Teaching Whites about Jews — TRANSCRIPT

[This is the transcript of a 43 minute video by the History Reviewed Channel guy, in his usual measured tone, on the need to teach Whites about jews, especially about their unparalleled ability to lie and deceive. An exemplar of this is the hoax of the twentieth century know as the “Holocaust”.


HRC guy spent most of his life revering, looking up to jews as a special victim group that deserved our respect and protection. Then he began studying WW II history and to his shock and horror discovered the truth about jews and how they are at war with Whites with the intention of destroying us.


HRC guy is originally from Rhodesia but has, since the early 1980s, lived in South Africa where he has witnessed how a once White run First World country has deteriorated into a complete mess under black rule, engineered by organized jewry — KATANA.]




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NOTE: The original site was banned, so the above link is from someone re-posting the video. If the link doesn’t work do a search for the title in YouTube — Feb 13, 2017.

Published on Sep 5, 2015



I discuss my attempts to teach Whites about jews & also give examples of self-serving jewish stories that are passed around to make people believe they are victims. Jews want everyone to believe they are victims.


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Teaching Whites


about Jews


By History Review Channel








Welcome to the History Reviewed Channel where we analyze the lies and deceptions of history.


Some time back I did a video called “Jews 101: Whites Colonised Blacks, jews Colonized Whites”. It was an attempt to try and convert some old military officers who I know very well. And these old guys used to like my African Crisis website. They used to like my work when I was exposing the communists and all the sneaky, nasty things that the blacks were getting up to, and all the deceptions and murders, and so forth, that were carrying on, that people didn’t know about. So they supported me when I did that and they loved it, because they knew I was telling the truth. They knew the media was talking nonsense. And they were delighted that somebody was bothering to stand up.


However, when my eyes opened and I began looking into the jewish issue, I found that these same people really did not like this. And I can’t blame them, because we Whites in Africa, if there is any group of Whites on the planet who truly did not take any notice of the jews it was us Whites in Africa. We were completely bamboozled by the jews. Unlike you Americans where Benjamin Franklin warned you all. Benjamin Franklin said that, if jews come to America, within two hundred years everybody would be enslaved by the jews. And he was so right, in fact it’s not even taken two hundred years. But, on the other side of the coin, you Americans have woken up pretty quickly. You may feel that it’s slow, but the truth is that you’ve woken up within a century. In reality it’s taken others much longer.


From what I understand, Germany used to be a place of refuge where the jews could run to. And this was so for a long period of time. It seems as if this was the case for centuries. So, it took the Germans a long time as well, to figure out what a nuisance the jews were. Now here in Africa we are behind you Americans. We didn’t even have any prior warning. In fact, the only prior warning that came, was from the guy who later became the prime minister of South Africa, Dr Hendrik Verwoerd. In 1937, he began warning that South Africa should not take in the jews. And in fact, that was the stance of the Boers. From about 1937 onwards, there was a lot of pressure from the Boers to try and stop this jewish thing. But South Africa had a lot of other people here, English speaking people and so forth. And it seems that the attempts to stop the jews coming into South Africa before and after WWII, failed.



In South Africa people are not aware of the jewish problem really. It was only those few Boers who were wide awake. And one day I still want to return to the topic of the jews killing Dr Verwoerd. Because that is something that nobody has discussed in South Africa. My website is the only website that has ever published the full story on that.



I wanted to try and teach my fellow Whites, despite the fact that they are so pro-jewish in this part of the world. I’ve been thinking of trying to find ways to try and teach whoever I can, to wake up. I struggle with my own family and I struggle with these other gentleman, whom I know very well, and we’ve cooperated over a long period of time. But now we disagree on this jewish thing. In fact there are three military officers that I’m trying to convert, and it’s been a real uphill battle. The one was a colonel in the Rhodesian Army. The other one was a middle-ranking officer in the South African Defense Force. This is in the time of apartheid.




