How Jewry Turned England into a Plutocratic State – Part 3


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I. Introduction


II. Outline of the Three Stages of Jewry’s Rise to Power in England


III. Jewish Bribery and Corruption in Promoting the Naturalisation Bill of 1753


IV. Opposition in the House of Commons to the Naturalisation Bill


V. The Passing of the Naturalisation Bill Causes Anger in the People, Resulting in Petitions and Demonstrations in the Streets of London.


VI. Arguments Against the Naturalisation Law Continue in Pamphlets Throughout the Country and in the House of Commons.


How the English Nation Foresaw Jewish Domination — The Bitter Struggle of the English Nation Against the Ever-growing Penetration of the Jews into England Continues.


VII. The True “English People” Succeed in Having the Naturalisation Law Repealed.


VIII. Jews “Convert” to Christianity and Continue Their Infiltration, Seeking Greater Dominance over England.


IX. The Jews Succeed in Conquering England and Creating a Jewish-English Plutocracy that Declares War on Germany.




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How Jewry Turned England


into a Plutocratic State


An Historical Survey

[This was taken from an article published in Frankfurt Germany, 1940]



HUME, the classic among England’s historian in his fundamental work. “The history of England, from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the revolution in 1668”, Vol. II, Ch. X., P 130, (London 1803) writes:


The greater part of that kind of dealing (usury) fell every where into the hands of the Jews; who, being already infamous on account of their religion, had no honour to lose, and were apt to exercise a profession, odious in itself, by every kind of rigour, and even sometimes by rapine and extortion.



How Jewry Turned England


into a Plutocratic State




An Historical Survey






The Passing of the Naturalisation Bill Causes Anger in the People, Resulting in Petitions and Demonstrations in the Streets of London.



In spite of the convincing speech of the Earl of Egmont in support of the Opposition’s Amendment Act, the Bill was defeated by 96 to 55 Votes. Thereby the Naturalization Bill became law. But Pelham’s government had not reckoned with the English nation. The steamroller methods used by the English Parliament with regards to the Naturalization Bill led to a national disturbance in England in the 18th Century [38]. In London and the Counties resentment made itself felt through pamphlets, petitions from trade fraternities, petitions from judges, mayors and councilors to their respective members of Parliament, both to the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The English people saw through the Jew’s game and recognized the fact that their Prime Minister was open to bribes. Demonstrations against the Naturalization Bill took place in the streets of London.


[38] Hertz: “British Imperialism in the Eighteenth Century”, p.66.


The clergy were attacked on account of their pro-Jewish attitude. The whole of the English press expressed itself in articles against the law, which was directed against the interest of the English nation.



From the series of anti-Jewish petitions to politicians and members of Parliament there are three worthy of being mentioned: A petition of the Grand Jury of the County of Essex, dated August 15, 1753, addressed to Sir John Abdy and the County Sheriff Wm. Harvey, Esq.; another petition addressed to Sir Robert Long and Edward Popham. Representatives for the County of Wilts, at the Summer Assizes at Salisbury, dated August 2, 1753; and a third petition from the town of Reading.


The second petition appeared in the “London Evening Post” and in the “Country Newspapers” as well as in the “Gentlemen’s Magazine”. [39]


From these petitions of the Sheriffs and the Grand Council of the County of Wilts we give the following extracts:


Its surprising that any man. Who calls himself a Christian, should be so fond of naturalizing these Jews, who are the only avowed enemies to the Christian religion. The Heathens are infidels from ignorance: but the Jews are so from their obstinacy and perverseness: They were the people who crucified our blessed Saviour, and have, ever since that time, been the most violent persecutors of all those who believe in him and his doctrine: These are the people on whom God has entailed the most dreadful of curses: The prophecies relating to them have been verified, their temple destroyed; they have been dispersed over the face of the whole earth, and are, at this day, wanderers and vagabonds, having no settled habitation in the world: What then can we expect, if we do all in our power to defeat those prophesies, to take off this curse? May we not with reason, apprehend that we shall draw upon ourselves the resentment of Almighty God for our endeavors to establish the body politic of the Jews, in the same manner as Julian the Apostle did for his presumption, in attempting to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem?

The inveterate enmity of Jews to Christians, their incorrigible insolence in every dawning of prosperity, their violence, usuries and oppressions practiced in former times, in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, and here in England, afford us sufficient grounds to apprehend their return to the same diabolical practices of their forefathers. Their admission among us, we foresee, will be attended with riot and confusion: Let us not so generate from our ancestors, as to take these serpents into our bosoms; but let us rather exert ourselves as true Christians and true Britons, to defend our laws, religion, and liberties, from being trampled upon by Jewish or foreign tyranny.


[See image below. Also note that the letter that looks like an “f” is read as an “s”.]





In the petition of the Grand Jury of the county of Essex we find the following:


The Jews have been zealous persecutors of Christianity from its infancy; and, where their power fell short of their malice, their instigations have prevailed on those, to whom their scepter was departed, to execute their most wicked purpose: their inveteracy to Christians, of all denominations still continues.


