The Bloody Red Streak – Part 1

The Bloody Red Streak


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Part 1








Facts about the Author, Mr. Trefor David

Mobilized with the Glamorganshire Yeomanry in 1914.

Transferred to the Royal Field Artillery and served 2 1⁄2 years in France in World War I. Long record of public service. Member of Bridgend Urban District Council for 2 years, and of the Glamorganshire County Council for 1 year.

Long record of struggle against corruption in Local Government. Convicted 7 times for exposing corrupt practices in Local Government. Sentenced to 12 months’ hard labour in 1938 for activity in obtaining release of sane man from Bridgend Lunatic Asylum. Served in Swansea, Cardiff, Brixton and Birmingham Prisons.

No regrets of his efforts to cleanse public life of corruption and of his convictions for same.


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What is Communism?………………………………………………………… 3

Russia — Jews’ best friend!”………………………………….……..…… 4

Jewishness of Communism outside Russia ……………..…….…… 4

Jewishness of Communism in the BRITISH EMPIRE ………..… 5

Jewishness of Communism in the U.S.A. …………………………… 5

Jewishness of Communism in Holland, Belgium and France  6

Cominform and Cominform World “Peace” Movement …….… 6

But no Communism in Israel, and the Reason Why! …………. 7

Communist Leaders who are Gentiles are all Purged ……….… 7

Communism in Britain is Jewish Too ………………………………..… 7

Communism is Nothing to Do with the Working Class …….… 8

Communism is a Jewish Confidence Trick ……………………….… 9

No Trade Unions As We Know Them in Russia ………………… 10

Communist “Peace” Offensive …………………………………..…..… 11

Real Aim of “Peace” Offensive ……………………………………..…… 11

Why Communists Oppose German Re-Armament …….…… 12

Communism and Judaism are One and the Same ………….. 13

The Second Jewish World War ……………………………………..…. 14

Jews Admit it was a Jews’ War ……………………………………..…. 15

Jewish Gold Standard was Another Aim of Last War …….… 16

Present Position ……………………………………………………………..… 17

Jews Against Economic Nationalism …………………….……..…… 18

Money From Russia ……………………………………………………….… 19

Communist Hypocrisy in Last War …………………….…….……… 19

Freedom of Speech in Britain To-day ………………..………….…. 20

The Strange Case of Aneurin Bevan ………………………….……. 20

Was Hitler Right about the Jews? ………………………….….….…. 22

What the Jews Admit About Themselves ……………………..…. 22

Cruel Pogroms of History: Their Authors, Victims” ……….… 23

What Jews Think of Us Gentiles ………………………….………..… 25

British Parliament To-day ………………………………………….…..… 27

Atomic Spies for Russia …………………………………………….…….. 28

Communist Jailed in Britain for Atomic Spying …………….…… 29

Jews fled to Iron Curtain with Atomic Secrets ……………..,… 29

Gentile Jailed ………………………………………………………….……….. 29

Gentile Who Fled to Iron Curtain with Secrets ……………….. 29

Conclusion …………………………………………………………………..….. 29

Call to Wales ……………………………………………..………………..….. 30


FOR FURTHER STUDY ……………………………….………….………… 31

PAMPHLETS ………………………………………………………………..…… 31







The third World War appears to be almost on top of us. For this, the responsibility must be placed (1) on the shoulders of Communism, and (2) on the shoulders of our insane “politicians,” both Labour and Conservative, who so foolishly plunged us into war on the 3rd September, 1939, with no British interests whatsoever involved, on behalf of international Jewry against the Germans, who were Europe’s only bastion against Russia. Let us consider Communism first.


What is Communism?

Communism was invented by the German Jew Karl Marx one hundred years ago. Of the 135 revolutionaries sent into Russia in a sealed train in 1917, no less than 128 were Jews, mostly from New York. The U.S. Senate Overman Report, 1919, stated that the first Central Bolshevik Government of Russia consisted of 371 Jews, 1 American Negro and 17 Russians.

