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[This is an interesting article that describes the threat that jewish supremacism represents to humanity in general, but for White people in particular. Organized jewry is engaged in an undeclared war against us, motivated by their long sought goal of total jewish tyranny over humanity. However unbelievable that sounds, it has the most explanatory power in understanding what is, and has been going on.

Their principle weapon is secrecy, keeping the victim (us) in ignorance while in the shadows they carry out their deadly manipulations.

I’ve added a few comments throughout the text where I think really needed.

I’d like to get comments from readers on how this article can be improved or completely redone — KATANA]




The Awakening Project


Our Goal: To Awaken the Free People

of the Western World.


By Billy the Heretic







The Pillars of Enemy Strategy

The Elimination of Western Society and Its People

The International Banking Cartel

Israel and the Israeli Lobby in America

Changing History

Media Control

Who Wages the War Against Us?

The End Game

What Should We Do?

Final Thought


Version History & Notes




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The Awakening Project is an attempt to alert the people of free western societies to the current world war that is upon us. Most people do not know that this war is happening because the nature of war today has changed. It is largely ideological and economic at this stage (although it has the potential progress to other stages should it be ignored). This paper will describe the nature of the war, its key players, enemy objectives and what we can do to resist.

This war is truly unique for one reason: we are witnessing the first attempt of a group of people to seize control of the entire world. No group has ever attempted to seize control of the globe before. Even during WW II the Japanese wanted control of all Asia and Hitler only attempted to control much of Europe.* This objective could be very dangerous to us because once obtained, no one is left unconquered to unseat the conquerors.

[* This is just a standard, yet false, mainstream view. Once jew controlled Britain and France declared war on Germany, the Germans went on the offensive as their only chance of survival — KATANA.]


You may be of the opinion that you are peaceful by nature and find the idea of resistance or learning about the struggle to be distasteful. You may not be interested in the war, but I assure you, the war is VERY interested in you and it is critical you spend a few minutes to understand it if you and your family is to remain free. You don’t need to understand a thing to be victimized by it, but understanding it will help you avoid this victimization.

Before I describe the players in the war and their strategy there are a few points you should keep in mind about this war for global domination.


1. Ninety-nine percent of people are already completely brainwashed by enemy propaganda without even knowing it. Most likely, you, the reader, have been subjected to an intense form of brainwashing. You have been trained not to talk or think about the things that will be mentioned in this paper. There is a real danger your mind will simply turn off unless you make the conscious effort to maintain your concentration. Like people years ago were trained to avoid discussions of topics on sex or even astronomy in the middle ages you may have been conditioned to be unable to accept the ideas in this essay.

How could it be that our minds could be so controlled? Simple: most of the information about your world comes from television, newspapers and books. Imagine for a moment if an enemy entity purchased western T.V. networks and print publishing houses. Would they not be able to control most of your information on which you base your opinions? Would they not, little by little, promote opinions to undermine and defile pillars of western stability such as families, churches, traditional values, music, art, sexuality? Unless you have avoided television, newspapers, and popular books for a number of years it is best if you “withhold judgment” of this essay until you have completed reading it. You would not be alone. More and more people are being forced to accept the ideas in this essay as they see their society destroyed piece by piece because of the war.


2. The war is not a “conspiracy”. There is no central organization directing the activities of those who seek world domination.* However, a number of organizations and groups are performing the activities with loose coordination between them toward the objectives. Think of these enemy organizations as a group of ants that build an ant hill. There is no master plan or central controller yet the anthill is still built. Similarly, scorpions do not conspire to sting their prey, yet they sting their prey all the same.

[* The jews are the most highly organized networked group of people in the world, so claims that organized jewry isn’t directing the whole project, doesn’t add up. Not calling it a “conspiracy” is just the author trying to sound “reasonable”, I’d say — KATANA.]


