The Bloody Red Streak – Part 2 (last)

The Bloody Red Streak


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Part 2








Facts about the Author, Mr. Trefor David

Mobilized with the Glamorganshire Yeomanry in 1914.

Transferred to the Royal Field Artillery and served 2 1⁄2 years in France in World War I. Long record of public service. Member of Bridgend Urban District Council for 2 years, and of the Glamorganshire County Council for 1 year.

Long record of struggle against corruption in Local Government. Convicted 7 times for exposing corrupt practices in Local Government. Sentenced to 12 months’ hard labour in 1938 for activity in obtaining release of sane man from Bridgend Lunatic Asylum. Served in Swansea, Cardiff, Brixton and Birmingham Prisons.

No regrets of his efforts to cleanse public life of corruption and of his convictions for same.


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What is Communism?………………………………………………………… 3

Russia — Jews’ best friend!”………………………………….……..…… 4

Jewishness of Communism outside Russia ……………..…….…… 4

Jewishness of Communism in the BRITISH EMPIRE ………..… 5

Jewishness of Communism in the U.S.A. …………………………… 5

Jewishness of Communism in Holland, Belgium and France  6

Cominform and Cominform World “Peace” Movement …….… 6

But no Communism in Israel, and the Reason Why! …………. 7

Communist Leaders who are Gentiles are all Purged ……….… 7

Communism in Britain is Jewish Too ………………………………..… 7

Communism is Nothing to Do with the Working Class …….… 8

Communism is a Jewish Confidence Trick ……………………….… 9

No Trade Unions As We Know Them in Russia ………………… 10

Communist “Peace” Offensive …………………………………..…..… 11

Real Aim of “Peace” Offensive ……………………………………..…… 11

Why Communists Oppose German Re-Armament …….…… 12

Communism and Judaism are One and the Same ………….. 13

The Second Jewish World War ……………………………………..…. 14

Jews Admit it was a Jews’ War ……………………………………..…. 15

Jewish Gold Standard was Another Aim of Last War …….… 16

Present Position ……………………………………………………………..… 17

Jews Against Economic Nationalism …………………….……..…… 18

Money From Russia ……………………………………………………….… 19

Communist Hypocrisy in Last War …………………….…….……… 19

Freedom of Speech in Britain To-day ………………..………….…. 20

The Strange Case of Aneurin Bevan ………………………….……. 20

Was Hitler Right about the Jews? ………………………….….….…. 22

What the Jews Admit About Themselves ……………………..…. 22

Cruel Pogroms of History: Their Authors, Victims” ……….… 23

What Jews Think of Us Gentiles ………………………….………..… 25

British Parliament To-day ………………………………………….…..… 27

Atomic Spies for Russia …………………………………………….…….. 28

Communist Jailed in Britain for Atomic Spying …………….…… 29

Jews fled to Iron Curtain with Atomic Secrets ……………..,… 29

Gentile Jailed ………………………………………………………….……….. 29

Gentile Who Fled to Iron Curtain with Secrets ……………….. 29

Conclusion …………………………………………………………………..….. 29

Call to Wales ……………………………………………..………………..….. 30


FOR FURTHER STUDY ……………………………….………….………… 31

PAMPHLETS ………………………………………………………………..…… 31







Jewish Gold Standard was Another Aim of Last War


Another war aim of the allies in the recent war was the maintenance of the gold standard. I do not need to tell my readers who owns all the gold in the world! I do not need to tell my readers, either, that all parties, whether Communist or Conservative, work the gold racket. You remember the announcement in the press recently that Russia had rigidly placed the rouble on a gold basis. Confirmed in the Daily Worker of 12th February, 1951.

It will also be remembered that Churchill, who proudly boasts that he has always been the constant architect of the Jews’ future, returned Britain to the gold standard in 1925, which led to the ghastly slump of 1929/1931. He was violently attacked by Phillip Snowdon in 1925 on behalf of the Labour Opposition for not having returned to it sooner. (Similarly the Jewish dominated Labour Party won the 1923 General Election on an anti-Protection ticket — i.e. they did not want British Industries and British Mines protected against Jew-financed cheap foreign goods and coal). The argument against gold is that being a scarce metal, if one’s currency is based on it, currency is naturally scarce. There may be plenty of food in the shops, raw materials and labour in the land, but insufficient currency because that currency is regulated by a metal too scarce to finance either full bellies or full employment; hence we always had at least a million unemployed between 1919 and 1939 while our currency was regulated by gold, and the highest percentage was in Wales. (Do not be misled by the lie that Britain went off the gold standard in 1931.)