The Central Committee of the “Russian” Communist Party in 1935 consisted of 56 Jews out of a total of 59, the three solitary Gentiles, one of them Stalin, having Jewish wives. In the “Russian” Politburo of 13 to-day, Kaganovitch (Stalin’s brother- in-law), Beria (Secret Police Chief), and Shvernik (Chairman of the Supreme Soviet Presidium) are Jews, while Stalin, Molotov and Voroshilov are married to Jewesses.

The U.S. Jewish paper, B’nai B’rith Messenger of March 3rd, 1950, quotes a statement of a former Red Army General now living in the U.S.A. that Stalin himself is of Jewish ancestry. On page 14 of his book The Life of Stalin, Iman Raguza states that Stalin’s maternal grandfather was a Jew junk peddler. Of the 18 man Supreme Soviet Presidium, at least 8 are Jews and these include the four key positions of Chairman (Shvernik), Secretary (A. F. Gorkin), and Deputy Chairmen (Kirchenstein and Vares).

Other leading figures in Soviet Russia to-day who are Jews are:—

Ilya Ehrenburgh (chief propagandist and mouthpiece of the Kremlin);

Fratkine Schmul (liquidation of anti-Communist persons and movements outside Russia);

Varga (economist — now on loan to Hungary for purge of Hungarian Communist Party);

Z. Mekhlis (Ex-Minister of State Control, head of Red Army Political Commissars and late Editor of Pravda);

Solomon Lozovsky (Director of Information — Lozovsky is responsible for ensuring that only news which “proves” Russia is a workers’ Paradise leaves the U.S.S.R.);

[Page 3]

Gorshenin (Minister of Justice);

D. Y. Raizer (Minister for Construction of Heavy Industry);

P. A. Judin (Minister for Building Materials);

S. Y. Fomin (Minister of Construction of Machinery for Industries);

D. I. Fomin (Minister of State Food Reserves);

Lavrentiev (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs);

Nossenko (Deputy Minister of Shipbuilding Industry);

Kaftanov (Minister for Higher Education);

Ginzburg (President of State Bank);

Levitsky (Deputy Chairman of Council of Nationalities);

and “the most unusual man in the Kremlin” according to the London evening Star of 6th September, 1948;

Vladimir Asberg, formerly of the Nye Banken, Stockholm, who financed the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 in conjunction with the Warburgs (Jews) in Germany and their affiliated group Kuhn Loeb, of New York.

Kuhn Loeb is the most powerful Jewish international banker in the world.

Ilya Ehrenburg, Jew, is the Member of the Russian Parliament for RIGA in Latvia. At the recent Russian General “Election,” this Jew was the only candidate allowed for RIGA.

Latvia was invaded by Russia in 1939 and forcibly annexed.

Ehrenburg has never been to Latvia in his life and can’t speak Latvian! Such is the wonderful “Democracy” of Communist Russia!




Russia — Jews’ best friend!

The Israeli Leader Moshe Sneh was quoted in the Jewish Chronicle of 2nd July, 1948, as saying

Every Jew knew in his heart who was his greatest and most consistent friend — the Soviet Republic.

Yankee Jew Dr. Louis G. Reynolds went further — he said (see the July 5th, 1946, issue of California Jewish Voice)

I cannot conceive of any Jew in the role of an enemy of the Soviet Union. To me, such a Jew is an unnatural monstrosity, a travesty of everything that is decent and right.




Jewishness of Communism outside Russia

Seven of the Polish Communist Politburo of eleven are Jews under the dictatorship of the rich upper middle class Jew, Jacob Berman. The Deputy Dictator is the Jew Colonel Ochab. The Times on August 10th, 1949, stated that 9 out of the 11 members of the Communist Cabinet of Poland were of the middle class.

In Hungary, the Communist Dictator is the Jew Rakosi, and until recently his communist cabinet consisted of 5 Jews and 1 Gentile — the Foreign Minister Laslo Rajk (see News Review, 16th December, 1948).

