Alex Jones Debates David Duke 20150818 Full Interview — TRANSCRIPT – Part 2


Alex Jones Debates David Duke


Part 2


Aug 18, 2015


Published on Youtube, Aug 20, 2015






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PART 1 ………………………………. 1


Alex Jones Introduction: history of the human race and tribalism

Christian Western ethic of transcending tribalism and having a tribe of love and of helping others

Targeting Whites with cultural guilt to accept the larger New World Order agenda

Erase words and create a new dark age of ignorance

The New World Order controls all the sides, keeps us tribal, wages war against the black community

David Duke is the mirror image of the spectrum that is promoted by La Mancha La Raza and the black supremacist groups

Humanity being paved over by the Hollywood culture of death

I want to get people outside the box to see the prison economy

David Duke Introduction: who the real elite is in this country and the world that is truly an enemy of all mankind?

There exists a vicious hate propaganda and racism against the European Americans.

European Americans have about a 1.6 birthrate which means we are losing a quarter of our people every generation.

European Americans have no  control over the media, the banking system, the Federal Reserve, our foreign policy or even our politics

Over the past three decades every Federal Reserve chairman and vice chairman has been a Jewish supremacist

Zionism absolutely is a jewish supremacist phenomena. It is a racist phenomena

How the jews have become the American elite

Goldman Sachs, the biggest predator, the most evil predator, international bank in the world

Goldman Sachs, the chief corporate contributor of both the Democrats and the Republicans

Paying women not to have men in the house literally destroyed the black community

Blacks and Whites are victims of this Zio control of our media

Every one of the ten largest Hollywood studios of movies and television are all Jewish controlled

What do you think of Donald Trump?

I don’t know if I can trust him, because he has been involved with the Zionists.

Orwell talked about the controlled opposition

In the 1960s, as a young teen, I began to realize that European Americans were going to become a minority in this country.

Jewish divide and conquer strategy

What is your view of at Adolf Hitler?

The West funded the rise of Hitler

No evidence at all that western nations supported the rise of Hitler

So everything is the Jews fault?

Public gender neutral bathrooms

They are in a race to Balkanize us

The KKK was not the author of Planned Parenthood.

We have a repeating cycle of poverty in America

There is a problem with White birthrates in America.

Jewish racism and tribalism is the real supremacy on the planet earth

The people being genocided are the European people. Our birthrate now is 1.6 per couple

Sexual degeneracy, the lesbian and gay agenda is 98% dominated and controlled by Jewish extremists.

Every major Jewish organization in America supports gun control

Kill White people and get paid for it, what’s not to like”.

Jews dominated the world wide slave trade for two thousand years!

There is a Jewish campaign to make Whites a minority everywhere they live

David, were you a “goblin Cyclops” before you were a dragon?

I think the war between the States was not a civil war.

The South might have won the war if it wasn’t for Judah P. Benjamin

Rabbi Yosef compared gentiles around the world, black people as well, anyone who is not a Jew, with a donkey.

David Duke is basically saying there is a world wide Jewish conspiracy

Putting fluoride in the water to reduce fertility of everybody and to reduce IQ

What should be done with the Jews if you are right?



PART 2 ………………………………. 33


What’s my position on fluoridation? I’m absolutely against it.

Dukes position on eugenics

The Monsanto family was a huge Jewish slave holding family

Alexander Solzhenitsyn on the greatest mass murder of all times by Jewish communism.

The chief financial supporter of the Bolshevik Revolution was the Jew Jacob Schiff

The Jew Yagoda killing 10 million Christians in Russia

Jewish terrorism in the Lavon Affair

The deliberate attack on the USS Liberty by Israel

Jonathan Pollard and the most damaging spy case in American history

Looking out into the future, where do you see the world in 10, 20, 30 years

If this continues to go on, exactly the same kind of conditions that under Jewish-led Bolshevism in Russia. Gulags and the destruction of our people

The “Jewish” takeover of America

WW II was a destructive war against European mankind that could have been avoided.

Jacob Javits, led the fight for the opening of our borders to change our immigration law in, ’67

Some say Catholics are in control of everything

I don’t care if you are black, White, Asian or whatever

You wouldn’t tell me what Grand Cyclops, Grand Dragon meant. I mean those are serious questions

Our people are facing real genocide. We are facing the loss of our own countries

Every major Jewish organisation supports this destruction of America

There are more Jews, at Harvard and the Ivy League, 2% per cent of the population, than there are our 70%

In my book “The Secret Behind Communism” I prove that the Russian revolution was overwhelmingly a Jewish movement.

Oh! You never answered the question about the whole Catholic conspiracy

It’s not the Catholics who own and control the Hollywood destructive media. It’s not Catholics who control the international banks

Christian Zionists, I feel for them, I feel pity for them. That they’ve been so brainwashed by the Jewish media

I’d love to hear Duke’s opinion about Vladimir Putin

This idea of Jewish supremacy and control of the world, has been around a long time

Man, I just, it’s just Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew.

What about the Rockefellers and the Nazis?

The Rothschilds, by the way, bought off Winston Churchill, a gentile collaborator

They have ethnically cleansed 600,000 Palestinians

The reason we’ve supported ISIS, is because Israel saw Syria as an enemy

Are you a Christian?

Yes I am.

Jews were the ones, in fact, who crucified Jesus Christ

Jews have been an enemy of the rest of mankind for a long time.

David Duke, very wolf like. Nice little friendly wolfie. My, what big eyes he has


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David Duke: No people, … And thanks for the opportunity, finally. You told me five minutes, and it’s been another five minutes. That’s okay.


Alex Jones: Oh, don’t be a cry baby Duke! You are going to get to talk as much as I do. You can bean count all day. You are getting to talk. You are getting to talk.



David Duke: I’m not being a cry baby. I’m just trying to defend my right to make sure I have a fair say here, that’s all.

Alex Jones: Then don’t spend all your time. I just… [garbled]


David Duke: [garbled]


David Duke: I wouldn’t be much of a man, would I? Because I want to make sure that I stand up for myself. As you stand up for yourself. You’re a very manly guy and I’m going to stand up for myself too.


Alex Jones: I think you are standing up for yourself! You are older than me, but you want to have a boxing match. You were a pretty tough guy in prison.


David Duke: I just want my fair time! Come on!


Alex Jones: [chuckling]


David Duke: Let’s go. Look, here’s the situation. Let’s go through this, what you are talking about. All this scatter now, all this conduct. We ought to talk about question after question, one at a time.


Alex Jones: Okay, well let’s do it.


David Duke: Anyway, let’s talk about some of the things, …


Alex Jones: Adolf Hitler.


David Duke: Well, first you asked me, … First you asked me. Do I get a chance to answer your question? What’s my position on fluoridation? I’m absolutely against it. I’ve talked about it many times. I’ve written about it. I think it is destructive and poisonous. Now, the book that you mention by the Ehrlichs, and I don’t know about the third guy, they absolutely Jewish.


Alex Jones: Wow!


David Duke: There’s no, … I know you say, don’t, Jew, Jew, Jew, but let me tell you something. People are amazed. Now if you want to talk about murder, or what you consider eugenics, it depends on what eugenics is. Every family in the natural history of the world, every Christian family, wanted their child to marry a good family, a family with a good record. Healthy people. Some people call that eugenics. I don’t agree with causing, I don’t believe in sterilizing people.


Alex Jones: That’s natural selection.


David Duke: No, it’s not natural selection. What happens is, the people who control society with the way the welfare system is structured, with the way society is structured, is the we have the least capable people, the least people who can think for themselves and can be free having the most children! And there is no question that intelligence and other aspects of humankind, personality aspects, have an inherited component. That’s the truth. I think that Mr. Crick who between who discovered DNA — that was one of the greatest scientific achievements of all time — and it has led to the savings of literally hundreds of thousands of lives. It altered ways to combat many diseases. I’m certainly opposed to the vaccination, that I think has been poisonous to many people. I’m not in favor of that. So on these positions, and by the way, Monsanto, which I think is one of the worlds great evils, is one more, …


Do you know who the Monsanto family was? I’m from New Orleans, I know all about, … I’ve got my scholars researching the Monsanto family. I’m going to come out, put out a documentary on it. The Monsanto family was a huge Jewish slave holding family. Forty per cent of Jewish families owned slaves in the United States of America. Jews all over the world owned slaves and yet there is no guilt for Jews. That’s why I bring up the subject because of the tremendous hypocrisy. And it shows you who controls our society.


