The Realist Report Interviews TANSTAAFL — 2016 — TRANSCRIPT



[After a year’s break from blogging and interviews TANSTAAFL returns with this interview with John Friend at his The Realist Report site. I consider TANSTAAFL to be one of the most insightful commentators on the jewish problem, and in this interview he doesn’t disappoint with his take on what’s being going on in our movement to expose and rid ourselves of the organized evil jewish cabal that dominates our societies.


Topics include; the ongoing jew war on Whites, the meaning of “conspiracy theory”, kikeservatives, Twitter, the jewsmedia, Trump, Bannon, (((the echo meme))), Alt-Right, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, Jared Taylor, Hitler and National Socialist Germany, and White racial consciousness — KATANA.]







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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Tanstaafl of Age of Treason. To begin the program, Tanstaafl gives listeners an overview of what he’s been up to lately, including being banned from Twitter for making factual statements about Jews and their anti-White agenda. We move on to focus on the Jewish problem more generally, and the open and quite blatant war being waged on Whites by the organized Jewish community. We also discuss Trump’s election, the Alt Right, and related topics.


The Realist Report







Published on Dec 8, 2016










John Friend: All right folks. Welcome back to another edition of the Realist Report. This is your host John Friend. Joining me today is TANSTAAFL, who maintains the excellent website Age of Treason. TANSTAAFL is one of the most insightful and articulate commentators in the alternative independent media today, especially when it comes to the jewish problem. A topic that we will be discussing at length during this podcast.


Tan thanks for joining me. How are you today sir?


John: Good! Well, you sound fine and, you know, if you’ve got to sneeze, or cough, or anything, …


TAN: I may! [laughing]


John: … Just put yourself on mute and I’m sure we can deal with it. Thanks for coming on the program. Last time you were on was actually a year ago, exactly. I was just looking at my website and one year ago, today. Well, I guess when I post this program, which will be technically tomorrow, December 7th. You were on and I’ve been wanting to or I had been wanting to interview you for a long time because I followed your work for a number of years and listened to pretty much all of your podcasts and you’ve been a big, you know, influence in my thinking, especially when it comes to racial issues and, of course, the jewish problem.


So, just to get started, could you talk about what you’ve been up to lately? I know you were recently shoahed from Twitter. So you are no longer on Twitter, but I see you’ve been blogging a lot lately so, why don’t you just tell us what you’ve been up to well.


TAN: Well, yeah, I wouldn’t call it a lot. I’ve actually been pretty inactive for the last year. Actually, it started even before I talked to you last. But, I’ve been active mostly on Twitter. I had stopped blogging so much. Before I had been in the habit of posting about once a week, once every couple of weeks, and it really dropped off to almost nothing. But Twitter is, … It wasn’t because I was not paying attention to what was going on and didn’t have thoughts. It was just because I was expressing myself mainly through Twitter. Which is really a different form of media. It’s like, it’s been called a “micro blog” and that is really a good description for it. So, instead of writing these long posts on a blog, you write little snippets of thoughts that fit in 140 characters and you can whip them off pretty quickly and in response to lots of different stories. So it’s becomes addictive! You know, you’re sitting there paying attention to what’s going on in the news, what everybody’s excited about and you have some insight into it, or you just want to bring it to other people’s attention and you comment on it. And the big problem with it, as I found out — I was well aware I was just wondering when it would happen — but I found out a couple of weeks ago right, you know, few weeks after the election. When Twitter decides that you’re too much of a problem, they can just delete your account and it’s as if you never existed.


So I don’t really plan on going back, as useful as I found it. Most of the value was, for me, in the besides sharing thoughts with other like minds, was, … What I found on Twitter was that basically the enemy is using it as a communication platform. Very similar to what they, what was uncovered back several years ago. I think 2012 election cycle. The journalist email list that they used to use back then — it might have been even 2008 cycle? I can’t recall now. It was quite a while ago. But basically before Twitter existed, the jews and the jews media and their fellow travellers used to communicate with each other via a private email list, that was invite only. But it was a massive number of people. And when it was uncovered and the e-mails were shared by somebody, it was shocking to a lot of people. That these people were colluding and, you know, coming up with a shared narrative about how to deal with certain scandals that broke. And we’ve seen it again in this election cycle with the Wiki Leaks thing, I mean there was there was a bit of that.


But every day on Twitter — and you don’t even have to have an account on Twitter — you can sign up. And the main reason to sign up is so you can make a list. But even if you don’t sign up for Twitter you can just go to these different accounts one by one and look at what they’re saying. It’s convenient when you make a list, because it basically mashes them all together. And that’s one of the first things I did after they kicked me off. I just created a dummy account so that I could create a list of all these jews media jews, so that I could see what they were chattering about, what they were screeching about today. And so basically it’s what they call that, “opposition research“?




John: Sure

TAN: It’s very effective for that.


John: Yeah and you can kind of see how they sort of collude to control the narrative in a way that advance specifically jewish interests. And it doesn’t matter if they’re on the left, or the right, you know, so-called left and right, you know, jews always operate and collude together to advance specifically jewish interests. And in many cases they’re very blatant and out in the open with it.


TAN: Yeah you can see a difference between the left and right jews — the conservatives and liberals — and how they kind of pose and posture as opponents, but then on Twitter, you know, they’re part of a team. They’ll argue with each other on Twitter as well. But, you know, what I’ve noticed is this, and it was even before Twitter, of course, that I noticed this, but, on Twitter you can see it developing in real time. This cycle that they get into, this positive feedback cycle where one jew will start screeching about something that’s going on, … Steve Bannon is a good — the “Bannocaust” that I wrote about just recently — was a good example of what was happening just as I got kicked off of Twitter. Some jew, I noticed, was saying, you know, “Steve Bannon, it incredible that he’s been appointed to this position of power. He’s a horrible anti-Semite!” and then, other jews pick this up and they all start, you know, screeching in unison on Twitter. And this was all the day before it all came out in public stories that they wrote for their jews media corporations, and were actually published in papers and online zines, and so forth. That toned down that the jewish aspect of it for public consumption. They, instead of describing Bannon as a horrible anti-Semite, they emphasized and said that he was a “White supremacist, White nationalist, racist, bigot!”Whatever. But you could see on Twitter twenty four hours before that broke out in the mainstream media and took it to public attention, how they had colluded on, you know, this very jewish attitude about Bannon. And it was all about the jews from their point of view.


John: Right. And it always is. And I was following that story, you know, when it first broke and, as you said, they were, there were literally hundreds of articles about how Bannon was this anti-Semite and a racist and a leader of the Alt-Right, etc. And I mean, even the ADL had to sort of come out and backtrack on all that and say, “Well, you know, maybe this guy really isn’t an anti-Semite. But he’s still bad! Trump is still bad!” So I mean, it’s just amazing how they, … Truly, I mean they are very delusional! These people are just totally delusional.


TAN: Well, it was very much like the “Hagelocaust” back when Chuck Hagel was nominated for Secretary of Defense. I forget the year, it was couple years ago. Obama nominated him and he was, you know, a centrist Republican, but kind of anti-war and he had made statements in the past. One in particular sticks out in my mind that he had said that, “I’m not, I’m a senator of the United States not a senator of Israel. when he was pushed on some issue about protecting Israel, or something. And what happened when he was nominated, the same thing. The jews, basically in private, started making a stink about it and it rose and rose, the crescendo rose until it broke out into the mainstream media as these charges against Hagel. That he’s unfit for the job, he cannot do it! Now in the end, Hagel got appointed and passed, but he first had to go and on bended knee, apologize to the jews for ever saying anything negative about them and promised that he was going to be the best Secretary of Defense for Israel, that he could be. And that’s what I pointed out at the time was, you know, here are two groups of jews. There were jews for him and jews against him. But the basis for their argument was that he’s “good for the jews”. Both sides had a different opinion about it, but that was the basis, the common ground, that they were arguing on. It was totally jewish and totally about what’s best for the jews, what’s best for Israel, not what’s best for United States. Even as a abstract idea.


And I saw the same thing with the “Bannonocaust”, it was a bunch of jews arguing about whether he was good, or bad for the jews.


John: Right. And isn’t it amazing how, … I mean we see this all the time, you know, anytime anyone says anything even slightly critical of jews, or makes simple, basic, factual statements about jews and their power and influence and their agenda, you know, that’s anti-Semitism to these people. That is paranoia and conspiracy theories. And really, they’ve been so effective at preventing people from openly discussing their power and influence, even when jews themselves, openly write about it and openly talk about it.





I mean, this is something that you’ve been doing for quite a while, just, you know, quoting jews. And as you said, you go on Twitter and you see what they’re talking about. You see how they’re trying to frame issues and how they’re colluding with other jews to frame things to advance specifically jewish interests. And yet, if you notice these things if you, you know, scholarly document them and comment on them, you’re a hater. You’re paranoid. You’re delusional. You’re a conspiracy theorist. It’s really amazing, I mean, to me, it’s so amazing that they’ve been able to do this for so long and to prevent any, you know, rational inquiry, any rational discussion of the jews and of their power and influence. It really blows my mind! I mean, to me it’s so ridiculous and just childish that we can’t even openly talk about these things.


TAN: Well first of all, it is a conspiracy. They do conspire for their own interests, and as a group. So, it’s kind of a bad joke that they have created this term “conspiracy theory” and associated it with people being insane, for basically, … What it means, “conspiracy theory”, this is a term, if it wasn’t coined by Karl Popper it was popularized by him in a paper years ago. Karl Popper is a famous jew philosopher. He’s also the source of this “Open Society” thing that George Soros pushes today. But, Karl Popper talked about conspiracy theory and I think — he was speaking in pretty coded language — but basically it means, “The goyim know! Shut it down!”


John: Right!


TAN: You know, in contemporary terms. Conspiracy theory is is the term that jews use and they use it every day. This is another term I see popping up on the jew Twitter, every day, multiple times. They refer to any time they think that the goyim are becoming aware of something. They call that a conspiracy theory, right!


