Andrew Hitchcock with Monika Schaefer on “Sorry Mom” — TRANSCRIPT


[In this interview Andrew Hitchcock talks with Monika Schaefer, who went public a year ago telling the world in a YouTube video that she now knows that the “Holocaust” is in fact a fraud being perpetrated on the world for sinister purposes by organized jewry. She discusses her journey of realization, starting with her shocking discovery that 9/11 was an “inside job” carried out by those same people behind the “Holocaust” fraud, and concludes that it is imperative that more people start telling the truth about these events if we are to avoid a future of total tyranny — KATANA.]





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Published on July 7, 2017



Andrew Hitchcock’s Description


The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (380) Monika Schaefer – Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About The Holocaust


On today’s show I was joined by Monika Schaefer, to discuss her 6 minute YouTube entitled, “Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About The Holocaust,” that you can view below.



We also discussed: Monika’s experience in, “Ritual Defamation,”; Joseph Ribakoff’s ADL prizewinning paper on legislating against hate speech in 1988; how Monika has been denied a busking permit due to her political beliefs; how the Jews expect you to be tolerant of their beliefs whilst they are intolerant of differing beliefs; and many other topics.


Special thanks to Alfred Schaefer for putting Monika and I in touch, so we could record this show.





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Now the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show with your host, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.


Andrew: Hello everybody. I have another new guest on today. I am delighted to have her on. Many of you will be aware of Monika Schaefer, and also that I interviewed her brother, Alfred, on my show recently. She’s got an excellent website. And the website is: That’s, And the “Monika” is spelt with a “k”. And, of course, I’ll be including a link to the website in the post for this show. And also the title of the show is “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”, which is a very famous YouTube, an excellently presented YouTube that Monika is well-known for, in our movement. So, without further ado, I’m going to bring Monika up. Monika are you with me?


Monika: Yes! Hello Andrew! Thank you so much for bringing me on to your show. It’s an honor.


Andrew: Well, thank you so much for joining me. And one of the things I like to do, is people that have been oppressed by this, you know, international group of jewish bandits — would be a fair way of describing them — to actually give these people a platform on my show to explain how they have been oppressed, the things that be done to them. Just for basically expressing your thoughts and opinions. No acts of violence or anything like that.


But before we get into that side of things, could you please run through for the listeners, your background, your personal background, in as little, or greater detail as you would like.


Monika: Yes. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada in 1959. The fourth of five children. My parents came from Germany in 1951 and ‘52 respectively. And we grew up in a very, wonderfully traditional household of rich German traditions.


And we got out camping a lot. We grew up with a very deep appreciation for nature, for the natural world. That was something that we got from our parents. We had a huge vegetable garden even though we grew up in the city, so he could say we were a little bit like urban farmers with our vegetable garden, which fed our family of seven, largely. And, you know, then I went to university, I got a degree. I kind of did normal things like that, and then I became a park warden. And that’s in a national park, some years later. I mean, I had lots of different jobs before that, but I won’t go through that.


But the significant thing I would say for me and my life, was my career as a park warden. I got into the back country. I had a huge back country district for a number of seasons, where I would have three horses. Travel in the wilderness basically and take care of this large district. And, you know, you’d be on your own for long periods of time, and I would say this is one of the real highlights of what I did in my life. You learned a lot of self-sufficiency out there. When things go wrong you basically have to take care of yourself!


Yeah, so that’s kind of, in a nutshell, my background, and I guess I’ll leave it at that for now.


Andrew: Excellent! Well, I think now’s an opportunity, … I mean the title of this show is “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”. And so, we can look at the political side, … I wouldn’t really call it political, it’s just your views on historical events, which for some reason is unacceptable in our so-called “tolerant society” today. So it’s tolerant of what these jews want you to be tolerant of, and intolerant of things that they don’t like, obviously.


So I’m going to play your YouTube and now again, I’m going to include this in the post for our show. So I’ll just get this lined up here. I think I have it so, let me just play it now for the listeners.







Sorry Mom - 2112 Monika Shafer playing violin


Hello! I’m Monika Schaefer. I was born and raised in Canada, first generation Canadian citizen of German heritage. My parents both came from Germany. They immigrated to Canada in 1951 and ‘52, respectively.


There was a bit of a disconnect between what I experienced in the home life and what I felt outside the home. I love the rich German traditions and culture that I grew up with and yet, I felt ashamed of my Germanness when I was at school, or outside with my friends. I learned very quickly to hide my heritage.


It started in the first week of school. Day one, I wore my beautiful little dirndl, a traditional German dress and on day two, children were taunting me:


Oh you forgot to take off your apron! Ha ha ha!” as they were running away, or “Heil Hitler! Ha ha!”, again taunting me.


Sorry Mom - 2113 German woman in traditional dressess


[Image] German women wearing dirndl. A dirndl is a type of traditional dress worn in Germany, especially Bavaria; Austria; and the South Tyrol, based on the traditional clothing of Alps peasants.

I didn’t exactly know the meaning of that, but I knew it was not friendly. They were being cruel. That was very clear to me.


I’m reminded, just now, of the plight of the indigenous peoples of North America. They were also made to be ashamed of their culture.


I would like to share with you now a deep regret that I have for something which I would like to apologize to my parents for, but cannot, because they are no longer alive.





Many years ago, I reproached my mother. You see I had been thoroughly indoctrinated as we all were. The stories seemed to be all around us, in school, in television in the very air, and the evilness of Adolf Hitler was as deep and diabolic as imaginable.


