Radicals: The Proud Racist — BBC News — TRANSCRIPT



[Benjamin Raymond, a 26 year old spokesman for the British “far right” nationalist group, National Action, is interviewed by a BBC jewess, Victoria Derbyshire in his home town of Bognor Regis, a seaside resort town on the south coast of England, approximately 90 km south-west of London.


Raymond comes across as composed, thoughtful and frank, not shying away from saying, yes, he is comfortable being considered a “racist” by most. He forthrightly states that he’s a National Socialist and proudly considers Adolf Hitler a role model.

It’s only 10 minutes and well worth watching the video or reading the interview.




Radicals: The Proud Racist — BBC News






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Published on Sep 1, 2015








Benjamin Raymond (BR) (voice over): They collaborate with the global banking system to bring masses of Third World people into this country to replace, rape, murder our people.


And one day they are just going to come together and say:

You know, we’ve had enough of you. This is our country now!


And they get to make the rules.







Victoria Derbyshire (VD): There are different ways that the government, the police and British institutions can deal with people considered radical. De-radicalize them, arrest them, control them, recruit them, silence them.


So what does each involve? What works and what might backfire? I’ve been examining each of these measures, asking which are successful, and speaking to the people subject to them.




They have views that many consider offensive. That’s why they are called radical.








BR: Traditional far right groups might say:

It’s the Muslims, it’s the Jews”.


We understand that it’s about a global economic system.


VD: And what do you want Britain to look like? What’s your ideal Britain?


BR: It should be a White Britain.


VD: (voice over) Benjamin Raymond is 26. And spokesperson for a new far-right group called, National Action.




BR: The source of all of the conflicts in society is the fact that these different racial groups have been brought here. They have been brought here to create a people who are deracinated and therefore they are more easy to control.


VD: What does “deracinated”, mean?



BR: Deracinated means you have no sense of root and no sense of identity.


VD: Do you accept that your views are racist?


BR: Of course!



VD: You’re a happy, comfortable racist


BR: I’m comfortable.


VD: You’re a comfortable racist?


BR: That’s the whole point. That is the whole point.


VD: How long have you lived in Bognor?



BR: Oh, my whole life.


VD: (to shop keeper) Can I get one cod and chips.



VD: Any, parents and siblings?


BR: I don’t have any parents.


VD: Can you tell me more about that?



BR: Err, … No.


I feel, … exploration of who I am is a bit too much.

Your mother passed away.

That must have sucked.

Is that why you are full of hate, you know what I mean?



VD: Well, there usually is a reason for people having these views.


BR: Why is it, … Why is it have to be, you know,  some Freudian analysis of childhood?



VD: But do you think, people considered radicals, considered extremist, considered racist or Islamist [? infamous]. Do you think they are sincere political beliefs?


BR: Of course! They are the most sincere political beliefs.


When you look at a general right-wing candidate and you throw “racist” at them — now they must be racist. In fact, let’s assume they are – but they say, “No I’m not, no I’m not, no I’m not”. That person isn’t honest. That person is hiding what their real beliefs are.


As a society, this is an endemic problem, where people feel the need to suppress what their real views on things are.



Voice over: Benjamin feels no need to suppress his views. National Action are National Socialist with a fancy web-site, but less than 100 members. They try to recruit at Universities. Despite the tiny numbers their openly racist demos means they have racked up almost 20 arrests. One member, Garron Helm was sent to prison for an anti-Semitic tweet to an MP.



[Scene shifts to one of Ben and Victoria Derbyshire sitting on a shingle beach]



BR: If you’re a National Socialist, you’re a Nazi!


VD: So you guys are Nazis?


BR: Yes!


VD: And proud?


BR: Yes! Hitler called the strongest man is mightiest when alone.


VD: So, you consider Hitler a role model?


BR: Absolutely!


VD: And what are you asking for?


BR: We are asking for a free White Britain.


VD: Who is White?


BR: Europeans.


VD: A Polish person is White?


BR: Absolutely.


VD: Is, … a Greek person White?


BR: Absolutely!


VD: Is a Turkish person White?



BR: Not really.


VD: Do you understand that the majority of most people will find your views, … disgusting?



BR: At the time I was born, Section 28 was in practice. In schools a teacher could be expelled if he said that homosexuals had normal healthy relationships. And the idea of what is extreme, what is unreasonable, what is disgusting to society, changes.


VD: Do you think you guys are hate preachers?


BR: No, I’m a love preacher!

You can’t have hate without love.


VD: You love people?


BR: Exacto mo, … And if you love something, you, … Well you hate whatever is a threat to it.


VD: And how do you intend to remove the people of colour from Britain?


BR: We’re talking about our fantasy. We’re talking about something that isn’t within the realm of the current now. For us this is about moral principles.


VD: Well, that’s about, … [unclear]


BR: We bring the type of people together, and we make something that in the future, could be a political party.


VD: Do you think you are better than the other far-right groups?

BR: I would say, … possibly, yes.


VD: That is your aim?


