The World Conquerors — Part 11: What Has Become of Six Million Jews?


[NOTE: Louis Marschalko was a Christian and as such his book reflects that. The purpose of posting his work is not to endorse his religious views but rather to present his study on the jews and their supremacist agenda of world conquest – KATANA]


The World




The Real War Criminals



Louis Marschalko


Part 11



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5 What a tremendous aid in understanding world events today.

By timothy k. price on December 25, 2013

This is a book that has to be read. Some people will protest and call it “anti-simetic” but this is not true.

A large tribe of people will deluge this site with protests against the book. Pay no attention to them. Read this book.

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Latimer the Cat 1 year ago

What a tremendous aid in understanding world events today.”

Of course. Like it or not, today is a reflection of yesterday. Isn’t that why revisionist (real) history publishing was banned under the post 1917 judaic/communist incursion of Russia? Isn’t that why the other side of the coin (the NSDAP view) of what’s taught as WWII is never taught here in America even after 70+ years after the conflict?


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5 Must read

By john bebekon March 2, 2013

One of the most informative books I have read.If you want a unsanatised version of events, then this is the book.

Louis Marschalko tell’s it like it happened,and is still happening today.


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5 Truth Before It’s Time

By john thames “scholar1” on February 25, 2013

Long before the Holocaust denying Institute for Historical Review appeared on the scene, Louis Marschalko, a Hungarian, wrote a definitive expose of the six million myth in the context of a book exposing world-wide Jewish conspiracy. Remember, the book was published in English in the late 1950’s and got everything right long before its time. Although there are a few mangled quotations and slight errors of fact, Marschalko saw through the fog of propganda long before organized revisionism appeared on the scene. It is a remarkable book – and one still worth reading if you can find it.


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5 The Clearness of Marschalko.

By Paul Wasa on May 12, 2010

Mr. Marschalko does a good job in exposing the poisoning mind of the Jews worldwide.

He’s very well documented and has a very clear insight on things gone by. He analyzes the 2nd World War regarding the Jews and draws the most logical conclusions.

A book not only worth of being read, but I should say “a must” for younger people, who know nothing about WWII but from Jewish books and Jewish propaganda films, most of them untrue or biassed.

Paul Wasa.

Honest Critic 4 months ago

agreed… good read… goes hand in hand with a Greater Miracle of the Lost Ten Tribes Discovered and Fearless and Godly Pioneers for the Truth (which also gives a short bio. on Marshalko)… read it before you dismiss it.


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4 Controversial, but interesting

By S. Swink on August 27, 2007

Louis Marschalko — a Hungarian nationalist – published this book book in 1958. “The World Conquerors,” surveys the worldwide advance of communism from a decidedly Catholic perspective. The author’s argument is that communism is a worldwide movement, promoted everywhere by the same worldwide, transnational force.

In four chapters relating to WWII, “The Real Victors of the Second World War”, “Revenge is Ours”, “New Purim and Nuremberg”, and “What Has Become of Six Million Jews?”, Marschalko proves himself a one-man Institute for Historical Review.





Good Morning from the Zundelsite


Copyright (c) 1997 – Ingrid A. Rimland

September 23, 1997

In a book review published with permission from Granata Communications, below I give you yet another excellent summary of a classic:

Louis Marschalko’s book, “The World Conquerors,” first published in 1958, is more timely now than ever. It is one of those volumes whose prophesies lies in fulfillment.

Written by a Hungarian nationalist, it surveys the worldwide advance of communism as the unfolding of the scheme of the notorious “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.

The book’s thesis is expounded in its first chapter. Entitled “The Oldest Nazism in the World”, Marschalko shows the bolshevism of the Old Testament. The Fuehrership of Moses laid the foundation for all that has come since.

Although not a study of organized religion, the author’s side comments show astounding clarity. The Catholic perspective of Mr. Marschalko underlies his opposition to “The World Conquerors” he exposes: Christianity as the antithesis of Judaism, Protestantism as a reversion to the barbarism of the Old Testament, the ancient worship of the Golden Calf as the basis for emerging capitalism.

The rest of the book piles fact upon fact to make its case. The Jewish background of communism is thoroughly explored. Much of the material is familiar. However, a very valuable survey of communism in South America is included. This reinforces the author’s argument that communism is a worldwide movement, promoted everywhere by the same worldwide, transnational force.

Moving on, Marschalko examines the real nature of the German National Socialist regime. Its achievements are noted, as well as the real reasons for the war. Hitler’s Germany had to be destroyed if the program of the “Protocols” were to be fulfilled.

The author provides much information on the persecution of the Germans in Poland at the time when such claims were almost universally dismissed as propaganda.

The section on World War II and its aftermath is astounding Revisionism ahead of its time. In four chapters, “The Real Victors of the Second World War”, “Revenge is Ours”, “New Purim and Nuremberg”, and “What Has Become of Six Million Jews?”, Marschalko proves himself a one-man Institute for Historical Review.

The Jewish staffing and orchestration of the Nuremberg Trial, the east-west collaboration in the hounding of “war criminals”, the real fate of the fabled Six Million, the setting up of Jewish persecution as the moral standard of the post war era, all are devastatingly analyzed to show the vested interests at work.

Even the well-informed reader will be amazed at the cohesion and extent of the Jewish revenge which was taken post-1945 in Europe. Each of these chapters can and should be expanded into full length books. Until that happens, these four chapters may be taken as a primer on the subject.

The rest of the book covers the post war era of the Cold War up to the date of publication, 1958. The Jewish involvement in the atomic bomb treason, the Hungarian uprising of 1956 and the efforts of the Jewish media to cover up anti-communist exposures by Senator Joseph McCarthy and others confirm the blackout on truth by “The World Conquerors”.

Particularly valuable is the voluminous evidence presented on the post-war Jewish control of the Soviet Union. Marschalko convincingly argues that the deportation of Western Russia’s Jews ahead of the Nazi invasion created a second Iron Curtain. The Jews were concentrated in the Soviet arms production factories behind the Ural Mountains. This allowed them to retain a key grip on power while denuding the western provinces where Jews were never popular.

The United Nations is also exposed as a front for Jews. A voluminous list of Jews in key positions is appended. In reviewing the evidence, it is difficult to conclude anything other than that the shoe fits.

If there is no Jewish conspiracy at work, the world has been treated to amazing coincidence. A better explanation is that Louis Marschalko is right. His presentation is logically lucid and well documented. It is also easily read and easily understood. A short book of only 296 pages, it is hardly all-inclusive. But as a statement of the essential facts, it has stood the test of time. It summarizes the facts and points the student in the proper direction for further research.