Now, us “goyim” think of the term in more general terms. That it just means any kooky theory, any stupid crazy theory that, you know, maybe goes off into the weeds of the details of some obscure, you know, maybe even unimportant thing. That’s what the term means to us. But, it means that because the jews have imparted that meaning to it by implying that anyone talking about the jews specifically, but anything that even hints at it, or touches on the jews is a, quote, unquote, “conspiracy theory”. The word conspiracy, it’s a legal term, it actually has a legal meaning. But it has a more, you know, … The legal meaning is that you actually, like two, or more people are actually planning to do something illegal. Right. That’s a legal conspiracy. But, the term in common parlance just means doing something untoward, something, you know, negative, something bad and it’s more loose. It doesn’t have to necessarily be illegal. And, in fact, the jews have so much power that basically what they do is legal. They’re able to do what they do, most of it anyway, legally.


And what they focus on today — they’ve got so much power — is making what we do, illegal! So that we can’t even speak about what they’re doing, without it being defined as “hate speech” and criminalized.


John: Right! Exactly! And I mean, you know, on Twitter, I’m sure you were banned, in part, because you were making factual statements and observations about jews and their very openly anti-White agenda.


TAN: Yeah it was the words, “kikeservative”, “faggot[laughing]nigger”. You know, I used a couple of different slurs that I probably could have got my message across, while avoiding [them]. Although “kikeservative” I think is, I would defend that term, because even though, you know, most people might recoil at it. It is actually very descriptive word of what’s what’s going on. It’s more descriptive than “cuckservative”, which I’m also happy to use. But it’s a little too broad. You know, a lot of people use the term “cuckservative” and they really, I don’t think that they appreciate the analogy that’s being implied there. That, you know, the cuckoo bird and parasitism, basically, that we talked about last time. And to call it “kikeservative” to call somebody who is basically serving the jews, a “kikeservative” really puts a fine point on, you know, on the word “cuckservative”. Instead of just calling them a cuck, which means that any nonwhite they might be serving, you know, it’s putting the focus more on the main non-White power that is actually puppeteering most of the other non-Whites.




John: So, basically it’s a more precise analysis a more precise definition of other cuckservatives, you know, of these Republicans, and I mean, even I guess, Democrats to a certain extent, you know, literally selling out their own people to advance jewish interests. And, of course, jews are behind all the other minority groups. They always organize them and, you know, fight for civil rights and all this other nonsense. That goes all the way back to the fifty’s and sixty’s they’ve been doing that. And we still see it today with illegal immigration and transgenderism now, like homosexuality, …


TAN: Black Live Matter” is a direct analogy. If you weren’t alive back during civil rights you can see what’s happening with the Black Lives Matter thing. The kind of role that the jews play is to amplify and broadcast their message. And to put a positive spin on it. To put it out there, in front of people, in a sympathetic way. If they don’t like something, like say, the Alt-Right, neo-Nazism or, you know, even just White identity, they put it out there with a negative spin on it and with obviously anti-pathetic attitudes and psycho-pathologizing it too.


You mentioned earlier, having to do with this, … Their tactics of how they deal with criticism. The main way they deal with criticism is to call it crazy! They call their enemies crazy and they have specialized in this, I mean, Sigmund Freud is the first and most famous example, the most well known example that pops in the mind, but I’m sure it goes back further than Freud. And it’s certainly since Freud it has become the main tool. I mentioned already Karl Popper in the conspiracy theory thing, but there’s a long history just in this past century of, for instance, the “Authoritarian Personality” from the cultural Marxist, the Frankfurt School, Adorno and company.


There’s the “Paranoid Style in American Politics” by Hofstetter who was half jew, a mischling. And then there’s the “Conspiracy Theory of Society” which was written by Popper. And then, Cass Sunstein, more recently, wrote sort of an updated version of this conspiracy theory paper. Long piece, basically reiterating Popper’s point that, you know, when people come up with these theories about how certain small groups have too much control and run the media and run finances, you know, that’s what they mean when they say, “conspiracy theory”, and that is bad for the jews. He doesn’t put it — neither one of them, Popper, or Sunstein — put it that plainly, but that’s what they’re talking about. And it really came to a point that, that sort of what it amounted to, at the end of Trump’s campaign.


When he had that infamous commercial, the jews really, drove them nuts! That last commercial he came out with, where he talks about the globalist elite and the globalist media and finance. And then put up at least three jews in the video. That’s why they were flipping out, because “that’s a conspiracy theory!” And you’re trafficking in anti-semitic tropes and conspiracy theories. It’s funny, they expose themselves, basically.


When somebody like Trump who love the jews, or is a willing servant of the jews, a kikeservative in the true sense of the word. When they suspect that he is actually a secret anti-semite, that’s where it does come across that they are crazy. That they themselves are paranoid and crazy. And that when they project there that, … What they’re doing is projecting it on to us, when they call us crazy!


John: Right.


TAN: It’s sick! It’s really sick!


John: It is! And I mean, it’s so bad where now, and I mean, I guess this is been going on for a long time. I mean, literally they view any form of White racial consciousness as, you know, a delusional conspiracy. I don’t want to say “conspiracy theory”, but it’s delusional, it’s irrational, it’s illegitimate. And yet they’d champion that jews are right, but they’d champion that and everyone else, especially themselves, right? I mean, jews are very ethnocentric and very aware of their jewish identity and, you know, are very proud of it. Which, I mean, is fine by me, but when they turn around and say anybody who’s White who does the same thing is crazy and is hateful and is a bigot. I mean, again, it’s just completely ridiculous.




TAN: Well it’s not ridiculous! It’s actually an attack. And that’s how it should be interpreted, as an offensive against Whites. And that’s. Kind of the main point that I’ve been harping on for years now, but especially in this past year. The jew war on Whites and so many people kind of water it down, or see it in less extreme terms, but it isn’t really extreme, it’s just the honest, it’s the most honest way to describe what’s going on. The jews are at war with Whites! Are warring upon Whites! Are aggressing against Whites! Are hostile to Whites! Are landing all of these blows against Whites and Whites are unwilling, unable to respond!


The ones that do respond, respond violently. You know, a trickle of them. And then, what happens? You know, a lot of White people get up and say, “Oh that’s horrible! Violence isn’t the answer!” And something that, it really bugs me because the, I see it changing, so there’s, you know, there’s hope that this is shifting now. Attitudes in the last two years, and partly because of Trump, and partly it was happening anyway, there is been a surge in “White consciousness”. Of White people waking up to the reality, as Richard Spencer puts it, that race is real and race matters!


You know, I’ve been saying that stuff for years, but now a lot of people are starting to realize that that’s true. And that is the first step, is just having that basic, … When you say, you know, racial consciousness, there’s, I think of it, there’s two, they’re not separate, but they’re like different ends of the spectrum, … The first and most basic consciousness is just knowing that race is real, knowing that you have a race, a group, a larger group that you belong to and there’s nothing you can really do about it, you’re part of that group, you’re born into it. And feeling, you know, aware of that, on a day to day basis. So, when you see people on television and they’re talking about something your first thought is, “Well what is that person?” you know? “Are they part of my group, or are they not part of my group?” And [for] jews this is important, because, you know, maybe we’ll get into this a bit later too, the way that jews posture and pretend to be White. And they feed us poison that way.


That’s how you can stop that from happening is by paying attention to who is saying what and recognizing that, you know, this person I think I can trust them, they look like a member of my own group. And, you know, what they’re saying makes sense to me versus this Krauthammer asshole! You know, I don’t like what he’s saying and he’s telling us, talking about, you know, going to war in the Middle East, you know, why would, that doesn’t make any sense to me.


And when you start to understand who the jews are, and what’s been going on and see it as a war, then you understand. Well, yeah, these jews are they are not us! And they see us as their main enemy!


John: Right. They’re not us and they openly say this and they’re openly hostile to our interests and, you know, this is been made clear. Almost every single day. I mean, it’s very clear if you’re just paying attention. And I’m glad you brought that up, this jewish war on Whites, this jewish war on Western civilization and, you know, this White genocide agenda that is what the jews promote, is White genocide. And yeah, I mean, that is ultimately what it’s all about.


And I wanted to ask you, if you could maybe just summarize the “jewish problem” in a nutshell. And I mean, I guess that would probably be your answer [laughing] in it’s not really a “jewish problem”, it is a “jewish war” on White people and needs to be understood, in those explicit terms. Because that is what it is!


TAN: Yes, the “jewish problem” from a White point of view, is the problem that jews cause for Whites. And today, in the past that it didn’t seem like it was so serious. It was like discomfort. It was that the jews cause problems. Maybe they cause some wars. Well today, it’s pretty obvious that it’s an existential threat, that they are not going to be happy until Whites don’t exist anymore. They changed their attitudes round about the middle of last century, with the rise of the National Socialist regime. And they were fully exposed and that scared the shit out of them and they changed tactics. And now the agenda is to get rid of us entirely. And, you know, whereas before they were happy to just feed on us and they really maybe only had the power to feed on us in the past. But now, they’re they’ve actually got the upper hand with the media control that they have, the financial control they have. And all of these kikeservatives willing to do their bidding for them. That think they’re on the winning team.




We’re on our backs and they’ve got their feet on our throats and they’re they don’t, … Unlike Whites who foolishly feel sympathy for defeated enemies and let them up and help them out, jews don’t do that. Jews like to brag about how they’ve exterminated all of the people that they’ve ever come up against in their history. You know, they describe themselves as victims of these people. That’s how they see themselves, and that’s how they justify offing all of this long list of civilizations that they’ve parasitized in the past. But we are just the most recent one to them and they won’t think twice about just offing us! It doesn’t bother them in the slightest.


John: Well I think, if you if you look back, you know, the past hundred years, or so, jews, especially organized jewish community and groups like the ADL, for example, the World jewish Congress, they are driven fundamentally by a desire to prevent any sort of White revolution, any sort of national socialist, you know, takeover of society. They’re trying to prevent what happened in Germany from happening anywhere else. And obviously they’ve been very effective all over the Western world. And I think, I mean, I think that is really what drives them because, you know, the jews had, they’ve always had a lot of power and influence in Western society, you know, going back, I mean, really all throughout time. But now, as you said, they’re at a point where they literally control our societies in virtually every respect. And Hitler’s Germany was a solution to that problem. I mean, they openly talked about these things. They were articulating them publicly, your average German probably knew about these issues and could explain it. And that’s what they fear!