3. Do not be fearful but rather joyful.* We have a very exciting opportunity in front of us and we must not be depressed about the struggle. We are on the verge of a great climax that will affect the course of human history and you will most likely be a part of it. We are the crest of the great wave of human struggle and the days we live in right now will be remembered for many years to come. We should be thankful we live in such interesting times and not hide our head in the sand trying to avoid them.

[* Talk about putting a positive spin on things! — KATANA.]




The Pillars of Enemy Strategy


In order to understand the enemy and their strategies and tactics, we must first identify the “pillars” that support the enemy assault. Indeed, the end goal is so lofty and diabolical in can only be believed by first examining the mechanisms that make it possible.


The Elimination of Western Society and Its People


The most obvious evidence for the situation we face is the continuous destruction of western society. It is effectively ruining our civilization and killing our people, however the weapons of war are not guns and bombs but more insidious in nature: Massive third world immigration and subsequent white flight, promotion of interracial sex, gang lifestyle, homosexuality, anti-white affirmative action laws and diversity programs, radical feminism, removal of our religious heritage, the list goes on forever. There are two major impacts to all these assaults on our way of life:


1. The people that created western society, people of European decent, are slowly dying out. Our birth rates are dropping under the strain of this pressured assault. At the same time third world nations are pouring their most unprivileged underclass into our welfare programs, schools, and hospitals. It would be more tolerable if only their doctors and educated classes were coming but we don’t even have that consolation; they are exporting the most violent, unintelligent, welfare dependent group of people in their society and using our lands for their human waste dumps while our citizens run for ever farther away suburbs.

This ethnic cleansing of European descended mankind is called genocide. It is no different than the Chinese displacement of the Tibetian people except Hollywood does not endorse our situation as a worthy subject for movies. The Free Tibet movement is bigger in western countries than the “free western countries” movement. Left unanswered the situation will cause every true patriot of western mankind to become a minority in their own homeland and we as a group will lose any political control we once had because of this. From France to England to the USA to Germany, ALL European westerners are on schedule to become disenfranchised minorities in their own countries.


2. Western society itself will cease to exist should the third world come to rule it and then the entire world will be in the dark ages that third world has so become accustomed to. As demographic genocide takes its toll and minority immigrants replace us they change our society to more and more resemble their poverty stricken, corrupt, overpopulated and disease ridden countries. Southern California is a perfect example of this. Most places are majority-minority and resemble the third world conditions of Mexico with the crime and poor conditions abounding. The entire state of California is out of money under the weight the illegal immigration that is occurring there.

Why would the New World Order* want this? What is the advantage of replacing people of European decent with the third world and where is the benefit of destroying the people that created democracy, the scientific method and almost all other inventions, great works of art and intellectual leaps forward?

[* A think a more accurate and descriptive label is the Jew World OrderKATANA.]


The sad answer to this is that the western world is the Number One threat to those that seek control of the globe. We are too educated, we are too organized, we are too intelligent and subsequently too dangerous. We industrious free peoples of the west are the only thing stopping the enemy from achieving its goal of world control because we’re the only group capable of thwarting them and they hate us for that. Left alone, we would rise up, organize and step on their plan like an elephant stepping on an ant. Only the third world is weak enough to be dominated. Modern man first needs to be slowly poisoned, weakened, and potentially interbred with the more helpless peoples of the world before we can be passive and useful. People who are poor and uneducated are easily misled and controlled and we are not those people; thus we are a threat.

It is clearly the duty of people of European decent, Americans, French, Australians, Danish, and Scandinavian and the rest, to forget our differences and join forces with each other if we are to save ourselves (and the rest of the world) from total destruction and/or enslavement. We must unite, in a great awakening, and resolve to alert our brothers, our sisters, our co-workers, and the stranger on the street. For, once we are all awake, all the money and arms and tactics of the enemy will not matter at all against half a billion free people wielding the sword of truth.