[See image below]





[39] “London Evening Post”, Aug., 1753.

Country Newspapers”, Aug. 1753.

Gentleman’s Magazine”, 1753. Vol. 23, p. 467.



[Image — click to enlarge] Specimen page from “The Gentleman’s Magazine, and Historical Chronicle”, Vol. XX11I, of 1753, showing a portion of the petition from the Sheriff and the Grand Jury to Sir Robert Long, and Edward Popham, Esq., Representatives of the County of Wilts and the Grand Jury of the County of Essex to Sir John Abdy, Bart., and Wm. Harvey, Esq., Knights of the Shire.


They stand branded in history with being rebellious subjects, faithless allies, and treacherous vassals; with pillaging provinces and kingdoms, where they have been farmers of the revenues; with being insolent on the least prosperity, and vindictive under chastisement.

They became justly odious to this nation in former times, by diminishing and altering our coin, by their extortions, usuries, and enormous crimes.


[See image below]



These considerations, gentlemen, added to their horrid blasphemies, too shocking to repeat; their vices and immoralities, too many to be enumerated, have moved us earnestly to decline, you will use your utmost efforts to procure a speedy repeal of the act in favor of the Jew or, if that cannot be effected, to prevent its progress and consequences, as the properest means of preserving our religious and civil establishment, and continuing the tranquility we have enjoyed under the government of our most gracious sovereign”. [40]


[See image below]



The petition of the Mayors, Councilors and Members of Parliament of the town of Reading in Council assembled, dated September 29, 1753, “to the present worthy Candidates that offer themselves to be their Representatives in Parliament at the next general election”, reads:


We need not point out to you the many grievances we labor under; the burden you sustain in common with the rest of your fellow subjects must make you truly sensible of them: But what we think ourselves bound in duty (as Christians) to take notice of, is, the late act of naturalization of the Jews.

This step, so unexpected, has greatly alarmed the whole nation, and put us upon the laudable examples of others in delivering our sentiments concerning it: And although we shall always pay a due obedience to the legislature, in observing whatever shall become a law, yet we think, as Englishmen, we have a natural right to speak our minds, when we apprehend or see any grievance that may effect either our holy religion, or the present happy establishment: And therefore as you are friends of both,’ tis hoped you will publicly declare your dislike to that act; and that you will not only use your utmost endeavors to get it repealed, but to oppose any subsequent bill in favor of any one of the Jews.

To enumerate all the massacres and persecutions of the Jews upon the score of religion, the many extortions and cruelties arising from the usury, and the treasons and conspiracies from their covetousness, would be an endless task, and in great measure a repetition of what has been already published upon this occasion: And therefore we think it needless to trespass any longer upon your patience, by setting forth the many inconveniencies and ill consequences attending this act; resting assured that (whichsoever of you are chosen our representative) you will act agreeable in the high opinion we have of your great abilities and good conduct.

Richard Clarke, Town-Clerk”. [41]


[See image below]



[Image] Page (469) from “The Gentleman’s Magazine and Historicle Chronicle”, Vol. XXIII, of 1753.


[40] “Gentleman’s Magazine”, 4755. pp. 467/468.

[41] a) “Gentleman’s Magazine”, 1733), p. 469.

b) “Reading Journal”, Oct. 8, 1753.





[Image] Specimen page from “The Gentleman’s Magazine and Historicle Chronicle”, Vol. XXIII, of 1753, giving the Declaration of High Sheriff, and Grand Jury of the County of Kent, August 20, 1753, against the Naturalisation Bill.

It is perfectly plain that the English nation knew its Jews. That was why it was roused to a state of indignation amounting almost to revolt against the maneuvers of its corrupt and, even at that time, already Jew-controlled government.


The representatives of the county corporations and the boroughs of the British kingdom, the Grand Jury of the County of wilts, the sheriffs, mayors, and councilors all stressed the misdeeds of the Jews. They mention as characteristic: the vice of the Jews, their avarice, covetousness, cruelty, indelicacy, brutality and immorality. They charge them with extortion, with clipping the coinage and other crimes. They accuse them of amassing fortunes by dishonest means, of plundering whole provinces and kingdoms, and of treating the natives of such countries with great brutality. They point that the Jews are a revolutionary element that they stir up agitation and unrest. They prove to the English statesmen that the Jews are “rebellious subjects, faithless allies and treacherous vassals”, that they instigate treachery and hatch plots, and that the English nation lived in great fear that they would be delivered up to Jewish tyranny.


Be it remembered that these accusations are levied against the Jews by the representatives of a Grand Jury. Could there possibly be a fraternity more competent of raising these objections? How often did this Grand Jury not have to deal with Jewish crimes and criminals? How many times did not other juries have to do the same?


One thing must, however, be said at this stage: The English nation knew its Jews. It still maintained a healthy attitude and therefore resisted the Jewish penetration and the ever-increasing development of the Jewish power with all its might. The fight of the national-minded English people against plutocracy now entered upon its decisive stage.






Arguments Against the Naturalisation Law Continue in Pamphlets Throughout the Country and in the House of Commons.


