Onward Christian Soldiers – Part 9: Jews


Onward Christian Soldiers 

[Part 9]





This new version of Onward Christian Soldiers that I’ve compiled consists of the original contents published by Noontide Press in 1982 plus the “missing” text that, for reasons explained below, was in the Swedish version published in 1942.

I’ve also included some supplementary texts here giving the history of the missing parts of Day’s book. Also book reviews by Revilo Oliver and Amazon readers (see Part 1).







Maps of Northern Europe & the Baltic States

THE REST OF DONALD DAY by Paul Knutson — 1984

EDITORIAL NOTE by Liberty Bell

The Resurrection of Donald Day — A review by Revilo P. Oliver. The Liberty Bell — January 1983

TWO KINDS OF COURAGE by Revilo P. Oliver. The Liberty Bell — October 1986






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8 The Downfall of Democracy * ………………………. 93

9 Jews  …………………………………………………………… 101

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* Contains new material (dark blue text) missing from original Noontide edition.


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June 1984




Paul Knutson

Donald Day, who had been for many years the foreign correspondent of the Chicago Tribune in northern Europe, wrote a record of his observations, Onward, Christian Soldiers, in 1942. His English text was first published as a book in 1982. It was printed by William Morrison and appeared under the imprint of the Noontide Press of Torrance, California, As Professor Oliver pointed out in his review of that book in Liberty Bell for January, 1983, the text had been copied, with some omissions and minor changes, from an anonymously issued mimeographed transcription of a defective carbon copy of the author’s manuscript, which had been brought to the United States in someway, despite the vigilance of Franklin Roosevelt’s surreptitious thought-police.

That was not the first publication of Day’s book. A Swedish translation, Framat Krististridsman, was published by Europa Edition in Stockholm in 1944. (That paper cover, printed in red, green, and black, is reproduced in black-and-white on the following page.)



Copies of this book still survive in Sweden and are even found in some public libraries. There may still be a copy in the Library of Congress, where, however, it was catalogued and buried among the very numerous books of a different Donald Day, a very prolific writer who midwifed the autobiography of Will Rogers and produced book after book on such various subjects as American humorists, the folk-lore of the Southwest, the tourist-attractions of Texas, and probably anything for which he saw a market, including a mendacious screed entitled Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Own Story. By a supreme irony, the Library concealed Framat Kristi stridsman in its catalogue by placing it between the other Day’s Evolution of Love and his propaganda piece for the unspeakably vile monster whose millions of victims included one of the last honest journalists.

The Swedish translation contains some long and important passages that do not appear in the book published in California and are not found in the mimeographed copy. By translating these back into English, I can restore Donald Day’s meaning, but, of course, I cannot hope to reproduce exactly the words and style of his original manuscript. I can also restore from the Swedish the deficiencies of the mimeographed transcript.

It seems impossible to determine now whether the parts of Day’s work that are preserved only in the Swedish were deleted by him to shorten his text when he sent a typewritten copy to the United States or were added by him before he turned his manuscript over to the Swedish translator at about the same time. At all events, the Swedish now alone provides us with some significant parts of bay‘s book and many Americans will want to have Day’s Work complete and entire.

For the convenience of the reader, I have, by arrangement with the publisher of Liberty Bell, included corrections of the printed English text where it departs, through negligence or misunderstanding, from the mimeographed text from which it was copied. I have passed over obvious typographical errors in the printed book, and omitted small and relatively unimportant corrections. For example, near the end of p. 44 of the printed book, the sentence should read, “All reported that the officials of the Cheka, later known as the GPU and NKVD, were Jews.

Day did not use footnotes, so the reader will understand what all the footnotes [indicated by the symbol *] on the following pages are my own explanations of the text.

The supplements below are arranged in the order of pages of the printed book, as shown by the note in the small type that precedes each section, The three sources are discriminated typographically thus; Italics show what is copied from the printed text to give continuity.

Ordinary Roman type is used for what is in the mimeographed copy but was omitted from the printed version. This, of course, is precisely what Day wrote in English.

What I have translated back from the Swedish appears in this style of type. These passages, as I have said, convey Day’s meaning without necessarily restoring exactly the words he used in his English original, from which the Swedish version was made.




Editorial Note


Liberty Bell

With the foregoing supplements, we have at last as accurate a text of Donald Day’s Onward, Christian Soldiers as we are likely to have, barring the remote possibility that the manuscript Day gave to his Swedish translator may yet be discovered.

The Swedish translation is pedestrian, as indeed is Day’s English style, but a comparison of the Swedish with the extant parts of the English assures me of the translator’s general competence. In one passage, which we have only in the Swedish, in which Day reports his refusal to become a well-paid and dignified member of our Diplomatic Service with a “little Morgenthau” as an “adviser” to tell him what to do, the translator was evidently confused by the irony of some English phrase such as “executive for a Jew” and reversed Day’s obvious meaning;, this was corrected in the foregoing text.