Let’s talk about the real murder and mass murder. The greatest mass murder of the 20th century. I wrote a book about it called, “The Secret Behind Communism”. I even interviewed and became friends with the very great Alexander Solzhenitsyn, one of the greatest men, the most courageous men of the 20th century. I have quotes from him. And he said the reason why the world doesn’t know much about the greatest mass murder of all times, is because the world now is in the hands of the perpetrators. Soviet communism was literally almost entirely a Jewish condition, a Jewish promotion. And by the way Jewish Zionists as well as Jewish communists supported it.


The chief financial supporter of the Bolshevik Revolution was Jacob Schiff, one of the biggest capitalists of the world.  


Now why would, … Trotsky literally sat down with Baron von Rothschild in Vienna — that’s written in Jewish books — why would the leading communism sit down with the leading capitalists? Okay, the reason why was because, whether they talk about capitalism or they talk about communism, what you’re really talking about is Jewish supremacist. They have gained control over both things. And in communism, my good friend, … We need to talk about this more in your show, my show and in the world. We hear about the holocaust every day of your life!


You want my opinions on Hitler, how about your opinion and and all of our opinions on Yagoda? Who, if you read Jewish publications in Israel they talk about Yagoda. They say we must the admit, some of the greatest mass murders in all time were Jewish. They talk about Yagoda killing 10 million Christians in Russia and others. And we had massive, we had 9 million killed in the Ukraine by the Bolshevik Jews. I’m talking about complete domination by these Jewish elements, these Jewish tribalists.





David Duke: They talk about Yagoda killing 10 million Christians in Russia and others. And we had massive, we had 9 million killed in the Ukraine by the Bolshevik Jews. I’m talking about complete domination by these Jewish elements, these Jewish tribalists.


I can prove that. Go to my site,, watch my videos on it. And this is not even, … There are no movies about this horrible massacre of humanity, this attack against Christianity. Of course not. All you get every day of your life is about Hitler and the six million. I know that there were atrocities done by the National Socialists, but why don’t we start answering the question of why we always hear about is the six million. Why don’t we hear about the ten million Christians? Why don’t we hear about the fact that Israel, itself, I quote, “our ally”, committed terrorism against the United States of America?



[Image] The deliberate attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli planes and torpedo boats on June 8, 1967. In this Jewish Supremacist false flag operation, 34 sailors were killed and 174 wounded.


They admitted their terrorism in the Lavon Affair. They literally attacked the USS Liberty. No question about it. Our Secretary of State at the time said this specifically, that it was a deliberate attack by Israel. That killed 34 Americans, young sailors and fighting men. They wounded 174. Maimed and burned others. It was an intentional false flag attack. I agree with you, there are a lot of false flag attacks.


Then of course you had the Jonathan Pollard case. Where our Secretary of Defense said it was the most damaging spy case in American history. It caused the death of 200 of our operatives.


Alex Jones: Okay. You got six minutes, I got four [minutes] .


David Duke: Okay.


Alex Jones: What I want to know.


David Duke: Let me finish. I’ve got a minute. Our government, is literally freeing Jonathan Pollard now, giving him parole. This guy did more damage than anybody. And yet, this was not a question. You say the Jews don’t control, … Why would the internationalists support the Jewish racist supremacist state of Israel and the Jewish supremacism over the American media? And the Jewish supremacism over academia, if was just a bunch of rich people getting together? No! There are Jewish leaders of the Illuminati, there are Jewish leaders of the CFR, there are Jewish leaders of the Bilderbergs, there are Jewish leaders of the media, and there are gentile collaborators. But those gentiles involved, they know who the real power is. They know the one force that they cannot criticize.


Alex Jones: All right.

I’ve never had anybody Jewish try to stop me covering the things I do, going over the things I do. And I just sit here today having this discussion with you David. And I do stuff like, talk for four minutes, you talk for six and a half and then you keep saying you get cut short. So, I just want to establish here, …

We’ve got to go to a break here.

That now we are going to have a free for all discussion. Normal banter. Like if you were on Fox News or CNN. Where you talk 30 seconds and I talk 30 seconds. We go back and forth. We interject. We have a discussion.

I want to take some phone calls, unscreened as well.



David Duke: Sure.


Alex Jones: And so, it is wide open phones.


David Duke: We could put a minute timer on, if your staff could do that. And that would be fair to both of us, if you like to, for each question. Question and comment.


Alex Jones: Sure. Whatever. It’s not going to be exact, because in and out is fine. You’re getting plenty of time. I just want to stop obsessing on it.

800 259 9231, 800 259 9231 is the toll free number to join us if you have a disagreement or you agree or if you have a question for David Duke. I’m Alex Jones, your host, I’m having a true hard core discussion here.

Decades ago they would have folks like hn come and talk in Universities. Now they are saying don’t do it. That’s censorship.




[commercial break]




Alex Jones: Coming up in the next segment we will start taking some phone calls. This is a short six minute segment.


David let me throw a couple of quick questions out and try to get you to answer them. I’d give this interview a B right now. Maybe I’m not doing the best job, myself, but I just don’t want to get stuck on petty stuff. I’m trying to have a real thought provoking discussion and debate with you.

Let m ask you this question.

Looking out into the future, where do you see the world in 10, 20, 30 years, if these forces you say are running things are successful, versus the type of world that you, as a leader, would like to see. Because it’s true what they call anti semitism is on the rise world wide. It’s true that there are major backlashes to socialism, communism, political correctness. It’s true that political correctness is becoming bizzarro freakish. Ban the name, “boy and girl”. Ban men and women’s bathrooms. Ban single parent homes. Agenda 21 zoning. Totally controlling every facet of our lives. It’s true, a great tyranny is upon us.

So, if the tyrants are successful, what will happen? Versus the world you would like to see.




David Duke: Well, I think what you saying is true and I see the same kind of world you are talking about. We are going to have in our country, and Europe, if this continues to go on, exactly the same kind of conditions that under Jewish-led Bolshevism in Russia. We’re going to see those Gulags and we’re going to see those camps and we’re going to see the destruction of our people. They are already doing it. I mean, you have got to understand, European mankind, right now, is being steadily wiped out and that is because they see our people as their chief competitor in the world. And they know that if they destroy the elite in America, and now I want to give another, one of my graphics, to illustrate this. It’s a graphic from the New York Times. It’s David Brooks again, one of the lead columnists. He literally talks in there about the replacement of the American elite and the “Jewish” quote, the “Jewish” takeover of America. That’s the real elite.



Now this elite is not trying to destroy Jews, in fact they support even the Jewish state in Israel They are not trying to do anything, in fact you talked about the problems with our family. How about Hollywood that pushes drugs on our kids? I’m talking about hard drug use. It preaches every kind of degeneracy and destructiveness.


And who runs Hollywood? It’s not European Christians. And what they’ve done is, is made anti-semitism, a term simply to mean anti-zionist supremacism or anti-Jewish supremacism. Not all Jews are supremacists, but most Jews support Jewish tribalism or support Jewish power. They’ve been propagandized too, by their Jewish leaders. They have been taught to hate gentiles, they have been taught that gentiles are all out to kill them, they have been taught that Jews have to stick together. And because of that racism which is preached to the Jews, and it’s preached in modern media, it’s preached in our media. … By the way, we are taught to feel guilty because the fact that some Europeans did not want to be destroyed by these Jewish bolsheviks. The Second World War is a good example of that. They were already killing tens of millions of our people. Tens of millions of our people before the Second World War, and we went on the side of the Bolsheviks in that war, … Killed 54 million people! That wasn’t a good war! That was a destructive war against European mankind. That war that could have been avoided.


