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[In this friendly and at times amusing interview, Lana Lektoff from Red Ice (Radio 3Fourteen) talks with Evalion on her YouTube video’s that gained over 500,000 views in a matter of a few months.

But it wasn’t long until YouTube shut her channel down because she dared to talk about National Socialism, Hitler and the Alt Right in positive terms while also daring to talk about the disastrous negative power and influence of jews on White societies   —  KATANA.]






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Lana Interviews Evalion - 1693 Radio 3Fourteen


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Published on June 3, 2016




Evalion is the 18-year-old Canadian YouTube sensation who gained staggering notoriety in 2016 for her controversial red-pill videos. Her most shocking and widely viewed broadcasts include, “Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil,” “The Most Anti-Semitic Video Ever,” and “How to Identify a Feminist.” YouTube recently censored her channel.

A filmed version of this interview is available for Red Ice members.

Evalion is with us for a chat about her rabble-rousing recordings and the eruption of attention that led to the blackout of her channel. She talks about the hit piece by LeafyIsHere, “The Most Racist Girl on All of YouTube,” which seriously ruffled some Social Justice Warrior [SJW] feathers and brought her thousands of new fans. Evalion explains how the holohoax instigated her own red-pill process, and names her most influential nationalisted alternative-right figures and sources. We discuss the follies of feminism, gay fury, Jewish supremacy, fake history, national socialism in the current year, and the power of propaganda. Later, Evalion gives her views on how multiculturalism is working for Canada and on the attitudes of typical teens, along with tips for attracting fashy goys and her future plans for dispensing more red-pills to the masses.



Evalion YouTube Backup












This is Radio 3Fourteen, on the Red Ice Radio network.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1694 Lana Lokteff Host


Lana: Welcome everyone, including our first ever live studio audience, crazy Swedes, over there, on the couch and also Evalion is joining us, via Web cam. Welcome to the show Evalion. Thanks for being here.


Evalion: Hi! Yeah, I’m really excited. I’m a fan of the show.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1695 Lana and Avalion


Lana: Cool! Thank you. So, your parents know that you’re in the next room, possibly talking about Hitler?


Evalion: Yes,and they support me, one thousand four hundred eighty eight percent! [laughter] Well, they didn’t always support me, but now they do.


Lana: So how did you come out to your parents, if you will?


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1728


Evalion: I was just telling them the stuff I was reading and telling them the good stuff. It just kind of caught on.


Lana: And so now, they’re pretty cool with it and you can openly talk about things. I think you said in one of your videos that your mom was actually more of a leftist feminist. Right? So, you were basically working on her, right? Trying to breaking her down.


Evalion: It was pretty cool. She wasn’t really close minded to the ideas, so I didn’t have to really fight too much.


Lana: Nice. Very cool. Well, I have to say when I first saw your videos. I didn’t think it was real! [laughter] I thought you were funny and I thought it was really good, you know, laugh about these things that are considered, you know, “No no, off limits!”. We can’t laugh about that. I think there’s a great value, you know, shocking humor that’s irritating leftists, because they just go nuts, you know, And so it might scare away some kind of normal people, but it also draws in many others to actually dig deeper. They’re like curious about, who’s this girl and she’s talking about Hitler, right? So what do you think? I mean. How are people responding to your videos?


Evalion: I got probably, … It’s hard, because the people who completely disagree and are closed minded, are very loud, but I’ve gotten so many messages of people saying I changed their opinions, that I made them watch awesome documentaries, that I completely changed them. And some are like, “I don’t know what to think anymore!


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1729


Lana: So I tuned into your Q & A. Like, some of the biggest questions were, one, “Your bra size?” [laughter] And number two, “Are you a Jew?” right? And everyone was thinking that you’re trolling. So how do you respond to that?


Evalion: I would respond to just, “Watch some of my videos”. I’m not trolling, but I added humor to keep people entertained.


Lana: Cool. Let’s play a clip. Actually you have a trailer that you’ve created, so I want to play that clip, number one, here.




Evalion: Political correctness. Are you sick of those feminist and cucks, always calling you a privileged cis White male? Are you sick of those SJWs trying to take away your freedom of speech?


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1730


Do you wear at tin-foil hat to keep out the Illuminati and the Bilderbergers? Are you sick of those pesky reptilians, trying to infiltrate you?


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1731


Lana: This is very cute!


Evalion: Don’t you just hate those Muslims who pretend to be refugees, so that they can live off welfare and make the state pay for their ten kids? Don’t you hate those lazy niggers who are never satisfied, even after they are given reparations? Do you despise the jews as much as I do? If you said, “Yes” to any of those questions. Well you came to the right place. But wait! Oh shit!!!


Oy vey! [laughter]

Lana Interviews Evalion - 1732


Lana: So you were censored, so what happened? How did you get censored, with all your videos, pulled down?


Evalion: I made those videos with these fun clips, so that commentary YouTubers can say some stuff, to bring attention to my channel, and my plan worked! First of all, I got Leafy and he had fun with my videos and it brought me a ton of subscribers. But then Onision watched Leafy’s videos and he got really mad! He was like:

Oh my God! We must shut her down! We must shut her down!


