Friday the 13th Attacks in Paris — a False Flag?

 Friday the 13th Attacks in Paris a False Flag? - COVER


Friday the 13th Attacks in Paris



A False Flag?


I don’t normally make posts on breaking news items as they are usually well covered by others. Here, I’ll make an exception. First off, my sincere condolences to the victims and families of this attack. We most definitely need to bring to justice the real perpetrators of this act and all the others acts that they have committed innumerable times. Here are my thoughts so far. My bet is that this event was a false flag for the following reasons:

  • All Western governments are under the control of zionists/jews and are pejoratively known as ZOG (Zionist Occupied Governments).
  • ZOG have been actively bringing in Third world populations as part of the Jew World Order (JWO) plan of destroying homogenous White societies by creating a fractured multiracial/multicultural society with an ever diminishing percentage Whites.
  • ZOG have created false flag organizations such as Al-Qaeda and now ISIS to do their dirty work while also being able to foist the lie on the public that they are independent entities out of their control. Organized jewry has long practiced the art of false flag operations. Recent Israeli examples include the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty attack and, of course, 9/11.
  • The young Muslims that join ISIS, etc., provide a ready source of dupes (including ones willing to commit suicide) to carry out terrorism while not knowing what the real agenda is (and who they are really working for).
  • ZOG wants to create conflict within White countries in order to justify an ever repressive and intrusive jew run police state tyranny.
  • ZOG has dramatically ramped up the flood of invaders recently and therefore expects that there is going to be an eventual very strong backlash by Europeans against this. Carrying out false flags like this Paris attack gives ZOG the excuse for a increase in police state powers. Meanwhile the Third world invasion can continue afoot, with White resistance labelled as racist, hateful and extremist.

I can’t see how genuine Muslim radicals could calculate how carrying out such attacks would better their agenda of taking over Europe while the jews are already facilitating that anyway. If ISIS was really a genuine independent organization, and not a ZOG creation, it would only be inviting its own destruction by carrying out such attacks. So, in summary, almost certainly a ZOG false flag action carried out by Muslim dupes to further the JWO agenda. I will update this as things develop and as time permits.



UPDATE — Nov 18, 2015


Events over the past few days, e.g., France allegedly bombing of ISIS in Syria, have shown one straightforward reason for the false flag in Paris. The JWO enforcers need a very public excuse to get the West openly involved in Syria.

Putting the pieces together:

  • ZOG have been working towards achieving its aim of a Greater Israel in the Middle East. This means the smashing to pieces of all Arab countries and Iran, so that they end up under total jewish tyranny, or at least as fragmented States in constant turmoil.
  • Syria was next on the jew hit list. As in Libya, ZOG fomented what they sell as a “civil war“, but what is in fact a ZOG created war against Syria using mercenary forces organized, funded, trained, equipped and continually supplied by ZOG, Israel itself and its proxies, like Turkey (NATO member) Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf States.
  • These mercenary ZOG forces are known as IS, ISIS, ISIL and several other older and newer names. ZOG pretends to its Western populations via  ZOG control over the media, that they are against these forces, that they want to defeat them. It’s all total lies because ISIS, etc., is a creature of and for ZOG. In other words ISIS, etc., is a False Flag army.
  • Everything was going “well” with over 200,000 or more Syrians killed, many more seriously wounded and a mass displacement of about nearly half its population (22 million). The future looked “bright” for the overthrow of the legitimate government of Syria and the fulfillment of the jews Greater Israel project.
  • But then, a hugely momentous event occurred. RUSSIA stepped in to defend Syria by pushing back ZOG’s proxy army, ISIS. This action by Russia has, at the very least, stalled the whole jewish master plan of total dominance in the Middle East. At best, it has wrecked their whole master plan. This turn of events is a huge deal to the JWO.
  • The JWO using ZOG has reacted by doing a couple of things prior to the Paris attacks:
    • a) Launched the immivasion (invasion via mass “refugee immigration”) by Muslims and Blacks into the West and particularly Europe.
    • b) Provoked Russia by downing one of its civilian airplanes over the Sinai, Egypt on Oct 31.
  • The JWO, using ZOG and likely duped members of ISIS, has now carried out this false flag attack in Paris. It’s just another false flag, like 9/11 and 7/7 in London, etc.
  •  The now main apparent purpose of Paris 11/13 is to arouse the Western public into supporting open military action in Syria with the pretext of fighting the false flag proxy called ISIS. The game here is to make a countermove against Russia and to destroy the legitimate government of Syria under the pretense of fighting ISIS terrorism. This is to ensure that the creation of a Greater Israel can continue, a project that appears to have greater immediate priority over the very long term of destroying Europe and the West in general.