The mimeographed version is evidently a transcription from Day’s carbon copy, with only such errors as only the most expert typists can entirely avoid. There is, however, one very odd error in the mimeographed version corresponding to our printed page 4 above; it reads “the Great Rocky mountains of the border of Tennessee and North Carolina.” That is geographically absurd, of course, and the Swedish (stora Rijkiga Bergen) shows that Day wrote “Great Smoky mountains,” as we have, printed above. It is probably only a coincidence that the Swedish word for “Smoky” could have suggested, to a person who knew no Swedish, the error made by the typist in California who copied Day’s carbon copy.

When Day relies on his recollection of what he was told years before, his memory is sometimes faulty, and we have naturally made no changes in what he wrote. He makes an obvious error on our page 4, where he says that the Cherokees were driven from their lands and moved to Indian Territory “toward the end of the last century.” Actually, the expulsion of the Cherokee Nation by an American army took place in 1838. The Cherokees, by the way, were the most nearly civilized of all the Indian tribes in the territory that is now the United States and Canada, and it is true that their expulsion from the lands that had been guaranteed to them by treaty inflicted great hardships on them: they lost most of their property, including their negro slaves, and large numbers of them perished as they were quite brutally herded from the Appalachians almost half way across the continent to what is now the southern border of Arkansas.

Ethnologists who have made intensive studies of the Indians of North America (e.g., Peter Farb) regard Sequoyah (Sequoia) as perhaps “the greatest intellect the Indians produced.” He was the son of a Cherokee woman by an unidentified white trader, and, growing up with the mother’s people, regarded himself as a Cherokee. He, however, was an exception to what Day says about half-breeds. Day may have been confused about the date of the expulsion because a few of the Cherokees succeeded in hiding from the perquisition in the wilds of the Great Smokies and were eventually given the small reservation they now occupy east of Bryson City in the toe of North Carolina. There was some agitation about them “near the end of the last century.

The circumstances in which Day’s carbon copy was smuggled into the United States remain obscure. When the mimeographed transcription was made and first issued, it contained a prefatory page on which an anonymous writer said,

It is my understanding that this book was published in; 1942, and then merely made an appearance at the book-sellers, when all copies were immediately withdrawn and destroyed without a single copy escaping the book-burners, I was also told that Mr. Day died shortly after this incident.

The page was presumably withdrawn when its author learned that Day was still alive at that time and an exile in Helsinki, since the Jews who rule the United States would not permit him to return to his native land.

It is curious that the man who made the transcription, which did effectively preserve Day’s work for the future, and who was evidently a resident of California, had heard a somewhat less plausible version of the rumor that was current in Washington in 1943. (See the review by Professor Oliver in Liberty Bell, January 1983, p. 27). It is quite possible that the source of both rumors was an effort by the apparatus of the great War Criminal in the White House to prevent the publication of the Swedish translation, which, as Day tells us in the last item in our supplements, was delayed in the press for two years by a “paper shortage” and it is noteworthy that the paper for it was finally obtained in Finland, not Sweden,* Until the book was finally published in 1944, the enemies of mankind could have imagined that their pressures on Sweden had effectively prevented Day’s exposure of one phase of their activity from ever appearing in print.

[* Day’s book was published by Europa Edition in Stockholm, which, however, had to have the printing done by Mercators Tryckeri in Helsinki. Although copies of the Swedish book have been preserved, Day’s work would not now be generally known — and would be supposed lost by Americans who heard of it — if the anonymous gentleman in California had not issued his mimeographed transcription.]



KATANA — The Liberty Bell article continues with a list of text to be added or amended to the Noontide edition. All these changes (indicated by the dark blue text) have been entered in this expanded version of Onward Christian Soldiers.



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Total words in original = 85,311

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Total words in expanded version = 98,013










1920-1942: Propaganda, Censorship

and One Man’s Struggle to Herald the Truth

Suppressed reports of a 20-year Chicago Tribune

correspondent in eastern Europe from 1921

Donald Day

With an introduction by Walter Trohan,

former chief of the Tribune’s Washington bureau





Chapter 9








On 18 November 1938, The London Times published an article dealing with the settlement of Jewish refugees under the headline: “Searching the Atlas.” I placed this in my archive. That headline is unwittingly anti-Jewish. It reveals just how unpopular the Jews are throughout the world.

No nation wanted them as immigrants. No nation was willing to give them homes as refugees. Even England, that great and enthusiastic fighter (sic) for the poor and oppressed did not want them. But England did want Jewish capital, and Jewish wealth fleeing from Europe before the storm found a ready refuge in London.

