Trump as j-Tool?


[A brief opinion piece on Donald Trump, pointing him out as being a tool of organized jewry. Part I was written  pre-election. Part II discusses his election as President. Note: I will update and expand this post over time   —  KATANA.]



Trump as j-Tool?


Part I



Donald Trump is now a contender for the presidency of the USA, with only, to put it kindly, career criminal Hillary Clinton in the way.


Trump is a new, fresh face on the political scene, although an old face on various TV shows, including World Wrestling Entertainment, so he’s well prepared and trained for wooing and entertaining audiences with unexpected stage craft.


With that said, the question everyone, Whites in particular, need to ask, is whether, or to what degree, Trump is a tool of our mortal enemy, organized jewry?


[As an aside, for readers who are vague to clueless about “organized jewry” — its destructive significance in what has and is happening worldwide because of its actions over generations now — then your ignorance is your choice, given the information that is now out there at your fingertips. Claiming ignorance is becoming rapidly a weak excuse.]


Has Trump become the Republican candidate simply by the force of his, “will to power” and desire to “Make America Great Again“, as he claims?


Or, to put it bluntly, is Trump a jew-tool?


My gut and considered opinion is that indeed, Trump is just that.


I think so because Trump has openly and proudly told us that, that is the case! He has on many occasions stated that he is completely, 100%, even 1,000%,  behind jews, behind Israel. [1] He has long been tangled up with jews in his personal, business and now political life. Jews have been and are his mentors, managers, mistresses, and now political manipulators.


[Image] Here’s an image that nicely portrays Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as being just two childish heads of the same jewish run system, called “Democracy“.


So, how would Trump rebel against the hand that has fed him so generously as a Jew York based real estate developer? How would he be able to rise up against his jewish masters and then get such wonderful back-handed Main Stream [Sewer] Media (MSM) support to this very day? Every day the jewish run MSM promotes Trump with back-handed criticism, aka, promotion, as a kind of “big bad wolf”, that is going to “grab pussy”. Such criticism simply promotes him as an, “Alpha male figure” that most females find very attractive and what men also admire, whether they openly admit it or not.


How could Trump, “out-jew the jew“, as some people imply he is secretly doing, or will do?



The only reason that makes any sense, that Trump is being promoted by the MSM, is because he is their man. He’s in one corner of a rigged wrestling match, set against their other jew-tool, Hillary Clinton, for the “enlightenment” and “entertainment” of the rubes. May the best tool win.


[Image] Donald Trump very happily shaking hands with jewish supremacist, chairman of the Likud Party and Prime Minister of Israel,  Benjamin Netanyahu.


Now, for good and bad reasons, probably and mainly from wishful thinking and the desire for a “White knight“, there are many pro-White personalities and their websites that are promoting Trump excessively.


What they should be doing is exposing Trump, as a jew-tool, while also promoting any of his pro-White talking points.


[Image (click to enlarge) — Who Controls Trump? [2]]




Part II





Donald Trump has now been voted in as the new president of the USA.


In Part I, I discussed why I think Trump is a “tool” of organized jewry, just like Clinton.


His election does NOT surprise me, even though I was earlier inclined to think they, could have been using Trump as the fall guy for Clinton. It doesn’t surprise for the simple reason that if they control both candidates then the outcome, whether Tweddledee or Tweedledum,  is a matter of their larger plans.


The whole election process has had various strange aspects that superficially looked like the media was overwhelmingly behind a Clinton victory. But, I think if you look at it more closely, it was in fact the opposite.


All the Clinton criticism from the jew controlled media was of real substance, the Clinton Foundation corruption, the private email server, the bizarre “spirit cooking” thing, the FBI on and off again investigations, the ill health of Clinton and then the announced “death” of Clinton on a news channel, etc.


All of this was designed to turn OFF ordinary people who are sick of the corruption and status quo.


Meanwhile, the Trump criticism from the jew media was typically non-substantial, that of him being “non-Politically Correct“, especially in regards to race and women. The media’s “grab their pussy” episode was one highlight among many that were back-handed compliments.


