about the Ottoman Empire, because what’s going on right now with these invasions, and then you get incidents like Cologne, New Year’s Eve. That’s what the Ottoman Empire has been doing for 1400 years! It’s just that people have essentially forgotten, or they’ve been brainwashed to not see it! Because they don’t see in terms of different ethnic groups anymore.


But yeah like, you know, Christendom was defending against exactly this! The whole time it’s been around, until now. We got to reawaken that spirit! [20:01]


Brythonic: Erdogan basically was referring to himself as the new Sultan, or something right?


UNWAShED: I don’t know. I didn’t see that, but I know that they think in this kind of time scale. Whilst we don’t.


Mark: Well, I’ll say about this and what it reawakens in people, is it does, this kind of flood, and this kind of scale, and this kind of immediate threat, does awaken people’s natural instincts. You’ve got to remember that. I’m not a fan of accelerationism, because accelerationism is a very, very dangerous thing! Especially when we’re not particularly well organized.


Now if we had a national structure that was all over the UK, and just ready for hundreds of thousands of new recruits, and then there was a rapid accelerationism, that might actually play into our hands. But until we’ve got the infrastructure to deal with that that sort of influx of recruits, accelerationism isn’t a great thing. But this is kind of the best of both worlds, because it’s a rapid accelerationism in terms of migrants of the border, in terms of the threat. But at the moment this threat isn’t actually a viable threat, because these people aren’t getting into Europe. They’re being turned away.


So I think this does show people a glimpse of the future. But at the moment, because these people are being repelled, it’s quite a safe level of accelerationism, because the Greeks just aren’t letting them in. And as long as the Greeks hold the line, and as long as the British people, and people all over Europe for that matter, see the size and scale of the threat, without it actually materializing, without these people actually getting through, and being redistributed all over Europe, I think this will spread a lot of red pills! I think there’s gonna be a lot of people over the last week, or so, and moving forward, saying to themselves:


“You know what? This is a massive problem! We’re talking about millions and millions of people! This is an invasion!”


And when you see specifically tens and tens of thousands of mainly men of fighting age, because there were many of these pictures that sneaked through. A lot of these pictures are meant to solicit sympathy, but some of them do show vast numbers of young men, stood the other side of barbed wire fences. These aren’t all women, children, elderly. A lot of these are guys that you would expect if their country was at war, they’d sign up. But they’re not signing up. They’re coming here to sign up for something different, which is obviously our benefits system!


So I do think this has been a big red pill for many people. And it’s the kind of event that if we were in a more organized state and we did have a national structure, we could have really benefited from. Because I bet, there’s been many, many families, up and down Britain, and in other countries for that matter, who around the dinner table, this has been a major topic of discussion. And people will be very, very sympathetic to our political stance on that topic.


Ronnie: Well said Mark. I completely agree with you. I think this is win-win for both the pragmatists, and the accelerationists, because obviously this does kind of accelerate things. But, because we’re handling it correctly, this allows us to kind of to keep our morale, this allows us to keep a positive mindset towards things, moving in the future. So this is very symbolic of our unity. But it also reveals the very serious nature of the problem at hand. So I think this is pretty much perfect press in terms of being able to galvanize our base and bring us together!


UNWAShED: Another element is that Greece, the people that like to bang on about privilege, they simply can’t do it with Greece, because Greece has been the downtrodden member of the European Union for years, and everyone knows it. So the idea that the Greeks can take on any more people, is absurd! Like their economics already crumbled! So, you know, that narrative that they’d normally like to play of the “privileged White man” and, you know, got to help the Africans, it’s not gonna work in Greece. Because then they’re not privileged at all.


Brizer: I would agree there. I mean, after 2008 the financial collapse, Greece was absolutely hammered by the banksters, you know. And unemployment is rife, particularly among young people. Young people have left. Tourism which is one of our main industries has been hugely affected by this. And so they’ve had 10 years, 10, or 12 years of absolute austerity and are fed up with it! And now [25:01] to see their borders being encroached like this, and all these people running through, they’re not having it.


And so yeah, you’re correct that that whole White privilege, you know, for Greece, well it just doesn’t apply to them. And so yeah, I think it will, it will wake people up big time! So interesting times. As long as, you know, this law of unintended consequences, like things like these happen out of the blue, and this is where we can find a jump in and take advantage of these. So it’s a good point.


Brythonic: Indeed. I just wanted to add in the second point we’ve got about Amnesty International condemning Greece’s measures to block migrants at the Turkish border, as quote:


“Inhumane and reckless?


Is this NGO intentionally part of the overall agenda to flood Europe with migrants, or are they unknowingly playing into the agenda that Turkey and much of the Western mainstream media have for Europe?


Brizer: I think Amnesty are very much part of the whole thing! Part of the whole NGO industrial complex! And you can see what like, for example, what they did here in Ireland with the abortion referendum. They were funding a lot of groups here. So they’re very much part of this. And I’m sure there’s Soros’ money behind it as well. So yeah, when I see Amnesty international supporting, thinking that what’s happening in Greece is terrible and we should do something about it, it’s the same old same, same old, isn’t it?


So we just, I think we just ignore these people! I mean, who the hell are they anyway? They’re just a bunch of overpaid, liberal, idiots, who have not a clue about what’s going on! It’s not at their front door! So yeah, we have to find a way of dealing with these people, these NGOs. Who the hell are they and where do they get their authority from?


UNWAShED: It’s a bit of a mask slip for Amnesty, because I saw that this week. And this is such a polarized issue with so few people on the side of the invaders, that Amnesty come out of it looking like, well, not just looking like idiots, but it’s kind of obvious that they’re in on it. When they condemn Greece, but pretty much none of the European people do, most of the European people are on the side of Greece, all that’s going to do is damage Amnesty’s standing in the eyes of normies, I would hope!


AllFather: Amnesty, you know, this is not obviously the first disgusting thing that they’ve done. They’re constantly reporting disproportionately on basically countries that are, well for lack, you know, more democratic, more open, whatever, more White basically is what it really boils down to.


And instead of kind of compiling reports on human rights abuses that kind of apply to everywhere in the world, they’re gonna focus on majority European countries. And they’ve always done this. I mentioned this briefly in a video I made a few I don’t know a few months ago I think. But it’s called “Demonstration Effect”. What they basically do is they just “guilt”, they overly report on European majority countries, what they like to call developed countries, but they don’t report on any non-White developed countries like China, obviously India, where there are serious human rights abuses occurring! You know, slavery, all kinds of human trafficking, and stuff like that.


