Patrick Grimm – Our Opponents Are Cowards and Liars


In this short, yet important, essay, Patrick Grimm talks of the liars and cowards that work to misdirect people from discovering the awful truth about the Jew World Order. Fitting the key puzzle piece known as “organized jewry” into the picture is crucial to making world events understandable — KATANA.








Patrick Grimm



Our Opponents


Are Cowards and Liars




Jun 13, 2007





Our opponents are cowards and liars. They are cowards because they will not debate the validity or invalidity of the arguments we make and document on our blogs and websites. They will only throw temper tantrums worthy of a small child who has been made to eat his vegetables rather than a Kit Kat bar. Apparently these tantrums are supposed to make us apologize and back down from our positions, leaving the arena of ideas out of fear. But, alas for them, that is not the result of their babyish fits of bluster.


These people are also liars because they lie about our motives (it’s all about hate, hate, hate) and then lie about our adroitly reasoned stances. They surmise, incorrectly of course, that if they throw enough lies our way that some of them will stick to us, and that those lies will relegate us to the scrap heap of irrelevancy. But it hasn’t worked out so well for them. Vitriolic lies only draw attention to us and arouse interest in the masses, who implicitly understand that something is wrong with our country, but can’t yet put their finger on what specifically is causing it. We fill in those gaps, those hollow points of informational deficiency.


As I have always said “The truth has a certain ring to it.” Our readers and those who happen upon our work, our articles, op-eds and political polemics by accident, sense that they contain the truth, or at least a large missing piece of the puzzle that the media will never ever address. The “Jewish problem” is a whopping puzzle piece that has been taken out of the box by outsiders, ensuring that the jigsaw puzzle is never completed. We, myself and talented others, dig around until we find that stolen piece and return it to where it belongs, so that instead of 999 pieces, there are 1000 interconnected ones. It all fits together and nothing in the world is more unforgivable an act to the Zionist True Believers than actually letting the Americans glance at the whole picture, unobstructed by cracks and side arguments which are inconsequential.


We bring it all right to you. No middle-man and no media mogul will censor what you read and hear. You can think for yourself, though the Zionists hate free thought as much as they hate free speech and the right to bear arms. They hate freedom, period. They don’t want you to be free. They want to control and manipulate your mind. We will allow none of it.


Yes, Zionists are cowards and liars. I will trumpet that truth until every person in America agrees with me and my compatriots in this worthy cause. Don’t let the bastards grind you down, and especially don’t let them inhabit and inhibit your mind.






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