Red Ice Radio: Andrew Anglin – Somalian Refugee Nightmare & Trump’s Fix — TRANSCRIPT


[Red Ice Radio’s host Henrik Pamlgren interviews Andrew Anglin the publisher of The Daily Stormer for the first time. — KATANA]







Andrew Anglin


Somalian Refugee Nightmare


& Trump’s Fix


Published on Dec 2, 2016




Andrew Anglin – Somalian Refugee Nightmare & Trump’s Fix


December 2, 2016


Andrew Anglin is the founder of The Daily Stormer and has written countless articles on race realism, nationalism, Jewish influence, and social degeneracy.
We begin by discussing the recent terrorist attack at Ohio State University. Since Andrew hails from Ohio, he’s able to offer us a firsthand perspective on the – and growing – Somali community in his home state. We learn that the Somalian refugees are overwhelmingly unemployed; many, though, are involved in illegal activities, such as heroin trafficking. Unlike other immigrant groups, such as Mexicans or Indians, Somalians aren’t brought in by the elite as a cheap labor force. In light of this, we ponder why our ruling class is intent on importing large numbers of people who are, biologically and culturally, very different from us. This leads to a discussion on the issue of Muslim rape gangs in Europe, and how decades of Jewish control of newspapers have pushed a narrative that have convinced White people that it is moral to commit racial and cultural suicide.


The members’ hour [Part 2] begins with a consideration of Jill Stein’s recent push for a vote recount in Michigan. We laugh at the absurdity of the situation, and Andrew reminds us that the recount will ultimately prove meaningless. Switching gears, we discuss the fact that some people still believe Trump is a Jewish puppet; Andrew half-jokingly suggests that the notion of Trump being part of a Jewish conspiracy is itself a conspiracy benefiting Jewish interests.


While on the subject, we take a critical look at Trump’s relationship to the Jewish community. Andrew stresses the fact that, regardless of how much praise Trump lavishes on Israel, his policies stand in opposition to the globalist machinations of worldwide ZOG. The members’ hour also includes Andrew’s thoughts on the recent NPI controversy.





Part 1




Henrik Palmgren: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, I’m Henrik Palmgren. This is Red Ice Radio. We are very glad to have you here today. is the website. Please check it out for more radio shows, videos and our TV show and of course our busy news section, as well.


Well today with us is Andrew Anglin from the Daily Stormer. I don’t think he needs an introduction, frankly. I think both friend and foe do know him by now. A very effective journalist that covers the kind of stuff that very few others do. At least in the humorous, in the way that he does it. And, of course, there is a lot that we have on the plate today in terms of discussions to go into, from Trump, to the Alt-Right, to the recent NPI controversy. But also, of course, the attack on Ohio State University, the people there. By the, I mean the feral Somalis population up there. And do believe me I know the situation. We have them in Sweden too. I think you guys recall the Australian, Sixty Minutes crew that were in the suburbs outside of Stockholm to cover how great immigration was. They were actually attacked primarily by Somalis. So it is, for sure, a problem. But Andrew, welcome to the show. Good to finally actually have a dedicated radio show with you. We have you, of course, on our TV show before, but we haven’t had a chance, I guess, to sit down and spend two segments together, so thank you for coming on.


Andrew Anglin: I’m very happy to be here Henrik. I told you when you sent me an e-mail inviting me, I said I’ve been waiting years for this! [Henrik laughing] So I’m very, very happy to be here!


Henrik: Sure! Of course, you know, it’s great, of course! You were on Lana’s show before and we had you on the TV show and this seems like a perfect time, considering what happening, in Ohio. You know, your home state, to actually address this issue.


Andrew: Yes.


Henrik: I haven’t, … Frankly I haven’t, actually, embarrassingly have to say, I’ve been so busy both after NPI and all the things that we have upcoming, with live streams and live shows, that I have not actually been able to follow up on the Ohio situation. How, … Can you break this down for, I guess, the audience and me actually. Quickly in terms of what actually happened?


Andrew: Yeah, it was an eighteen year old Somalian refugee and he was attending OSU and drove his car into a crowd and then got out and started stabbing people with a butcher knife, and then he was shot by a White police officer. No one died. So, a total of ten people were injured. I think most of them were stabbed. The car, the driving, people kind of moved out of the way, when he drove his car into them. So, most of people who were injured were stabbed. And he, yeah, I mean, this is what these people do. He had been, interesting enough, he had been profiled in a, in a OSU, I think it was Lantern, which is the official OSU student journal, student newspaper, talking about, you know, how he was a good refugee and he was integrating and he was, you know, cooperating with the system, assimilating. And he was complaining though, about that there weren’t enough prayer rooms, OK?


And when I first saw this, I could, I’m around these Somalians, you know. This is my city and we have, they won’t tell you how many there are. But there are probably a 100,000. I mean they give you these different statistics. And, you know, a few years ago they came out and said there was like 50 something thousand, but I think there’s a lot more than that. I mean, these people breed like rats! And I think that, you know, they play these games with statistics, where it’s like well, some of them are not actually refugees anymore, because we gave them citizenship. Or, you know, …


Henrik: Yeah, word play, stupid, …


Andrew: Yeah, you know, “mathemagics”. But they, these people are everywhere. So I’m aware of the, you know, the behavior patterns of these people. And they like an extremely low IQ. Like lower than even the new norms for mentally retarded. Like they have about a 60 to 65 average IQ. So, I mean these are the lowest IQ group in the world, besides, the Australian aboriginals. I mean these are not even like normal negroes. So when I saw this, … When I saw this attack, I said he probably just got the idea in his head and just did it right then! You know, just went and did it, because like, I’m just going to do this right now!


But, it turns out he did post something on Facebook, but, before he did it. But, I mean, the way it’s written on Facebook, it looks like it was done on a phone. I think, probably he made the decision to do this without any, you know, prior, at least not more than an hour, or so, prior thought to it. You know, I mean it’s just like any of these people that can just blow at any time. And it’s surprising that it doesn’t happen more often.




Henrik: Yeah, it’s amazing. I think average IQ just looking at peripheral fast search here, Somalis 68! And I think, what is the retardations like, 50 to 55? It depends on what level, of course, but actually it goes up even up to 70, I believe, mild mental retardation. Couple that, of course, with, you know, some of these populations in northern United States, lots of Scandinavians there and stuff, it’s usually around, … I don’t know, 100 maybe, something like that, … Very difficult for these people to integrate into our kind of society.


Andrew: No and they don’t attempt to. I mean there’s like, … Of the first generation refugees, … they were like, … they came over as adults, like 7% of them had jobs. This is statistic from a couple of years ago. You know, I’ve studied this before, I was kind of looking into it recently. I was going to write a big article about Somalians in my city and, you know, just my experience with these people, but they’ve taken over entire areas and they just create Somalia inside of these ghettos that they create. and they’ve taken neighborhoods, you know, they first started coming in the mid 90s.


I was born in 1984 so, when I was, you know, pretty small boy they started coming, they allegedly had a civil war. I mean, you know, I say allegedly, it’s like that these people are always having these tribal wars and so on. But they used it as an excuse to just flood us with these people. The governor at the time was getting tax breaks for bringing these refugees in, Federal money rather, for bringing these refugees in and settling them in Ohio. Mainly in Columbus, which is my hometown and, … yeah, … So they took over entire — I mean you can just, now you can look at a map of the city and say well this is Somalian territory! Because nobody, nobody can live near them, even the local, … I don’t know what you’d call them, “indigenous negroes” cannot live with these people. And they’re the ones who have to live the closest to them and they can’t get along with them at all. They hate them.


I don’t know if people, you know, I mean you do from Sweden, they go to Sweden, most people in the US probably are not aware — unless they are from Columbus, Ohio, or from some place in Minnesota — of what these Somalians are. They’re not like normal blacks, they have a bulb shaped head that looks like a gray alien. [both laughing] I mean it’s a really weird face they have, it’s like a triangle. And, you know, they have a completely different behavior pattern. I mean actually most of the people that come over from Africa, if they’re from Sierra Leone, or something, these people are not, … they don’t act like American blacks. They’re not, you know, super violent. I mean they’re stupid and they live on welfare and so on, but they’re not so bad as the American blacks.


But these Somalians are much worse! And they drive cars, … I mean, I don’t know how they are allowed to drive cars, but they just drive them and crash them. One time, you know, family members, there were two crashes where a Somalian was responsible, in my family, within like a month and a half period. You know, these Somalians will just slam straight into you! And then, I mean, … they don’t even try to drive correctly. And I mean, you have to run into them at gas stations, you know… And they’re just horrible these people. They make this noise. Their language is like some kind of, … I guess it’s a little bit influenced by Arabic, but it’s like a totally tribal language. I don’t think most of them can read it, but when you go to the BMV they have Somalian language. In all government buildings, I think now, in Columbus. They have Somalian language written on signs.


Henrik: Hm! Amazing! I remember, actually just a quick anecdote about this. Actually, many years ago I was kind of interning at this kind of a government program to try to learn foreigners coming to Sweden, have them learn Swedish, right? So I actually, I handled the computer class for some of these people and I think those were the most difficult, … just to communicate, convey the idea, you know, about the how the computer operates. So, for example, when you move the mouse, you know, on the mouse pad, or whatever, that, that reflects the movement of the mouse [cursor] on the screen. And some of these Somalis were basically unable to communicate the methodology of how a computer works to them.


Very fascinating! and it was like [laughing] causing tremendous amount of problems because these [people] comes to our societies. In a country like Sweden we have a very high education level. Actually in Sweden, you know, most of the young adults there they go to school the longest period of anyone in the world, almost. And so they have a ton of education behind them. And for us to integrate these people into that educational system and then get them into the workforce, is basically close to impossible. Which means that many of these people are just left outside of the workforce and are just ending up living on welfare. And I guess, I would assume, it’s the same in the States then?




Andrew: Yeah, absolutely. I mean these people have been there for decades and there’s nothing going on. I mean I’ve never seen one behaving normally. I mean, you don’t see them like, you know, working at a normal job. Sometimes you see them like, … You don’t even see them, like, working at MacDonald’s, or Taco Bell or something like at a drive-thru. The only jobs they are going to be working are like sweeping floors. I mean, they are really just the epitome of the stupid non-white immigrant! [laughing]


It’s like, anybody who talks about that, “race doesn’t exist” you can look at two groups of people — you can look at Somalians and you can look at the Aborigines. The Aboriginals of Australia. These are like, … you can’t even really say that they’re, like, the same species.


I don’t know why Somalians, you know, I mean there’s probably some kind of explanation for it — but I don’t think anybody has really researched it — why they’re so much different than the rest of the Africans. I guess it’s some kind of inbreeding, you know, I mean these tribes over there, wherever they are going on, they are probably obsessively inbreeding to create this weird look they have, and this behavior.