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The Times of 20th June, 1949, also stated that there was only one Gentile (Rajk) among the leaders of the Hungarian Communist Party. Since then, the solitary Gentile, Laslo Rajk, has been hanged, and according to The Times of 20th June, 1949, and the Jewish Chronicle of 23rd September, 1949, one of his “crimes” was anti- Semitism.

In Czechoslovakia the Communist Dictator is the Jew Slansky, while 5 of the 8-man “Czech” Communist Politburo are Jews. In Rumania, the Communist Dictatoress is the Jewess Anna Pauker. The Communist Dictator of the Ukraine is the Jew Manuilsky and its President is the Jew Korneichuk. It will be remembered that this Jew President of the Ukraine came to London in June, 1950, at the request of the British Communist Party and in a speech with the Negro Paul Robeson told British workers to sabotage their country’s defences against Russia. A few months later, the “British” Communist Party asked another big Jew from Russia to come and do the same in Trafalgar Square (Ilya Ehrenburg).

The head of the six million strong South American Labour Confederation is the Jewish millionaire Toledano.




Jewishness of Communism in the BRITISH EMPIRE

South Africa’s first Communist M.P. is the Jew Sam Kahn, while the Chairman of the “South African” Communist Party is the Jew I. Horwitz. In Canada, most of those involved in Soviet espionage were found to be Canadian Jews, while Canada’s Communist M.P. (Rose), and the organiser of the Communist Party (Carr), both Jews, have now been jailed for selling atom secrets to Russia.




Jewishness of Communism in the U.S.A.

The top Communist intellectuals in the U.S.A. are the Jews A. Kahn and A. Bittelman. Of the 11 leading American Communists sentenced for conspiracy 6 are Jews and 2 are Negroes.

The Editor of the American Daily Worker is Israel Ragenstrich, although he now calls himself John Gates, while the Jew Bart is its Managing Director. The London Jewish Chronicle of September 8th,1950, attacked U.S. Congressman John Rankin for saying that 75% of American Communists were Jews, but it did not even attempt to dispute his statement. The Jew Gerhart Eisler (Chief Comintern spy in the U.S.A., until, recently, he escaped to Britain), now heads the Press and Censorship Department of the Russian Zone of Germany.

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Although the Communists are supposed to be against Wall Street, the great Wall Street Jew multi-millionaire banker Herbert Lehman (Lehman Bros.) violently attacked the Bill aimed at outlawing the American Communist Party in the U.S. Senate in September, 1950.

There are so many Jewish Communists in New York that a special Communist daily newspaper entitled the Morning Freiheit is published for them in Yiddish. It has a larger circulation than the American Daily Worker. The London Jewish Clarion of September,1948, admitted that of the 10 leading Communist spies unearthed by the un-American Activities Committee, 8 were Jews.




Jewishness of Communism in Holland, Belgium and France

The Editor of the Dutch Communist paper Truth is the Jew F. Schoonenberg, while in Belgium the Communist daily Red Flag is edited by the Jew F. Coenen. Of the Executive of the “French” Communist Party, no less than 4 are Jews, while Jacques Duclos, its real leader, is married to a Jewess.




Cominform and Cominform World PeaceMovement

The Editor of the Cominform weekly paper For a Lasting Peace, For a People’s Democracy, is the Jew P. Judin. The President of the Cominform World “Peace” Committee is the Jew Professor Joliot-Curie, who also runs the Cominform “Peace” movement in France. The “artist” who drew the “Peace” dove for the Cominform is the Spanish Communist Jew Pablo Picasso. The head of the Cominform “Peace

Movement in the Argentine is the Communist Jew psychiatrist Dr. Bermann. A key member of the Cominform World “Peace” Committee representing Britain is the Jewish millionaire aristocrat the Honourable Ivor Montagu. The Jew Arnold Zweig is President of the “Peace” Movement in the Russian Zone of Germany. An amusing incident in January, 1950, revealed the true nature of the Cominform World “Peace” Movement — the Deputy Leader of the Christian Democrat Union in the Russian Zone of Germany, Professor Hugo Hickmann, made a speech urging German neutrality in an East-West conflict, and for doing so was immediately purged by the Communists as a “warmonger.

