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[Quietly spoken YouTuber, Way of the World, describes how the jewish controlled (((Left))) is systematically destroying the normal family, i.e., of a mother and father with their own biological children, by normalizing abnormal and freakish “family” arrangements, through, as an example, TV ads that celebrate everything but this.

He presents the socially poisonous ad for “McCain” french fry chips, that pushes the idea that with families, “Normal isn’t normal.

In contrast, he talks how an Australia TV ad by Dads4Kids, that inspire fathers to love their children and put their families first, was banned because it is considered too “political” while the gay marriage vote issue is going on in Australia.

Not explicitly stated here, but the purpose of organized jewry and their brainwashed Leftie goy tools in promoting abnormal “family” arrangements, especially with the biological father removed, is to destroy White society through breaking down the family unit.

This all part of their plans to bring about a jewish tyranny known as the Jew World Order — KATANA.]





Way of the World


How the Left Is Killing the Family










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Published on October 1, 2017


WotW looks at some leftist propaganda aimed at the traditional family — the building block of our very way of life — and what lies behind it. Please support this channel at: https://www.patreon.com/wayoftheworld or by using the PayPal link on the channel homepage. https://www.facebook.com/wayoftheworld/ https://www.minds.com/WayoftheWorld https://www.bitchute.com/channel/wayo… https://gab.ai/WayoftheWorld https://vid.me/Way_of_the_World











Ad voice over (Ricky Tomlinson): When it comes to family, what’s normal? Normal isn’t normal!


Does Mummy, Mum, Ma, Mama, stay at home mums, working mums, single mums, adoptive mums, I’m doing this on my own moms, nans who put me to bed and tell you not to believe in ghosts.


Or maybe it’s Dad who tucks you up? Dad, Daddy, two daddies, long distance daddies, weekend dads who pick you up and let you stay up late, but make you promise to never ever tell your mum. Maybe you never met your dad? Perhaps it’s Grandad who takes you out for that get about? Or your brother, half brother, your brother from another mother? Maybe your friends are your family, the family you got to choose, like your sister from another mister, who pops around for tea?

Families come in all shapes and sizes.

But it’s mealtimes that make a family! McCain! We are family!


WotW: This is a current advert for oven ready French fries. The kind of junk food routinely served up to children by parents who are often single and have either a lack of time, money, or inclination, to cook decent nutritious food.


So perhaps it’s no coincidence then that this junk food seller should be actively promoting any other type of family than that which is generally more willing and able to provide good, fresh, nutritious food, cooked with love.

I want to make it clear at the outset that I know families are not traditional in their make up for a variety of reasons. Many of which are involuntary. But the breakdown of marriage and the traditional family is a terrible symptom of a civilization in trouble! And we need to take a stand against that, for everyone’s sake.


There are many, many single parents that do a great job in difficult circumstances, but this is not something we should be celebrating as a model of how to raise a child. Which is what this advert is doing. Not all types of family are equally as good for children.


This fashionable misconception is damaging children all over the West, and we need to be clear that the best environment in which to raise a child is with a present and attentive biological mother and father!



As I have shown in several previous videos the Left is actively hostile to traditional forms of social organization. It is no coincidence that in such dystopian leftist visions of the future as “1984” and “Brave New World”, the nuclear family is one of the first things to be destroyed.


Ricky Tomlinson the narrator of this out of his a committed socialist activist. His voice is meant to sound trustworthy, down to earth, friendly, and reassuring. But he’s spreading damaging lies that have real and damaging consequences. The left cares only for the fulfillment of it’s plan, not for child


Just like it’s attitude to Third World immigration, where it doesn’t matter how many women get raped, or how much crime is committed, all that matters to them is that tradition and national identity are progressively weakened.



Hillary Clinton’s 1996 book states, it “takes a village to raise a child”. The book which was co-written by (((Barbara Fineman))) seeks to emphasize the role that influences outside the family play in the raising of children.


Have a look at this piece of government propaganda from Sweden. Let’s look at the familial structures represented here.



First, you have a mixed race lesbian couple. Then a mixed race gay couple with a child of a third race. Then a black couple with a disabled child. Then a White single mother.



And then what looks like a gay couple with a black woman, somehow involved to bear children for them. Then, that rarest of beasts, a White man with a black hijab wearing woman. Let’s hope for their sake her family doesn’t know. Muslim men love to enjoy White women, of course, but they aren’t quite as fond of allowing their women to be with non-Muslim men.



I wish we were more willing to talk about this glaring hypocrisy we see around us every day. But, back to the point. What do you not see in this picture? That’s right! The most common form of family in Sweden, which is still a White family with a mother and a father.



Inclusion” then, is a buzzword that is meant to promote abnormality and exclude the traditional and still dominant familial structures. The headline reads, and I quote:


Equal parenting in the best interests of the child” unquote.