The International Banking Cartel 


To fund a takeover of the entire globe you require a lot of money. The Russian Revolution required a huge loan from Jacob Schiff, a Jewish banker who lived in New York. Without this money the Russian Revolution could never have succeeded. However, Russia was only a single country. For dominance of the entire global a much bigger sum of money is needed. Where is all this money supposed to come from?

The money to fund the enemy war effort comes, in large part, through a huge international banking cartel that counterfeits US currency. The central player in this is the Federal Reserve System that creates the American currency. The Federal Reserve System (or the Fed) was created and is owned by private banks with roots in Europe and the Rothchild banking dynasty. Other captains of the private banking industry created the Fed in 1913. Most people think that the Fed is part of the US government, but this is simply wartime misdirection.

The word “Federal” in the name is very misleading because it is owned by the private banks that make up the cartel. The US government can influence the Fed much like they influence any other private company but the reality is the US government is a customer of the Fed. The US government actually borrows from the Fed much of the money is spends so they don’t have to raise taxes. This information is not secret and is readily available via Google search.

The purpose of the Fed is to centralize a monopoly of large banks to gain control of the US money supply and have this system legalized by the US congress. Then, private banks that created the Fed are able to create money of our thin air for their own profit. For example: If you have 100 dollars in a US bank, they are able to print 900 dollars out of nothing to loan to borrowers. How can 900 dollars simply be printed and loaned out at interest? It is simply “counterfeit” money. Like a “Monopoly” player manufacturing his own bills to play the board game, the Fed and its system of private controlling banks print the money they use to fund the war and make enormous profits. When you consider how much money is created out of thin air for mortgages, car loans, commercial loans and government spending the sheer amount of wealth created is impossible to imagine. Examples of the use of funds used in the war will be given in later chapters.



Israel and the Israeli Lobby in America


The creation of Israel and the displacement of the Palestinian people that inhabited the land for thousands of years, undisturbed, is the root cause of the “Middle East conflict”. When the Americans attacked Iraq during the first gulf war the Iraq’s launched SCUD missiles in the opposite direction towards Israel. Why would this happen? The reason is because the Iraqis, and most Muslims in the Middle East, see the American government as merely an extension of Israel. After the attack on the world trade center and the Pentagon, Osama Bin Laden stated the reason for the attack was the occupation of Muslim lands in the Middle East by Israel.* Numerous other middle eastern leaders have leveled the same complaint.

[*I don’t know the author’s source for this claim. What is known is that Bin Laden (himself a CIA operative) denied any involvement in 9/11 and blamed forces within the US system for the attack, i.e., a false flag event. — KATANA.]


Muslims are not the only group with this opinion. Pat Buchanan former presidential candidate and TV news commentator once stated that the US “Congress is Israeli occupied territory”. Stephen Walt, the Dean of the John F Kennedy School of government at Harvard University, along with John Mershimer, wrote a paper about the incredible power that Israel exerts over the USA. In it this paper they detail:


* The billions of dollars the US gives Israel every year.

* That the US attacked Iraq during the second gulf war largely due to the influence of Israeli leaders.

* The level of political commitment the US congress, senate and president have consistently provided Israel at the expense of American interests.

* The ability of Israel to control the American government as a puppeteer would control a puppet stems from what is known as the Israeli Lobby. Walt and Mershimer describe the Israeli Lobby as;

a loose coalition of individuals and organizations who actively work to steer US foreign policy in a pro-Israel direction.


Clearly US foreign policy needs to be steered by the lobby in the pro-Israel direction because, left alone, American foreign policy would not be pro-Israel. America has much to lose and little to gain from having a pro-Israel policy. Many issues are hotly debated in the US government however there is one thing all major politicians agree on: support for Israel is unconditional. This is unfortunate because Israel is fast becoming the most hated nation on earth for numerous reasons:


* Attacks on its neighbors.

* Genocide of the Palestinian population.

* Putting Palestinians in the largest open air concentration camp in the world called the Gaza strip.