TAN: Yes. Yeah, it was the first time that European man really, on a large scale, was aware of the jews, of the true nature of the jews. Saw them for what they are, and organized at a governmental scale against them. In self defense against the jews. And ultimately it failed, because not enough other people outside of Germany were able to accept what the Germans were, had come to accept themselves and were trying to make other people understand.


As you mention, the ADL and other jewish organizations, … The jews organize compulsively and they communicate. They have meetings, you know, every day of the year! There is some jewish organization meeting, conspiring to increase their control, increase their power and not only in a positive way for themselves. What a big part of what they do, especially organizations like the SPLC the ADL, is they focus on suppressing our communication. This thing that Twitter did, not just, you know, I wasn’t the only one deleted, there were a whole bunch of people and accounts shut down. And there were many before that, but there was a big. Spate of them right after the election. That was, no doubt, due to the puppeteering of the ADL. The ADL had several months earlier, insinuated themselves into the process of defining what should and shouldn’t be allowed and they finally, you know, dropped the hammer on that day, most of that week, when a bunch of people were kicked off. So, you know, that’s the purpose of that particular organization is to sniff out anyone who is talking, any White people who are talking amongst themselves and shut it down!


John: Right. Yeah, exactly! And I know I’ve been following the Daily Stormer, they’ve been, [Andrew] Anglin has been covering this issue pretty well. And I mean, he’s been stripped from, what I understand, he’s pretty much banned as a person from even using Twitter. But yeah, this is out in the open. There are clearly organizing to shut it down, as you said. Do you think, I mean, what are your thoughts, like long term? Do you think that this is something that, I mean, are they going to be able to shut everyone down, you know, what I mean? There’s a lot of people using Twitter and getting this message out. I mean, how far are they going to take this, do you think?


TAN: It will go farther. It’s been called, “the shuttening” this, not just Twitter, but the general idea. I kind of like the term, “the shuttening”, because it refers to the jew tendency to shut it down.


Facebook has always been like this. That’s why I didn’t, that is why I never bothered to even sign up for Facebook, because I knew that, Facebook doesn’t tolerate, doesn’t even, you know, maybe it makes some gestures about tolerating free speech and all that. But Twitter made sort of a name for itself, early on, by being the free speech platform and that’s why I thought it was still a risk to invest any time in posting anything there. But, after the first few months when I saw that they weren’t banning people left and right, I kind of, you know, got comfortable there.




And what we see is that, you know, that stuff can change. And that’s exactly what the jews agitate for and organizing and pressure people politically, behind the scenes, to shut these things down.


It’s going to get worse. What, the next step, I mean, besides other social media stuff like Gabi that’s cropping up, you know, they’ll eventually come under the gun of the ADL and other jewish organizations. And they’ll probably cave as well if they aren’t already a jewish organization, you know, anyway. Basically providing the Jews with information on all the people using their service. All of these services will eventually get shut down and the next step beyond that, that I can foresee happening too, is that they’ll just remove the DNS entries. They may not be able to, it’s not cost effective for them to try and go to every ISP and get sites like mine, or yours removed. They have done that in the past, but it’s expensive and it’s time consuming. And there are certain services that won’t delete the stuff. They won’t give in to the threats. So, the way they’ll they’ll deal with that is just by convincing the government, or whoever is controlling that the DNS system, to delist those sites so they won’t be convenient to get to.


And so, you’ll have people sharing around the names and IP addresses of certain favorite sites and giving the technical details. Here’s how you get there, but it will drop dramatically reduce the ease of which people can get to our ideas. That won’t be a totally a bad thing because, you know, the harder they try to shut us down the more obvious they make it, the more they expose themselves, expose their power and expose how illegitimate their power is. That they pretend to be victims and they’re going around, there’s that famous saying, you know, “The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you!” That is a an eye-opening thing, when people who have been hearing about how criticism of jews is just crazy, for all their lives., actually, see jews behaving like wild animals, savaging people who are just mild mannered and saying, you know, polite things, like Richard Spencer, they have something [that] snaps in their mind and they realize, “Hey, wait a minute! Maybe the people who have been saying these things aren’t crazy!”


I know it happened for me years ago, and over the last two years I’ve seen more and more testimonies from people in interviews, or just chatting online, where they say, you know, these are people who, you know, self professed a year ago, “I was a liberal, a shit liberal”, or whatever, “I was just a normie” and in the course of being exposed basically to jewish shenanigans, they realize this isn’t a joke! This is real! This is, the jews really are in power and they really are nasty!


John: Exactly! Yeah. Well, and really, that’s really the big story of this past election season. Is just how clear this is all becoming. And, I mean, we’re seeing the media become discredited on a mass scale, which is huge. I mean, that to me has been the number one weapon that the jews have used to wage war against us. It’s largely been psychological. I mean, they literally brainwash us with false history and, you know, pseudo science, you know, you mentioned Freud and all these other con artists. And I mean, that’s really to me how they’ve been so successful, is controlling the narrative and weaponizing history and weaponizing our political discourse.


But this is all coming out in the open now and it’s all being made clear. You mentioned the Trump campaign video where he doesn’t even mention the word jew! In the speech he made down in West Palm Beach Florida where he was railing against, you know, the global interests, … Again, you know, he could have named the jew and it would have been a lot more accurate. But he didn’t even have to, and the very next day, or even that night, you know, all these jews on Twitter, the ADL, they’re condemning this speech as, you know, trafficking in, quote, unquote, “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” and all this other nonsense. So I mean, these people are outing themselves! And to me, I don’t know how people can notice this. I mean, people are obviously noticing it, but it’s just, you know, they just can’t help themselves. I mean, these jews are just so delusional. They just cannot help themselves!




TAN: Yeah, to a certain extent they can’t help themselves. It’s their nature to screech when they sense that they are being attacked. And they are hyper sensitive! That’s why it’s hard for me to accept that jews are just innocently going along with somebody else’s agenda, that this isn’t a jewish agenda that’s killing Whites as a race. It’s impossible to believe, because the jews are so hyper sensitive to race and to what is good for survival of a group and what is bad, and they make sure that for their own group, you know, that they have policies that preserve their group and that they push the opposite for us.


But you mention the narrative, and the jews, … I’ve pointed out before, the jews are sort of born storytellers, you know, from the Bible, which I think I mentioned in, “The Great Jewish Mask”. That book from about a hundred years ago. The jews are have been storytellers their whole history. To the point where, the very history that they tell is a big lie, all the way back! And today’s Hollywood and, you know, people, White people in America and globally too, I think, you know, they kind of understand this. They don’t like Hollywood. I mean, they may go to those movies and they may be thrilled by those things, but they also are kind of put off by it. It’s sort of like chewing on a poisoned Twinkie, you know, it’s like, it tastes good, but it also, you feel sick to your stomach afterwards.


And that’s the kind of feeling that White people get when they look at the jewish media and they, … Trump didn’t create that distrust, he didn’t, he just sort of exposed it. And he tapped into it, you know, he saw, he’s very perceptive and in sensing what it is that, … Well, first of all, that White people weren’t being pandered to, weren’t being served by previous candidates and that that’s the path, basically, that was the key to his electoral strategy and the key to his victory ultimately. Was to tap into that by talking about White issues and what the leftists call that, is “dog whistling”. And it just means speaking in code.


When politicians speak in code to get White votes and, you know, I’ve made the point before, that if a politician has to speak in code, that’s kind of a disadvantage, you know, because Trump is a good example. He spoke explicitly to blacks about what he was going to do for blacks! And he said, you know, I’m going to basically poor lots of money and lots of attention on the inner city, you know, talking directly to blacks. And similarly to Hispanics and Latinos and to jews he spoke explicitly about how well he was going to serve them and their interests! And he did not speak, at all, during the campaign, he never said the word, “White” that I’m aware of, and never in a positive context like, “I love White people!” Or, “I’m a White person and I’m going to make sure that White people are well served by my administration. But he did speak about jobs. I think in the past, it was called, “Nixon’s Southern strategy”.


This time around they’re going to start to call it, I think, “Trump’s rustbelt strategy”, because he did, basically the same thing. He talked to Whites, indirectly, but still in a language that they understood. That, “Hey this guy gets it. He’s going to do things and have policies that address our concerns”, you know, this country is changing. We don’t like the new normal which, …, but they don’t!


My point is, my overall point is that, I think most White people just they don’t see the jews, they don’t understand the jews as a threat, they think that’s crazy! They, I mean, they’ve heard people say it, but they think that is discredited idea, it’s a conspiracy theory, it’s not true! And it’s largely, because that’s what the jews say! That’s the jews have control over the media, they pump out that message twenty four seven, that it’s crazy to think anything bad about the jews, “Only stupid people do that!” And they present alternatives, you know. They, “Here, blame these people instead! Blame White people! It’s really White privilege! It’s not that the jews are privileged. It’s White privilege!”


And so, you know, it’s a mix of techniques that they use., but it’s also easy to understand, once the scales fall from your eyes and you stop thinking of the jews as these innocent, this innocent powerless minority, and start to see them for what they really are. Then it all makes sense! Things that in the past you might have thought that, you know, “It’s odd, like the poison Twinky thing, but I don’t really understand why? Why would Hollywood serve up poisoned Twinkies?”, you know. It’s, “Why do they do that?” Well, once you realize Hollywood is controlled by jews, it was created by jews and they manipulate your thoughts. They actually define what is good and what is bad, just as they have ever since the Bible, it all make sense.




John: Right! You know and isn’t it just so sad that Trump, you know, how many times had it has he been called a racist and a bigot? And, you know, he’s promoting hatred and all this other nonsense. And yet as you said, he never, and to my knowledge as well, he never once, you know, said, “I’m White”, or said, “I’m championing White interests!” He never once explicitly said that. Although, I agree, I think he did use some, you know, coded language that, you know, people kind of read between the lines. And yet he’s openly saying how he’s going to do this for the black community. He’s going to help the Mexicans. He’s going to help the immigrants. I mean, it’s just so sad!


This is a country founded and built by White people! And, you know, we can’t even talk about that! We can’t even talk about White interests. Thanks to the jews! Thanks to the jews control of the narrative!