And their leading us right now, … We are all concerned about what is going on overseas, … the problem, the real problem we have is not the ISIS threat! We wouldn’t even have the ISIS threat, except the fact that organised Jews were the point-men for the propaganda and the direct organisations that controlled the political process, that literally opened our borders.


{Image] Senator Jacob Javits


Jacob Javits, the senator that led, the senator, the Jewish senator that led the fight for the opening of our borders to change our immigration law in, ’67 wrote a whole pamphlet, “Open The Gates”. He didn’t, … He wasn’t talking about opening the gates of Israel. He was talking about opening the gates of America so that the Jewish divide and conquer strategy would do that. That’s the fact. There has been a takeover. It is an ethnically driven takeover. 


It is not racist. It is certainly not supremacist, for any people on this planet, whether it be Whites, blacks, yellows, anybody to defend themselves from a takeover by a hostile, predatory, group. Now I agree, not all Jews have this ideology, but most Jews are taught intrinsically to help and support other Jews. And Europeans are taught that they should never band together for their own interests. That’s because, …


Alex Jones: We’re going into a break. Long segment coming up and I’m going to come back, … I’ve seen people make the same graphs, the same maps, and show Catholics in control of everything, and say they’re running everything. I just think, that its corrupt organised crime type systems that are running things. And if we approach it by saying no to organised crime, no to cartels, yes to free market, we can just end this system that’s degenerating.


[Commercial break]


Well, where I stand is clear. I’m against totalitarianism, fascism, communism, socialism. Political correct [sic] is a clear and present tyranny and 50 times the threat to liberty of some of the more modern White based fascist movements in this country. And it’s taking over and it is bizarre how flamingly corrupt it is. You will not say, “boy and girl”, you will do as we say. I mean this is like being in a super Jim Jones cult, or something. And it just gets crazier and more vitriolic and more dumbed down and more arrogant. And you can see as the left finally reaches their goals, they are revealing that they do want a great tyranny in this country. But I see that the people that obsess over who runs things, only obsessing over that and never about taking our country and our world back!


David Duke is our guest and, you know, I’m sitting here talking to him and its just surreal, … Because he is a smart guy and he is sitting there agreeing where we can agree on things and disagreeing on others. But it’s kind of giving me a headache. And I’ve got some important questions I want to ask in a moment, then I’ll go to your phone calls. We don’t screen them.





Alex Jones: … We got calls from Germany. Canada, Oregon, New Jersey, Oregeon, South Carolina, you name it. We are going to do a little bit of overdrive in the next hour, if the Duke can do it. But, first off, I don’t care if you are black, White, Asian or whatever. You are a human being, our bodies, physiologies, are the same.









Alex Jones: Look. David, it would be easy for me to take the gloves off with you. You could do it too. We’re having somewhat of a gentlemanly debate, I’ll have you back up, if you will do it, to have a debate with someone who really hates your guts, maybe a black supremacist or some Jewish organisation. But sitting back here, my biggest beef is that you haven’t been answering some of my questions when I get into Planned Parenthood and how do you square the views of the left that is covertly promoting population reduction.


You wouldn’t tell me what Grand Cyclops, Grand Dragon meant. I mean those are serious questions I want to ask you that. I want to ask you this. Do you defend what the Klan did or do you deny that they lynched innocent black people? Do you deny they did these type of bad things? Because, just because there are other supremacist groups and blacks out murdering whites, we criticize that and that’s horrible, the system uses what the Klan has done…



David Duke: Let me answer that.


Alex Jones: Yes, go ahead.


David Duke: The answer is, of course I condemn it. I condemn anybody of any group, that would ever kill innocent people or do harm. I would condemn, … Not only would I not condone it, I would condemn it, absolutely in every regard. And I do believe that there has been… One of the problems with the Klan, … One reason that I left the Klan, is that anybody can call an organisation and can call it the Klu Klux Klan, and do whatever they want, say whatever terrible things they want. And I even agree that in some cases you even had government informants in there.


We know that some of the worst events, such as the bombing in Birmingham Alabama, where kids were killed. We know that there were government agents that really led that terrible attack, to discredit people like myself, who do good things. I can’t have any control of other groups. That’s why I left, because I am not going to be a party in an organisation that I can’t at least control. And I’m not going to take blame for things that I would condemn. So that’s my answer to that.


Of course I would condemn it like any decent human being. But again, you’re not, … And again. By the way, you’re welcome to come on my show, and I’d love to come back and I’d be happy to go into overdrive with you. I’ll be here all night as well and I do appreciate the fact that you are giving me a chance to speak and to show what I really stand for. I mean there’s a lot of mention of Klan and white supremacy, but obviously what I’m saying here is not White supremacism. It’s nowhere near that. In fact, what it is saying is, …


Alex Jones: Sure.


David Duke: … that every people have a right to be free, have a right to exist and preserve their culture. European Americans and European Canadians and European Europeans are literally being genocided. The real threat, … There’s no threat to the yellow people, the Chinese people, they are 1.3 billion of them. There will be 1.3 billion Africans. That’s more than Europeans, in the world while Europe and America and white countries are being declined. And I’m telling you. It’s not supremacism. It’s not racism and hatred to defend yourself from predators.


As you said earlier in the show, if a tribe if being attacked by another tribe, and that tribe wants to kidnap all the women, rape all the women, kill the kids, take over. Put them into slavery, whatever. That tribe has the moral right to defend themselves. And that is what I’m talking about here.


Our people are facing real genocide. We are facing the loss of our own countries. And most Americans, most Americans watching this broadcast right now, I’m absolutely sure. You are going to have to figure out whether you agree or not. You know the country of our forefathers is being totally rotted out. You know that we are losing our heritage, our values, our traditions. You go into the stores, go into the communities of our society, you don’t look like you even belong any more. You go in with stares of hatred against you.


Now again, I don’t blame African Americans. They didn’t change the policy. The immigrants did not change the American immigration policy. The immigrants didn’t keep the American government from enforcing our laws like any healthy country would do, enforce their laws. What was done is we have been subverted by another predator, another extremely racist supremacist group. And that is the Jewish extremists. And every major Jewish organisation supports this destruction of America. They support the Hollywood industry and media which teaches our kids to use drugs which destroys our, …


Alex Jones: Now you have already said that. Let me ask some other questions and go to some phone calls here.


David Duke: Sure.






Alex Jones: We’ve already said that. Let me ask another question go to some phone calls here. Look, humans have acted the same in every society, are you saying these problems would not be here if Jews never existed?


David Duke: I think, absolutely, these problems wouldn’t be here, except for the fact, not because they existed, but because we let them take over. But they didn’t do it openly. They didn’t say we are Jews and we are going to control your society. They did it by deceit. And even an intelligent man, if somebody slips poison in his food, he can be killed. And that’s exactly what they did with us. They got control, they used their financial wherewithal, by the banks, … And by the the way, one thing I would argue with you. I don’t believe in a, the free market philosophy. I believe in a fair market philosophy. I don’t, … 


Alex Jones: Look, I’ve been around and I mean the Jews I’ve known…its either liberal or conservative or libertarian. And then they are just like that movement that they support.


David Duke: Listen, we wouldn’t have this problem if we had a fair market where a government defended a true free enterprise system. We have this because of all these international Jewish bankers like Goldman Sachs, like the people that control the Federal, … 


Alex Jones: Well, I’m against crony capitalism.


David Duke: It’s not just crony capitalism, it is a capitalism controlled by Jews. When Mr Ben Shalom Bernanke, who spoke before Jewish organisations that are extremely supremacist, racist, part of the state of Israel. When he doles out trillions of dollars, which he did, twenty, twenty trillion dollars, by the way, by his own script of his hand and that is reported by Bloomberg news in fact.When he doles that out, if anybody thinks that he is not doling it out, first and foremost to his Jewish brethren, they got to be extremely naive. 