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But no Communism in Israel, and the Reason Why!

There is naturally only a minute Communist Party in Israel. Communism is a method whereby Jews take your country away from you — they don’t, of course, want it in their own.




Communist Leaders who are Gentiles are all Purged

It is significant, too, that the recent purges of senior European Communist leaders have all been confined to Gentiles, namely:

RAJK — Hungarian Foreign Minister, hanged.

GOMULKA — Polish Vice-Premier, purged and awaiting “trial.

DJODJE — Albanian Vice-Premier, shot. KOSTOV — Bulgarian Vice-Premier, hanged.

TITO — Yugoslavia, expelled from Cominform.

MARKOS — Greek Communist Army leader, purged.

CLEMENTIS — Czechoslovak Foreign Minister, purged and relegated to a minor post in the Bank, and then arrested, now about to be “tried” and will obviously be liquidated.




Communism in Britain is Jewish Too

In Britain, the Jews, the Hon. Ivor Montagu, son of the Broad Street, London, International financier, Samuel Montagu, the Jewess Tamara Rust (head of the Women’s Section of the British Communist Party), the “intellectual” Andrew Rothstein, and ex-M.P. Piratin are next only in real importance to Britain’s Communist dictator-designate, Rajani Palme Dutt — an upper-class Indian Swede of public school and Oxford education. The Foreign Editor of the Daily Worker is the Jew Derek Kartun, and the Daily Worker correspondent with the Communists in Korea and China is the Jew Alan Winnington. The leaders of the 1949 British dock strike were seven Jews, five of whom were imported from abroad.

[Page 7]

Harry Pollitt, Willie Gallacher, Arthur Horner, Alf Davis and Idris Cox are all Gentile stooges behind whom stand the real leaders of the British Communist Party — Palme Dutt, with not a drop of British or working-class blood in him, and the Jews Andrew Rothstein, Phil. Piratin, the Hon. Ivor Montagu and Mrs. Tamara Rust. The Hon. Ivor Montagu, that self-styled champion of the workers, has not a drop of working-class blood in him either and went to a posh top-hat public school. The Jewess Tamara Rust, is scheduled to be Dictatoress over British including Welsh women (like the Jewess Anna Pauker in Rumania) in the event of Russia forcing Communism on us by War.

Incidentally, another Left Wing and self-styled champion of the British working class, Mr. K. Zilliacus, like Palme Dutt, has not a drop of British ox, working-class blood in him. He comes of upper-class Finnish- American parents and was educated at an expensive co-educational public school in England and at Yale University.

At the annual 1946 conference of the British Labour Party, no fewer than seven out of the 12 speakers on British foreign policy were aliens — Mr. Zilliacus and six Jews. All took a pro-Communist line. Durham Miners’ leader Paddy Cowan has been violently attacked in the Jewish and Communist Press for saying at the annual 1949 conference of the “British” Labour Party, “Why can’t we have Britishers in Parliament?




Communism is Nothing to Do with the Working Class

Communism is, of course, nothing whatsoever to do with the working class. The working class figures only in the abstract in Communist propaganda, but in Communist revolutions the working class do the dirty work for their Jewish masters. If the revolution succeeds the Jews ride to power on the backs of the working class. If the revolution fails, the working class go to jail or the firing squad and the gallows. We can see the truth of the anti-working-class nature of Communism by the presence in Britain and Western Europe of hundreds of thousands of Polish, Ukrainian, Yugo-Slav and even Russian workers, all of whom have fled from the so-called workers’ paradises of Russia and Eastern Europe and who would rather commit suicide than return. It will also be remembered that when Madame Kasenkina, Russian schoolmistress at the Russian Consulate in New York, heard that she was returning to the “workers’ Paradise,” she hurled herself out of a skyscraper window in an effort to commit suicide. Her boss was the Jew Jacob Lomakin, “Russian” Consul General in New York.