Now they’re gonna more focus on something if it makes Europeans and the West look bad. So, that’s basically what they do. They do it with humans rights abuses, they do it with refugees, they do it with women’s rights. They do it with all sorts of things. It’s disgusting, hypocritical behavior that they take part in!


Brythonic: Yes indeed. In terms of things going on in Britain, with these invaders that are ever multiplying, and, you know, our native population ever decreasing, I think there’s the petition that came out. The Grooming Gang Review Petition. I’m wondering if any of you have signed it?


Mark: I do intend to sign that, but I’ve got to say, I don’t think those petitions really have much of a effect.


I think that the big problem here is the people have been really conned by the Conservatives. People think that Boris Johnson is this [30:02] great Patriot, he’s a man who’s going to bring about Brexit! He’s gonna get immigration under control! But really and I was saying this before the election, Boris Johnson was actually saying very similar things to Jeremy Corbyn on several issues. It’s just Boris Johnson says what he says with a lot better use of language. He’s a much better marketing man than Jeremy Corbyn. So Jeremy Corbyn will say:


“Well we want open borders, and we want people from all over the world to come here! And we want to let illegal immigrants vote!”


Well that sounds pretty horrendous, but Boris will say:


“But we don’t want any upper limit on immigration, we just want a points-based system. But we would like to open up the immigration debate to African nations. And speak to them and see who we could, how we could help them come here. Because let’s face it, if we take the best from Africa, what’s the problem?”


And then he says:


“And although we don’t want to let illegal immigrants vote, we do want to have an amnesty for illegal immigrants! Because, you know, if they’ve been here for five, ten years, it’d be unfair to send them anywhere else?


So essentially what’s he said, well the same as Jeremy Corbyn, but he said it in such a way that people are cheering, because he’s used words like “amnesty”. He’s used words like “point based immigration system”.


Well, a points-based immigration system doesn’t mean no immigration. In fact, he openly said he wanted no upper limit on immigration! He openly said he wanted an amnesty! He called for an amnesty for illegal immigrants when he was Mayor of London. He’s more, or less saying that an amnesty for illegal immigrants means giving them a passport, which means giving them the right to vote! That’s exactly the same!


However, I do think we should obviously sign this. I do think it’s a massive, massive, betrayal that the Conservatives yet again, you know, clothe themselves as patriots, but are denying people the truth. And the reason they are denying people the truth is quite obvious, on three levels.


Firstly, it will show, this report will show, that the problem is far more widespread than we thought.


Secondly, it will show that the people carrying out this abuse are overwhelmingly of one particular ethnicity, and our targetting overwhelmingly one particular ethnicity! And, you know, exactly what I mean, when I say that! No need to go into that any further.


And thirdly, it will also show that the complicity of the establishment in these crimes is also much greater than we previously thought. And I’m not just talking about the police, and social services, and local councils. I believe that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that these orders to ignore grooming gangs go right the way to Gordon Brown! To Gordon Brown’s office, and to Home Secretary’s who have worked under the previous Labor establishment before the Conservatives got into power in 2010.


And you have to remember, we [White nationalists] are quite unique, when it comes to politics, for many reasons. But one of the reasons that we are so unique is, because we actually do despise the other parties for what they’re doing. I don’t want to be friends with Conservatives! I don’t want to be friends with people from the Labour Party, or the Lib Dems, or from the SNP! I despise these people! They are disgusting traitors who are destroying our country, and selling us out!


But all these other parties, treat politics like it’s a football match, or, not a football match, because football actually gets quite heated sometimes. Sometimes you see players have a punch-up mid-match, or attack each other in the tunnel when they’re going off at the end of the match, because of a bad decision, or somebody doing something that’s been an illegal, and the referee missed it. So football does get quite passionate.


It’s more like cricket actually, because cricket never really gets passionate, as it’s quite boring.


And politicians treat politics like a game of cricket. And when they finish their little debates in the chamber. When they finish their elections, they’ll all sit around and have tea and cakes with each other. And sit in one of the numerous bars in the Palace of Westminster having a drink with each other! They don’t actually fall out! They don’t actually have disagreements.


And when one party betrays the people to a greater degree than the other and actually puts the British people in grave danger, the other party that comes in after that party, never exposes their predecessors! They never push for legislation to see their predecessors prosecuted.


It was like Tony Blair. Tony Blair admitted that he lied! He admitted that he took Britain to war on a lie! Yet he hasn’t been prosecuted! And no Prime Minister after him has called for an investigation, or a prosecution into his behavior.


Sure he admitted under [35:02] oath in Parliament that he gave false information, and that all came out in the Chilcote inquiry. But he’s not going to be prosecuted for that.


Yet thousands of British service personnel came home either in body bags, or with terrible, terrible, disfigurement, terrible disabilities, because of his lie! Yet, there he is, a millionaire, free to do as he pleases!


Because these people despite the fact they’re meant to be on opposite sides of this great political divide, to them it’s just a game of cricket! And afterwards they’ll be sat in the clubhouse eating little sandwiches, eating slices of cake, and drinking cups of tea, chatting like their best mates!


Whereas we are very different. And if we got in, we would absolutely tear up the current system and expose the crimes against the indigenous people! And wish to see prosecutions against people who authorized those crimes. And I think that’s fair. And I think that’s also something that makes us stand out as better people.


Ronnie: Absolutely! And I just want to touch on one thing that you said earlier there, but the point base immigration system. We have that here in Canada, and let me tell you it does not work! All it does is just shift the burden from the lower class, or the lower middle class, to the middle class, to the lower upper middle class. Because now you have high IQ, or skilled, immigrants coming into the country, and they’re after your job. They’re after the middle class jobs.


And to be honest, I think this is actually worse than what’s happening in the States with respect to the migration coming from Mexico and Central America. Because, yes, that does burden the lower class, but we have to be honest with ourselves. In the future many of these jobs are just going to become automated. But the middle to upper class jobs will not. And we need to preserve those jobs in terms of making sure that they belong to White people.


So the point-based immigration system, although it may lighten the burden in terms of crime and problems that come along with bringing in lower-class people, but again it does not serve the indigenous people of the UK, or White Canadians, or White Americans.


Another thing that I’d like to just ask you Mark. What are the similarities and the differences between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump? Because they seem remarkably similar on a lot of fronts. Can you just kind of briefly discuss the similarities and differences between those two?