That is because we have a free market economy, we don’t have a fair market economy. We don’t have a situation, … 


Alex Jones: That’s not a fair market economy when we have a private Federal Reserve creating hundreds of trillions in derivatives and doling out twenty trillion, …


David Duke: You’re right. It’s not true freedom. But it’s freedom if people can do what they want to, you see. If people have the money to buy our political process, which is the biggest contributor. 


Alex Jones: Well that’s not a free market, that’s a rigged crony capitalist, …


David Duke: The biggest contributors to the Republican and Democratic party according to the Washington Post are, … 


Alex Jones: Here is what I’m saying, David. I don’t think racially based politics, are going to pull anybody out of this, or the Globalists – that you call the Zionists – would not be pushing it. They control prisons by putting people into racial groups, …


David Duke: The media is telling Europeans to help stand against this Jewish takeover of society? Let me give you a, one more graphic, this is from Harvard University. Now Harvard is the source of our elite, that’s the elite that runs the country, it is like the budding institutions of the American elite, … Harvard, … This country is 70% European American, including 70% of the highest performing students in the United States of America. We built Harvard. Harvard was 100% European Christian institution. It built great institutions. They are the modern American elite. We are now only 20%! That 70% European Christian majority is now 20% at Harvard. Jews who were 2% of our population are now 25%![of Harvard] There are more Jews, at Harvard and the Ivy League, 2% per cent of the population, than there are our 70%. And you tell me there is not racism going on by Jews against us? And that we, the way that this is going on is that they discriminate against European Americans. They gain control, … 


Alex Jones: Well David, I’ll say this, and then I’ve got to go to calls.


David Duke: Yes. 


Alex Jones: In fairness, there is this paradox, because I truly believe in ideas. And when Martin Luther King said about judging people by the character of what they do.






Alex Jones: In fairness, there is this paradox, because I truly believe in ideas. And when Martin Luther King said about judging people by the character of what they do. I think you probably agree with judging a individual by their character, right?

David Duke: I do.
Alex Jones: Okay. It is true the Democrats, Hollywood, all of it is viciously anti-liberty, viciously anti-freedom, ahh, I think felt dominated by Western culture. Has basically taken it over, the left has. And wants to destroy it even though they are in control of it. So there is an attitude, and I call it collectiveness, collectiveness garbage that does want to overthrow any original Western institutions. Even though that’s the source of the power structure’s power. So, I think it’s more an act of ceremonial domination, although at a subconscious level than it is anything else regardless of who’s running the show. There is freakish racism against Whites now being fronted everywhere. And I think it’s just meant to condition everybody to accept anything. And to accept what is coming in the future.


David Duke: Well, I agree with you in a sense. And I’ll tell you, it’s not just the left. It is also the controlled right. The Republican party has been taken over by, essentially, Jewish communists. This is no joke. Go to my site, … Because, you, people, … In fact I’m going to send you a copy of my book, Mr. Jones. You can read it. It’s called, “The Secret Behind Communism”. See if I can get this in the camera.



Alex Jones: The Secret Behind Communism


David Duke: And what this book does is it documents, … I went into the archives of the Western [sic] governments, the old communist government. The government now in Russia is anti-communist. It seems like the Jewish media doesn’t know that. That’s why they don’t like the Russians because they don’t have the power over the Russian people that they once had. That’s why they hate Russia so much and are trying to get us into wars with Russia and sanctions against Russia. But this book, literally shows and proves that anybody, a thoughtful person, … I use Jewish sources, I use mainstream sources. I prove that the Russian revolution, the communist revolution, in fact the communist movement world wide, … It was overwhelmingly a Jewish movement. It was a tribalist movement. Leon Trotsky, whose name is Bronstein, … Lenin was part Jewish, Bredan? ? ? , Kogan? ? ? All the leaders of communist Russia were Jewish, folks. That’s the fact! Now they took over communist, and you know what, they have taken over capitalism in the same way. Winston Churchill was, …


Alex Jones: I’m not going to get into a debate, … We have got to go to calls.


David Duke: Let me finish this one point. Before Churchill became an asset of the Rothschilds and help lead us to the most devastating destructive war of all time. It was truly a war against human rights. A war, in fact it gave half of Europe to the Soviet communists. Winston Churchill wrote a big article in 1920, called, “Zionism versus Bolshevism — a struggle for the soul of the Jewish people”. And in there he said the Jews are divided between Zionists and Communists. And how the Jewish communists. He talks about the Jewish control of communism. How they gripped the Russian people by the hair of their head and massacred tens of millions.



[Image] Winston Churchill’s 1920 article.


Alex Jones: Now there’s no debate that a lot of the leaders of the Bolshevik takeover in 1917 via Lenin and others were Jewish. But Stalin went after him and there were a big purge. So just to say the whole Soviet history was Jewish isn’t true.


David Duke: Stalin was one of those collaborators. And he basically, ultimately in the end, realized that these Jews were not going to be loyal to the Russian people and he began to take action against them. And that’s why, I believe we had the Cold War to say the honest to god truth. Because Russia was then, … Once, once were removed from their Intelligence apparatus, once they were removed from the Politburo and many of them were at the end of the Second World War it was a matter of time before Russia would free itself of Jewish communism. And that’s exactly what happened. But they didn’t want a smooth transition like China. That’s why the Jews supported Yeltsin who stole the country of the Jews. The Jewish oligarchs took over 50% of the resources of Russia. They tried to turn Russia, …


Alex Jones: We got to go to calls. And again earlier you would act like I’m not giving you time. I want to break for calls. We got to take calls.


David Duke: Okay.


Alex Jones: The interview is almost over. The point is, … And we are going to get folks on that think the Catholics run it all. Oh! You never answered the question about the whole Catholic conspiracy. Because folks have got maps showing that Catholics run everything. Because there are people in all these different power positions, and I just think. I think it let’s people cop out and not take action in their own lives. Because, I don’t have a job because of the Jews. And that’s really my problem. Go ahead.


David Duke: Okay, let me answer that question. I can disprove the idea that the Catholics run the world by just looking at the realities of the facts of the thing. It’s not the Catholics who own and control the Hollywood destructive media. It’s not Catholics who control the international banks. It’s not Catholics who control this incredible pro-Zionist policy in the Middle East. In fact the Vatican opposes the Zionist wars in Afghanistan. Which have also killed and maimed hundreds of thousands.  




Alex Jones: Do you like the new Pope?


David Duke: I disagree with some of the aspects of the Pope. But I know he doesn’t have power. If Catholics really had power you wouldn’t have a media, even at Easter talking about pedophilia. Right? Constantly. Because they don’t talk about the pedophilia and the sexual perversion that dominates the Jewish community. Some Jewish organizations do, thank God! But that’s not allowed on our side.


Alex Jones: Well see that’s the thing, is that the Jewish community is very, very diverse from my research and experiences. And I just don’t, … I just don’t see Jews that are all awake and are part of some conspiracy.

David Duke: No, they are not, …


Alex Jones: I think there are Jews that are, Republicans, Democrats, libertarians and they are just like the ideologues that are gentiles, right next to them.


David Duke: Jews are overwhelmingly Marxist orientated, but there are some conservative Jews. But, the one thing Jews are not diverse on and that’s support of the Jewish tribe. That, the idea that gentiles are out to get them. The idea of helping each other. And that’s how they take over society.   It’s like Harvard. How can two per cent of the country, two per cent, now have twenty five per cent of the students at Harvard, in the Ivy League and the European Americans which are seventy per cent of the best students have only twenty per cent? That is racial discrimination.


Alex Jones: A lot of that is Jews are really smart, they work hard, they help fund their own organizations. And a lot of gentiles go out and start businesses and make even more money. Then, I know you have a bunch of degrees and stuff. You’re proud of that. That’s fine. But there’s a lot of gentiles I know, if you want to call us gentiles. Who don’t care about degrees but are super successful.   You know most of the millionaires out there didn’t go to college, right?


David Duke: Alex, Mr. Jones, I think that’s really a cop out to say that Jews are more intelligent. They are only two per cent of the population.


Alex Jones: Not only more intelligent on average, they are just more into education and are smart.