[Page 8]

We also know that the Germans had a free Russian Army of 800,000 fighting for them in the last war under the command of the Russian Nationalist General Vlassov, and Moscow radio itself announced in June, 1946, that the republic of Crimea had been liquidated for going over en masse to the German National Socialists, whom they welcomed as liberators (see The Times, 27 June, 1946). We also know that to-day, in spite of the Red Army and the Secret Police, there are hundreds of thousands of nationalist guerillas active in Eastern Europe, particularly in the Ukraine. Russia had in fact the biggest “fifth column” of any country in the last war — except that her “fifth column” consisted of Nationalists, Patriots and Christians trying to free their country from the Jewish Bolshevism.

Because the Jews have throughout every age and in every country been universally noted for their genius of salesmanship, they have been able to sell the workers’ hell of Russia as a workers’ paradise. The Jews can sell not only phoney goods in shops but phoney ideologies. The fact that the truth about the Jewishness of Communism is not more widely known is due to the cringing cowardice of the British and World press at mentioning the word Jew. The last daily paper to mention the Jewishness of Communism was the Morning Post which was killed in the 1930’s. The great historian Hilaire Belloc summed the whole thing up in “G.K.’s Weekly” of 4th February, 1937, as follows:-

As for anyone who does not know that Bolshevism in Russia is Jewish I can only say he must be taken in by the suppressions of our deplorable press.

How can Communism be a working-class dictatorship when it is run by Jews? How can it be a working-class dictatorship when The Times on August 10th, 1949, admitted that of the 11 members of the Polish Communist Cabinet, 9 were of the middle-class? (This includes the Jew Dictator Berman — T.D.) The Times of 6th July, 1949, further reported that Hungarian Communists had been criticised for “not having a single working man among their friends!



Communism is a Jewish Confidence Trick

Communism is, in fact, a confidence trick whereby Jews acquire a nation’s wealth by pretending to nationalise it for the working classes. Communist leaders themselves make no bones about this — after they get into power, of course! For instance, Matyas Rakosi, Jew Communist Dictator of Hungary to-day of an all-Communist Cabinet of 5 Jews whose sole Gentile Laslo Rajk was hanged for anti-Semitism (a clue as to what may happen to the Gentile stooges Pollitt, Gallacher, Cox, Alf Davies and Horner), plainly stated as recently as the 31st May, 1949, in a violent attack on the Hungarian working class for slackness, that socialism does not imply equality, and jeered at them for foolishly supposing that the shares of the factories should be taken over and divided among themselves.

[Page 9]

A report of this speech can be found in The Times of the 3rd June, 1949. In other words, before the Communist revolution, the Jews say they will nationalise everything and give all the profits to the workers and also make everyone equal, but after the Communist revolution they say the same thing as Rakosi said above and attack the workers for being suckers and slackers. (Note:- Socialism is the name given to the regime in Communist Russia and in all Communist countries. Communists deliberately tell the workers that the “ideal” of Communism will take very many years to attain. They do this so as to dangle a kind of carrot in front of the workers to spur them on to work for a vague Utopia which is always just around the corner. In another thousand years the Jews will still be telling the Russian workers that the “paradise” of Communism is “just around the corner.” Jews, of course, hate real Communism or Socialism (which we define as the greatest possible diffusion of wealth), hence their hatred of Hitler who introduced profit sharing in his factories).

Ex-Soviet diplomat, Theodore Butenko, who fled from Rumania in 1938, described Communism bluntly in the Giornale D’ltalia of 17th February, 1938:-

The Bolsheviks have promised to give the workers the industries, mines, etc., and to make them masters of the country. In reality, never has the working-class suffered such privations as those brought about by the so-called epoch of ‘socialisation.’ In place of the former capitalists, a new ‘bourgeoisie’ has been formed, composed of 100% Jews. All the big industries and factories, war products, railways, big and small trading, are virtually and effectively in the hands of the Jews.


