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 [This is the commonsense opinion of a Hungarian woman on the invasion of non-Whites into Europe and in particular Hungary. She’s a race-realist that demands that Hungary is for the Hungarians and that not one Negro should step foot in Hungary — KATANA]


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Edda Budahazy




Interviewed on Mass-Immigration





What disturbs me the most regarding this immigrant issue is that I feel the crux of the matter isn’t being talked about. What is happening in Hungary? Aliens are flooding in unabatedly across our borders by the thousands, by the tens of thousands, who are 99% coming from a completely different culture. An alien species, or an alien human race, we could say.


A foreign culture, with completely alien customs. They are flowing in unabatedly. And I feel that the Hungarian people are not being informed of this.


Edda Budahazy on Mass-Immigration - Edda


Everybody says how financially taxing it is for the government. But what are the health risks involved (diseases, parasites, etc.). Perhaps the crops of the farmers may get stomped upon. Or there could be cultural conflicts in the little towns where they trespass. Or that they start sleeping everywhere on our streets.

Now this is very important, but it isn’t being emphasized enough, and that is the number of births in Hungary, which is very low. The natural replacement rate needs to be at least two children per family. The situation at the moment looks like 1.3 to 1.4 children per family in Hungary. This means we are continuously depopulating at a brutal rate and society is aging. This by the way, is true for all of Europe.

We can say that this is true for all the White species, or the White race. And in this situation when whole little towns (of people) are disappearing in this country every year. Alien immigrants are flooding in from Sudan, Eritrea, Afghanistan and from the most incredible places. And who are mostly of Moslem religion and even if they are not they arrive with a social message from a culture that ha many children with a huge population growth.

Africa has had a “baby-boom”. They have huge overpopulation and they are looking for a living space, a habitat for themselves.

I feel that in Hungary people should be told that a population exchange is taking place. The result of this flood of such a huge mass of people will be that they stay here. And my concern is that we will not be able to remove them. Perhaps they will even com back from with Europe to stay here.


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If with take them to do our public works then they will settle and they will have children and slowly but surely they will displace us from our habitat.

Furthermore we don’t need to prognosticate because this is clearly the situation already in with Europe and North America. In a lot of places colored people are now more than White people.

So we can see the consequences of this in the big cities of with Europe. There will be zones outside the law where these other races congregate. They will conduct their own way of life, they will live a life of crime. And we are bringing this problem on ourselves.

I say it like this: Do we not have problems of our own? Is this really what we are missing? That these people who are totally alien to us should take root in Hungary?

The Hungarian nation needs to make a decision, whether it want to preserve it’s is homeland, the Carpathian basin for which our forebears shed their blood through the centuries. We think that this is Hungary and it should remain so. Or whether it will be a mixed, international place filled with aliens where we will num less and less and eventually die out.


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There are examples in history where many peoples went extinct. We cannot conceive that it can happen to us, but it can. This is what people should be confronted with. Not with other negative consequences but with the fact that we will be foreigners in our own country. This is not a fiction, this can happen in our children’s lifetime, or in our lifetime.


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What can we do against this? Well, firstly we need to encourage families and the raising of children because where a vacuum is created alien peoples will flood in. Popular or not popular we have to establish this. The responsible behavior of today, if one is of the age of founding a family, is to take this step. It is not true that partners cannot be found.

The other thing is, which is a huge task, is to not to let these people in! A negro should not take one step on Hungarian soil, because we cannot afford this., for example, it greatly disturbs me that almost all political parties or NGOs talk in this way: “We differentiate between the economic migrants and the asylum seekers — we have to take the asylum seekers in.

We should not be saying this, because what will happen if there are five million asylum seekers, or if war happens everywhere? Obviously we cannot take them in. If we say, “For humanitarian causes we will take in these people”. Even in that case, if we say, “A certain number of seekers” and obviously not all of them. If there are wars with millions trying to get across our border then we have to close our borders if we want to survive.

It is completely obvious that this is a huge danger so I would not differentiate between them like that because an aging, depopulating society is not in the position to do that.

It disturbs me that the White man still believes that, “We can do these people a favor, we can help the world”. We are in jeopardy, we cannot help anyone, we cannot help ourselves even. It is high time we recognized this.


Edda Budahazy on Mass-Immigration - Empty Swings


We think in vain that our lives are comfortable, when our villages are depopulating, dying out. Whole counties are becoming empty. We have to face up to this. The narrative that demographic problems can or cannot be remedied with immigration, is a gross error.


Edda Budahazy on Mass-Immigration - Victor Orban


Victor Orban (acting PM of Hungary) said that he did not wish to remedy Hungary’s problems with immigrants. That I can agree with 100%, but the whole framing is false. Hungary’s demographic problems can be solved with Hungarian children. The demographic problems of corporations, like multinationals, these could be solved with foreign immigrants or the demographic problems of political parties, so that there would be enough idiotic voter masses to vote for them. These could all be supplanted with foreign immigrants too.

But that is NOT Hungary! Because Hungary should be about the Hungarians.

I believe in nation-states and I think that it is not a coincidence that they were formed. And as a matter of fact we have the right to form a community with our own kind and to live amongst our own kind. And not with totally foreign-looking peoples and cultures.

This does not mean that we hate anyone. It is important to distinguish between the hatred of race a the defense of race. I think a racially conscious Hungarian does not hate anyone, but loves his own race. And we must open our eyes and we must see that what and transpiring here is a struggle between the races. Because that is what is going on, as it always has been.

Different nations fighting against each other who distinguished each other from one another, these have always been fighting against each other and that is what is happening all around the world. So it is not true that it is all the same whoever we are forming our communities with.


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And now it has become such a tense situation that the White man will be killed off if he does not regain his senses. After all technologically he is the most advanced, because what goes on is a war amongst races. We can experience this in our lives very easily.

I think that we have a huge responsibility because above all other things lots of us do not have children. Maybe they have patriotic sentiments and they would like to do something for the homeland. Well this is the most important step that they unable to or don’t want to take. Even if we do not think this it subconsciously affects us.

A man or woman who does not have children does not feel as much of a commitment as a person who lives on in their offspring. For example, I tremendously fear for my children and my grandchildren.

In my opinion we, who have children and are of an active age, should shake society awake. Make them realise that it matters what will be here in 50, 100, 150 years time. That our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren will be still living here and we will still be living on, in them.




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