(Copyright 1958, reprinted 1983. Translated from the Hungarian by A. Suranyi. No Library of Congress #. No ISBN.)

Thought for the Day:

There are persons, too, who see not the full extent of the evil which threatens them; they solace themselves with hopes that the enemy, if he succeed, will be merciful.

It is the madness of folly, to expect mercy from those who have refused to do justice; and even mercy, where conquest is the object, is only a trick of war; the cunning of the fox is as murderous as the violence of the wolf, and we ought to guard equally against both.

(Thomas Paine)





The World




The Real War Criminals




Louis Marschalko


English translation by A. Suranyi

Publisher: Britons Publishing Society, London






1. The oldest “Nazism” in the World

2. The Meaning of Christ’s Resistance

3. World Domination in Three Stages

4. Millionaire Bankers Back Bolshevism

5. A Movement Maligned

6. The Real War Criminals

7. Why Hitler Had to Go

8. The Real Victors of the Second World War

9. “Revenge is Ours”.

10. New Purim and Nuremberg

11. What Has Become of Six Million Jews?

12. Spiritual and Economic Persecution

13. Biological Class-warfare Against All Nations

14. The Jews Have the Atom Bomb

15. The Betrayal of America

16. The Fulfilment of the Protocols and the Farewell Letter of a Hungarian Martyr

17. The Key Positions of Jewish World-Power

18. Secret Powers

19. The Hungarian Freedom Revolt








To the memory of the Nationalist Martyrs


and victims of Bolshevism

About the Author


Louis Marschalkó


http: //

Louis Marschalko (September 11, 1903 — May 20, 1968) was a Hungarian nationalist writer and author of The World Conquerors (1958).


His father was a secondary school teacher, his mother a musician.

He started to work for nationalistic newspapers. He lived in Debrecen until 1936, when he moved to Budapest. He wrote the booklet Who Betrayed Hungary in 1918-19. The booklet was banned after 1945, as anti-judaic and anti-semitic, even though the author had no influence to the fact that over 90% of the betrayers and Bolsheviks were Jews. He opened the eyes of the Hungarian readers with that book, since only few knew, that most the betrayers were Jews. Jews in Europe generally hide their Jewishness in the public.

He did not come home 1945, but had to remain in Munich, since otherwise the Bolshevists for sure had killed him. He wanted to emigrate to the USA, but having spent some months on Ellis Island in New York, the American immigration authorities refused his immigration application due to Jewish influences. He returned to Munich and worked as a simple worker, and wrote his books and articles at night.

Since Jews (Martin Himler and others) who betrayed Hungary and caused lot of suffering in Hungary, appeared after the Second World War in Europe as American officers in CIC uniforms, and gathered East-European patriots and delivered them to sure death under the Bolshevistic regime of their race-companions, wrote some scandalous smear books about Hungary and Hungarians, he wrote about the role of Jews in Hungary and in the world. (Conquestors of the Country, Conquestors of the World). He was also co-author of the book “Accusing Gallows” that described the tragic destiny of the last legal Hungarian administration. His book “Conquestors of the World” was published three times in the USA, but he did not receive any royalties.

He died in Munich, 1968. On his grave there are the words:

For God, our country and freedom, forever”.


[Inside dustcover]

The Second World War was said to have been waged for “the rights of small nations,” but the author, like countless other Hungarians, is literally “on the run from Communism.” He has been living in exile since 1945 because of his anti-communist views, Although he was never a member of any party, the Communist regime of Hungary, with typical effrontery, demanded that the U.S.A. authorities “hand Louis Marschalko over as a war criminal.” A former special correspondent of two leading newspapers in pre-Communist Hungary, Marshalko is a brilliant novelist, playwright and poet and has many hundreds of articles to his credit. World Conquerors expresses some of the bitterness and contempt of millions of enslaved Europeans for the rulers of the “victorious nations.” It shows that by being urged to throw off the German yoke, the central European nations were tricked into becoming satellites of the Soviet.

World Conquerors indicts the real war criminals. It gives horrifying glimpses of the agony behind the Iron Curtain and describes the plot to extend the slave system to the Western world. Thousands of copies of the Hungarian edition have been sold and this English translation is published to warn the West. It is written by one who is a firm friend of the English-speaking people but an implacable foe of their vacillating and corrupt governments.







Chapter Eleven



What Has Become of the


Six Million Jews?









In the Second World War, Jewry, which declared itself to be a belligerent party, suffered unknown losses in dead. Other nations mourn their dead, erect monuments to them and keep anniversaries to cherish their memory. The majority of Jewry made good business out of their dead and used their bodies to serve as a step towards world domination. It regarded them as a political investment and a means of achieving power. Whilst over the graves and war memorials of other people’s heroes sweet flowers of remembrance blossom, around the graves of the Jewish dead the loudspeakers of propaganda are, even today, still roaring at full blast. The survivors of other nations bring floral tribute to the graves of their mothers, but around the graves of Jewish mothers are only to be heard profaning shouts of:

Give me an U.N.R.R.A. parcel too! My mother also was killed by the Nazis!

For the survivors, the graves at Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen represented no symbol of eternal protest again barbarism. Hollywood made a splendid business out of them and the Gentiles stood around the Jewish graves in consternation. Jewry did so also, equipped with film cameras, loudspeakers and every kind or photographic apparatus. On learning of the concentration camps, the spontaneous comment of the shocked Christian world was:

Some shameful outrage has been committed!

But the headlines of Jewish nationalism blared: A world sensation! 

The survivors have earned the pity of the world, as well as the right to revenge, to quick emigration and, of course, to world domination!

All this is without a parallel in the history of the world.

[Page 147]

Compassion, shock and indignation were the reactions of the Christian world. But the Jewish survivors said:

We demand privileges! My mother, my sister and my father all fell victims to the Nazis.

The martyrs rested in their common graves, while the New York millionaire and the small Brooklyn chandler were carrying on business with the halo of martyrdom around their brows and displaying an expression of sadness which could not have been bettered had they themselves been lying in the camp of Bergen-Belsen.

Other nations also have their dead and their martyrs, perhaps many more than the Jews. Six million people were starved to death in the Ukraine as victims of the food-dumping plans of the Kremlin Jews, but the world never awarded privileges to the Ukrainians. Nobody ever gave double rations to the dependents of the victims buried in the common graves of Katyn Woods. Nor have the survivors of Brno death-march ever received any compensation. Not one of the perpetrators of the Bromberg, Prague or Yugoslav massacres was hanged at Nuremberg.