But not only the London corporations and the Counties protested against the Naturalization Law, every speech of the Opposition in the House of Commons against the law was commented upon in many pamphlets in the towns and in the country. Dating back to that time there are no less than 60 anti-Jewish pamphlets still in existence. [42]


The dignitaries of the Church, who had supported the Bill in Parliament, fared even worse.


The Bishop of Norwich was insulted for having voted for it, in several parts of his dioceses whither he went to confirm; the boys of Ipswich in particular calling out to him for circumcision, and a paper being fixed up to one of his churches, that the next day being Saturday, his lordship would confirm the Jews, and the day following the Christians”. [43]


In the pamphlets many weighty arguments against the Naturalization Law were presented. It was for instance, suggested that:


the Jews would become so numerous as to exclude Protestants from all offices, trades, and professions. Rich Jews, it was feared, would settle in the country, purchase all the estates, and influence elections. They would even become members of Parliament, and perhaps attain to still higher office. On the other hand, poor Jews would flock into England to such an extent that they would deprive the natives of all means of earning a livelihood, and would introduce such a mass of pauperism as to impair the resources of the country, and seriously increase its taxation. These same Jews would endanger the constitution of the Church and State, and would increase in number and wealth to such an extent as to make their own customs universal in the land, and establish Judaism as the fashionable religion of the English.”…. “It was suggested that all the rich Jews in the world would come to England, set up a Messiah and start a revolution”. [44]


[42] “The Jewish Chronicle”, 6 April 1906, p. 24.

[43] a) “Hardwicke Papers”, “Parliamentary History of England”, p. 1431.

b) “Coxe’s Memoirs of the Pelham Administration”, p. 290.

[44] “The Jewish Chronicle”, April 6 1906, p. 24.


Another writer drew a terrible picture of the evils that were about to befall the country in the consequence of the Act. After a lengthy recapitulation of the varied vices attributed to Jews from time to time, the author proceeded to detail a selection of blood accusations. In passing, he compared the attitude of the Jews at the period at which he wrote with that of their ancestors towards Hamor ben Shechem.

The Jews, he feared, would soon gain control of the estates, and by their Money and Sway among their Tenants be able to carry many Elections for Parliament-men, if not get into the house themselves. ‘Would not a Christian’, he asked, ‘be overawed frequently by a Jew Justice of a peace? And might it not be feared that, in future Ages, some of these Israelites might buy themselves a Place too near the Throne? And if an artful Rabbi should spirit his Nation up with the Expectation of a future Restoration of the Jewish Kingdom, as History informs us has been often done, who would be able to defend the Crown itself from the People, that have in all Times and Places, where the least success has buoyed them up, left Examples of their imperious and rebellious Spirit?’”. [45]


In an open letter to Sir John Barnard, an antagonist of the Naturalization Law wrote, that if Parliament did not soon repeal this law, it would not be many generations before it would have to be acknowledged what good the Jews had made of this privilege granted to them. The poor, restless nation would then be blessed with vineyards and olive groves, it would “enjoy the choicest Sweets of the land of Canaan”, and the nobles and favorites of the Crown would be Jews.


The writer “Britannia” continues the argument against the Jews:


Shall we tamely resign our Rights and Privileges, the very Essence of our happy Constitution, our dear-bought Liberty, which our Progenitors many of them purchased at the Expense of their lives, which their Successors so vigorously maintained and asserted in despite of all opponents, and the many strong Trials to deprive them thereof? Shall we, their lawful heirs, squander away this glorious freedom, and, like idle Boys, in wanton Sport, give away that which was so dearly bought, to a People whose Country and Habitation are destroyed by the command of their offended God?” [46]


The gem of the whole collection of anti-Jewish pamphlets of this period is undoubtedly “Seasonable Remarks on the act lately passed in Favour of the Jews; containing Diverse Reasons for a review of the said Act”. In this pamphlet it was argued that Parliament, through such favoritism to the Jews, as was expressed in the Naturalization Law, would bring about a states of affairs, that after a certain time a great number of English-born Christians would have to work even harder for their living than at present. It was further suggested that Jewry, by reason of its undoubted antiquity, had the right to claim that their religion be accepted as a State-religion. It reads literally:


It is demonstrated by those who are best skilled in political Arithmetic, that the Number of Jews that are known to be dispersed in the different Parts of the World (exclusive of the Ten Tribes, who, when they hear of this Act, will undoubtedly discover themselves and take Advantage of it) is more sufficient to occupy all the lands, Houses, etc., in this Kingdom. And since it is no less evident that they are possessed of a Fund more than sufficient for the Purchase of them it is apprehended that all or at least the greatest Part of them will endeavor to be naturalized in the next Session of Parliament, in order to make the valuable Purchase above-mentioned”. [47]


[45] a) “The Jewish Chronicle”, April 6, 1906, p. 24.

b) “An Appeal to the Throne” by Britannia.

[46] “The Jewish Chronicle”, 6 April, 1906, p. 24.

[47] “The Jewish Chronicle”, April 6, 1906, p. 24.




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