Patrick Grimm – What is Extremism?


[Patrick Grimm wrote extensively during 2007 to 2009 exposing and warning the world about the dangers and machinations of organized jewry and its nation wrecking activities.

In a speech given at a conference he discusses the total hypocrisy of organized jewry as it accuses others of being “extremist”, when it has demonstrated by its actions throughout history to be the most blood thirsty rabid extremist the world has ever seen! Grimm recounts how he came to the realization that:

… it [organized jewry] was the single largest threat to our freedoms and to our sovereignty” 











Patrick Grimm





What is Extremism?




Oct 2007




Here is the text of the speech I delivered on Sunday, October 14th [2007] at the No More Wars For Israel Conference in Orange County, California. This is not a word-for-word rendition of that talk since some editing, additions and deletions were made to the text. The ideas contained herein are even more relevant now than when I penned them, mainly, because the ugly face of the Zionist jewish criminal network, the ADL came out in force to violate our civil rights and our First Amendment freedoms. Working with local law enforcement, B’nai B’rith and their shylock lackeys lied (what a shock!) and tried to label our gathering as an “extremist event” that was linked up with “terrorism.” Thanks to this nefariousness, the Marriot Hotel violated the terms of our contract and we were forced to hold the conference in other facilities. But the jews lost in the end, because the conference was an overwhelming success. Of course the Antsy Defecation League (thanks Birdman) cannot abide the truth, because they do the work of criminal Judaism. I would expect nothing less from the agents of the Zionist monster. Enjoy this talk.


Patrick Grimm


Ladies and gentlemen, fellow speakers and guests. It is an honor and a privilege to be here at the No More Wars For Israel Conference in sunny southern California. I was excited when Mark Glenn invited me to attend and speak to all the accomplished writers, academics and great patriots I see before me today.


I must say I was quite amused to see the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith’s take on this gathering, this meeting which discusses both the role of Israel in determining America’s foreign policy and the role of what I have coined as “Big jewry” in influencing both the United States and the rest of the world. The ADL, without hesitation and without qualification describes the No More Wars For Israel Conference as an “Anti-Semitic conference organized by Mark Glenn of the Crescent and Cross Web site. [1]



Now this is hardly surprising, but I find it humorous nevertheless. I’m quite sure that as I speak, the ADL and its overbearing President Abraham Foxman are literally in a panic mode, trying to do damage control and cursing in Yiddish as millions in America and around the world wake up to the reality of what the jewish supremacists are doing to manipulate them, lie to them and to brainwash them in their controlled media outlets. But thank God for the internet, I say, and that the benighted are slowly transforming into the enlightened on the jewish Question. Thank God for all of you and for many more like you who were not able to attend this gathering.

Like the [Frank] Sinatra standard which states “wrap your troubles in dreams, and dream all your troubles away” our jewish overlords expect us to “grin and bear it” when it comes to their control over our media, our banking and economic system, our foreign and our social policy. For our indifference to their control and domination over the last few decades, we have reaped disaster. We have gained not progress, but open borders, broken schools, trash television, and Zionist propaganda on the airwaves. We have a dollar that is essentially worthless and a reputation around the world that is in tatters.


And now to add insult to the injury they have caused us, the agents of Big jewry have dared to declare those of us who even speak aloud about that which we see RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES, to be extremists, to be racists, to be dangers in OUR OWN COUNTRY. No ladies and gentlemen, this arrangement is not tolerable and the price for speaking up is high, but we must not remain silent.


I would almost call my own intellectual journey into the area of “jewish issues” serendipitous. Like many Americans, I had a passing knowledge of the intense liberalism of the jewish community and their support for often radical causes. Like some of you here, I was raised in a Christian church and jews, when they were discussed, were referred to as “God’s Chosen People.” To attack jewish motives, behavior, or nobility was considered a particularly heinous act.