Mark: Well the similarities obviously are quite clear. Both of those men clothed themselves in this veneer of patriotism. And they both appeal, they’re both people who appeal to a broad range of the political spectrum. And what I mean, by that, is Donald Trump appeals to both Republicans, but he also appeals to the form of working-class Democrat. The working-class man who was always voted Democrat, because the Democrats offered the working-class, at one time, offered the working class a better deal. More protection. More rights.


And Boris Johnson does the same. And you’d see this in the run-up to the last general election.


Where as Jeremy Corbyn was going around speaking at mosques and speaking it rallies where it was for LGBTQ, or transgender people, and he was talking about his pronouns, Boris Johnson was the first Conservative Party leader in a very, very long time, to visit places like, fish packing factories, or be seen with White van men. And they loved him and they embraced him. And he kind of bridged that gap between the traditional conservative voter, but also the traditional White working-class Labour voter.


So that’s where they’re very similar. They both appeal to the everyman, regardless of political affiliation, and bridge divides.


However, they are different in also in numerous ways. Boris Johnson is absolutely part of the political establishment! He’s part of the Eaton Club. He’s part of the Oxford Cambridge Club. I think he was part of the Bullingdon circle at university. He’s very much part of what you would say is the old-school British political establishment. Where all prime ministers and leading from bench ministers come from. He isn’t a radical. He isn’t an outsider.


And although he makes noises about the BBC licence fee, he’s very much on board with the mainstream media. Although he talks about Australian points based systems he would never talk [40:00] about building a wall, or talk about immigration bans on people from certain countries.


And in that sense Donald Trump is a far greater asset to us, because although he’s not perfect, you’ve got to remember Donald Trump has done three things that no other leader of a developed world nation, not a major developed world nation, has ever done.


Firstly, he has openly said that there needs to be absolute border controls, a wall, and travel bans! You don’t hear that from any other Western leader.


Secondly he said that:


“The media are categorically the enemies of the people, liars, and they oppose the well-being of the general population?


Again, no other Western political leader since, well not for a long time since there was a guy with a moustache in charge of Germany! [laughing].


And finally, the other thing that he’s done is talked about the “deep state”. Now that’s a major taboo! No other Western leader talked about soft-power! Talks about the infrastructure which our enemies have built up within the establishment, that prevents any political movement in the correct direction. It always keeps the movement going in a more, how can I say, quote-unquote “progressive direction”.


So Donald Trump talking about the deep state, talking about a grand conspiracy to control politics from behind the scenes, that is a watershed moment!


What’s more, people talk about “accelerationism”. Well, no one is more accelerationist than Donald Trump! People think, well if Bernie got in, there might be chaos on the streets. No there wouldn’t. If Donald Trump gets in, there will be chaos on the streets! Because if Donald Trump gets elected a second time, you will see such a wave of protests, such a wave of violence on the streets of America. And that really is accelerationism. But not from the Left, but from the Left being forced into these public tantrums, because they hate Donald Trump so much.


And I think those things make Trump’s stand out. Even though he’s a complete shill for Israel. Even though he’s absolutely let us down when it comes to our very, very, strong anti-war stance, and anti-interventionist stance, he still does more for our cause in legitimizing debate on immigration, delegitimizing the mainstream media, and discussing what was once a conspiracy theory, but now it’s just widely seen as an actual real world conspiracy.


So I think those are some very big differences between the two.


Ronnie: I think that’s a pretty fair assessment. I’m glad that you mentioned there too about him kind of cucking to Israel. Because, of course, there is a man with the mustache in the 1930s who would not approve of Trump in that regard. But I think you nailed a lot of things right on the head. And perhaps we overlook some of the accomplishments that Trump has made. He actually has lowered the overall amount of legal immigrants coming into the country.


And I think immigration right now is perhaps the biggest issue, if not the most central to at least the dissident Right. So that’s a pretty fair assessment there.


Before I pass it on to the rest of the panel, I just want to say I think it would be great to watch a debate between you and Richard Spencer on Donald Trump, and which direction America should go down in terms of secession, versus, you know, can we make America great again. I think viewers would just absolutely love that! And perhaps Byrthonic could host that?


Brythonic: Again, as we were saying the pre-stream, the whole notion of secession is kind of a fringe, I’m not really so keyed up on that whole raft of talking points. But I mean, if we jump into at some point in this stream, if you wanted, if people still wanted to talk about that, or what we’ve been talking about now, or shall we jump onto secession and everything?


UNWAShED: I mean, was the original question about the petition? Because I did have a little observation about that, or have we moved on from?


Ronnie: No, no.


Mark: Just make a quick point, right? When people invite me on these streams I often get a lot of things thrown in my direction. I can sometimes end up dominating the chats. If I’m doing that I apologize, now. I’m trying to give all you guys a bit more a bit more time. So my apologies if that was a lengthy answer.


UNWAShED: No, it was all good. But you said about the petition mark that you didn’t have much faith in the actual petition doing [45:00] anything. And neither do I. I think that even if you get it past a hundred thousand mark, the fact that it gets put to Parliament doesn’t mean anything.


But what is very interesting about this petition calling for, you know, the proper details to be released into what’s happened, is that the numbers have flown up so quickly! And as Mark knows, but I don’t know if the other guys know, my old friendship group, are very much lefties. So I’ve still got one foot that can look on Facebook and see how they’re dealing with this stuff.


And it really is only the far Left that don’t know about the full extent of this. Like it’s only the shrieking, shrieking, feminists, that are arguing against this. Anyone else is now aware that this is an issue. And I think the vast majority of the British public have been woken up to this, and want answers! Which is really good. I don’t know what’s gonna happen as a result of it, but the public are quite unified, from what I can tell.


AllFather: Now the petition only guarantees that they will address the issue, right not, or that doesn’t mean they’re going to release it, right? Just that they’re gonna give an answer, whether they will, or will not.


UNWAShED: The actual petition itself is meaningless, because a few years ago there were endless petitions like this. And I just watched them and so well nothing is happening as a result of these. But what is interesting is how many people have been sharing it, and how much sentiment there is for getting this sorted. It is now mainstream, rather than being a somehow fringe concern.


AllFather: Got you.


Brizer: Yeah I don’t buy into the whole petitions either. I think if you even look at the meaning of the word it means “to beg”! You beg the government to look at different things, and they’re not going to do anything, you know, if you go begging to them! No it’s up to us to change these things, I think.


And I suppose they can play a part in some way to at least get the public discourse going and all the rest of it, and get people aware. But begging the government to change things, you know, you’re going to be waiting a long time for that.