And then there is an American that I know. A captain, who actually fought in Rhodesia. He fought in Vietnam and then he came and fought in Rhodesia. And I’ve met him personally, and I get along with all these guys. They all really liked my expose as of communism. But as Alex Linder [founder of the VNN website] would say, you know, they are people who can write about communism without ever mentioning the word, “Jew”. And I was one of those people. Luckily, the closest supporters of mine on my website were, interesting enough, Christians. Some of them from South Africa, some from America, but these were Christians who had figured out that the jews were scoundrels. And interesting enough, it was they who pressured me the most to look into the jewish thing. But even so, for ten years, I told them to shut up. So I do understand why it is that a person struggles to wake up to this issue, because it is such an enormous shock!


I went to a Christian website today, and I just want to read to you the Christian nonsense that they write about the jews. Because this is the stuff that my family believed and most Christians in this part of the world believe. Although, I will tell you, there is is a certain part of Christianity where the Christians are moving away from that. However let me read a couple of sentences for you. This comes from a website called Christian Answerman dot com. And it says, “Why are the jews hated?


So I’ll read you the first few sentences. It says:

God has a plan for the earth and the jews are integral to God’s plan. Truly the jewish people have blessed all the nations of the earth, just as God promised Abraham, ‘I will make you into a great nation and you will be a blessing’”.



And then it goes on to say: “We received the ten commandments,” and blah blah blah from the jews. Right at the end of this article, as I’m not going to read the whole thing. Right at the end of the article it ends like this. It says:

The jews are hated because they are God’s chosen people and are part of his plan for the future. Satan wants to thwart God’s plan! The hate for the jews throughout history, and presently, is a spiritual condition. Satan hates the jews and has inspired anti-semitism in people who do not love God. Be good to the jews and you are on God’s side. Hate the jews and you are on the devil’s side! It’s that simple.


That pretty much reflects the way that my mother brought me up and the way that we Whites here in Africa tended to view the jews. However, this does not stop the jews from stabbing the Boers in the face! In Rhodesia jews were not very prominent. They were around, but they weren’t a big force and they weren’t as openly powerful as they were in South Africa. The jews in South Africa operated and are much more like the jews in America. It’s pretty much the same thing.


[Image] The historic first-ever meeting between Mandela and the Jewish communal leadership in June 1990. Back row, left to right: Solly Sacks (Chairman SA Zionist Federation), the Hon. Abe Abrahamson (President SA Zionist Federation), Michael Katz (President SA Jewish Board of Deputies), Thabo Mbeki, Yusuf Surtees. Front, left to right: Helen Suzman, Mandela, Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris, Advocate Isie Maisels. (South African Jewish Board of Deputies)


And here in South Africa, when they arrested Nelson Mandela in the 1960s for his terrorism, along with him they arrested a whole lot of jews. Because the jews were busy with communism here.



What I want to try to get through to you is that I am not giving up in my attempts to convert my fellow Whites. And I’m trying everything I can think of. I’m not a good salesman, and if any of you have better ideas on how I can approach this, then please give me some ideas. I am absolutely determined, to try in my little way, to spread the news here in South Africa, about the jews. Because I know that most of the Boers are completely freaked out by the thought that there are some of us who are against the jews. And it seems to me that whatever’s left of the Boer leadership has been pretty much taken over and totally tamed by the jews and they are totally in the jews’ pockets. They ‘ll never do anything that goes against the jews. Everyone is totally broken, given up. I remain determined to continue on. Because the truth is the truth, and the truth is much more important than anything else. So even in my own family I struggle with people, but I’m trying to do what I can on the older generation who haven’t woken up. But like I say, lots of my supporters, my close supporters, are older people who have woken up, by themselves. And they in turn tried to wake me up. But it takes a time, because it’s a big shock. And it’s not something that happens in a day. However I do believe in planting seeds in people’s minds.