* Manipulation of the US congress and other government agencies.

* Apartheid racist laws that favor Jews and not permitting Jews and non-Jews to marry.


Slowly, as the great war unfolds, Israel has emerged as a major player. We have been sucked into their battles against the Arab world and are experiencing the terrorism that goes along with fighting Muslims that simply want us out of their land. Israel is becoming the global nerve center of the entire epic struggle for world control, and this is how Israel fits into the New World Order as the center of the global empire. Even David Ben-Gurion Israel’s first prime minister said;

In Jerusalem, the United Nations will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind”. (Look Magazine. (1962, January 16.)

Amazingly, some people believe that Israel is a long suffering, innocent lamb nation that just wants to be left alone. This is understandable given the massive amount of “programming” that is pushed by the major media networks. Similarly, just like major politicians, major media companies disagree an all sorts of issues. Fox News is against homosexual marriage whereas CNN prints stories supporting it. But on the issue of Israel all major media outlets from CNN, to MSNBC, to Fox News, to CNBC consistently give their nearly unconditional support to Israel.

How has the media so successfully pushed their pro-Israeli content to limit pressure and criticism from this central player? To understand this accomplishment we first need to understand the larger more powerful media forces that teach us everything they want us to know (and avoid topics we shouldn’t know about).



Changing History


The enemy has been literally “changing history” for an unknown amount of time. Why would you want to change history, or rather, control history? Events in the past don’t affect us today … or do they? Imagine if someone could make you believe that a third party has been physically attacking you every day for the past year. That would give the person who controlled your view of the past incredible power to inflict damage to that 3rd party because you would look for retribution against them. This is just one example.

Media control of the past supports our views in the present. For example, the entire existence of the state of Israel is because Jews needed a place to be safe from genocide. Imagine if we could control the past to keep people from ever hearing about the Holocaust. Israel would not be able to justify their existence and the seizing of territory from Palestinians and creating concentration camps for them to live would not be tolerated by the world.

In terms of actual historical coverage of the Holocaust*, the opposite is the case. Right now on your television, on some channel is a movie about the Holocaust, a reference to the Holocaust, a news story about a Holocaust survivor or a documentary about Hitler, the Nazis and German atrocities. The same for magazines and newspapers at the store down the road from where you live.

[* The so-called “Holocaust” is (if you do the research) actually a Holohoax. The official definition of the “Holocaust” consists of three things: 1) The Germans had a plan to exterminate the jews; 2) The Germans used poison gas to kill millions of them; 3) The Germans managed to kill about six million jews by all means. None of these three things are true — KATANA.]


In 2009 there were 6 different Holocaust movies playing at theaters around the world on Christmas day. Almost all people are able to recite from memory the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust, even though most have no clue how many PEOPLE died in the second world war or any other war. Almost everyone has heard of the Holocaust, but very few people have ever heard of the Holodomor which was a genocide against the Ukrainians which claimed the lives of 7 million people (1 million more than the Holocaust). Why does this genocide not have the same level of awareness as the Holocaust? The answer is: control of history.

Many other historical ideas are strictly controlled and manipulated in order to affect our present understanding, slavery for example. Western mankind has been forced to endure incredible guilt for slavery without any kind of collective recognition for being the first people to abolish slavery. The first slaves sent to America were white from Ireland and Scotland but there is little collective memory of this hidden history. Enslavement of white AND blacks has been common in Africa for thousands of years and still occurs. All people have enslaved others, but the control of that historical knowledge is tightly kept from the public. As far as collective memory is concerned, slavery is confine to whites being guilty of enslaving blacks and that is that. If everyone were to buy into this traditional history, who would care about the woes of a uniquely evil white slavemaster race if they should be victimized, have their land stolen, or be wiped out?