TAN: Yeah. Well, they’re the ones who created this environment and, as I like to say, “anti-racism” is a jew construct! They, it serves their interests and they were the ones who promoted the idea that race is just a “social construct” and racists are the worst people on the planet! You know, blame the “racists” for all the problems! And, anyway, “racist” is really just a euphemism for “Whites” anyway. When you hear somebody call somebody a racist, the best way to understand that, is to call him a White person!


And it’s similar during this election, the jews in the Jews media were using the word, the term, “Trump supporter” in that way. “Trump supporter” and with venom, you know, means White person!


John: Yeah, exactly!


TAN: That’s why they hated Trump! And that’s why they hated Trump supporters, because they were White! Not, you know, they never talked about black, or non-White supporters of Trump, except maybe in terms of racial treason, you know, that they were betraying their own kind by siding with Trump and the evil racists!


John: Well, going back to, you know, we are talking about Hitler and National Socialist Germany and how the jews just absolutely fear that sort of movement coming to power ever again. They viewed these rallies, with thousands of White people chanting and cheering for Donald Trump. This is what they saw, you know, National Socialism all over again!


TAN: Although they made a video, that was really good, early on, and intended it to discredit Trump by comparing, side by side, snippets of Trump speeches and then snippets of Hitler speeches. And they went back and forth between the two, drawing these parallels. This was maybe in January of last year, earlier this year. And it flopped! Because, what happened, the reaction was, for most of these Trump supporters, was, “Hey! I agree with what Trump is saying and I didn’t know that Hitler said these things too! Maybe this guy Hitler isn’t such bad guy?”


John: Right! [John laughing]


TAN: They yanked that commercial right away! And it’s true that there are parallels! It’s, because you cannot oppose the jewish agenda, in any way, without upsetting the jews! And whether you recognize it is a jewish agenda, or not, whether you call it a jewish agenda and are conscious of it, or not, the jews know it’s a jewish agenda! And that’s why they go berserk!


John: Yeah. Well, I want to talk about Trump in the out right and sort of what’s happened really over the course of the past year.


To start off, I mean, do you think Trump has to be, he has to be aware of the Alt-Right? I mean, he obviously is, he gets asked about it all the time. But I mean, do you think that he’s following what’s going on? Do you think he’s wise to some of these issues at all?


TAN: In the sense that any politician is. I think it was Joe Sobran said many years ago, that in order to even survive at the highest levels of government and media in this country, you have to be aware of the jews! Because you have to have some sense of what you’re allowed to say and what you’re not allowed to say.


And so, you know, every couple of months there is some celebrity, or another, I can’t remember his name now. Gary Oldman in Hollywood, who said something in a Playboy interview about how rotten the world is getting to be and then he switched right immediately to how the jews control Hollywood and [laughing] making sort of the indirect connection, that the world is so terrible, because these jews are, you know, putting out a terrible vision of the world! And, you know, he got slapped down right away. And that’s basically how the jews make sure that everybody knows who controls, not just Hollywood, of course, and if you want to work in the media you’ve got to make sure you don’t ever say anything like that about jews. You don’t talk about jewish power


But also in the government. Can’t think of a, … Well the “Hagelocaust” and the “Bannonocaust” are good examples of them doing something similar in government, where they actually trumpet the fact that there are jews there. “We’re jews! And we’re upset about, …! We’re offended by this and this guy is disqualified!” Because jews! You know, they make it so explicit. It’s like it’s as if they have veto power! An unwritten line in the Constitution that says the jews have actually the first veto over any nominee!




John: They have effectively have though. They’ve basically been able to get away with whatever they want for so long!


TAN: Well, in the end Hagel and Bannon are examples of where they screech very loudly and they didn’t get what they want in the end., but then again the guy that they were screeching about, they were totally exaggerating. You know, they were making it out like this was the next Hitler. Trump is another good example of this. Where, you know, he’s not. None of these guys are willing to stand up against the jews. Now maybe the jews suspect that they would be, if other people also stood up at the same time. And in a way it’s a sort of shit test. Besides, you know, the “Saul Alinsky” effect of, you know, focusing on one enemy at a time and vaporizing them and letting that be a lesson to everybody else. It’s a shit test! It’s to basically flush out any resistance, any other takers, you know, anybody else want some of this? That’s the kind of attitude that, I don’t know if they have it consciously, but that’s what’s the challenge to everybody else around when they see somebody being savaged in public.


Another one was that I wrote about was Tom Perkins, that billionaire. Who couple years ago made some comment about the one percent that the Occupy Wall Street rhetoric against the one percent. [It] reminded him of the jews and Kristallnacht and how, you know, that the one percent might be genocided! And a bunch of jews, you know, made it clear to him, that, you know, being rich is not any anything to be worried about. You know, it’s really, you know, that’s a special jewish term of warfare, as you mentioned “weaponized terms”. You know, “Kristallnacht” is one of those proprietary jewish weaponized terms that only jews are allowed to use and only for the purposes of advancing jewish interests. And so, Tom Perkins is only a mere billionaire and so, he was shut down right away.


John: Yeah, and we see this when, you know, people invoke the Holocaust, you know, for the wrong reasons and the jews get all upset and say, “No you can’t do that!” You know, it’s only for us.


TAN: Yes!


John: You know, I mean, there’s other examples as well. But again, I mean, it’s just their control, their power, their influence is largely, … And the way they’re able to frame things, the way they’re able to control the narrative, control the discourse. And I think that is, you know, sort of breaking down and being eroded slowly. And it’s been spent taking place over time.


But, I think this election and to what Trump has done, has really been a huge boost to that. And you had sent me an e-mail with some links here and I want to go over one of them, in particular. The Real Clear Politics, where Kellyanne Conway and I think it was Clinton’s campaign manager. They were having like a discussion after the election. And the Clinton campaign was saying, and they were saying this all throughout the campaign, that Trump is, you know, “mainstreaming”, quote, unquote, “hatred”! And we saw all sorts of jewish journalists talking about how Trump was, “mainstreaming anti-Semitism”. There’s a quite revealing article published by Yair Rosenberg, who is one of these jews on Twitter that was going nuts when they had the, you know, the “echo meme”?


TAN: Yes.


John: Going on and he was openly, you know, he had the brackets around his name and whatnot. And he wrote this article a couple months ago titled, I can’t remember the exact title, but is basically, “A vote for Trump is a vote for mainstreaming anti-Semitism!” And his argument was that, you know, the Alt-Right has been so energizing, has gained so much traction, because of Trump and, because of the Trump campaign and what he’s done and how he’s criticizing the media. And how he’s criticizing the establishment and it’s stance on immigration and, you know, political correctness and so many other important issues. And, you know, I think all of that is true, although I don’t know if Trump himself was attempting to do that.


TAN: No.


John: I think it was really the Alt-Right, who sort of seized the moment, seized the opportunity. Guys like, to his credit, Andrew Anglin, and the guys at “The Right Stuff dot biz”. You know, other people on Twitter and whatnot. [They] really just seized this opportunity and seized the moment, to get their voices out there, to get their message out there. And I think it’s been very effective! And, I mean, that’s what this whole argument was about! Was, look, the Trump campaign, you know, is giving a platform to the Alt-Right. It’s giving a platform to, quote, unquote, “White supremacists”. And I mean, I think that is true to a certain extent, although I don’t think that is the goal of the Trump campaign, at least not obviously, not explicitly.




TAN: No, I think Trump, and I’ve said this before, it was my earlier assessment of him and it still holds. I think he just wanted to be president. He had that ambition for decades and he finally fulfilled it. And he basically promised to himself, I think mainly, that he would, it would be no holds barred, that he would do whatever he needed to do to get it done. And there’s a story about that with Jared Kushner, and, you know, the Electoral College and basically what I call the “Rust Belt Strategy”. Where, you know, in order to become President, he needed to say these things to White people, to appeal to White people and get their votes and get the Electoral College votes that he would need to win. To overcome the non-White votes in other states. Other people talked about that, but there hasn’t been much emphasis put on the fact that it was Jared Kushner that actually kind of organized that effort, or at least lead it and headed it up. That was in that Forbes interview, or the Forbes article about him.


John: Right. Now, a question for you. So, I mean, obviously it was a very successful campaign strategy to, you know, play on these issues. But do you think that Trump was genuine? Because, to me he seems very genuine about all of these issues!


TAN: He genuinely wants to be President to the point where he will put up with all the shit! He’s, as he said many times at his rallies, “You know, I didn’t have to do this! I could have lived a comfortable life!” whatever. It really was a grueling thing! You know, I watched, night after night of him doing these rallies and I just thought, “God! He’s much older than I am!”


John: He’s seventy, I think he seventy years old.


TAN: He’s a dynamo! I mean, you’ve got to give him credit for just being an incredible work horse, and he put up with all that stuff. I think he went into it knowing that it was going to be bad, but I don’t think he appreciated how bad it was going to be. He also basically called out the media early on, and especially toward the end, as the enemy and really played on that. Although that was part of, you know, his appealing to White people.


What I wanted to say, was, that I’ve kind of left unsaid here all along, is that Whites are desperate for a leader to say positive things, to give them a positive vision for the future! To the point where even the kind of lukewarm stuff that Trump served up, you know, the jews painted it as the next holocaust, but it was really, it’s stuff that in Reagan times, in the 80’s, this was just what, you know, the norm was! You have a country. You have borders. You have laws against people coming in your country illegally, and you have elected officials that are at least ostensibly supposed to be out for the best interests of that country and it’s citizens. That was the understanding in the 80’s. And before that, it was even better.


You know, National Socialist Germany, it was a racial understanding of nationhood. But even in the 80’s we still had the tatters of a countryhood and a civic nationalism. Well, Trump is just, you know, basically resetting by about twenty years, the attitude about nationalism. And that is too much for the jews! But, White people have this instinct and this desire to have somebody speaking for them and that’s why they gravitated to Trump, that’s why they were attracted and put signs in the yards and went to all his rallies. That’s why it was so easy to see that Trump could win if he was going to continue to speak to Whites the way he was. And not given to the media, the jews media’s pressure to geld himself, to reign himself in to stop saying these politically incorrect things that he would win! And he did win.