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1742


And all his three million fans, they probably all didn’t shut me down, because I got a lot of subscribers from him, too. But, all his little girls that follow him and will do anything he says. So, when he flagged me and then YouTube had to shut me down, because they were getting massive amounts of complaints. There’s videos coming out of everywhere, about me. And people are, a lot of people watching my videos, like, “Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil” video, got up to five hundred thousand views, before it got removed, and yeah.





Lana: It’s funny how there’s like these You Tube stars now. And some of them like, one of the guys you mention, he had like, four point six million viewers! And I looked at some of the stuff and it’s utter crap! Utter garbage! He just sits there and he plays video games and just, you know, talks about other people who make videos the whole time. I mean it’s weird isn’t it, his channels are so big?


Evalion: I actually quite a big fan of his videos, because they’re easy to listen to. Sometimes he’s very funny. I watched all of them and, you know, what I found out after watching all of them?


Lana: What?


Evalion: After watching all his videos, I realized that he was a crypto Nazi and he promoted me on purpose.


Lana: You think so, eh? I’ll have to go back, and…


Evalion: Yes.

He does a lot of commentary videos on black people and you could just hear. Like opinions coming out, you can just hear it. And why, why would he promote me?


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1734


Lana: Yep.


Evalion: Because, I had so many young people like, come ask me questions and saying and that I was changing their point of view and he wasn’t even that mean to me. He was just, the only thing he said was, “Oy vey! Six million”, but he didn’t say anything else.


Lana: Yeah, “Leafy is here”, right? That’s the guy you’re talking about?


Evalion: Yes.


Lana: We actually, I put together a clip of that he did, “The Most Racist Girl on the Internet”. So I did a little compilation here. It’s clip number three. We’ll cue that one up.




Evalion: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to, …


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1735


Leafy: Happy birthday to fucking Hitler! I swear to God, I’ve been making these types of videos for over a year now and every single time, I think, it can’t get any worse than this! It just, fucking does! Like she’s singing happy birthday, to Hitler! To Hitler!


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1736


Evalion: I know what some of you guys are thinking right now. You’re going like, “Oh my God! How can this girl celebrate Hitler’s birthday? Hitler’s so evil! Oh shit!” Well, guys, Hitler wasn’t that bad. He wasn’t evil at all!


Leafy: I mean, that’s a pretty good point. I’m not going to lie, he only killed like, fuckin six million Jews!


Evalion: I’d he’s one of my favorite people of all time!


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1737


Leafy: But Evalion is a YouTube channel that has over twenty thousand subscribers and, of course, YouTube dot com.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1738


I found out about this YouTube channel, about a month ago and my initial thought on it was:

Well, that this entire YouTube channel was completely satire.

But in conclusion today, as I said before, I’m not one hundred percent sure if this is a joke, if this is satire. I’ll never be one hundred percent sure. But after watching her videos and after doing the research, I actually believe that this bitch is fucking insane!!

And if this entire thing is a troll. It’s one of the best trolls on this entire fucking website! Case closed! But I hope you guys enjoyed this video today. I took quite a bit of time researching this video and actually looking up all the stuff in it and obviously, …


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1739


Lana: No he didn’t!


Leafy:… Doing everything else, as well. So if you guys enjoy these types of videos. Videos that are more overviews, …


Lana: Wait for this great rap ending here.


Leafy: … And be sure to leave a like on his video. If this video gets fuck tons of support I’ll probably make a second video on her. Peace out!


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1741


Lana: Oh God! So he’s making money off of you too, right? He’s saying, if it makes, you know, if there’s a fuck ton of views, “I’m going to make another one”, because he’s making ads, so he actually made some money off of you, right?


Evalion: Yep. And I don’t mind that! He worked hard on his video. He works hard dubbing his channel. Like, he was around for, like, seven, ten years.


Lana: Really?


Evalion:He started out with Minecraft videos and he was like, really small.


Lana: Well, he says he looked into some of the views, but obviously he didn’t, because he’s starting out with the six million.


Evalion: I’m pretty sure he knows what he’s talking about. But he’s using reverse psychology trying, like, to fit into the crowd. And he’s telling his followers:

This girl’s evil! Oh my God you must check her out! You must check her out!” and, …


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1742


Lana: Sure, that could be crafty. You know, this whole art of trolling and satire. I think it’s very effective. I think it almost pissed off some revisionists too, because you got so many more views than people have been talking about, you know, the holohoax for many years. They’ve written books about it and they don’t get [laughing] nearly the amount of views that you do, talking about it, right?


Evalion: Yeah. And, you think Leafy is stupid? He knows, that he is going to bring that kind of attention to my videos. He knows that people are going to listen to me and, that was his goal. It was his goal. He knew that people will subscribe and listen to me.


Lana: Now for those who don’t know you and haven’t watched your videos, what are some of the other themes that you talk about beyond Hitler?


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1743


Evalion: I talk about feminism, I talk about Muslims, … hmm, what else did I talk about? Well, those are my main topics, really. I also talked about Reddit, quite a bit. And, I also made a pile of videos, mostly feminist videos.