Yet another example is the Civil American War – The public opinion is that it occurred due to a disagreement over slavery. If this was the case then why were slaves were still recognized as slaves at the time of the civil war in the northern states? These states supposed fought AGAINST slavery Yet, during the civil war black slaves had to sneak through the north to enter Canada via the underground railroad because slavery was still in effect in the northern states. In Michigan slaves had to swim to Canada across the Detroit river to freedom. Why is this civil war information hidden and left untaught in high school history class? Answer: control of history is a tightly regulated business. The origins of the Civil War are complex and mostly not related to abolishment of slavery but emphasizing slavery today allows the enemy to guilt us into silence in today’s racially charged political environment.

Even events in the past that happened many centuries ago are manipulated in the public mind, “The Inquisition” for example. Public opinion is modified so all people are to hear about the Inquisition (and that it was “bad”), but few even know why or who was targeted or who was being “inquired”. Some people wrongly assume the main target of it was witches or even Protestants but that simply is not the case. The main target were Jewish conversos who pretended to be Catholic but were simply infiltrating the church. Once again we find an unknown and hidden history, but easily proven to be true if one does any basic research on the subject. This history is carefully tailored to blame the Catholic church for passed wrongs while hiding the fact that Jews tried to infiltrate the central organization of a religion that they mostly despise.

And finally, even American history that occurred 17,000 years ago is suppressed. The original inhabitants of North America were not the Indians or people from Asia. Rather the first “immigrants” to the United States of America were Europeans from ancient France 3,000 years before the land bridge even opened to Asia. This may seem incredible but there are numerous research papers, DNA evidence, and archeological evidence detailing this amazing fact. For more information on this watch the “Ice Age Columbus” documentary from the discovery channel showing how these brave European men and women crossed the Atlantic before any other human beings came to North America. This version of the facts is kept hidden from everyone except die-hard history buffs and archeologists. Why? Because hiding these facts prevents “the white man” from having first claim to north America and allows Indians, Mexicans and other immigrants a foot in the door of the land “the white man” stole.

This brings us to the question HOW is history controlled in this way by those who seek domination? To answer that question we have to examine the enemy’s most powerful weapon. Media control of the present and its ability to control events happening in the present AND past.



Media Control


As previously mentioned most of the information about our world and the events happening in the world comes from the main stream media (MSM) television, movies, newspapers and books. The MSM is able to direct massive opinion one way or another about any issue simply by the way they report on it or not reporting it at all. For example: if the media never reported that the moon landing took place few could accept it occurred unless they experienced it themselves. If the MSM didn’t distribute the pictures, the videos, the news interviews and the books about the moon landings how would we even know it happened? We might think it was some kind of conspiracy if we met Neil Armstrong on the street and he told us of his “tale” of exploring the lunar surface.

In another example the MSM could flood the political news with negative information about a politician to affect an election. By reporting ONLY negative news about the politician (or not reporting anything) the MSM is able to manipulate the voting public to vote for someone else.

Surprisingly, there are only 6 major companies that own the majority of the news that we watch, listen to and think about: Time Warner, Viacom, Disney, News Corporation, Bertelsmann, and Vivendi.

They own the majority of the book publishing houses, magazines, movie and TV studios, television networks, radio stations and magazines that inform us and define our world. The lengthy list of media properties they own is beyond the scope of this essay but is also not secret and is available to the public here.

Anyone can purchase shares in these companies but only a select few at the top direct what topics are to be spun as positive or negative, or to not be reported at all. Shockingly, the combined value of the big six media companies totals less than 1 billion dollars – a small sum given they have control over the hearts and minds of our western nations. For comparison, the US government provides Israel 3 times this amount every year in foreign aid.

It is a fact that the MSM media is the main propaganda arm of the enemy that seeks to consolidate global power. The MSM supports and strengths the other pillars of global hegemony previously discussed.


Media Support of the Israeli Lobby — Israel is almost always reported as being the victim of Palestinian terrorists when, in reality, the exact opposite is the case – Israel has genocided these people and stolen the land they have lived on for thousands of years. The Second Gulf War and other wars that benefit Israel were supported by the MSM in the lead up to and during, those wars.