So what I did today was I wrote these three military officers a long e-mail, and I’ll tell you how this e-mail came about. I was busy planning my next educational video, regarding the jews. So despite my military officer friends being very upset with me about the jews, I tried to engage them in other ways, to try and see if there was a way I could speak to them as a White to a White. And to try to say to them:

I’m not evil, I’m trying to help you, I’m trying to tell you something that is very hard to explain and, hear me out. Listen to what I have to tell you.


I came across an interesting reference in a book that quoted John I [bible]. And it goes like this:

In the beginning was the word. And the word was with God. And the word was God.


So I’m just going to repeat that.

In the beginning was the word. And the word was with God. And the word was God.


So, I decided to e-mail that sentence to my Christian friends. And I did it as a bit of a trick. I e-mailed them this sentence, and I said to them, “What does this mean?” And they all came back to me with a whole bunch of very complicated Christian interpretation of this. And they said in short, that the word is “Christ”. That’s what that sentence is about. This would still read as a very convoluted sentence, if you took that interpretation. But I had an ulterior motive for presenting this to them. I will present this to you in the next video, in “Jews 104”. We’ll discuss the sentence, because the place where I got the reference to this, is another book with a very interesting story. And in “Jews 104” we’re going to get down to the core of the jewish deception, and how these jews really work. What are they really up to. I’m going to strip away a whole bunch of junk, and you going to see the jews for the lying fiends that they are.



Anyhow, sending this across to my Christian friends, gave them quite a stir. And they started coming back at me. Anyhow it started getting a little bit of a conversation going. Now the one military officer, has been trying to correct me. He’s trying to save me from going to hell. He sent me an e-mail with an article by a jew, and he said to me:

I know you don’t like jews, but read this article”.


An the article was by a jew who said that the left is anti-White. And I thanked him for the article, but I ignored it further, because I have no interest in what jews write. And when I do read what jews write, I read it for it’s propaganda value.



Anyhow, after the biblical question he sent me another one and he sent me something that I had seen before. He sent me an e-mail containing an article, and the article was called, “What really died at Auschwitz”. Now, I’ve seen this article before. It comes from Spain. And of course, and it was one of these self-serving, jewish articles. And of course it says it was written by a Spanish writer. But, you know, it could have been a jew in Spain who wrote this. It’s a whole attack on Europe, saying that we killed six million jews and we replaced them with twenty million Muslims. Of course all of that’s a lie. Because, we didn’t kill six million jews and we didn’t replace them with twenty million Muslims. It’s jews in Europe, who’ve been encouraging the Muslims to come to Europe. Just as jews have been encouraging Hispanics and Latinos and all kinds of other people to come to America. But this is the typical kind of self-serving jewish nonsense that the jews write.




So when he sent me this, I had to respond. And let me just quickly digress for a moment with regard to self serving jewish nonsense. In the days when I had all these jewish friends there was an e-mail that did the rounds, among the jews. And they even sent it to me. I’m very sorry that I didn’t keep the email, because I read it and I deleted it later. And I haven’t been able to find a copy of it anywhere on the web. But you may want to keep an eye open for it.


You might stumble into it, because this email was doing the rounds among the jews. Jews were passing it on from one jew to another. What the e-mail was called was, it was something like:

If you put all the jews, on the moon”.


And this self-serving email went on to say that:

If all the jews were placed on the moon, the whole world would still blame the jews for everything”.



And it went on with that sort of, sorry minded, kind of jewish whine, that everybody misunderstands the jews. And we all just blame the jews for everything in a completely irrational way. That’s the bottom line of what this kind of nonsense is. And the jews are masters of that kind of rubbish. I decided to try and wake my military friends up. I know they are deeply religious. I know they are good men. But I have to try and do something. Sow some kind of seed. As per the beginning of this video, I want to warn you that my e-mail contains some swear words. So if you don’t like swearing don’t listen further. So here is the e-mail that I wrote:



Hi John.