Lana: Yeah, feminists are really low hanging fruit, aren’t they? They’re really easy to make fun of. And they get so worked up, you know!


Evalion: I also started reading Mein Kampf. And I am waiting to get that better microphone with that Indiegogo Fundraiser money. And I’ll be reading the Stalag version [of Mein Kampf] this time, because a lot of people were like:

Wait! We need to do the Stalag version! It’s better! What are you doing reading the Ford one?

So, I did my research and, they’re pretty right. [Lana laughing] So I’m going to be re-recording that with higher quality audio and I’ll then upload that on archive dot org. So I don’t get shoahed. And my fans can go and listen.



Lana Interviews Evalion - 1744



Lana: It’s funny, a lot of people that are ready to just, you know, jump on the anti, you know, Hitler, I almost said Trump train, they haven’t even read Mein Kampf, you know? They don’t even know it. And they still think it’s about killing, you know, everyone who’s not blond and blue eyes, right? Like, Hitler had brown hair, right? There was actually a girl, let’s play that clip, speaking of that. Clip number six.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1745




Lana Interviews Evalion - 1746


Woman: Hi viewers. So, I going to talk about Evalion, … Defending her right to freedom of speech, but now going to tear her apart, because her content is bullshit!


Lana: Yeah, right!


Woman: … Onision did something. Frickin, …


Lana: Poor girl! There’s like a spoon in her mouth, or something, yeah?


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1747


Woman: First things first. She supports Hitler like the plague. He thought the perfect race was blue eyed, blond haired, … Oh, my Lord, with that ideology. There’s a lot of this stuff, … In the Islamic religion, …


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1748


Lana: Ouch!


Woman: Guess what? That means they would have to kill themselves! What the hell! So, …


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1749


Evalion: I can’t even understand what’s she’s saying. I think she told me to kill myself.


Lana: Do you walk into a gas chamber and exterminate yourself, because your not blonde? [laughing]


Woman: Hitler, … Blue eyed kids were the perfect race.


Lana: I mean, this lie going around to! He wanted to exterminate everyone who doesn’t have blue eyes! What a lie!


Woman: … they have brown hair, just like me.


Lana: So all I can do is really laugh and when I look at someone like her and I just think:

Thank you, thank you for separating yourself. Thank you, natural selection is happening”.

What do you think?


Evalion: This land whale, she has another video on her channel. I think she took it down, because I linked it on Twitter and told people will watch it. It’s funny. But, she was trying to do a vibrator review for the Little Bullet Vibrator and she was like, with her camera:

Hey guys, so this is a vibrator review!

and then her mom came in and her mom was like:

Oh my God! You can do that here. What the hell are you doing? This is really gross!” [laughing] And her and her mom fought, “I’m all burnt out, leave me alone, with the video!


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1750


Lana: Oh man! And she actually put it up on YouTube? That is insane! You know, poor girl! That is the only man she probably is getting, you know. The only guy she can get! [laughing]


Evalion: I was surprised that Little Bullet Vibrator didn’t get lost in all the [?]super[?] [laughing] But, yeah, when you see her walking through her house, like, she can’t walk through a door. She has the like, turned around to do it. [laughing]


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1751


Lana: Oh boy! God! Well you did another video that everyone’s talking about, “How To Spot a Jew” So let’s [laughing] cue up number two. I thought it was hilarious, by the way.




Evalion: I was always fascinated by the Jewish people. They seem to be everywhere. They have a lot of power and influence in this world. Although lighter skinned Jews like to claim to be White when it’s convenient for them, Jews and Whites are, in fact, very different.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1752

Lana Interviews Evalion - 1753


OK! And this is the last and final round. Here we have Michael Bloomberg, Jared from Subway and Bernie Sanders. I’ll give you a few seconds to take a look at them. [quiz show countdown music] .


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1754


Lana: This would be a fun Alt Right game.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1755


Evalion: If you guessed all of them are jews, you are correct!

So guys, what about me? Do you think that I am a jew? Please tell me in the comments below. I personally do not know if I am a jew, or not. I don’t know of any Jews that are in my family, currently. I haven’t done ancestry yet. I do you plan on doing that eventually, someday. It’s not a priority at the moment, because it does cost a lot of money and I have some more better things to pay for. See, my nose does look pretty big, but as we know, a lot of White people do have big noses.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1756


As far as I know it, I am Polish, German, Irish and a little bit Native American.


Lana: Well, I thought that was very cute. Have you had people come and attack you and say:

She’s Jewish! I’ve seen that, she’s a jewish whore!


Evalion:I was having people say that, way before I made that video. And it was kind of encouraging me to make, because, I’m like, “Do these people really know how to spot a jew?” you know. And I saw that people really don’t know how to differentiate between a White person and a Jew. So it’s not just, you know, so I made that to kind of help those people.