David Duke: Question please.


Alex Jones: Are you saying that Jews are not smart?


David Duke: Wait. If Jews are really, say more intelligent, … The truth is that it’s not true.


Alex Jones: I didn’t say that.


David Duke: But Presbyterians. Their IQ scores are higher than Jews. The difference between Presbyterians and Jews, is the fact that Jews have this tribalist, supremacist ideology. Where they help each other and support. That’s how they take over institutions. Whereas, Presbyterians don’t do this. That’s, that’s the difference.   And secondly, the real critical issue here is, if they are more intelligent, then why is seventy per cent of the highest performing students, twenty per cent of Harvard? It’s because Jews have taken over Harvard. They control the Provost, they control the selection. In fact they use this thing called “diversity” as a scheme. Because what they do is they throw out the test results. I can prove to people. I have a report on this at


You can go to my website,, do a search on Harvard and the Ivy League and it shows that Jews are over represented by fourteen times more than their ability warrants. And, by the way, the most outstanding students at Harvard University, with even a lot of Jewish professors in it, …


The most outstanding students, is Phi Beta Kappa, those of the top performing students. And interestingly enough, even though Jews out number European Americans at Harvard and the Ivy League, the Phi Beta Kappa, … Fifty five per cent of the recipients after four years of college, of performance, were European Americans. Jews who are 25 per cent of the population of Harvard were only, guess what, eleven per cent! So again, …


Alex Jones: I know you are into academia. Kind of makes me nauseous, so.


David Duke: Saying the Jews are smarter, that’s the biggest racism and the biggest, kind of supremacism that I’ve ever said [heard] , because they are not smarter. The reason they are in power is because they are more, …


Alex Jones: I did not say that Jews were smarter. In my experience Jews are pretty smart. Smart in business and stuff like that.


David Duke: Well, what you have suggested, .., they are pretty smart in business. I’m not saying that they are a dumb people. But their power is not based on the fact that they are smarter than all of us.   Look at the tremendous beauty and great achievements of Western civilization, culture, science.


Alex Jones: Now we got to go to calls. I mean this whole thing, … David Duke is our guest and you are listening to Infowars Radio and I’m Alex Jones.   This whole thing just makes my head hurt. Because I just want to promote the ideals of liberty, across the board. And I want to be able to throw it into the face of the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] and other people, and I don’t sink down to their race based nature. You know, that the Left pushes. And that’s what I’m saying. I want to transcend that and try to promote liberty to everybody and not fall into the race based system. But it looks like they are pushing it so hard and the Left is so racist, that, at the end of the day it’s just going to become that. Because if you are White you won’t be able to be in any area that has people that aren’t White in it, because you’ll be killed.   And I guess that’s the goal and, I mean, whoever is behind this sure is working.


David Duke: You are right. That’s exactly where we are going. But just remember, the SPLC has attacked you. The ADL has attacked you. A lot of the power in the media has attacked you. The SPLC is led by Mr. Cohen. That’s a “Cohanin”, that’s like the Jewish priest class. The second in command is Mark Potock who is Jewish.   The ADL is of course controlled. It says that it’s a human rights organization and it supports the incredible crimes of Israel against the Palestinians, against the Lebanese.      





David Duke: And by the way, I want to speak to my Christian brethren too, these so-called Christian Zionists. My goodness, I feel for them, I feel pity for them. That they’ve been so brainwashed by the Jewish media that they support the Jewish state of Israel which has massacred, murdered, tens of thousands of Christian Palestinians and Christian Lebanese.


Alex Jones: Well, well we gotta go, we gotta go to the calls now, but I’ll say this: If the people that are promoting hate laws and hate crime laws are successful, David Duke will be arrested for talking like this. I would be taken off the air. And I want to say this. Whether you agree with this or find it to be detestable, … And I find it all to be very very frustrating. We have to understand that they’re using political correctness to shut all this down and that’s why we need to have the controversial guests on. We need to support the open, free debate and we’re going to have people on that disagree with Mr. Duke. And we’re going to have people on that are basically, ideologically the same. I mean, look at Nation of Islam. It’s like black David Duke, people. They basically say the same thing, …


David Duke: No they’re not like black David Duke people.


Alex Jones: … But from the perspective of black people. Oh, it’s almost identical.


David Duke: They’re not. I don’t say, … I’ve never said we should go out and start killing black people or anything like that. Like Nation of Islam has said. So that’s just not really accurate.


Alex Jones: Okay, it’s a simplification. I’m saying, I’m saying Louis Farrakhan says a lot of the same stuff you say.


David Duke: Well he says some things I agree with. And I agree with any black person that wants to preserve their own heritage. I will come on overdrive. I’m willing to spend whatever time we have. We’ve got a lot more to discuss, so let’s do it. I’m ready to go.


Alex Jones: Well, we gotta go to these calls and I’ve got meetings and I gotta run this place and nightly news. So maybe we can go twenty minutes with the next caller.


David Duke: I haven’t taken a single call. Let me take some calls.


Alex Jones: Let’s go to Deutschland, let’s talk to Eric from Germany, via Skype. Uh, you’re on the air with David Duke. Go ahead.



CALLER, ERIC IN GERMANY: Hi, well, it’s a really interesting conversation and dialog between you two. It’s been fascinating. In the past year, the United States population, 330 million, took on about 100,000 illegal immigrants. While America this year said that Germany with a population of 80 million is going to take on 400,000 people from North Africa and the Middle East. I was wondering what Dr. Duke thinks about this, and I’d also love to hear his opinion about Vladimir Putin. And lastly, Alex, I love you, man, I listen to you every day. You rant on anti-political correctness. I hate political correctness, but the past hour and a half you’ve been super politically correct. And so, uh, I just wanted to say that.


David Duke: I appreciate Alex Jones having me on. I really do and it took a courageous act on his part, to do that.   Now let me answer the man’s question. I travel a lot in Europe, I’ve spoken at universities all over Europe, both Eastern and Western Europe and, … Europe is in crisis, just like American. It’s got the same leadership. In Germany, for instance, the head of the third largest party is a Jewish Communist and again we go right back to that name, [Gregory] “Gysi”. And he literally said that he celebrates the fact that Germans aren’t having kids. So no more Germans are going to be born, so the Nazis can’t come to power. That’s how evil the situation we have going on in this country. Now was there one bit of criticism in American about this planned genocide of the German people? Was there one criticism from the controlled politicians in Germany? NO! There wasn’t. Because nobody dares criticize the real power in the world and that’s Jewish supremacists.


Alex Jones: All right, caller from Germany, we’re going to break. Thank you for your call.   We’re going to come back and talk to Kevin, Paul, Lesley, Mark and others that are holding.   Here’s the kernel of what I want people to get from this last two hours with David Duke.   I don’t like gangs, I don’t like people that organize just based on a flag. I find that generally produces a lot of oppression and tyranny. I’m into ideas.


But what’s shocking is MSNBC and CNN and the media is more racist and more out of control than David Duke, by far. That shows how much trouble we’re in and how mentally ill the left is. That’s what’s sick here, is that these people want to bring the country down in a race war.




I want to talk to David Duke about, what his time in prison was like. Because if you disagree with David Duke on a lot of points, like I do, still he was set up by the IRS and now they’re doing this to mainline groups. And that’s the point. You let ‘em do it to Duke, they can do it to anybody. As he argued, he was thrown in a gulag, like Alexander Solzhenitsyn.   But I wanna go to Dan, Kevin, Paul, Mark, Lesley, everybody, in the time we have left here. Uh, let’s go ahead and go to Kevin in Canada. You’re on the air.


CALLER, KEVIN IN CANADA: Hey guys, can you hear me okay?


Alex Jones: Yep. Go Ahead.


KEVIN:First off, David, you probably don’t know this, but about a week ago Alex had a gentleman on his show, named Storey Musgrave. During his show, Alex asked him: What’s the best way forward for humanity? And which his response was: A One World Government. I would like to ask you the same question. What do you think is the best way forward for humanity?