I used to like the jews. I really should tell you about my several jewish friends. And many secret things I did with jews, which I kept from people as I worked on African Crisis. I was the most pro-jew guy on the right. I censored my website for ten years to stop all criticism of jews. I threw my supporters aside. Openly told them to fuck off! Because I sided with jews. I am copying AJ in Holland. I threw him off my website, told him, “Fuck off! Don’t critique the jews”. Ask him. Let me just stop for a second. This is completely true. I censored my website for the jews. I asked my jewish friends:

Would you like me to publish this, would you like me to publish that?


And then my jew friend will say:

You know, we jews wouldn’t, wouldn’t like that”.


Then I would say, no problem, and I won’t publish it. I used to have free speech on anything, including racial stuff, you name it. But there was one place where I put censorship in place. I self censored my own website, with regard to the jewish topic. I used to throw people off my website, used to tell them:

Bugger of! Go away and don’t in any way shape or form put the jews into any of your comments. I will ban all your comments”.


I did this, year in and year out. I chased people away from my website. Because I did not want to offend the jews. Because I truly believe the jews were a bunch of victims. And the jews know, who doesn’t know much about them, and the jews go for dummies. They go for the dummy guys like me, who didn’t know what they were about. And then they come and they befriend you, because they see there are things they can do. But anyway, I threw some of my best supporters off. I banned them, I banned them from writing comments and all that sort of thing.



Let me carry on reading the email:


I defended jews, more than anyone. I had jewish pals. One pal was a pal for over twenty years. I had a pal in Israel for ten years. I dealt plenty with jews. It took me a long time to realize what swines jews are, very long. I learned it step by step myself. I can tell you guys plenty. I wish some much you would watch my video. You can phone me or chat to me face to face. Most White people don’t grasp jews, because we think jews are White like us and are our allies. I dealt with jews a lot. The Jewish Task Force even worked with me. This is true. I even had guys from the Jewish Task Force do some recordings, and I put it on my website. In fact I still have it on my PC.






And the reason I got more involved with jews, with African Crisis was, in my desperation to try and find support and friends, I decided to try and see what I could do with the jews. I engaged in all kinds of nonsense in my desperation to find money, to find some kind of political support. I was desperately looking for anything I could find. I kid you not, if I tell you that I was hoping to get money, and I was hoping to get large amounts of money, and secretly find ways to get guns. Because I wanted to help my fellow Whites in South Africa. And if the blacks attacked us, my plan was to get guns for people. Nobody would know that I had the ability to do it, and I wanted to arm tens of thousands of Whites. That was my plan. And in order to try and pull my plan off, I was busy dealing with jews and sneaking around and, I did all this nonsense. And nothing came of it. So in the end I didn’t get money, I didn’t get guns, I didn’t get anything. So that’s what I was up to.


Let me continue with my email:


I really liked jews and admired them. I spoke at length to them. I have even been inside a synagogue. I went with my jew pal to jewish talks in the auditorium next to the synagogue. I worked with jews, was among jews. Had thousands of discussions with jews. My one jew pal phoned me for an hour every day for years. He was older than me, almost your age, and he was knowledgeable. We debated liberalism and conservatism for years. I know plenty about jews. I had a few German friends, and I thought the Germans were liars. But with time the Germans impressed me with their honesty and hard work. Germans always kept their word. But the real change was when I studied history, and I learned by myself, step by step, what fucking grandiose liars jews are!



Jews are the greatest liars in all of history! Not all the liars, of all the races, of all the nations of the peoples of the world can tell even ten percent of the lies the jews have told. Jews are not only the world’s greatest liars, but they’re the world’s most malicious, subtle people. It is their subtle nature that eludes most Whites. Most Whites see them as innocuous. Most Whites can’t see why they are hated. Most Whites see no harm in them. They are well mannered. They are well spoken. They sound intellectual and educated. It took me a very long time to grasp their hypocrisy. A hypocrisy that is greater than you can imagine. A two faced nature, more devious than you can believe. Jews are the slipperiest fish! You can hardly catch a jew out. Once you grasp them, then your eyes open and the shock level is extreme. That is why those who grasp jews become so furious and devoted to exposing them. Because there is nothing like them.