AllFather: Yeah, we do have FOIA, a Freedom of Information Act request, so we can, that’s how a lot of the people got the reports on the “dancing Israeli”, all of that type of thing after 9/11. But, you know, they can heavily, heavily, redact, basically all pertinent information. So it kind of makes the final product almost meaningless at the end, also! I don’t know if they have the same thing in the United Kingdom?


UNWAShED: I don’t know. I mean, as Mark said, this goes right the way to the top from what we can tell. So I don’t think that we’d expect, we wouldn’t expect truth, even if they did say:


“Right we’re releasing you the truth?


You know, this seems to affect every single level, from the local councils, right to Gordon Brown.


Mark: Yeah. And sometimes like I said, I wasn’t gonna jump in again. But sometimes you don’t do these things, because you’re actually going to win. You’re not doing them, because you actually believe that the petition will have an effect. But you’re doing it so the people, so that the general public look at this and say:


“Oh my god! Hundreds of thousands of us sign this damn petition, and these absolute pieces of work, are still not listening to us!”


And sometimes by making these demands, and by issuing a demand that is so publicly supported, it does the government a huge amount of damage, not to the very least answer the demand. And I think that’s what we’re really trying to do now.


I think the important thing from our perspective is to understand why we do certain things, and to understand that there is a tactical reason to do something, that might actually be futile, because it will be ignored, but the fact it is ignored, isn’t futile in the long run for other reasons! If you see what I’ve tried to get at! By them ignoring it, that is one of the most powerful things they can do to actually prove our point!


In fact, let’s say we sign this petition and the government said:


“Well we’ve listened to the people and we’re gonna release this petition, because the people have spoken?


Well that, to a degree, will actually get the government off the hook, because the people would turn around and say:


“Well the Conservatives at least they’re listening!”


Whereas if the government turns around says:


“350,000 people have signed this petition. We only need a 100,000 people to sign it in order to debate it in Parliament. But three times have signed it. And we’re going to debate this for two minutes. We’re gonna laugh at this suggestion! We’re going to absolutely ignore it!”


Well, I can tell you this, that sends a very powerful message to normal people about just how much contempt those people are held in by these overpaid politicians, who make a fat living off essentially legislating for our misery!


So when we do these things it isn’t always, because we are believing that the government is going to act in the way they we want. But sometimes we do these things to expose to the people just how corrupt, self-serving, and evil, this government truly is!




AllFather: And media I’d add. I’d say that’s probably a pretty good tactic to bait the media into covering something like that and just showing just how out of touch they are with regular people’s concerns, as well. Especially left-wing outlets. But then also some kind of conservative outlets could cover, if theoretically, if the government did hear that and the Parliament basically swept it underneath the rug, all of these other more centrist to right-wing media outlets could expose that and bring attention to it as well. And bring more normal people kind of under our wing, if you will.


UNWAShED: Well I noticed that the Independent, which is a hard left newspaper, it’s about in line with the Guardian. Yeah, they’re the two furthest left ones, and that reported on this petition. And I’d a quick read through it. And there was no way for them to spin it. It’s like the message is out there and even these far left papers don’t really have a way to present this, with any sympathy for the other side.


You know, this is a one way thing. And they’ve sort of had to crumble. Because, you know, they’ve been calling anyone who discussed this issue far-right for years, and years, and years, and now they don’t get to! So there’s a definite change.


Brizer: There is one thing that I was doing for a while, I used to send letters into the top man into the Taoiseach we have our Lemire [sp] as Prime Minister and ask him just one question, you know, like:


“On whose authority did you open the borders?”


Okay. Simple questions like that. I send it in by registered mail. It’s not signed for, and they’ll always come back:


“Oh, this has been handed on to some other Minister to deal with?


Or whatever. And they’ll come back with some wishy-washy answer. Then you could write back in again you say:


“No, no. Can you please answer that one question?”


And they never do. And that’s, I think, it’s great, because you can hand us around to people and say:


“Look! I did this. Look at what they’re doing!”


Okay, they’re not even answering your questions. So these people don’t represent you. They don’t care about you. I’m just thinking if we got a huge letter-writing campaign going. I think that could make a big impact. I don’t know what your thoughts on that guys?


UNWAShED: I’m at a loss to what will make an impact, at this point! It looks to me like people have tried absolutely everything. But I don’t know, a petition taking the country by storm can’t be bad!


Ronnie: Well, I think Mark said it best. It’s really just a symbolic. We’ve had similar things here in Canada, where people of sign petitions. From everything to reduce immigration coming from Middle Eastern countries, to trying to boot Justin Trudeau, our Prime Minister, out of office.


And, of course, none of these things are actually going to pan out. But! It does send a message. And as long as we can be honest with ourselves, that, hey we’re probably not going to accomplish too much here that is tangible, as long as we can keep our morale up about it, then we really have nothing to lose, right? It just creates more buzz around it. But to go into it thinking:


“That yes, we’re actually going to be able to say, for instance, boot Justin Trudeau out of office if we sign enough petitions?


No, of course, not. But we have to take pride in the small victories, and raising attention, raising awareness to our cause is a small victory.


AllFather: One thing I’d like to say about Trump. I know Mark kind of talked about Trump and some of the things that he’s done.


The other thing about Trump is that he actually does listen to people and kind of tries to gauge the zeitgeist, if you will. I think, you know, in a lot of ways he is riding this kind of populist wave right now. Whether he’s truly genuine, or not, that still yet to be seen. Obviously, his ties to Israel and zionism are distressing.


But, the other thing that he did was that he actually referred to himself as a nationalist, which is just something that [55:01] almost, it’s almost like a dirty word, or something. It’s something that people just, what world leader has actually called themselves that in quite a long time? Well, especially in the West, I would say.


So he’s somebody who tries to gauge, to at least try to carry carry out the will of his people. Because he understands that he is kind of a part of this populist revolution, if you will. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a revolution yet, but then also just calling himself a nationalist. Gosh! That’s just something that I just, when I heard him say that, I had a smile from ear to ear! Whether it’s civic, or whatever, I mean, it’s still a step in the right direction, right?


UNWAShED: Yeah! In terms of normalizing the language that felt like a great step forward. I remember feeling like I was cheering for him when that happened.


AllFather: And going before the UN and telling them that globalism is dying. And I mean, that’s all, that’s the kind of language that people need to hear. And that’s the kind of language that I think when it’s becoming normalized it’s gonna help our movement, no matter what. Yeah.