And my fear, my greatest fear has always been, not whether Trump would win, or not, it’s been, you know, what is he going to do once he’s in. And I think the most likely thing, it’s kind of a black pill, or negative thing, but I think he’s going to go along with the shuttening that I was talking about earlier. I think he’s going to be, maybe even critical to, … He’ll be the proud signer of Bills illegalizing in hate speech, illegalizing criticism of jews and Israel., because that’s kind of who he is. I mean, he’s prided himself, and I think a lot of the reason he was able to take all this withering criticism, that he’s a horrible anti-Semite, a racist, a bigot, is he knows in his heart that he isn’t! At least that’s how he sees himself, that, “No! I don’t judge people on the color of their skin. I don’t do these things!” So, you know, it rolls off his back when they say these things about him, because in his own mind, he’s comfortable with who he is.




John: Right. Yeah! Gosh! I really hope Trump, doesn’t go along with that whole agenda. I mean, it would be totally contrary to, you know, pretty much everything he said, especially as it relates to political correctness. But I mean, who knows? We’re just going to have to wait and see. I think that’s the main thing, is we really, …


TAN: I think we’ve seen already! He’s a lifelong kikeservative! He’s, for his whole life, and he brags about this, you know. He’s basically in bed with the jews! His family is intermarried with them, and, you know, there’s not much he can do about that at this point, except go along with them. And so, when they come to him at some point in his first term and say, “We’ve got to have this legislation against hate speech. It’s crazy out there for jews. And don’t you care about the jews?” And that’s part of why the jews screech so much about things like Bannon, about how horrible an anti-Semite Trump is, in order to influence him to do the opposite. To prove that he’s not a racist. To prove that he’s not an anti-Semite and so that, he will do things, like sign legislation that favors them.


John: Yeah, … That would not be good! [laughing] I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. But I mean, like, for example, with immigration. I mean, do you think he genuinely means everything he said?


TAN: Yes.


John: Yeah, that’s that is the thing. I think, to me he, I mean, you know, I’ve sort of explained this in previous podcast and what not, but I mean, … I think that everything that he said, all of his campaign promises all of the, you know, the main issues that he ran on, I think that he really does mean these things, and he really does feel this way about immigration, for example. About trade, about, you know, political correctness run amuck and all this other stuff. And he was basically, to me, it almost seems like he was surprised that how far he got, right?


Like, I don’t think he went into this thinking that, you know, he would be this successful. And I don’t think, I think at the very beginning when he announced that he was running and he gained all this traction and gained all this popularity. To me, it was almost as if he wasn’t expecting that, he wasn’t prepared for it.


TAN: No! I don’t agree with that, I think that he was. I think he knew it would be a long slog. And he went into it just confident in his own ability to do it. And his willingness, basically like I said, to pull no punches and to do whatever he needed to do to get the job done. And I think that mainly, if he had any doubt about it, it was only, because that’s basically the effect of the media. The media was constantly saying, right up until the end, how he was losing in the polls, how, you know, it was like every week this, “He just did this and that’s a deadly gaffe! He can’t be president, now!”


And they did that for a year and a half! And every day they were constantly telling people in all the polls, you know, they totally discredited themselves. And then, of course, right after the election happens, there was a little brief interlude of shock and silence. And then they immediately started going back to the polls. “The polls say this! The polls say that!” And, you know, it’s the same lying media quoting the same skewed polls. That is also something even Hitler noticed and wrote about in Mein Kampf. You know, how you can argue with a jew one day and just totally squash him, and then the next day he come back and the jew’s making the same arguments again, as if it never happened.


John: Right. Well, you know, you had mentioned this about Trump. That the amazing thing is that really everything that he’s saying is, I mean, it’s really not even that controversial at all, right? I mean, he’s basically making just common sense arguments when it comes immigration and when it comes to trade. But, you know, our society has gone so far downhill that these things are very radical all of of sudden, you know, especially to the elites running our society.


TAN: Yeah, …


John: When really nothing he’s saying is that, is really that revolutionary, or that radical, even at all.


TAN: Well, it’s radical in, … The main sense it’s radical is that he’s talking in terms that White people like. And even the jews media basically puts it that way. You know, “the KKK endorses him! KKK loves what Trump just said!” or, you know, “the Nazis loved”, you know. And that’s their measurements of whether something is good, or bad, is if racially conscious White people like what they’re hearing from Trump, that’s bad. I mean, it goes back to basically to what I think is the core moral understanding of this current jew run regime.




It’s a pro-anti-White, pro-jew regime, first of all, at heart! And the basic morality of it is, “Whites are bad! Whites are evil!” and non-Whites, with jews being the first and foremost of the non-Whites, are good! And that’s the sort of skeleton key by which you understand everything else that is happening. So, when Trump ran on, you know, right from the get go, talking about immigration in a negative way, that was a no-no! That’s, you know, been banished! They thought they had basically done away with that! It was to the point, …


The big surprise at this election, because Trump won the Electoral College the way he did by going after White voters in the middle of the country. It surprised them, because they thought they had basically sewn that up. They had made that illegal to talk about, if not technically illegal, they had made it politically incorrect, you know, “semitically incorrect” really, to even discuss anything that White voters wanted to hear. And polling was used in the years between the elections to basically downplay any concern about immigration, or jobs, or anything like that. And they tried to do that through the election and basically, I think, Whites were just too fed up. They liked what they were hearing from Trump and so they voted for Trump, and now he’s in.


But, you know, there are some contradictions in what Trump says. I mean, listen to what he says about war, about ISIS and war, you know, he’s against Iraq. It’s so a lot of people, … He basically says things to different groups of people that can be heard in whatever way you want, that you like. And war is a good example of this where, you know, he was famously against the Iraq war and part of the way he defeated Jeb Bush during the primaries was by pointing out that the Iraq war was a disaster and Jeb’s brother was responsible for that disaster.


You know, that’s one thing there is, of course, Trump didn’t mention the jews, who had basically organized and pushed for that war, and are the real people who are responsible for that. But, you know, he also then makes these saber rattling comments about ISIS! You know, we’re going to destroy ISIS and we’re going to build the biggest military and, you know, we’ve got to be a rich country! He was just saying today, we’re got to be a rich country again, because we’ve got to basically build up our military end up pay for all these veterans. And that’s kind of at odds with, I guess it goes, it echoes Reagan again. You know, that’s the idea that, you know, you’ve got to be strong and warlike, ready to do war in order to prevent war. And I think that’s poppycock! It’s basically, you know, the history of war at least amongst Europeans, for the last two, three hundred years, what you could see as one giant European civil war, fighting amongst ourselves, has been at the behest of jews and certainly profited by the jews and the White race has lost! I have said before that, you know, the White race lost World War Two and the jews won, but it’s bigger than World War Two. It’s every war before that, at least back to the French Revolution and probably beyond. And every war since World War Two has been for jewish, globalist, corporatist, interests, if not directly for Israel and attacking Israel’s neighbors.


John: I totally agree with you.


TAN: In that respect [garbled] … Trump, you know, and he’s put now the maddest, this Mad Dog Mattis and Pompei [Pompeo] …


John: Oh yeah. I know who you are talking about. The guy, that’s the guy that’s going to be running the CIA? It’s like Pompie, or something like that?


TAN: Yeah. Now these guys are “tough guys”, you know, they’re, … And oh, it’s Flynn, is the other one, that he’s going to make part of his administration, in some capacity. And, you know, the problem is that they’re strident. They think Muslims are the problem, and Muslims are a problem, but they wouldn’t be a problem if you kept them out of our country. And we don’t need to go and put boots on the ground all around the world to fight Muslims. The only reason we do that stuff is, because jews run our government. Jews are the targeting system for this highly capable, highly technical, highly expensive military that the US has. White Americans often slip into this, “Our military, our government!” way of speaking, of thinking about things. And it isn’t really true. It’s not ours. I mean, it’s us filling the ranks, it’s White people in the military giving their lives, doing the dirty work, but it’s really jews in the Pentagon and at the highest levels of government advising presidents on these wars and instigating these wars.





Yeah advising them formulating the policy crafting the narrative all explicitly to advance jewish interests and to advance Zionist interests in the Middle East. There’s no doubt about that. Well I agree with you. I mean pretty much everything you just said I totally agree with and I mean with Trump I mean I want to believe that he’s going to be this great president. And do all these great things and really get us back on the right track. But I mean I shall I understand your concerns. I hope you’re wrong about the whole, you know, free speech thing I mean. Oh my gosh I would that would just be devastating. I would really like to be pleasantly surprised. That’s why I’m kind of pessimistic about it, but I’m also, you know, there’s precedent for this is not the uncharted territory that everybody seems to like to think it is Ronald Reagan is a pretty good precedent for what Trump has done and what Trump and what we can expect from Trump. This is. Something that White politicians this dog whistling thing as something that they’ve been doing for decades. Ever since World War Two when White leaders basically abandon the field and stopped thinking and talking in terms of race at least explicitly they have realized that they can win White votes by just sort of talking code to Whites saying what Whites want to hear and that Whites are pretty desperate for because we have nobody since maybe McGovern and even George McGovern wasn’t.

That was a McGovern it. I can’t recall it, but back in the sixty’s you know

George joined Hallis WALLACE


That we haven’t and George Wallace wasn’t even sincere about it. He was just doing it. He was willing to say it out loud. Whereas other politicians around him weren’t even willing to say it out loud, but Wallace. Afterwards I forget where I read about this that, you know, basically admitted it was just, you know, he was sincere and I think I know Trump isn’t sincere he’s not a sincere racist he doesn’t think in racial terms he just thinks an anti-racist term. So I don’t have much optimism.

Well what do you think about the outright and sort of what’s been happening on that front. I mean I think that’s really I mean to me. Ultimately in intil we’re talking about the jews in recognizing them as a racial enemy until we’re thinking in racial terms. We’re really never going to truly solve any of these problems and I think the all right. Has been effective in at least getting that message out and getting more people on board with these ideas.