Sorry Mom - Wyatt Mann - What Did Johnny Learn in School Today


I said to her, to my mother:

Why didn’t you, your friends, your folk, your family. Why didn’t you do something to stop these bad things from happening! Stop Hitler and stop these death camps! You should have done something! You must have known!


I was really upset, my reproach was bitter. She listened and she paused and very quietly and in a sad tone of voice, she said:

We didn’t know about any of that. We just did not know. We did not hear about anything like that!


Well, now I know why she did not know. It is, because these things did not happen! It is only since the last couple of years, since about 2014, that I have begun to understand that this is the biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history!

Everything has been turned upside down on its head!


Yes, there were detention camps. Nobody denies that there were camps! And yes, the prisoners were kept against their will. Again, nobody denies that. But these were work camps. The prisoners of the camps were being kept as healthy and as well fed as was possible in those terrible war years. They needed to be kept healthy. How else could they perform the work? It was war, and so the camps were basically armaments factories.

And how much sense does it make, by the way, to have a hospital in a death camp?


Sorry Mom - DUM cartoon

[Image – Click to enlarge]


There were no gas chambers there. The only gas that was used was to get rid of the lice! Lice carried typhus and typhus was a deadly and rampant disease. So they had to delouse the clothing to keep the people healthy. Now, why would they do that if the goal was to just exterminate the Jews? Makes no sense. That is the “Six Million Lie”, as I now like to call it, in a nutshell.


There is so much more to learn about this, and this is all readily available now in 2016 thanks to the digital age, with, or without the “thought laws”.


Back to my family. What a relief it is for me to learn that my parents and grandparents were not part of a people that suddenly became monsters overnight!


The reproach which I directed at my mother, I wish I could apologize to her for this. I am, in effect, apologizing to her now, to her spirit. I would like to invite you to find out more by searching the following titles that had such a meaningful and healing influence on me.


Thank you.











Andrew: I’m going to read some of these titles as they come up, folks.


Questioning the Holocaust — Why We Believed


The Greatest Problem of Our Time” by Ursula Haverbeck.


Off Your Knees Germany” by Ernst Zundel.


The music was “Don Messer’s Breakdown” and the video was produced by Alfred Schaefer, Monika’s brother, who, of course, I’ve had on this program before.


I’m now going to bring Monika back. That’s an excellent video Monika. Of course, YouTube says it’s had 133,000 views [currently 144,892 as of Nov 2, 2017], just to let the listeners know. When I went into Google yesterday to get a copy of this, it gave me the top link to a video with 324 views. So for some reason it has not brought up the top viewed YouTube, which it should do, because that was Alfred Schaefer’s YouTube channel that has the 133,000. And then when I went on the one with 324 [views] today in preparation for the show, I saw that it had been removed, overnight. So I’m pleased Alfred’s is still there. And the reason that I found Alfred’s is — I’ve promoted this before folks — they should really be giving me a commission, but it’s the website Duck Duck Go. That’s “Duck Duck Go“. It’s a search engine essentially and it says that it doesn’t track you., but I think most importantly, it doesn’t manage it’s results. So when I typed in Monika Schaefer’s “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong About the Holocaust” the top entry that came up was the most viewed YouTube on the subject, which is the one I just played, off of Alfred Schaefer’s YouTube channel, which I have included in the post for this show. So I just want to clarify that for everybody.


Now back to you Monika. We now move on to your political awakening. Can you explain to listeners how you first came up with the real truth, sorry, not came up with, how you first stumbled upon the truth about the “Holocaust” rather than the official lies that we’ve been told by the mainstream media?


Monika: Yes thank you. How I reached my conclusions? Well, it began just a few years after 9/11, I ran into somebody who was telling me that there’s this thing called the “Truth Movement” in the United States, primarily. And that the people who are in this Truth Movement, they did not believe the official story of what happened on 9/11. And I was very interested in what he was telling me. And I listened with wide open eyes and I went home and would have liked to know more.


[Image] WTC Tower in the process of being destroyed in a top-down controlled demolition (click image to enlarge).

See: Organized jewry Did 9/11


But, you know, I didn’t even own a computer back then! I could have gone to the library and looked it up. But you know, how things go, life is busy and you just get on with your day-to-day. But it always stayed in my mind. So then a few years later, and I would say this was now ten years after 9/11 happened. So maybe in 2011 when my brother, Alfred, started to send some e-mails to family members about 9/11. And he was already then well-informed about who did it and, you know, not just that the official story couldn’t be true, but going, you know, much further than that. And I was really wanting to know and I just said:


How do, you know, this? Where did you get this?


So, he obliged, steering me in the direction to learn a lot more. And then I couldn’t stop! Of course, by then I had a computer as well at home, so that made researching this much, much easier.


[Image] One of the WTC Towers being blown to bits by top-down massive controlled demolition (click image to enlarge).


So really, my awakening started with 9/11. And I have to say it was very, very difficult time for me, because I felt kind of nauseous, for weeks at a time.




Because I was figuring out that what we grew up believing, that is, that government is for the people, by the people, of the people, that was this mantra that we learned and really came to believe. That was simply not true! That they are not on our side! And if the government could be lying to us about something so big, that just turns your world upside down. So even though now I look back at the story of 9/11 and I think it’s a kindergarten level of entry to realize that we’re being lied to. Because when you do look at it, it is just so elementary to figure out that with they told us about it is completely a fairy tale!


[Image] Ernst Zundel and the Toronto “Holocaust Trials” of 1985 and 1988 (click image to enlarge).