Media Support of the Federal Reserve System — MSM consistently reports on the Federal Reserve System as a pillar of economic stability and does not discuss the private banking interests behind it. Business news focuses on the Fed as a venerable institution with the Fed Chairman being the government “maestro” that directs the economy and helps it in difficult times. No hint is made of their ability to create money out of nothing, or it being a banking cartel that everyone is indebted to.


Media Support of the Destruction of Western Society – Here is where the media has done the most damage. They have been successful at introducing shocking self-hating, degenerate, anti-society, anti- family values to the public on a massive scale. They have become a general promoter of anything destructive to people of European decent: homosexuality, immigration, racial feminism, anti-Christianity, interracial sex, and “tolerance” of anything that is in any way “anti white”.


The MSM media also attacks anything that would serve to increase the white birth rate or promote the integrity of the white community. Even reporting the existence of declining white birth rates or the white community is always handled in such a way to avoid emphasizing these things the “wrong” way. If the media reports on declining white birthrates it is to make a case for more third world immigration to pick up the slack. If the media reports on the white community it is only to criticize or degrade or inspire self-hatred. According to the media, anyone who is concerned about the white birthrate is considered a racist. Anyone who believes a strong white community is important is a Nazi. According to the media, racists, Nazis, anti-Semites, bigots, homophobes and white haters are everywhere and we are always in jeopardy of becoming one if we think the wrong thoughts. Even “white flight” has been considered a crime of white people fleeing out of fear from the intercity and communities overtaken by third world immigration and gangs, because we take our lives, and our investment, elsewhere.


Open any major newspaper and you will find plenty of articles that decry that racism is around every corner. The media is overflowing with stories about bigots, Nazis, and stories that invoke the specter of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust and anything else to shut down discussion about the destruction of our western countries. On the flip side the media supports the third world immigration-invasion, diversity, affirmative action (white discrimination) homosexuality and anything that could poison western society. Interracial marriage is applauded, and multiculturalism and mixed societies where no one speaks the same language is held as a worthy standard.


So I ask: is this OUR media? Are westerners trying to destroy their own societies via their own T.V. shows, magazines and newspapers? Are WE, everyday regular people doing this to ourselves? It seems to defy common sense that we would organize against ourselves to attack and destroy our nations collectively. The answer is, no, this is not our media and we are NOT doing this to ourselves. It is a media controlled and largely owned by a small group of people who hate the west and its people. This group is clearly engaged in a brainwashing campaign that is so vast and so far reaching almost no one can escape its tentacles.




Who Wages the War Against Us?


Who is the enemy of western civilization that seeks a power grab of the world? Who are the people that are seeking the destruction of western civilization, who control the media, the Federal Reserve and the government that oppresses our population? In short, they are the Jewish Community Leaders and their wealthy gentile traitors for hire. I do not say this to be cruel but rather because it is the obvious truth. However, pointing out the obvious is a revolutionary observation in a time of universal confusion and we need to elaborate on this serious charge against the world Jewish community of leaders if it is to be defended.

Are all Jews to blame? Clearly not, and neither are all gentiles to blame because of what OUR leaders do. Most Jews are simply hardworking, educated people that are also propagandized by their own leaders. However, Jews as a group are EXTREMELY supportive of their western destroying community leaders. Jews spend incredible amounts of money in comparison to other groups in their support. 50% of donations to republican AND democratic parties were given by people of Jewish descent and many Jews regularly contribute to Jewish organizations that promote our destruction.

At this point it is important to explain what it means to be a Jew. Being a Jew has nothing to do with religion. A person is a Jew if they are born from a Jewish mother. Further, many Jews are atheist and yet remain Jews. Since you can be atheist AND a Jew, it follows that Jewishness does not spring from religion in any sense. It is possible to convert to becoming Jewish and mix with the Jewish community, but no convert has ever risen to any level of prominence in Jewish society. The person is basically an honorary Jew, given the title without any authority to influence the community.