David Duke: I think the best way forward to, for humanity, is to embrace the true principle of diversity. That is, just as in nature we have biodiversity, we have human diversity. Every people must the have the right to preserve their own heritage, to enshrine it. You know, to continue to, to raise it up. Every people has the right to exist. Every people has the right to control their own affairs. The truth is, that humanity is not all one. We are different. We’re all human, but we’re very different in the way we look, the way we act, the way we feel, the things we want for our society, our religious views.


So true freedom is allowing every people to exist and survive. And if that’s racism, … Muh! I don’t know, I don’t know what super racism is. The real racists are those who try to control the media in this country, this tiny, tiny minority, who control the discourse, who control the academia, like the Ivy League. Who control broadcasting to a great extent, except, there are some exceptions, like Alex Jones. And I appreciate the many things he does do. And that’s the reality, …


Alex Jones (interrupting): Oh, come on David! You know, you and your buddies behind the scenes, don’t like me!



David Duke: No, listen. I don’t have any dislike, … You let me on. That’s a lot more than I can say for a lot of the mainstream media and that took a lot of courage on your part. And I want to continue. I hope that my academic research, … In my books – I’ve got, “The Secret Behind Communism”. I’m going to send you a copy of that – and also for your listeners, “Jewish Supremacism”. This is documented with 600 different citations, which are literally showing the exact proof of what I’m saying. And, I can show you what’s in the Talmud, the Jewish religious book. How this idea of Jewish supremacy and control of the world, has been around a long time.






David Duke: Ben Gurion? Do you still have that graphic? For this is a good answer to the question, folks. This is the world I don’t want right now, I can show you. Ben Gurion. I have a graphic that I sent up to you. Ben Gurion. Alright. Ben Gurion in a Look Magazine article literally gave his prediction, this is a fact that anybody can prove it. He literally said that there would be a new, truly United Nations and that Israel will be at the head of this global state. That Israel will build a shrine to the prophets where the whole world will come and worship the Jewish prophets. And that in Israel there would be a Supreme Court of Mankind. They’d abolish all armies and control the world. Now this is not some obscure Jew, this is the most famous, the most respected Jew in the world.


If Jews were not working toward this tribal dominance, why didn’t they condemn Ben Gurion for this pronouncement of Jewish global dominance? And if you look, look at the banks – you talk about banks every day – and you should. But you look at the bankers, the Rothschilds, they were not just Rothschilds, they were part and parcel of the leading Jewish community. The Warburgs, the Schiffs – that supported Communism. We can go on and on. The Federal Reserve bankers that took control and ruined this country. I just don’t’ think it’s possible to look at this thing rationally without seeing that there is a tribal connection.


Alex Jones: Man, I just, it’s just Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew. It’s like the Catholic thing, or like the media promoting gay, gay, gay. It’s just gets old. It’s almost like people that are obsessed with this, just have Jew on the brain. It gives me a headache.


David Duke: You’re right. I really believe Jewish supremacist power in this world is the key issue to all of it. We wouldn’t, … The gun control groups, overwhelming are led by Jews. The lesbian transgender groups are led by Jews. You can just keep going on it. The media that keeps, …


Alex Jones (interrupting) : David Duke is on the show. I tell ya, man I tell ya. This is, … We’re gonna come back with more phone calls. We’ll be back with Dan and others. Stay with us.


[Commercial Break]


Alex Jones: Well, I’ve a lot of stuff to get done around the office with Nightly News coming up. This is an important debate, we have loaded phone lines for David Duke and I’m Alex Jones.


And I didn’t even think of this, but Rob Jacobson is now the oldest employee of InfoWars. He’s been here continuously, uh, so he’s been here ten years. Rob Jacobson, and of course we get the orders from Tel Aviv and they go through him, … I’m joking. Rob Jacobson helped make End Game, he helped make so many other big films we’ve produced. He’s one of our great video editors. He studies the New World Order. He exposes it and he wants to talk today to David Duke and I don’t know if David Duke is scared to talk to a Jewish person.


I’m being sarcastic. He may think he’s going to grow vampire fangs or something. But Rob, I didn’t even think of this, in fact next time David Duke’s on, we ought to get you in here in studio so you can talk to him and you know, uh, make your own points. But, you’ve studied the Federal Reserve and that’s the point I didn’t make earlier. That a lot of the people that founded the Federal Reserve – some were Jewish and some weren’t. And they ended up funding fascism, the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute – and that’s something David said earlier, that no, there’s no connection with Nazis trying to take over America. No, I said fascists, the McCormack-Dickstein Committee exposed that. There was a major pro-Nazi movement here in the U.S., the Bushs were involved and next time Duke comes on we can debate that further. But, but, … I need to go to these calls too. But Rob Jacobson, you wanted to talk to David Duke?


ROB JACOBSON: Yeah, yeah. I was just curious. Thanks, Alex. Uh, I heard all of this conversation during the radio show today and, you know, Mr. Duke seems to be pretty educated on a lot of parts of the world and you guys were talking about bankers. So I was just curious if you could explain to me which one of these bankers is the Jew? Of maybe the founders, maybe of the guys of the Jekyll Island, you know. I’ll just name them off and as soon as the Jew is there, the hidden guy you know, or whatever. If you you could just educate us.


Is Nelson Aldrich, Jewish? Uh, Mr. Duke.


David Duke: No. I don’t think so.


ROB JACOBSON: Okay. How about Abraham Hyatt Andrew?


David Duke: You, … We want to name some of the Jewish names or are you going to name the gentiles?


ROB JACOBSON: No, I’m just curious, because you seem to think that Jews are almost completely responsible for everything that’s wrong with the world that I don’t really think, …


Alex Jones: I think Rob’s point is, there is only one guy that’s Jewish on the list


ROB JACOBSON: There is, there is just one guy


David Duke: Let me answer the question this way, okay?




David Duke: You’ve talked a lot about the most powerful banking family in the world historically has been the Rothschilds and the six sons of the Rothschilds went to six different countries and led the banking institutions of those countries. In this country the most powerful capitalist banker by far was Jacob Schiff.





David Duke: By far was Jacob Schiff. He literally financed the Russian Revolution and ultimately caused the deaths of tens of million of Christians. The Federal Reserve for the last three decades has only had Jewish supremacists, Jewish extremists as head of the Federal Reserve who support all the major Jewish organizations which oppose all the principals that Alex Jones talks about here.



ROB JACOBSON (interrupting): Yeah, But, Mr. Duke, this is not the origin of these plays. You’re definitely cherry picking history here to support your side of history. Let’s go further, let’s talk about the original 1929 big six. Which one of them were Jewish? I mean these are the guys that started…


Alex Jones: Let him answer the question.


David Duke: Listen, I think Jeckyll Island was set up to try to get in as much of gentile collaborators. There have always been gentile collaborators. But there’s no way to deny the fact that international, the most powerful predator bank on planet earth who practically picks the members of our federal reserve, picks the members of our treasury department, is the biggest contributor for presidents of the United States, both Republicans and Democrats. The biggest single corporate contributor is Goldman Sachs.


ROB JACOBSON: But, this is recent history.


Alex Jones: But, Goldman Sachs is more of a socialist movement.


ROB JACOBSON: This is within the last 25 years or 35 years. This isn’t like, uh, deeping rooted stuff.


David Duke: This whole system was set up by the Rothschilds.



ROB JACOBSON: You can say that. But, I mean you could also say that the Rockefellers contributed to that and so did Andrew Mellon and the Carnegie.


Alex Jones: Let me ask you this question. What about the Rockefellers and the Nazis? The Rockefellers worked with the Rothschilds. In my experience the Rothschilds helped start some stuff in Israel but they just play by the sides. I see the Rothschilds as really just, uh, very sociopathic.


David Duke: The Rothschilds, by the way, bought off Winston Churchill. As a young boy, they financed his kit [military uniform, etc.] when he went to South Africa. The Rothschilds gave him a huge wedding present to his wife and kids. They were developing Churchill because he was an aristocratic gentile. They know to advance their program they’ve gotta to have gentiles involved. And Churchill drove Europe into a war, a horrific war, that killed 54 million Americans, excuse me, I mean Europeans, and also caused the take over of half of Europe by Communists which at that time had a lot of Jews involved and they also basically took over the West. This war was a catastrophe. So there are gentile collaborators.