So I mean I think clearly that’s where that’s where the change is going to com It’s not going to come from Trump it’s going to come from people like us who are willing to talk about these things. Yeah it’s bigger than the all right. Basically that the jews media before they were attacking the all right. They attacked White. People generally and I made the point before early and Trump’s campaign that basically their rhetoric their anti White rhetoric would have been the same even if Jeb Bush had won the nomination and was the candidate for the Republicans. They’ve been doing it for at least the 2008 2012 cycles. Juz writing editorials about how the Republican Party is the White party and they should be ashamed of that and they should do something to reach out to minorities. They’ve been doing it for a long time now. So that’s nothing new. The what’s new is the all right. And this is basically self identification for it’s a label basically for this rising awareness that I made the analogy when I was talking to Col Hunt about this that it reminded me of the Tea Party it was it’s basically the Tea Party two point zero, but it is a an improved version it’s a more aware person I saw the Tea Party when it was happening when it rose up in 2008 two thousand and nine in the wake of the election of Obama as a step towards racial consciousness although it was still full of all of these people that were saying oh no I’m not a racist look at this black guy that I respect and want to hear speak. I’m just for, you know, constitutionalism and low taxes, but it was a rebellion of sorts and it was triggered by the election of Obama and throughout the last eight years it’s sort of been co-opted in defeat. Bangun and dissipated the energy has dissipated the all right. Was sort of a return and this time with a more explicit understanding that the problem the conflict is racial and that at the heart of it are the jews and the, you know, the people that are best that see that most clearly art even beyond all right. But, you know, the people who self identify as all right at the.

The best part of it at least get that it’s raise. And the jews are are at the height you can’t avoid the jewish question the jewish problem beyond that is, you know, National Socialism in and of true understanding that, you know, beyond all right.





But then they have this light phenomenon the other end of the spectrum of people who are just ordinary White people who are basically realizing something’s wrong here. This Trayvon Martin stuff this mike brown stuff black lives matter. This Muslims blowing themselves up every now and then killing lots of Europeans, or Americans.

Something’s wrong. And oh by the way, you know, all our jobs are gone. Our country is being hollowed out. None of our government officials seem to care about us. They care more about protecting immigrants and making safe spaces for them and sanctuary cities for them and then they hear about this. All right stuff and so they’re basically flocking to the light and they get exposed to basically the truth about what’s going on and that’s how I see. All right as fitting into this it doesn’t, you know, the name. All right. I don’t, you know, that a lot of the people associated with that in the early days and really when that was founded it bugged me because they’re very weak on the jewish problem and jewish recognizing that the jews are at war with Whites they they kind of tend to be my I’m thinking now of Richard Spencer, but his Also his two partners originally at the alternative right. Website that he started up and who continue to be kind of associated with the all right. And critics of it are they’re soft on the jews, you know, they talk about the symptoms and Trump in a way is like this to, you know, talk about the symptoms, but he won’t name the jews and there’s a lot of light type people same thing they’ll talk about what they see as wrong with society, but when it gets to what’s causing it. What’s at the root of the problem. They kind of dance around that issue and that’s really what defines this spectrum of all light to all right to on beyond, you know, national socialism and beyond.

Yeah I agree with you and I mean Spencer. I’ve always been sort of I mean I I like Spencer I like what he says I think he makes a lot of good points. I do think I did I do think you’re right though in that at least from what I can tell he hasn’t really been particularly as hard hitting on the jewish problem as say you, or I would and I think it is key. I think it’s absolutely central to everything, but at the same time, you know, he doesn’t want to he doesn’t back down on it. He doesn’t deny it, or something like that which is fine. I mean I like Spencer I like what he’s doing and I think and I wanted to get your take on the whole thing that happened at the recent N.P.I. Conference and how that’s kind of I don’t want to say divided the all right. But sort of made it very clear like look at all right. Is a racist, you know, anti-Semitic movement and let’s we need to be like this does need to be made clear in this needs to be made explicit and I think, you know, the way spent I think Spencer hand is handled it very, very well actually yes let me make myself clear on on Spencer first of all I don’t dislike him and I don’t distrust him even I think that he’s basically a White man standing up for White interests and he’s doing it in public he has all my respect. I was listening to him watching him at Texas A and M. Earlier this evening and, you know, while there are some things that I thought he was weak about in particular, you know, he was the way he was describing things it was sort of like well we just sort of got here. How did we get into this mess was never really something that he grappled with and nobody none of the questions that I saw anyway him on the point he probably never explicitly said Look jews did this, you know, I don’t mean like that. I think so yeah exactly does think that the White White people. Are sort of all powerful and on the potent and if we just get our shit together then we can do anything we want and I kind of I kind of agree with that I think it’s the problem is in our heads that we if we decide that we want to do something we organized to do it. We can kick ass, but it’s not it’s still going to be a battle it’s not like there’s no opponent and that’s what bothers me about the soft on the jews point of view is it basically is ignorant of, or is ignoring this giant competitor. We have that’s at the moment has us on the defensive and basically prostrate it’s it’s it’s not the right way to actually go about fighting and, but back to Spencer, you know, he comes across as a very likable guy, you know, personable. He’s very articulate and he gets it.





I think he’s aware of the jews and he’s learning it. I think I’ve seen basically a progression over the years in his attitudes and his and his recognition that yeah this is serious. Sometimes he’s a little bit too jocular about it, you know, sarcastic, or whatever but, you know, basically he’s he’s being a leader he’s trying to get out there and get in people’s faces and raise White consciousness and he’s a he gets all my respect for doing that, but as far as the MPI conference that the hail gate the Trump and all that and people giving the Roman salute. I think it says more about the people who freaked out about that and immediately surrendered in reaction to that, or basically thought that, you know. That was some sort of like telling self-defeating great Johnson’s reaction was particularly hysterical and in the trip in the aisle eyes that were I miss I miss is freaking out about it. It’s pathetic. It was like thirteen fourteen minutes of him basically just with a womanly attitude about the whole thing and I’ve made this point before going back to the Dylan roof thing is if people don’t like what’s happening, you know, you can always keep your mouth shut if you think that the something is is bad. Instead of being basically negative and undermining you could just be quiet and people are going to say the same about me that I could just keep my mouth shut about the stuff and I even say it about myself that I someone who’s involved with, you know, married to a woman whose father was jewish, you know, I have no moral standing no right to speak and, or to White people about what they should, or shouldn’t do, or lead White people, but I’m sorry, you know, that seeing people using the Roman salute saying. Heil Trumper what bugs me about that mostly is the disrespect towards the actual National Socialists who are best known for that and who deserve respect not mocking not a joking attitude a surpassed attitude about it. I took it as though the guys at least some of them who were doing it were serious. They were excited they liked what they were hearing and it’s great, you know, when somebody can stir up a crowd like that. That’s of a positive thing that’s exactly why the jews try to psychopathology that that, you know, only crazy stupid evil haters do that kind of thing and you shouldn’t do that and to see people long term people who know better like. Greg Johnson get so disturbed by it and that it’s demoralizing to see that happen. He cited as evidence that, or not. Maybe not as evidence, but it’s just sort of like the people who inspired him were people like Mike Crna bitch and Vox Day And who’s the other the jew who does who’s the philosopher Molyneux all these people these all like people who aren’t pro White who are part jews, or jews Vox Day likes to brag about his tribe racial I mean if I got no standing to talk about things then they certainly don’t. And why is Greg Johnson even concerned I don’t even know what I’m talking about, or JOHNSON It’s it’s I wasn’t going to write about it talk about it’s a sort of, you know, when you ask me my reaction about that.

Hellgate thing. It’s there the reaction too from White people and especially White so-called leaders are all right type people is telling. I agree with the people who have said, you know, so some THE says expose some cocks and maybe will scare them off and that’s a good thing go away, you know, this is race is real it’s about race and the jews are at the heart of it and you’re not going to be able to just step over the Holocaust, you know, to be able to step over the Nazis and call them the old right and say that they we don’t associate with those ideas because as that whole Trump campaign made clear. You can basically be a servant to the jews and if you talk about things that the jews don’t like they’re going to call you a Nazi and Hitler anyway because in a sense you are if you advocate anything that’s healthy for White people in any way even if it the same time you say I hate Hitler I hate the Nazis. They’re still going to call you Hitler and Nazis and what’s more important. What they call you is how he will treat you. Because what those labels mean is basically sick I’m yet that guy kill him put him in prison those That’s what they mean when they say those words. That’s what those words mean to them, you know.





I completely agree with everything you’ve said and this is a point that I’ve been trying to make for cheese probably years now is if we are serious about this and we really want to set things right. We cannot avoid revisionism we can avoid confronting this fake Holocaust narrative head on and openly saying that this is not true. None of this is true. It’s a weaponized narrative history that is entirely concocted by jews to advance jewish interests. It is a weapon being used against Whites and we need to openly say that we have all of the evidence and proof on our side. It’s not as if this is in debate anymore, you know, it’s been conclusively demonstrated that this story is not true and, you know, Hitler was a good guy. Read the damn book read mind comp What is he wrong about listen to some of the speech right. I mean that’s a thing and I mean we need to be openly saying this I mean it’s not this is all wrong with that, but that was something that Greg Johnson that was one of the claims that he made is why would we want to attack the jews where they were strongest they aren’t strongest there they defend the Holocaust. They make it literally illegal to question it because it is their weakest point because they have harmed us so tremendously. It’s that the war was caused by jews and joining it was a reaction. The National Socialists were reacting in self defense of the German people against the depredations that jews had done to them the harm that they had caused with their parasitism and the parasitism was not just the Germans it’s just the germans were the ones who stood up against it.

Yeah the parasitism happened for centuries. If not millennia before that to other people and it’s happened to other Europeans at the time when that when the Germans stood up against it and it’s happening now it’s even clearer and once you realize that once once that’s something clicks in your head and you realize that you’ve been lied to your whole life about this fucking holocaust thing. You realize.

Hitler was right the National Socialists were right. White people have been basically fed upon by these jews for millennia now and it’s coming to a head. They’re going to kill us. They are killing us.