BR: Yes, that is the aim, yes. To build an, … to build an organization which is, that has more intelligent people in it.


VD: The university educated people.


BR: University educated far right. When the Race Relations Act was brought in, … Every year there’s hundreds of people who go to prison under it. Very few of those are people with political backgrounds. They are people who are unable to keep up with the pace of dialectics, of what is political correct. What you can and cannot say. People get into trouble for it all the time. This is kind of funny to us.




VD (voice over): Benjamin thinks his group are smarter than other far righters, but they are still being arrested in high numbers.


James Bartlett (Demos Thinking tank): Small radical groups like to demonstrate. One of the main things they do.


And the police’s job is to, principally, to allow them to do that. But the police also have to balance that of course, against public order and potential disorder. So the police are really looking for ways in which these groups might be breaching the peace in some ways.



Now activists, who demonstrate, would say, that actually, the police use their powers of arrest, too frequently. They use it too broadly, … Essentially to make the act of demonstrating rather unpleasant. Not enjoyable.



VD: One of your members was arrested and put in prison for tweeting an anti-semitic material to a Jewish MP, hashtag:

Hitler was right”.



BR: Yes.


VD: You proud of that?



BR: Most cases, especially in the case of Garron, it enhanced the feeling of persecution and the idea that what we are doing, is right.


James Bartlett: There is a danger that groups or individuals that are arrested or are prevented from speaking their mind, in whatever way, end up feeling like they are, that they are justified. That they are vindicated in some ways. Because they are anti-establishment, many of these groups.



So whenever they are shut down by that establishment, it’s something of a badge of honour, in some ways. But also, for them it sorts of demonstrates that they are speaking truth to power. And the fact that people have tried to close them down is actually proof that they are right, because it has the establishment scared


VD: So, you were born and have lived your entire life in Bognor Regis.


BR: Correct.



VD: I’ve, … been here only a few hours and have only seen White people. Do you think that’s why, you have a problem with people of colour?


BR: I feel some guilt actually. For not experiencing the reality that people commonly face. I didn’t, … I didn’t  choose to live here. I feel there’s, I feel that I have privilege.


VD: Do you see why the government would be concerned about you?



BR: The government have the right to intervene the moment someone is breaking the law. If you are obeying the law, then, you should be left alone.


Female narrator (voice over): In June, 26 year old, Zack Davis, was found guilty of attempted murder. He attacked an Asian dentist with a machete in north Wales.


VD: Was he connected to your group?



BR: Absolutely not.

VD: Did he have material?


BR: He had a flag.

VD: A National Action flag?


BR: Yes.


VD: He gets your material, buys it off the internet, then goes into a supermarket and hacks at a Sikh man, with an ax.

Does it make you sad that he had your material?


BR: It makes me really annoyed and disappointed because he was obviously using that to exploit our image. But it’s not something that I worry about because, …


VD: You probably should.


BR: No it didn’t. I mean Columbine didn’t really harm Marilyn Manson’s career.

We will form an institution and take back our country.



VD: From who?


BR: The White traitors!




———— END ————






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3 Responses to Radicals: The Proud Racist — BBC News — TRANSCRIPT

  1. katana17 says:

    I will do oo:oo to o5:oo <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  2. Natroy says:

    If I may, a small comment after a mere skimming through the post.

    I wonder whether this so-called “documentary” is really of value or not (the simple fact that it was broadcast on the BBC and presented by an anti-White Jewess should be a stern warning!); the malevolent use of the word “racist” itself and the constant accusatory hints make resistance to Jewish tyranny appear as shameful once again.
    I mean, it can be interesting to hear the point of view of an unapologetic conscious White, but the bad light cast upon it by the medium is here to make sure it is discredited.

    It is worthy to note that Benjamin Raymond does not seem to grasp the Jewish nature of the System:

    Traditional far right groups might say:

    “It’s the Muslims, it’s the Jews”.

    We understand that it’s about a global economic system.

    I’m not saying you are not right in putting this piece here, but I’ve thought for some time now that propaganda programmes from the official mass media almost always deserve to be edited for specific highlights with appropriate counter-comments (whether written, spoken or in other form, such as images or inserts from other videos to contradict, denounce hypocrisy, and so on).

    • katana17 says:

      Thoughtful comment there Natroy and I understand your concern.

      I suppose it depends on the target audience for this blog and assumptions I make about where they are coming from and the readers understanding of the JQ, etc. For me when I watched the interview I naturally saw through what she was doing and focussed more on how he responded. And that impressed me even though he has few things wrong, as you rightly mention.

      That all said, your concern is quite valid from the point of view of reaching the open minded person new to all this stuff. And also to those not up on how the media manipulates the audience.

      So as time permits I will insert some clarifying comments within the transcript to aid those who aren’t able to see what’s going on.

      I welcome any suggestions you have in that regard.

      Also I certainly welcome any suggestions or criticisms you may have about the blog specifically or in general. I’m fairly thick skinned so feel free to be frank.

      One last thing, if you would like to contribute a post, I welcome that as well.


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