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All that happened was we had a measure of depreciation). In time of war, of course, Britain went completely off gold and spent something like her real spending power — £15,000,000 a day — in killing her German brothers, but then the life of world-Jewry was at stake! That’s different of course! Why can’t we spend £15,000,000 a day in peace time on improving the conditions of the British working class? Why can we only spend it when fighting wars for the Jews?

Hitler went off the gold standard completely, both internally and externally. Internally he printed enough money to dissolve in a very short time his seven million unemployed which he inherited in 1933, and also to give them three square meals a day for the first time in their lives.

Put plainly, the secondary war aim of the allies was to save the gold standard. There are about 400 international financiers, mostly Jews, who between them in 1939 had cornered £7,000,000,000 worth of gold. Were Hitler’s economics to be copied by the rest of the world to the vast benefit of their hordes of unemployed, those 400 men stood to lose £7,000,000,000 of gold, which would become useless scrap metal overnight.



Present Position

Now we are no longer on an internal gold standard but all our foreign trade is regulated by a dollar standard, but, as dollars and gold are interchangeable, this is the gold standard as before. (Hitler used barter trading for any foreign trading necessary and short-circuited the great Jewish international trading houses which exercise such a deadly strangle-hold on all foreign trade, both to-day and before the war).

There are masses of food and raw material in the world but the democracies haven’t enough dollars or gold for them to be made available to their peoples. We returned to this dollar-gold standard by accepting the American loan and the Bretton Woods Agreement in Parliament on 13th December, 1945, which, needless to say, the Communists heartily supported. Gallacher, Piratin, Pritt, Platt Mills, Solley, the Silverman Bros., Driberg and all the other cryptos, Communists and Pinks in Parliament were to be found in the Aye lobby voting for the American Loan and Bretton Woods Agreement — See Hansard 13th December, 1945.

Now the Communists pretend they do not like being tied to American capitalism, although they themselves voted for it in the first place. The Communists voted for the American Loan and the Bretton Woods Agreement because these measures smashed wide open the great Empire trading block established by the Ottawa Imperial Preference Agreement in 1932. In fact Britain lost her empire to Wall Street Jewish finance, making a middle way between America and Russia difficult if not impossible. Now the Communists try and separate Britain from America, in which case Britain, no longer having an empire to fall back on economically, will be forced willy nilly into the arms of Uncle Joe Stalin.

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Jews Against Economic Nationalism

Another point worth remembering about the economic aims of the allies in the last war was their intention to smash the policy of economic nationalism advocated not only by Hitler but by all nationalist parties including those in Britain. In 1938, the City of London financiers,again predominantly Jewish, had invested in cheap labour foreign countries the gigantic sum of £3,600,000,000 of good British money. This was admitted in the last Parliament. They did so because the cheap labour of these countries got them bigger profits and bigger dividends more quickly than if the money had been invested in the more highly paid labour of Britain and the Empire. More often than not, these huge investments were actually equipping Britain’s foreign competitors against Britain herself, causing hordes of unemployed and bringing ruin to many honest British industrialists. But Jewish finance didn’t mind. The most that would happen would be that the unemployed might turn to Communism which was a Jewish confidence trick and would suit their book admirably.

And if the Communists were to nationalise any Jew capitalist, they would at once reinstate him as a Commissar — and in Russia Commissars have power of life and death over their workers — powers which even in the disgraceful epoch of child labour in the mines, British capitalists never had. The Nationalist parties of Britain which would inevitably have succeeded to power had there been no war in 1939 made it a cardinal point of their policy immediately to sell out £3,600,000,000 and re-invest it in British and Empire industries.

In other words, the British people stood to gain £3,600,000,000 were the Nationalist parties to achieve power in Britain. We all remember how the Rhondda suffered because Jewish financiers in the city of London preferred investing their money in cheaper labour Polish coal mines rather than in Wales. Do not for a moment imagine that the Communists intend to do anything about this. They are Jewish led and Jewish financed, and if they intend to soak the rich at all it will only be the rich Gentiles.