Six million martyrs!” announced the Jewish newspapers, the Nuremberg judges, the films and the radio network. Six million! — the Gentile world recoiled with horror and nobody dared to raise a dissident voice even when it became apparent that this alleged figure had become the centre of a world blackmailing maneuvre. “Six million!” cried the Germans in consternation, who knew nothing about the concentration camps until the day of the armistice, and over whose heads the scourge of collective punishment was poised menacingly.

But were there, in fact, six million victims?

When General Taylor, the Chief Public Prosecutor at Nuremberg, was asked where he had got this figure of six million, he simply replied that the figure was based on the confession of S.S. General Ohlendorf.


[Image] Otto Ohlendorf (4 February 1907 – 7 June 1951) was a German SS-Gruppenführer and head of the Inland-SD (responsible for intelligence and security within Germany), a section of the SD. Ohlendorf was the commanding officer of Einsatzgruppe D, which was accused of conducting mass murder in Moldova, south Ukraine, the Crimea, and, during 1942, the north Caucasus. He was convicted of and executed for war crimes committed during World War II.

During the Nuremberg enquiries, Ohllendorf allegedly said that this was the number of Jews killed. Later it became known that American Jews had extorted this “confession” from Ohllendorf under torture. Oswald Pohl and Berger, both S.S. group leaders, were similarly tortured. Forged affidavits were also used to support this unprecedentedly high figure of Jewish “martyrs”. This figure is also given by Dr. Wilhelm Höttl, a rather strange person in the service of the American C.I.C., the author of several books written under the pen name of Walter Hagen. He appeared in Nuremberg as a witness for the American prosecution. We learn from Der Weg (3rd number, 1954, p. 203) that his evidence was the only “proof” regarding the supposition of the murder of six million Jews. He was also engaged by the Soviet for espionage, working with two Jewish emigrants from Vienna, Perger and Verber, as U.S. officers during the preliminary inquiries of the Nuremberg Trials.

[Page 148]

The intention of exterminating the Jews is usually supposed to be proved by referring to Hitler’s announcement made in the course of one of his pre-war speeches:

If Jewry unleashes this war, the peace treaties will not find any more Jews in Europe!

But the question still remains, how did he intend to solve the Jewish question?

In 1939, Sven Hedin submitted a plan to Goering for the expatriation of Jewry from Europe:

The plan is very interesting and practical,” said Goering, “and I have pleasure in giving it my support. If it becomes practical I will gladly be at your disposal.” (Sven Hedin: Ohne Auftrag in Berlin.)

The other project, published in pamphlet form by the party, was to settle the Jews in Madagascar. A nation without a country must be provided with a homeland. Palestine would not be able to take in and feed all the masses of European Jews, and the revival of Israel, continued the pamphlet, would be a source of perpetual trouble, incidents and wars in the Arab world. This has indeed been the case up to the present day.

The New York Times produced the most reliable evidence regarding Hitlerian policy, when, after the war, it published statistics concerning the world’s Jewish population, and admitted that Hitler allowed 400,000 Jews to emigrate from the Reich. Had he cherished the intention to exterminate the Jews, these emigrants would never have been allowed to leave Germany.

The World Jewish Congress admits in its publication Unity in Dispersion (page 377) that:

The majority of German Jews succeeded in leaving Germany before the war broke out…

[Page 149]

World Jewry knew and foresaw clearly that the Second World War, especially in the case of a Bolshevik defeat, would take a heavy toll of Jewish lives, but did absolutely nothing to further emigration while there was still ample time for it. World Jewry badly needed victims in order to be in a position to blackmail the world with the story of six million Jewish martyrs. It was evident to the Jews that here was a rare opportunity of obtaining an excellent psychological weapon to silence “anti-Semitism” and to capture world power. After the events of the Kristallnacht (Crystal night) in Germany, forty-eight states, led by America, France and Great Britain, held a conference, the only topic of which was how to save the Jews threatened in Germany. Although it was clear to all parties concerned that in the case of war the position of European Jewry would be precarious, the conference ended without any positive results. Great Britain was not prepared to take in the German Jews. Though America was ready to grant German Jewry admission, certain Jewish forces working behind the scenes sabotaged this solution. They knew very well that this would have meant the end of anti-Nazi propaganda. It may sound paradoxical, but the anti-Jewish character of German National Socialism came in handy for world Jewry. World Jewry required a Second World War, despite knowing that this would cost a certain number of Jewish lives.

After the outbreak of war all such expatriation plans became unpractical. But did the Germans really wish to destroy the Jews in their hands? This is hardly credible. After the occupation of Poland, photographs of the Polish ghettos were published by the German picture magazine Signal. [1] That these Jews were living separated, for reasons of security, is quite understandable in time of war. But had the intention of the Germans been to exterminate them, then under no circumstances would their pictures have been published by official German propaganda agencies, showing them working at various tasks, such as packing and doing other light jobs for the German Army, and thus earning regular wages. The Signal also published a reproduction of the special currency notes introduced in the ghettos to prevent speculation. The interior administration of the ghettos was in the hands of Jewish councils elected by themselves. It may be a question of opinion whether this arrangement was right or wrong.  The ghetto is perhaps a humiliating social establishment, but it is not barbaric. It is not an organisation for the destruction of a race. Let us not forget that the United States interned Germans and Japanese citizens, while England put the Mosley Fascists and many others in internment camps. This number of Signal was obtainable all over Europe at that time.

[Page 150]

World conscience” raised no objection against these ghettos then.

What was meant by talk of a solution for the Jewish question? The book Nuremberg on la Terre Promise, by Maurice Bardeche, answers this question when discussing the Nuremberg Trials:

It is clear from the documents of the trials that the solution of the Jewish question, as approved by the leader of National Socialism, meant simply to concentrate all Jews in one place set apart for them and this place would be known as the Jewish reservation. This would have been a special type of European ghetto, and this intention can be recognized by various ministerial executive decrees and by inter-departmental orders emanating from higher authorities of the Reich. There is nothing else to it! Those accused at Nuremberg could state repeatedly with a clear conscience that during the whole war they knew nothing of mass executions or of Auschwitz or Treblinka, and that they first heard of them from the Public Prosecutor.

How, then, did the German concentration camps come into being?

According to accounts in the Munchen Illustrierte appearing in 1958, a very interesting answer was given to this question at the Nuremberg Trials. Raymond H. Geist, a Jew and First Secretary of the American Embassy in Berlin, when National Socialism took over in 1933, made a statement under oath. In this statement he said that during the first few days following the taking over of power, the victims of the Gestapo reached a figure of several hundred thousands.