The Jew made tremendous efforts to expedite their exodus from Europe. Every available avenue was exploited. Every country was approached by Jews secretly and by Christians openly. In 1933 James G. MacDonald, American professor appointed by the League of Nations as High Commissioner for refugees coming from Germany, toured Europe seeking to persuade governments to grant visas to Jews.

I met MacDonald in Helsinki and Warsaw. But I was never able to meet him alone. There was always a Jew nearby to listen to the conversation.

He accepted this surveillance as a matter of course, as something which went with his salary. He talked much about;

the fundamental principles of equality before the law and racial tolerance so painfully won throughout the ages.

But he failed in his mission. No country wanted any more Jews and he was rebuffed everywhere he went. In 1933 he placed the number of exiles at 60,000. This, of course, was an understatement.

[Page 102]

In Warsaw I made several attempts to see MacDonald alone. I wanted to discuss the Jewish problem without being overheard by a Jew. I was unsuccessful. The Polish government emphatically refused to consider granting refuge to any more Jews. This decision was both revealing and ironical. It was Poland who had spewed forth most of these Jews into Europe. So if these Jews were such highly desirable citizens as MacDonald claimed, it would have been no more than natural for Poland to have welcomed them back. Instead the Poles greeted MacDonald and his mission with indignation rather than pleasure. I learned that ministers he interviewed told him if his search for a home for the unwanted Jewish refugees was successful then he should notify Poland as they were just as interested as Germany in ridding themselves of their Jews. Other countries adopted the same attitude.

In 1932 the world Jewish Zionist organization held a congress in Prague. Delegations arrived from all over the world headed by leaders of world Jewry. I happened to be in Prague at the time and asked permission to attend the meetings. It was granted willingly and I was given a seat on the speaker’s platform. I happened to be the only Christian attending the congress and my presence aroused some interest.

Rabbi Stephan Wise, American Zionist leader, had come with the New York delegates. Chief Rabbi Professor Dr. Schnorre of Warsaw was also present together with Rabbi Rubenstein of Vilna and a large delegation of Polish Jews. Rabbis Nurok and Dubin of Riga and many other leaders of eastern European Jewry were in attendance and Lord Melchett and his sister accompanied the British contingent from London. Melchett made a speech in English and apologized to the delegates that he could not address them in Yiddish or Hebrew but announced he was learning the ancient language and hoped to address them in their own tongue at their next meeting.

For a week I listened to speeches made in Yiddish, Hebrew and English. I discovered there were eight different Zionist parties. They range from the Revisionist Party, whose members wore brown shirts and Sam Brown belts and who proposed to treat the Arabs in Palestine in the same manner the Brown Shirts had treated the Jews in Germany, to the reddest-red Trotski communists who are even more left that the followers of Orthodox communism proselytized by Stalin. One evening the Jewish Brown Shirts staged a battle with the Communists and after a few minutes of rioting the Prague police cleared the hall. A few Jews were scratched but there were no serious casualties. The next day the congress convened as though nothing had occurred.

[Page 103]

Towards the end of the session a group of Jews approached me and asked if I had sent much news about the deliberations to The Tribune. I replied I had cabled very little, the reason why I attended was the hope I would obtain a good story. They asked, “What was this good story?” I said I had heard many great Jewish orators and leaders make speeches in which they explained why the Zionist movement should grow, that Palestine was the only hope for the Jews since no country wished to permit Jews to enter as immigrants or as refugees, that many countries, through introducing the numerus clausa in universities were handicapping the Jews in obtaining a higher education, that trade and other economic restrictions were making it difficult for the Jews in the fields of business and commerce, that anti-Semitism was growing throughout the world, that the Jews considered themselves disliked, persecuted and oppressed almost everywhere.

These speeches, I told my questioners, revealed that the Jews are unpopular, that their unpopularity is growing and there was something very radically wrong somewhere. I said if some really great Jewish leader would arise and ask the Jews to examine themselves to see if they could not find the reason for this dislike, then it would be an important story which I could report.

The Jews told me I had been wasting my time. They said no Jew would ever make such a speech or such a suggestion. I replied this was a matter for regret and said if the Jews were unable to face squarely the problem of their unpopularity then the time was coming when the Jews would be in a worse position in Europe than the Negroes were in the United States. At that time I had no idea my prediction would be so quickly realized.

Before continuing this chapter about the Jews, I want to insert here the text of a letter which I wrote to John Czech, sporting editor of The Polish Daily News of Chicago, in January 1938. This letter has an interesting history. I made some copies and mailed them to a number of friends, both in the United States and Europe, for I thought it might help throw a new light on the world wide campaign of the Jews to start a new world war and at the same time gain sympathy and popularity for their nation. I mailed one copy to a clergyman friend in America who gave it to Robert Edward Edmundson, formerly of the American consular service, who was conducting a campaign to awaken the United States to the peril of Judaism, which with the aid of the Roosevelt administration in Washington, has obtained a throttle hold on the American nation. Without asking my permission Edmundson published this letter under the auspices of his organization, the American Vigilante, and circulated many thousands of copies of it in the United States.