The child’s best interest, of course, are close to the bottom of the list in the mind of Sweden’s ruling elite. So, we can see then that the gradual weakening of parental control in the traditional family are key planks of the Left’s strategy to bring us down. But, because the West doesn’t yet look like the Left wants it to look, it has to play the trick of promoting it’s vision under the guise of “inclusion”.


So, it over represents what is abnormal to make it seem more normal. Just as mixed race couples an LGBTs get absurd levels of over representation on TV, so has the portrayal of stable traditional families become distinctly unfashionable.


The French fries advert asks:


What is normal?


It then answers:


Normal isn’t normal.


Well, I’ll tell you what isn’t normal, but which is portrayed as such in the advert.


Two daddies, long distance daddies, weekend daddies, maybe you never met your daddies, your biracial brother from another mother, your friends who are your family, your sister from another mister who pops round for tea. These situations are not normal! They exist, of course, but that is not the same thing as normal.



There are only around twenty thousand children in the UK growing up in families with LGBT parents, out of a child population of almost fifteen million. This is a minuscule amount of around 0.1 percent. Seventy percent of UK children live with their biological mother and father, and it is this, that is normal, and it is this that should be treated as normal and preferable.



We have to stop allowing the Left to get away with promoting is dysfunctional and dangerous ideology under the guise of “inclusion”. We’re told in the adverts that families come in all shapes and sizes. That it’s mealtimes that actually make a family, and that serving this junk on those precious occasions is really what counts. After all the guys that make this junk food tell us that they are family too! Well, why not? It seems like anyone can be a part of your family now, so why not a junk food corporation? They certainly seem to be doing more and more of the cooking these days.


But let’s have a look at something that didn’t make it to TV. Something which, in fact, was banned from Australian TV*.


Australia ad:

Little baby don’t you cry.

Daddy’s going to sing you a lullaby.

When you’re sleeping safe and sound.

You’ve got the proudest dad in town.

I remember when I first saw you.

Your heart beating as you xxx

Reading stories to help you dream.

Your mummy and daddy are a perfect team.

I can’t wait to hear you sing.

Or watch as you put on a wedding ring.

One day you’ll have children too.

Remember the time, the I sang to you.



WotW: So this ad was pulled for being too political at the time of the gay marriage vote. But what has this to do with gay marriage? This group has been running these pro-father ads on TV for fifteen years. Is portraying a happy mother and father together with their children going to make people hostile to gay marriage? Are they suggesting that these forms of family are effectively opposed to each other?



Again in poor Australia, some schools have banned Father’s Day so that children without fathers don’t feel excluded. Again, the Left destroys what is good under the pretense of inclusivity.


There is literally nothing it cannot destroy using this logic! There is always someone that will feel left out and that’s just a part of life we have to accept.



The traditional family is the building block of every Western society. It is that which propagates our civilization in the most efficient and loving manner.


It is no coincidence that White birth rates are falling, when this most precious of institutions is under attack. For the sake of everything we hold dear, we must stand unashamedly to protect it.


Until next time, be well.




[ * Banned TV Ad for Fathers Day


Published on Aug 24, 2017


This 60 second Television Commercial was banned from airing on Fathers Day for containing political matter.

For the last 15 years Dads4Kids has celebrated Fathers Day with television commercials encouraging the positive role fathers should have with their children.

We encourage dads and mums to support their babies and children in a loving and caring way as they grow up. To give them the opportunity to be the best they can be.

The TV ad feature a father singing a lullaby to his baby.

Watch the 60 second TV Ad and you be the judge leave your comments below and share the YouTube ad. Do you think this is too politically sensitive to be shown on Television.

Free speech, free media and the rights of the few should not take away or obstruct the rights of the many

FULL EXPLANATION: Every Year since 2002 Dads4Kids has produced a TV CSA to be played on Australian Television to celebrate Fathers Day which in Australia is the first Sunday in September. The TV stations have played Dads4Kids ads over the last 15 years for free as Community Service Announcements (CSA).

Sadly after approving both the 30 Second and the 60 Second version FREE TV Australia withdrew their approval (CAD) number which meant that both the 30 second and 60 second Ad were effectively banned on Australian TV.

Without an approval number Australian TV stations ads cannot play a Community Service Announcement. The reason the FREE TV banned the TV CSA was on the premise the ads contained political matter. Dads4kids unequivocally reject the assertion that a TV CSA of a father singing a lullaby to his baby could be “political Ad”.

Were we to accept this ridiculous assertion and insert a political tag our ad would be effectively banned anyway as TV stations are forbidden from playing so called “political” ads for free. The purpose of these Dads4KIds ads is to inspire fathers to love their children and put their families first. This is the main mission of Dads4Kids. For more Information go to www.dads4kids.org.au ]








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