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Money From Russia

Although British Communists deny that they have ever received money from Russia, they are allowed by Lenin to use lies to us non- Communists, so we need not take them too seriously. Douglas Hyde, for 20 years a British Communist, and for 8 years on the staff of the Daily Worker where he became its News Editor, has stated, on page 7 of his book “The Answer to Communism,” that Russia gave the British Communist Party money to start it off, the last being in 1923.

Further, both Arthur Horner and Harry Pollitt have boasted that Russia has sent our miners a further one and a quarter million pounds to assist them in strikes. Here are their actual words: Arthur Horner on the front page of the Daily Worker of October 14th, 1948,

It was thanks to the help received from miners abroad that British miners were able to hold out in their strikes in 1921 and 1926. It was thanks above all to the help of the Soviet Union, which sent us more than a million pound sterling.

And Harry Pollitt in a signed article in the Daily Worker of January 17th, 1951,

The miners of Britain have not forgotten that in 1926 the Soviet workers sent £1,250,000 unconditionally to the British miners in response to the appeal of the Miners’ Federation for assistance during the great lock-out.

Speaking as a better Welshman than Harry Pollitt or than Moscow stooge Arthur Horner, I say that the miners of Wales want no Soviet gold or interference in their internal affairs and struggles — gold acquired at the expense of slave labour of Christians in Russia. The real cause of poverty and unemployment in Wales, leading up to the strikes of 1921 and 1926, was the international Jewish finance system, which I have briefly outlined in the section dealing with the recent war (above). As we now know, Jewish international finance is at the back of Communism, creating slumps on purpose to plunge the world into Communism. The Communist slave labour system gives Jewish finance bigger and quicker profits than the more highly paid and (Trade Union) protected labour of Democracy.



Communist Hypocrisy in Last War

Before concluding our analysis of the cause of the war, mention must be made of the revolting Communist record. Ever since 1933 the Communists were loudest in clamouring for war against Hitler. On the 3rd September, 1939, they approved the war as a sacred struggle against anti-Semitism. Then Douglas Springhall, national organiser of the British Communist Party, returned with new orders from Moscow and immediately the Communists denounced the war as a capitalist war. (The fact about Springhall bringing orders from Moscow is vouched for by Fred Copeman, ex-Communist, in his book Reason in Revolt, and by Mrs. Charlotte Haldane, ex-wife of ex-Communist Professor Haldane, in her book Truth Will Out, also Douglas Hyde in his book I Believed.

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A few years after this Comrade Springhall got 7 years’ jail for selling his country’s secrets to Russia). Then again, when Russia was attacked in June 1941, the war became a sacred struggle once more against anti-Semitism. The Daily Worker in an editorial on June 13, 1947,bluntly stated that the last war was fought to destroy anti-Semitism in its entirety, a simple way of saying it was fought for the Jews. It is significant, too, that when Springhall brought the new orders, Harry Pollitt and the present editor of the Daily Worker, J. R. Campbell, refused to toe the Moscow line and were immediately expelled from the British Communist Party which was taken over by its real boss, an upper-class Indian-Swede, Palme Dutt. But Pollitt and Campbell made grovelling public apologies to Moscow and were later reinstated.

Freedom of Speech in Britain To-day

It is a strange thing to-day in Britain that although we can criticise everything and everybody under the sun, whether Royalty or miners or Americans or South Africans, no-one dare mention the Jews. If one does, one is immediately accused of persecution and racial hatred. Why are we allowed to defend our country in wars against French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Germans, and not allowed to defend it against the real men at the back of Communism, namely the Jews? Why do they fear criticism? Have they anything to hide? We Nationalists do not hate the Jews because they are Jews, but because they are trying to capture our country through Communism and to destroy our Christian faith. The Jew Rene Groos admitted in Le Nouveau Mercure, Paris, in May 1927, that “there is a Jewish conspiracy against all nations.