[Page 104]

Here is the letter:

(For publisher)

Dear John:

About the Jews, you write:

That they, are disliked and being openly persecuted, can be best attributed to-what?

The Jew’s ethical code is Oriental, and he demands that he be permitted to live, according to this Oriental code of ethics in a Christian civilization.

For a Jew to cohabit with a Christian girl is not adultery in his code of morals; neither is it against his religion. In fact, a large section of the Jews, if their behavior is considered, seem to consider this a privilege and a duty.

A Jewish wife cannot divorce her husband, or even complain to the Rabbi in case he lives with a Christian woman or girl. The Jew’s propensity for doing this is revealed by the nightclubs and other places of entertainment, and their attempt to solicit women on the street. This became so open a scandal in many countries in Europe that public feelings were outraged.

The Jews are a nation of lawyers, and very clever ones. In the welter of new laws and regulations governing business in all countries they have an advantage over their competitors, the Christian merchants.

This advantage is fundamental for the Christian is brought up to respect the law while the Cheder teaches the Jew how to evade Christian laws.

It is a tragedy that in most countries of Europe today, trade can only be conducted by paying bribes to government officials. And in the majority of cases, officials will not accept bribes from Christian merchants, but do accept them from Jews. This induced Christians to ask Jew to do bribing for them. It is demoralizing to all concerned.

Jews get more prosperous and acquire Christian mistresses and so anti-semitism increases. For many centuries the chief power of the Jew has been his ability to control and dispose of large sums of money. He is able to get loans and financial aid and credits where Christians are sadly handicapped.

The enormous power wielded by the international Jewish bankers stands behind and supports the little Jews, and until now has played a very great role in preserving them from “persecution.” I think persecution is the wrong word to use. In many cases it is retaliation from outraged Christians.

But now, with all nations balancing their economies, adopting managed currencies, restricting movements of currency and capital, the Jews have lost this important financial power in many countries, and they fear to lose it in others.

Remember how it was widely predicted that Germany would not survive because it had no gold? Well Germany surprised everyone and did survive. If the Jews had had complete world power, they would have smashed Germany long ago, but today their power is waning.

They are still powerful and influential in France, England and America. But even in these countries anti-Semitism has become more widespread., Jews The next reason for the unpopularity of the Jews, and I consider this one extremely important, is that the Jew is a parasite who has no objection to living on human weaknesses and failings whenever and wherever he can.

All American consuls have a small secret book (I have seen them) containing the names and photos and records of known white-slavers and dope traffickers. More than 98% of them are Jews, chiefly Polish, Lithuanian and Italian Jews.

No business is too depraved or dirty for them to engage in. As a police reporter in Chicago and New York I covered “red-light districts” and found that vice was a Jewish industry. It is the same in Paris and Vienna today, and formerly the Jews ran the rotten vice rackets in Berlin and other German cities just as they do in Poland.

The Jews formerly held an all powerful position in the press of Europe. I think they must be held chiefly responsible that freedom of the press has been destroyed or limited in practically all European countries.

Oriental lack of respect for the truth, the racial inclination to pornography, the fixed belief they constitute a class above the law, and their attempts to shield and protect other Jews engaged in criminal pursuits, have today resulted in a popular outburst of “anti-semitism” of which the “anti-Semitism” of Nazi Germany is only a small phase.

Today, much of Europe considers the Jew as an outlaw, and he has done much to deserve this classification.

Of course it is easy to write an indictment, and it sounds very foolish to attempt to indict a whole people. But really, why have we never heard the great leaders of world Jewry asking:

Why is it that today so many nations do not want us as citizens? Why is it we can no longer emigrate to any country we please? Why is it we are discriminated against in so many lands? Why are we hated and unpopular? Let us examine ourselves and our race thoroughly, and try and discover what are those characteristics we have which are the basis for the ‘anti-Semitism’ growing today.

Until some really great Jew thus indicts his people, and shows them the way to avoid “anti-Semitism” then the situation will become worse. I think the only way the Jews can successfully combat “anti-Semitism” is, they must publicly adopt Christian ethics and obey the laws of the Christian communities in which they reside. To hear the Jews blame Hitler and the Nazi government for the persecution of Jews in Germany is ridiculous. Besides, it is not persecution, it is the retaliation of an outraged Christian nation.