Yet always in the back of my mind I had a gnawing curiosity, questions I could never answer, and the whitewashed picture of the jews given in church and in the Christian school I attended as a youth, did not gel with what I saw jewish people actively DOING. During college as I studied leftist movements, I noticed one thing consistently. Every political cause that was weakening, damaging, or defrauding this country seemed to have a multitude of jewish-sounding names attached to it. The National Abortion Rights Action League was headed by Kate Michelman, a liberal jewish woman. People For the American Way, a far-Left action group was founded by leftist jewish TV producer Norman Lear. Tons of communists and ex-communists alike had jewish names and were openly and proudly jews. I once remarked to my friend Jayne Gardener before I had my complete awakening “Why are jews always on the Left?” It wasn’t until later that I concluded “Jews aren’t on the Left, they ARE THE LEFT!



My eyes were opened wide some two and a half years ago when I started to do an internet search on jews and judaism. What I found was interesting, and horrifying to a mind so conditioned in philo-Semitism. Jews didn’t just support Communism. They created Communism. They didn’t just support groups like NARAL. No, they were actively extending the unlimited abortion license into every nation on earth. I found a book on Jewish Tribal Review which completely chronicled a list of everything that Big jewry had their hands in and it was frightening, almost daunting.



By this point, I wanted to learn everything I could. I then read Dr. David Duke’s excellent and well-footnoted book Jewish Supremacism and Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique and I was wholly convinced of the danger of organized jewry. I realized that it was the single largest threat to our freedoms and to our sovereignty. After completing Jewish Supremacism, I knew, then and there that I could not remain silent about what I knew. My family, my friends, everyone I am close to, now knows the truth about Big jewry and its nefarious activities.



I often say, echoing the Grateful DeadWhat a long strange trip it’s been.” An all-American boy goes from criticizing those who oppose Israel, even chastising members of a Brethren Church for their anti-Zionist stance, to speaking at a conference condemning US wars waged for the Zionist state. This is why, as I read about the ADL mislabeling this conference as an “extremist event” I find it funny. Their Hollywood stereotypes of jack-booted, Nazi arm-band wearing skin-heads screaming epithets against jews bears no resemblance to reality. Yet, because of my own writings, I have been called “Jew-obsessed”, a “Nazi”, a hater and all the usual canards. I have been branded as an extremist for not wanting to be told what I can and cannot think, can and cannot read, and can and cannot say.


No, my friends, I will not be silenced by those who wrongly believe that a tiny minority, a largely hostile minority, hostile to the traditions that you and I take for granted, should be able to husband up rights only for themselves and dispense and revoke them as they see fit. I say there will be no more silence, no more fear and no more capitulation!


Apparently attacking our religions is not enough to satisfy them. Breaking our borders and replacing us is not enough to satisfy them. Getting our young men and women to die in the sands of Iraq, spilling their very blood and laying down their lives for the jewish criminal terrorist state of Israel is not enough to satisfy them. Bleeding our taxpayers dry to fund their spying and their lying for AIPAC is not enough to satisfy them. For you see, NOTHING we can do will EVER satisfy Big jewry, because they are INSATIABLE. Yet they call us extremists!



What is extremism?


You want to know what extremism is? Well, I’ll tell you. Extremism is organized jewry literally lecturing the rest of the world on the joys of diversity and multiculturalism, which as Dr. Tom Sunic has pointed out is a misnomer. What the jews want for Gentile nations is multiracialism. They want populations which are as heterogeneous as possible, thus making them easier to control from the top by Zionist jews. Foxman in one of his usual chutzpah-laden rants literally had the nerve, the gall to chastise contemporary Germans on the hazards of xenophobia and welcomed the more open “liberal” immigration policies which were being pushed, of course, by organized jews to dilute the native German population. Eva Herman lost her television job and was called a Nazi for simply suggesting that perhaps German women should have more children. The jewish extremists have done the same in America, in England, in Canada, in France, and in every other nation where they have gotten a foothold. They dare, DARE, to lecture us, demanding that we swing our gates open wide to the world. To even oppose ILLEGAL immigration is a moral crime in the eyes of the jewsmedia.


