Alt Right Will Not Thrive Without Donations — TRANSCRIPT


[Here, YouTube activist, Ayan Spring2, makes a thoughtful demand for supporters of Whites to really support the movement by donating, god forbid, … actual money! As he points out, any successful movement requires full-time activists, and they can’t live off fresh air!

As a movement we need to solve the problems of getting people to contribute, whether they are issues of motivation, organization, or technology.

So, people should show their support through deeds, either by volunteering their time and effort and/or by financially contributing to this historic battle of Whites against jewish tyranny — KATANA.]









The Alt-Right



Will Not Thrive



Without Donations!



The Aryan Spring2



May 12, 2017



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The Alt Right Will Not thrive Without Donations




“What’s up? MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!




Okay guys, hello!


So I’m a little bit excited at the moment and also a little bit sad at the moment, for very different reasons. Why am I excited? I’m excited, because I can see that the Daily Stormer has finally, finally, finally raised some money! For with it’s campaign to raise donations for the legal fight against the Jews, in the upcoming battle.



So I’m really, really happy about this. This is something which I’ve been talking about for a long time. I even made an entire video about it. Quite a lengthy video about it called, “Pepe will destroy the information industry”. Unfortunately this was taken down from YouTube and I reloaded it and then they took it down again, straight away!


But this has been a question which has been in the back of my mind for a long time. If you can’t fund the world’s most successful and most radical White Nationalist website, then how is White Nationalism going to succeed?



And I know that the donations that have been given to the Daily Stormer at the moment are specifically for the legal fund, but anyway, it’s the same thing. They’ve raised money! Andrew Anglin has been trying for a long, long time to raise money. And now he’s finally done it! Specifically with the help of this website called, “”. I don’t really know the details behind it, but whatever whatever the case is, they’ve, you can use your Visa, you can use your credit card and donate money. And they will give it to Andrew Anglin. So they’ve finally, finally crossed this bridge! I’m really happy about this!



This is a real positive thing for the future. But, unfortunately at the same time I’m a little bit sad and I’ll explain why. The thing is, basically I saw the fundamental ng campaign, I saw that it’s been successful. They’ve raised $100,000 already, in the space of, what has it been, I don’t know. A week? So I’m thinking,


Wow! That’s a really great! That’s really working!


And my thought was, immediately, perhaps we could use this type of method to raise money for Morgoth’s Review? Because, as people who follow my channel may know, I do do a podcast with Sven Longshanks for Radio Aryan. It’s called SS Britannia. And this podcast is hosted on Morgoth’s Review’s blog.



And for some time now I’ve been talking about the necessity of making Morgoth’s, or helping Morgoth’s Review go full-time. He wants to go full-time. He’s probably the most popular outright blogger in the UK. His comment sections are extremely popular! His essays are very, very good, but unfortunately he’s, you know, he’s working a full-time job and he only gets to do two articles a week now. And he’s really pushed for time. He’s really struggling.


So, he wants to go full-time and my original proposal, which I said on SS Britannia. My original proposal was that if we could find, say, if we get a 100 men to give ten pound a month, that would be 1,000 pound a month, that would be 12,000 pound a year. If it’s 150 men then that would be about 18,000 pound a year. And 18,000 a year is just about enough to survive on in the UK. It’s not enough to raise a family. I don’t know if Morgoth’s got a family, or not. If you want a family, then 200 people, 10 pound a month, 24,000 pounds a year.


So this was my proposal. I put this forward on SS Britannia. And I pleaded with the followers of Morgoth to donate! And I myself am donating to Morgoth’s, with a credit card. I’m giving to him with Direct Debit. I’m giving him ten pounds a month. But, unfortunately [laughing] nobody took the bait! Nobody! I don’t know, people aren’t interested. People don’t want to donate. I don’t know why, people aren’t interested. I don’t know why they didn’t take the bait!


So, I’m looking at this donation drive, that the Daily Stormer has finally succeeded in doing for the legal costs. I’m thinking, well maybe this is just more appealing to human instinct. I don’t know. Let’s say, … Here’s an idea, I’m just going to put it out there.




Let’s say Morgoth says, “I need 18,000 pounds to go full-time for a year.” And we have a donation drive on WeSearchr, and you raise the money. And then Morgoth goes full time for a year. So, instead of handing over 10 pound a month you just give him a 100 pounds in one shot, like that. Maybe that’s more appealing to human psychology, because it’s more of an event, like a “happening”. I don’t know. It’s more exciting, perhaps. I don’t know.