UNWAShED: He genuinely moved the dial, whereas I don’t have any faith in Boris Johnson to actually do it. The way that Mark described it earlier, with, it’s just language trickery. He’s a long term politician. The difference with Trump was that he didn’t come from that world, and that’s why people plugged him and trusted him, despite the lies, you know. But with Boris Johnson he’s already been Mayor of London.


What is interesting though, is that he’s on borrowed votes, and everyone understands this, particularly the Conservative Party. They understand that the people that voted for them, only did it for Brexit. And they’re not conservative voters traditionally, the way that you’ve got the Republican base.


AllFather: Yeah, that makes sense. Though, that election was essentially a second referendum, for Brexit, right?


UNWAShED: Yeah yeah, it was. And the reason that the Conservative Party did so well was their slogan was simply “Get Brexit Done!”. And everyone was so fed up of it. And I think the majority of the country, … Well yeah, it was proven that the majority of the country is pro-leave now. Whereas they tried to hawk the line that it was 50/50, and it was split down the middle for the whole of the last four years. And actually it’s been shifting to very, very, pro-leave. But the media has implied that it’s been 50/50 the whole way along. So it changes the narrative, it’s really good.


Brythonic: I just wanted to bring it back to, well we touched upon this a bit before, about the points based immigration system. Wondering why are we having such a system, rather than adopting a family rewards system, or breeding program for native Britons? I wonder if that’s something that is a going to be possible at some point? I mean, if it’s really a non-issue?


UNWAShED: It’s certainly not a non-issue! Because we’re talking about becoming a minority in our own countries. So that matters. But the idea that we have to out-breed other people is also disgusting! I know that in Hungary, and places like this, they’ve given incentives for young families. And that’s great! And that’s what we should be doing. But it’s by no means a cure. And it’s not right to put the pressure on people to have to have more babies. It’s just such an odd situation to be in.


Ronnie: And it’s not like, just to cut in for a second, it’s not like those policies only apply to White people, right? They’re gonna benefit Muslims, they’re gonna benefit all sorts of immigrants. And there’s no real way to incentivize, you know, increasing birth rates specifically with Whites. Whatever we put into place is going to apply to everybody.


And if we try to implement policy that is only going to apply to Whites, well what are we going to be called? Obviously racist, White supremacist! So I don’t see how in the current political climate we’re ever going to be able to turn things around in that regard.


Brythonic: Well in terms of that, you were talking about Trump before, and then that very point is made Ronny, Israel, seemingly is the elephant in the room here. You know, they have the policy for their own people of family reward systems, to keep their native, well keep the jewish population up.


Ronnie: Oh, absolutely! And this works when you have a nation that is pretty much homogeneous, right? If Whites represented eighty percent of the London population, or in the major cities, and yes, absolutely this [60:00] could work! But things are so far gone now.


If you increase the birth rates for the overall population that will do nothing to raise our overall numbers. And that’s what this is about! It’s not really about, you know, specifically the White population of Canada, or America, or Britain. It’s the White population in comparison to the non-Whites.


So that’s really what we have to focus on, and that’s what we have to address. And the only real way that I see being able to address that is by deporting people. Specifically increasing the White birth rates, or secession. And, you know, which one I think is the most likely out of the three.


Brythonic: Mm-hmm.


Brizer: Yeah. I mean, I’d like to see a couple of million Irish Americans come back to Ireland, you know. They can do that straight away. I mean, if you look at the jewish Diaspora they have that right to return to Israel, and they come back and they’re all welcomed in. But not so much for Irish Americans want to come back. It’s quite difficult actually to get back in again, unless they have a grandmother, or something like that, where they have that connection. But if it goes beyond that, it’s very difficult.


And I’d like to see that, because that would help. There’s about 50, 60 million Irish-Americans in the US at the moment. And just a couple of million of them back here, would certainly help out a lot of things. So, I’d be on for that, definitely.


Ronnie: It’s very interesting, European nations want to see more White’s coming in from North America, and it’s the exact opposite here in North America. We want to see more Whites immigrating from Europe. But obviously that’s going to bleed one of them dry, so that’s not really a viable solution. We have to have a solution for the entirety of the White race, in my opinion.


UNWAShED: Isn’t the issue that you would never see the word “indigenous” in any legislation here. I mean, I suppose you’ve got it in Canada but it certainly doesn’t refer to the White population.


Ronnie: Absolutely!


UNWAShED: Yeah. But you’d see all sorts of minority buzzwords written into legislation. So that’s what our battle is at the moment. We’re in a civil rights battle for the indigenous rights of White people. I think it’s taken a while to come to that point where they’re articulated like that, but that’s what we’re in. And then it sounds less extreme, really.


Ronnie: Yeah, I just wanted to ask. Do you think that using that type of strategy, don’t you think that implies that Whites in North America essentially don’t have a right to our land? If we’re going to emphasize the term “indigenous”, as opposed to are you capable of taking over a territory and, you know, setting up shop in maintaining it?


Because that’s essentially what we did in North America. We took over territory. We proved that we could do more with the land. And that’s what entitles us to the land. It’s not based on the fact that we’re indigenous, because all humans are essentially this migrant type of species, right? We travel the world, we take over various territory. And then it’s up to us to whether, or not, we can hold it down.


So I think really hammering down the indigenous aspect of your identity works well for you. But at the same time you would kind of have to say that maybe Whites don’t have a claim to North America. And that puts me obviously and in a very compromised position.


Mark: No, no. Look, the claim of being “indigenous” is the most powerful claim we have. However, in America you are not indigenous. The White people aren’t indigenous there, but the indigenous people are the Native Americans. And you’re not being out-bred by Native Americans!


The fact is White people built America in its current form. And the indigenous people are actually on reservations, they are allowed to indulge in their culture, in their traditions, in their ways of life. And the debate at the moment isn’t whether the indigenous people of North America should take back North America, and the White people should be all shipped back to Europe. The debate is whether Africans, Latinos, and people from elsewhere in the world, should be allowed to flood in and completely take over America from either White people, or Native Americans!


Because, let’s face it, that is what’s happening! It isn’t a matter of White versus indigenous. And also there is the matter that what we’re seeing here, is the fact that people of European descent did completely civilize America and built a stunning civilization, which is now being dragged through the mud.


So I do think there are alternative arguments that can be used to why mass immigration is not preferable in North America. But the fact is, here in Europe, the most powerful argument we have, is that we are the indigenous people. That these are our lands, that our people do originate from [65:00] these lands. That we are the natural people to inherit these lands. And that everything here is actually built by us, as well.


