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[Mark Collett, 39, is a British political activist and former chairman of the Young BNP, the youth division of the British National Party (BNP), and was director of publicity for the party. He has recently written a book, “The Fall of Western Man” available as a free download.

Here he analyses the propaganda value of the recent meme, “It’s Okay To Be White” that first appeared in the US, and is forcing the anti-Whites’ hand, when they denounce as “racist hate” what should be considered as a mild statement of support for Whites.

He describes this meme as the perfect example of highly effective propaganda that is both simple, yet extremely powerful, in being pro-White, while simultaneously revealing the anti-White, genocidal agenda of our traitorous politicians and other servants of organized jewry.

Mark concludes that we should get behind this meme and adopt it as our slogan, as just one step towards stopping White genocide KATANA.]





Mark Collett


It’s Okay To Be White!






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Published on November 9, 2017


A frank discussion of the “It’s Okay to be White” flyers and how such a simple campaign has been so effective in not only reaching out to those who are sympathetic to our message, but also in making our opponents show their true colours. But this simple campaign has also managed to do something much bigger and much more important – it has effectively communicated the threat of white genocide to the public.


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PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to debate with me in the comments about anything I have said, I welcome that. However please listen to the complete podcast and ensure you argue with the points I have made. Arguments that simply consist of nonsense such as “what gives you the right to judge” or “I’m a [insert religious affiliation] and you should be ashamed of yourself” or other such vacuous non-arguments will simply be ridiculed.











It’s okay to be White.


Yes! It really is! And who ever dreamt up the campaign to go around sticking up posters that simply read “It’s okay to be White.” is more than okay! He, or she is a genius! In fact, I would go as far as to say, whoever came up with this campaign has probably come up with the single best piece of propaganda I have ever seen! And designing marketing material for nationalist organizations and patriotic groups has been my job for well over a decade.


And here’s some backstory. I designed material that got dozens of councillors elected, a member elected to the Greater London Assembly, and got two MEP is elected to the European Parliament. But this “It’s okay to be White.” campaign, I’ve got to say, it’s better than what I produced for those elections.



This was a masterstroke!

But what is good propaganda? Well, good propaganda is simple. It’s easy to digest and highly memorable. It’s something that you only need to see once for it to have a powerful effect. And believe me, these “It’s okay to be White.” posters completely conform to that.


Just five words! That’s all! Five words and they’ve got the whole world talking.



And if any of these pseudo-intellectuals tell you different, that propaganda needs to be layered, or released in phases, or something that needs to be deciphered and have hidden messages woven into it, that’s exactly why their propaganda isn’t on the news! Keep it simple and to the point! And so everyone can understand exactly what you’re saying.


I used to give lectures to nationalist conferences on designing good leaflets. In order to help local groups produce their own leaflets and flyers, I always used to say to those in attendance, that the average life-span of a leaflet was the time it took for the leaflet to be picked up and carried to the dustbin. And as a consequence, if your leaflet couldn’t impart at least one crucial point to the reader in that time frame, it was essentially useless. So really, I was saying:


Make sure there are bold and striking points that are clearly legible and supported by striking and simple imagery that will get the desired reaction from the person who picks up the leaflet!



But you must get the desired reaction quickly, in a matter of seconds! In fact, because if you don’t, the leaflet will go in the bin and be forgotten. However if you do get that powerful reaction, at worst the person will bin the leaflet and still remember something important about you and what you stand for. And at best, the person will decide that your leaflet isn’t going in the bin with the rest of the flyers and junk mail. And that it’s coming back into the house to be read properly, and will then go on the coffee table for others to read.



And this flyer with it’s five words and powerful message that was presented in such a simple fashion, completely conforms to my rules on successful and powerful propaganda. But you want more from your propaganda. It not only has to be simple and easy to digest and impart it’s core message quickly, but it has to provoke a powerful reaction. In fact, it has to provoke two types of reactions. And those reactions are, in fact, polar opposites.



Firstly, among your own supporters and those sympathetic to your message, your propaganda has to be something that will please them and appeal to their sensibilities. Your own supporters have to at least like what you are saying. And the level to which your supporters like your propaganda is a barometer of it’s effectiveness. If your propaganda is scary, or offensive to those who support you, or maybe sympathetic to your cause, you’re missing the mark. Just as the propaganda would miss the mark if it was confusing, or if it failed to make a succinct point.






And the “It’s okay to be White.” flyers were loved by everyone I’ve spoken to! Because they were inoffensive. But at the same time they were powerful and made the important statement that it’s okay for White people to exist. There’s nothing wrong with being White! And sadly in today’s world, that’s a message that has to be put out there, because we live in a time of White guilt! White self-hatred! A time where we are literally being told we must be ashamed, because we are of European descent! And those of European descent, White people, who have any common sense, or any sense of pride in who they are, have welcomed these flyers.


But good propaganda doesn’t just please your own supporters and those who are sympathetic to you and your message.


Good propaganda should also create a second type of reaction. Good propaganda should also enrage your enemies and those who are opposed to you! Good propaganda should send your political opponents into a fit of anger and have them behaving in an erratic and flustered way! And “Oh boy!” have these Flyers done that. Not only have the snowflakes and liberals and cucks been triggered, and had a total meltdown, but so have the media!



And that’s the final component of good propaganda: That the media pick up on it and cover it and that the media reaction sends your message viral. And the media have indeed gone into a total frenzy over these five words! It’s been covered by The Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, and numerous other smaller outlets. And the absolute state of the reactions from the presenters and reporters has been hilarious! You’d get a warmer reaction from these people if you turned up at their studios and offices and threw a bucket of hot urine over them — not that I’m suggesting anyone should do such a thing!