Lana: [laughing] I thought it was fun too with you playing with the nose size and the eyes. Because there is that level of paranoia in the jew, jew crowd, you know, that. It’s like, I’m with you, I know it’s happening, you know, there are parasites among us. There are all kinds of parasites among us.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1757


But some people are very paranoid in accusing everyone of being a Jew. Anyone who actually does something and maybe gets a little popular, it must be the Jews behind it, right?


Evalion: Yeah. I noticed after I made that video and started getting over two hundred thousand views, I noticed a lot of people in the community kind of, maybe it’s just the psychos [?] looking at it, but they kind of calmed down on the jew calling. So maybe I actually did teach people something.


Lana: [laughing] So what do you think, if you made a video called, “How to Spot a Goy?” What would happen? Nothing, right?


Evalion: Well, because not many people know what the word “Goy” means, the normies and half red pilled people wouldn’t have clicked on it, but I didn’t, say, “How to Spot a White Person” that probably would get views, “How to Spot a European”.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1758


Lana: Yeah. It’s weird though, because Jews, they pride themselves in being Jewish and so why are they so self-conscious when you say, “Oh, that’s a jewish person!” Why are they so self-consciousness?


Evalion: Yeah. I was getting so many people saying:

Oh, it’s anti-semitic! This is just a anti-semitic video!

And I was like, why, I replied:

Why is it anti-semitic? Are you just denying that they are a race and a people?


Lana: Yeah, exactly!


Evalion: One thing I regret about that video, though, is I didn’t, I wish I’d put at the start that Jew was a race and why. And I would have linked articles. Because I got a lot of people saying:

We Jewish people are a religion. You’re stupid!

So, I don’t, …


Lana: No, they do DNA tests and they can spot the Jew, right? Well you’re still a teenager, right?


Evalion: Eighteen.


Lana: You’re eighteen! Wow! So how did you come to the subject of, you know, Hitler, nationalism, all these topics. How did you learn about the holohoax, for instance?


Evalion: It was a long process of researching. I started researching things that I was interested in. When the topic was brought up at school. In grade five was the first time I was researching World War Two and there was this Jewish girl in class. And she was kind of my rival, I guess you would call it? And she was being like:

Oh my grandma almost got gassed!

And the whole class was paying attention to her. And people were like, saying about me, you know, she’s a Nazi. I was always kind of the outcast.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1759


So I went home and I Googled “nice things” about Hitler. [laughing] How he used to be a painter!


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1760


He helped Germany! Oh, he wasn’t that bad! I saw some sites saying that, I’m like, “Oh, OK.” So I went to school and I said that and I got into a bit of trouble.


Lana: Oh no! What did they do?


Evalion: What did they do? I just got the teacher to, … Well you see at my school they just kind of put me in detention. But, I was kicked out of class and I had to stand in the hall for like twenty minutes. It wasn’t that bad. [Lana laughing] I just found, …


Lana: People forget that Hitler was on the TIME magazine, right? He was man of the year for a reason. You should have just brought that into your class and said, “Why is he ‘Man of the Year‘?


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1725 TIME Hitler Man of the Year 1938

[Image] Adolf Hitler was TIME magazine’s ‘Man of the Year‘ for 1938. In this case it was  given not as an accolade of support and agreement with his policies but rather for Hitler being the most “influential” man of that year, for “better or worse“, as noted by Henry Luce, the jewish owner of the propaganda magazine, TIME.

Evalion: Like, of course, I didn’t research that deeply. I kind of let it go for a little while.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1761


And I brought the subject back up when I was looking more into World War One, then I went to World War Two, and I found documentaries and stuff. I was watching “The Greatest Story Never Told” and “Hellstorm” and I was reading a lot of stuff. And this is when I was like, fifteen, sixteen. And then, when I was seventeen, I guess I could say I was fully “Red Pilled” on that.


Lana: I think it’s really cool having the Internet, now. I mean, I didn’t have that when I was fifteen to be able to just go find documentaries about Hitler. I know you guys over [the crazy Swedes in the studio] there probably didn’t either, you know. So, that’s great that you have that. So, what went through your head, when you learned that there were no gas chambers?


Evalion: I was like really kind of confused. I’m like, if there were no gas chambers, then why are these gas chambers here? But then I found out there were showers and they weren’t used for extermination. And then I was like, but why are they saying that? And I had a look more into the Jewish question and try to understand this kind of propaganda. What was the purpose behind it?


Lana: So, what do you think the solution is to Jewish supremacy in European nations? I know it is a huge question!


Evalion: Of course, the Jews have to go! Deportation.


Lana: It would be very hard to do, wouldn’t it? They are not wanting to go easy! Well, they have Israel. I just I don’t understand why they don’t want to be there, if they think there’s so much anti-Semitism in, you know, Western White countries, right?


Evalion: There’s got to be a, … We either have to drive them out, or probably off, off, to some place. Maybe make a little state for them. Make it profitable for them to live there. I don’t know! [Lana laughing]


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1763


It’s not up to me to decide, luckily and hopefully we’ll have a great leader who will make the best choice at that moment.