The Jews should blame Lloyd George and Clemenceau, the Versailles treaty and the fact the League of Nations has been largely a Jewish club since it was organized. Versailles, the League and Bolshevism are mostly responsible for the mushroom growth of “nationalism” in Europe.

Anti-Semitism” is spreading rapidly in Europe, and the alarm of the Jews is increasing. It is also swiftly developing in France, England and America. Because the Jew considers himself above the laws of these lands in which he lives, he has now been placed outside the laws of Germany, Rumania, Poland, Hungary, Jugoslavia, Lithuania and Latvia.

[Page 105]

[Page 106]

For the fact he is an international outlaw, he has chiefly himself, to blame. Jews will remain just that until they change their code of Oriental ethics and their manner of behavior. They have no right to appeal to any Christian community for sympathy until they themselves admit their faults. They have no right to appeal for justice so long as they do not respect the law themselves. They have no right to plead for help until they begin to help themselves.

The tragedy with most of us is, when we consider the Jewish problem, we forget to think and are swayed by our emotions. If the Jews claim they are being discriminated against, and persecuted, then there must be reasons for it.

Today practically every university and college in America has employed one or more Jewish professors and teachers exiled from Germany. They are mostly occupied in the faculties of law and economics.

Marx is their great economist. Freud is their moralist. And the Old Testament is their law. Get out your Bible and read the 34th chapter of Genesis and at the 25th verse stop and ask yourself if this wasn’t a typical dirty Jewish trick.

No, if all the Jews went to Palestine that country would not become the money changer of the world because the world is beginning to learn that money as a means of service is all right and as a means of usury is all wrong. The Jews are not nearly so clever as many seem to think.

They dig their own pit and fall into it without being pushed. And when they are in it they shriek for help from the same people for whom they dug the pit. And, when they are rescued, they begin immediately to dig another.

Jewish history reveals wherever the Jews went they multiplied, and the more they multiplied the more unpopular they got. Then they were kicked out; and today they lament because the world has become too small to maintain them all in comfort.

You will probably wonder why it is that the very great majority of Jews, no matter where they are, sympathize with and do what they can to help the Bolshevik regime in Russia. It is because this regime has been a Jewish racket from the first. The fact that a few Jewish commissars have been liquidated does not alter the fact that Jews control most of the commissariats of the Soviet government and have 100% control upon foreign affairs, education, the press, public health, justice, trade and industry and are powerful in others. When the Soviet regime falls, there will take place the most awful pogrom in world history. The Jews know this, and that is why they are assimilating themselves in Russia as quickly as they can. The Jews abroad know this and that is why they help Bolshevism whenever and however they can. They especially try to strengthen the prestige of the Soviet government, so that they, the Jews, will be more secure.

Poland has a terrific problem in having such a large Jewish minority, and because of this she deserves much more sympathy and help than she has received up to now.

I’ve studied the Jewish problem for a great many years with an open mind. I have read a great deal of Jewish history and other history. I have talked with several thousand Jews over here about their plight, very frankly, during the past 18 years, asking for their solution. They don’t seem to have one. I have asked why some great Jew does not arise and put the questions I did at the beginning of this letter. They tell me that no Jew will ever dare ask such questions because they contain an attack upon the Jewish religion itself.

My conclusions are: anti-Semitism is a perfectly natural historical development. It is going to become more and more general. The establishment of ghetto benches in the Polish universities is a step which has wide sympathy in Europe. This aggregation of Jews will continue to spread.

Even if they succeed in their aim of promoting a new world war, it will not help to solve the Jewish problem. The Jews will have to do that themselves. The blame cannot be placed on the Germans or anyone else.

The Jews are foreign to our civilization, and either they must get out, reform themselves, or destroy that civilization. It seems they are trying to accomplish the latter.

Sincere regards from your friend, Donald

[Page 107]

On 21 February 1938, Edmondson published this letter, fortunately for me, without my signature or the addressee’s name. Edmundson was prosecuted and denounced in New York as a Jew-baiter and to preserve himself from physical violence he moved to Scranton, Pennsylvania.

This letter classifies me as an anti-Semite and when the Jews have made this accusation I tell them they are wrong, that I have nothing against the Arabs or other Semite tribes.

As this letter mentions I arrived at these conclusions after studying the Jewish question for many years. This means more than it sounds. A newspaperman comes in contact with more people than the average man in any other professions and callings. His job is to collect news and this affords an unusual opportunity to study humanity in all walks of life.

As a reporter in Chicago I not only knew many gangsters and other criminals, but also knew policemen and police officials, lawyer, judges, municipal and federal officials, doctors, business men, etc., etc. When a police reporter in Chicago I was able to write from memory the names of some 1,000 policemen and tell the various precincts where they were stationed. This constituted half the entire police force. There was one reporter who was reputed to know the name of every man on the force.

