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[Patrick Grimm wrote extensively during 2007 to 2009 exposing and warning the world about the dangers and machinations of organized jewry and its nation wrecking activities.

Here he explores the unbelievable deceit and hypocrisy of organized jewry as it projects, through its control over the media, the image of being a paragon of virtue and innocence, unjustly persecuted, when organized jewry is, in actual fact, the very opposite, the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century, and now beyond — KATANA.]









Patrick Grimm













People of Jewish heritage and Jewish ethnicity have been the greatest killers of the twentieth century.


Ingest this trenchant article that confirms it, then get back to me as fast as your fingers can deliver you. But despite this reality, the Nazi regime and all its “anti-Semitic” antics are purportedly the only thing untoward that occurred in the last hundred years. Yet despite the fact, or perhaps because of the fact that Jews ran history’s most egregious killing mills and slaughter factories, the historical record is generally silent about Jewish wrongs, but very vocal about supposed wrongs done unto Jews. They are history’s “Poor-Little-Meeeeeees” and nothing they are involved in is anything short of angelic, golden, high-minded, beneficent, godly (if godly is the right word for a people who are majority atheistic), enlightened, ennobling and selfless, not to mention really, really intelligent.



Yet it’s all pure balderdash when the fables are dashed and famished and starved of the food siphoned to them by the Jewish feeding tube, the Jew Tube that is television. History is carved up like scrimshaw, its uneasy portions extricated from the whole for fear that the rinsed and spun brains of the people may draw a line between a dot or three. But the connection is commencing, in spite of the efforts of all the best and most erudite of the Jewish confusants, bound and damned determined as they are to make all the pieces unfit even if an edge or a corner has to be hacked away and burned, stricken from our sight-lines before we start to figure it out, begin to wake up from our Winkleish long nap after a century of hitting the snooze button.


Jewish run communist rule in Russia and Eastern Europe murdered tens of millions.


What animates this game of deceit? Fear of the truth-leak perhaps? Hate perchance? Power peradventure? All of the above, most likely, yes. If a Jew anywhere will even deign to concede only one part, one crack in the “infallibility” of their tribalistic fantasies of collective irreproachable virtue, martyrdom at the hands of Others and everlasting guilt-free goodness, of never having to say a Jewish “sorry”, then the whole structure creaks and folds under the tonnage of accumulated deceits. They know this very well, and the apologies are obviously not forthcoming as so many scholars and lay peoples have wryly noted. What are forthcoming are the obstreperous cries of “blood libel” from Jewish totalitarians, who are essentially asking us not to apply the same medicine to Jews as they shove down the throats of every other identifiable grouping on the planet.


For you see, Germans can be collectively and still contemporaneously guilty for Nazism and the overblown fable of the “Holocaust” and can be made out as demons and virtual genetic “anti-Semitesad infinitum, or at least as long as the cash cow keeps pumping out “green” excretions and the Germans don’t vote for a real “Holocaust” this go-round. Ukrainians can be portrayed as scum, as drug-dealing, gun-running sub-human garbage in Jewish Hollywood films for simply exuding less than warm feelings towards the Jewish people who starved them out by the millions and have denied it ever since. Polish folks can be denigrated for “anti-Semitism” and made the butt of jokes, though they were some of the biggest losers in the Jewish Communist Giant Leap Forward. Christians, to the Jewish purveyors of the shoddy Hebrew entertainment they crank forth, are frothing-at-the-mouth lunatics, liars, child molesters and lecherous degenerates and the Savior they put their trust in was in all likelihood a fraud and was, inter alia, an Elmer Gantry style opportunist preying on the simple-minded and the deficient. The Arab is always a bomb-toting and backward savage who possesses little if any human qualities.


Elmer Gantry film (Click image to enlarge)


These are all common and over-used stereotypical caricatures crafted by the Jew, without apology, or for that matter, even a twinge of irony. For the Jew, ravaging others is as natural as breathing. When the “others” cry foul, they are “anti-Semitic” for even noting what is being done to them, for even feeling the brunt of the insults heaped upon their heads like hot coals. They are haters for only wishing they weren’t hated by the Jew.


But as I stated before, history and Jewish nature are being rewritten daily right before our eyes. Almost every on-screen portrayal of Jews is positive (unless you are watching a Woody Allen picture) and Jews are sensitive, self-effacing and bristling with an overabundant outpouring of love for all of humanity. In other words, they are shown as everything that most of them are not. They are self-sacrificing, wise and sometimes world-weary from living amongst those who don’t appreciate how wonderful and sinless they are. They are shown, for lack of a better word, as semi and sometimes fully Divine.


How many “Holocaust” films have you seen where upon witnessing the Jewish characters you say:


Come on! Nobody, Jew or Gentile, is this righteous, pure and lovely!”?


It’s all part of the fashioning of the mystique, the narrative that has served them so exquisitely and placed them in an advantageous stead. Public relations dances in tandem with “Poor-Little-Meeeeeeeism” and the waltz they perform wows the ignorant, who have knowingly or unknowingly purchased the complete package.


