Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil — TRANSCRIPT

Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 794 COVER Ver 2


[This is the transcript of a 7 minute video by Evalion giving, in her endearing teenage anime style voice, a short summary of why Hitler wasn’t (((evil)))*, but was in fact, the opposite of that — KATANA.]

* It’s become a trend in some “Alternative Right” circles to indicate the nasal voice of a whiny jewish speaker by enclosing key emphasized words in multiple parentheses/brackets.



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Published on Apr 20, 2016




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Why Hitler wasn’t




Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - Evalion


By Evalion








Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 731 Hitler baton salute color


The media and school system has told you all your life that Adolf Hitler was the most evil man to ever live. Unfortunately you were told lies, and you most likely believe them.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 732 Hitler Montage Stop the lies


Hitler’s very rarely accurately portrayed. You know, even Churchill once said that the victors write the history books.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 733 Hitler Montage Victors write history Churchill


But what we hear about Hitler through the media and the school system is extremely biased. Because they don’t want to offend the Jews.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 734 Hitler Montage Oy Vey


In this video I’m going to tell you the truth.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 735 Happy Hitler at Nuremberg


This is why Hitler was not evil. In fact he was the opposite of that. He was a very strong leader and a brilliant man. Adolf Hitler truly cared about his people and his country that he institutionalized.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 736 Hitler walking with hand out


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 737 Hitler brown shirt at podium color


After all, “Nazi” is a slur for a National Socialist. National Socialism is a world view and philosophy of nature. Nationalism is the individual’s responsibility towards the community and their love for the country.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 738 What is NS - Nationalism


Socialism is the community’s responsibility and love towards the individual.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 739 What is NS - Socialism


Basically the one who does the most for the community has the highest social status, instead of the one with the most money.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 740 Hitler with girl vs black guy with money


Along with that was a process of class unification, ending the concept of class struggle.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 741 Nuremberg columns of troops


Hitler took the broken republic Germany became after the First World War and turned it into one of the greatest empires ever!


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 742 Smiling Hitler with brownshirts


Before the Nazis came to power the unemployment rate was at a record high. People resorted to drugs and prostitution.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 743 Berlin Cabaret decadence


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 744 1920s Germany massive inflation


The country was in an absolute mess. People knew they needed change and that’s why Hitler had so much support. When Hitler came to power he freed Germany from the most destructive force the world has ever known: The International jewish Community.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 745 Hitler in Brown Shirt color giving salute


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 746 Happy merchant with gold coins


Which plagued Germany before Hitler rose to power and is today corrupting everything that is of positive nature. In order to prevent that from happening the Jews declared war in Germany as soon as Hitler got elected.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 747 Judea Declares War Daily Express


Despite the tremendous economic disadvantages that came along with that, he still managed to put six million unemployed Germans back to work.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 748 Hitler in tux Montage


Hitler made Germany the most prosperous nation on earth. Hitler also noticed that the German birthrate to a critically low. So he encouraged German woman to become mothers and wives. Often in propaganda pieces you will see mothers being portrayed as heroes. Hitler himself supported traditional family values.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 749 German birthrate Graph


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 750 NS motherhood posters


He recognized that families are the primary unit around which a functioning society is built. To encourage Germans to marry and start a family, he passed a law that enabled married couples to obtain, interest free loans of a minimum of one thousand Reich marks. Which is equal to nine months salary.

For each child the couple gave birth to, the couple didn’t have to repay two hundred fifty marks.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 755 The German birthrate with baby


Hitler was a very compassionate man.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 756 Hitler cuddling young girl


We know this because he cared for animals. He himself was a vegetarian. In fact, the Nazis created the first animal rights laws and banned animal experimentation.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 757 Hitler feeding dear


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 758 Goering animal rights Poster


Hitler loved German shepherds. Here’s my favorite video of him, with a bunch of German shepherd puppies running around him. It’s so cute!


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 759 Hitler with German Shepherd pups


In 1934 Hitler passed a law which regulated how many animals could be killed in hunting per year, and to establish proper hunting systems. This law has now been adopted by most Western countries.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 760 swastika in forest


The Nazis also created the first environmental protection laws in history. The German Imperial Conservation Law of 1935 was passed, which protected remaining portions of landscape and free nature or whose preservation on account of rarity, beauty, distinctiveness, or on account of scientific, ethnic, forest, or hunting significance, lies in the general interests.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 761 rising swastika post card


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 762 scenic castle blue sky


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 763 scenic lake and mountains


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 764 scenic hut in misty mountain


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 766 scenic autumn lake and building


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 769 scenic yellow flowers blue sky


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 770 scenic flowers lake montains


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 771 scenic winter pond


Hitler didn’t only care for the health of animals, but he also cared for the health of his fellow German citizens.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 772 Hitler with German Shepherds Montage