But Hermann Goering, the chief defendant at the Nuremberg Trials, when questioned about this, replied to the American judge:

In the beginning there were naturally certain abuses of power and, of course, sometimes innocent persons suffered, but in the light of the magnitude, both of the action taken and of the whole movement, this German impulse to independence constituted the most bloodless and most disciplined revolution in history.

[Page 151]

At first only the Communist leaders were sent to concentration camps. After learning that Thalman, the leader of the German Communist Party, had been manhandled in “protective detention”, Goering gave orders that Thalman be brought before him and then said to him:

My dear Thalman! Had you seized power, you would not have [had me] been beaten up, but on the other hand, I have no doubt you would have ordered my prompt execution.

Naturally!” retorted the Communist leader.

This incident proves better than anything else that in the beginning there were no Jews in the German concentration camps and that the National Socialist leaders themselves prevented the ill treatment of the internees.

The real aim was the establishment of a special territory for Jews in the East. This was the project referred to, and the journals and magazines containing German war propaganda published pictures illustrating it. These were the modern ghettos and in each one the Jewish population of a whole district lived and worked. The Germans were convinced they would win the war and then they wanted to expatriate the Jews from Europe. The Eastern ghettos, therefore, did not represent the permanent Jewish homeland but a temporary reservation only. Well, to what extent was this right or wrong? The British can, perhaps, give the best decision, who, during the Boer War, interned all the women and children of the population so that more women perished than men.

However, under no circumstances could the British be charged with wanting to exterminate the Boers. They simply put into effect certain safety measures. It is even more understandable that the Germans should wish to carry out such safety measures, for the Jews never denied that they opposed the Germans with fanatical hatred and that they had no scruples in resisting them either by partisan warfare or by acts of sabotage. Moreover, there was ample bases for these measures under international law, since Jewry declared itself to be a belligerent party.

Have the Germans ever had any intention of exterminating Eastern Jewry? There is indirect proof that the Germans never had any such intention. During the air raids and “saturation bombing” of residential districts, churches, hospitals and workers’ settlements, irresponsible people in the war-worn population often voiced the demand that all Jewish workers in the Reich should be regarded as hostages. The “man in the street” in his simple, decent way, argued that if Western Jews ordered air raids against innocent women and children, then this outrage made it justifiable for innocent Jewish women and children to be sent to perish also under the carpet-bombing.

[Page 152]

But the party and the leaders never gave way to these demands, though the execution of this policy would only have required giving notice through the radio that the inmates of the Jewish camps would be transferred into the residential districts and non-military targets most frequently bombed, so that they would perish first in the saturation bombing.

In the Eastern territories, i.e., in Poland, in the Ukraine and Lithuania, Jewry suffered its greatest losses. But up to 1943, nobody knew anything of the so-called mass murders. These losses were suffered in the Ukrainian partisan warfare, when the Germans were compelled to take hostages. Amongst these hostages, there were a good many Jews, as it was commonly known that the Jews sided with the partisans. The great question was whether an army in the field has the right to take hostages during gruesome and murderous warfare against partisans.

From the point of view of humanity, this is very doubtful. In any case, in the course of the Nuremberg Trials several witnesses testified that an order written and signed by General Eisenhower was found in the Harz Mountains. This order directed that for every American soldier killed twenty German hostages must be slain. It is also noteworthy that during the Korean War the Americans were compelled to adopt “German methods” against the partisans. Whole villages were razed from the face of the earth because it was suspected that partisans might be hiding there. On page twenty-five of Colliers magazine of August 26th, 1950, several photographs were published depicting captured partisans and hostages. The caption under the photographs says:

The events of the war show that in Asia very little regard is shown for human life. Southern Koreans suspected of treason were loaded into trucks to carry them to the place of execution. (In some cases their backs were broken before they were shot.)

In these pictures, the Korean partisans are guarded by American soldiers. Thus it can be seen that Eisenhower, as well as MacArthur, found it justifiable to take hostages. Yet members of the German security forces were sentenced to death for obeying orders of exactly the same nature.

[Page 153]

It is most interesting to compare events of today with those of the Second World War. We can read almost daily in any newspaper how the British are killing Mau Mau without the least sentimentality. One day 130 die and on another 34 members of Mau Mau are executed. But “world conscience” by now merely dismisses these horrors by nonchalantly acknowledging that Britain has to employ these drastic measures to establish order. But there is no doubt that the rebels in the Warsaw ghetto were at least as ruthless and fanatical as the murderous members of Mau Mau, and Jewry had declared itself a belligerent party and acted as such all over Europe. But Western and Soviet radio networks never missed a chance to stir up the fanaticism of European Jewry. The Jewish speakers of the various broadcasting stations bawling into space from the safety of bombproof shelters, called down, in fact, the fate suffered by Jews in German bands.

The human lives lost in partisan warfare do not prove any intention to exterminate Jewry. The camps were under the constant supervision of the sanitary authorities and regularly inspected up to the time of the invasion of Europe, i.e., up to June, 1944. A minimum space of four cubic metres was calculated for each inmate. Belsen camp, near Bremen, accommodated 15,000 internees. This camp was actually a substitute for a prison. The internees were under regular medical care. Those seriously ill were transferred to hospital. The lighter cases were medically treated in the camp. Internees of foreign origin could also receive parcels, just like the Germans. The office of the Public Prosecutor conducted thorough investigations in each case, and those found innocent were sent back to their own country. But those found guilty were sentenced to death by the military courts and executed.

The average number of natural deaths was 200 monthly in 1944. But when saturation bombing paralysed the transport and communication system of the Reich, the rationing system became more and more chaotic, and in consequence epidemics broke out. The behaviour of the camp guards towards the internees became stricter and the mortality rate rose. But despite every handicap, Belsen was not an extermination camp. Why was it, then, shown as a terror spot in the propaganda film prepared by American Jews? What sort of horror propaganda was this? Who is responsible if, as a direct consequence of allied bombing, a famine resulted? Was it the Germans or the Allies? Which of them caused the highest casualties in the camps?

[Page 154]

Shem, the underground paper of Jewish nationalists in France, on July 8th, 1944, published a noteworthy article describing conditions in the internment camps of Eastern Germany. We should regard these reports as reliable sources of information, for they were given by Jews to Jews and they were based on direct experience. They deal in detail with conditions in the camps of Byslowitz, Chrszno, Kattowitz-Birkenau-Wadowitz, Meisso, Lager Oberlagenbielau, Waldenburg and Theresienstadt. Life in one camp might appear to be rather hard for the internees, whilst in another it appeared to be more tolerable and in a third there might be quite good conditions. Generally speaking, the inmates everywhere received strict but fair treatment. The women had to do light household work. The men worked on road buildings and construction, but skilled workers were employed in their own occupations. There is not a word in the report of this Jewish paper about extermination or maltreatment of the internees. Neither is there a word in these accounts about gas chambers, extermination camps or infanticides. On the contrary! Shem reports that the very young children between two and five years of age were being sent to various kindergartens in Berlin to enjoy the care of the German Red Cross and Public Welfare Department.