All of this moralizing and pontificating comes from a group of people who support a state whose immigration policies are based on “blood purity” on a criteria for jewishness that makes any Nazi policies look downright moderate. Yet, in typical jewish extremist fashion, what applies to us NEVER applies to them. They can genocide, displace and literally enslave a whole nation, steal land, bulldoze homes, assassinate academics and poets and dissenters. They can grab family farms and close down Palestinian schools and circumvent the WILL OF THE WORLD as they conscript our money to pay for the whole thing. They can invade neighboring countries and use WHITE PHOSPHORUS ON CIVILIANS! Then they demonize any recalcitrant politicians, strip people of jobs and livelihood, make death threats on families if ANYBODY SPEAKS UP and even notes what is being done in our name. And yet we wonder why the world hates us, is ASTONISHED by our UNRESERVED funding and cheerleading of such a rogue and cancerous so-called nation in the Middle East named Israel.



What is extremism? Extremism is a power, world jewry, so avaricious, so starved for the hard-earned wages of others that their banking power robs us of our livelihood, through interest, through counterfeiting, through what is barely disguised theft. I won’t pretend to be an expert on economics, or banking, but it doesn’t take an economist to figure out that the Rothschild empire that has thrown its net over the world is a colossal swindle machine.


In Andrew Hitchcock’s excellent book The Synagogue of Satan the author makes several revealing points that were particularly poignant. Hitchcock states:


Iraq is one of six nations left in the world which do not have a Rothschild controlled central bank.” [2]



Afghanistan was also a nation with an economy and currency free of jewish Rothschild control. Is it mere coincidence that these two countries were the first to be invaded under the auspices of a “War on Terror”? Baron Meyer Rothschild stated unashamedly:


Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.” [3]


If you own the currency, you own the nation-state. It’s as simple as that.


Which countries are still unmolested by the House of Rothschild? Here they are:


There are now only 5 nations in the world left without a Rothschild controlled central bank: Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya.” [4]


Strangely enough, four out of the five are labeled as rogue states by the United States government and by Israel. In fact, Iran is at the top of the list to be toppled by our Zionist-Occupied Government. In the David Frum/Richard Perle neo-conservative handbook for endless war for empire, Iran, North Korea and Libya are countries that need to be “dealt with” meaning that either invasion, or regime change are touted as desirable and in the case of Iran, imminent.



What is extremism? Extremism is an atavistic hatred of Gentiles so strong, that even sex slavery and human trafficking are permitted by the Talmudist branch of the jewish community. It’s a sad reality, but jews, some religious and some irreligious, are the leaders of the worldwide sex industry. Yes, we are all familiar with the jewish penchant for hard-core pornography and the warped entertainment flowing out of Hollywood. But many people are woefully unaware of the fact that Israel is the world leader in sex slavery.


In the Old Testament book of Leviticus 25:44-46, the Judeans’ desert god tells them in no uncertain terms:


Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life..…” [5]


This is exactly what we see. Julie Lesser tells us:


Human rights groups have long demanded actions against the trade in women in Israel. These women, many from the former Soviet Union, are working as prostitutes in a condition of virtual slavery. Many of the Russian women who have ended up in Israel’s brothels, some smuggled into the country from Egypt on the back of camels, expected to find jobs as cleaners and/or working in childcare. There are certain places where auctions are taking place. The Israeli police well know the names. They are nightclubs, or regular bars. The women are brought there, buyers come and look at their bodies and their teeth, then the bidding starts. They are held by the pimps, beaten and totally isolated.


It’s not enough that the jewish extremists have stolen our economy, our currency, our sovereignty and our media. They also demand our women for their own lascivious illegal purposes. They like them blonde, blue-eyed and Gentile. The Israeli jews, not content with the trouble they have caused with their Bolshevism, their Communism and their killing of millions upon millions of Russian Christians, must pile more injury atop more injury. They must defile European women, taking out their rage and hatred of Gentiles on these innocents who have been lured to Israel in hopes of finding honest employment. Not surprisingly, there is barely a peep about this travesty in our jewish-run media machine, but if a single swastika is painted on a synagogue somewhere in the heart of Europe, it will make front page news. The wails for the US to do something, anything about rising worldwide “anti-Semitism” will reach a deafening crescendo. Yet “anti-Semitism” and jewish behavior go hand-in-hand.