All of this was designed to turn ON ordinary people who are sick of the corruption and who want an “Alpha male” to take charge, and if female, to “grab their pussy“, so to speak.


The end (election) result, whether fixed for him or genuine, was a Trump victory.



For those still doubting this overall point of view, ask yourself whether it is possible that the very fully entrenched system that has produced people like Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc., is a system capable of producing and accepting someone that rejects that very system?


So what should we expect of a coming Trump presidency? Unfortunately, nothing but a furtherance of jewish interests and power, with some “gestures” thrown in.


All that said, Trump’s engineered victory is also a “victory” for us Nationalists, in the sense that it is a reaction by organized jewry towards a growing shift towards Nationalism, something that they are now trying to co-opt and defuse by installing Trump.






[1] Trump has done an Israeli TV ad for Netanyahu for PM of Israel in 2013.


My name is Donald Trump and I’m a big fan of Israel,” Trump tells the camera in the 36-second video.

And frankly, a strong prime minister is a strong Israel,” Trump continues, echoing almost perfectly the Netanyahu campaign slogan: “A strong prime minister, a strong Israel.

You truly have a great prime minister in Benjamin Netanyahu — there’s nobody like him,” he opines. “He’s a winner. He’s highly respected. He’s highly thought of by all. And people really do have great, great respect for what’s happened in Israel.”

So vote for Benjamin,” Trump urges. “Terrific guy, terrific leader. Great for Israel.




[2]Who Controls Trumps?






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See Also

For more on Trump and his connections to seedy jews please see (especially the second hour of the interview) this:


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18 Responses to Trump as j-Tool?

  1. Donald Trump has said that he likes for Jews to work on his finances. This is because he recognizes Jewish intelligence and competence.

    In the United States support for Israel is not a political issue. The only political issue is how best can we support Israel?

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  3. Chris says:

    Is this some kind of joke?

    Did you not see his speech at the Al Smith Dinner last night and the speech in Florida last week?

    At the Al Smith dinner he, by himself, stood in front of 1,000 of the most powerful people in the USA/World and said a big F-You to them. That’s a shill?

    At the Florida speech he articulated very quickly the shadowy forces of international finance, media and special interests. Masses amounts of normies are now ‘woken up’ and questioning the whole American system, not a few %…but he’s still a shill?

    If Trump was a shill why does he bring to public attention the Wikileaks emails and Project Ventura undercover investigations when the media could of buried them to most Americans?

    • Admin says:

      Is this some kind of joke?

      Did you not see his speech at the Al Smith Dinner last night and the speech in Florida last week?

      At the Al Smith dinner he, by himself, stood in front of 1,000 of the most powerful people in the USA/World and said a big F-You to them. That’s a shill?”

      Yes a watched that, and I don’t see the big deal. He just cracked some somewhat nasty jokes about Clinton.

      “At the Florida speech he articulated very quickly the shadowy forces of international finance, media and special interests. Masses amounts of normies are now ‘woken up’ and questioning the whole American system, not a few %…but he’s still a shill?

      If Trump was a shill why does he bring to public attention the Wikileaks emails and Project Ventura undercover investigations when the media could of buried them to most Americans?”

      I’d say Trump does so in order to set himself up as a “believable challenger” to the status quo that stands in contrast to “business as usual” Clinton. To say things that much of the public already know, but out of the mouth of a presidential contender, does give him credibility, especially when combined with him not being a career politician. The whole point of his rhetoric is to not appear as a shill.

      The starting point of my above interpretation is, as described in the post, Trump’s complete jewified existence, along with his public bowing down to them and Israel, etc. I think it is absurd to think, like some do, that Trump is somehow out-jewing the jews and just paying them lip service.