[Page 108]

During my 25 years stay in Europe I have made many fresh friends and acquaintances in many countries. They also come from all walks in life, from the farmer with forty acres and five cows to the president. These cosmopolitan contacts were not confined to one country, for I traveled, worked and fished in many, and it was on these fishing trips that I came to know and understand the nations of northeastern Europe a little better, perhaps, than any other correspondent who has attempted to report on those regions.

I am mentioning this in order to emphasize that these opinions I have voiced about the Jews are not solely derived from what I may have read and heard, but from actual first hand experiences and contacts. If I have felt uplifted by contacts with fine Jews I have also felt defiled through contact with Jewish gangsters, revolutionists and other criminals. Because Municipal Judge Joseph Sabeth was just as kind and considerate as any man could be towards a youthful reporter, I cannot excuse the activities of his brother, Congressman Albert Sabath, who represents one of the Chicago districts in the United States House of Representatives and who has done everything in his power to open the doors of the United States to unrestricted Jewish immigration and who has worked to undermine the American immigration law.

So if we are to form an opinion of the Jewish question which would be fair to ourselves, we must first place our emotions aside, including those fostered or formed by friendships. I know that Judge Sabath would do everything in his power to aid and protect his brother, the Congressman, and for that reason, I must view him as one of the national minority who today are attempting to clinch their present dominating position in American national affairs.

If I have become pessimistic concerning the future of my own country, it is because I have watched for 22 years what the Jewish Bolsheviks were doing with Russia. If the Jews were unable to give Russia an improved standard of living, then how can they improve living conditions in the United States? If they were unable to manage Russia’s economic development for the benefit of the inhabitants, then how are they going to manage America’s economic development any better? If their rule has proved degenerate and depraved in Russia, then what will it prove in America? If they have converted the nations within Russia into spiritless robots, then what are they going to do with the unassimilated nationals within the United States and with the Americans themselves? If they have succeeded in bringing the United States, a Christian nation, into an alliance with an atheistic Asiatic despotism devoted to the promulgation of dialectical materialism, then what will happen to these American ideals?

For 25 years in Russia the Jews had a free hand to do as they wished.

[Page 109]

They erected a system of government founded on terror. They officially defended and sanctioned terror as a means of governing. They sought to excuse their reign, which they officially called “The Red Terror,” in their press and publications by saying their aim was to achieve a world revolution which would have enthroned the Jews in power all over the world.

They found many willing dupes.

One of the hidden sinister Semitic figures in Russia is Artemic Bagratovich Khalatov. During the early years of the revolution, Khalatov headed that branch of the Cheka which organized the food supply of the Soviets.

He organized the punitive expeditions of the Cheka which confiscated the grain and foodstuffs from the peasants. A policy whose direct result was the great famine of 1920-21. Khalatov occupied many posts of importance. Since 1927 he has been head of the Soviet publishing trust and the communist censorship. His name rarely appears in Bolshevik publications, although his picture and biography can be found in Soviet encyclopedias.

Khalatov is a stocky, burly, blackbearded Jew, who still conspicuously wears picee, those little curls which orthodox Jewry prescribes should be grown over the ears of the followers of Moses.

One of the most remarkable photographs I saw published in a Soviet magazine (Ogonjok) showed Khalatov and George Bernard Shaw addressing a meeting in Moscow. It was as great a contrast between human beings as could be imagined. Shaw, slender and immaculately garbed with his neatly tended, alter ego, intellectual, white beard, stood beside the swarthy heavy featured censor whose bright red lips were erotically framed by a tremendous bush of curly black hair. It was a picture which brought misgivings for the future of the Anglo-Saxon race, even in those days. For it portrayed and even seemed to symbolize the mental and moral corruption of the Western Anglo-Saxon intellectually degenerate world typified by Shaw.

Shaw did not visit Russia because he loved the Bolsheviks, but because like many humans, he likes money no matter where it comes from.

Khalatov interviews the authors visiting Russia for only one purpose.

He tells them his Soviet publishing trust has decided to publish some editions of their books, or to stage certain of their plays. As the Soviet government is sole publisher and producer in Russia, Khalatov passes across his desk a check made out on a large foreign bank for a sum large enough to stagger and whet the appetite of the expectant visitor. Khalatov explains the check may be regarded as a first payment on royalties to follow in the future.

[Page 110]

Naturally, nothing is mentioned about the future activities of the recipient. They are supposed to have enough sense to realize if they return home and grant interviews, make speeches and participate in the activities furthering the cause of the Judaized government of Russia, then other checks will be forthcoming.

This form of political corruption deserves to be called by its proper name, bribery. The fact that authors occupy such a prominent place in lists of Soviet friends abroad is not always due to their sincere political convictions. It is more often due to the fat checks which Commissar Khalatov places in their bank accounts as royalties for their works being published and produced in Russia.