So then after that, maybe a couple of years later, I started to come up against, well come up against — I resisted at first — you know, the “Holocaust”. Like that this is a big lie! And it’s not brand new because, you know, growing up in Canada during the eighty’s, Ernst Zundel was in the news during those Toronto trials, ‘85 and ‘88, and that was daily news for a while there. And it was, more or less, background noise for me. Because, first of all, the way the media presented him, one just thought he’s a crazy guy! He’s probably a bad man, or that’s the way they presented him. And at that time I was really asleep at the wheel and it was, like I say, it was a bit of background noise. [I] didn’t really pay too much attention.


In retrospect I wish I had of paid attention, because if you had of read the articles and actually read them, you would have learned a lot, because in the newspapers they did actually have to report to some degree what took place in those trials. And it was astonishing what came out in those trials! It’s monumental what came from those trials!


[Image] Newspaper article on the Toronto “Holocaust Trial” of 1985 (click image to enlarge).


Anyway, but that was back then and the “Holocaust” I mean, how can somebody say it didn’t happen? It’s like this huge, huge thing, that how could they lie about something so big? Those are the thoughts that go through your head. So then when I started to be confronted with, that this might be a lie and when I finally dared to look! Oh! It didn’t take long at all Andrew, before I realized:


Oh my goodness! There is a lot here to be seen!


And once I started, once I just let myself look, I realized very, very quickly:


Okay, there’s something wrong with this story! Very wrong with it!


And then I also just researched and researched, because I wasn’t going to just go on, you know, day one of research and say:


Okay, didn’t happen![laughing]


Something I believed all my life, that everybody else believes all our lives and:


Okay, didn’t happen!


No, I did a thorough investigation into it! And I became very satisfied and yes! We are not wrong when we are saying this is the biggest lie! It is a lie and it is a hoax! And we have truth on our side.


So yeah, I’ll leave it at that for the moment.


Andrew: Well, it’s very interesting and I’m pleased that you brought up 9/11, because it’s come to my attention that the recently released sequel to the film “Trainspotting”, I think it’s called “T2 Trainspotting”, or something. It’s twenty years after the original, and there’s a bit in it where Ewan McGregor character — I don’t know what he’s called in the film — but he says:


Choose to believe that 9/11 was a hoax, or if it did happen, the jews did it!



And I was astonished to hear that! So obviously they put that in there to try and ridicule those of us who say that it was the Jews that were behind it. But the volume of our information has got so loud, that even in mainstream films they’re having to address this now. And they’re having to try and tell people it’s a ridiculous concept that we’re putting forward. Which goes to show why they’re doing so much work in censoring things like Google, which I just gave the example of. And You Tube, or what have you, taking different things down.



And this next section of the show I know that you’re an expert on “ritual defamation” based upon what’s been happening to you. And I’ve read this section of my book on a different show before — I forget which one — but it’s very important. It’s from 1988, it’s from “The Synagogue of Satan — Updated, Expanded, and Uncensored“. And this is what it says:




The Anti Defamation League, the ADL, initiated a nationwide competition for law students to draft anti-hate legislation designed to protect minority groups. That competition is won by a man named Joseph Ribakoff, who’s proposal stipulate that not only must hate motivated violence be banned, but any words which stimulate suspicion, friction, hatred, and possible violence must also be criminalized.


This ADL prize-winning paper suggests that not only should state agencies monitor and restrict free speech in general, but they should also censor all films that criticize identifiable groups. Furthermore, even if the person making the statement can justify it, for example, Christians criticizing homosexuality, because the Bible expressly forbids it, Ribakoff asserts that the truth is to be no defense in court — sounds like the “Holocaust” laws, doesn’t it folks — the only proof a court will need in order to secure a conviction of hate speech, is that something has been said and the minority group, or member of such group has felt emotionally damaged as a result of such criticisms.


Therefore, under these proposals which the ADL will have forced into law, all over the world, less than fifteen years later through their bought and paid for politicians and media, Jesus Christ would have been arrested as a “hate criminal”! This law is designed to protect the Rothschild conspiracy from being revealed, in that if you criticize the Rothschild’s criminal cabal, you will be targeted as anti-semitic and thus risk imprisonment. It is also interesting to note that say, for example, a rabbi torches his synagogue to collect insurance money, because it is in need of repair, as opposed to someone else perpetrating the crime who was found to have an interest in anti-establishment media, the latter would receive a stiffer sentence for the same act!


[Image] The Elements of Ritual Defamation by Dr. Fredrick Toben (click image to enlarge).


So, Monika, just to bring you in regarding ritual defamation. When you look at this, and this was from 1988, this competition, so we’re looking at thirty years ago, it was put together by the Jewish ADL. It’s pretty clear isn’t it, who’s behind all this restriction on free speech, all this censoring of things on Google and Facebook, and taking videos down on YouTube. They’ve pretty much shown themselves that it’s been the Jews all along, haven’t they Monika?


Monika: It is astonishing! That this can exist! This, whatever this “hate speech” what is that? You know, it is, “truth is hate to those who hate the truth“, in a nutshell, is what you could say about it. And I mean, when they even say:


The truth is to be no defense in court.


If people understand that, how can they not wake up to the fact that something is so deeply wrong with this? You know, “hate speech” legislation, what does that actually mean? It just means that this group of people does not want you to expose their acts, their criminal acts, what they are doing! And I think, because of the psychological warfare that has been conducted on us for a very, very long time, people are not able to come out of this.


I mean, some people are, why do some people have the capacity to come out of it? And yet others would just say:


Oh no! I’m not going to discuss this! I’m not going to debate it. We can’t talk about this!