How, then, was the world deceived by the fiction of the extermination of six million Jews? Where were the gas-chamber scenes and the dead bodies shown in the propaganda film Todesmuhle (Mill of Death) [2] actually photographed?

At the end of 1945, new inmates appeared in the concentration camp of Dachau. But these were no longer Jews but some of the defeated German people — the “war criminals”. They were ordered subsequently to build various additional auxiliary buildings with the greatest possible speed. But first of all, the horticultural beauties of the camps had to be destroyed because it would be rather difficult for the American cinema-going public to believe that the Jews were suffering amid nice gardens and flowerbeds, especially when they came to the cinema in the anticipation of seeing horrors. Thus the workers received orders to dig a blood-pit with a drainpipe for draining off the blood, because it must be made to appear that here Jewish blood had been flowing in streams.

[Page 155]

The shower baths, dressing rooms and reception halls had to be rebuilt so that they should appear like gas chambers. For the sake of achieving this appearance a special separate concrete structure was built with small porthole-like openings, and these contraptions are still on show today purporting to demonstrate that the killing “death gas” was let in through these portholes. The captive workers also received orders to build;

a special execution yard purporting to show where the victims were shot through the back of the neck”.

Philip Auerbach, who became Under-Secretary of State in the Bavarian Government, as well as the leader and acting head of German Jewry freed from the concentration camps, had the bright idea that there should be a “hanging tree” in the camp, too. A big fir tree standing in the park was tidied up and embellished, and moreover, to the great luck of Auerbach, this tree bad a stout branch projecting horizontally. So the end of this branch was cut off and the remaining stub rubbed with ropes for a long while until it appeared highly polished and capable of providing evidence that every day hundreds of executed Jews had been hanged from this tree.


[Image] The “Hanging Tree” at Dachau

The Jews converted this camp into a chamber of horrors and a memorial plaque was unveiled, the inscription on which says that 238,000 persons were cremated here. But the crematorium had only two furnaces. In order to cremate the alleged 238,000 bodies, these furnaces would have to have been kept going for three years without ever stopping, and in this case about 530 tons of human ashes would have been recovered.

Relying on the information received from a bribed Pole in 1949, an American Jewish C.I.C. officer started excavations on a large scale in the camp vegetable garden. But despite all his tireless efforts and expense no ashes or Jewish bodies were found. Small wonder! Since one of the two furnaces of the crematorium had been built after the war for shooting the scenes from Todesmuhle.

Cardinal Faulhaber, the German archbishop, informed the Americans that, during the air raids on Munich in September, 1944, thirty thousand people were killed. The archbishop himself requested the German authorities at the time to cremate the bodies of these victims in the crematorium of Dachau. But, unfortunately, this plan could not be carried out. The crematorium, having only one furnace, was not able to cope with the bodies of the victims, nor could it have accommodated the alleged Jewish bodies either. The only bodies cremated were those of inmates who passed away naturally.

[Page 156]

To complete the story of Auerbach, he was convicted in 1952 and sentenced to a term of imprisonment for forging documents purporting to show he had paid out huge sums of reparations to non-existent Jews.

The other “proofs” were similarly concocted. Jews in U.S. Army uniform showed the Chief Constable of a large German city a photograph and said to him:

Look here, we understand that it was you who ordered the killing of nearly 20,000 Jews whose bodies can be seen in this photograph!

The photograph showed a macabre sight — hecatombs of horribly distorted human bodies. But the Chief Constable retorted curtly:

These are not Jewish bodies. These are the bodies of the inhabitants of this city killed in the air raids. These are all Germans. By the way, I can prove that I myself ordered this picture to be taken when I was head of the police force.

Thousands and thousands of similar proofs can be produced today showing the fantastic methods and tricks utilised to spread the fictitious story of six million exterminated Jews, concocted by Jewish propagandists, film producers, journalists, C.I.C. officers and torturers.

Well, what really did happen to those six million Jews, the erection of a memorial to whom is being planned in Manhattan?

The Baseler Nachrichten on June 12th, 1946, published the news that a press conference was held at Geneva by leading members of the Jewish World Congress, at which Dr. M. Perlzweig, the delegate from New York, made the following statement;

The price of the downfall of National Socialism and Fascism is the fact that seven million Jews lost their lives thanks to cruel ‘anti-Semitism’. The number of Jews surviving in Europe today stands at one and a half million.

But in its next issue the Baseler Nachrichten was compelled to give space to the report of an American correspondent, challenging the authenticity of this propaganda figure in the strongest terms. This report points out first of all that if this figure were correct, the losses of Jewry in the war would be greater than the total losses of Great Britain, America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Holland and Denmark all added together.

[Page 157]

The most remarkable thing about all this is that, in 1933, the total number of European Jews, excepting those in the Soviet Union, was 5,600,000 [5.6 million]. This figure was well known by the American Jewish Congress from statistics published in the New York Times on January 11th, 1945. From this 5,600,000 one million must be deducted for the number of Jews remaining in East Poland beyond the Molotov-Ribbentrop line, to whom nothing happened until June 21st, 1941, when the German-Soviet war broke out. According to statistics of the Baseler Nachrichten, five million Jews were living in Europe, not counting those in Soviet Russia. But from this five million, the number of Jews living in neutral countries must be deducted since nothing ever happened to them. According to the statistical figures of the 1942 World Almanac, the number of Jews living in Gibraltar, the British Isles, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Irish Republic and Turkey was 420,000.

The number of Jews, therefore, within the reach of National Socialism was never more than 4,500,000. The same neutral source of information, the Baseler Nachrichten, in referring to available Jewish statistical data, establishes that between 1933 and 1945, 1,500,000 Jews emigrated to Great Britain, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Australia, China, Indian and Palestine, not to mention the United States, where eighty percent of the immigrants arriving with German, Australian, Polish or Czechoslovak passports consisted of Jews. According to the report of the Baseler Nachrichten half a million Jews escaped to Siberia before the German armies launched their attack on Soviet Russia. Therefore, the number of Jews remaining in Hitler’s sphere of influence could not have been more than 2,500,000. But in 1946, again excepting Russia, there were still 1,559,600 Jews living in Europe!