So we do actually hold all the moral cards in Europe. And I don’t think we should discard any of those.


Ronnie: That’s a very good point. I do think that the key point is who built the nation, who created the politics, the culture, etc. And obviously White Europeans created Canada. I think the actual land comes second to the state, to the culture and the things that I laid out.


However, you can in addition to that I had to the fact that, yes you are an indigenous Englishman, where I’m not an indigenous Canadian. So that we do kind of lack that point to bring to the table. But I think we both agree that it’s not necessarily the land that makes a people, it’s the country, it’s the culture, it’s the ideas that those people put forward, and their ability to protect those ideas. So I think we’re pretty much on the same page.


UNWAShED: The question is, who’s being displaced, as well. Like, you know, which peoples are being displaced and that’s White people all over. So as you say, the indigenous claim it’s almost getting lost in the weeds. It’s like, yes it’s the kind of tactic a leftist would use against you saying, you know:


“You are not really indigenous!”


The point is people are being forced to move, because of these great swells of unfamiliar people.


AllFather: Yeah, the one thing that you’ll see is that Europeans, and Europeans only, whether they’re in the diaspora, or in Europe, are the ones who are essentially the hegemony, if you will, the global hegemony is attempting to undermine and subvert our identity. Whether it be in the diaspora, or Europe, it doesn’t really matter.


But obviously in the colonies, in the Diaspora, our claim to preserving a demographic majority more has to do like Ronny was saying with our culture and the politics. Basically saying that if you replace, or if you marginalize, if you will, the population of the founding stock of these nations, and have people from the Third World, whether it’s South America, or Africa, or the Middle East, wherever, coming in here, it will fundamentally change the nation culturally and politically.


We all see, you know, this is another point about the points-based immigration system is, even if you’re importing doctors from China, and tech workers from India and these people will still overwhelmingly vote for the Left, and for socialism. Which, you know, in a country like Ronnie and myself, our country has birthright citizenship. I’m actually not sure about Canada anymore, it is you have to have one parent who’s a Canadian citizen in order to claim right of soil?


Ronnie: I’m not actually sure what it is right now.


AllFather: Okay, so in my country basically you can be from anywhere, you don’t even have to be a citizen of this country if, you know, and your parents come here, they’re both illegal, or they’re just workers, temporary workers, they have a child, that child becomes a citizen. So it’s an insane policy! But it comes from the Fourteenth Amendment, which was intended to give freed African slaves citizenship. And what it became basically is birthright citizenship.


And so we have a situation here where if we allow people to come in here, these Chinese doctors, and Indian tech workers, like I said, they’ll have children who will in turn, you know, create more demographic replacement of Europeans. So yeah, it’s more about our founding stock, the culture, and the politics for us. But I don’t consider myself to be indigenous to the North American continent, obviously.


The peoples who are mostly out-breeding us are Hispanics. And in some part they are Meso-American. So they actually do have this idea that they are taking back their own land. Not only, because parts of the Western United States used to be a Spanish, and then subsequently a Mexican province, or colony, but they also have this part indigenous heritage. So they do think that they’re kind of taking back the land from us, if you will.


But yeah, so I really think that that it’s important for indigenous Europeans to not let anybody [70:00] try to subvert your indigenous status. Because you look at other groups around the world that are similar to the United Kingdom, as far as, you know, and they might even be the product of ethnic groups in other parts of the world, that might even be a product of an ethnogenesis.


Japan, you look at other countries especially that are like archipelagos, like Britain, Japan, Madagascar, New Zealand, some of these places, there’s nobody trying to subvert the indigenous identity of the Maori in New Zealand. There’s nobody trying to say that the Europeans there are indigenous, or that that anybody that comes to New Zealand is indigenous.


And the British ethnic groups in the British Isles, have been in Britain for far longer, not far longer, well the they’ve been homogeneous basically for the same amount of time after the Norman invasion, that the Maori have even been present on New Zealand. So the idea that the peoples, the White people the British Isles are not indigenous to the British Isles is insane! And it needs to just be stopped! I mean, we need to make these arguments in public.


The problem is that a lot of these mainstream conservative, and centrist, outlets won’t discuss demographics with us.


UNWAShED: I think we’re at an interesting point. In the UK at least, because the mainstream view, or at least a view from the mainstream media, is that there is no such thing as like an indigenous British person, or an ethnically English person. And everyone knows that’s not true! You just apply that double standard to any other country. You would never say that about the people. But that is the mainstream line.


And I just think it’s another point where we can wake people up to the scale of this problem. You know, any normal English person will self-identify as English. They won’t be like:


“Well, we’re a nation of immigrants!”


But, that’s the news that they’ll get from the mainstream. And as soon as they spot that there’s that disconnect, then hopefully they give up on the mainstream altogether.


Mark: Look, there’s really an easy answer to this, as well, right? In 2016 Teresa May let in 650,000 migrants into Britain. That’s how many she actually let in. And she estimates that around 200,000 illegal immigrants came into Britain in the same year. So that would make a total immigration of around 850,000. And this number isn’t completely an all-time high, because in 2019, the Tories let in 379 [thousand] non-EU migrants.


So considering EU immigration was always higher than non-EU immigration in the years we were members of the European Union. But let’s say it’s on a par, for sake of this argument. That would mean that in 2019 around 758,000 migrants came to Britain legally.


Now let’s add into the mix, 200,000 illegal immigrants, keeping it on par with 2016 figures. That means you’ve got around 960,000 people coming into Britain in 2019. So a 110,000 more than came in 2016. I don’t have the numbers for seventeen, and eighteen, sorry, but I’m sure any stati people out there would dig them out. And if you want stats, go to Laura Towler! She’s the Queen of Statistics!


But I’ve given you too numbers there. 850,000 for 2016, and 960,000, or thereabout for 2019. And they’re all under Conservative governments.


Why are those numbers important? Well, in either of those years, as individual years, and we’ll take the lesser number 2016. In 2016 alone, more people entered Britain than came into Britain between 1066, the last time we were successfully invaded, and 1939, the outbreak of the Second World War.


So what you’ve got there, is almost a millenniums worth of immigration being completely eclipsed in a single year of modern Conservative party rule! So when people say we’re a nation of immigrants, not only is that a complete and utter BS claim! But the level of immigration we are seeing now is so unprecedented, it is so off he scale that comparing modern-day, yearly immigration statistics, or numbers, to hundreds and hundreds of years of [75:02] immigration, is actually incomparable!