Lana Interviews Evalion - 1764




Lana: I wish I had your video, don’t have it now, where you compared Israel to your empty pack of gum, right? What was that? [laughing] I should have that! [Evalion laughing] So tell us, who are some of your source and influences that you’ve gone to, in this process of waking up to these topics?


Evalion: George Lincoln Rockwell, Dr William Pierce, Dr David Duke, various websites, friends I’ve met over the years, the documentary, “The Greatest Story Never Told” the documentary, “Hellstorm”. Those are really big. And then, I don’t know the exact sites, it’s been a while since I did my research, but there are many very helpful websites around the net. Just with a simple Google search, you can find plenty of information. But you have to like, not just go on one site, you have to check out many.


Lana: Well that is just it. It’s so easy to find the truth now, so it’s funny when I see these people come out and do these videos against you. When if they were to actually do some serious research and fact checking, they’d actually find things that proves that you’re right! There’s another video, let’s play a clip number four.




Lana Interviews Evalion - 1765


Onision: Evalion must be stopped! I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s 2016! Racism has to go!


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1766


Lana: Current year!


Onision: Only minutes ago she said LGBT is cancer! She also, now the she’s eighteen, so I can call her a fucking piece of shit, without feeling like I’m bullying a child. How is it that we as an internet community, haven’t shut this fucking bitch down, yet!


Lana: Do we call him a faggot?


Onision: You can have an opinion, you cannot however be a fucking racist! Wow, reporting a racist cunt to YouTube really feels good!


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1767


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1800


Long story short, I literally made this video. To stand up not just for Jewish people, but for LGBT, to every other oppressed group in the world!


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1801


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1802


That has been horribly treated by ignorant fucking idiots, like this girl! She even dropped the F bomb, …


Lana: Yeah you’re so horrible!

Lana Interviews Evalion - 1803


Onision: You go and flag that video too, …


Lana: The F bomb faggot! So, you know, it makes me feel good, calling him a leftist degenerate faggot!


Evalion: Yeah, it’s so funny, like he wants to stand up for all the oppressed groups, but what about all those Germans that died after the war and in the bombings? Why does he stand up for those?


Lana: Yeah, exactly! I mean, talk about a suppressed group. All those innocent women and children. What about all the women that were raped, right!


Evalion: Yeah!


Lana: In Germany.


Evalion: Yeah. When the Russians were coming in, like.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1804


Lana: And it’s also this idea that Jews can’t be racist? I mean they’re the most racist of them all! Or that gays can’t be hateful, right?


Evalion: Yeah. It really disgusts me how the media has made gays out to be kind of like, these angels they can’t do anything wrong! When really, they’re normal people with more problems than us.


Lana: It’s funny too, how in the video he shows. He thinks that there are Jews that are starving. No that is actually, that’s actually a picture of Germans, who were [laughing] starving to death, you know.


Evalion: It showed a lot of Photoshop images. Well, it wasn’t called Photoshopping back then, but edited.


Lana: Yeah. And the other thing that you can bring up with all these people is, what about all the people that are in jail, just for questioning? There’s no crime. They’re not murdering anyone, they’re not gassing anyone and yet they’re in jail for even talking about these things.


Evalion: There is no other historical event that you can go to jail for denying. I could go and say:

Oh, the Canadians didn’t burn down the White House in the 1800s”.

I’m going to get thrown in jail. Most people don’t know that even happened.


Lana: So what are the laws in Canada. Could you get in trouble?


Evalion: Only if I’m making actual like, flyers and books. It’s a distribution of material. And I don’t think, making videos is considered that. I would be in jail already.


Lana: There’s a video of Gregor Gysi, I think that, you’ve probably seen him and he is basically openly talking about getting rid of Germans. That it’s a good thing that they’re going extinct, you know, because the Nazis will never be around anymore, and going on and on. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of those videos, right?


Evalion: Oh, I try to avoid those kind of videos, because they trigger me. I mean, I like to block this, I don’t just torture myself with upsetting content.


Lana: I’m trying to find a way to deal with it, so that I could watch it and just like, channel that anger in a productive way, you know? Take it in without getting triggered, like OK, what can I write, or do, to fight back! Right! We have to fight back.


Evalion: I find it more motivational to watch White people doing good things and be like, “Wow I want to be just like them!” you know.


Lana: Yeah, there he is, there. We can’t speak German, but there are some people that understand this, and there are subtitles, so I’m sure everyone’s seen this Gregor Gysi. [a jew]


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1805


And he’s talking about, it’s a good thing that there’s not going to be any more Germans in the world.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1806


And then there’s a lot of stuff coming out of Germany too, where they’re like, Germans now are, you know, black hair, brown eyes, dark skin, like that’s the new German! So let’s celebrate that! It’s just outrageous! It’s just blatant calls for genocide and somehow that’s no problem, right?


Evalion: It gives me frickin shivers and I’m frickin triggered!


Lana: Yeah, well ultimately the Germans have to stand up for themselves. And I think they are, but they also can go to prison for talking about these things. I bet you, I wonder how many people are actually in jail right now? Nationalists that have spoken up. They’re probably getting real quiet about it and just hauling people off now, I betcha!