No Trade Unions As We Know Them in Russia

The Jew is hindered under democracy in his lust for maximum profits by the trade unions who protect the worker and enable him to bargain for a share of the wealth available. Under Communism, the function of the trade unions is simply reversed. Instead of protecting the workers against exploitation, it now acts as an instrument of the exploiting Communist State (the Jews Kaganovitch, Beria, Rakosi, Pauker and the rest) to crush the workers, to extend hours of work to a maximum, reduce wages to a minimum — to squeeze the last rouble of profit out of them. Further, the peculiarly Communist technique of depriving workers and civilians of their civil rights under the slightest pretext, and then using them as slave-labour, has enabled the Jew rulers of Russia to build up the greatest profit-making force ever known in history — 20,000,000 slave-labourers who are paid no wages at all. Hence most Jews back Communism, not democracy.

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The trade unions are kept on under Communism for three reasons:

(1) As an instrument (already in the factories) of the Jewish ruling class now to screw down the workers;

(2) For the Jews to swipe for themselves political levies paid in by trusting trade unionists; and

(3) To fool the workers into believing they have a semblance of protection.

All strikers are, of course, shot under Communism.




Communist PeaceOffensive

We have already given the names of the Jewish leaders of the World “Peace” Offensive. To these should be added the name of Ilya Ehrenburg, who runs it in Russia. In Britain the three leaders are:- the Jew millionaire aristocrat, the Hon. Ivor Montagu; Professor J. G. Crowther; and Mr. D. N. Pritt, an extremely wealthy barrister educated at an exclusive public school (W inchester) and at foreign universities. Mr. Pritt, it will be remembered, was expelled from the Labour Party for his support of Russia’s foul invasion of little Finland in 1939. (The Daily Worker of January 29th, 1951, described this war as “the Finns’ Winter War against the Soviet Union in 1939 and 1940!”).




Real Aim of PeaceOffensive

Let no-one mistake the real aims of the “Peace” Offensive. This is simply an instrument of the Cominform to deprive the countries next on the list for invasion by Russia of the weapons with which to defend themselves, and also to induce in those countries a spirit of defeatism. Let no-one for a moment think Communism stands for peace. Communism stands for a war of world conquest. Let no-one think, as the Rev. Donald Soper, Methodist Minister, thinks, that Communism is preferable to another war. Our geographical position precludes neutrality: the Communists know this full well and are using the British people’s desire for peace to get them in effect to surrender to Russia and to sabotage their defences in preparation for a Russian invasion. They intend to use Britain as advanced war base and Red Air Force aircraft carrier with which to atom bomb our American allies in a Soviet war of world conquest. Britain will, in that eventuality, be of course subject to atomic, germ, and hydrogen bombing by America in retaliation. But British Communists would not mind one rap about that, for their allegiance is not to Britain but to Russia. They aim to use Britain as a gigantic atomic cushion or shock absorber to take America’s limited supply of atomic, germ and hydrogen bombs which might otherwise fall on their precious motherland of Russia.

Communists the world over, including English and Welsh Communists, make no secret that Russia is their country and not England or Wales.

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Why Communists Oppose German Re-Armament

The Communists in our midsts are opposing the Atlantic Pact with Western Europe and America because they want the Red Army to conquer Britain and put them in power. They know they were heavily defeated at the General Election of 1950, and now see no other way of coming to power. They are doing their best to sabotage Britain’s defence programme. They oppose German re-armament for similar reasons. Only the immediate healing of the Jew-created quarrel with our German brothers, and the immediate re-arming of Germany can prevent Russia conquering Western Europe, including Britain and Germany. The Communists know this and that is why they want to stop the Germans re-arming. The Communists also know full well that the Russians in Eastern Germany are re-arming the Germans at full speed, and by the end of 1951 according to the Daily Mail of December 7, 1950, will have an army of 400,000 strong, plus a “Police Force” of at least 180,000, equipped with tanks and aircraft. The Communists have no objection to this sort of German army. In fact, if a German Communist Army invaded Britain, British Communists would welcome them as “liberators” and do all they could to stab in the back our British boys fighting them.