So, I was all excited about that and I was thinking about that, and then I was talking to Sven about it on Skype. And he pointed me in the direction of a a forum on the internet called, “Purity Spiral”. Looks like a pretty good forum., but anyway, on this forum there’s a thread, they were talking about “Azzmador”.  Azzmador apparently is one of the writers for the Daily Stormer. Apparently [he] got upset a week ago, or a couple of weeks ago, because nobody was donating for his podcast, “The Krypto Report”. He was asking for donations, nobody’s giving any money. I don’t know. I don’t really know the details to be honest with you. And he got annoyed by it and; blah, blah, blah, blah!


And they were talking about this and I was reading the comments and it seems like the people on the thread were in a general agreement that donating money to podcasts and to Alt-Right bloggers and content creators, … They seem to think that it’s a waste of time, for some reason! Now, I don’t know if this is just this particular forum, but, you know, I was talking to Sven. And Sven was kind of saying:


People just don’t want to give the money”.


Like I say, I’ve been saying to the people of Morgoth’s Review. I’ve been saying, give them ten pound a month! Right? Thousands of people read Morgoth’s blog! All you need is a 100 men to give Morgoth, or let’s say 150 men give him 10 pound a month and he can go full-time!


But people don’t want to do it. There’s some kind of block in the back of their mind. And they’re donating now to the Daily Stormer and it’s a great breakthrough. I’m really happy about it, but still it’s specifically for a legal fund. Not actually Anglin saying, you know, we need money for the next year, like to fund us for a year. It’s for a legal fund, so it’s not exactly breaking through the donation barrier.


So that’s it! Yeah, I’m happy and I’m sad at the same time. I think we need to really, really look, … We need to understand that without donations, without a fully funded White Nationalist movement, in whatever form it takes, we will not succeed! And we need full-time White nationalists, who are 100% dedicated to the cause. And this could be bloggers, or it can even be somebody like Jez Turner in England, who is England’s number one White nationalist political activist at this time. He organizes the London Forum. He doesn’t have his own blog, but he works really hard to organize the London Forum. He could go full-time if we could arrange it, but people don’t want to give the money! It looks like it. I don’t know! Maybe it’s a lack of organization.



Looking at the comments on this thread it seems like people think it’s a waste of time! It seems like people think that White nationalists should have a day job and White nationalism should just be part time. Let me point out to you that this is not how the jews work. And it’s not how the Muslims work. And it’s not how the “Establishment” works. They have full-time activists. They’ve got the BBC! [laughing]


What’s the BBC? It’s a media channel which is dedicated to genociding the White race! Right? All these media channels are the same thing. All of these NGOs, they’re all doing the same thing! Full-time dedicated to genociding in the White race!


So we need the same thing! To push back at them! We need people that work hard all day long to push back at them! And people say:


Well the money’s not there. There’s not enough people in the Alt-Right”.


Well, the idea is, that you create a positive spiral, not a negative spiral. A positive spiral!




The idea is, let’s say, for example, Morgoth’s Review, right? It goes full-time. The blog is going to get even bigger, more people are going to read it and then more people will come into White Nationalism. And then there will be more people to donate! Basically, the more full-time White nationalist activists you have the more activity they’re going to be able to perform and then the more people you’re going to bring into the movement. It’s a positive cycle!


It’s also a positive cycle on a deeper level, because I do believe that human beings in general are motivated by greed. And the jews understand this. They understand it very well. That’s why they’re masters of the political realm, because they bribe everybody. But it seems to me that although White nationalists have a very canny understanding of human nature they seem to miss the point that greed is such a great motivator. People are not motivated generally by high and lofty ideals. They’re motivated by what’s going to be helpful for their life. What’s going to help them. But instead, White nationalists, they just say to people:


Sacrifice everything! Take a massive risk! Sacrifice yourself!


I mean, it is all very good, some people will do it, but you’re never going to get a lot of people doing that.


What do I mean, by this? I mean, by this is, that if we create a culture where people do donate to projects like the Daily Stormer, like Morgoth’s Review, like Jez Turner. If we create a culture where White nationalists do support full-time White nationalist activists, then more people will be willing to step up and take part in the fight! Why? Because of human greed! Who would not want to be a fully paid White nationalist activist? It sounds great, fighting against the government!


And, you know, that may say sound a little crass. I don’t know. It seems to me that people are infected by this mentality of:


Do it for your country! Sacrifice everything for your country!


I don’t know if this is really an Aryan thing, or this is something which the jews have imposed upon us?


For example, look at the British Empire, which was built primarily for the sake of the Rothschild bank and it’s rich, … You know, I’m proud of it, but it was a mixed bag! A lot of people suffered. A lot of White people suffered with high taxation to maintain that Empire., but look at the way they treated the British military. Look at the way that you have these young men, they’re inspired and the Jews they suck them in, they tell them to sacrifice everything for their country and then they spit them out!