There are possibly some authors whose sense of honor is strong enough to enable them to resist such bribes. I can report one such incident which also has its humorous side.

A few years ago a French author, Andre Gide, wrote a book which was favorably received in Moscow. He was invited to make a trip to the Soviet Union for the customary interview with Commisar Khalatov and to make the usual financial arrangements. Oddly enough Gide’s name made a greater impression upon Khalatov than his book. The French pronounce Gide as Zheed and Zheed is the Russian name for Jew. However, it has always been used throughout Russia as a derogatory epithet.

Since the Bolsheviks obtained power in Russia the Soviet government has considered anti-Semitism to be the same as counter-revolution. The Soviet government took every possible measure to protect the Jews from the Russians and to give them a special social standing, but it never published a decree protecting other nationalities from the Jews. An early decree prohibited people from addressing the Jews as Zheedi, fixing the penalty at three years imprisonment.

Khalatov saw an opportunity to show the Russian people that Zheed was a perfectly respectable word, the name of a renowned French author.

Accordingly Gide was given unusual publicity and privileges in Russia.

He made an extensive tour of the country and was introduced to many worker’s meetings. For some weeks the Khalatov controlled press and radio followed Gide’s movements and the name Zheed appeared daily in the Soviet press. What effect this campaign to give respectability to the word Zheed had upon the average Russian is unknown, but the impression it made upon the Frenchman was lamentable.

Having seen far more of Russia and the workings of communism than any other author who had visited the Soviets, Andre Gide returned to Paris and wrote another book which proved even more sensational than his previous effort. He related his experiences and made powerful denunciation of communism and its works. Khalatov and the other Bolsheviks became incensed. He ordered the communist press at home and abroad to conduct a violent campaign against Gide, who was branded as a turncoat and traitor to the proletarian cause. Within Russia this campaign of Khalatov again made the word Zheed synonymous with Sukin, Sin and other choice bits of Russian profanity.

[Page 111]

It is because the Jews today hold such tremendous power in Bolshevik Russia, England and the United States that they are feared in many other countries. People seem to forget they once held equally tremendous power in Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Poland not to mention other countries. It does seem odd that the word Jew is frequently used as a curse word in many languages. In the United States, where new words are born with remarkable rapidity, even the word Jew is considered too respectable to be applied to this human species. There the Red Sea pedestrians are called Kikes and Sheenies.

In Warsaw the tremendous number of applications for visas from Jews and Poles compelled the American government to enlarge the consulate staff to some sixty people. Almost all were engaged in handling visa cases. The reception room of the visa department had to be deloused every night. The daily recurring spectacle of hordes of Jews clamoring for visas proved too much for these Americans. Each Saturday afternoon, immediately after the closing of the consulate they would gather in a nearby restaurant and rave against this type of immigrant. They organized “The Kill a Kike a Day Club” and “The More and Better Pogram Society” and after a few drinks to overcome their depression, they would break forth into their battle song, which was “Onward Christian Soldiers.” We sang this with deep feeling in Warsaw against the Jews many years before Roosevelt and Churchill sang it for the Jews on board the ill-fated Prince of Wales.

Anti-Semitism is a contagious ailment and its sufferers generally contract this incurable malady by contact with the Jews themselves.

At a gathering of foreign correspondents in Berlin, Walter Duranty, for many years correspondent of The New York Times, said:

Day is the only American correspondent in Europe who has the courage to write about the Jews and the Jewish question.

But, as I have mentioned, I was able to make such reports because my editor had the courage to publish some of them and defended me when I was attacked by Jewish organizations in America.

On a table near my desk are piled many thousands of newspaper clippings. They are the stories I forwarded to The Tribune over these years. I generally wrote one or two messages every day. Unlike European newspapers, The Tribune appears every day of the year. There are also many longer articles forwarded by mail. They total a record of suffering and happiness, bestiality and nobility, decadence and progress, oppression and freedom, and many other things which can be lumped together under the phrase “human nature.” That is what a newspaperman contacts and studies.

[Page 112]

In the present war, propaganda has made freedom a fetish. During the past century it almost seems as though mankind has attained more freedom than they have known what to do with. For most of us freedom has come to mean: freedom to make as much money as possible with as little control as possible. This is because man has always been among the most acquisitive of animals.

Man has fought a long hard battle for freedom of the press and today the average man reads far more for entertainment than for knowledge.

He has fought longer and harder for freedom of religion and during the past generation church attendance in all denominations has fallen off tremendously. He has battled and warred for freedom of speech and he has permitted the most prized avenue of speech, the radio, to come either under government control or, in countries which today allege to have a monopoly of freedom, to come under the control of the Jews. And after generations of struggle, just where is mankind today? Involved in the greatest war of history, a war between nationalists and internationalists, between have-nots and haves, between Christian civilization and Jewish corruption, between progress and decay.