But today one thing is certain: the presumption that Jewish losses were between five and six million (a presumption adopted even by the Palestine Committee) is absolutely absurd. The maximum conceivable number of Jewish victims could be estimated as being between 1 and 1.5 million, since there were no more Jews within the reach of Hitler and Himmler, and we can reasonably estimate that the actual losses of Jewry are well under this figure.

[Page 158]

The American occupation authorities in Germany carried out a post-war investigation to ascertain the number of persons who perished in the concentration camps. According to their report published in 1951, 1.2 million people died in these camps during the whole period of their existence. This number includes Jews, Gypsies, Ukrainians and all other nationalities, i.e., all prisoners who died a natural death in the concentration camps. At the highest possible estimate, the number of Jews who perished cannot, therefore, be put higher than 500,000 or 600,000 persons. In comparison with this, Christian nations suffered immeasurably greater losses. Let us consider the small Hungarian nation whose total population is about the same as that of world Jewry. Hungary’s war losses in dead, including the victims of air raids and those frozen or starved to death in Siberian death camps, reach at least one million. And what are Germany’s losses? Three million six hundred thousand German soldiers died in action in the war forced on the Reich by world Jewry. One million two hundred thousand civilians were killed in the saturation bombing, while two million four hundred thousand East Germans, together with six hundred thousand Sudeten Germans and two hundred thousand other people of German origin were massacred at the end of the war. One million four hundred thousand Germans perished or were murdered in the jails, P.O.W. camps and internment camps of the Allies, and the Soviet Union.

Against the horrible truth demonstrated by these facts and figures the real war criminals bad to build up a legend of Jewish martyrdom and this gigantic lie-propaganda was assisted by all Jewish official organisations, all Jewish world papers like the New York Times, etc., and all Jews, whether leading statesmen or small black-marketeers in the shady side streets. The New York Times in its issue of May 1st, 1946, published its notorious statistics according to which the number of Jewish victims was over six million. In Die Neue Zeitung of February 4th, 1946, a semi-official organ of the American occupation forces, the Joint Distribution Committee published its statistics and according to these, the number of Jews who perished during the Second World War is estimated at 5,012,000. Both these statistics are masterpieces of juggling and the result of a collection of falsehoods. Their compilers apparently relied on the ignorance of the rest of the world.

Churchill has said that there are two sorts of lies: brazen lies and statistics. But these lies represent and combine both sorts. It is revealing that in order to reach the required result, the Jews simply raised their numbers living in Europe in 1939.

[Page 159]

But the chief question remaining to be dealt with is whether the number of survivors is reported correctly by Jewry. The various Jewish papers written in Hungarian and edited in different parts of the world continuously emphasise that six hundred thousand Jews perished in Hungary. In contrast to this, the statistics of the New York Times puts the figure of the Jews who died in Hungary at two hundred thousand, whilst the Central Statistical Office of Budapest, which was from 1946 in sole control of Jewry and the people’s democrats, states that the losses of Hungarian Jews were one hundred and twenty thousand. But even the figures of the Hungarian Statistical Office were obtained only by comparing the data of legal death declarations with the statements of Jews returning to Hungary. It is remarkable that in the section relating to Hungary, a dotted line with no figures attached appears opposite Hungarian displaced persons. From this it can be deduced that no Hungarian Jewish D.P.s were left in Austria or Germany. But the truth is that 35,000 Hungarian Jews never returned to Soviet-dominated Hungary. So if this figure is taken into consideration the losses of Hungarian Jewry would not be 120,000 but 85,000. The New York Times remarks that 25,000 Hungarian Jews, who reached Russia as members of labour divisions and were captured there later, are not taken into consideration in the list of lost Hungarian Jews. These all returned later to Hungary in the best of health. Thus a fairer estimate of the losses of Hungarian Jewry would be about 60,000 persons.

Similar statistical frauds can be detected concerning French Jews as well. The Public Prosecutor representing that part of the indictment relating to France during the Nuremberg Trials, stated that 120,000 Jews were deported for racial reasons. The New York Times states that out of 320,000 French Jews there were 180,000 survivors only. Thus 140,000 had perished. But how? the reader may ask — when, according to the French Public Prosecutor himself there were 120,000 deported. Furthermore, quite a large number of these survived too. We can read in the book Your France, by Bradley, of the horrors committed against the French people by Jews released from concentration camps.

[Page 160]

But greater and even more glaring frauds are to be seen in the statistics concerning the largest blocks of Jewry, i.e., in Poland and Russia. According to the tales of the Joint Distribution Committee and the New York Times, out of three million two hundred and fifty thousand Polish and Russian Jews there were only eighty thousand survivors. The most flagrant fraud is that according to the “Poland” column there are no Polish Jew D.P.s left in Western Germany or Austria. On the contrary, they swarm there by thousands in the black markets! But, unfortunately, a very unpleasant surprise came to spoil the worldwide belief that there were only eighty thousand survivors left from Polish Jewry. One hundred and fifty thousand Polish Jews suddenly arrived in the West fleeing from Polish pogroms. They were spirited away with all haste to Palestine and America. Their emigration was carried out in a record short time.

Here is another noticeable point. In the statistics of the Joint Distribution Committee, Soviet Russia is not mentioned at all. What is the position of Russian Jewry? The Committee gives the following information only:

Other countries of the Continent” — “Losses: 139,000 persons.

But the New York Times corrects this figure and says that, including the Jewish population of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, out of 3,550,000 Russian Jews only 2,665,000 survived. This means that 885,000 Baltic and Russian Jews perished.

There is no doubt that in these territories Jewry suffered considerable losses and not only in partisan warfare alone. The German troops in the East did not commit atrocities against the Jews. The Ukrainian population killed a few thousand Jews, but they killed them not as Jews but as Bolshevik oppressors and tormentors. In Odessa, the Rumanian troops staged a massacre as a retribution for an attempted attack on their headquarters. But the intervention of German troops suppressed these incidents.

As the paper Der Weg proved, the so-called “interrogators” were sent to Europe early in 1945. These “interrogators” consisted of up to one hundred percent of American Jews and of German Jews who had emigrated to escape from Hitler. They began their enquiries in 1945, and when their records were summarised, it appeared that twelve million Jews were killed by the Germans in the gas chambers. This result was apparently a bit too much even for the Jew, Walter Lippmann, who warned the Jews in the columns of the New York Herald Tribune that by using such manifestly forged figures they would only harm themselves. As a result of his leading article the figure for Jews “murdered” by the Germans was suddenly dropped to six million.