What is extremism? Extremism is believing that fanatical jews have been tossed out of almost every country they have inhabited, because there is something innately evil in the Gentile. What strange mental gymnastics it must require to believe such nonsense. Yet millions hold to just such lunacy. All of 79 countries have expelled jews from their midst, some of them over and over again. Yet we are to believe that these Gentiles, spread across time and space, all possessed a mystical and completely unreasoning hatred of jews that existed FOR NO REASON. Apparently the jewish issue is the only issue of moment not subject to the laws of cause and effect. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so to speak, except for “anti-Semitism.” It arises from nothing, except perhaps psychosis and it is focused on one group to the exclusion of all others, again FOR NO REASON.


This type of solipsism on the part of jewish extremists, that their negative behavior is not the cause of their historical woes is unique. In fact, it has a whole cottage industry that has grown up around it. This industry is always promoting the irrational notion that jews are disliked only, because of Gentile mental illness, only, because of Gentile “projection” and jealousy or, because of something lacking in Gentiles. In this way, by employing the fraudulent ideas of Sigmund Freud, jews are never to blame for ANYTHING. To even have ill will towards an individual jew for a palpable wrong done only means that you are in need of extensive therapy. It certainly can’t mean that the jew in question is at fault.


Of course, the therapeutic model is now employed to censor almost every sort of politically incorrect speech, whether it be racial issues, crime statistics, or the negative fallout of multiculturalism. Not only is the bringer of un-PC news seen as in error, or a sinner against the new order of things. He is also very, very sick and in need of reprogramming, diversity training, brainwashing, in short, a therapy session. This is just one more way that the American mind has become Judaized, or to use the jargon of PC, Zionized.



I know of no other group so organized for their interests that they are able, with the full force of the media, the intelligentsia, entertainment and the mental health field to banish their critics so completely using the language of pathology. It began with Freud, evolved and grew more calculated with Marcuse and the Frankfurt School and now there is a whole field of jewish psychoanalysts who write books and publish articles on the psychosis that is “anti-Semitism.” If this is not extremism for an ethnocentric end, then I don’t know what is.



When Mel Gibson made some drunken remarks saying that the jews were behind all the wars, he wasn’t simply called drunk and disorderly. He wasn’t merely asked to apologize for his words. No, the ADL wanted Mr. Gibson to sit down with their appointed rabbis and “let the healing begin.” The implication was that he had a sickness, a mental disorder that needed to be cured. Gibson’s comments, inarticulate though they may have been, were accurate, as we see from the jewish neo-conservative disaster in Iraq. Yet no mention was made about the accuracy, or the inaccuracy of what he said. He had a sickness, a psychological problem called “anti-Semitism” and needed to get himself into therapy pronto. Talk about chutzpah. Talk about extremism. When B’nai B’rith refers to extremism, they refer only to themselves.


How can we fight extremism? Must we fight extremism with extremism? No, we only need two things: truth and bravery. We must tell the truth, in a simple, responsible and civil way, never conforming to the stereotypes created by our enemies in the media and in Hollywood. We also need bravery, courage to trumpet that truth, alert the world to the dangers of jewish extremism. We must warn jews who are not part of the problem about the hazards of remaining silent about the misdeeds of their treacherous leadership. We must not be afraid to say what needs to be said. To remain silent is not an option.


I will only leave you with this simple quote:


“No one’s safe when freedom fails,
and good men rot in filthy jails,
and those who cried appease, appease,
are hung by those they tried to please.”


—Author unknown.


May we all stand for freedom, truth and justice for the American people, the European people, the Palestinian people, and indeed for every people. I thank you for your kind attention and for the opportunity to speak to you today about a few of the things on my mind. God bless.




[2] Hitchcock, Andrew The Synagogue of Satan






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  1. Extremism is an atavistic hatred of Gentiles so strong, that even sex slavery and human trafficking are permitted by the Talmudist branch of the jewish community.

    – Patrick Grimm

    Like other anti Semites Patrick Grimm projects his hatred of the Jews onto the Jews. Jews do not hate Gentiles. They only wish to be able to enjoy the benefits of their high IQ averages. Those high averages are the reason for Antisemitism.

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