Man’s ideas of moral values are being revised. Many countries have reached the bitter conclusion it is not possible to maintain a satisfactory conception of freedom in a society which contains an unassimilated alien element actively engaged in opposing and destroying the ethical and moral bases of this society.

Broadly conceived, freedom might be interpreted to mean: man living and developing under a set of laws which he has adopted and which he respects. There can be no freedom if respect of the law is undermined.

And if leaders continue to fight for freedom and at the same time ignore the anti-social subversive elements taking advantage of this freedom to change or destroy the apparatus of government, then these leaders are fighting to promote chaos and for the destruction of the very thing they are fighting for.

The United States found it impossible to permit Asiatics to freely immigrate although our constitution proclaims:

that all men are created free and equal.

It discovered its white citizens could not maintain a decent standard of living if they had to compete economically against the immigrants from the East. Pogroms and riots against the Asiatics in California compelled the government to restrict this immigration.

[Page 113]

After the world war in Germany it was discovered that it was impossible to permit the eastern Jews to have the same extent of freedom enjoyed by the Germans without undermining the structure of German society. The eastern Jew is just as different from the German as the Asiatic is from the Californian.

In California the Asiatic immigrant worked together with his wife and children in the fields and sold his products at a price which forced the white farmers into bankruptcy. In Germany the Jewish immigrant also prospered greatly. He brought with him a different conception of freedom. For him it was an opportunity to enjoy the freedom and protection of German law while at the same time his behavior was bound only by his own Jewish law which grants him the right to disrespect and evade the Christian law code of the society in which he lived.

So in Germany the fate of the Jew was similar to the fate of the Asiatic in California. Both groups of immigrants produced a situation in which compromise proved impracticable.

Freedom also included the right of a community or a nation to live according to their own lights. That is why the thirteen colonies in America fought a revolutionary war and became the nucleus of the present United States. If an alien element intrudes and attempts to undermine or destroy the established conception of freedom, a conflict results which has no limits.

The example of what can happen to a nation in such an event is Russia. There an alien group of international revolutionaries utterly destroyed all the better elements of the nation in order to impose their own distorted ideas of life upon the masses of the inhabitants.

A similar ideological war of extermination threatened the nations of Europe. Many reacted instinctively at an early date. They declared war against the doctrines of communism by making the communist party an illegal organization and prosecuting its followers. Other nations followed until, twenty five years after the birth of this monstrosity, only two European nations, Sweden and Switzerland, recognize the communist party as a legal organization. It is significant that the countries nearest to the home of Bolshevism were the first to act against this menace.

This ideological war has spread and is spreading in Great Britain and the United States. In these two countries there is much prattle about freedom. It is here that freedom has been made a fetish. Moral turpitude has spread so widely among the rulers and inhabitants that many have welcomed the communists as an ally in the present war. Thus they have embraced a force which in the end is certain to destroy them just as surely as it destroyed the Russians. And so we come to Russia.








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8 Responses to Onward Christian Soldiers – Part 9: Jews

  1. gigi@jprotonmail.ch says:

    Thanks for putting this up. Disturbing because this was written so long ago and people still think otherwise.

  2. katana17 says:

    Yes, it is unfortunate as jewish power has only increased since then, in leaps and bounds.

    Jews engineered and won WWII and they are now in their next phase of domination by flooding White countries with non-Whites. They are also engineering a “War OF Terror” upon us and the rest through such jewish false flags as 911.

    That’s why we need to spread the word and educate people as best we can.

  3. gigi@jprotonmail.ch says:

    I absolutely agree; don’t you think this goes along with Revelation and the antiChrist? They have unknowingly been doing the will of the devil all through history. Trying to destroy Christianity since its inception. God bless you today.

    • katana17 says:

      I’m not religious, but I understand why a religious person might think that since what organized jewry has done and is doing to the rest of us is very evil indeed.

  4. VATERLAND says:

    “I discovered there were eight different Zionist parties. They range from the Revisionist Party, whose members wore brown shirts and Sam Brown belts and who proposed to treat the Arabs in Palestine in the same manner the Brown Shirts had treated the Jews in Germany, to the reddest-red Trotski communists who are even more left that the followers of Orthodox communism proselytized by Stalin. One evening the Jewish Brown Shirts staged a battle with the Communists and after a few minutes of rioting the Prague police cleared the hall. A few Jews were scratched but there were no serious casualties. The next day the congress convened as though nothing had occurred.”

    Katana – if only whites had the same unity!

    • katana17 says:

      That’s something we have to build up by getting the truth out about what is being done to us by the usual suspects. It’s a slow process but it’s happening.

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