Henrik: Yeah, I mean a lot of tribal warfare there, as you said. That’s been, of course, one of the reasons why they’ve been exported to some, you know, many other countries. I’m just reading the fertility rates of the average Somali woman is about 6.56. That was measured in 2013. I mean that’s a lot compared to the Western world! And some of them I’ve even seen some families that have like 13, 14, 15 kids! And despite this, it says — I guess this goes back to the statistics I just mentioned — they claim there’s about 85,000 Somalis in the US. That can’t be right, it has to be more.


Andrew: No, I think there’s that many in Columbus. I mean probably. There’s, you know, they’re everywhere and, you know, but they gave us numbers like from 2012 that they said, close to that. Well not close to that, I think they said 50 something, or 60 [thousand]. I’m not looking at it in front of me right now, but I mean, it’s just, everybody says it’s a lie. Everybody knows that it’s a lie, and there’s like a 100,000 of these people in Columbus, Ohio. This is the number that everybody, that lives there, kind of is working with on the ground.


I mean, the other thing about these Somalians, and it’s like, it’s, they’re totally useless! And the only, … when you look at it you’re like, the only reason you would bring these people into your country is if you were trying to destroy the society! So it’s like, you know, with the Mexicans, or with the Indians even. Well, I mean probably the Indians more than the Mexicans, … You know, they’re working these low jobs, these low paying jobs. The Indians come in take away tech jobs and working for lower wages. And the Mexicans do, whatever, I mean construction and working in restaurants and cleaning and so on. You know, these people actually, … you can say like as a capitalist, from that perspective of like, we need lower wages. That this make some kind of sense to bring these types of groups into the country.


But when it comes to the Somalians, all they do is live on welfare and commit crimes! They do nothing else! Like I say, I mean, the statistics is like one in ten, less than one in ten has ever had a job! They just all live on welfare. And you see them driving around in SUVs. I mean, I don’t know, a lot of them sell heroin. I didn’t say this before, a lot of them in Columbus, Ohio, are involved in this heroin trade, as well.


Henrik: I didn’t know that there was that many in Ohio. I mean, I’ve heard of Minnesota obviously and it seems that these globalists, like, love to push the Scandinavian, like Somali connection, for some reason. [laughing] It’s like ultimate disaster! But I didn’t know that there was that many in Ohio, … OK, so, I mean, this is the situation that has occurred, it’s fairly rare, but I’ve seen footage of these, like stampedes, in malls and stuff like that, which seems to be primarily driven by Somalis. Is this – are we going to see more of this kind of behavior now, do you think?




Andrew: Yeah, probably. I mean, I don’t know how many more of them are going to be allowed in. Hopefully Donald Trump is going to remove these people. But, I mean, basically what they’ve done is create their own ghettos that they are expanding now. But they don’t, I mean you don’t see these people all that often, living in Columbus, because you avoid them. 


I mean, there’s intersectional places, where especially they can hit you with their cars. You know, in places where the neighborhoods cross and you’re going to be at an intersection and they’re going to run the light and just crash into the side of your car! Which happens all the time.


But, you know, I mean they created their own ghettos. So as far as like, you know, mall stampedes, if that happens probably nobody would even know about it, because it would be at their own mall where they’re the only people there and probably the shops are owned by Arabs and Turks, and nobody even would be aware that that happened. A couple of years ago there was a big thing where they rioted when they were trying to get Section 8 housing, and there were like a hundred positions open for Section 8 housing and like, over a thousand Somalians showed up and they start fighting and burning cars!


You know, I mean this is the most primitive country in the world, basically. Somalia! They have no government. The libertarian dream, they are living it in Somalia! [both laughing] But they, you know, the initiation of force that is going on. But yeah. This is a primitive, … I mean these people are living in dirt on the ground. [more laughing] You see pictures of Somalia, these people actually living on the ground!


Henrik: There is a tremendous problem obviously with Islam and some of these radical groups, I think it’s Al-Shabaab. We’ve actually had a lot of people, the infiltration of Al-Shabaab into, actually, certain Swedish institutions and stuff. And, you know, these, you know, naive Scandinavians seems to be utterly, just completely devoid of realizing what this is, or how dangerous this is, or what these people are all about. And I think, you know, we’ve heard about other kinds of stabbings at malls and attacks, and I think was one even in September, there were some Somalians that were attacking someone in a mall, or something like that. I think this is going to be a tremendous, you know, problem. Why do you think he was — has anything come out why he was like radicalized, or how this was done? Because it was was a Muslim thing, right?


Andrew: Yeah, yeah. He left that Facebook post where he said — he started talking about Burma! What is that even, … it must have been something, … Burma! I mean who would even think of Burma?! And what has the United States have to do with Burma? They might have something to do with Burma, I actually have no idea. But, I mean it’s mostly a Buddhist thing going on in Burma, where they’re sick of the behavior of these Muslims. He started talking about Burma and I said he must have watched something in a class, I mean he is at OSU. He must of, because who even hears about Burma? I mean this Burma situation has been going on forever! It’s not something that people are sitting around thinking about Burma. So that’s what he wrote in his post. I don’t know. He probably watched ISIS videos, or something.


I mean they’re all obsessed with Islam because, you know, they’re very primitive people and this appeals to these people. And I mean, when you bring a foreign group to live among a population that is totally different than them, they’re going to bond together and hate everybody who’s around them. Unless they’re White people, because White people wouldn’t hate anybody. But, you know, maybe this is a problem, but actually, … they will bond together and, you know, that Islam kind of helps with that. And that’s one of the reasons they probably refuse to learn the language, you know, they just look at everybody else as an “other” and yeah, … I mean it’s surprising it does not happen more often. I mean it does happen. They shoot a lot of people, but it’s usually like drug related, or just some kind of thing in a parking lot where they shoot somebody and nobody knows why. I mean that stuff happens virtually every week in Columbus, Ohio.


But they’re horrible and they destroy neighborhoods. It’s like, as soon as — you know my family works in real estate, property and so on — you know, as soon as a Somalian moves in to a neighborhood, it’s like, well, that’s over! Yeah, literally everybody starts trying to sell and the property prices collapse. Because nobody wants to be around these people. And they bring them all — they can bring. I mean they can drive down the price of a property by moving into a neighborhood and then everybody wants to get out. So then, they can move in and the people who own these apartment complexes are forced to work with the government at that point to, you know, like government housing, Section 8 deals with the government. I mean this is a pattern of how they’ve just expanded and taken over the city.




Henrik: Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. Obviously they would be — as you said, just to hammer that point a little bit — they would feel by default as outsiders because of the fact that they won’t be, … they won’t be able to come into and integrate into society. So they will literally create like, a society within the society. Again, we have the same problem in Sweden and it’s not only Somalis, it’s many other groups. But the fact is, that this will make them feel alienated, it will make them feel as outsiders, which is very likely why some of these people are drawn even more to radical Islamic ideas. Because it was like they, they’re grappling and reaching for some kind of anchoring, really, some kind of root, something that ties them to their identity. And frankly I understand that. I mean, that’s a human drive, but the viciousness of this comes into the fact that there is someone lobbying to bring these people into Western countries and think that somehow this is going to turn out good. I mean it’s insanity!


Andrew: Yeah, I don’t think that anybody actually thinks that. I mean, when you see the Somalians, anybody who is around these people, they are like the Zerg. It’s a good analogy there.


Henrik: What was that again?


Andrew: [laughing] It’s from Starcraft.


Henrik: Oh, really, OK. That was a long time since I played that, …


Andrew: Yeah, an insectoid alien race, … Nobody can say that they’re offering benefit to society and they just keep coming! I mean they just keep coming in! And they keep bringing more and more and more of them in and they’re reproducing. And, I mean, nobody can explain why you would bring people, because why? I mean, the only thing to say, is that it’s sad that they’re poor. So you have to bring them in your country and let them live on welfare? And this is like a nonsense type of argument! It’s sad that they’re poor, so we’re going to just destroy our city, our society, because it’s sad that they live in this poor country?


Henrik: Right.


Andrew: That’s insane! I mean there are poor people all over the world, so based on this logic you would have to bring everyone in the world into the US?



Henrik: And they’re trying, aren’t they? And they’re trying, …


Andrew: They are, they are trying, yeah! With these other groups, though, you can come up with some kind of argument. You can say, well the Mexicans, they’re doing the jobs Americans don’t want to do and — I mean, businesses at a certain high level, they are benefiting, at least in the short term, with driving down wages, or they have, you know, benefited in the short term with driving down wages by bringing all these Mexicans. So you can look at it and say, well this is why they’re doing it. I understand there’s a logic to that, that these big companies lobby the government, they want open borders because they benefit from this cheap labor. With Somalians the only possible reason you can do it is because you’re trying to destroy society.


Henrik: Absolutely amazing! You know, this is not going to end well. And we’re just, I think just seeing the beginning of this now.


What do you think — let’s get into Trump a bit here and let’s speculate a bit about what he can actually achieve in these kinds of situations, in these kinds of scenarios. I mean he was the one who actually addressed, you know, radical Islam. He actually, you know, brought it to the surface, he talked about it and thankfully people love the fact that he was addressing this kind of stuff and immigration and really trying to tackle some of these issues. Where do you think he’s going to go, when more and more of these kinds of attacks are going to occur and there’s going to be — I mean, it seems that the attitude of mainstream liberal America right now is basically, we can’t, by name, single them out. We can’t assume that they are going to, you know, be terrorists or commit any crimes, because if we do that, we alienate them. And at that point they will turn on us and they will bomb us, basically. So they think, like — just shut up about it, don’t say anything, don’t bring any attention to it and it’s going to go, it’s just going to go away. That seems to be kind of the mainline strategy right now of  how to deal with this issue.


Andrew: Yeah, I know. I mean, this is the thing they keep saying that if you say anything negative about Islam, then you’re helping terrorism and you’re encouraging terrorism! So if you hurt their feelings, they will kill you! And this is what they said, Donald Trump is helping ISIS, by saying he doesn’t want more Muslims in the United States. If you stop them from coming in then the ones that are already there will kill you! [laughing] It’s like, … Wow! I mean, that kind of logic, this was crazy to me! Because it was like, it wasn’t just one person who said that, which would be bad enough. It was like the whole media at the same time, was like, if you don’t let more of these people in, then the ones who are already here will kill you because of it. [laughing]


Henrik: So, you see, they think they’re preventing terror — that’s the way that they’re going to deal with terrorism! Just bow down and do anything they want, try to bend over and they won’t kill us. No, problem solved, Right?





Andrew: I know, yeah. That is the bottom line of the reasoning that they are presenting. And I mean, you know, if these people are so, … unhinged that if you do something that hurts their feelings they’re just all of a sudden start killing people randomly, these terrorist acts where there’s going randomly kill people, then probably you should not have any of those people in your country. I mean it’s the most obvious thing! You know, Muslims — what is the benefit of these people? What do they provide to society? Muslims, I mean we talk about Somalians — that’s, you know, the most extreme — but just generally Muslims — are they benefiting our society? Can anybody really make that argument seriously?