The Strange Case of Aneurin Bevan

Consider for a moment the strange case of that “wild man from South Wales,” Mr. Aneurin Bevan. Look how he has criticised everyone under the sun with one exception: the Tories he calls “vermin”; he attacks Americans; he even on occasions mildly attacks Stalin, but there is one race which he has never attacked in spite of his reputation for extremism. Opening the Jewish Dolly Ross Holiday Home at Cliftonville, Kent, in June, 1950, he was reported in the Jewish Chronicle of June 30th, 1950, as saying,

The star of David is very much in the ascendant at the present time, and I for one exult at seeing it become more and more luminous, because no-one who had his eyes open in the last 25 to 30 years can be unaware of the cataract of human misery thrown on the Jewish community.

[Page 20]

So Aneurin Bevan exulted in seeing the star of David becoming more luminous! Where? At Nuremburg, where the atrocities of the Jews were thrown on to the shoulders of the British and the Americans — a bloody stain never to be erased? Was it luminous enough for Bevan and his colleagues when 350,000 civilians, mostly women and children, were brutally murdered in the bombing of Germany, when satisfactory peace terms could have been obtained which would have enabled Germany to be in a position to-day to deal with Jewish controlled Communism, thereby saving more British casualties? Or indeed, the star might have been more luminous in Bevan’s sight over the graves of our allies for whom we saw fit to declare war on Germany — the 10,000 murdered Polish officers found in the graves at Katyn, for instance.

Probably the star of David was not quite luminous enough for Aneurin when 900,000 Russians were massacred previous to the 30,000,000 starved to death since the Bolshevik Revolution.

So it took 25 to 30 years for our Cabinet Minister to see the cataract of human misery thrown on the Jewish community! Was it a Jewish cataract he had on both his eyes when he failed to see the Jews gradually forcing all true Britons out of their business premises; taking all the key positions in order to monopolise homes as key men? Aneurin boasts of the houses built under Socialist government: he ought to be made to say how many homes have been commandeered by Jewish alien immigrants into this country, while our boys and girls were fighting the Jewish war — with no homes to which to come back. Any fool can say how many Jews are working in the mines or on the farms.

Is it not a fact that the emigration drive of Britons is to make room for the immigrating Jews? Five hundred thousand Britons have emigrated since 1945, and almost the same number of aliens entered into Britain. Can we have the following information from the present Jew controlled Parliament:-

How many Jews are forced to work in the mines?

How many Jews are forced to work on the land?

How many Jews are there living on the fat of the land?

The greatest crime of which Hitler was guilty was to make the Jews work for their living. Aneurin Bevan knows that if he is to attain his pet ambition, and become Prime Minister, he must hold the candle to the Devil in the form of the star of David by appearing in the Jewish Chronicle, which is far more important to him than housing ex-service­ men’s families, who, according to men of his stomach, should emigrate to make room for the ever-increasing alien Jewish immigrants.

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Was Hitler Right about the Jews?

Whatever one’s views on Hitler’s methods of government may be, he did at least put the brake on Jewish control in Germany. He also purged and cleansed Germany of the filthy, rotting immoralities with which the Jews had permeated that land in their effort to destroy the moral fabric of the Gentiles. Hitler, in fact, prevented Germany becoming a second Russia and thus probably preserved the civilisation of Europe for many years. Nine out of ten people to-day when asked their views will say that Hitler was right about the Jews. Most people will also tell you that we should have made peace with Germany when Hess flew over here in 1941. Most people are saying that he was a brave man, as also was Goering who beat his hangman and the Jews to the punch by poisoning himself.



What the Jews Admit About Themselves

Jews themselves have admitted they 2make bad and disloyal citizens. The Jew Maurice Samuels, for instance, in his book You Gentiles (1924), said,

We Jews are destroyers — even made everything foul, rotten, decomposed, and decayed. There is no way to eradicate our spirit.

The Jewish Encyclopaedia, Volume IX, at the words “Nervous Diseases” reads:

The Jews are more subject to diseases of the nervous system than the other races and peoples among which they dwell. Hysteria and neurasthenia appear to be the most frequent. Some physicians of large experience among Jews have gone so far as to state that most of them are neurasthenic and hysterical.

Max Nordau, Zionist leader, says:

We are neither Germans nor English nor French. We are JEWS. Your Christian mentality is not ours.