But if Jews don’t run the insiders, the elite of the world, then why is it that Israel, … Israel has a law right now where it’s against the law, for a Jew to marry a non-Jew. If any American, any European any Canadian proposed a law, where it’s against the law to marry a Jew, or against the law to marry a non-White person.


Alex Jones: Well, it’s like the anchor baby thing. They say guest workers can’t marry someone to be able to stay there. We have similar laws here for sham marriages.


David Duke: Let me answer the question. If any country in the European world had tried to pass such a law, if that happened, you know that they would be demonized and they’d practically call for sanctions against that country they’d practically invade them, uh, for that reason. But Israel can do it. So why is it that the only people allowed to preserve their heritage and push for their power over all of us…


Alex Jones (interrupting): Let me throw this out there because I got corrected on this, because I saw a leftist publication reporting that years ago – then I read deeper into it – they have sham marriages where people pay to get in as a guest worker then they marry someone so they can stay in the country and get welfare. It’s the same thing as anchor babies and then the media spins that that it’s a race law.






David Duke: Israel is using DNA to determine who there immigrants are going to be. DNA, I mean, my God! Israel is a racist supremacist state. They have segregated schools, segregated development, segregated housing. They have ethnically cleansed 600,000 Palestinians. They have massacred them, they have burned them, they kill whole neighborhood, right?


ROB JACOBSON: (talking over Duke) yes, but, that doesn’t prove, … A lot of these groups, … We can talk about every single ethnic group in the world and have similar evidence, … What you are saying doesn’t definitively prove, and you are also not including the place where a lot of these Jewish leaders intermingled with a lot of Catholic and Protestant leaders and a lot of other leaders of the world.


Alex Jones: Let’s stop right there. We’ve got to go to calls. David, I promise I’ll have you back and then would you like to debate Rob Jacobson next time you come back?


David Duke: Fine, because I can show, … Maybe that’s the problem why you are not talking about the Jewish issue. Because sum of these Jews pretend to be on our side, but they won’t recognize Jewish racism. They won’t recognize the fact that every major Jewish organization, …


ROB JACOBSON: (talking over Duke) that’s not fair, what you are saying (everyone shouting over each other) Mr Duke to blow your mind. Because what I’m saying is that I recognize everything you are saying. And I’m saying let’s go a step beyond that and look at the true group that is behind this. And that is an intermingling of who you are saying as well as, Catholic and Protestant. All world leaders that intermingle, …


Alex Jones: Well exactly! It’s like the Masonic secret societies have roots in Israel, Babylon, Greece, Rome. And of course the Jewish are allied to it because, because your name is David, David. That’s a Jewish name! It’s part of our culture.


David Duke: If the Masonics are behind it then, according to your reasoning, …


Alex Jones: I don’t say that.


ROB JACOBSON: Not saying the Masonics specifically. I’m just saying there are groups out there. These people intermingle, … Bohemian Grove for example. Ah, these men intermingle every summer and they discuss policy, as well as creative ideas and scientific development, every summer. And yes, there are some Jews that go there. But guess what.


Alex Jones: And they have had presidents and people who say, more gets done down there as anywhere else. That’s all we are saying. And of course there are powerful Jewish lobbies and defense lobbies. We are not debating that. It’s just all I ever hear out of people is Jew, Jew, Jew. And they make stuff about me and claim that Jews are running what I do. It’s just crazy.


David Duke: I don’t think Jews run what you do. I’d like to take some calls. But if you are just going to run over me, I don’t need to be here. Let me take some calls from the callers.


Alex Jones: David, we aren’t running over you. You have talked as much as we have, … Rob got to talk maybe three minutes total. You got to talk an hour.


David Duke: Let me respond to what the Jewish individual said here. He said, oh, there’s intermingling and everything else. Why is it, if it is truly not a matter of the supremacism of the Jews and the international globalists, then why is it. This is the question, an open question. Why is it Israel is the only country on earth right now that allows segregated settlements


Alex Jones: And I think that’s wrong and that’s why you have got calls of apartheid and stuff. And a lot of this, … Israel, … (David Duke interrupting). Hey, David Duke, you’ve been given, … Let’s be clear here today, for the record. You have talked more than I’ve talked. You have talked more than anyone else. You keep implying that you are being cut off. You keep implies that you are being run over and it’s just not an accurate, truthful statement. You have been given a ton of time here. I want you to stop making those false claims.


David Duke: the audience will judge anyway. I just want some calls!


Alex Jones: I know, I know, all your buddies will bitch and whine because not everyone falls down and worships you. The point is, the fact is you got to talk more than I did, and so stop claiming we are running over you. Because Rob came in here, and you know, talked to you.


David Duke: That’s true. After with have the tape we can time it and see. All I know is that a lot of times we had a question, like when he asked a question, I really wasn’t allowed to answer. He kept saying about Jews intermingle and all this other stuff. All the major Jewish organizations are promote immigration into America, but they support Israel, which has the strictest immigration policy in the world. How does Israel if the media is truly for open borders?


Alex Jones: Let’s go to calls. Paul in New, … No, no, this is Dan in Montana. Dan in Montana you are on the air. Go ahead.



DAN FROM MONTANA: Hey this is a great interview. Hi, I want to say. I want to change the channel a little bit and I want to know David Duke’s opinion on what’s happening in Russia. I know that on his website it’s all Zionist, Zionist, Zionist. And I understand, I believe the Zionists to be the globalists and you ought to have the same enemy, but you can’t see eye to eye. But I want to know why he never talks about this group, that is, this racist group, that’s helping the Ukraine in Kiev. Throwing people out of building in South Ossetia or in Odessa and beating them with clubs.

But we’re not getting his take on that. If he was with the nationalist movement here, the White nationalist movement here, then, well why is he not at an intermediary at least having some type of interviews, something going on with the White nationalist there.




Alex Jones: That’s another thing: We’ve got George Soros financing known White supremacists in Ukraine to attack the Russian held areas there in, uh, Eastern Ukraine, there in the Crimea. Undoubted Fascist right-wing heiling Hitler. Why again would George Soros be funding that?


David Duke: Well, let me answer the question: Very clearly. If you listen to my radio show and by the way, those listening to this show, I’m on every day, Monday through Friday, at 10:00 Central Time, 11:00 Eastern Time, and I’ve talked no less than about three or four dozen times about Ukraine, about Russia and all what’s going on here. And I think that Russia is a target again going right back to it. Because they dared to stand up for the Syrians and the Christians in Syria and the anti-ISIS forces in Syria. The reason we’ve supported ISIS, is because Israel saw Syria as an enemy. And the Christians of Syria, as well, who support Assad, who support the government. Because Syria has supported the Palestinians. Same thing’s true with the Lebanese.


Alex Jones: (loudly interrupting) But SPEAK TO SOROS AND THE LEFT funding right-wingers (pounding the table) Answer (pound) that (pound) question (pound).


David Duke: Explain why they’re anti-Russian. Now. I’ve also talked about, I’ve, had many shows…


Alex Jones: (loudly interrupting) Because Soros, this isn’t about being Jewish for him. He’s a dirt bag who likes to go around doing criminal stuff.


David Duke: It’s certainly about being Jewish for Mr. Soros. Mr. Soros is an absolute Jewish supremacist.


Alex Jones: Why is he funding White Supremacists, then?


David Duke: No, what’s he’s doing, then, … They’ll support any side if they think they can get their individual tactics. The reason they hate Russia, is because Russia is upsetting their apple cart in the Middle East. Russia supported the Syrians. Israel doesn’t like Syria even though it’s not Jihadist. It’s not terrorist. There are no terrorists from the Syrian government that have attacked America. Syria is the only country fighting them and Russia has supported them. Russia has stymied the Zionist position in the United Nations, that’s why they hate Russia.