Henrik: Why do they need to be — it’s almost when you hear the rhetoric of mainstream media and these progressives — it’s like, they have to be in America, we have to continue to bring in more Muslims for some reason. I haven’t heard it being legitimized, or reasoning behind it, it’s just we can’t possibly keep them out. We have to bring them in. What’s the reasoning?


Andrew: There is no reasoning. Just that we will call you a racist, which is the worst thing anybody can be called, if you don’t accept it. So you have no choice to accept it, or we will — if you don’t accept it — we will call you names. And this is, I mean, with Donald Trump we finally broke through this because he was just like, “What?!” I mean we got to the point where we cannot talk about this and you can’t say openly, “What are these people doing here?” I mean this guy who drove his car and stabbed these people at OSU, he could have been — he could be sent home. I mean, he is not a given — I mean, they can all be sent home. This stupid thing that you can’t possibly remove them. Every single one of these people who is not White can be sent home from the United States. That is physically possible and it wouldn’t even really take that long. But this guy, …


Henrik: Don’t they want to leave already, now that Trump has gotten in? Is he somehow — they think he’s going to deport people already so they’re thinking about leaving — some of them, I guess? I don’t think they would though. They just talk, right, isn’t it?


Andrew: Yeah, I know, I mean it’s like Lena Dunham, she was going to leave. Yeah, I know. I mean, I think they’re trying to get all they can before they’re forced out. But like, OK, you know, some of these people, to get some of these people out, Donald Trump — I mean he would have to work with Congress and there has to be a process and so on, but the visa that this guy had, who stabbed up the kids, at OSU, he could just be sent home. I mean right, like immediately. Donald Trump could sign an executive order to strip that class of refugee visa and they could just say well, “Hey buddy, you’ve got to go back to Somalia, you know?” Maybe read up on some libertarian literature and you can start a private road business. [laughing] There is no government country.


So yeah, I mean that group of people can be sent home. He’s talked about sending home these — I mean he says, he’s promised he’s going to do it immediately. Round up two to three million illegal Mexican criminals and send them home. So there are things that he can do to get rid of these people immediately, that don’t require congressional approval, or any kind of government process, to just do it. And a lot of these Somalians — I mean they’ve given a bunch of citizenship now, so obviously that creates another level of technical details that you have to deal with to get rid of these people. But, a lot of the Muslims can just be sent home, a lot. You know, a huge percentage of all these people can be sent home.


Henrik: You know, I think Trump hopefully — he made a smart kind of a word play, I guess, when he did that – after he won the election — he did an interview with 60 minutes and, you know, they were like — that was one of the central questions that the interviewer, whatever her name is — Lesley Stahl, or whatever the hell her name is, …


Andrew: Yeah, a horrible woman, …


Henrik: [laughing] Yeah, absolutely horrible. She was like pressing him on this issue of immigration and like, “Oh my” — or these illegal immigrants — “What are you going to do? How are you going to deport these people?” And then he started talking about, you know, “Well the criminals, like those that are criminal.” And my reasoning when I heard that it was well, by default a criminal would be an illegal immigrant, right? [laughing] The very aspect that they’re here in the US illegally that makes them a criminal. So by even his own definition that should mean — he should be able to send all of them home, because they’ve entered into the country under false premises. And all he has to do is basically create the legal incentive, willpower and direction of the government of saying, “No, these people did it wrong, they have to go back!” And then he can, you know — I think he said something like that – they can apply from the outside, or something like that, whatever. But the point is they’ve not followed the rules and hence they are criminals, right?




Andrew: Yeah. No, I mean — what he’s talking about is ones who have committed crimes other than the immigration itself. That have committed crimes and are being held, you know, in sanctuary in the United States — just allowed, I mean they arrest these people and then just release them. They don’t deport them.


Henrik: I know, it’s amazing.


Andrew: So what he’s talking about is doing a roundup. Like a mass roundup — like kicking in doors, you know, at 3 a.m. pulling people out of bed in their underwear and throwing them in a black van, get them on a train back to — back across the Rio Grande. So I mean, I think he’s going to do that.


What you would do after that though, I mean in practical terms, is start giving serious fines to both businesses that hire them and people that rent to them. Because if they can’t get jobs, or can’t get places to live, they have to go back. And then, after you did that, second step — then you could go in and roundup any stragglers. But, I mean, if you don’t – if you require documents to work, I mean besides like, you know, maybe some guys at the Home Depot they’ll pick them up in the parking lot to help them with the dry wall, or the landscaping. But I mean, I would even send out, you know, arrest, fine the people who are picking them up in Home Depot. Just send cops out there in Home Depot. But I mean the ones who — I mean there are all these businesses, these major businesses that hire illegal immigrants. I mean they’re allowed to. I don’t know, I mean it’s illegal, but they’re allowed to do it. They don’t get punished for doing it. So, you know, if you stop that from happening, most of these people are going to actually self-deport.


I mean the Jewish media keeps attacking that term, “self-deport“, but this would absolutely happen. I mean, what are you going to do, if you can’t work and you don’t have a place to live? Unless you’re involved in drug trafficking. But most of these people would be shipped out in the first wave of two to three million.


Henrik: Yeah, exactly. I wonder if Trump starts addressing this and let’s assume that there will be — let’s assume the media’s correct and there will be more terrorist attacks. Obviously the media will blame Trump in that it’s his fault. He’s creating this with his rhetoric, or whatever, and obviously this would turn up the heat on this kind of conflict, which I think is kind of inevitable at some stage anyway. It seems like — but it would be, you know, it might be tougher in the short term, but in the long term this would be something which is much more beneficial — I mean I’ve always held the view that, you know, these multiculturalists and these progressives that are pushing this kind of society that we’re seeing developing now — that is the society that’s going to lead to bloodshed and terror and bombings and just horrible, you know, crimes and slaughters and terrors.


And what we’re advocating is the separation of people, to have their own nations, which is going to, you know, be much more difficult for people to over ethnic and, you know, other levels find ways to fight with each other. I’ve always seen this as the “peace solution“, if you will, and theirs as the “war solution“. What you think?


Andrew: Yeah, I know, absolutely. I mean we see this already. You don’t have – in ethnically homogenous countries you don’t have these levels of violence. I mean you do in black countries and Arab countries because these people like killing each other. But you don’t have that in any White countries that are left, you don’t have people killing each other and blowing each other up. You know, why would they do that? What would be the point of doing it? Any kind of conflict is either over resources — I mean it’s pretty much is always going to be over resources, unless it’s some kind of nonsense thing.


But I mean these ethnic warfare — these are competing genetic groups, competing for control of the society to inflict their will on the group that they’re occupying. So, I mean, that’s when you have these, like Pakistani — they call them grooming gangs in England, where they get these little girls and put them in sex slavery, and are trafficking them around, I mean this is a , …


Henrik: Kebabgate! [laughing]




Andrew: Yeah, yeah. This is a way of attacking the social order of the foreigners and humiliating the men. Humiliating the men in the society that, “We’re going to take your daughters” and, you know, “pass them around” and just, you know. I mean the stuff that they do to them. You can read at Counter Currents — there’s a few very good articles on there detailing what these Pakistanis were doing to these girls, you know, I don’t even want to say it, …


Henrik: Yeah, sodomites. The worst sadists, worst fucking atrocities ever! Disgusting!


Andrew: And these little girls, you know, 11-12 years old, and they’re doing these gang bangs! It’s just horrible stuff! And this is a way to humiliate the men. And this is what, you know, Cologne, when they do this taharush, this is to humiliate the men. Like, “We are assaulting your women in front of you and you are doing nothing!” And on a biological level men should be able to understand that, like, these are our women. These women belong to us and they are violating our women in front of us. This is the most demeaning, degrading thing that any group can do to another group, just on a very basic primal level. And everybody should be able to recognise that.


But, you know, I mean with feminism and the emasculation of men and this brainwashing program that men have been through, they’re not seeing that. But, you know, whether they recognize this or not, we are in a hostile situation. We are in a race war situation all over the Western world, because we have flooded ourselves with these people that are intent on conquering us.


And I, you know, I mean you always have to go back and blame the Jews. Because, it’s the Jews who created this social cultural paradigm that makes this OK. And in almost everywhere, it’s the Jews who are actually engaged in the process of bringing these people into our countries.



But even if the — you know, the immigration groups and the laws that are being passed are not all run by Jews which – that the laws are passed by Jews — in the United States they all have been. But, you know, these people try to play a game with you, like, “Oh well, there’s this country where there’s no Jews“, but they running the government, but they still have a high level of — I mean, I think Sweden. I don’t know.


Henrik: Well, you’re right about that. It’s the morality that has been pushed in the cultural dialogue. I mean, we had David Schwarz, for example, was one of the prominent Jews in Sweden that in the 70s started to put — I think maybe even 60s, I’m not sure now, I have to look that up again — but he was basically pushing this in the media and despite the fact that a country like Sweden only has like, I think only 20,000 Jews or something.



I mean, there’s a tremendous over-representation of Jews in the media. Bonnier family, of course, they hold, you know, owned the major publications and newspapers and printing and stuff like that, books, you know, publications. But even the small time — like small Podunk local town papers that was bought out by some of the biggest Jewish conglomerates and — you know, so you can read about what’s happened locally like in the little town here and there in the paper. But then, all of a sudden, there’s like every other week, there’s like a Holocaust story, or like when the Jews came to this little town… [laughing] Any of these people care about this? It’s like ridiculous… That’s my point – but they push immigration as like a moral virtue in the media, that’s my point.


Andrew: The whole new — you can call it liberal, I guess — the whole new social paradigm that the Western world, and cultural paradigm that the Western world is soaking in is entirely Jewish. So, you know, this is what they sold to the goyim — this new form of morality where the highest form of morality is actually commit a genocide against yourself — is ultimately what it is. I mean, you see this where it’s very clear in Germany. I mean, I just posted a video of this German, he’s a blond German guy in his 20s or maybe early 30s who’s teaching migrants how to seduce – migrants, Somalians, Afghanis, Pakistanis — how to seduce German women!


Henrik: Yeah, Mister Flirt, what’s his name again? I know whom you’re talking about – Horst Wenzel.


Andrew: Horst Wenzel, yeah! And the government is funding him to do this class. And the government gives out – I think Lana made a  video — where the government gives out these documents showing immigrants how to impregnate White women! I mean, they have these pampflets that have the black penis going into the White vagina and impregnate — semen coming out and showing the baby inside!


Henrik: Oh, god!


Andrew: They’ve printed these documents and handed them out to the immigrants! What is going on here?! This is an actual attempt to genocide the German race!




Henrik: And what he’s doing — and this is an excellent point that what he’s doing, Horst Wessel here, is basically — he’s trying to basically give them a code of how to get these women in bed. Meaning, you know, you have to adapt a little bit to our culture so that they will basically open up to you and open their legs. Right? So it’s like — it’s a very incredibly sly way of making sure that these women are immediately accepted as that that these guys are, for example, maybe not, you know, coming on strong, or something like that. I don’t know, but they would they’re probably like that anyway. Right? Because most of the Western men are emasculated at this point anyway, so they probably, … I mean some people even argued that, like, reasons why many of these feminists are pushing some of the stuff is because on some level, subconsciously, they want some of this. I don’t know if that’s true, but, you know, I wouldn’t be surprised frankly by some of these feminists anyway.