All the pillars supporting the enemy strategy mentioned above are controlled by world Jewish Community Leaders:


1). Control of the Federal Reserve Bank – At the time of this writing all the Fed board of governors are Jewish. The former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan was Jewish. The current Fed Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke is Jewish (note his middle name is actually Shalom this is not my addition). The other Fed board of governors Donald L. Kohn, Kevin M. Warsh, Randall S. Kroszner and Frederick S. Mishkin are ALL Jews.

What are the chances that this is a coincidence given that Jews are only 2% of the American population? If you select 5 people at random out of society the odds are MILLIONS to one that they all would be Jewish. You are more likely to draw a winning lottery ticket. But yet, plain as day, here we have this impossibly coincidental group of people controlling the international banking cartel to which most individuals, corporations, city, state, and national governments are all indebted.


2). The Media — It makes no sense at all to try to deny the reality of Jewish power and prominence in the main stream media. Any list of the most influential production executives at each of the major movie studios will produce a heavy majority of recognizably Jewish names. Most people know only a tiny number of Jewish people in real life (or none at all), yet we all know hundreds or even thousands of Jews through the television that pumps everything we know about our world into our homes.

Jewish media control and ownership is extremely well researched and a simple Google will reveal that the media is, from top to bottom, overwhelmingly control and staffed with Jews. Here are but a few examples:


* The head of Walt Disney studios is now the Michael Eisner – a Jew.

* The owner of Viacom is Sumner Rothstein – a Jew.

* The three largest book publishers: Random House, Simon & Schuster,  and Time Inc. Book Co. All three are owned or controlled by Jews.

* The CEO of Simon & Schuster is Richard Snyder, and the president is Jeremy Kaplan; both are Jews too.

* The CEO of Time Warner Communications is Steven J. Ross — a Jew.


The most famous gentle powerhouse in the media was Ted Turner. However, his company was swallowed during the Time Warner merger and he subsequently was removed from his position.

At a lower level of power, Adam Sandler’s “The Hanukkah Song” reveals a surprising number of well paid actors, and TV personalities that are Jewish but this doesn’t even scratch the surface of how many Jews there are in Hollywood. Searching out a list of Jewish actors reveals more of the Jewish monopoly in the media.

More evidence of Jewish media control is the uniquely positive portrayal they are always given. When a Jew is portrayed in the media they are always portrayed reverently as a protagonist, the good guy or a victim of others, without exception. Even in the film “The Passion of the Christ” great power was brought to bear against Mel Gibson to edit the words of the gospel to make them totally “Jew Friendly”. This is to be expected if they make up a huge majority of the decision makers in Hollywood.

Jewish power in the media is the reason we are conditioned to immediately suspect any criticism of individual Jews or as a community as a whole but not criticism of ourselves. The Germans are collectively blamed for the Holocaust even though most of the population never saw war. Yet Germany is still forced to collectively pay money directly to the Jewish organizations that lead the fight against the rest of us for the “sins of their fathers”.

Americans are collectively criticized for stealing Indian land hundreds of years after anyone connected with the incidents have long since died. Americans are collectively blamed for slavery and all sorts of other crimes. Why is criticisms of the Jewish community held to a different standard? Even Muslims are criticized in the media for having a religion that promotes terrorism. Christians are blamed for the crusades against the holy land. But the silence of any negative word against the Jewish community in the media is deafening.

What makes them special and why is criticism against their community leaders and individual’s taboo? Why are we only allowed to mention the word “Jew” in a sentence if it is the most positive and celebratory fashion? Ask yourself why have you never heard of anything negative of the Jewish community in the media where the person wasn’t fired, made penniless, or roundly condemned by the media? You have not because, we live in the MASTERS house, and we must not utter a harsh word against him lest we feel his wrath. Jews do not tolerate any criticism of themselves while they hold the reins of power, they will beat us down if we do not recognize them as poor, noble, victims.