I know that you, (and I mentioned the other guys) are anti-communists. And you are honest, brave men. But I assure you, I am trying desperately to explain something that is the very complex, and which our White Caucasian brethren of Europe, know very well. They expelled jews a hundred and eight times for very good reason. The British weakness, British lies, British two faced back-stabbing, comes from these jews who now make up the upper classes of England. The destruction of the Boers, of Rhodesia, of Germany, this is something that comes from a huge jewish project, aimed at destroying White people, specifically.



Feel free to question me. Watch my videos. Tear them apart. Take me on. I assure you, the jews are the enemy of all Whites and especially all Christians. The whole White race is imploding, and this has to do with the jews. There is a war between our race and the jews for control of our race. And it’s been running for centuries.




Please spend a bit of time listening. Challenge me on anything. I’m telling you, this is not a dream. I have not gone mad! You remember how hard it was to explain to other Whites, how fucking devious the commies were, and how the commies were behind the blacks? And they were lying about Rhodesia, about South Africa. Remember how people mocked us? For seeing a commie behind every bush, and people thought we were nuts? But we were right, and still are!


Germany, like modern America, was a place jews ran to for safety, for centuries. Germans tolerated jews. But if you think communists are slippery, sneaky subtle fish, nothing can prepare you for the jews! There are many, deeply, deeply serious, studious Whites who study these jews. I have have tons of books, and made many first hand observations of the jews. The jews are the worst enemy of the White race.



Do you remember the trial of Nelson Mandela? It was filled with jews! Do, you know, that the jews killed Dr Verwoerd? And that an English neurologist devoted two chapters in his private memoirs to the killing of Verwoerd. The jews are firstly history’s greatest liars. They are liars on such a scale that you can’t even begin to believe it! Let me pose you a question. Have you ever asked a jew, or a historian, if they has been even one post-mortem on a jew killed in the “Holocaust”? Please, ask for one post-mortem. Like in WW II when the Russians, slaughtered thirty thousand Polish offices in Katyn forest. The Germans brought in forensic experts from outside Germany.


We know now the Germans were right. But in WW II the British said the Germans killed them. In Vinnnista in Ukraine the Germans uncovered thousands murdered by the NKVD. Again, post-mortems. The jews claim six million jews died in WW II. They claim another five million non-jews were murdered by the Nazis. That’s eleven million people. Ask for a post-mortem of even one. Ask if any bones have been exhumed from any of the many known mass graves. See if you can find one ounce of forensic evidence that jews or anyone else, were mass murdered as the jews claim.



Look around also at the jews of South Africa. Helen Ziller, for example, is a jew, though she denies it. You will be surprised at how many jews arrived in South Africa in the 1930s. Helen Ziller is just one of many jews whose parents fled Germany in the 1930s. But if her parents fled in the 1930s, then clearly they were not killed by the Germans. You will find that Dr Verwoerd in 1937, said we should not allow jews from Europe into South Africa. He was editor of the Transvaala. So why was saw many jews coming here and to the USA, before WW II started?


Do, you know, how many jews lived in Germany? I can tell you. Maximum, six hundred thousand. Most figures give in the five hundred thousand range. So where were the six million who died? Well, all the jews in Europe, added together, that was about three million. With two and half million in Russia. Where were six million? Now, you know, what inveterate liars the Russian commies are! Where is Auschwitz? Where is Treblinka? Where is Majdanek? They are not in Germany. They are all in Soviet occupied territory. How do, you know, that the Soviets and jews did not concoct an enormous hoax? I know much more than I am telling you. I assure you, I liked jews, a lot. I admired them. I believed everything a jew told me. I never once suspected that jews are the slickest liars in the world. We who live outside Europe, have no clue what first hand experiences most Europeans had with jews. Jews were all over Europe.