Andrew: Yeah, no, I absolutely believe that it is true, that they, … You know, … I mean feminism is a demand for men to become men and, you know, put them back in line, because, women have been put in a position where they can’t reproduce as they’re supposed to by the feminist, you know, system. Where they’re supposed to go to college and go get jobs and all this, when it’s just a basic biological fact that they should be producing children. I mean, they should be! I mean, you know, I mean — basically a woman in nature is going to be pregnant, you know, at 16, 17, maybe even earlier. And they have a drive to do that. It’s a biological drive to reproduce.


So, when you tell women, “Well, maybe you can get married when you’re 30, maybe?” I mean this is way after peak fertility and, you know, I think it drives women a little bit insane! And I think there is a subconscious drive to return to some kind of more natural setting. And I think that it’s very clear that they view these Arabs as — and blacks even — as representing something more close to the natural order. And I think that’s why you have all these women, … At least a part of why you have always women out there protesting for this mass, this invasion and saying, you know, “I’m a feminist, but I also want Muslims, …” because that doesn’t make any sense! That doesn’t make any logical sense on the face of it. You’re a feminist, but you also support Islam. That’s like an insane type statement!


Henrik: Yes, exactly. Andrew, I guess it’s also been one of the more controversial things, I guess, you’ve been talking about on the site. I know that some people have charged you that, you know, you don’t like women for this reason and I think, obviously, everyone who has their head screwed on right, can see that feminism is a problem, or whatever. But there’s been some back and forth, whether or not this is, you know, women’s fault, or whatever. We had, for example, that video by Black Pidgeons Speaks that kind of went into this a little bit. That video went all over the place and there was a lot of push-back on that kind of mentality as well.


But, is it anything you like to say about that? Or is there a way that we can still, … Because I see that there is obviously a relationship that we need to start developing with our women, to have — be on equal footing — not equal footing, but we need to be understanding of the fact that we can work together to take care of this problem. Instead of, you know, basically having issues that drives the wedge deeper between us and creates an even more rift, that’s what I mean.


Andrew: I know, I get accused of, quote, “hating women“, which I don’t even know — this is like a, I think, a type of nonsense statement. No, I do not hate women! I am very appreciative for women. I, you know, I like women. I have a girlfriend. I have a very good relationship with my mother. I don’t have any specific issue with women, which, … People suggest that I have some kind of personal problem here, but no!


My view on women is that when we had the correct balance between the genders before feminism. So, you know, I mean, basically men have the same opinion of women. If you go back a hundred years, and then you go back to the beginning of recorded history, and then you go back to the caves before that, you’re going to have pretty much the same view of women! Which is not hatred for women. I mean, to say that there was thousands of years, or millions of years if you go back to, you know, the invention of language, a conspiracy against women is totally nonsensical.


My view on women is that they have a specific role to play in society that is different than the role that men play in society. And I think that they should be, you know, in the home. They should be mothers. And so, when you get into the political realm and you have women involved in politics, I think, it can be, maybe, problematic on some level, because that’s not something that women are naturally interested in. So, I think that, you know, it can be something where people put too much focus on this idea that, “Oh, we’ve got to get women into politics, …” and I’ve said well, you know, I mean this is like a bunch of women saying, “Well, we’ve got to get men interested in shoe shopping!




I think it’s probably not something we’re going to have a bunch of women interested in radical, you know, revolutionary politics, you know, that all the journalists, … So, obviously you’re going to have some women — we do have some women. But all the journalists at NPI – we should talk about the NPI later – all the journalists were saying, “Where are the women? Where are the women?” But the fact is, women are not especially interested in this type of thing and I think that’s fine! It’s natural for women not to be especially interested, …


Henrik: And still there was quite a bit of women there, actually! It was like they were blind to me, these journalists, you know? Majority of men obviously, but, you know, they were there. Amazing!


Andrew: So, you know, I don’t have any issue with women. There’s a lot of hyperbole and satire and so on on my website. And I think that people take that and say well this guy supports beating women! [laughing] No, I do not, I do not support beating women! I do not hate women! I think that women are much happier in a — I mean like a lot happier — in a traditional social order where they’re at home, they’re mothers, they’re having kids and taking care of the kids, and not trying to pretend to be men.


Basically what the Jews have said to women is that you’re defective men. You just need to become more like men, repair yourself from your femininity and become a man! and I don’t think this is — I mean this is insulting to women to say femininity is a negative thing, …


Henrik: Yeah!


Andrew: And then, you know, they have to become masculine, they have to become, you know, men! They have to become like men, that everything is pushing them into this role and I don’t think that women are being asked whether or not this is what they want. And I think that what feminism has done is feminize the male space, by bringing all of these women into the male space, we feminize the male space and we feminize boys by making them have to conform to female standards. You’ve got this woman here it’s going to change the behavior of men. And when you have women in all-male spaces it changes the entire ability for men to function as men.


You know, I mean women still have their own spaces that men don’t get involved in. But women have been shoved into all of places where men traditionally were able to have their own space and be dominant in their own environment. So, I think that shoving women into all these things has been, [has] had [an] overwhelmingly negative outcome and I think it’s something that needs to be reconsidered, because this has been shown not to be helpful for society. Just like we were talking about the women — the men have been so feminized that the women, they’re not even attracted to them anymore, because of — and this is what feminism has done — this gender reversal. I don’t think it’s been something good for anybody.


Henrik: I know, exactly. I mean, you’re right. Millions of years of evolutionary paths we’ve developed roles and functions which is, you know, biologically and genetically tied. And for women that means fulfilling the most important roles that there is — which is the continuation of our people, of our folk. It’s the most noble task that there is and it’s really unbelievable that, you know, the propaganda and the psyops has been so strong, so powerful that this very biological function they’ve managed to turn on its head, now they’re walking in the opposite direction. So yeah, absolutely extraordinary!


But Andrew, we’re going to take a break here in just a little bit and, of course, we’re going to continue to talk more after that. We’re going to talk about Trump, what to do now, when he is in office. Where is this recount issue actually going anywhere. We’ll talk about the role of the Alt-Right, you know, post Trump, NPI and much more like that.


But, tell people a bit more about your website. I don’t think there’s many that listens that are new to you, Andrew, but tell us a little bit about it anyway and if there’s a way that people can help you out and support to make sure that you can continue to do the work that you do.




Andrew: Yeah my website is, and people can donate, but, … not really! [laughing] Pretty much have to mail me money, because all my stuff has been cut off. Bitcoin, people can send me bitcoin, but I don’t really have any way to fund the site, because I’ve been banned from everything, because of the jews.


Henrik: Ouch! [both laughing] Yeah! Well, that shows we need ours own platforms. Well, actually, let’s talk a bit about censorship too in the next segment, here in terms of what’s happening right now with Twitter and where this is going to go. They’re even thinking about banning Trump, I guess? I mean this is retarded! [Andrew laughing] This is going to crash their own, … this is going to go into the toilet for Jack there.


But yeah, let’s take a short break here, folks, and we’ll return shortly and, of course, if you do want to, you know, support what we do, if you like our show, definitely sign up for membership with us. That’s a great way of supporting us and ensuring that we can continue doing what we do. Most of the second hours that we do of these radio shows are available in the members’ segment. We also, of course, have the other weekend live show that you can watch, exclusive for members. And then, of course, we do a lot of public live streams, as well. So definitely keep an eye on those.


We actually have — let me just mention that here too, right at the end — we have coming up here shortly a couple of live streams. We’ll have more information on about that. From the Italian EU referendum, and then we’re going to turn to live stream the speech that Richard Spencer is going to do at Texas A&M, as well. That might be interesting. but yeah, let’s take a short break here, folks. Stay with us, Andrew, we’ll be right back with the second segment.

















Part 2

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Henrik: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us. We’re speaking with Andrew Anglin from Daily Stormer. We are talking about Trump, we’re talking about the situation in Ohio with the Somalis and the bigger questions of where we are going in terms of our our people and the survival of European man, the White man, and woman for that matter too.


We’re going to talk a bit more now about Trump. I wanted to discuss a bit about him winning the election, basically and what, if any role, that the Alt-Right actually had in that. I know that they are doing, of course, Jill Stein, I think she’s definitely Jewish, I think. She’s doing, [laughing] she’s doing a recount effort right now. And I guess she was raising millions of dollars to try to trigger this and I believe Wisconsin that actually did it, or something like that. What do, you know, about this issue Andrew and do you think this is actually going to go anywhere? Is there any indication that the Electoral College would change their mind? Can they change their mind at this point?


Andrew: No! No! This is just a blatant Jew money grab by Jill Stein. That’s all it is. I’ve looked at it. And it’s not even possible, I mean Michigan has already counted twice. Are they going to count a third time because she sues? No! They’re going to be like, look we did this twice already. We’re not doing it another time. You know, Wisconsin, … It doesn’t matter. There’s no way! I mean, even if they did flip Wisconsin it doesn’t matter. So, they’re not going to do that. This jew woman, Jill Stein, is just saying:


“We’re going to make it so that Donald trump is not the president. Just give me money and I’ll make the pain go away!”


she is exploiting theses emotionally vulnerable crazies, who are, you know, flipping out about Donald trump. I think it’s now two times that the donations to her campaign recount, is I think, two times her total intake of donations for the presidential campaign.


Henrik: Wow!


Andrew: And on the site it says:


“Well we might not use all this money for a recount, but we will use it for something!”


[laughing] Like, we’ll use it for “election integrity” in the future.


Henrik: Right.


Andrew: Which, what does that mean? I mean it means absolutely nothing!


Henrik: Because she was against Hillary! I mean she even warned against her and said like, horrible when it comes to the wars and stuff. And she must realize that this effort, … I mean I don’t think this is going to go anywhere, but if you did, what would happen would we get Hillary in office? I mean, that’s disastrous! Even she knew that!


Andrew: Yeah, no, but I mean this is not, this is not an honest thing that is she doing. This is just a money grab by a jew. I believe that 100%. There’s no, she doesn’t believe, there’s nobody believes that. I mean these computer programmers came out and said, “Well, it’s possible,” I mean the basic thing that they said was, “Well if Russia would have hacked the election, then they would leave no evidence.” And there’s no evidence! So maybe Russia hacked the election! [Henrik laughing] This is literally what these computer programmer said this. They came out and said this and she said, “Aha! This is proof!” That the proof is no proof. So, you know, I mean this is an extremely, it’s just a Jewish hoax situation.