Yeah we are totally orally. We are in the right. We have nothing to run away from we don’t need to step over the Holocaust. We need to refugee te it directly. Yes I completely agree and I mean. There’s no avoiding this issue. There’s no stepping over this if issue if you care about White people. It is unavoidable and say it’s been weaponized that’s a weapon that’s used against Whites it’s harming Whites literally sucking I mean you can measure it in dollars, or in pounds, or in marks, or now in Europe that the money that they take they literally siphoned out of our countries and direct to Israel because of the Holocaust and, of course, it’s that’s only a fraction of the overall harm that’s caused there’s all of the crime and all of the violence and all of the murders and the rapes going on in Europe because of this refugee gee invasion and in the United States because of our open borders this that all happens because we can’t have a country because that’s like Nazi Nazis and Hitler. Yeah, you know, exactly exactly what a country you’ve got to deal with that issue head on. Yes. I totally agree with one quick comment I want to make about the whole Hale gate situation. I think I mean based on some of the interviews I’ve heard and, you know, it’s mostly Mike, you know, one of the guys from the right stuff he was on and he was there and apparently he kind of initiated the, you know, the salute there. It sounded like that, you know, they were very genuine they weren’t, you know, trying to sort of exuberant You know yeah I mean it and I think there’s nothing wrong with, you know, doing a Roman salute I mean my God Who cares what struck me was and I mean it doesn’t surprise me, but it’s just so incredible that the media was so focused on this. Meanwhile outside. We have these radical anti foot protesters attacking people disrupting restaurants barging in assaulting people and spraying people with I mean literally they had like Apparently they had some container filled with, you know, human excrement and they were like spraying it on Spencer and other people there.





I mean in this case no coverage and, you know, kids at school, you know, young kids at school young White kids at school who go on Facebook and say they voted for Trump, or say they like Trump they’re getting beat up. No coverage. No coverage at all. A White reporter I just heard a story about this a White reporter down in Houston went on Facebook the very next day after the election saying she was, you know, thankful that Trump was elected and made a couple other comments. She’s fired from her job. No coverage. I mean issues so insane that they’re freaking out about someone throwing up a Roman salute a simple gesture and meanwhile all these anti Trump people are rampaging in the streets burning down cities attacking people. I mean it’s just so insane and so infuriating to see this. Well it’s ironic, you know, they have this sort of two faced reaction. I made a little mean the image mean about it that the jews they like out of one side. To their face to mock us that we’re so insignificant we’re never going to win and then at the very next moment at the other side of their face, you know, they’re fretting about what’s going to happen when we do win and that you saw that with the their reaction to the MPI thing which was such a blow up the media blew that up way out of proportion because it’s the jewish media and which is why I just I don’t say media. I call it the choose media even though I think for characters in Twitter. I always wrote jews media because it’s good to emphasize what is behind it, you know, instead of calling it the mainstream media, or the liberal media, you know, that and the liberal bias of the media. It’s a jewish bias in the Middle East It’s a jewish agenda it’s jewish narrative. They say they disguise it just like they disguise themselves sometimes and other times they make it crystal clear and when they freak out about some guys given the Roman salute and saying Hail they are basically telling us what their reaction to Trump speech is about globalist elite and bankers and media that they’re telling you that it’s all about the jews and exposing themselves. Yeah. Hey real quick what do you think of Spencer speech down there at Texas A and M. Did you get a chance to watch it. The initial coverage was pretty bad from red eyes. I tuned in to a different link that was clearer for so like I think the second half of the speech and then the Q. And A I caught the first half of that before that link went bad.

My reaction is respect, you know, that he’s out there speaking openly to in hostile territory. These people basically trolling them in real life and that must be what he’s doing because I mean it. It’s part of one thing I don’t like really is, you know, why is he even talking to the enemy, you know, once I woke up to see race and the my my own feelings towards Whites and myself as a White man I had no interest in debating with blacks and even as much as I now focus on jews and trying to understand their arguments and trying to show in their tactics and their techniques. I don’t have any interest in debating them about anything. There is nothing to debate with our enemies and all we need to do is debate with ourselves to come to the conclusion that they are enemies and that’s I think the main thing that they are enemies and we need to fight them. Well in the thing is is it in you can see this. I didn’t I didn’t really see much of his speech. I saw a few little video segments on Twitter before, you know, we started reporting this so I really didn’t see hardly anything that happened there, but I did see some of the Q. And A some the questions asked. And the thing is and I’ve discovered this, you know, online, you know, and comments and whatnot trying to engage in trying to have an honest discussion about these issues with jews, or with non Whites and you try any Trying to try you try to be is honest and genuine as you can and explain your point of view as best you can without being insulting, or condescending and they’re just did these people are just dishonest they don’t even want to tried it they don’t even attempt to understand where you’re coming from. It’s that they’re so delusional so brainwashed by this anti White narrative that there’s no you cannot have a discussion with these people. There’s one clip I put it up on my Twitter feed right now it’s a brief video of this big fat black chick at the at the university, you know, she gets up and she asked Spencer this question. And she’s saying how blacks founded civilization and how blacks taught White people. For Ross iffy in architecture and everything else.





And it’s like I mean this lady the this black woman really does, but genuinely believe this and not a single word she said is is true, or backed up by any historical evidence any archaeological evidence. She’s just so gone it’s like how do you even engage in a discussion with someone like that. And the answer is. Oh you can’t yeah you can’t you don’t. It’s a waste of time. I mean I totally support what Spencer is doing. I think it’s good to have these get up there and, you know, present are, you know, are a perspective of, you know, something from a pro White perspective and I think he does a good job at that he did it without apology. Yeah I mean I think he’s good of George like a rock. Well used to do something similar used to go to colleges and give speeches in front of large audiences to two hostile jews and anti White Whites and he used to they were very popular and, in fact, they were so popular that basically that was part of why this strategy of the jews to call it No platforming to basically stop debating I mean they understand this X. Essential struggle and the fact that we are enemies and once they understand that they have this attitude that I’m talking about the that, or that you see they just basically they they don’t debate. Honestly has nothing to debate you’re a Nazi you’re a racist. We you’re supposed to be destroyed you. I’m surprised you’re still around. I thought we got rid of all you guys that kind of attitude and there’s an old. It’s a relentless and uncompromising attitude I learned that lesson early with this guy. Lawrence Auster online who used to write in such intellectual, you know, nit picky. He would tear apart logically liberal arguments and the minute you touched on the jews. He just lost his all the intellect went out the window. All that desire to argue and pick apart the little details. Out the window. You’re an Anti-Semite your basically a non-person a non human being would even talk to you directly anymore just, you know, talked about you in the third person like you were non human and that was a shock to me because I was like as you described at that point I was still kind of like not clear on just how deep this went and how the racial animus I didn’t understand as racial animus I understood that the jews were enemies. I said that I think when I first and first post I made about it is is they are not, or only enemies, but their enemies and which is kind of like I think the right idea I had it pretty early on I guess when it seems that things snapped in my head I got it right away, but it took me years then to basically fill in the pieces the missing pieces about how we got here. How did this happen and the basic techniques that they used the psychology of yeah very well said. And there’s been a good conversation I have one final question and it relates to you had mentioned how, you know, the jews pursued a strategy back, you know, when Rockwell was giving all these speeches of basically just not covering anything he was doing at least for a certain a certain period of time, you know, they just deployed anything and yeah and banning him and shutting it down. Of course. But now it’s like they can’t give us enough ink, you know, they’re promoting the out right. All this that even though they’re doing it in many cases very dishonest Lee and, you know, trying their best to demonize us. I mean what I hear from the hive mind is that they they they’re not they’re torn on this. It’s like with Trump two they gave Trump what they thought was enough rope to hang himself with and it. It didn’t turn out the way they thought, you know, they thought by covering him that they would basically expose what a nutcase he was and people wouldn’t vote for him and it didn’t turn out that way they don’t have. The level of control that he thought they had so that’s the sort of the positive message here is the jews are not on the potent they’re not all powerful they can be fought and they can be defeated Trump defeated them. Unfortunately for us. He’s not a racialist he’s not pro White he’s not anti jewish, but he was able to defeat them in spite of them throwing almost everything they had at him short of, you know, bullets in the head.

Well I guess I mean I don’t know what’s amazing to me is that they they are giving us so much coverage, you know, when they could just not be covering any of this. It’s the rope thing, you know, like with the hail gate and the ban and thing they say it’s their concern and they’re airing it and they’re putting their spin on it so. And they’re they’re basically building on decades of propaganda and billions of dollars invested in this assault negative associations with these things and so when they write a story about the MPI conference and these people. Giving Nazi salutes in Washington D.C. There are basically trying to scare each other and sort of warn each other. Hey it’s happening again. It’s happening and we’ve got to do something squash this.





That’s why they do it and I think they will switch to just silencing us and it’s basically they can do both. I mean they’ve got the ADL and other organizations lobbying constantly to get a shutdown. They they try to shut down the M.P. I think they do both at the same time they cover it with their spin on it and they try to shut it down same time and there’s not a contradiction there. It’s and it’s a constant debate as I was saying in the amongst the hive mind the jews of the jews media on Twitter you can see them having this debate every day about this, you know, whether they should do this, or that, or more of this, or less of that, you know, that kind of thing is it good, or bad for the jews, you know, basically right. Constantly. I mean what do you think is is the future of the, or I mean do you see this as something that’s going to have a legitimate political impact in the years to come.

Yes I think like the Tea Party it will go on.

There’s been struggles for this past year and a half over the soul of it and who gets to define it and I know has fought very hard to make sure that, you know, people did not steal it and that all light didn’t get away with any Even Spencer himself has defended it from all light type people coming into it and trying to redefine it, you know, that the jews media tried early on to define it as Milo Milo you Novelis was the leader of it and I forget who else they several other like not just all light but, you know, jew friendly type figures that they they tried to dominate Navan recently Jared Taylor up until this Hellgate thing. Jerry Taylor was being touted as a leader of the right. And that’s kind of disgusting to me because, you know, Taylor as much as I can credit him with waking people up to racial consciousness. He is a person that has spent far too much time thinking about what the problems are to not see the jews to not see the jews role in this and every time he’s pressed on the issue. He cocks for the jews he defends the jews says that they’re White basically, or at least some of them are and that we sort of have to welcome some of them because why will you never really explains why do we need to why do White people need to accept jews as White there is no good reason. And that he offers for that and he’s really pressed on it when he is pressed on that he disappoints as far as understanding that the jews as enemy the think that his statement about the Hellgate thing was basically he went right to the point of I don’t think it’s a good idea to call jews enemies the jews can be White. He said. And that’s exactly wrong. That’s worse than light. That’s worse than normie White. That’s like you’re basically an enemy yourself if you don’t. If, you know, recognize the enemy and call it the enemy and, in fact, say the opposite that they’re not our enemy that they’re actually White people who maybe have lost their way, or whatever and we should accept them. That’s actually like enemy activity treason. It really is and I mean the guy’s very intelligent obviously and he said a lot of very good things, but on this one issue I mean I’ve I’ve always I’ve always felt this way about him because I remember the first time I discovered his work. It was, you know, him cooking on the jews and I’m like What is this guy talking about jews are not White. I mean ask a jew yourself and they will tell you they’re not White. They hate White people though they’ll tell you themselves they know they dance around it and well I mean point in this is something that can’t has been coming out during this election cycle is this posing where they pretend to be White and there’s value to pretending to be White for them and that’s the only time they will pretend to be White is when there’s value in it for them either to shift the blame to White People Like say when some jew gets caught doing something really bad, you know, they’re portrayed in the jewish media as a White person, you know, this is just another example of White privilege and White abuse and they’re not identified as jews. That’s one thing, but then they’ll also and this is even smaller jews and online on Twitter this really got exposed very badly the and the Echo meme thing was a big part of this.