Just like the Communists, the Jews are also opposing German re-armament. In November, 1950, the Board of Deputies of British Jews passed a resolution against German re-armament. Similarly the Daily Worker of January 19th, 1951, gleefully reported that German re­ armament had been condemned by the British Section of the World Jewish Congress. (It will be remembered that S. S. Silverman, Labour M.P., is Chairman of the British Section of the World Jewish Congress. Silverman presented to Parliament on December 12th, 1950, the Cominform “Peace” Petition, organised by the Communist British “Peace” Committee. The object of the “Peace” Petition is to stop Britain and America using the atom bomb in self defence, and — as everyone knows — only the atom bomb stops Russia invading Britain).

[Page 12]

As to why the Jews are so anxious to stop defensive measures against Soviet Russian aggression, such as German re-armament and the atom bomb, it is necessary to refer to the example of Hungary for a clue. In 1945, in the full flush of “liberation” when gratitude to Communist Russia could be expected to be at its height, a General Election was held in Hungary which resulted in 246 seats for the Smallholders Party, 71 for the Socialist Party, 22 for the National Peasant Party, and only 67 seats for the Communists. In spite of this overwhelming defeat, the Communists were forcibly put into power by Red Army bayonets and all other parties liquidated, their members being killed or sent to the mines in Siberia. And what does the Hungarian Communist Government consist of? Well The Times of 20th June, 1949, specifically stated that there was only one (1) Gentile among the Hungarian Communist leaders, and he was Laslo Rajk the Foreign Minister (who led the Underground fighting against the Germans while the present Dictator — the Jew Rakosi — was safe in Moscow throughout the whole of the war). Rajk has since been hanged! So now there are no Gentiles at all among the leaders of the Hungarian Communist Party! The Red Army, therefore, put the Jews into supreme power in Hungary, and will do the same in Britain — if they get the chance!




Communism and Judaism are One and the Same

Other similarities between Communism and Judaism are:

(1) Hatred of Christianity. The Russians, far from hating Christianity, are one of the most religious races on earth, religious even to the point of superstition: the anti-Christian campaign in Communist Russia is Jewish. The Jews have hated Christianity ever since they got Christ crucified by Pontius Pilate. Let us compare a Communist on Christianity with a Jew. The Soviet Education Commissar Lunachersky defined the Communist attitude to Christianity as follows:-

We hate Christianity and Christians; even the best of them must be looked upon as our worst enemies. They preach the love of our neighbours and mercy, which is contrary to our principles. Christian love is an obstacle to the development of the revolution. Down with the love of our neighbours! What we want is hatred. We must learn how to hate and it is only then that we shall conquer the world.

Millionaire Hollywood Jew playwright Ben Hecht, who went wild with delight every time a British soldier was murdered in Palestine, writes on page 120 of his book A Few in Love,

One of the finest things ever done by the mob was the crucifixion of Christ. Intellectually it was a splendid gesture, but trust the mob to bungle. If I had had charge of executing Christ I’d have handled it differently. You see what I’d have done was have him shipped to Rome and fed to the lions. They could not have made a Saviour out of mincemeat.

[Page 13]

Do not be fooled by the “Christianity” of the Communist Dean of Canterbury, Dr. Hewlett Johnson. While Jewish hooligans were desecrating Christian churches and holy places in Jerusalem (between £200,000 and £300,000 worth of damage was done according to The Times of 1st July, 1949), Dr. Hewlett Johnson said in an interview he granted to the Jewish paper, Labour Israel, 6th May, 1949,

I do not think there is any ground for the claim that the whole city (Jerusalem) should be neutralised to safeguard Christian interests. I had much rather trust the Jews to look after them. I believe they would be the most honourable custodians.

(2) The Jews by their bible, the Talmud, are allowed to cheat, rob and deceive Gentiles. (Communists rob Gentiles of all they possess by simply nationalising all property off them on pretence of giving it to the “workers,” but actually they keep it for themselves. They intend to rob your savings off you by a capital levy and eventually your house or farm by nationalisation of the land.) The Communists, by Lenin’s direct orders in his book Left Wing Communism — An Infantile Disorder are allowed to use “lies, deceit and subterfuge” to non-Communists. No value, therefore, should be placed on the descriptions of Russia and Communist Eastern Europe and Communist China by Communists who have returned from carefully conducted tours there. Their orders are by that mass murderer Lenin, whose rotting corpse lies pickled in a glass jar in Moscow and is to them a substitute for a God, to lie about the real nature of Communism to you. It is my firm belief that Communism won’t be destroyed until the carcass of Lenin is given a decent Christian burial.