And then the media goes on at the same time that they’re talking about it. “Oh yeah, we need this recount, Jill Stein. We’ve got to do this!” They’re telling Donald Trump that there’s no possibility that there was any voter fraud. I mean that is that whole thing that was going on, where they’re talking about Russia’s going to hack the election, but Donald Trump says, you know, there could be fraud, but that’s a conspiracy theory. But somehow Russia is going to remotely hack, and that’s what the whole Jill Stein thing is, is that Russian did it. I mean, this whole Russian did it meme is nuts! I can’t believe really that they keep pushing it.


Henrik: Extraordinary!


Andrew: Because it’s like, it’s not, you know, the 80s, the Cold War’s over. And I mean, but, …


Henrik: They used to love Russia! They used to love communism, right? Now they’re just like, they have flipped, like that! It’s amazing! [laughing]


Andrew: Well, you know, people don’t even think about Russia! Like when you start, … Hillary was talking about Russia, Russia, Russia! People are like, “What? You mean that country from the 80s? What does that have to do with anything?” I mean, it’s like a normal person is like, “What?


Henrik: Yeah, you think so? They’re not buying the, … I mean we know that, of course, the media as credibility goes, have taken tremendous hits during the ascendancy of Trump and well done for him on that. I mean, you know, even that issue alone is worth celebrating him for. The fact that he managed to destroy the reputation of these major media companies. And they continue to lie through their teeth and they’re continuing to ruin doing their reputations and that’s that’s awesome!




But the fact that, you know, you have a, … It seems at least that there is one of these liberal kind of following that still believe that somehow, you know, Russia is going to like, nuke America, or something. That they believe that they’re going to be like, trying to control the election, or, I guess control Donald Trump somehow, through donations, or something. I don’t know what they believe, but it’s amazing that this conspiracy theory keep lingering even in the mainstream media, isn’t it?


Andrew: Yeah. I don’t think many people actually believe it. I think it’s just something that the media is, … They don’t have anything else to say. It’s like there’s nothing else that they can come up with, so they just, I mean they would normally blame, like a right wing, like the Republicans. But the Republicans are all against Donald Trump as well. So, it’s like well, they dh to blame Russia. There was nobody left to blame! They weren’t going to blame themselves, so they just said, well, we’re just going to blame everything on Russia! And Russia said, what are you talking about? What is anything, what are you talking about?


You know, Russia, I don’t think, you know, did anything. I mean, it’s possible but there’s no evidence Russia did anything to do with this election. They definitely didn’t hack the voting machines. They came up with that it wasn’t even possible to do that. They kept talking about it and then they said we would have to actually be there, to do it. You couldn’t do it remotely. So, you know, I mean it’s a completely weird thing to come out and say that Russia is behind everything!


Now, Angela Merkel is coming out and saying that Russia is going to destroy their elections! That Russia is going to hack their elections and that Russia has an army of internet trolls and that they’re putting out propaganda against the EU! And, you know, they pass this resolution to shut down Russian Internet propaganda and, I mean, they’re trying to censor the Internet actual mainstream Western media is doing to Russia, … To talk about Russia is involved in a propaganda conspiracy with secret troll operations, they have troll factories! This is a term that they’re using. They say that Russia has troll factories where they have, I guess, just cubicles full of skinheads [Henrik laughing] with [laughing] with Pepe shirts with MAGA hats on! You know, just trying to get SWJ feminists to kill themselves, on Twitter. I mean, I don’t know, they never really gone into details about this. But Hillary, in her speech, said that the whole Alt-Right was controlled by Vladimir Putin! That Alex Jones was working directly for Vladimir Putin.


So, you know, this is just a really goofy type thing! I mean, it’s like, it’s like cartoony!


Henrik: Yeah. You know, people think that there’s going to be disaster under Trump and I think that things are just going, on a very mundane level, mundane, I mean, we talking about bringing back jobs and all these kinds of things. He was even making deals already with the Carrier play, and he’s not even in office yet, and it’s already happening. He’s great, you know, like he’s saving jobs and all this kind of stuff. And I think people are going to be, … Those people are so, you know, in opposition to Trump, they’re going to be in such a state of cognitive dissonance, that they’re not going to comprehend the fact that things are going to start improving. What do you think you’ll be able to actually pull off and is there any, is there any reasoning for us to be worried about, let’s say his, you know, Israel policies, or, you know, some of these prominent Jews that are around him and stuff like that? Is there a concern, is there a reason to become concerned about that?


Andrew: Well, on the first thing, I think he’s going to make America great again. [laughing] Second to that question, no, I think that on the material level and on the very, the very basic level that we are going to get rid of these immigrants, we are going to make a bonding between people. People are going to feel stronger socially. And I think he’s going to do what he’s talking about with the economy and make it so people are making better wages and they can have, you know, a house and have a better life. I mean, if you start bringing, … I mean he’s talking about, I mean he’s literally in negotiations before he’s even president with Apple, to bring factories home to manufacture Apple products! I mean this is like, … I don’t think Apple products, not since the 80s have they’ve been made in the United States. So, I mean, this is like a revolution!


As far as the jews, this is a very important question — the jews around him — because, you know, I mean there’s crazies on the Internet — I’m sick of even entertaining these people, they’re like Donald Trump worked for the jews all along.




Henrik: Right.


Andrew: I think this is actually a jewish conspiracy — the jewish conspiracy is saying that Donald Trump is part of a jewish conspiracy — I mean I’m sure that some kind of — this is not a natural meme. That’s just a bunch of crazies on the Internet would come up with that, because he’s done so much already, that even if it stopped now — I mean we have come so far, that to say, “Well, they wanted him instead of Hillary!” is insane! So I mean, some people are just so hopeless! They think there’s literally no way, [we can] have any effect whatsoever on the system and that’s just where they are in their minds. And I think it’s basically, just literally, a mental illness.


But these jews around him — I mean, this is a real concern! You know. So when you start saying, “Well, what about these jews?” I mean, he just appointed a jew as Treasury Secretary, which I, you know, I obviously don’t like that, …


Henrik: Mnuchin, I think it was. Former Goldman Sach’s dude, yeah.


Andrew: Yeah. So, you’ve got this guy in there and you’ve got his son-in-law in there, who was like trying to get security clearance. He did tell that jew, Kushner, he can’t have any security clearance. But, you know, he’s in there and he was trying to stack the place with neo-con jews, like Bolton. Like these total, … Bolton is actually, … I thought he was a jew and I read he is not jewish, he’s actually 1/8th jewish. But anyway, he’s a full neo-con! And we did not want him in there! That’s nonsense! Some Goldman Sachs jew to bring this thing back. This beast back.


But, I think that on some level he has to do this, so he doesn’t get assassinated. I mean that would be my honest answer. That, you know, on some level, these jews have so much power that he has to work with them on some level to keep him from getting assassinated. It’s similar to what Putin did in Russia. And I mean, Putin did make from — if you look at what happened to Russia from the 1990s to right now — I mean, Putin has made Russia great again. Like literally! That has happened. He made it from, you know, this thing that was just collapsing, everything was breaking apart, girls were out, you know, just prostitutes on the street for five dollars to get some bread, or vodka, in the 90s when all hell was breaking loose — and taken that situation and made a pretty stable global superpower!


I mean, there’s still a lot of poverty in Russia, but it’s still a lot better than it was so, you know. And he had to work with the jews — he still does have to, to a certain degree, but he put a bunch of them in prison and a bunch of them fled the country because of their crimes and he was going to arrest them and they fled. You know, so you had a kind of balance there, which is not — I mean, it’s not ideal. But, you know, these jews have an incredible amount of power and so, I mean, to say that through the voting process at least, …


I mean, you could have some kind of military coup and get rid of them, but, I mean, we’re actually working within the system like Donald Trump is doing. You can’t just totally push them out immediately. And I don’t even know if he wants to. But, basically, I will always come back to, every single jewish agenda Donald Trump is in direct opposition to — like up and down, up and down the line from, you know, immigration to the attacks on the society and Christianity. And just the attacks on the working class and then moving the globalist policies and the internationalism taking care of the world, all these wars in the Middle East. I mean it is just down the line of the whole jewish agenda, you have Donald Trump standing in opposition to.


The one thing he does say, as you mentioned, is that he supports Israel. Well, OK, what does that have to do with anything? Israel, the reason that Israel affects the United States, is one thing; we give them a lot of money! But that’s the small issue. The big issue is that we have to go fight these wars, because they’re controlling our government and running our foreign policy and telling us that it’s somehow in our interest to nuke Iran, or invade, you know, attack Libya and start a terrorist revolution in Libya, or Syria. You know, the invasion of Iraq — all these wars that jews who were, you know, — a lot of these people were Israeli jews! I mean, Richard Perle who drew up this plan, the original plan, that became the Iraq war manifesto, that was part of the Bush government with all these jews in there. I mean he was working for the Israeli government when he came up with this idea to topple all these dictators.




So, the quote, unquote, “dictators”, I mean they’re basically what I see is that they’re just kings — I mean, Arabia has had this, for like, ever. They’ve had these monarchy systems and that’s — they just have to kind of change the names, that’s it, that’s what they want. It’s basically what, I mean, Gaddafi effectively was the king of Libya. And the same could be said for Saddam and Assad. I mean, this is what these people like. And it’s the only way to keep them from going full monkey crazy, where they just go running around the desert chopping people’s heads off and drowning people in cages, [laughing] throwing people off buildings! ISIS is just like, “Wow!


That’s why you need to have the “strong man leader”, because this is what they will revert to, like immediately!


Henrik: Yeah.


Andrew: I mean, even if you look at the history, this is the kind of stuff they were doing when Muhammad originally, you know, showed up in Arabia and tried to unify these tribal groups — did unify these tribal groups and, I mean, it’s an interesting history. But these people are savages! That’s why they have to dress their women up in bags like that, because they’re just like — their women themselves are wanton. I mean, these people would just be — that’s why they’re so inbred — they don’t even know who they’re having sex with!


Henrik: Yeah, that is a problem. That is a huge problem. There is a Danish researcher that details some of that and apparently inbreeding was a tremendous problem because there’s so much, they’re so much more tribal, you know. And it comes from a kind of, the Bedouin tribes in the Arabian Peninsula that was just like, you know, lingering around and that’s kind of still — I guess a mentality that’s still there within the Arabs, you know.


Andrew: Yeah, especially the — like Emirate type Arabs — I mean, these people are stupid and they have a lot of money, … You know, if you’re ever around them — most people are not around — you see them in New York, you see them in London, obviously in Dubai, but most people, probably listeners, have never been to either of those three cities. But, you know, you look at these people’s faces and they have something wrong with them. They look like monsters, like mutants! And they’re the worst of the Arabs.


I know a guy who actually worked as a personal trainer for one of the princes — well he actually said, — you know, there’s these royal families in Saudi Arabia and there’s a lot of them and he, you know, he knew some of these people. [He] was in there, and close to them in their operations and he said, “These are the stupidest people that you will ever meet in your life!” I mean, these people are like, really, really, stupid! Like they can’t really read and this is what the US Government set them — well, I mean, the Western, the West you could say, well ZOG, set them up as a proxy government there for this oil and, you know, I mean is it, the Saudi regime serves as a proxy jew government to keep the Arabs in line.