But, you know, we’re going to shun you anyway. We are going to ostracize you anyway! How much sense does that make? But you find out that it’s not about logic and that is a real disappointment to me. I always just thought that if you explain things to people, or they find out what, you know, logically, and truthfully, and with evidence what happened, in any situation, whether it’s about 9/11, or about some local event that has happened, whatever it is, or something so large as World War Two history and the “Holocaust” story, you would just think that they would then be able to look at that themselves and understand!


But it doesn’t work that way! I’m sure you have found that yourself, that it just doesn’t work that way. You can shower the people with evidence like Yuri Bezmenov has famously said. That KGB defector whose job it was to, … Well I’m not exactly sure what his job was, but it was about fooling the people basically. That he understands this, that you can shower the people with all the evidence in the world and it might not make a difference. Because if they have been thoroughly demoralized, and that is what has happened to us, we have become demoralized with all the false information and the undermining of culture and what not.




So I could talk a little bit about the ritual defamation aspect of this, and this is not something I set out to become an expert on! It is has come to me, because of my video. I live in a town of approximately five thousand people, Jasper, Alberta, in Canada. This is in the middle of a national park, and this national park, Jasper National Park is also contiguous with a few other national parks and wilderness areas, and it is World Heritage Site. It’s a very significant place on this beautiful earth, and we get millions of tourists every year. But the town itself, five thousand people, it’s like this little bubble! Because people who live here, they work here, they play here. It’s not a bedroom community. It’s not really a commuter community, so people really do live here. It’s quite encapsulated.


[Image] Jasper, Alberta Canada (click image to enlarge).


And, you know, I’ve always thought well, it’s got a strong community and Jasper prides itself on “embracing diversity”. [laughing] I mean, there’s all kinds of buzzwords in this town that, you know, where we have a huge festivals. And one of them is the Pride Festival and all these things that happen here that make people here believe that we have just such a wonderful, you know, we embrace everything, we’re tolerant and all.


Well, I have found out to my chagrin what this community, the true colors actually of this community, and it’s not pretty. It’s not pretty at all!


Basically, after my video came out there were some key people who declared publicly on social media that:


Monika Schaefer is no longer welcome in this community, in this town”.


And they’ve banned me from this and that. The other thing, one of the local establishments, the Legion, which is in this town, it’s actually a venue for many activities, musical activities, community events, it’s actually a hub of activity there. They have banned me outright! I have not been able to set foot in that place, since a year now. And it has been a year now since my video came out. I just, you know, it’s one year anniversary on June 17th, from when that happened. So that was a little bit of a significant date in my life. It’s like, you know, giving birth, or something! [laughing] Anyway, so that’s one story, is the Legion.


[Image] The Legion in Jasper, putting its reputation in the gutter (click image to enlarge).


But another story is busking. This is an activity which has recently been sanctioned in this town, and largely due to my efforts years ago when I approached the town council to say, look, busking is when you go out and play on a public sidewalk and open your case, play music, and passersby they can throw a coin in if they so choose. And this used to be illegal here, funny enough! I mean, it’s a perfect place for such an activity, you know, lots of tourists come and it’s in a setting, a beautiful setting. So it would be a perfect place for it. So finally, they did allow it for the first time last summer. And lo and behold, when I went to apply for my busking license, they said:


Because of your non-inclusive beliefs, actually your publicly proclaimed non-inclusive beliefs, we are denying you a busking permit”.



[Image] Monika talking about her violin playing (Click image to enlarge).


And they told me to take a look at the “Values and Principles” statement of this art institution here, called the Habitat for the Arts. And, because of this principles and values statement that supposedly I was not adhering to, I would not be given a busking license! I thought this was quite, quite upside down, because they themselves broke every statement in that “Values and Principles” statement by denying me a busking permit!


You know, they talk about:


We embrace new challenges and ideas! And we learn from each other, we help each other grow through knowledge exchange, and support!


These are things right in their “Values” statement. And I mean, don’t you think that by denying me a busking permit, because of my video, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong About the Holocaust”, they’ve broken all those values! So lo and behold, just yesterday, I learned that this summer, after a long winter of meetings and procedural reviews on, … Okay, they said this summer the vetting process for who’s to receive a busking permit would be based on talent. When they said that to a town council meeting at which I was present, and I also gave a presentation.





I thought, I interpreted that as an admission that they had erred last year when they denied me a Busking Permit due to my publicly proclaimed “non-inclusive beliefs”, quote, unquote. And, they said that this summer, yes, they would base it on talent, and I mean, the people all along, always said:


Oh! It’s not about your musical ability, we all know you can play”.


You know, they stated it in the newspapers, they stated it at the town council meeting, … I mean they made it very, very clear that they didn’t want me playing my violin on the streets of Jasper, because of my views!


[Image] A wonderful portrait of Monika Schaefer with her violin.


Now, what do my views have to do with my violin playing?


And a little bit of background to that, I have played in this town for many, many years. I’ve lived here for thirty-five years and I have been asked to play at fundraisers and I do so, I have done that many, many times. I play for the seniors, I play for the children, I play at community dinners, I play all over the place in this town. I have given my music to the people here, and they have always been very appreciative of my music. So it’s not about, you know, playing squeaky notes or anything, that they have denied me my Busking Permit, … They have all appreciated my music over the years.


But now, they would like to, basically, drive me out of town, and they are really pulling out all the stops to keep me off.


So, yesterday I received the email, after this long process of the audition, which was really full of, you know, all kinds of fancy rules. Well, they broke all their own rules! And I won’t get into the details of that, because it’ll take way too long. But, they did make all kinds of rules, and a process, … And really that this is just garbage! Because they didn’t follow any of that!