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  5. Rapparee O'Hogan says:

    Yes Katana, Good observation, so maybe a kind of Hegelian Dialectic thing.
    The resolution? To bring on a Civil War when Shillery Cunton steals the election.
    Perhaps the (((catalyst))) to declare Martial Law, fully activate F.E.M.A. Camps, unleash all those I.D.F. trained and outfitted goon squads & agents and whatever asymmetrical population control weapons eg. weaponized cell phone towers,
    H.A.R.R.P. etc.
    Hasta La Vista Estados Unidos !!!

  6. Yeah Trump is a member of The System, he wouldn’t be on the stage at all if he wasn’t. H. Ross Perot was also a System guy when he left the reservation too. His daughter “converted” to the Synagogue of Satan and they still consider her and him an outsider. These slimy sewer rats don’t consider anyone to be “one of them” unless your Mother has rat in her. Captain Simian is considered “one of them” cause his Momma Stanley was a full-blooded rat. Even though he hates Israel and considers himself a Mohammedan, blood is sicker than religion. Trump has left the reservation. This stupid global village crap is BAD FOR BIZNESS. Its downward spirals everywhere. Trump can see this ain’t gonna end well, so he’s left the fold and wants to stop it before it blows up. The sewer rats are completely insane. They’ll ride this plane all the way to the ground. Its not gonna be a soft landing by any means.

  7. Paulo Henrique says:

    Trump is Hillary’s sparring…

  8. BMan says:

    There isn’t a second “Like” button to press.

    If anyone follows my blog, they know that I said all along that Trump would win this because TPTB pushed such a vile, sleazy character as Clinton. These people knew from the past Tea Party and Ron Paul Revolution type movements (before they get hijacked) that white people (European stock) are pissed and tired of the status quo.

    Ron Paul touched the nerve of many white people (although I disagreed with much of his misunderstood military/economic budget policy) .

    Trump (the jews controlling him) took advantage of this sentiment. At first, Trump must have felt similarly, because he could speak without teleprompters and written speeches (these came later). That message appealing to white sentiment compared to those same whites’ disdain for that murderous scumbag, Clinton, was the avenue used to win.

    White people, on the whole, however, have taken their eyes off of the real problem (which is not immigration, jobs shipped overseas, etc). The real problem is jewish power and control of every aspect of our lives. Remove that influence and the other problems take care of themselves as sanity rules again without their influence.

    I think that something bad is on the horizon and Trump will be the hammer. Had the Dems (or that faction of jew control) had wanted to win this, they would have run Bernie.

    But I don’t believe that they want a jew as POTUS when the hammer drops (to avoid blame). They will use such a conman character as Trump, who, as the narcissist he is, will do anything contrary to what he said without blinking an eye.

    I admit that I hope I am wrong. I hope that I can come here (and everywhere) to say I was wrong and I will apologize. I promise that.

    But I don’t think I am wrong (and frankly, I have a habit of being correct about these people over the years).

    • John Engelman says:

      One of Donald Trump’s daughters converted to Judaism and married a Jew.

      In the United States support for Israel is not a political issue. The issue is how best can we support Israel.

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  12. Steed says:

    The American establishment is locked down. Quite simply, a man who is a genuine threat to Jewish hegemony does not get a foot in the door. To think that Trump is a hero who has somehow managed to fool the financiers is naive beyond belief. If you believe that then you do not understand how deeply locked down the establishment is.

    I placed my first ever monetary bet on a Trump win, and not one cell in my body was surprised when I woke up to find out he’d won the Presidency. The agenda at play is:
    1) To turn the ‘Right’ into the establishment so that the ‘Left’ would become radicalised and usher in violence and chaos.
    2) To galvanise the minority races against whites.
    3) To turn nationalists into pro-Zio cheerleaders for war.
    4) So that the financiers can crash the economy during Trump’s term and blame it on populism, conservatism, nationalism etc.

    • katana17 says:

      Good summary of the Jewrump phenomena, Steed.

      Yet it’s odd that so many “nationalists” or whatever they call themselves are still plugging away with Jewrump worship. Of all people I would have thought Duke would have been particularly aware of the games that jews play and smelled a rat.

      You four agenda points each look pretty likely, especially point 3 with Jewrump and his team agitating for war with Iran.

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