You know, the Saudi Arabian royal family and the jew Israel government agree on absolutely everything. I mean, they’re both pro-ISIS, they’re both pro-terrorism and pro this monkey insanity! So yeah, I mean, I’m going off on a bit of a tangent here, but the strongman system, the bottom line of that whole thing as you said — the strongman system is necessary to keep these people in line in Arabia. And the neo-cons knew that this madness would happen. Which is — it’s ultimately responsible for all this terrorism and, … Well, and the, quote, unquote “refugee crisis” but, you know, I mean sort of with the refugee gee crisis. Because you can just stop these people from coming in. It’s not like there’s like no way, you know, when they say that, like there is no way to stop them! [laughing] All you have to do is turn the boats around! You send them [back] and if they land you say, “OK, well, we’re taking you back.” I mean, you don’t even have to kill them! You could just sink their boats — I mean, who cares?


Henrik: You got to send a message, right? That’s the point. That’s what you’re saying with this idea of a strong dictatorial leader that like keeps these people in check. I mean look at the Saudi prince, right? I mean, he is jet-setting around, you know. He was in Beverly Hills, this is back in 2015. He was basically assaulting and raping at least, I think it was, at least three women — I think it might have been more, even five — when he was at a party in a Beverly Hills mansion. And he got off, scot free! He could just basically leave the US, no problem whatsoever. And he was like, keeping them captive and stuff like that and he had, like sex drugs fueled parties and shit like that. These are crazy people, you know, and they’re allowed to run free and do whatever the heck they want.




Andrew: Yeah, in Western countries they have diplomatic immunity. This woman, this princess in Paris. She was in Paris and she kidnapped — I mean she had a decorator, interior decorator, in her apartment in Paris. I forget the district. I don’t know, I mean, they were in one of the really rich districts in Paris. And he was taken — he was doing interior decorating and he was taking pictures with his phone and these people are so stupid, she thought it was some kind of, like, intelligence conspiracy that he was taking pictures of, you know, her apartment. Like it was some kind of — like it was a conspiracy against her. And she had the security put a gun to his head and did like a femdom-type thing, where he had to lick her toes! I mean, this is like, weird! I mean, these people are savages and they’re wanton savages! I mean, what kind of pervert — this woman is 40ing something years old and is having this man lick her toes. And then she fled and, I don’t know, she had diplomatic immunity. They said they might prosecute the bodyguard, but this, I mean, these people are weird!


Henrik: It’s bizarre, absolutely bizarre! But this, you know, these are regions and people that have gotten rich off of the West. If it wasn’t for us and our, you know, oil need and everything else, they would be in a very different situation still, and…


Andrew: They were living in caves! [Henrik laughing] I mean, they were literally living in caves! And we went in there and give them all this money and all that! I mean, look at Dubai, or Abu Dhabi, any of these places, and it’s all — I’ve actually been to both these cities and it’s all of German built, everything there is built by Germans.


Henrik: They love their Mercedes and, you know, gold and bling — and it’s amazing, you know, … [laughing]


Andrew: But they’re like children, these people! Yeah! This money is just given to them. There are always people saying, “Oh yeah, I’m doing, you know, I’m doing trading, I’m doing, … We’ve got a business of trade and imports and exports, I got a company, IT, we’re, … You’re not doing anything! The government just gives out money to these people for the oil. And they’re just like children pretending to be adults in these buildings that are all built by Germans, with all these products that all come from White Western countries. And, you know… There is no reason to do this. If we needed oil, we should have set up colonies in these countries and taken the oil, which, you know, probably — that even, wasn’t even necessary.


Henrik: They weren’t doing anything with it. They were sitting on it, right? They weren’t using any of this and I think that’s one of the problems when you don’t develop, you don’t go through any of the development yourself. You just basically are handed billions and all they know how to do is to turn everything into Disneyland for them, you know?


Andrew: Yeah! It’s totally Disneyland, just all hookers and race cars and, [Henrik laughing] you know, like store — these malls.


I mean, it’s a disgusting decadent thing! These Arabs are absolutely disgusting!


Henrik: Aw, man! … [laughing] It’s amazing! Well, just switching back a little bit to what we were talking about earlier and hopefully, of course, Trump can he actually do something — I think he spoke about that. We should have taken it, you know, regarding Iraq — he said, we should have taken the oil and just have gotten out! And he’s right. [laughing] Hopefully he can follow suit and do some of that kind of stuff, but…


Andrew: Look, all you would have to do is occupy the oil production facilities and they are not going to do anything. I mean, you know, I mean we’re going to go and take it — you can you can leave a military force there and, you know, have a military occupation of the country and take the oil. I mean, you know, this is very easy to do and it would be profitable for the United States to do it. So that’s what he said, that after, we never should have went in, but after we went in we should have stayed and kept the oil and occupy the oil fields and ship the oil back to, you know, our country.


Henrik: Of course. We have to pay for everything and now they don’t get anything. It’s amazing. It’s bankrupting the United States. [Andrew laughing] Billions… trillions! Isn’t that the war? … Ah, … God! [Andrew laughing]


Andrew: Trillions! [laughing] Four trillion dollars to bring freedom and democracy to Iraq!


Henrik: And look at how that work out! Look at that! And then we got ISIS, and then because of that we’ve gotten the migration crisis. I mean, I can’t help to see that’s not an accident any of this. I mean, when you have Israeli hospitals aiding these ISIS generals, or whatever they’re called, you know. Making sure that they’re up and back and at it again and fighting — and they never attack Israel. And, I mean, there’s like, there’s a whole lot of stuff going on behind the scenes here that most people are just not aware of at all, you know?


Andrew: Yeah, I know. Turkey got caught shipping ISIS oil to Israel. This stuff is known. Israel invited a film crew, to film them giving medical aid to, in Golan Heights, to ISIS terrorists. They invited the film crew there and, you know, it was on the Daily Mail. You know, so they’re not even, …




Henrik: They’re not even hiding it!


Andrew: No! And they said it was for humanitarian reasons! We got to help them, they’re injured. Israel, these baby killers are like, “Well, we got help these terrorists because it’s sad they got shot when they were fighting a terrorist war.” No, they’ve been sort of coy about their desire to — I mean Netanyahu himself has been — Israel as a country hasn’t so much about their desire to overthrow Assad, but yeah, no. I mean, that operation — I mean, this is another Trump effect. Before he’s even in office, they’re — I mean, they’re going to take back Aleppo and it’s going to be the end of the Syrian, quote, unquote, “civil war”. Which is actually a terrorist proxy war by the West against Assad, who is a popular elected leader.


Henrik: A nationalist leader, yeah? That’s amazing. They had some speakers actually at the — was an “Alliance for Peace and Freedom”, the European co-nationalist umbrella branch in the European Union — they had a conference in Rome recently and they actually had a speaker there from Syria, kind of addressing some of these issues. And there are — some of them are very aware, very on the ball, they know kind of how the New [Jew] World Order, how that operates and the fact that they turned Syria into one of their enemies. You know, to topple them and everything else. There are many there that are actually clued in. I just wish most of them didn’t have to come to Europe, of course, that is a problem. But, Andrew, just switching gears a little bit — and just kind of heading right into a different direction here for a little bit.


Give us your opinion on the future of the Alt-Right, post NPI and everything that occurred during the week and ended in this so-called controversy after these salutes and everything. What was your take on this?


Andrew: Well, this has been, I mean, there’s virtually no downside to it, in my view. I mean, this has been a fantastic thing all around! And I, you know, I salute, hail Richard Spencer for this, you know, this thing that he did — this was just beautiful.


You know, the first thing is we got all of this publicity, which, as Donald Trump himself said in The Art of The Deal, you know, “Good publicity is better than bad publicity. But there’s — now he said, “But bad publicity is better than no publicity. So, you know, and it wasn’t really even bad publicity, you know. People, young people who are our target audience, you know, people — teenagers. And that’s what I always say, that I’m basically targeting people under 30, even under 20! [laughing] You know! A lot of people, I see them on my forum, I’ve done polls on the ages. It’s kind of hard to gauge this, but there are a lot of kids in high school that read The Daily Stormer. And that’s sort of, you know, a lot of where it’s geared to, which is why some older people don’t necessarily understand it.


But I think that, you know, I mean it’s always about the kids, because that’s the future. If you’re thinking about any kind of long term political movement, which is what I’m thinking in terms of. I think everybody needs to be thinking in those terms. You want to be going for the youngest possible group, because they’re the ones with the energy and they’re the easiest ones to get their minds changed, you know, get them thinking. Once somebody solidified in some kind of stupid nonsense, once they locked their brain on that, it’s very hard to switch out of it. I mean people do, you know, I mean, this type of information was not available when I was a teenager — at least not openly, easy access available. So, you know, I had to switch my own thinking as an adult, but, I mean a lot of people aren’t going be able to do that. It’s going to be very difficult for them. So you always want to target the young and I think that we’re doing that and I think that display at NPI, that they flashed all over TV — this is not something that young people are going to be like, “Oh, my god, it’s so evil because six million lampshades!” You know, I mean, this is where young people’s heads are.


You see all throughout that the election there were kids, they were saying it was hate speech, they were saying, “Build a wall!” and, you know, when sports teams, like high-school football teams were playing each other, if one team was black, or minority Mexican, they’d start chanting, they’d go, White team would start chanting, “Donald Trump!” I mean the kids, they’ve grown up in this multicultural hell, where they’re just treated as not even second class! I mean, we’ve got all these different classes now. The White kids, especially the White male is like the fourth our fifth class citizen in the hierarchy of our society. So, you have people — young people are very open to this and I don’t think they have all the associations of, you know, the Holocaust, that, particularly baby boomers have, that this is like, “Oh, my God! The poor jews!”




So yeah, I don’t think that the salute was negative at all! I mean, it’s like, I mean, these people cucking and saying, “Oh my God, it’s over!” I said, all these people complaining, [laughing] I said they’re all like saying, “This is the end of Trump’s campaign!” You know, I mean, he’s already elected. But their whole argument is like the same thing. I mean, Donald Trump did the Sieg Heil salute at rallies. So, he said it was a pledge, but I mean everybody’s throwing up their straight arm, right arm, you know. He did this and they made a whole media thing of it and then it went away. And the same thing with this. So, you know, I don’t think that there’s anything negative about that.


And the other thing is this video — you did this great video showing these people cucking, from Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich, cucking out on this and saying, “Oh my God, this is, …!” and calling people, FBI, which, I’m so sick of this — this is the stupidest thing — this is not like a little baby game where you can just call people Federal informants or Federal agents, based on nothing, because they something you disagree with. And bring up Hal Turner! There’s no proof! Hal Turner was posting — I mean, people can look this up, this is all, you can get the old news articles — Hal Turner was posting the home addresses of Federal judges and saying, “Go assassinate these people!” And he was doing it for four years before he was eventually arrested. And what I think was, he was hacked by 4chan, actually. You know, the effect in history, will go down in history of 4chan and the amount of influence they have on our modern society is incredible. Sort of the hive mind of the Internet, 4chan.