Evalion: Yeah, it’s truly disgusting how they don’t put the refugees that are raping people in jail. There are refugees around that are just bragging about raping girls. Meanwhile, the Germans that are actually fighting against this, are being thrown in jail. Even though they’re not going around raping anybody.


Lana: So what are your plans for the future? I mean you’re young, you have your entire life ahead of you, you know, so much at a young age, so, what do you want to be when you grew up? [laughing] Right?


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1807


Evalion: I’d like to be a mom. I would like a family. I’ve always wanted one. I have always had kind of a small family. I’m an only child, I only have step siblings, because my parents separated when I was really young. I never had a nuclear family. So I’m hoping to get that.

And in the meantime, before that happens, I don’t want to jump into that too quickly. I’m just going to start making videos again, but I’m just taking a break, probably a month, or maybe two months, and just enjoy my vacation here.

When I get that microphone I’m going to work, I’m going to spend almost all my time recording those audio books. Getting them perfect to release and show you guys. And then, hopefully by then by the end of two months my hype would have died down, so I can safely create a YouTube channel under a different name and hopefully avoid getting the shoah, for a little while.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1808


I want to, I’m going to be making the videos, like, I not just make the channel then start uploading them slowly. I want to have videos made before I do that, so I know I can release a video every day for at least a month. You know?


Lana: And then you could probably make some money off of advertising, right? Is that what you are going to do?


Evalion: Nope. I’ve made no money off of ads. Actually, when they shoahed my account, I only had thirty dollars, or forty. It was around that range in ad money, and I never got that back, because your when your account gets removed, you can’t get the advertisement money. So I know I’m going to shoahed again, because it’s inevitable. I’m not going to monetize my videos, this time. Instead I’m just going to put the Pay Pal link and if people want to help me with their own cash, they can.


Lana: Yeah, we don’t do ads either, because I don’t want to support a lot of these companies. They’re just anti-White companies and the ads are awful. I just don’t even want people to see it on our YouTube channel. So on Red Ice Radio YouTube channel, we have no ads!


Evalion: I feel like I appreciate my donations more when I know it’s coming from the viewer and not a company.


Lana: Oh, of course.


Evalion: And I know, I kind of encouraged me to spend my money more wisely. Like I’m going to invest in equipment and save up for a new computer. Yeah.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1809


Lana: So, you know, you get the accusation all the time of, you know, neo Nazi! Have you actually met, like how the libtards always portray, you know, in Hollywood media this like, trailer park neo-Nazi. Have you even met a guy like that?


Evalion: No, I have not. Most national socialists I ran into, look like regular, normal, everyday people. You would have never guessed what they believe in.


Lana: That’s what so dangerous, these anti fascists are worried about, you know, there could be a fascist hiding behind any outfit now, right?


Evalion: Yep. I believe that stereotype was created by the Jews and they kind of perpetuating that style. So maybe, these evil fascists, while the lesser smart ones would go and dress up like that.


Lana: Yeah, exactly. I think there are some idiots that do the whole, you know, trailer park neo Nazi thing, but they’re really, few and far between, really just insignificant.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1811


But what does it mean to be a national socialist in the current year, since there isn’t really a serious party in Canada?


Evalion: It’s really difficult. I wish I could say outright like:

Oh I support this leader, he’s going to be the next Fuhrer. OH MY GOD! HE’S THE BEST!

I wish I can say that, but we’re really disorganized and a lot of national socialists don’t want to organize, because they are scared, “We’re just waiting!”.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1812


Someone has to climb up to the leadership position. A lot of people are kind of like me, they know that they don’t really have that leadership quality, but I’m thinking, I know that nationalism is rising and we’ve got to get our shit together, you know.


Lana: Exactly, I mean people want National Socialism. I hear people online talking about all the time, but the way that you do that is through politics, right? You can’t just sit around and just kind of wait for it. So somebody has got to like, actually get in there, or even infiltrate politics, right? You don’t even have to be so open about it, but be there, so that when the time is right then you can be open about it, right?


Evalion: The cool thing about Canada is you can start a political party as long as you have enough support. So, I think that’s one way national socialism could arise in Canada. But we’ve got to give it a different name.


Lana: Yes, exactly.


Evalion: Otherwise it’s going to get it shut down completely. I don’t know what kind of different name we could go under. I don’t really care at the moment, I’m not the one in charge. Hopefully when people start organizing and we get a proper leader, I can do all I can. I think of myself, kind of like Joseph Goebbels. I’m more of a propagandist, than anything.


 Lana Interviews Evalion - 1825




Lana: Well, that’s important in these times. It’s all about propaganda! Isn’t it? It’s not really even about facts and figures for most people, it’s about propaganda and emotionally being able to manipulate people, isn’t it?


Evalion: Yeah. I don’t see myself as “manipulating”. [Lana laughing] Because that’s kind of like, deceiving. But, I try to do what I can to sway people in the right direction. I always, in my YouTube videos, I always provided sources in the description and encourage people to research more, to do this. You know.


Lana: So, what do you think about women in politics?