They sent me an email saying, oh:


I didn’t get enough points in their point system, with this Committee.


Faceless, nameless people, on a committee to determine the busking [licenses]. So basically, I didn’t get my Busking Permit! This is brand new news to me! I was reeling yesterday when I found it out! I mean, I wasn’t surprised, I kind of knew that they would find some way to keep me off the streets to play my violin, but that just happened. — Yeah, so there you go!


Andrew: Well, the jews expect you to be tolerant of their beliefs, while they are intolerant of yours! And the fact is, is that applying to play a violin — if they’re worried about you saying anything — they just need to say:


Well the permit is just for you to play the violin. You are not allowed to air any views, or what have you, that we don’t like”.


Which again, isn’t acceptable to me, but the fact is you are applying to play a violin.


But this is typical jewish behavior, and what they do, … If you do anything that upsets them, they will do all that they can to hurt you in any way that they can! And so they know that there is no risk of you exposing them anymore by playing the violin, but they think:


“Oh, she said something about us, so we’re going to get her here, we’re going to get her there, we’re going to get her everywhere!


And this is their nature; that countless people through history, … I mean, Martin Luther talked about this, … This people being, you know, basically:


Deplorable, ruthless, vindictive!


I think was the word that he used:


This vindictive race!


Harry Truman even said — and there’s questions over his ethnicity — he said he’s always found the jews to be quite a “cruel people”. They have to have everything their own way and they don’t care who they hurt to get it.


And of course, because we’ve let this group of “bandits” essentially take over the world, they now think:


Right! We own the media. We own the politicians. So, we’re just going to do a little sweep-up operation here. We’re going to put laws in place, so anyone that tries to expose us, we’ll just make laws and throw them in jail!


This is the arrogance, and the deplorable behavior of this race in general! And I refer to them as “a race in general”, because I never see any jews who seem to be speaking out against it, … You’ll get the odd one, like a Gilad Atzmon. But again, … They’re so few and far between, and I question their significance, because when you can only pick out one or two, it goes to show how many of them go along with it.


And it is shocking to me that the world we live in today, … It’s not a world that I want to really be in! Because my freedoms are being taken away. I see the darkening of my country. I see the promotion of all this race-mixing, and, if I go out and speak out about it, and say:


Oh, by the way, don’t you realize that by doing this you’re destroying your own Race?


We’re the only species on the planet that does this!






You see penguins that march across the South Pole to migrate, to literally go through these terrible conditions for months in order to hatch one egg! That they then take turns looking after, as they walk seventy-miles to feed. But they do that, and they put up with these conditions, because they see that their sole purpose in life is to keep their species going.



What the White people are doing is they’re actively killing their own species at the behest of these jews! Because they believe everything that they see and hear in the media. And people that try and point out that they’re wrong, they’re fast looking to enact laws to shut up, and that’s people like you and I.


And this is the peril that we’re in, and this is why I say to people: Get Monika’s video, download it, you can get, … I think you can get add-ons to Firefox where you can actually download YouTubes [videos], so you’ve got them yourselves, so whenever they take them down, it doesn’t matter, you’ve got your own copy.


Save my shows! Because you don’t know how long they are going to be available and when they either shut us up, put us in prison, taken the web-sites down, whatever; … Because, I gave examples earlier in this show, about the YouTube [your video], it was there yesterday, gone today! I had to find it on another channel! And it goes on and on, and on. Over to you Monika for your thoughts on this?


Monika: Yes, I also encourage people to get physical books! As great as it is to be able to get the resources on the Internet, and online, and even read books online, I think it’s also a good idea to have books in people’s homes, in as many people’s homes as possible! Because like you say, we don’t really know how this is going to unfold in the future. And just for the sake of future people, that to understand what is really going on, the more books exist, in the more places, the more chance there is that the truth will really be exposed, you know, be out there, and that the lies’ exposed. And so that’s another aspect of it.


And you know, you talked about the poisoning of the mind, … Well actually that’s something I want to bring into this, that how does it, how does it come to be that people are so afraid to look into these matters?


I think that the poisoning of the mind by all this weaponized language, the weaponized words, and when you read that piece, you know, when the ADL had their competition about hate speech legislation. It was right in there about “weaponizing” the language, really. It’s not only acts of violence that they were going to criminalize, but they’re going to criminalize speech! Criminalize words! “Criminalize words” — I mean, that’s George Orwell one hundred percent!



People should watch that movie again, or read the book 1984. It is chilling how it rings true for right now, what is going on. And George Orwell was actually trying to give a warning to us with that futuristic novel that he wrote back in 1948 or 1949. And when all of the poisoning of the minds, is what keeps people from being able to see, and look, and even when presented with evidence, that is what has happened.


And like, back to this small town here where I live, with five thousand people. You know, many people treat me very, very friendly. They know that there’s something deeply wrong with how I am being treated in the community, and shunned and ostracized. And they know there’s something wrong with that, and they’ve known me for a long time, and they will greet me very friendly. I mean, you see people at the post office, in the grocery store, and basically you’re always running into familiar faces, and many treat me with great friendliness.


[Image] The postcard image of a beautifully “tolerant and diverse” town of Jasper, Alberta, Canada, hides something quite sinister. There lurks, below the everyday surface of normal life, a force, a power, that is absolutely intolerant of any challenge to its authority (click image to enlarge).