The Jewish World, London, 22nd September, 1915, says:

No one pretends that a Japanese or Indian child is English because it was born in England. The same thing applies to the Jews.

The Jewish Courier and Jewish World, January 17th, 1924, says:

Jews may adopt the costumes and language of the countries where they live; they will never become an integral part of the native population.

I confess it to you, openly and sincerely, … we who have posed as the saviours of the world, we who have even boasted of having given it ‘the’ Saviour, we are to-day nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners. … We who have promised to lead you to a new Heaven, we have finally succeeded in landing you into a new hell.

An extract from a letter by the well-known Jewish author, Dr. Oscar Levy, sent to Captain George Pitt-Rivers, of Worcester College, Oxford, which letter was published in full in the preface to the latter’s book, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution (1920).

[Page 22]

As for being persecutors, the Jews themselves are the biggest persecutors of all time. The Jew Samuel Roth says in his book, Jews Must Live, We come to the nations pretending to escape persecution, we the most deadly persecutors in all the wretched annals of man.” And the following is an interesting extract from The Key to the Mystery by Adrien Arcand, great leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party:-



Cruel Pogroms of History: Their Authors, Victims

When Poles move to control trade in Poland, when Germans want to be judged and treated by German judges and doctors in Germany, when Rumanian peasants want to deal with Rumanian wholesalers in Rumania, when young Canadians want Canada to be developed first for the profit of Canadians, the Jews pushed away from a nation’s patrimony fill the world with their cries, they shout everywhere com­ plaints of onslaughts, massacres and pogroms.

It is curious, though, that Jews never mention the most cruel pogroms in history. Why? When one gives just a quick glance at history, the answer is easily found.

In antiquity, Jews indulged many times in horrible massacres of peoples and tribes living in their neighbourhood.

Under Ahashuerus, they caused 70,000 Gentiles to be murdered in just one day, which they still celebrate under the name of Purim.

On the eve of their flight from Egypt, massacre of the first-born son of all Egyptian families. At the birth of Jesus Christ, massacre of the Holy Innocent children throughout Palestine, in the hope of killing the infant Redeemer.

Jews force a death sentence on Jesus by Pontius Pilate.

The stoning of St. Stephen.

They persecuted the apostles and caused most of them to be martyred.

Nero had as first adviser the Jew Attilius and for his favourite, the Jewess Poppea, both of whom incited him to murder hundreds of thousands of Christians.

[Page 23]

In the Jewish book Sepher Juchasin (Amsterdam 1717) it is stated that in the time of the Pope Clemenius (A.D. 91-100), the Jews killed, in and outside Rome, “crowds of Christians innumerable as the sands of the sea.

Dion Cassius, the great historian, in his “Roman History” (translation by Anthoine de Bandole, 1660), wrote:

In that time, the Jews who lived along Cyrenea, having for their captain a certain Andreas, killed all the Greeks and Romans, ate their flesh and entrails, bathed in their blood and dressed with their skins. They very cruelly killed some of them, sawing them from the top of their heads down through the middle of the body; they threw some to the beasts and forced others to fight one against the other; so much so that they brought death to 220,000. A similar cruelty they showed in Egypt and in the island of Cyprus, under a certain Artemion, their leader in barbary. In Cyprus, they slaughtered 240,000 persons, in consequence of which they can no more set foot on the island.

A marginal note of the great French historian Guizot, in Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire reads thus:-

In Cyrenea, Jews slaughtered 220,000 Greeks, 240,000 in the isle of Cyprus, and in Egypt a great multitude of people. Most of the miserable victims were sawed alength, according to the example which David had authorized by his conduct.

The Jewish book Sepher Hadoroth tells us that Rabbenu Jehuda was in the favour of emperor Antoninus the Pious.

Rabbenu told him that the malice of the Nazareans was the cause of a pestilential malady and obtained the execution of all Nazareans who were in Rome in the year 3915 (A.D. 155).

The same book tells us that it was through the influence of the Jews that, in the year 177, Marcus-Aurelius “put to death all the Nazareans that he could.” (Among the latter Nazareans were Saint Pothinius and 47 of his faithful, of whom Saint Blandina and the Christians Macturus and Sanctus).