Evalion: I think that women play better in a supporting role. But, of course, you can’t judge every woman as a collective, but most women aren’t suited for it, they are more supportive. I think that’s a national, natural, not national, natural role and, yeah.


Lana: OK. That is right, we’re got to know our strengths. I agree women are good at supporting roles and they can inject ideas, but ultimately I think it is best that the men get in there and lead. They’re more suited for it.

So, what do you think of Trump? I know you’re in Canada, but are you watching any of the Trump phenomena in the States?


Evalion: Yeah, I’m more interested in it than my own government, because it’s more entertaining. Trump is a very funny man and he’s very awesome! And I agree with a lot of stuff that he says. And I hope that he will become President and things would be OK for America.


Lana: I think he could create some kind of a domino effect, too, probably, don’t you think?


Evalion: Yeah. He’s definitely one of the causes of nationalism rising. And I think Canadians will see how good America is doing and we’ll see our socialist shit-hole and be like:

Oh, maybe we shouldn’t be this way and maybe we need to change”.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1818


Lana: Tell us about Canada’s shit-hole. What is it like these days? I was up there while ago and I was kind of shocked at some of the things that I saw. I didn’t know that Canada had some shit holes, like that. So what’s going on?


Evalion: Well, here in southern Ontario. I live, kind of near a city and when you go into the city, it’s mostly non-White! There are quite a lot of sirens, I don’t always feel safe in my neighborhood, which is kind of like, it’s not in a city, it’s kind of like close. I still don’t feel safe, there’s a lot of non-Whites.

It’s OK, but in my neighborhood right now, a lot of stores are closing down and they’re just vacant there for months. So, the economy is not going well. It’s hard to find jobs, only like, I believe, ten percent of teenagers are employed at this moment. And when I go into a store, where a teenager should be working, I see a forty year old, who got their college degree a long time ago, but they somehow messed up their life, so now they’re doing minimum wage.


Lana: It sounds awful. And then what about, don’t you have a lot of Asians coming there? I hear that there’s areas that are just basically Chinese, in Canada now?


Evalion: Yup! There’s a little Chinatown, little Japan, little Korea. Well that’s my personal nicknames for these areas [laughing], and then you have little Pakistan. And it’s kind of interesting how the Chinese, kind of group up in these little towns and cities.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1819


But White people are just kind of mixed throughout. We’re not grouped up anywhere.


Lana: I know, it’s a problem. It’s a problem folks! So what are some of the top things that annoy you about our current, you know, culture that’s been kind of foisted on us right now? Because it’s not a true European culture, I feel, that we’re living under right now. But what are some things that really annoy you about our modern culture?


Evalion: The amount of narcissism. People are so focused on themselves. They don’t care about themselves, they don’t care about their race. They don’t care about anything, but, “Oh, what is this next text message going to be!


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1820


They don’t care about anything that is important. They are told, never to think, never to question, just get the little satisfactions you get out of frickin phones and stuff. People are self-centered.


Lana: Yes they are. It is really disgusting, I hate it too. Just, “Me! Me! Me!” attitude all the time! Meanwhile everything’s falling apart around us. You know, I think in America and Canada we really had that, because we were pioneers, we broke away from Europe, you know, we rebelled and we’re going to do this on our own! Right? But ultimately you do need the group to build a society and to have some cohesion and to make it function correctly.

Now what do you think about the current state of Western women? Tell us about your average eighteen year old girl now. Where’s her mind at? [laughing]

Evalion: Your average eighteen year old girl is extremely narcissistic! She is very oblivious as to what’s going on. She cares more about boys and all these little non-important things. She is completely bombarded with feminist propaganda her whole life! And a lot of them take the feminist route.

A lot of them go to college, they go to get further indoctrinated and they’re just following the crowd. They’re told never to split away from the crowd! Go on, think like everyone else, conform! Be a good little sheep! That’s what they are.



Lana Interviews Evalion - 1821




Lana: So how do you, I mean, you probably have a few girlfriends. What’s the route we should go to, you know, affect them, to help wake up other girls? Because girls follow other girls, we know that.


Evalion: Yeah, we definitely need a lot more girls speaking out. Better role models, more women speaking out against feminism, teaching other woman things and, … I was always thinking how would I appeal to other women in my videos. I think maybe collaborating with other women would help me.


Lana: Yeah, you have a lot of fan boys, don’t you. You probably have tons of marriage proposals coming in from 1488s, [laughing] don’t you!


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1822


Evalion: Yeah.


Lana: And those guys can’t meet a woman, either, so when they see someone like your, they are all over you!


Evalion: I think that’s one way we can advertise it, like:

Are you lonely? Are all those normie men just treating you badly? Go to the Alt Right, National Socialism. There’s plenty of single, very handsome men who are just dying to have a girl!” [laughing] Yeah.


Lana: Yeah. It’s funny, I went to the Richard Spencer’s NPI conference, which was a lot of fun. It’s true, there was a lot of young fashy goys there, you know. A lot of good looking young guys there and I told some girls, “Get over there!” you know, “Get to this conference, if you want to meet a guy on this page!” And there was a couple of girls that did. And one girl who actually met her fiancée!