What is this attitude? And then you see White nationalist repeating the same attitude. You see the massive divorce rate in the BNP and in other White nationalist political groups. These groups are saying,:


Give us everything! Give us everything!


And they chew people up and they spit them out!


It’s not a positive cycle! See my point? It’s not a positive cycle! Everybody knows if you get involved in White nationalism you will be poor! [laughing] You will be hated by everybody else in society and you will be poor. And you will have to make huge sacrifices with very little gain. That’s why nobody wants to join! It’s pretty simple!


Let me tell you a story. When I was getting “red pilled“, like two years ago, I discovered David Duke and a Daily Stormer and all that. I also discovered the “manosphere” at the same time. And Roosh and Return of Kings. And for about six months my mind was going back and forth, back and forth, thinking, “Shall I start and manosphere type blog, or shall I start, you know, a White nationalist blog?


Why? Because I could see that if you start a White nationalist blog you’re just gonna be hated by everybody and you’re never going to make any money! In the end, I choose to start a White nationalist blog. But the point of that matter is, many other people will turn away from White Nationalism, because they’ll realize that there’s no money in it. You’re not going to be supported by the people that you’re trying to save!


Even the people that realize the Jewish Problem, they’re not going to give you any donations. It’s madness! Really!




So, what we want to do, is we want to create a positive cycle where you have full-time Alt-Right bloggers who can dedicate themselves fully to spreading the message. And then, they will, in turn, go out and bring more people into the movement. And then those people that come in. You’ll see people, they’ll be inspired. They’ll think, “Well look this is great! I want to do that!” And then, they’ll start their own blogs and then they’ll get their own donations and then more, and then more. And then you can increase exponentially!


And then, politics is downstream from culture. We’ve already dominated the internet culture to a certain extent, but when we dominate it even more, this will come down into the “meat space” and political change will follow from there.


But, we need full-time activists. We need full-time activists on the internet, we need full-time activists in meat-space, as well.


So, that’s pretty much my thoughts about that.


I think the donation drive for the Daily Stormer it is a massive step in the right direction. But we have to have a serious conversation about money! [laughing] You can’t fight a revolution if nobody’s got any money! You can’t do it! Even the American Revolution was funded by the jews and the French! Every, you know, the Soviet revolution, the Communist revolution obviously again funded by the jews. Revolutions in general need to be funded by money!


It’s madness to think that we can succeed without donations. Madness! So, we have to talk about this.


There are other deeper issues here. And issues concerning copyright and intellectual property, which I am against, but that is for another video.


In short, the idea must be to create a revolutionary White nationalist, intellectual elite and political elite, which storms forward and conquers the world! And for that to happen, people have to donate. Whether it’s through WeSearchr, with yearly donations and donation drives, or whether it’s my old plan of giving people 10 pound a month. Either way, some kind of system has to appear! People have to donate money.


If you don’t donate money, you’re basically just a miser. That’s the thing! You’re just a miser! And we really need to use peer pressure to shame these people., because I’ll tell you something, the jews donate. They donate to their Talmudic scholars, they always have done. The Muslims donate to their Imams. They understand this! They understand that they need these educated people who study the Quran and, etc., etc. They need these educated people to carry on their culture. They know this! But for some reason White nationalists, they don’t want to donate.


Are we going to be defeated, are we going to be defeated simply, because, people are misers? I don’t know.


So, we really need to think about this and take a look inside ourselves. And, you know, don’t think I’m sitting here dreaming about a flood of money. I personally have been poor for my entire life! I’ve spent most of my life sleeping on the floor in various different places. The point is not to make lots of money so you can go out and enjoy yourself. The point is to make enough money so that you’ve got a roof over your head, you’ve got food in your belly and you can dedicate all your time to White Nationalism. Nobody wants to get rich out of doing this! I don’t think anybody has that plan. The plan really, if you want to talk about getting rich, the plan is to have our revolution and kick out the Jews and then we’ll all be rich! And then every White nationalist will get his, “the spoils of war”.


But until that time, we need a full time intellectual elite to destroy these people!


Okay that’s all I gotta say.


Hail victory!









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  1. A political movement thrives when a popular president that agrees with the movement is in the White House, or when an unpopular president that disagrees with the movement is in the White House.

    Donald Trump is the most unpopular president since polling agencies began doing surveys on the popularity of recently elected presidents.

    Unless President Trump can turn that around he will take the Republican Party and the alt right down with him.

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