And that just shows what level of migration was seeing now. And it also shows that when we say things like “White genocide”, or the “Great Replacement”, or “swamping levels” of immigration, we are not, we are not, making things up! We are not over playing things! We’re being honest.


And I’ll read you this:


“Hello Mark! I’m working on a story for Vice about Groyping coming to the UK. In the story we will be reporting that you are, ..”


And then some allegations are made about me. And one of those allegations is spreading racist conspiracy theories related to get demographic trends. What conspiracy theory? You’ve got pushing a million people coming into Britain every year. We are now running at a level where White Britons are already a minority in London, will be a minority in Britain by the 2060s as a whole.


And we are already seeing a situation where White Britons only make up 66 percent of primary school children. And births from White Britons only make up 59 percent of overall births in Britain. When are they going to stop using terms like “conspiracy theory”? Because if it is actually happening, how is it a conspiracy theory? It might be a conspiracy, but it isn’t just a theory, it’s the truth!


AllFather: Well for something to be a “conspiracy” it has to be secret, right? I mean, you know, a theory is also just an uncertain belief, so basically like a supposition, you know, a supposition a set of uncertain beliefs. So, it by definition, it can’t be a conspiracy theory. Especially considering you see some mainstream media outlets and just openly gloating and celebrating the fact that Europeans will be a minority.


But that’s kind of the whole, I think the conspiracy theory that they speak of is that it’s engineered by somebody. That it’s something that’s being done purposefully by elitists or, you know, which I think most of us in this chat would agree that’s the case.


Mark: Look at all these immigrants trying to get across the Greek border. That is a conspiracy! That is something that has been engineered. President Erdogan of Turkey has engineered the latest invasion! This isn’t something that is a nonsense that we’ve dreamt up.


And one thing we have to do, is we have to use laughter to defeat these clowns. If I’m ever invited on a show to debate these people I’m just gonna laugh in their faces, because this is actually happening! The government is saying it’s happening! Leading demographers are saying it’s happening! Other foreign governments are facilitating this knowingly.


This is all playing out as we’ve said. And people using terms like “conspiracy theory” about this, when it can be obviously proven, should be shamed, should be mocked, should be torn down!


If they want to talk about Groyping, well why don’t we Groyp them? Why don’t we go on to their YouTube channels and just keep spamming the demographic nightmare is real! The great replacement is real! Because it is!




Ronnie: Could I just jump in for a second. I think what Son of the AllFather is saying is that it comes down to whether, or not White erasure is a byproduct of the globalist agenda, or if it is the primary goal of the globalist agenda? And I think in the dissident Right we realize that it probably is the primary goal. If not it’s at the top. Where the Left projects it as, you know, this is just simply happening as a result of the need for more migration to stimulate the economy. And as a result Whites are going to be erased! So that’s really what the debate kind of comes down to. Am I correct to say that Son of the AllFather?


AllFather: Yeah. Precisely. That’s I mean, I obviously like I’m in that camp, in the camp that it is being done purposefully. But, you know, it’s just important to kind of address the language they’re using in order to defeat their arguments. And basically what I’ve seen is that they will deny it and they’ll try to gaslight you until they kind of can’t, and then they’re defeated on that on that front. And then what they’ll do is they’ll just move to trivializing it, or trying to rationalize it in some way. And, you know, with by saying:


Oh well we’ve been colonizing different places all around the world.


And then basically what you have where you have them at that point is, you know, they’re saying:


Well, you’ve colonized other places therefore Europe deserves to be colonized.


And it’s like, okay, well [80:01] Europeans are the indigenous people of Europe so are you saying that two wrongs make a right here? Are you saying that essentially that it’s an eye for an eye kind of a mentality? Which, you know, is considered barbaric, pretty much in any developed part of the world. So at that point you basically have proven that they are just as evil today, as they claim our ancestors were hundreds of years ago!


Brizer: Yes. It comes back to this whole Whiteness versus ethnicity debate again, doesn’t it? Which for us in Europe obviously ethnicity is the thing, because we were born and bred in these lands, and we have our own language and cultures and whatever. And there are certain differences between us. But there’s something else that runs deeper than that, where we have that connection.

And I can understand you guys in North America, because you’re trying to figure out whether you are American? Are you Canadian? Because, you know, you had the indigenous people there before that. Who are you? And, of course, your European ancestors came over three two, or three hundred years ago and they settle a land and they built a country up, so they feel a kind of an identity with that land.


And then when I look at the situation in South Africa with the Afrikaner as the White people in South Africa. They feel African, even though they’re White! And for me, like which is it? Which is most important? Is it your ethnicity? Even though the Afrikaners did come from Dutch, German, backgrounds, is that more important to them, or is it being a South African is more important to them?


Ronnie: I think racial identity has to matter more, right? Like even with respect to the British identity, right? Like you are a mix of Celts and Germanic people. I don’t want to take away from the fact that you are indigenous to England, but your genes haven’t really been molded by the geography in the same way that the native people in Canada have right? You pretty much are either Celtic, or German, in origins.

And so I kind of look at it is that the primary colors of European, or a White identity, we have the Greeks and the Romans, we have the Celts, we have the Germans, we have the Norseman. And that’s kind of how I would categorize it. But we all are the same people, at the end of the day. The differences between us in comparisons to the differences between us and the other races they’re pretty much negligible.

I think national identity is something we can have fun with. Like I can make fun of you guys and say, you know, soccer sucks in comparison to real football, and we can have a good laugh about that! But it doesn’t really mean anything. Where racial identity actually does mean something.


UNWAShED: This is where I had asked, I’d like to ask about Shin Fien and what’s going on there? Because they would be badged as a nationalist party, wouldn’t they? Or historically, I don’t really know. They would sort of brand themselves as all about the Irish, but they’re anything but! Is that right?


Brizer: Yes, at this point, they are. But when they started off initially back in 1919, they were a true Nationalist Party. It goes back to the old days of fighting against the Brits and all that type of stuff, right? We’ve gone through all of that, and we’ve been there, done that. There was a lot of pain and hardship went along with that, but Shin Fien were totally infiltrated back in the 60s by Marxists. And they are anything but nationalists now, or even Republican.


They are kind of always were the protests kind of political party, where people go to protest against the two main parties, which are Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil. And we had that in a recent election here there. The Shin Fien vote surged. And they were never that popular really. I mean, they had grassroots support, they’d always get one, or two, people elected.