Evalion: That’s awesome!


Lana: So, that was kind of cool. She wrote me to let me know that. Are you going to go to the NPI conference this year, possibly?


Evalion: I don’t think I’ll be able to travel. Conferences are not really my thing. But, I’ll consider it!


Lana: Now, what do you think about all these terms. I mean, I don’t get stuck up on all these terms, like, “Alt Right”, “Pro-White”, “National Socialism” I mean there’s just so many terms flying around. What do you think about that?


Evalion: I don’t really think too much about these terms. I just utilize them to communicate better with people. Perhaps it would be, maybe in the future, I could make a video talking about this terminology to help some people out, who are just new to the movement.

Because, I know that when I was researching stuff, I was confused by like, the term “red pill”, “shoah”, “shill”. What are these weird terms?


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1823


Lana: And where did you learn those terms? I’m curious.


Evalion: I learned them by reading what people were saying how they were using it, who they were calling a, “shill”. What is being, “shoahed”. I also Googled a few, Google’s not helpful, you know, when it comes to these weird terms.


Lana: No, off course not! [laughing] Yeah, and then I noticed, I was glad when you said something negative about Milo! Everyone keeps thinking Milo [Milo Yiannopoulos] of Breitbart is Alt Right, you know? This is very annoying. It’s like, no! I mean, he even jokes around about:

I’m just a degenerate, Jewish, gay race mixer!” right!


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1824


And he said he’s a fellow traveler, he is not actually part of the Alt Right. But, he did one article recently, you probably read it in Breitbart, about the Alt Right. And now, it’s like, all over the media! Everyone picks up on it, because he wrote about it!


Evalion: Milo is a very funny faggot! Even though he is a faggot and a race mixer and a jew, but he’s a very funny faggot! And he triggers the liberals. So, I kind of don’t know what to think about that.


Lana: He says a lot of funny things that’s for sure.


Evalion: I enjoy watching him. I can’t say that I would look up to him. Can’t say he’s a good role model, or anything, but he’s there. We can’t remove him. If he wants to call himself Alt Right, then either, we have to remove that title, or just let the Alt Right get completely infiltrated with Milo faggots and maybe he can be contained over there. [Lana laughing]


Lana: What do you think, do you think that when things get popular they kind of get ruined? I mean National Socialism was popular though, right?


Evalion: It depends on the people in it. If we could get a lot of good people and we could, when we have enough good people, that’s popular.


Lana: Yeah, that is true. Just because something’s popular doesn’t always mean that it’s infiltrated either, right?


Evalion: If we crown Milo our Fuhrer, well, of course, national socialism is going to suck! [laughing]


Lana: I mean, at the end of the day we want this pro-White movement to be a popular movement, right? We need all the White people that we can get, fighting back, right?


Evalion: Absolutely!


Lana: Also, tell us about your new studio set up and what you’re doing? Have you started a new YouTube channel, because there’s some flying around I think. They’re probably people trying to be impostors of you or something.


Evalion: There are people re-uploading my old content. I don’t have a new channel yet. I told people to re-upload my content. On my new channel it will be under a new name. I’m not going to tweet it. You guys are going to have to search for me. You will run into me eventually. I’ll make, I’ll get popular again.

I will make a lot of noise again and you’ll hear about me and you’ll be like, “Oh, I remember her!” And I’m not re-uploading my old videos on that. And I might near the end when I know I’m going to get shoahed, I might be like uploading, maybe like, “Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil” or, “How to Identify a Jew” And I might be like, this was my old name.

But I’m pretty sure, maybe by then, there will be a lot of conspiracy people being like:

Dude it’s the same person! She’s back again!




Lana: Yeah, there’s a lot of that flying around. But you put on a tinfoil hat, which I’m cool with that, you know! Obviously at Red Ice we’ve talked about a lot of conspiracy. What do you think about a lot of the conspiracy theories flying around, in general? 9/11?


Evalion: I think that people definitely need to think more before jumping into the coolest conspiracy. But, yeah, they’re very interesting. My favorite one is the reptilian one.


Lana: David Icke? [Laughing]


Evalion: Yeah, it is very funny.


Lana: All right. Well, thank you for joining us. I’m really glad you joined me via webcam! It’s very nice, I think you’re an adorable young girl and I think it’s great what you’re doing and you have your whole life ahead of you, so, I’m very proud of you! Good job and thanks for being here.


Evalion: You guys can follow me on Twitter. That’s where I’m, …


Lana: Oh, yeah, give us your Twitter, … Actually we have your Twitter up on your name. So where are you recording, by the way?


Evalion: I am in my basement at the moment, because it’s so hot outside and there’s no ac [aircon] in my house. It’s cool down here. I’m a basement dweller. [Lana laughing]


Lana: That’s great! Well, be sure to let SPLC know, where your basement is.


Evalion: Come and get me, jews! [Laughter]


Lana: All right, have a great night!


Evalion: You too!


[”Oy Vey!” song]


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1690 - Oy Vey Song


[oy vei, oy gevalt, mishigene mentshn]













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