But people are still afraid to look into the issues and to, … I think there must be some who do, and I hope that I’ve actually made an impact on some people, and that they actually will, and do look into it, and maybe question what we’ve been taught all our lives. But you see, they’re made afraid to publicly talk about these things, because they see what happens to somebody like me who comes out very publicly, and they don’t want to lose their jobs, they don’t want to lose their friendships, their family relations, this kind of thing.


And that’s how it is done to us! That’s why ritual defamation happens! The purpose of it is to make it very clear to the general population that you just don’t break this taboo, by, …basically, that’s what it is: The “Holocaustianity” — It’s become the new religion and if you violate this taboo, well you’re going to be in deep trouble and your life is not going to be that good anymore! So that’s why people are afraid to look at it.





But, you know, having said that, I want to make it very, very clear that I am not looking for sympathy here, or anything like that! I have a very good life! I’m at peace with what I’m doing. I feel very happy really with where I’m at, because I know that I have truth on my side, and this is a deeply, … It’s a good thing! It gives one a very deep sense of peace and tranquility when, you know, that you have truth on your side. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a minority. It really doesn’t!


That becomes irrelevant, because we are working for the greater good, we are working for peace! We are at the core of the peace movement when we seek to speak the truth. Don’t you think that’s true, Andrew?


Andrew: Yes I do. And you know, what you said about getting physical books, this is what I’ve always said to people.


Something like a book, … If there’s an EMP attack [electromagnetic pulse] the book will still work for you! But anything that you have to play electronically may not work for you, so you can downloading shows and burning them to disc, or drives, or what have you — whilst I still encourage it — they could be taken out by that. And the other thing is a lot of people are depending on Kindle [an electronic Reader, made by Amazon] recently, and what you have to bear in mind — I don’t own a Kindle so I may be wrong here — but to my mind they could dip into that Kindle, and as soon as they, say, Amazon don’t offer a book for sale anymore, the next step will be: — well anyone who’s got it on their Kindle, we need to wipe it off there because we don’t support that anymore — and they’ll be into your Kindles, wiping things off!


I know recently, I had, … I got a new phone and I had to download my Apps, again. And one of them I had actually paid for:


Oh, this App’s not available in your country”.


Well it was when I bought it a year or two ago. But now I can’t put it back on my phone, because they’ve changed it and said it’s not available, even though I already paid for it! So, you know, they could mess about with all this sort of stuff, any way which they choose.


I think that the real situation that we need to face, is getting the message out to people. And I mean I still use Twitter and Facebook, but I don’t know how long I’ll have them, and I certainly feel that both have had their, … Certainly the Twitter, I think, it’s having it’s followers hemorrhaged, judging by the feedback that I get. And Facebook is having it’s posts hemorrhaged, because so many people, … Some can see some posts, some can’t see others. And they check their settings and made sure that they’ve got it set up to “see all posts”, not just posts from friends. So I’m talking about when I put a post out and people comment on it, so I’m actually referring to comments on posts, sorry folks, … A bit confused there. And I know what they’re doing there. All sorts of stuff.


And funnily enough recently I went to post a show about, … It was Harry Cooper’s show about Hitler in Argentina, and it automatically posts from my site to Twitter, [and] to Facebook. And for some reason it didn’t post to Twitter, that one! Didn’t like that one! I think because it had the word “Hitler” in it — they said: “Ooh! We can’t have that!” And so I had to post it manually. And I posted it, because these people, you see, what they do is they stop it there, because they think that you won’t check. But of course each time, it goes back to what Teresa May [British Prime Minister] said:


Oh, we will frustrate these people any way we can!


But if you have to double-check everything, then that’s adding extra things that you have to do on to your day, and it’s very easy to miss stuff when you’ve got everything else to deal with.


[Image] Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, Israel. A major source of “Holocaust” brainwashing and indoctrination for jews.


And so they’re definitely doing this even though it’s illegal. The way that they removed these books from Amazon, because the “Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum” didn’t like them. And they went bleating to Amazon saying:


Oooh! We’ve had all these threats against synagogues, and so you’ve got to take these hateful books down!


Well, they took them down and then they found out that the threats were made by a jew in Israel!


Monika: Exactly!

[Image] “Amazion” complies with jewish pressure and bans books that actually tells the truth about the “Holocaust“.

See: Amazion Bans 100s of Holocaust Revisionist Books!


Andrew: What did they do? Did they write back to Amazon and say:


Oh, you can put the books back up, because it was one of our people?


No! It was “jewish lightning” over and over again! This was all orchestrated so that they could get this thing in play. If, what we’re saying, is so ridiculous, then you’d be happy to let people say it, because you’d be:


Well, it’s so obviously not true! But why are we even bothered about it?


[Image] “Jewish lightning” is a term used to describe deliberate acts of arson by jews for insurance fraud purposes.

See: THE AMERICAN JEW AN EXPOSE OF HIS CAREER — Part 4. (click image to enlarge).


Monika: Exactly!


Andrew: But they know that it’s true, they know that it’s true! And they know that people are waking up to this jewish control, which goes back to me mentioning a mainstream film [which] even included the line about the jews did 9/11. So, it’s far bigger than anything we’re aware of at the moment.






I think that there’s millions of people that know this information, and that’s why you’ve got the government leaders running around like headless chickens trying to push this legislation through, so that people stop talking about it. But that’s not going to happen! Even if they get rid of us, because as soon as they start silencing people, people smell a rat! And it’s a giant jew rat! I would add. So in that sense, I think that it’s much of the same folks who’ve got to keep getting the information out, spreading it to other people. And that’s the way I see going forward. How about yourself, Monika?


Monika: Oh that is so absolutely true! There were so many things that I want to address here, what you just talked about Andrew.