But they got a huge vote this time around. And the moments there’s a difficulty in forming a new government, because the two main parties don’t anything to do with Shin Fien. And Shin Fien doesn’t particularly want anything to do with them. And Shin Fien are trying to get a coalition between the other kind of leftist parties. And I sometimes I think it might be a good thing if they did get into power with a lot of lefties, because they would really fuck this country big time! And really red pill a lot of people, to say:


Look! Look what they’re about!




And then there’s another thing saying:


Well, they could really destroy this country too, and there’s going to be a lot of hardship.


It’s hard to see where this will go. There are some new nationalist parties setting up. The National Party is was kind of the main one at the moment. They’re still quite small but they’re gaining ground, which is good, and their policies are very sensible. And they’ve got a good leader by the name Justin Barrett, who speaks very well, and he knows his stuff.


But I’m just wondering do we have enough time, because if another government is formed and they get another four, or five years in, the gates are still gonna be wide open! And we’re gonna have probably an extra half a million, million, people in this country. Which is gonna make things worse! But I do actually honestly believe that things are gonna have to get a lot worse before they get better! It’s gonna have to come to people’s door, to see it.


And we are beginning to see that now. I mean, just earlier today I was in my small town, I was coming back just doing a bit of shopping. And I went past a school, all the school kids are coming out, and I was quite shocked to see, you know, I really was, because every third, or fourth, child coming out there was, … Well they weren’t Irish, put it that way!


And these are all young kids like six, seven, years old. So they’re going to grow up here.


We have a big problem! We have a big problem! I don’t know how we’re going to sort it! Deportations? I don’t know how that can be done. I think we just have to try and protect what we have, whatever we have.


And I think making more White babies is one way of doing it, but then, is that feasible? It’s more and more difficult to have families these days, because it’s very expensive to raise kids these days.


When I look back even though, in the fifties, and sixties, you know, Irish families had seven, eight, nine, ten, kids! And the dad just went out to work, somehow they afforded it. But they’re just making it more and more difficult now for families to settle down, buy a house, and, you know, raise the family. It’s just getting more and more difficult!


So something is gonna have to give at some point. And I don’t know when. And I think it’s just going to be very painful when it does. And we’ve got to be ready for it. That’s unfortunate.


Ronnie: Before, you know, the family would help out with the family business, be it a farm, or what have you. Nowadays it’s not the case, right? It takes an individual to reach their 20s before they can actually start earning a significant income, right?


So typically the kids are just a financial burden, where in the past you’d have them working on the farm, you’d have them working in various areas. And as well the infant mortality rate was much higher. So to ensure that you had a lot of offsprings, you know, kids that would survive you would have a lot of children.


So I do think it would be great if we could add a little bit more nepotism and family values to the White identity, so that we can start working again with family members and friends. Because I think for multiple reasons that’s much more desirable than working for some large corporation.


Brizer: Yeah well they did a number on this country in the last seven, or eight, years. There was three referendums. First one I think was in 2012, which was about children’s rights. And this was basically, in our Constitution, children were protected under the Constitution. And then the state decided to come in and say:


Well, we’re gonna take more control here.


And that, sadly, passed, because most people didn’t think it was important at the time. And it passed quite easily.


Then we other gay marriage referendum. And then we had the abortion referendum. I think we all saw the scenes with all these crazy young Millennials were cheering and shouting for the death of babies!


I mean, it was quite disgusting to be quite honest to see that.


And I was just like those three referendums were an attack on the family unit. And there is an article in our Constitution which just states the family, article 40, which is all about the family, and how the family is the foundation of society and cannot be touched! And that’s just being gradually eroded away. And now we’re just we’re seeing the effects of that.


At the moment I’m hearing that a thousand babies are being aborted every month in this country! White babies! Gay marriage is on the increase. But they’re not going to produce any kids.




And then we have a state coming in and stealing children from good parents, because they disagree with different things, or whatever, for whatever reason they feel is necessary to abduct children. And it’s going on in the UK. They’re coming at us from all angles, without a doubt! Without a doubt!


And I think that’s what’s taking people by surprise, because if you just got one problem, you can maybe deal with it, but when you got five, or six, coming at you at the same time it’s extremely difficult to deal with, because people are confused.


We have to take a good step back here and look what’s going on, and realize that our governments are not with us whatsoever! Do not represent us whatsoever! They are in bed with the global, corporate, elite. Who are want to bring in all these migrants as economic consumer units to replace us. And to see the death basically of what we call the White race. Which is going to be, we’re top of the line here!


I think there is a depopulation agenda on the whole, for all races. But I think for the White people we’re number one to go! And they have to destroy the foundations of society, which number one, is the family. And they’re doing a great job here at the moment.


So sad to see but people are beginning to wake up now a bit, and push back. But well, you know, it’s getting people motivated, getting them out on the streets, and doing things, and talking to each other, getting them away from the TVs, and their phones, and stuff and sports, and concentrate! Like we’re at risk here of becoming extinct!


Ronnie: It’s very true. And it this creates a flight-or-fight kind of response that we briefly talked about before the stream. And unfortunately there just really isn’t a fight, a tangible fight, and in many cases a political fight for one to even involve themselves with, right? Like many people in America are frustrated with Donald Trump in the Republican Party. You guys are frustrated with that with what’s happening in the so-called Conservative parties and in the UK.


So there is this sense of, you know, I want to fight, but there’s really no army to join! And so then that creates the flight response. And I guess we could say secession fits along with that. And I don’t want to say that I’m running away from a fight. I don’t want to say that I’m giving up! I’m simply advocating for what I believe is our best chance.


And if there was a fight, if this was um medieval Europe, or whatever, and there was a crusade to join, absolutely I would be there, sword and shield, with my fellow man. But that’s not the way things are right now. And if you try to go down those lines, you’re just gonna wind up in jail!


And they, you know, I really could never advocate for somebody to do the dirty work for me. So, you know, civil war, or a physical revolt, I think that’s very slimy for somebody to preach on the internet when they’re not willing to do the same thing themselves.


So really I think hoping for any sort of physical war, you’re basically just stuck there crossing your fingers, praying that something happens, because chances are you’re not going to be the one to lead it, right? And, nor should you!


So it does seem kind of bad to suggest that we give up a piece of land in order to salvage another, but the Viking mentality is to not engage in a fight in which you can’t win, or which you can’t even form a formidable army. The best thing to do is to collectivise, regather, and then fight once you’re unified, and you can actually win the battle.


So I think secession, although it may seem like we’re giving up right now, we’re just collectivizing to win a future battle that we can actually win.














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