No, 4chan hacked his e-mails and saw communications with Federal agents, that he was working as an informant sending them information. They did that in 2008 and he was arrested in 2009 for doing something that he’d been doing for years. Which is calling people, Federal judges and officials, to be assassinated. So, you know, I mean these people bring up Hal Turner and say, “Well, anybody who talks about race is just like Hal Turner and, …


Henrik: It’s retarded, you know!


Andrew: Yeah, it’s just total nonsense. And it shows how non-serious these people are, because a serious person does not throw around the accusation that people are Federal agents. You know, I have suspicions about certain people on the internet and I’ll say to myself or, you know, privately I’ll say, you know, these people could be, you know, as could be some suspicious going on there. But I would never, ever, go out on the Internet and publicly say, “Well, I know that these people are Federal agents”, because they’re saying something that, you know, is suspicious to me. You know, this is not — these are not serious people. That was a little bit shocking to have Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson come and just say, “Well, this is FBI operation.


Henrik: Let me just comment on that quickly. He thought that, you know, basically Richard Spencer was involved in like, into some kind of sting operation, or even embezzlement, or something, to drag people into some violent acts, or something? Just for the sake of accuracy and truth, it was like, it was only very few people that did it. Richard just lifted a glass and even to have him held responsible for something like that, is in itself retarded. I mean, it was fun! I mean, as you said, we went over this in the video, we’ve kind of beaten that up to death, to be honest. But it’s like, you know, just for those who didn’t see it, or, you know, didn’t hear any of that — what they do is that they run with the mainstream media version of events and yet they’re sitting there being edgy and like talking down to the mainstream media. It’s pathetic! It’s useless!


Andrew: Well, it’s also like totally disingenuous bullshit! I don’t think that these people actually believe that Richard Spencer is an FBI agent. Cernovich went on and said like, “These people, you’re all going to prison and you’re going to go to prison if you’re involved with these people because the media said they’re Nazis. I mean, he did this stream where he said this, “You’re all going to prison. And this is to make people afraid, because the bottom line is they understand that this is what the direction that everything is going in.


And their audience will eventually, or quickly, probably, end up in our camp and they want to hold on to their audience. Because, you know, I mean, he’s got “Guerrilla Mindset” to sell [his book]. Watson’s got, “Super-male Vitality” and “Brain Force”, [to sell] you know, “You need these products, goyim!” So, this is business maneuvering, that they want to keep their audience and so they’re attacking him and making people afraid that if they even go to these websites you could be arrested! They will round you up because of Hal Turner! So I mean, it’s just bullshit and they don’t actually believe that.


When somebody says that, there’s almost no chance, unless they’re paranoid nutjobs, they actually believe that. Not that there aren’t, you know, presumably Feds out there — people just say it because like, “He said something I don’t agree with, so he’s a Fed.” It’s usually disingenuous.


Henrik: Yeah. Kind of retarded. One of the points he made, which I appreciate, which I like there is this idea to, about — about counterculture. About a true kind of rebellion against the mainstream system, right? And the fact that many young people, I would assume, I mean it’s difficult because many of the counterculture movements and, revolutionary movements and so on that we’ve had, have been very contrived. You know, very owned by various interests — it’s also a way, of course, our very own culture has been managed to be turned on it’s head, right? As you said, they went for the kids in the 60s and they turned their mind against their own parents, against their own tradition and culture and all that kind of stuff. So I understand that there’s reason to be wary of that. But at the same time, that culture was kind of — it was also — it became popularized — it was kind of pushed in a different way, it was a top down one primarily.


In this case, I think we’re seeing something that truly the system itself is very afraid of. It is a true kind of expression of a counterculture, just, “We don’t give a crap about any of this!” And at that moment, I would figure that some of these hopefully rebellious young spirits out there and teenagers and, you know, even those that are a little bit older, they would kind of enjoy that to a certain extent. That they would be attracted to the very nature of the reaction of the mainstream, in a way. Right?


Andrew: Yeah. No, absolutely. This is what I’ve said. I mean, they’re presenting this as the ultimate, you know, cool hip thing. It is what that whole media storm around the NPI salute is. That this is like, you know, it’s almost like you think they were doing it on purpose, to make it seem cool?


Henrik: Ah oh! Don’t spread that conspiracy now! [both laughing]


Andrew: Yeah, I know, but they have no idea — they have no idea what’s going on and they think they can just keep talking about the “Holocaust” and that they’re victims and everybody is against them, that everybody wants to hurt them and they never did anything wrong to anybody. That they can just keep saying that, over and over again, the goyim will just keep going along with it. When what they’re actually doing is sowing the image of the Alt-Right as a revolutionary and cool, you know, hip. This is what, I mean it is! Really, I mean it is! There’s no fun in anything.


This humorless march to oblivion that the Left has engaged in is just — I mean, you know, I mean who wants to be involved in something that has no humor, whatsoever? To have that, there’s no fun allowed? I mean, this whole thing with these “safe spaces” and these whining women and the blacks talking about, you know, they’re so oppressed and there’s all these people against them. I mean, it’s just — it never ends of the whining, this noise coming from these people.


I don’t think, I mean, nobody is attracted to that, it’s just imploding in on itself. And this is the hip thing now! I mean, you know, this is where the cool kids are!




Henrik: We’ve got to run with that, we’re going to kind of — I mean, I know it’s kind of, yes, you know, to some people who feel like going out on that, on an edge and risking something, or to the brim of whatever. But, I mean, to certain extent, what else is there at this point? I mean, our civilization, our world, our thinking is at this point so screwed up, that the only thing you can do is to push this as far as you can, in a way. Which is meant to just kind of blow the lid off the whole thing. Of basically trying to both go in an opposite direction to it, but also kind of just — ultimately we’re just making fun of it and not showing any respect, if you will, for the system, for the structure as it’s been set up. And to kind of halfway through, start to kind of back-peddle, or feel that, “Oh my God, no! Maybe we went too far at this point!”


I can understand, maybe, as you said, why some older people feel that way, or they feel like comfortable for them, or something. But in terms of the younger people that they are concerned. For them, this is, I hope that they perceive this as being just hilarious, on so many levels and something which truly is actually breaking those, the shackles of everything that’s politically correct! Everything that we’re not supposed to do, or talk about, or say, or think, or anything like that! And I think, just to kind of almost go over the top on that is something that will liberate people, in a way. It’s always about trailblazing, right? To push the boundaries so far that people feel that there is like a room behind them to a certain extent, like, “Oh!”


I mean, that’s how they changed our societies, right? They made things a little bit more extreme, a little bit more extreme, and eventually when they, you know, they were two steps forward, one step back, basically. So by the time they took one step back, “Eh, it didn’t seem so bad”, you know, now. First it was like shocking to have gay characters on TV, right? Now they’re like pushing what, pedophiles, or something? And so now trannies even doesn’t look that bad. I mean, there’s all these layers to it and we have to push back on that, that’s what I’m saying.


Andrew: Yeah, the death spiral! But no, I mean, Naziism is really like, “prepackaged revolutionary imagery” because the jews that run the society have put so much — they’ve spent so much energy building this Naziism up as the ultimate opposite of everything that they’re promoting. Right? I mean, they put all of this energy [in it]. So if you decide you hate this system, then the automatic thing is like, “What about these Nazis?”


I mean, so you have this revolutionary imagery already created, prepackaged, you know, ready made of the Nazis. And when you present that in like, a sort of a tongue-in-cheek way — that I think happened at NPI, and what I, you know, try to do by mixing, you know, pictures of Hitler with anime and so on — [both laughing] you know, Pepe. I mean, you know, you’ve found something that’s very powerful, because they have put all this basically spiritual energy into this symbol of Hitler and the Nazis. So you can throw that back at them and it’s extremely powerful, and, you know, I mean we harness that.


Henrik: I wonder if they’ve thought about this, Andrew? I mean because it’s almost like, that the weapon itself that they’ve used against us is also going to be potentially a thing that we can use to liberate ourselves with.


Andrew: This is a judo maneuver! Yeah, and that’s what I’ve said with these cowards who want to talk about, “Well, there can be no Nazi! The Nazis are not successful and there’s been no successful Nazi!”


The situation we’re in — we have one example of people who dealt with this situation successfully! There’s only one guy who ever did it successfully! That’s the bottom line and everybody kind of knows that, on some kind of, you know, on a primitive, on a primal level everyone is sort of aware of that. You know, just even with the way the jews have framed the Nazis. You have that, you have that right there.


There’s no way to get around it. There’s no way to get around the Nazi issue, it’s stupid to try it! Because I mean there is this meme, which I think is basically true, that they’ll call you Nazis, no matter what. But at the same time, there’s the meme of whatever you’re saying is basically going to be in the same ballpark as Naziism. [laughing] Or you have to change your whole ideology, because, I mean, you have Naziism on one side and jewish international globalism on the other side, OK. So, whatever you’re saying it’s going to be a whole lot closer to Naziism that it’s going to be to jewish international globalism — unless you just want to be a cuck and change your beliefs, you know, like Jared Taylor. It disgusted me how he threw Richard Spencer under the bus for the jews!*


* [Published on Nov 27, 2016


Jared Taylor on the 2016 NPI conference controversy: “I was as shocked as anyone by all of that. I was very surprised. I was very saddened by it. I think it’s a terrible pity.


Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance (AMREN), speaks to Kristoffer Ronneberg from Aftenposten (Norway’s largest printed newspaper) and is asked about Richard Spencer and the recent NPI conference.


Original: jared-taylor


A transcript of his remarks at about the 50 minute mark into the interview on the NPI conference:


I was as shocked as anyone by all of that. The Alt-Right is a very broad movement, Apparently – well, I have always known that there were at least anonymous Twitter accounts that are openly Nazi and anti-Semitic. But I did not think that Richard Spencer was that sort of person. I was not there that evening. I think having some of this attitude of jews as an enemy – that’s not my position at all. I think jews can very much be white people – men of the West – and so I was shocked by these images that we’ve seen.


Question: What is your relationship to Spencer?


I have known him for some years but he has his organisation and I have mine. I’ve invited him to speak at some of my conferences. He has definitely moved over the years I think. And he has invited me to speak at some of his conferences but we have completely separate organisations. I was very surprised. I was very saddened by it. I think it’s a terrible, … A terrible pity. I don’t endorse any form of National Socialism. I think that’s a completely inappropriate and crazy model for the United States.”]