First, I’ll start with the fact that many, many more people know and understand the truth, than is apparent. And it is really important for us to know that, and to spread even just that truth! That many more people are awake than is apparent! And there is an obvious reason for that. People who know and understand, but for reasons of, you know, that they, … Just, for economic reasons and whatever the situation is in life at that point in time, they can’t come out with such a public video like, “Sorry Mom”. You know, they are still there and they are helping in other ways.


I know this, because I received a lot of correspondence, and letters, and comments from people who are very well aware and wide awake, but they’re not necessarily saying this in their own small town, or in their communities, for those reasons. Because they can’t afford at this time, maybe they have young children they’re still raising, whatever, they can’t afford to have their lives turned upside down.


And you see, it’s really part of this psychological warfare against us. To make it look like we are just a very isolated few “nut-cases” that have these crazy ideas. We are social animals, so people will go along, you know, with what it looks like, what everybody else believes.


Now if the masses, many people saw that, “Gee, there’s, …” Maybe five percent of the population, or ten percent of the population, actually no one understands how many, they’re going to go:


Oh, okay, maybe I should take a look at that?


Whereas if they think it’s just one out of, you know, ten thousand people that have these ideas, well they’re not going to bother looking at us. That’s an important part of the psychological warfare! It’s to make us think that we are very alone, and very isolated, and just a few of us! That, you know, that they’ll make us look crazy, or something! But that’s an important aspect of it.



And what you also said about these things that happen, like the swastikas on synagogues, or in gravestones being turned over, and then they take down books at Amazon, … That’s all part of this false-flag narrative! So they’re doing it themselves, then they achieve their goal, which might be the burning of the books, or it might be a new piece of legislation, and then we find out:


Oh! It was them that did it all along!


Yes! It’s all part of the false-flag narrative. They do something to make it look like it was the other, and then they achieve their goal, and then we find out the truth, or some of us find out the truth. And of course, they try to suppress that, or they make hate speech legislation, they throw us in jail, or whatever they want to do!


Now, I also want to say that the fact that they are so hysterically trying to suppress the truth, is proof that they need us to be ignorant, in order to achieve what they’re doing. In other words, there is hope that if more people were to understand, and to open their eyes, and to wake up to what is going on, that basically takes away the jewish power. That’s the conclusion I have reached.


Because when people say,


Ahh, there’s no hope! We can’t do anything about it anyway! And what can one person do?


Well, if that was really the case, that there’s no hope and what can one person really do, then they wouldn’t bother trying to drive people like me out of town, or to do bad things to those of us who are awake! I mean, they wouldn’t bother! They wouldn’t care, right? It just wouldn’t be important.


So, that is proof! That this giant awakening which is happening is just so important and we need to really be working harder than ever [laughing] to make this happen, to wake people up, to educate people, educate ourselves, educate others! And to carry on and to do so with hope and positiveness! Yes! We can bring this out. Light always trump’s dark, doesn’t it?







Andrew: Yes. Of course, what you said about the way that they do these things, and they’re behind the attacks, and then they blame someone else to get things passed, like legislation, it takes me back to the Mossad motto:


By way of deception thousand shalt do war”.


And the other thing is, if they know what we say about the “Holocaust” — I would say that they know exactly what we say about the “Holocaust” being false, is actually true. They know that six million didn’t die. They know that there were no gas chambers. And the reason that I can tell that to the listeners, is that if they didn’t know that, then why would they insert:


The truth is no defense”, in their hate-crimes legislation?


Why do they always like that Ribakoff piece that I read earlier on? It specifically said:


The truth would be no defense in regard to the hate crimes legislation?


So they’ve been geared up to the fact that there’d be a few of us out there that will try and get the truth to the masses. As they exert a greater level of control, and when they get to that stage, where they’re at now, that’s when they need to exert that level of control and make sure that when they get us in court they can’t be thrown out.


Like what happened in the trial, … I think one of the Rothschild’s in the early 1900s sued a particular publication for reporting the 1815 story of how Nathan Rothschild pretended Napoleon had won the war. And as a result got all the traders on the London Stock Exchange to sell all their consuls. And then he instructed his agents to surreptitiously buy them all back when they had gone right down in value. And then miraculously found out that Wellington had won the war, when Rothschild already knew this, because he had one of his couriers sent over there, reporting back quickly! And that story was run about a hundred years later, and a Rothschild sued on it, and was told:


No, that story is true!


And he had to pay the legal costs.


And so, they don’t want that to happen again. And the jews are like elephants, folks, they never forget. And so they think:


Right, we didn’t have enough control there, so what we need, we need to cause a situation in which it doesn’t matter what evidence you have!


In the recent international definition of anti-Semitism, … Again it states that if you say, for example:


The jews control the media!


[Image] Jewish control of our media admitted by jews (click image to enlarge).


Even if you can go to court, and you can produce the list of all these giant companies that are owned by jews that control the media, they’ll say:


No, truth is no defense!


And so it’s an absolute nonsense! And then they talk about living in a democracy, with justice, and all this, … These people are so, so evil!


And the politicians that do their bidding are even more evil, because they’re literally against the citizens that they pretend to be working for. And I think that the whole system will come crashing down, but not without casualties on either side beforehand.


So that’s where I think that we are at the moment. What are your thoughts, Monika?


Monika: Oh yes! I’m so glad you brought up the Mossad motto! I mean, when I tell people that, if a country’s motto, or their secret intelligence agency motto, you know, the Mossad, is to deceive, and make war. I mean, what does that say? Shouldn’t the motto be something about upholding justice; or defending our people; or you know, standing up for a Right, No! It’s:


By way of deception, make war!