[Page 161]

The question can always be asked as to whether it would have been physically possible to destroy as many Jews as the propagandists state were destroyed. Had the Germans enough time for it? Did they possess adequate facilities for it? And then, why was it necessary to build additional crematoria so quickly for shooting scenes in propaganda films? Is it possible that the Jews built these additional crematoria to make their unbelievably high statistics more credible? Was it necessary for the Germans to destroy the Jews systematically, when they were at all times short of manpower and could use the Jews very well for purposes of war-production?

The alleged “extermination” would not have begun before early part of 1944. Is it credible that during this short time, i.e., from early 1944 until the end of the war, the Germans could destroy six or five or even three million Jews, as the various “sources” state? After all, it is a well-known fact today that the German population knew nothing of the existence of the Jewish camps. It is therefore unthinkable that the Germans could have staged massacres on the scale of those committed by their enemies on the public squares of Prague. There were only small units on guard duty in the camps and these were later replaced by camp police, often partly consisting of a few Jews, who kept order and watched over the prisoners. Such an enormous gathering of Jews equal in number to the total German armed forces can hardly be conceived. At a time when the Germans faced the most difficult problems concerning the transport of ammunition, food and petrol, is it likely that they would have transported and concentrated Jews only, instead? Can it be reasonably supposed that the mass-destruction of millions on such a vast scale could have been kept secret? Why did the Russian radio remain silent? And why did Western propagandists say nothing about these would-be exterminations? Since they knew the most intimate secrets of the German General Staff and of the National Socialist party through spies and traitors, they would surely have known of these “exterminations”. Why did they begin to speak of these horrors only towards the end of hostilities?

[Page 162]

The real truth about the extermination of six million Jews must therefore be found behind the Iron Curtain, and behind the purple plush curtains of American politics in 1945.

How was it possible for such huge Jewish crowds to appear in Czechoslovakia, in Poland, in Hungary and Bulgaria in the autumn of 1945 and the spring of 1946 that the populations of these countries had to face a second occupation?

An apparently authentic Jewish witness gives the right answer to many of these questions. He is Louis Levine, President of the American Jewish Council for Russian Relief, who made a post-war tour of the whole of Soviet Russia and subsequently submitted a full account of the status of Jews in that country. “At the outset of the war,” said Levine in Chicago on October 30th, 1946;

Jews were amongst those first evacuated from the western regions threatened by the Hitlerite invaders, and shipped to safety east of the Urals. Two million Jews were thus saved.

Here, then, are the two million Jews written off as dead, and enrolled among the six million martyrs for world publicity and for “evidence” at the Nuremberg Trials. After the “war criminals” were executed, these two million Jewish refugees came out of their hiding places behind the Urals and from other safe spots in the Soviet Union. They emerged as fully-fledged ruling-class Bolsheviks to take over power in the countries pushed behind the Iron Curtain.

What happened to the rest of them? Where are the other “dead” Jews? The unbelievably rapid growth of the Jewish population in America, Canada and South America gives a further answer to this question. We have already referred to those Jews, about one and a half million in number, who emigrated from Europe in 1945. We also happen to know that forty-one thousand Jews, with the help of influential relations and sworn affidavits, were successful in emigrating from Europe direct to America before the Displaced Persons’ Act was passed. We have also mentioned that before and during the Second World War, twenty-seven to fifty percent and even sometimes as much as eighty percent of immigrants to the U.S. consisted of Jews. During the next five years directly following the Second World War, another flood of Jewish immigration was sweeping through America. They arrived either as D.P.s or as ordinary immigrants from England and France, or perhaps as luxury passengers from behind the Iron Curtain.

[Page 163]

They came wearing the badges of Christian organisations such as the Catholic Welfare Conference or the World Church Service. Some came with their papers in order, others with forged passports. Jewry had a larger share in the D.P. quota than all the other nations together. But this did not satisfy Herbert H. Lehman, the New York Senator, who stated that the Displaced Persons’ Act was “anti-Semitic”. But the immigration authorities at the ports of New York and Boston and the officials at American Consulates were far from being “anti-Semites” for they were, almost exclusively, Jews.

According to the latest statistics, the total number of world Jewry is about fifteen million. But if this is the case it is absolutely impossible for either six million, or even one million, Jews to have been “destroyed”. The number of American Jewry has risen by almost two million since the war. Before the war, Jewish synagogues had only 4,081,242 active members. The atheists, agnostics, converts and Communists who regarded themselves as Jews on political but not religious grounds are not included in this figure which, in any case, must be regarded as unreliable, since it was prepared with the sole view of furthering Jewish interests. But we can demonstrate the tremendous increase in the number of the American Jewish population from the figures contained in the linguistic statistics, which, in any case, are more reliable than those relating to creed and religion.

According to these, 2,270,000 persons speak Yiddish in New York alone, and the 1950 statistics of the Jewish World Congress tell us that the total number of Jews in the world only amounts to 11,473,353. But despite this statistical figure it appears to be quite definite that the Jewish population of the United States has reached the figure of seven million. It is likely, however, that Dr. Cecil Roth, Jewish historian and reader at Oxford University, has reached the most accurate conclusion. This courageous historian and Jewish leader read a lecture in the B’nai B’rith Jehuda Synagogue at Kansas City on March 18th, 1952, in which he stated that two-thirds of the world’s Jewish population lived in the United States. According to Cecil Roth, the total of the Jewish world-population, including secret members, is ten million. (Edmondson: “I Testify”, page 57.)

[Page 164]

The Jewish “dead” as represented by the faked figures of the Nuremberg sham-statistics are, in fact, living either behind the Iron Curtain of the Soviet or behind the purple plush curtains of Rooseveltian politics. Thus these fraudulent statistics multiply by ten the actual figure of Jews who perished in the Second World War. The U.N. never dared to hold an impartial enquiry into the case of the alleged six million Jewish victims, and Germany, while she lived under military occupation, had no chance to publish the official statistics in German hands relating to the concentration camps from which the true facts could be ascertained. Nevertheless, the lists containing the names of the inmates of the various concentration camps, together with all other proofs, are there in the archives of the Federal German Government. Why is it that the Germans dare not publish them? Because if they did the World Conquerors would thereupon bring about an immediate crash of Germany’s fantastic financial recovery.

This propaganda figure was needed to secure the sympathy of the world. By raising the number of martyrs, world conquest was rendered easier and the Gentile peoples could be terrorised more.