There was a time in my life when I auditioned for the play The Diary of Anne Frank. I wasn’t cast in the production, but I did notice one thing about all the actors who came to read for the various roles. They were all full of awe and solemnity when the subject matter, the script was placed before them, almost as if they were attending Mass or confessing their sins, and in a way they were. Like rote, and subconsciously, they all pledged allegiance to the shrine of eternal Jewish innocence and immutable Jewish goodness. They paid their lip service to the gods of this world, of this age. These gods could be nothing short of benevolent and even their imperfect actions in the script were caused by the diabolical deeds of others. Their foibles were and are never to be divvied up among the perpetrators, but, if recounted at all, are to be laid at the doors of the non-Jewish Others.


Jewish misdeeds, even when accidentally disclosed, are always motivated by the pogroms and pestilences visited on Jews, always without cause and without reason or stimulus. Hence Bolshevism was not born of Jewish hatred and for the purpose of swindling the Russian people or because of Jewish lust for control and dominance, but only the Tsar was the catalyst.


If Jews are ever blamed for anything in history, and they rarely are, they will quietly resort to the “Devil-Made-Me-Do-It” interpolation, smudging the facts, making the truth of the matter as indecipherable as a wet letter. Thus we learn from “Jewish history” (often an oxymoron) that Jews were “forced into” usury and money-lending because all other occupations were closed off to them due to crazy Christian “anti-Semitism” that kept them out of all other trades. What is never explained is why they decided to almost collectively stay ensconced in money-lending and usury even after they were given emancipation in many countries and were able to work within any occupation they so chose. But what I am quite sure of is that Jewish historians, those gatekeepers who scramble to blot out every Jewish sin from the public record, have already concocted a perfectly reasonable, though perhaps historically questionable explanation that will settle nicely into the gray matter of the pliable Gentile mind, already pumped through with a lifetime of Jew-aggrandizing lies and anti-white farcical immorality tales.


But we can say both ‘hurray’ and ‘alas’ as we all open the giant Misfortune Cookie and find that everything we ever knew was wrong, dreadfully wrong. As the Gentile humanoid uncovers the awful and awe-inspiring truth of the Hidden Hand, he must both applaud and grimace. He must applaud because he has maneuvered his way through a maze of lies and obfuscation and a slew of fake maps and fraudulent guidebooks to grab hold of the Pearl of Wisdom that is the pieced together, but extant record of the Jewish Problem. But his grimace will surely creep upon him like a dark cloud of self-inflicted derision and conditioned, deeply conditioned self-doubt, for he has pierced the Taboo that is above all other taboos.


Racial realism, bell curves, incest, pedophilia, bestiality, cannibalism and freakish sexuality all pale in comparison to this unspoken breach in the order of things.


A false idol, a graven image has been toppled. “Could it be?” he asks himself.


That these people aren’t so Chosen after all? Could it be that my preacher, my teacher deceived me?


And then the search is on.


The Old Testament becomes less a book of a beautiful covenant between God and man than the twisted tales of a racial band of blood-letters whose mark even now is still being felt upon the earth, whose hatred is still unquenchable and kindled against all who do not share their sense of superiority and “blood purity.”


Call them Judeans, Judahites, Jews, Khazars, Ashkenazi or Sephardim. Whether they are the tribes of old or the converted interlopers who now mind the store, the mission is the same, the façade is unchanged. The unstinting posture of everlasting innocence, the smothering of dissent, the expunging of real history, the “for fear of the Jews no one spoke openly”, the atavistic loathing of the nations, the unstoppable hunger for domination, the shredding of the Other’s distinctions and cultures and the “pulling down” of his temples and “false gods” has been unwavering in the theology and the theosophy of both religious and secular Jews. For these Jews, the world is not enough. Its inhabitants must pay homage and bow before their superiors, must bend and move to the beck and call of “God’s Chosen People”, the “Master Race” as Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin candidly worded it.


So we end where we began, with a wincing glance at the forgotten and buried horrors of what Jewish power eventually looks like. The “Poor-Little-Meeeeeees” squeal as they bayonet your baby with trademark Red Comintern finesse, cry out as they strike you, wet vacuum up all the blood and then claim they are the victims of unreasoning hatred from your neighbors who were very fond of your adorable new-born child and who babysat him on your marital date nights. It’s the same old template, over and over and over again. The pattern doesn’t change, the attitudes are never altered, but the cover-up sure gets a lot more devious, methodical and effective, doesn’t it? In fact, it’s downright Jewish of them.


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  1. shaunantijihad says:

    Great article, thanks Katana. Sometimes I like to simply drop this little thoughtcrime into a conversation and leave them thinking about it.

    “Who are the two men that Jews hate the most?

    Jesus and…”

    • katana17 says:

      Yes, Jesus and Hitler. Two peas in the same pod, as far as jews think.

      All those Christians who worship jews need to come to grips that jews hate both Jesus and Hitler, with Hitler probably more so since he is more recent.

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