That the jews will say something negative about White people speaking for White people speaking to White people as a White person. I think this, or that shitty thing about White people and they would posture as if they were White and people started to basically call them on it and put parentheses around their name, or mock them and laugh at them. So, you know, you’re not White. You’re a jew and the best was when they call up some they they deposed picture a snapshot of some previous tweet that they had made where they were saying as a jew I think this, or that. And this is a this isn’t just some new thing. It’s newly discovered and it’s a sort of a new form of calling the jews on it’s actually a very positive sign that White people are calling the jews on this for decades the jews have gotten away with this posturing as White in order to tell us what to do to search, you know, to basically posture as moral authorities about what White people should, or shouldn’t do should, or shouldn’t say and then sort of like that the double talk of it is that then they’ll say, you know, if they are pressed on the issue. It’ll be like well because I’m a jew I really understand these issues best about hate and minorities being oppressed and, you know, because of the Holocaust and all. So it’s like they they basically they it’s a real example of privilege where they can basically be White. When they want to, you know, Shit on White people and shovel blame our way and they can be jews when they want to be treated specially in a positive way and be protected because they’re jews and this is something that they’ve done throughout history this posing as their host I mean it has this biological analogy where a parasite will literally disguise itself. It’s called Krypsis so that the host. Mistakes it as one of it’s own and if it’s that level understanding at that level. It’s very explicative it didn’t really understand really explains what’s going on in a solid sense, but it’s also like the most stomach churning way of seeing it that it makes so much sense it’s like God The this is bad and yeah this is for me I’m a kind of embroiled in it it’s Trump is to, you know, that you see what happens. The jews gravitate at least some of them do towards mixing with the most powerful in their host and they use that infiltration then to enhance their ability to manipulate that host and by doing it amongst the most powerful people, of course, they get the most leverage that way by intermixing with the aristocracy. Or, you know, the leaders of a given society. They basically I think of it as like claws, or fangs you biting into the biting into the host and it allows then the larger body of jews these the other half of the jews the jury the Orthodox who basically are a close gene pool it. They transfer the wealth and the energy that they suck out of their host to that sort of fruiting body to feed on it’s it’s disgusting, but that’s what’s happening right now city especially sort of like the epicenter of this were you got these Orthodox jew communities springing up all the colonies really you could think of them as all around the New York City area where, you know, they’re basically they take over and it’s like a little Israel in those places.

Yeah it’s um it’s a real problem. The jewish problem, you know, that is the best way to look at it and as he said before it really is a jewish war on White people. That’s the way it should be understood because that’s exactly what’s going on and the sooner Whites recognize that the sooner we can finally deal with it and, or to deal with it. We have to be clear about race. We have to be clear about, you know, what the jews are up to and we have to be real about our history and not accept. These weaponized jewish narratives of World War Two especially, but many other aspects of our collective history. And we cannot let them manipulate us with these, you know, with these buzzwords racist anti-Semite I mean we have to totally break free of all of their, you know, aspects of control and I think we’re making steps in that direction and





Oh yes big big progress lots of people credible how many people and how quickly they’re waking up to it. I remember when I first woke up myself. It seemed like it was kind of depressing because there were so few people that were actually discussing I mean it was literally a handful of websites and I all credit to the generations of men and women who’ve gone before that were aware of the problem and died for it by fighting, but by the time. But by that early two thousand it was like just a handful of people in the corners of the web where we’re discussing these things and now it’s just a totally different environment it’s like a giant websites with obviously hundreds, or thousands of people getting together and discussing these things and discussing it. Like I said on Twitter openly mocking the jews as jews for trying to pull their old tricks that used to work and they’re not working. So, you know, the reaction to that is to shut down, you know, that’s why they ban. People when you do confront them and expose them directly then that’s when they’ll they have to shut you down.

That’s right. What is and I don’t know if you had any other closing remarks.

If you if you do please let us know and if not you go ahead and plug your website. And we will wrap up this program. Yeah the other this just one last point which is that, you know. A theme I’ve had on many times over the last couple of years is the suicide me which is also pathological altruism it’s sometimes called which I think of a suicide mean two point zero It’s more a more science thing I think it’s been discredited and I think it wasn’t because of the arguments that I made maybe a small part because of that, but it was mainly because the events going on around us discredited the idea that White people are doing this to ourselves we see that it was the invasion of Europe when the so-called refugee gee and thing got out of control in 2015. A lot of people even people who previously had been silent spoke up about it and could see for themselves that this is destruction this is not self-inflicted this is like a somebody inside the gates has opened the gates for the outside world to pour in. And our leaders are so, you know, supposedly Toure’s are welcoming it and defending these aliens against us and that was exactly the kind of thing that I realized back in two thousand and seven, or so when I woke up that it was a clear to me, but a lot of people just like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and these things that the jewish media have had hyped out of control black lives matter what it finally culminated in is it actually ends. Awakening people to what’s going on and so I think that’s a good thing and I’m sick of hearing about the suicide name I thought in it’s original form it originated from jews who are basically just trying to make an excuse for the fact that it was a jew war on Whites. That’s what’s going on. It’s a genocide agenda and it’s a. It’s a jewish genocide agenda of Whites. I think that that’s a lot of people getting that they’re not just getting that it’s about race and about jews, but they get that it’s, you know, Whites are in big trouble. And yes we’ve got all sorts of pathological behaviors and all sorts of sick things degenerate things that we’re up to, but this is not something that arose naturally within ourselves and would have happened without the jews this is totally instigated by this alien people that are see us as their enemy and have basically inflicted this upon us and it wouldn’t be happening without them. So it’s yes I do. I’ve also very I totally We have to we have to fight. I mean that’s the main way when people say oh, but we have to improve ourselves we have to do better and yeah let’s do better. Let’s recognize our enemies as enemies and let’s fight them instead of pretending that it’s we’re, you know, entirely We’re the only thing that exists in the world and we’re the only force to be reckoned with this that’s not going to work. I mean that’s like if you were I don’t know infected with some small parasite that makes you sick and you just pretended all I have to do is think positive thoughts and have a strong identity and than this wouldn’t happen to me. No it would happen and you need to recognize what the real root of the problem is and deal with that problem.

So that’s the last thought in. Web site is age of treason dot com





There’s not much activity between say January February of this year and just this past month and I don’t know how long have the energy to keep writing as a son in the past. I don’t really like repeating myself I see these themes over and over again what I Twitter kind of got me in the habit of on a daily basis posting at least short things so people may notice compared to my older blog posts which were very long and detailed and I don’t trouble with that anymore. I don’t bake make elaborate arguments anymore. Maybe I still have that in me at some point I will post that, but at the at right now I’m more concerned to get important issues and focus on them make a blog post focusing on an issue that I think is actually crucial and maybe say something pretty simple about it and it’s a good way to get past writer’s block me because, you know, after being away from it. A blog posting for so long. Actually it was quite a struggle to write the first blog post I was instigated by the pent up energy of not being able to post on Twitter anymore so I it happened and once it happened once that I was able to, you know, to start writing more, but I don’t intend to go back to multi page long things and I don’t even know about podcasting I mean it took a lot of energy to make the pod guess I’ve made and I covered all the basics. At this point I’d only be adding, you know, a few little detail so I don’t I don’t know what I’ll be doing in the future is basically what I’m trying to say.

But I know if you are there that’s worth looking at if people are curious about these issues and they they think that what I’m saying is exaggerated. Go read some of the things I’ve written on my blog and documented a link to make.

Detail arguments for people who are truly curious they’ll go and they can find the information. Yeah I completely agree and I hope people do check Iraq site and check out your radio archives and also check out the previous podcast that we did, you know, a year ago that I mentioned at the very beginning of this program. I agree. Yeah those I think I was very good and, in fact, the title of that podcast was the jew as a parasite So we really get into really get into the jewish problem and probably even greater detail than we did in the show, but yeah man. You’re always welcome here. I mean it’s always great talking to you. I think, you know, between you and MacDonald I think you guys are really kind of done more than then I mean I guess it can contemporary context I think Hitler’s had a huge impact on my understanding of the jewish problem but. You can MacDonald of Reverend added a lot to it. Help me come to the conclusions that I’ve come to and I think they’re very well founded and unavoidable. If you simply do the research so. Well thank you John. And it makes me happy to hear that I’ve had an influence a positive influence on other people and I’ve heard that from a handful of people over the last couple of years and it makes me happy. I mean it was, you know, I’ve been vested quite a few hours in trying not only to understand it myself, but then to try and explain it in terms that other people would maybe have an easier time then if I laid it out what the work that I had invested so and I’m glad I did that and I’ll continue to do it as long as I can find the time and energy to do it. Excellent. Well thank you so much for joining me today will have to do another program in the future maybe once Trump finally gets in and, you know, once we see what he’s what you see what he’s doing exactly yeah yeah that’s that’s really what I’ve been. I mean, you know, we can sit here and speculate all day long, but I really want to see what he’s going to do. I think his pick some of his picks are kind of revealing, but ultimately will this kind of have to wait and see what happens, but hopefully we’ll still be able to communicate if, you know, at that point assuming he doesn’t sign some crazy legislation. So anyways thanks a lot and I really do appreciate it. And please do keep up the great work and I hope people check out your website and we will talk again soon. Thanks Tan.








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