Had world Jewry stated the plain truth and given the correct figures of the Jewish victims, it would have scored a moral victory in this debate. But with its lies, it has dissipated its greatest moral asset and gambled away the sympathy of the world. Hundreds of thousands were tortured in a frenzy of revenge for the ill treatment of Jews. Yet the number of Jewish victims in Europe today is much higher than the number of Jewish martyrs under the Hitler régime. A day will come when history will decide who were the real tormentors of Jewry and who treated them most barbarously.

On April 6th, 1951, in Aufbau, the New York Jewish paper, the following appeal was published in German under the title:

Israel is looking for witnesses.

The Israeli Ministry of Justice in Jerusalem is looking for witnesses in the cases of several persons under investigation for having committed grave crimes against humanity and against the Jewish nation during the Second World War. Almost all of them are charged with crimes committed against internees (Jews).

And the following names were given: Andre Banek, Mordechai Goldstein, Kia Regina Hanzova, Jacob Honnigmann, Pinkus Pshetitzky, Moses Puesitz, Dr. Joshua Sternberg and Trenk Elsa. Of these eight people seven are Jews.

[Page 165]

How can this be possible?” the man in the street may ask, who has only been informed of the alleged atrocities of the S.S.

How could Jews commit atrocities on other Jews in the concentration camps? Is this not some yarn cooked up by the Nazis?

The Hungarian Daily Journal (Magyar Jovo), a New York Jewish Communist paper, on April 27th, 1951, reprinted an article from the pen of Sandor Grossman, originally published in the Zionist paper, Hatikva, edited in Buenos Aires, which went as follows:

The attention of the world press is taken up by reports published in Israeli papers. According to these reports, the court of Tel-Aviv is devoting long sessions to throw light on the activities of certain members of the KZ Police (KZ = concentration camp). Thus it was learnt that a Jewish doctor of Chedera had treated deported persons with great cruelty. He killed Jews by giving them lethal injections. He refused to give medical aid in many cases, with the remark: ‘You will perish in any case like a dog!’ Of another doctor witnesses said even worse things in their evidence. A third ex-member of the KZ Police manhandled and tortured his Jewish brethren and caused the death of many of them.

These late charges preferred against ex-members of the KZ Police brought to light many unbelievably cruel and horrible acts of violence… It is the crime of a decade of official Jewish leadership that a social class has been permitted to develop whose members are ready to undertake anything, however unscrupulous, surpassing even the most horrible mental aberrations of the fascist thugs, and to gratify their selfish instincts by torturing and crippling their own blood-brothers and sisters. We have not to go far either in Hungary or in any of the other Fascist countries to find the chief culprits — the educators of the KZ Police and their predecessors. These men were always well in the forefront of Jewish religious communities and offices and of Jewish social organisations.

No biased “anti-Semites” are writing this, but a Jewish nationalist in the columns of a Jewish paper. And though the complete list of similar cases is not in our hands, it will be worth our while to note one or two of them here.

[Page 166]

On page four of the December, 1946, issue of the Social Democratic paper Nepszava of Budapest, the following article appeared. It was entitled “The Horrible Deeds of Flogging Nelly” and continued:

The People’s Prosecutor indicted Mrs. Mor Klein, a clerk in the people’s court. According to information received as a result of the enquiry made by the people’s prosecutor, the accused, Mrs. Mor Klein, was known by the eight hundred unfortunate people under her charge in Bergen-Belsen by the nickname of ‘Flogging Nelly’. She always took good care to conceal both her name and origin and caused the death of all those who could unmask her. 

According to the indictment, ‘Flogging Nelly’ was a block-commandant, and committed her outrageous deeds in this capacity. In the depth of winter she ordered the women to line up naked in front of the bathhouse and made them wait several hours both before and after their baths. By this exposure she caused the death of many women under her charge. She ill-treated one of the deportees — a girl called Magda Lowi, who was not in her block and thus not under her charge — by flogging and hitting her for half an hour continuously, until the girl was hardly recognisable, being covered with wounds all over her body.

Flogging Nelly often poured scalding drinks over the unfortunate internees so that they suffered in consequence from severe scalds and burns. Instead of distributing the food issued for her block, she stole it, and thus the number starved to death was several times more than in any of the other barracks. She failed to distribute those provisions most required during the cold winter of 1945, allocating them instead for her own gain.

Mrs. Mor Klein was sentenced to death by the people’s court and so was the only real war criminal who paid the penalty for her crimes.

Another Budapest paper, Vilag (The World), gave an account in 1947 of a similar case under the title: “She flogged her comrades in Auschwitz.” The paper records that “Tigress Klara” was captured in one of the fashionable restaurants. The account continues:

This sadistic woman was the commandant of Barracks No. A/7 at Auschwitz Camp. According to the depositions of several witnesses, this woman, who was twenty-five years old, went about with a cudgel in one hand and a whip in the other. She flogged the deported women mercilessly and for the smallest misdemeanour ordered them to lie prostrate and have a heap of bricks loaded either on their breasts or on their backs. She also compelled hundreds of young girls and older women to remain on their knees for hours until they fainted.

As was proved at Nuremberg, the S.S. guards were detached from the internment camps towards the end of 1943 and in the early part of 1944. In the camps, apart from the Commandant’s personal staff, only the Jewish KZ Police and the block-commandants were left.

[Page 167]

If the time ever comes when the truth is told, the world will learn who were the real torturers of Jewry and what happened to the six million “wandering” Jews.

[Page 168]



[1] Signal was a unique product of Germany’s high-powered propaganda machinery: a nearly folio-sized magazine created in an effort to rally other European nations under the Teutonic banner, and to promote and justify German hegemony over Europe. It reached a maximum circulation of 2,500,000 copies per issue and was published fortnightly in a total of 25 different languages.


[Image] A cover of the German magazine Signal.

Based on the layout of LIFE, Signal utilized an exceptionally modern blend of articles and pictures. It was lavishly illustrated, including full-page color plates. Outfitted with an elite of staff authors and war correspondents, and partly independent from the rigid censorship of Goebbels’ Propaganda Ministry, Signal quickly established itself as the number one propaganda publication in wartime Europe.


[2]Death Mills (or Die Todesmühlen) is a 1945 American propaganda film directed by Billy Wilder and produced by the United States Department of War. The film was intended for German audiences to “educate them about the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime”. For the German version, Die Todesmühlen, Hanus Burger is credited as the writer and director, while Wilder supervised the editing. Wilder is credited with directing the English-language version.

The film is a much-abbreviated version of German Concentration Camps Factual Survey, a 1945 British government documentary that was not completed until nearly seven decades later.

The German language version of the film was shown in the US sector of West Germany in January 1946.










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