Hitler was very straight edge. He did not drink or smoke. While serving in the military during World War One. He often talked to his fellow soldiers about the dangers of alcohol and tobacco.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 773 Hitler visting hospital


Hitler encouraged the first anti-smoking campaign ever. And Nazi doctors were the first to write a major scientific paper linking smoking tobacco to lung cancer.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 774 Hitler portrait no smoking nodrinking


Hitler wanted his citizens to be happy and healthy. That is why he was the first to create socialized health care. He also strongly encouraged competitive sports among the youth.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 775 NS anti smoking ad


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 776 NS German women sports field


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 777 Montage German woman sports


And the results of what could be seen in the 1936 Olympic Games. Germany won most gold, silver and bronze medals completely overshadowing all of it’s competitors.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 778 1936 Olympic Games Result


Hitler loved art, since he was an artist himself. He supported many German artists.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 779 Painting by Hitler


Also the Nazis made so many innovations to film and science in general.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 781 Hitler Goebells Film projector


Like, did you know, the Nazis created the first ever jet engine.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 792 NS Jet Fighter


Adolf Hitler also didn’t want his citizens overworking themselves. So he funded numerous workers’ welfare programs, like vacation trips.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 783 workers walking in line


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 784 Happy female workers on fence

Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 784 German 1930s cruise liner Robert Ley

A free radio for every citizen. And he was the first to introduce the forty hour workweek. Also he made it so that every large factory had to provide rest areas, cafeterias, dressing rooms, even playing fields and swimming pools for it’s workers.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 785 Hitler theater balcony


You’re probably thinking that’s nice that Hitler gave the Germans those wonderful benefits, but what about the Holocaust, what about Auschwitz?


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 786 Looking through Gate Arbeit Macht Frie


Well, I did say at the beginning of this video that victors write the history books. I am personally a Holocaust denier.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 787 Holo Great Lie sign


It’s very clear to me that the events of the so-called Holocaust were very exaggerated. I don’t believe that there were gas chambers and evil Nazis and all that crap.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 788 Reality of Auschwitz montage


I have a video planned in the future of why I deny the Holocaust.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 789 Gates Arbeit Macht Frie with sunset


However in the meantime if you want the truth right now, I encourage you guys to check out these two documentaries, The Greatest Story Never Told and Hellstorm. I have links to these in the description below.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 790 TGSNT Hellstorm montage


If you guys watch these documentaries or have seen them before tell me what you think down in the comments. I’ll personally love them and highly recommend them.

Thanks for watching guys and here’s a short video clip to wrap things up.


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 791 Thanks for watching



The Impartial Truth


[Speech by Hitler]



Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 1795 Impartial Truth Montage


Therein we conceive our final victory.

For we have seen what it leads to with the others.

Twenty years ago they secured an apparent victory.

And what has come of this victory?

Nothing but misery and despair.

They fought their war only for the damned plutocracy, for a few financier dynasties, …

Which administer their capital markets!

For a few hundred, … who in the end control these people.

That should serve as a lesson for us all!

And one day there will come a time when all of us will join the fight for this Reich with confidence for this Reich of peace, of work, of welfare, of culture.

Which we want to erect and which we will erect.

I thank you!



[tumultuous applause]






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11 Responses to Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil — TRANSCRIPT

  1. John Engelman says:

    German League of Girls (Bund Deutscher Mädel)

    In 1930 the Bund Deutscher Mädel (German League of Girls) was formed as the female branch of the Hitler Youth movement…

    All girls in the BDM were constantly reminded that the great task of their schooling was to prepare them to be “carriers of the… Nazi world view”…

    The Nazi government encouraged the mixing of the sexes. The Ulm district of the Hitler Youth pointed out the organization of mixed social evenings with dancing “had a more beneficial effect on the relationship between boys and girls than any number of exhortations and lectures”. (45) In 1936, when approximately 100,000 members of the Hitler Youth and the BDM attended the Nuremberg Rally, 900 girls between fifteen and eighteen returned home pregnant. Apparently, the authorities failed to establish paternity in 400 of these cases. (46)…

    Isle McKee wrote about her experiences in the German League of Girls in her autobiography, Tomorrow the World (1960): “We were told from a very early age to prepare for motherhood, as the mother in the eyes of our beloved leader and the National Socialist Government was the most important person in the nation. We were Germany’s hope in the future, and it was our duty to breed and rear the new generation of sons and daughter. These lessons soon bore fruit in the shape of quite a few illegitimate small sons and daughters for the Reich, brought forth by teenage members of the League of German Maidens. The girls felt they had done their duty and seemed remarkably unconcerned about the scandal.” (49)

  2. heandrews says:

    White Power my beloved Adolf.

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  6. John says:

    Hadding Scott is a website that will put you straight

  7. If Hitler had been killed during World War I the twentieth century would have been quite a bit nicer. We would have more Jews. We need those Jews to fill well paying jobs that require superior intelligence.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    This is the weirdest video I’ve ever seen in my life.

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