The fact the (((media))) has gone so wild over this, is actually another great victory. It makes them look stupid! It makes them look out of touch! And it makes normal people hate them and distrust them even further. The media’s over the top reaction to these flyers will be another huge nail in their coffin and push hundreds of thousands of people into the arms of the alternative media.



Now, at this juncture, I would usually read a load of hilarious and over-the-top reactions from the press, but I’m actually not going to do that. By now, I’m sure there were hundreds of reaction videos all over YouTube. And you can all look them up and have a good laugh.


But there is another great point to this flyer. In fact, for me, this is the greatest point. It’s the perfection of the message. The message isn’t a supremacist message. It’s not offensive to any normal person. The message is so straightforward;


It is okay to be White!


That it is okay for White people to exist! The message is clear. There’s nothing wrong with White people being here on this planet. And how could it possibly be controversial for White people to exist? How could the idea that “It’s okay to be White.” actually be offensive, or racist, or outrageous? You see the phrase, “It’s okay to be White.” could only annoy those who don’t think “It’s okay to be White.” and who, in fact, hate Whites! And if it’s not okay to be White what is the logical implication of that?



Well that’s simple! If it’s not okay to be White, then it’s not really okay for White people to exist! Let’s examine this and draw a quick analogy. It’s not okay for people to commit murder, or to break into other people’s homes. It is, in fact, a crime to do those things! So if it’s not okay to be White, is being White a crime? And if so, do the media and politicians and the establishment want to get rid of Whites, just as society wants to get rid of other criminal activities?





And we all know the answer to that! It might not be a crime just yet, but the people who are so offended by this flyer probably think it should be. And they will definitely be pushing notions of White guilt and forcing self-hatred upon White people. And notions of White guilt and self-hatred are all part of the organized effort to replace those of European descent. Something that we refer to as White genocide! And that’s why I really love this flyer.



For years we’ve been trying to explain White genocide to the public. We’ve been trying to explain that there is a concerted effort to demonize White people as inherently evil! And that is all part of an organized effort to erase White people. And more so, to ensure that White people don’t speak out against their own destruction.


We’ve been trying for years to explain to the public that the media and the politicians are now in the grasp of the (((internationalists))). And these internationalists have a plan to get rid of us! And for that plan to work, White people need to be made to hate themselves.



White people need to believe that it’s not okay to be White! That their very existence is something to be ashamed of! Because once White people hate themselves, our enemies know they will be more likely to just roll over and accept their own annihilation. To accept mass emigration, to accept being replaced, to accept the destruction of their own culture heritage and traditions, to accept affirmative action, to accept becoming second-class citizens in their own ancestral homelands!


But communicating something like this to the public is difficult, because it’s a complex point. It’s something that needs explaining in detail. It has a lot of strands and threads that all need pulling together, which up until now was extremely difficult to explain and illustrate in one simple soundbite.


It was also a little bit scary for the public, as really, they don’t fully understand the meaning of the term “genocide”, or the UN definition of genocide. And for those who want the definition it is, and I quote:



Any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy in whole, or in part, a national ethnical racial, or religious group. As such, killing members of the group causing serious bodily, or mental harm to members of the group. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about it’s physical destruction, in whole, or in part. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group, and forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.



End quote. But all of that is a lot to take in, especially for normies. However, the fact that the media and the Liberals and the politicians have reacted in the way they have over a leaflet that simply states, “It’s okay to be White.” explains all of this. The reaction to this flyer tells the public what we have been trying to explain to them for years! That the establishment don’t think it’s okay to be White. That the current political narrative is inherently anti-White!


All of a sudden, normal people see that it’s actually become controversial to say “It’s okay to be White.” And as a logical extension of that, it’s no longer okay to be White in the eyes of the media, the politicians, and the establishment.



And if something is not okay, by extension that “something” should not be done, or should not exist, or should be punishable in some way shape, or form!




Finally! We have a simple five word slogan that is not only completely reasonable to those who may be sympathetic to us, but at the same time it manages to create such a venomous reaction from our enemies, that it actually explains the concept of White genocide to the public.


This is how we enlighten our people! This is the red pill for the masses! This is propaganda at it’s very best! So keep using it! Keep pushing it! Don’t alter the message, just use those five words “It’s okay to be White.



I’ve created a bunch of graphics and posted them to my Twitter. Please feel free to take them and use them as you see fit. I’m not “precious” about these things. You don’t need to credit me. It’s all for a good cause.


I’ve spoken before about our need to be a civil rights movement. Now don’t get me wrong! I’m not talking about being weak, or playing the victim. We’re not the left. We don’t want to be seen as victims and revel in this new culture of victim-hood, and award prizes to those who can lay claim to being the biggest victim.



I’m talking about a genuine, strong, and robust civil rights movement for those of European descent. One that fights back against Whites becoming second-class citizens. One that scorns White guilt! One that rejects White self-hatred! And one that exposes anti White attacks, anti White legislation, and instances of Whites being treated as second-class citizens, whether that be by businesses, local authorities, the courts, the police, or other institutions.


Once we have built this movement, it will be the first step toward preventing White genocide, and ensuring a future for our people. And the new slogan of this movement, the cry that should fill the air when we organize, should be clear! It should be bold! And it should be:


It’s okay to be White!


Thank you for listening.


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