Our fellow Caucasians, from Spain to Poland, had extensive dealings with jews. What eludes most Whites is the subtle nature of the jew. It’s hard to grasp at first, then as you see it and it becomes clearer, you realize what fakes they are. They are fakes on every conceivable level!


Another thing too, is that they appear congenial, friendly, polite, well spoken. They seem utterly innocuous and completely misunderstood. You cannot even begin to grasp why these people can be hated. I thought long ago, what harm can come from talking to a jew? So I always spoke with, to jews, everywhere I came across them. I liked them. I regarded my two best jewish friend as my two best friends. For years I confided my deepest thoughts to them. I questioned them. I listened to their answers. I saw them as well meaning and innocuous. I never saw any threat in a jew, never! I hated Nazis! I thought Germans were scum!



Let me suggest another experiment for you. Jews write a lot and publish a lot. Jews write books called “Who’s Who in jewry”. They have various detailed books like these. Included in these are jewish population statistics before and after WW II. Do some checking. You’ll find that by the jews own reckoning, their population before and after WW II did not change. There’s no drop of six million jews in the population of the jews, as reckoned in their own official stats. The global population of jews, before and after WW II is in the region of fifteen million. That are is no drop from fifteen million to say, nine million, none! In fact, it increases a bit. All the jews of Europe and the USSR is less than six million.


Google six million jews, and you will find articles about six million jews dying before WW II. The earliest reference is 1896. During the Bolshevik revolution the jews said that six million might die. The Red Cross visited all the German POW camps. The Red Cross brought mail to POWs in Germany. Some Red Cross groups were led by jewish doctors. There’s not a single Red Cross report of jews being gassed in German territory. In fact, total Red Cross statistics of jewish deaths in camps in WW II is three hundred thousand, mostly from typhus.



Think as a soldier, which you all are. If you wanted to kill a million people, say blacks. How would you do it? You dig mass graves, kill them where they live. Why would you transport them by train and then kill them? Why not dig a pit, machine gun them, close it with a bulldozer. Why would you put them on a train, send them half way across Europe to kill them? But you take off their clothes and shave their heads because you need to use their hair. Expensive hair wouldn’t you say? How much soap can you make from a dead jew? If we killed a million blacks, would we be able to run a soap factory? The jews were cremated. How many tons of coal would we need to burn a jew? How many trains would we need to bring coal to burn the jews? Can we afford to use such large amounts of coal during a war? Have you ever been to body to ash? Even the body of a small animal you shot. How much wood or coal do you need to burn a small rabbit to ash? Can you burn bones to ash? (In brackets I put, “You can’t actually”.) The Germans used slave labor. Would it not make more sense to throw a jew on a train and make him work at a factory at Auschwitz? Why did the Germans give postcards to jews to write home? Why did Auschwitz have a swimming pool and a soccer field?






If the purpose was to kill the jews, why did Auschwitz consist mostly of barrack rooms? Why wasn’t the entire camp a huge crematorium? Why is the crematory one tiny building in the corner of the camp, next to the soccer field? Does this make sense? Have you seen where the jews were gassed to death? Have you seen the rooms and the doors? I read accounts long ago which said this:

As the Germans dropped the pellets through the roof the jews, screaming and dying, clawed their way to the top. And when the Germans came in, the jews lay neatly in a pile, like a pyramid. As the jews who lived clawed they way up on the dead bodies, trying to reach the light and the air.


Wow! How horrible! But have you seen the doors and even window in the so-called gas chambers. Why didn’t jews smash windows to take a breath of air? They were door handles on the inside of the gas chambers, which had wooden doors. Why didn’t jews just open the doors, or collectively push the doors down as they were dying? The jews say they died of cyanide gas. The Germans had a cyanide capsule they used, like Goering did to commit suicide. If the jews were gassed with cyanide which is deadly, then why don’t you ever hear of the Germans wearing gas masks when entering the gas chambers? Where are the gas masks the Germans would have needed to gas the jews with, in order to protect themselves? How many Germans were busy gassing and cremating jews? Could the German army afford such a luxury? Could the German army afford such a luxury, while being short of manpower?