The same Jewish book tells us how the Jews could get still “more fun” under emperor Caracalla, the ferocious beast of Ansonia. The Sepher Hadoroth also states that in the year 3974 (A.D. 214),

the Jews killed 200,000 Christians in Rome and all Christians of Cyprus.

The Jewish Sepher Juchasin also states, on page 108:

Upon the desire of the Jews, Diocletian killed a great many Christians, among whom were the Popes Caius and Marcellinus, as well as the brother of Caius and his sister Rosa.

[Page 24]

Mahomet was killed by a Jewess, Czars Alexander I and Alexander II were killed by Jews, as well as Czar Nicholas II and his Czarina, his Czarevitch and his four daughters, Alexander of Y ugoslavia and Barthou by the Jew Peter Kalmen, Huey Long by the Jew Weiss, Archduke Francis-Ferdinand by the Jew Princip, the Archduke Rodolph by a Jewess: a Jew (Dr. Don Rug Lopez, alias Wolf) hanged in England for an attempt to murder Queen Elizabeth; the Jew Ravaillac assassinated King Henri IV; among a long list of Judaeo-Masonic murders are noticed those of Gustav II, Louis X V I and his family, Rossi, Garcia Moreno, King Carlos, President Doumer, De Lambrecht, Mores, Judge Prince, General Koutiepov, Felix Faure, Abraham Lincoln, Stolypin, Count Tisza, etc., etc. (and recently Count Bernadotte, the Swedish U.N.O. mediator in Palestine — T.D.).

Terrible pogrom of Hungarian Christians by the Jewish dictators Bela Kuhn and Tibor Szamuely during their 4-month reign in Buda-Pest, 1918.

Pogrom of Germans in Bavaria about the same time, when the Munich hostages were massacred by Jews Kurt Eisner, Levine, Levin.

Immense Judaeo-Communist Pogrom in China, where ten million human beings have died as direct result of the Jewish Bolshevik plan in the last fifteen years. Terrible slaughters and artificial famines.

Pogrom in Brazil, where the Jewish plotters of Sao Paulo caused the deaths of hundreds of Christian patriots.

Pogrom in Spain where 400,000 Spaniards have been killed brutally for their faith and opinions, apart from those killed on the battlefields, in the last 12 months, under the reign of Jews sent to Madrid by the Komintern. (Notably Bela Kuhn — T.D.).

The most murderous and considerable pogrom in human history: that of Soviet Russia, where 1,900,000 Christian Russians were executed in the first 18 months of the Red Terror, under the reign of the Jews Trotsky, Sverdlov, Zinoviev, Kamanev, Joffe, Litvinov, Kaganovitch (Stalin’s brother-in-law), Levine, Rappaport, Parvus-Helphand, Garin, Radek-Sobelsohn, Kalmanovitch, Smirdovitch and other Soviet dictators (more than 90% of whom were Jews); where thirty million persons have died of starvation or of epidemics consequent on famine, according to the figures of Dr. Fritjof Nansen, President of the Nansen Commission, official of the International Red Cross Society.

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Those are only the best known pogroms inflicted by Jews on Christians. The history of antiquity, of the middle ages, of modern times is filled with mentions of such pogroms of individuals and whole populations. And when Jews were punished for those crimes, they nowhere suffered one-tenth of the evils they had inflicted upon races which had given them hospitality.

As the Jew Samuel Roth says in his book Jews Must Live, and as they appear in history,

Jews are a tribe of ‘most deadly persecutors,’ not a persecuted minority as they pretend. Through propaganda, they have tried to convince public opinion of the contrary, but facts and history stand as their accusers, even their own authors and publications.” (End of Arcand’s quotation).



What Jews Think of Us Gentiles

My readers might also like to know what Jews think of us Gentiles. The following are five extracts from the Talmud, the Jewish Bible:-

You (the Jews) shall be called Men, but the other peoples in the world shall not be called Men but cattle.”(Baba mezia, page 144b).

The non-Jews are created for the service of the Jew. They must plow, sow, weed, dig, mow, bind, sift and grind. The Jews are created to find all this prepared for them.” (Berachoth, page 58a).

It is in every respect permitted to mislead the non-Jew and cheat him. The Jew may sell counterfeits as genuine to the non-Jew. He (the Jew) may cheat him when paying out money to him.” (Baba kamma 113b).