Alex Jones: And, they’re using White Supremacists as usual. How many, what percentage of White Supremacists or White nationalists do you think are are really FBI agents or informants, like Hal Turner?


David Duke: And that’s a problem. Because European nationalists can be used by those people, if they don’t understand the end game here. I talked about Barbara [Victoria] Nuland, the Jewish under Secretary of State that said “F” Europe, you know. That wanted this war, …


Alex Jones: (interrupting) Is Hillary Jewish?


David Duke: What? Hillary’s not Jewish but let me tell ya, her and Clinton have taken, … The newspaper in Israel had a big article, one of the leading Israeli dailies, …


Alex Jones: (interrupting) Here’s my problem. All I know, the Jews I know are fighting GMO [Genetically Modified Organism], they’re fighting tyranny, they’re fighting open borders, they’re fighting banning the word “mom” and “dad”. I mean, take Matt Drudge, he’s Jewish and he fights the whole New World Order agenda. I mean most of the Jews I know are fighting the New World Order. And then all I hear about is how Jews are evil, all day. It just becomes a giant distraction.


David Duke: Do you really believe the media is on the side of bringing out Monsanto? Of course not. The Jewish, …


Alex Jones: (interrupting) Drudge is linked to our article, fighting Monsanto.


David Duke: There are Jews fighting Monsanto. But the overwhelming Jewish power structure — you don’t find any organization like the leading Jewish organizations condemning Monsanto.


Alex Jones: We gotta go to more calls, we gotta go to more calls. Nobody’s censoring you, we gotta go to calls. Paul in New Jersey, you’re on the air, go ahead.


PAUL, IN NEW JERSEY:Hey, good afternoon, gentlemen, yeah, you have a good discussion here. People don’t realize we were Communists before the Communists were in 1913 and we set up the communists right in New York city and sent ‘em on a boat, the Trotskyites, across and right through WW I – so don’t touch this railroad here we’re gonna take these communists and set up a communist revolution.


Alex Jones: Yep.


PAUL: That’s how that started. And the big banksters – what is the biggest ongoing robbery in the history of time? Can you answer that question?


David Duke: Well, I think the federal Reserve is.


PAUL: Literally. Yeah, they were (garbled) controlled. They get their dollar bills like two cents and they loan ‘em back to our government for face value plus interest.


David Duke: You’re right


PAUL: And all the money goes for the income tax they collect, for the unlawful income tax, …


Alex Jones: There’s no doubt we’re under bondage and I want to cut past all the names and all the race stuff that the social engineers want us to obsess over and just say, “no more private Federal Reserve”, no more end of national sovereignty, get us out of the UN, cut taxes. And then I can sell everybody, whether they’re Jewish or German or Chinese on that, and we can all live happily ever after. I mean that’s why some of the corrupt elements in Israel and others have been caught bombing their own synagogues in Iraq to make folks move to Israel. That’s not all the Jews doing that, it’s corrupt groups. Our elites do the same things. It’s like Frank Underwood throwing a brick through his own window. I mean (pounding the table) it’s just human activities, is all I’m saying. Thank you Paul.


Leslie in South Carolina, you’re on the air with David Duke, go ahead.






LESLIE FROM SOUTH CAROLINA: Mr Duke I’m enjoying your conversation, but I have to ask you a question. Are you a Christian?


David Duke: Yes I am.


LESLIE: So you’ve taken Christ into your heart as your savior?


David Duke: Yes I have, ma’am.


LESLIE: Okay, and so have I.


Alex Jones: And his first name is David! The king of the Jews. The first super Jew!


David Duke: I can’t be responsible for my first name. I didn’t name myself.


Alex Jones: (laughing)


David Duke: I come from a Christian family and so forth. But I can tell you, I can tell you this, that the truth is that the greatest enemy of Christianity has, from the very beginning, … You just read the New Testament and you’ll see it, has been the organized Jewish community. They were the ones, in fact, who crucified Jesus Christ.


Alex Jones: Well the Pharisees were always going after any new group of ideas that came out. That’s true. And Christ challenged that.


David Duke: But he didn’t want, … He wasn’t preaching Jewish supremacy. That’s what the real problem they had with Jesus Christ. They supported Barabbas, a Jewish revolutionary, a Jewish supremacist rather than Jesus. So that’s, that’s how, …


Alex Jones: And see how that turned out, 70 years later with Titus. Okay Leslie, thank you.


Mark in Oregon, you are on the air with David Duke. We’re hurrying now.


MARK IN OREGON: Hello Alex and David. Please let me preface this short one minute statement that I have.


Alex Jones: Yes, go ahead.


MARK: By saying that actually I was born a Torah Jew as opposed to a satanic Talmudic Jew, a non-jew actually, and I was raised as such.


Now, as usual, when I hear disagreements among the alternative patriot Christian movement and media, I notice that the areas are much smaller than the areas of commonality, which are potentially massive and power [ful] when pro-actively united. Now Tex Marrs, gentlemen. He has researched genetic studies of the population of the country of Israel. What concluded that only four per cent of the population oft country of Israel have Jewish blood. This of course brings up this massive element, elephant, in this particular room of discussion.


In the near future I think you should both elucidate upon the topic of the Khazarian aspect of, as Jesus Christ called them, you Jews who are not Jews. The son of God of Satan. You are of your father the devil.


These Zionist Khazarians are whom David speaks of, and they of whom the Rothschilds are a part do at least, …


Alex Jones: I have seen, .. I had to jump Mark, but I appreciate your call.

Undoubtedly the Serphardic Jews, clearly are the people the are the oldest bloodline there. I think David would argue, that no, all these people are Jewish.


David, briefly, what’s your take on the, then I want to get Jacobson’s take.


David Duke: Well, all I want to say, and I got to preface this by saying that I love Tex Marrs. I think he’s a great and honest and wonderful Christian man. I do have a disagreement with him on that particular, … There has been huge genetic studies that Christian, … Jews in Russia are six times closer genetically to Jews who are Sephardic. These are Ashkanazi Jews. Sephardic Jews in, say, Spain, than they are from, say, fellow Russians.


And the truth is the Talmud, … You talked of the satanic Talmud and the Jewish establishment. Just don’t forget that the Talmud was finally codified in the sixth century AD. That was hundreds of years before the alleged Khazaric conversion. So I used to believe in the Khazarian theory, but I don’t [now] believe in it. And I don’t think most of those who are promoting the theory, and a lot of our people have done so not knowing the truth, have promoted it and it’s actually beneficial to them [Jews]. It’s trying to say, we are not the real Jews. But Judaism and the Jews have really been an enemy of Jesus Christ. They have been an enemy of the rest of mankind for a long time. The Talmud, …


Alex Jones: You have to end it right there. I’m sorry to the other callers. I want to give Rob Jacobson, the evil person, and I’m being sarcastic, a return comment to you, and you can say something back to him. Go ahead, Jacobson.



ROB JACOBSON: Umm, when it comes to that history of the Jewish people I don’t know that much, but what I am aware of is of course is like any other group, I, … There’s going to be a corruption of people, you know, who rise to the top and an elite of this group who do dirty corrupt things for their own benefit, just like any other group. But what I want to, … I did notice about Mr. Duke’s response, is that he did find a convenient way, of course, to dismiss whatever history there is. You know, go along with his entire dialogue again, you know, without even, you know, without, … Oh, I don’t believe it, it’s not this. And I think that kind of rhetoric and that kind of discussion, is, should be also taken into account, … In fact, …


Alex Jones: All right, Duke will come back. Jacobson and you will be able in thirty minutes to actually debate him on the points. And maybe Duke can recommend who we can have on to debate with him.


But David Duke, I think it was an interesting interview today. Two and a half hours we spent with you. Lots of plugs of you. But you’ll get to be the victim and claim I censored you, …


David Duke: Tomorrow at ten o’clock, …



Alex Jones: All right, so there you go. David Duke, very wolf like. Nice little friendly wolfie. My, what big eyes he has.


We’re out of time folks. God bless you all.







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