Henrik: I didn’t, I didn’t actually see that yet. If that was, I have to look into that. But it’s, of course, it’s sad. I mean, I think it’s always very detrimental when these things happen and there’s a lot of — there’s schisms and things like this and — in a way without getting into the details of it to kind of pour salt in the wounds further, I think also one of the reasons why some of this happens is that it’s birth pangs! That’s kind of how I see it. In a growth aspect, you have cell division and that’s kind of what we’re seeing. The Alt-Right has never been super, you know, centralized and organized, it’s all these different cells that are doing, in a way, kind of their own thing, but many push in the same direction, or similar direction. We agree on many things, but maybe not on everything all the time, 100% and they’re kind of, there’s been a benefit to that, to a certain extent and I just hope that, you know, people kind of, …




I mean, let’s think about. I mean, in two weeks from now, I bet you, people, like, aren’t going to remember this, you know? The attention span is super short, people don’t care, it will be another controversy in — maybe just tomorrow, even, you know? And then that will be it. And as you said, the name has gotten out, the name recognition has increased and, you know, however, we view that there’s no such thing is as bad publicity. That’s what it boils down to, I think.


Andrew: No, and no, … I mean, … So, what I was going to say is that, it’s good! One of the consequences of this “Hailgate”, whatever they’re calling it, “Salutegate”, is that these people, these cucks! I read a comment and I’ve said this, actually on a couple of shows on my website on one side, but it’s the greatest comment — I saw somebody comment on YouTube, where somebody whining about Richard Spencer. Somebody said, “Richard Spencer hit the gas and a bunch of cucks fell out of the back of the truck! [both laughing]


Henrik: That was funny! Yeah, it’s a good take, on it, yeah, yup.


Andrew: So yeah, I know… I mean, Richard Spencer, because I’m glad that, you know, Cernovich and Watson are gone now — because, you know, I was flipping out for so long about this Milo. I know, you know, Lana was making videos about Milo. And how he was trying, like, to usurp us, and steal our memes, and take our brand, and say that it was about cultural libertarianism, and he’s up there saying, “Praise Kek!” And, you know, all of our memes he’s trying to use and then say, “Well, but it’s actually, it’s about defending Israel!” I mean, he got up there and said this. And it’s not really about race, it’s about Western supremacy, Western culture and all races working together.


You know, so I mean, that’s gone! This guy disappeared! Probably, you know, whatever happened to him, he’s gone and now we have these other guys gone. I mean, Jared Taylor, whatever! I mean, he can go. This guy, I mean, you know, what is he, … He’s done good work. I don’t want to insult Jared Taylor, you know, he’s been around a long time, whatever, whatever. But he’s gone! OK. Fine. Bye!


At the same time, I talked to Richard Spencer the other night on phone. You know, I hadn’t got along with him, but I said, you know, I’m standing in solid solidarity with you on this and I will, I think we need to, you know, I had a real good conversation with Richard Spencer the other night. I said we need to, you know, bring — come together here, because we’ve got — we’ve got, now, we need to move into the next stage of this thing and you’ve asked that, however long ago. I keep going with these rambling answers to your questions, but — damn, I’ve high energy tonight, …



Yeah, so the next phase. I mean, I think there is no such thing as being too ambitious. We need to be ready and ‘20, ’24 to elect an actual Hitler! [Henrik laughing] Like a literal Hitler! Like somebody who is talking aggressively and openly about the jews!


Henrik: Trump has warmed them up to this concept, hasn’t he? [laughing]


Andrew: Yeah, I mean, we are warmed up. We’re already at a concept where we are “people” and there is an “other”. There are all of these others! The Mexicans are an “other”, the blacks are an “other”, the Muslims are an “other”. And you just have to say, there’s on more, one more I know of! Right there! That guy with the hook nose! Who’s controlling all your media and your banks and telling your boys to cut their penises off!


You know, I mean, it’s very easy once you have the idea of the “in-group” and “out-group” to point to the jews as an “out-group” that needs to be removed from society!


And I believe, you know, we have eight years now. I mean, presume I don’t think there really any chance — I mean, unless he dies, or gets assassinated, or something, I don’t think that he’s going to have trouble getting reelected.


Henrik: So the four years he’s going to be given now is going to be enough for people go like, “This is awesome! Let’s do it again!”


Andrew: Yeah. And I mean he’s going to clean up these illegal immigrants so they won’t be able to vote next time around. You’re going to have just — I mean, because what he’s going to be able to do in the next four years as far as just materially, and as far as, like, the amount of money people are making and that they can work and can pay for their house? …


Henrik: I’m excited about this, I have to say. I was thinking about it the other day and was just like — I was filled with a positive, positive emotion, you know, like something, … You know, even just for the sake of that is going to be be fun to see this happening and things changing. And, of course, I hope he follows through, I hope there’s no, you know, issues along the way, or whatever, but I’m looking forward to it. This is going to be fun, you know?


Andrew: Yeah. It feels fun! Like there’s an excitement in the air, like, you know, and I totally, … It’s electric! You know, I mean every time, you know, I just think about, “Wow! Donald Trump is the President of the United States!” [both laughing]




Henrik: It’s bizarre! … It’s kind of like, in a way it’s kind of like a joke, in a way — and that’s what makes it so great, you know, what I mean? [laughing]


Andrew: I don’t think anybody really thought this was going to happen! And, it’s really a whole new world has opened up and, you know, but as far as what we need to do, we need to keep pushing it and we need to make it so this becomes about jews. I mean, everything I am all about — is JEWS! [both laughing] So, you know, that needs to be the central issue, is dealing with these people and figure out a way to get rid of them!


You know, I mean, get them to go to Israel, where ever they want to go, just so they’re not in our country, and, …


Henrik: Every people, they deserve their own country and it will be much better and more peaceful that way. Right?


Andrew: You can talk about this nationalism for everybody, but it’s like they already have their own country, …


Henrik: Of course! That’s what I’m saying, it’s like you have that, go there now!


Andrew: Right! This is what these people — it’s about self-determination and, you know, nationalism for everybody and it’s like, well, I’m at a point of saying that is, because every other race has their own nations. They all do. We’re the only ones that don’t. And I guess the Tibetan Buddhists… [laughing] they don’t, or the — you know, I guess there’s a few small, …


Henrik: Yeah, the Kurds, even the Yazidis, whatever, … I mean, we know that there’s tribal conflict and there is a lot of fighting, but, I got your point. I got your point.


Andrew: Yeah. I mean, overall, in general, everybody has their own country.


So, yeah, I mean. And the other thing, I do think that we played a major role in the election. I don’t think it would have happened if it wasn’t for us. Because, I mean, because the memes, they were everywhere! Because they weren’t just, you know, the ones that we were creating and all the stuff with — I mean, the cartoons and so on, but then those fake ads for? What was it, your daughters? “Send your daughters to die for Hillary” There was a hashtag, … “Daughters for, .. Do it for her? “Draft our daughters!” was the, … [laughing]


There were so many of these things that were all over the Internet. And the whole thing, … But the most important thing that the Alt-Right did for Donald Trump was make him cool! I mean, he already was cool! I mean, he’s a very easy guy to make into a meme. And everything he said basically, became a meme. But you know, the energy that we created online of this guy is like, “The best guy ever!”


Henrik: Yeah, it was a unified force! I mean, this was so interesting too that even people that seemingly didn’t agree, everyone rallied behind him, which shows what a leader can do. Right? It’s amazing.


Andrew: Yeah, I know, absolutely. I mean, this is what a leader — I mean, this is what people want. They want a guy who is like, “Well, yeah, that guy is in charge.


Henrik: Who knows some shit., you know, and get things done.


Andrew: There’s figures who, you see them and say, “Well yeah, that guy’s in charge we should do whatever he says. So I mean… [both laughing] It’s a basic, like tribal thing. The guy there who just radiates an ability to deal with situations and you say, “We’re just following that guy. And it feels good to say that about somebody, to call somebody a leader and say, “I’m following this person.


Now that he actually is a president we’ve probably got the back off that a little bit at least, you know, our movement, to a certain degree.


Henrik: Well there’s a simplicity that I think we’re lacking in life. We have like this, you know, convoluted — like, cycles — logical, you know, kind of mumbo jumbo level to everything. And it’s like, you know, everything is subjective and there’s no real reality, or real truth. There’s no — we don’t know, we have to debate these issues, or whatever, and it’s just like, here is something which is just kind of straight forward finally, you know? I think people lack that.


They just want that like base drive, as you said before — kind of the same issues with the fact that, you know, women have primordial drives that needs to be fulfilled, otherwise weird things happen with them. [laughing] Those issues I think are going to start coming back into the kind of the situation. But Andrew before we, you know, kind of wrap things up here for this time. What else do you think we should do in terms of — you said back off a little bit. Explain that a little bit more, what you mean by that.




Andrew: Well I mean, we’re going to have to be critical of Trump now that he’s in office, I think. You know, I mean we can’t — you know, it’s a hard thing for me, coming up with the narrative around him, but I think we do have to be just not 100% behind everything that he does and make sure that we can push him as far as we’re able to, to do all these things we want him to do. I think on a lot of these issues he’s pretty much lined up with us, anyway. So, you know, we’re not going to have to, like, outright attack him, but we do need to be aware and critical of decisions he’s making. You know, I’m not, I don’t have a problem calling out with this jew that he appointed to the Treasury Secretary. You know, I mean, it’s not surprising — to me especially — that he would appoint a jew to the Treasury Secretary.


Especially, you know, I think he does feel like he has to have some jews involved, just for his own safety.


But yeah, I mean, we can be critical of him, but I think we need to be critical of him in this, in the Alt-Right. I think we do, because we, … He’s not the end goal, we’re pushing for something that’s pretty far beyond what he’s offering. You know, I don’t know how far beyond if he’s really going to, like, deport all Muslims, you know.


But I mean, our end goal is, you know, a White nation — White countries for White people. And we just got to keep pushing for that, and as much as he lines up with that agenda — which he does in a lot of ways as far as — especially as far as the early stages — building the wall, getting rid of the Mexican, getting rid of the Muslims and so on. You know, I mean this is going very much in the right direction. But we can’t forget that our goal is something beyond that.


Henrik: Very good! Well, is the website. Support Andrew with bitcoin if you can. Thanks for coming up today, Andrew. A lot of fun having you here. Great to talk and spend some more time with you and sharing out some of these ideas. We should definitely do it again in the future. In the meantime, of course, keep up the good work and thanks once again for coming on the show with us.


Andrew: Thank you!


Henrik: Before we end for today, just want to say a special thanks to all our members out there for your support, for listening and for believing in what we do. I also want to alert you to the fact that we have, of course, our Weekend Warrior show this Saturday 3rd, and then on Sunday 4th. We’re going to do some Italy referendum coverage. It is going to be exciting. We’re going to invite some people from Italy, from the Alliance for Peace and Freedom and also a couple of guys, Italian-Americans out of the Forza Nueva branch in Arizona.


So stay tuned for that and then on the following Tuesday 6th that we’re going to live stream the talk that Richard Spencer is doing at Texas A&M. Lot of buzz around out there — that might be fun for you to see. So definitely stay tuned to the websites for that. We’ll have more at and


Thank you so much for listening. Ladies and gentlemen have a great rest of your day where ever you are. We will see you soon. Take care!
















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