If a Jew can rob a Goy (non-Jew) of his possessions he shall do so, because Yahweh (God) has exposed the possessions of the Goys to the Jews.” (Baba kamma fol. 37b).

All property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples.” (Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamisphat 348).

In view of these laws, who will now say that Hitler was not taking a wise step on behalf of his people when he insisted that Jews were to wear the Star of David and have it clearly displayed on all their shops?



British Parliament To-day (September 1951)

The following is a list of Jews in the British Parliament to-day:

Labour M.P.s (27):

G. R. Strauss (Millionaire capitalist).

Emanuel Shinwell.

J. Strachey (a quarter Jewish — old Etonian).

Sir Frank Soskice (half Jewish).

F. Messer.

[Page 26]

I. Mikardo (who signed the Communist Peace Petition recently. the object of which is to deny Britain the atom bomb to defend herself against Russia).

M. Orbach (a known pro-Communist).

J. Silverman.

S. S. Silverman (presented Communist ““Peace” Petition to Parliament 12.12.50).

Dr. B. Stross (an official of the Communist Front British Czech Society).

M. Turner Samuels, K.C.

D. Weitzman.

Major Wilkes.

A. Albu.

J. Diamond.

M. Edelman.

M. Follick.

Mrs. Ganley

B. Janner.

C. Jeger.

S. W. Jeger

L. M. Lever.

Ν. H. Lever.

J. Lewis.

Col. M. Lipton.

J. D. Mack.

W. G. Mackay (probably).

(Mackay is a rich man and a great supporter of Western Union, which was originated by the slick American Jew lawyer Lilienthal; and who also wants us to quit Malaya and Hong Kong so as, presumably, to let the Communists in).

How many of these are secret Communists I cannot say.

[Page 27]

Tory Jew Μ.Ρ.s (3):

W. Fletcher.

G. Nabarro.

N. Bower (who has spoken on behalf of Communist China recently).

At the 1950 elections, not less than 10% of the Communist candidates were Jews, which was an even higher percentage than Labour!



Atomic Spies for Russia

The following is a list of all men arrested or convicted for atomic espionage for Russia, or who have fled from the West to Russia for sanctuary with atomic secrets.



Jews Jailed in Canadian Spy Case:

Rose (Canadian Communist M.P.).

Carr (Organiser, Canadian Communist Party).

Both jailed for selling secrets to Russia.



Jews and Jewesses Arrested in the U.S.A.

Harry Gold (now sentenced to 30 years’ jail).

David Greenglass.

Julius Rosenberg.

Mrs. Greenglass Rosenberg.

Abraham Brotham.

Miriam Moscowitz.

Morton Sobell.

A. D.Slack.

Note:- The Jew Dr. Sidney Weinbaum has also been sentenced to imprisonment for falsely denying he was a member of the American Communist Party on entering the U.S. Atomic Energy Station.

[Page 28]



Communist Jailed in Britain for Atomic Spying

Dr. Fuchs (to whom we trustingly gave shelter when he came here before the war saying he was “persecuted” by Hitler, is of Jewish appearance. He became a naturalised British subject and obtained employment on the atom bomb. He then betrayed our atomic secrets to Russia, and has now been jailed).



Jews fled to Iron Curtain with Atomic Secrets:

Dr. Leopold Infeld (who fled from Canada to Poland with atomic secrets). Professor Bruno Pontecorvo (who fled from Britain to Russia).




Gentile Jailed

Professor Raymond Boyer (jailed for revealing secrets to Russian agents; Boyer became a Jew on marrying a Jewess, but they are already divorced).



Gentile Who Fled to Iron Curtain with Secrets

Lajos Janossy (who fled from Ireland after having worked at Harwell, to Hungary. We include him as a Gentile to show our impartiality, but Janossy is a well-known Jewish name and he is also believed to have a Jewish wife).

TOTAL of above:- 14 Jews and Jewesses, 2 Gentiles.

In view of these startling facts, would it not be wise to purge all the key Jewish scientists from our atomic station at Harwell in the interest of national security, and there are very many of them (14 in fact) under the control of the Jew Minister of Supply, G. R. Strauss, M.P.