So, in summary, given the subsequent reactions we have seen in last few days, it can be concluded that the Paris attacks were designed to counter Russia’s saving of Syria by provoking the West to be fully involved in “destroying ISIS” with the “unintended consequence” of removing Assad and destroying Syria.

It may also have the intention of engineering a major conflict with Russia. That’s another story, though.

The above pieces do fit together very well, unfortunately for us. People need to get their minds around the fact that they are being deceived on a massive, unbelievable scale.





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Friday the 13th Attacks in Paris a False Flag Ver 2


 Friday the 13th Attacks in Paris a False Flag? - COVER

Version History


Version 5: Nov 20, 2015 — Added updated PDF (Ver 2).


Version 4: Added UPDATE — Nov 18, 2015.


Version 3: Nov 16, 2015 — Ver 2 of cover image.


Version 2: Nov 15, 2015 — Expanded text and minor changes. Changed: “So, in summary, these attacks are very likely a ZOG false flag” to “So, in summary, these attacks are almost certainly a ZOG false flag”. Added PDF.


Version 1: Published Nov 14, 2015

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9 Responses to Friday the 13th Attacks in Paris — a False Flag?

  1. John Engelman says:

    All Western countries are under the control of zionists/jews.


    Jews do not control Western countries. They are prominent because of their high IQ averages. Bill Gates, who has an IQ of 160 has said, “Software is an IQ business.”

    As computer technology becomes increasingly important to our economy, the wealth and power of Jews will increase.

  2. Konrad Wolffe says:

    I must agree with Katana at this point in time.
    The jews have been conducting their proxy wars by deception (that is the mossads motto) against Europe for centuries, therefore letting millions of young, fit muslim men into Europe is part of this agenda to destroy the west in its current manifestation.
    The jews are becoming much more brazen in their verbal attacks on Europe, look at the barbara lerner spectre video for example, and emil kohn from Norway. Both jews, they openly call for massive non-European immigration into Europe.
    The signs are there for those who are able to interpret them.
    How convenient to conduct a false flag when tensions between Europeans and the “refugees” are already heightened. It is too uncanny to be just another “islam attack”. It is a classic divide and conquer movement using jihadis as their “useful idiots”.
    It is no different to 9/11 and other false flags with the agenda to further crush western civilisation as its primary motive, along with the ZOG governments of France, England, USA etc. to gain tacit support for a drawn out war against Syria.
    Thus giving eretz Israhell every chance to succeed.
    The Daily Stormer has enough hasbarats these days, trying to associate any suggestion of false flags with Alex Jones and his zio-cronies. This is such rubbish and only serves to retard the awakening process with our European brethren. Practically all wars and major “terrorist” attacks are planned and executed from tel aviv, using their multitudes of implicit sayanim from all around the globe as foot soldiers.
    i guarantee that there will be the usual suspects paraded around the controlled media as well as “oh gee, our intel agencies didnt work together” or some such BS in order to throw the stupid goyim off the trail of the real perpetrators.

    • katana17 says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment Konrad.

      I also noticed those hasbarat smelling comments at DS. Although, I’d say a lot of commenters are genuine in buying the official narrative.

  3. karen says:

    Jews have a high verbal IQ. They lack wisdom. They are only able to critique and destroy but lack the creativity to build. Enough of the jewish high IQ myth.

    • katana17 says:

      I’d put it even more strongly. Going by the slaughters they engineer or carry out they obviously have a very high number of psychopaths or psychopathic tendencies in their ranks.

  4. Jazzman says:

    The concert hall Bataclan were the main shooting occured, was owned for decades by two jewish brothers. They sold it 2 month ago. What a luck…

  5. Robert says:

    To Katana

    I saw your post with this link on the VNN forum.

    I would like to thank you very much for posting your very concise and succinct summarization of the 100% obvious false flag attack in Paris that was no doubt carried out by the Mossad and the French secret service agencies and the reasons why they would want to do it.

    I don’t know if you have heard of a Jim Stone a former NSA employee as he proves the Paris attack was a false flag also.

    I hope you saw some ignorant woman poster on VNN by the name of Bev challenged your post to ask if you have any evidence that it was a false flag attack. She will and dose challenge everyone who makes those types of claims.
    She is hostile to anyone who puts forth anything other than the bullshit lies of the the lying Jew controlled media.

    I do not like VNN at all as there are a number of people on that site who will attack anyone who brings up good ideas and who questions the total worthless nonsense put out by the main posters on VNN.

    I wish I could write to someone like you more by email if possible as this is not a good way to communicate on your web blog like this. It is so frustrating to go to VNN and Stormfront and have to read the insane nonsense the majority of
    poster post on there as I wish I could have a intelligent dialog with someone who understands the truth of who and why all of these murderous wars and acts are being committed by both Jews and some whites who go along with the Jews plans.

    If you would like to correspond by email write back and let me know as my
    email is

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