Like, come on! It’s all right there!


And then this thing about jewish identity. The “Holocaust” really is what the jews have, that is their whole identity! I mean, from the day they’re born, there are themselves very indoctrinated in that:


Oh, we are the persecuted people, and we’ve always been persecuted all through history!


And the “Holocaust” is the big one! And that’s their whole identity! Now without that, what do they have, what do they actually have? I mean, it’s been said that they have nothing without the “Holocaust”. So, that is why it’s such a grave threat to them, to expose the fact that this is all a big lie, a big hoax. And what that makes me think too, is all through history, you know, this persecution, … I mean, why were they thrown out of all these countries?






Well we know that they go in, they undermine, and they infiltrate, and they basically destroy from within. But they become chameleons doing so, and that’s the enemy within, that is so much more dangerous than the enemy at the gate, that come with guns and is very visible.


And you know, about the politicians, I didn’t mention the fact that I, prior to my awakening, to first of all 9/11, and then all these other bigger deceptions. I had run in several elections. I used to be in the Green Party, and I ran in four elections, three of them were federal, one provincial, and you know, I was good friends actually with the leader of the Green Party of Canada, her name is Elizabeth May. And, you know, she always said she will “speak truth to power” no matter how unpopular it is, or how it might affect anybody. Whatever the Truth is she will always “speak truth to power”.



And I believed her. And I think she was sincere, but since then I think she has become very compromised and I think she has been able to rationalize everything away by this and that, saying:


Oh well now I’m responsible to the membership, and the media is going to jump on me for this, or that, or the other thing.


Because I have talked with her extensively about 9/11, and she knows that the official story is wrong, but she will not say so publicly now, because she knows that she will be damaged by that. So therefore, of all the politicians in Canada, Elizabeth May, I thought that she really would speak truth to power, but she can’t!

[Image] Elizabeth May denounces Monika for her views on 9/11 and the “Holocaust” (click image to enlarge).


Because the “cabal”, who brought us 9/11 and who is lying to us about everything else, and that’s, basically the Rothschilds, the bankers, and that’s the jewish cabal. They control every single politician! So really, every single politician is a puppet! I have found that out firsthand, so I can say that with a great deal of confidence.


Because if none of them can address the crime of 9/11, then that means that the people who brought us 9/11 are in power. That is just as direct as it gets! There it is!


Andrew: Thank you very much. Yeah, we’re coming up to time of the show, though as I said, we can over-run if there’s any topics that you want to address that we haven’t covered, then we can overrun. Otherwise you can give a closing statement. Up to you, whichever you wish to go.


Monika: Yeah, thank you so much again Andrew for having me on. It really is an honor to be on your show. And I just want to say I’m carrying on with a smile on my face. When I go downtown in this little town, I greet people, even if the people who have told me to my face they will not talk to me, or they look the other way, I still greet them by name. And I think that at some point they have to deal with the cognitive dissonance in their brains that say well:


Geez, what’s this friendly person doing? And she’s being called such a hater, and we don’t like what she’s saying.


And I’ve also found out that a lot of people in this town who are jewish, who I never even thought, if they’re jewish or not, but they’ve kind of revealed themselves, even before I started talking about the “Holocaust”, and somebody says to me:


Ah! You’ve gone too far, talking about 9/11! You’ve gone too far, you’ve gone too far!


And then I find out, well they’re jewish! And I just can’t understand the logic behind that. Like they can’t look at these things, because they’re jewish. Well isn’t there something wrong with the logic of that? I mean, whether you’re jewish or not, can’t you look at the evidence and the facts?


Anyway, so that’s in this town. I’m carrying on and standing my ground and I’m happy to do so. And I’m also very happy to, … If I’ve been able to inspire other people elsewhere to talk more about these issues, to educate themselves, to educate others. I think that the more people do come out and publicly state their opinions, not their opinions, their conclusions that they’ve reached after doing the research, the better it is. Because then they will affect others around them and it’s not just one, or two people who have these, have reached these conclusions.


There’s a whole bunch of us really, [laughing] there’s many, many people, and you see that through the Internet, you see it through the comments section, you see it by the hysteria with which the jewish media is trying to silence us. I mean, you see that it is there is an explosive rate of awakening and that gives me great hope!


I’d like to leave it on that note. I think we really are at a good point right now — I think that the light is coming through!




Andrew: Thank you so much Monika. Great show! Wonderful having you on today. And I’m going to close the show myself, by, … I just thought of this while Monika was speaking and it’s in my book “Synagogue of Satan: Updated, Expanded and Uncensored”. Again, it’s from 1972. Here you go — it’ll give you something to look up when you’ve finished listening to this:


1972: The October twenty-fifth edition of “Psychiatric News” published by the American Psychiatric Association, states:

Evidence that jews are carriers of schizophrenia, is disclosed in a paper prepared for the American Journal of Psychiatry by Dr. Arnold A Hutschnecker, the New York psychiatrist who once treated President Nixon. In a study entitled “Mental Illness, The Jewish Disease” Dr. Hutschnecker said that:

Although all jews are not mentally ill, mental illness is highly contagious and jews are the principal sources of infection.

Dr Hutschnecker stated that:

Every jew is born with the seeds of schizophrenia.


I’ll leave it there folks, I hope you enjoyed the show. I’ll be back with you all soon, and bye, for now.



You have been listening to the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show on TBR Radio. Brought to you by The Barnes Review. Andrew’s book, The Synagogue of Satan is now available on his website, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock dot com in an updated, expanded and uncensored edition.










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