(3) The Jews are a geographically international people. The Communists are a geographically international party.




The Second Jewish World War

Let us now consider the second Jewish World W ar, 1939/1945. All Hitler was doing was to rectify the injustices of the Versailles Treaty of 1919. Britain went to war over Danzig and the Polish Corridor which separated East Prussia from Germany. In the British Labour Party Speakers’ Handbook for 1922 it was stated that Germany had every right to Danzig, as it had been German for over a thousand years, but in 1939 the British Labour Party (led by conchies like Herbert Morrison) were among Britain’s greatest war-mongers.

[Page 14]

What had happened to Danzig in the intervening 17 years? The answer is that in 1922 Germany was firmly in grip of the Jews, while Poland was governed by Nationalists. In 1939 Germany had liberated herself under Hitler from the Jews! Hence the Labour Party’s amazing volte face over Danzig. Now 7 out of the 11 members of the Polish Cabinet are Jews and the Daily Worker of May 20th, 1947, gloatingly boasted that even verbal anti-Semitism was a criminal offence in the new Communist state of Poland. So I leave it to my readers to guess who rules in Poland now!

One can, of course, argue that 360,000 young British lads in the prime of life did indeed die for Poland, but it was not to stop the Germans from having Poland, but to stop the Poles themselves from having Poland! No wonder the Poles in Britain are afraid to return to “Poland”!

Would it not have been wiser in 1939 to allow Germany to carry out her traditional policy of driving towards the east, to smash up the citadel of Jewish Communism in Russia, at the same time liberating the Russian Christians from their horrible yoke, while we in Britain remained strictly neutral, re-arming and consolidating our bases in the Empire in the event of Hitler ultimately turning on us? As it was, we chucked in the B.E.F. beside a rotting Jew-ridden France, led by wealthy incest-lovers like the Jew Leon Blum, several times Prime Minister, only to lose all our equipment before the German onslaught. Had Germany then invaded us we would only have had two Canadian Divisions to oppose them.




Jews Admit it was a Jews’ War

The Jews themselves make no secret of the fact that the recent war was a Jewish one in its entirety. Consider these statements by Jews on it. The Jew Scholem Asch in a pep talk to French troops in the line, written in the French newspaper Les Nouvelles Litteraires of 10th February, 1940, says,

This is our war, and you are fighting it out for all of us. Even if we Jews are not bodily with you in the trenches, we are nevertheless morally with you.” (Note — I did not notice many Jews with us in my years in the trenches in France in 1914-1918 — T.D.).

The Rabbi Reichhorn wrote on July 1st, 1880, in the periodical Le Contemporain,

We shall drive the Christians into war by exploiting their national vanity and stupidity. They will then massacre each other, thus giving room for our own people.

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The Jew Marcus Eli Ravage wrote among other things in the periodical The Century Magazine, U.S.A., January, 1928,

We have stood at the back of, not only the last war, but all your wars; and not only the Russian, but of all your revolutions worthy of mention in your history.

The Jew Emil Ludwig (Cohn) wrote in Les Annales in June, 1934,

Hitler will have no war, but he will be forced to it, not this year, but later on. …

The Jewish Professor A. Kulischer published in October, 1937,

a call to the democratic press the world over”: “Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The watchword of Judaism to-day is: a merciless campaign against all German peoples and the complete destruction of the nation.

The Jew Vladimir Jabotinsky, leading Zionist, wrote in his book Die Judische Kriegsfront, 1940:

When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this war is brought about by the Jews, they are perfectly right.

The Jewish magazine The Sentinel, of Chicago wrote in its issue of October 8th, 1942, as follows:

The second World War is being fought for the defence of the fundamentals of Judaism.




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