3). Israel and the Israeli Lobby – We obviously don’t have to explain who is in control of these entities. Jews control the Israel and the lobby in every way. The very nature of Israel and its control mechanisms in the US government are obvious and it cannot be denied that they are controlled by Jewish interests.




The End Game


It is now time to reveal the final end game of the enemy, the goal of the war. What is the final objective of the New World Order? What is it that they are driving for and spending all this money and diffusing power to accomplish? In a nutshell, it is this:

To create and dominate a single, international, domesticated, brown, slave-race under a world government that will serve the Jewish community, forever.

This is the purpose behind the push for globalization, for racial mixing with the third world, for multiculturalism and diversity and affirmative action. It is the purpose of removal of borders, and the dumbing down of our minds through T.V. programs, school curriculum, the promotion of everything under the sun to weaken and mislead us about the destruction of our nations. Independent peoples and countries, proud of their unique heritage, united against the enemy would be impossible to dominate. By combining us and mixing us up racial, culturally and geographically, a cohesive, separate and rich Jewish community would be able to rule over the globe as an extra-human aristocracy who’s authority would never to be challenged. The Jewish community is very homogeneous and they have many ways of keeping themselves separate, so they don’t need to worry about mixing with the rest of us.

Only two races are being created for future existence: one brown, one Jewish. This is their “Final Solution”.

This is obviously not a matter to be tolerated by anyone and certainly not anyone who understands what is happening. If everyday, common Jews will not rise up against their leaders then we must politely brush them aside and perform the job on their behalf. If they cannot bring their community leaders to heel then it is up to someone else to do it for them. Their leaders are the vanguard of the new world order and we cannot allow them to ruin our countries us even if they hide behind their innocent Jewish followers and scream anti-Semitism.

Unfortunately, it is certain that Jews will not rise up against their leaders because they are aware of how much power and wealth being a member of their community brings them. It would be too much to ask of them to bite off the hand that feeds them. No, we alone to do the job ourselves. We, the free peoples of the West, are the only thing standing in the way of total world domination by the leaders of this minority group. This makes our purpose clear.




What Should We Do?


The first thing we must do is rejoice. The enemy has made a HUGE miscalculation that may prove their undoing. A miscalculation so large and wide it is certain they will lose if we take the initiative. You see, not all things are going according to plan. People are waking up – you yourself have been alerted and the success of the plan depends on us being much weaker and less numerous than we are now. There are 500 million people of European decent in the world and we generally not interested in living in a third world society and mixing into a single brown race. The Arabs are also completely against enemy trying to control of their lands. Asian countries remain almost 100% Asian.

Even in our own western countries integration has failed. White’s generally tolerate a few third world people in their midst but they don’t tolerate the third world conditions a large number of these minorities brings. White’s simply move away using the ancient, racially defense phenomenon called “white flight”. Eventually, whites will have no place else to “fly” to and then will have to make a stand to defend their homelands, and that time is now fast approaching. There is almost no where people can move anymore, and it is time to politely refuse to cooperate any longer. We will no longer be moved but will stand our ground and offer peaceful resistance.

The second thing we can do to assure the destruction of the enemy’s plans is the most important: We need to awaken others about the conflict and help them undo the brainwashing. Once a critical mass of people are aware of the problem and are discussing it freely, leaders will rise of their own accord. Protests against the treachery will occur as organically and naturally as an immune system fighting off a disease. We will awaken people and sit back and let truth spread like wildfire across every nation.

Please, distribute this essay freely for this will be the best method to awaken others and foil the enemy’s plan. You will find that many people are extremely shocked and receptive to hear this message.



Final Thought


Do not be afraid but rather excited. We are aware, we are awake and we are blessed, because the alarm button is being now being pressed and its sound will soon awaken the rest of the best of the west.






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