Fellow countrymen: our country is in mortal danger but there is one way and one way only by which it can yet be saved and by which war can be averted. Spread the truth about the nature of Communism. Make your Editors, your M.P.s, your Councillors, reveal to the world that it is nothing less than a Jewish ramp. Demand that the truth about Communism be told. Russia can be defeated without a war, simply by helping her patriots to liberate themselves from their Jewish masters. An anti-Jewish revolution in Russia will mean world peace. There is in the Free Britain Movement a more explosive and more powerful weapon than the atom or even the hydrogen bomb — the weapon of truth. Work with us and the Free Britain Movement with the following four aims:

[Page 29]

(1) National Regeneration. Britain must be purged of all the sordid filth with which she has been flooded. As we know, all great cities like London, Cardiff and Glasgow are nothing more than cesspools of vice.

(2) Widest possible diffusion of wealth. W e support co-partnership and profit sharing in industry with the abolition of all absentee shareholding. This is true socialism as opposed to nationalisation which replaces the private boss by the soulless bureaucrat. As everyone knows, for instance, no miner is satisfied with the National Coal Board.

(3) Rigid economic self-sufficiency within the British Empire. We shall make no attempt to compete with cheap labour foreign countries in an insane capitalist dogfight for rapidly dwindling sellers’ markets. This merely means that wages at home are lowered in order to cheapen goods being sold abroad. Even thus we could not hope to meet competition like Japanese, German and American, let alone that of the Iron Curtain countries, whose slave labour system makes their goods dirt cheap compared with ours.

(4) The expulsion of all Jews from Britain. For years the Jews have wanted Palestine as a country of their own. Now they have got it, they apparently do not want to go there, as countries like Britain and America, and Europe generally are too much like lucrative gold mines for them. Let us insist that Jews must go to Israel. Let us, in fact, call their bluff over it.



Call to Wales

We call upon all Britons of whatever class and creed to rally with us in Wales and make this country a great and God-loving nation once again.

[Page 30]




The International Jew — an edited version by G. F. Green of the late American Motor Manufacturer, Henry Ford’s investigation into the world’s foremost problem. 182 pages. Cloth. … … 6/0

The Jewish War of Survival — a critical analysis of the causes and aims of the 2nd World War, by Arnold Leese. 132 pages with Index. Card cover. … … 5/0

Know Your Enemy, a 56 page illustrated booklet with names, figures and facts about Communists, by the American Investigator, Major Robert H. Williams. … … 3/6

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion — the most sinister set of documentary forecasts ever written. They show how Communism and World Dictatorship were part of a deliberate Plan conceived in the last century. … … 2/6

The Rulers of Russia — Lists of Names and nationalities with extracts from vital Documents — by Rev. Denis Fahey C.S.Sp.. B.A., D.D. 100 pages, paper cover. … … 1/9

Red Stars Over Hollywood, by Michael O’Toole. … … 1/0

Hollywood Reds are on the Run, by Myron C. Fagan. … … 1/0

Gentile Folly — The Rothschilds, giving details of the world control over Gentile affairs by this Banking House. By Arnold Leese. 64 pages and Index. … … 1/0

Is It Too Late? by Η. T. Mills, with Foreword by Admiral Sir Barry Domvile, K.B.E., C.B., C.M.G. … … -/9

The Hidden Hand — A Plain Statement for the Man in the Street, by Lt.-Col. A. H. Lane. … … -/6




The Beast Marks Russia, by Captain Arthur Howard. … … -/3

Cardinal Mindszenty, details of the Cardinal’s real “crime” as proclaimed by the Communists — compiled by Hilary Cotter. … -/3

Judaism & Bolshevism — Some Facts by, Dr. A. Homer, M.A., D.Sc., F.I.C … … -/3

Behind U.N.O. Stands the Jew, by Alfred McCarthy … … -/2

Russia and the Jews … … -/2

Zionism and the Christian Church … … -/2

The World’s Enemies … … -/2

Refugees Before Britons! — A Menace to the Nation’s Health … -/2

Atomic News … … -/1



Postage: Add 2d. for the first 1/- and a1⁄2d.for each additional 1/-

Send for detailed List of all Publications to:


40, Great Ormond Street, W.C.1

[Page 31]




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