Have you heard of the Sonderkommando? These are jews who killed jews. Some jews say the Germans did not kill the jews. The jews did the killing. The jews herded jews into gas chambers and that jews pulled out the corpses. One jew who was in the Sonderkommando is on film. He tells how it worked. In fact, fifty thousand jewish holocaust survivors including jews who were actually inside gas chambers, but survived, were filmed by Steven Spielberg, (brackets, jew), as part of his Shoah project. Have you ever listened to what jews who are holocaust survivors have actually said in interviews? I urge you to find it on the internet and watch it.



This email you sent me, I’ve seen before, years ago. It’s about what Europe lost because all the jews died. This is typical self-serving. Jewish praise, and a lie to boot. This is jews in their, “Feel sorry for us and mode”. The jewish stories about their suffering are heart rendering indeed. But how true are these stories? Have you ever dug into this? I have dug into everything which I’ve mentioned briefly to you. Not only that, but much, much, much more from every conceivable angle.


You know, I tried to tell the truth about Rhodesia and about South Africa. What I’m trying to tell you is that the Germans were lied about, just like we were. In fact, the Germans are the most lied about nation in the world. And Hitler is the most lied about man who ever lived. There is no difference between a Rhodesian, a Boer and a German and a White American. We are of the same blood. We are the same people from the same continent. But the shocking fact is that almost everything you heard about the Germans, is an atrocious lie! Remember, the Germans killed more communists than we could have dreamed of. So did the Italians and the Spanish. They fought the very same enemy that came to destroy us. We know what utter liars the communists were. Just dig a bit. I thought it would be a waste of time to watch a documentary on the “Holocaust”. I have an entire BBC series from the 1990s on the “Holocaust”. I’ve seen our side of the story plenty of times. I know our side of the story. I assure you, you are in for the biggest shock of your life. Bigger than you can imagine. When the truth dawns on you, your entire world will turn upside down. You are familiar with lying and with lies, but I assure you, colonel, your mind will reel when it finally grasps the true nature of things.





You know me as a serious person. I am the same serious person I always was. I have not deviated from a search for the truth. I do not say any of these things lightly. I have never set out to lie to my fellow Whites. And I am not lying to you now. Ask me any question, fire anything at me. But also, take even an hour of your time to watch any of the videos I recommend. Watch them critically. Point out holes in them. I assure you this is very serious. You will see, we are not lying, and we are not stupid. And we have not lost our minds, as you think. I look forward to hearing from you.


PS: When you realize the truth, you will understand why Germans fought and died so fanatically and bravely, for what they did. They died for the truth!



So that is my e-mail to the officers. And I will see what they reply and what comes of it. I will keep on saying what needs to be said. The truth is the truth. And as I pointed out in “Jews 102: The jewish Strategy of Lying”, that for White people, the White race, the truth is the most important thing of all.


In fact, there was a woman that I knew some years ago, who said to me once, that she regards lying as a crime, worse than murder. This was a woman that I knew well and she was a serious woman. And she said to me this, one day in a private discussion. And I think about what she said. That lying is a crime worse than murder. Indeed lying is a tremendous crime. And treason, of course, is punishable by execution. For us White people, all that matters is the truth. To save our race, to save our civilization, to save our nations. All that matters is the truth.


I continue to urge my fellow Whites, no matter how difficult it is, just do all that you can to try and educate any Whites that you can. Especially the youth. The survival of our entire race depends on this. And remember, and let me quote Alex Linder of the VNN forum. Alex Linder says:

Nature loves extinction! Most of the animals who ever lived on earth are extinct now. And White people could be the next.


So do what you can. This is about our survival and whether we have a future, or not!




















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    Thank you for this! It will help me to open the eyes of others. 🙂

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