Organized jewry Did 9/11




Organized jewry Did 9/11



[Three building (WTC 1, WTC2 and WTC7) on 9/11 were destroyed by controlled demolition. Over 2,600 architects and engineers have come to that conclusion. Just look at the pictures below. The only people capable of doing that and many other necessary steps were insiders, not Arabs. Any Arabs present were mere diversionary patsies in a massive crime, that has since killed and maimed millions, carried out by organized jewry for the purpose of launching their “War OF Terror” as part of creating a Jew World OrderKATANA]



The Basics


When any crime is committed the most important thing is obviously to find out who did it. How the crime was committed and why it was committed are usually secondary issues unless those aspects are critical in determining who did the crime.


With 9/11 the “Who did it” part can be easily figured out by looking at only “one event” that occurred that day. That “one event” is the method used in the destruction of the World Trade Center’s twin towers, WTC 1 (north tower) and WTC 2 (south tower) . We can also include the destruction of WTC 7 as part of that.


The official story that these three buildings were destroyed by the consequences of aircraft hitting two of the buildings is childish in the extreme for anyone not mesmerized by “authority figure” pronouncements.


It should be obvious to anyone with average intelligence and commonsense that the buildings were brought down by some form of controlled demolition. Look at the pictures and look at the videos. There are also over 2,600 architects and engineers who have stepped forward and risked their careers and reputations by defying the official story and going public in supporting this commonsense view.


Once you understand that some form of controlled demolition was carried out on the twin towers on 9/11, then that is basically all you really need to know about the events of that day. The reason I say that is because the ONLY group of people capable of carrying out a controlled demolition of those buildings and subsequently covering up that crime, MUST be a group that is IN CONTROL of the US government and the media.


Any honest and informed person of politics will of course understand that the US government is, behind the scenes, fully controlled by ORGANIZED JEWRY. The politicians on both sides are mere puppets taking turns to do the bidding of organized jewry and those non-jews (shabbos goys) that have been co-opted.


Now, there are several other roads one can take about 9/11 that will lead to the same conclusion.


But the “controlled demolition road” is very simple and obvious, so I would recommend that.


We do not really need to know any of the details of that event, for example, what kind of explosives, whether there were planes or not, whether they were remotely controlled or how they were piloted, how many “terrorists” were involved, what happened at the Pentagon, what happened at Shanksville, and so on, ad nauseum.


All we essentially need to know about 9/11 is that the buildings were brought down by controlled demolition and that the only group capable of carrying out that and the subsequent cover-up, has to be in control of the US government: in other words, ORGANIZED JEWRY!


Why did ORGANIZED JEWRY carry out 9/11?


It was to create the pretext, a new “Pearl Harbor” in their words, to launch The War OF Terror against the rest of the world, starting with the Middle East, but eventually expanding to include anyone or any entity that opposes the establishment of a world tyranny known as the Jew World Order.


Case closed, as they say.




Watch this short (5 minute) video by physics teacher David Chandler. He gives a brilliant exploration of the North Tower (WTC 1) being blown to bits in an unconventional (top down) controlled demolition.



[Note: Click on images below to enlarge.]


Breaking the Spell - 911 Tower




























































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15 Responses to Organized jewry Did 9/11

  1. Journalists grew up learning how Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward achieved fame and fortune by exposing the Watergate Scandal.

    If 9/11 was part of a conspiracy extending beyond a few members of Al Qaeda, the greater conspiracy would have been exposed long ago.

  2. bob saffron says:

    Yeah, right. Just imagine the fame and money that a couple of journalists could make by exposing the Holocaust myth. They haven’t, so the Official Version must be true. Case closed.

  3. bob saffron says:

    On the topic of (((journalists))), fame and fortune, isn’t it strange that the mysterious Naudet brothers, Gédéon and Jules, never capitalized on their enormous good fortune of capturing the entire event (odds?) on film?

  4. bob saffron says:

    Nixon made himself an enemy of the Jews. Watergate got a lot of (((press))) support. Strange, that.

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  6. Terence A Smart says:

    Fantastic Katana. I have just found this website and will be studying it for weeks to come. My own website is, I also wrote a few books and one on how the Jews pulled of 9/11.

    If you want i can give you a copy of the book to use as a free download on your website.

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