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[Mark Collett, 37, is a British political activist and former chairman of the Young BNP, the youth division of the British National Party (BNP), and was director of publicity for the party. He has recently written a book, “The Fall of Western Man” available as a free download.

Here he analyses the blatant anti-White propaganda contained in the Christmas advertisements being put out by major stores in Britain. The common theme in these ads is the promotion and normalization of racially and socially destructive relationships, particularly the promotion race mixing among negros and Whites. 

As he hints in a couple of references, theses types of ads are driven by a “murderous elite“, organized jewry, whose aim is the destruction of Whites as any kind of threat to their plans for a Jew World Order tyranny.

Mark ends his video with a call for us to boycott these stores that promote such poison. We need to go much further and identify every business, jewish or not, that promotes the JWO agenda and boycott them as well — KATANA.]


UPDATE: I’ve now added below the transcript of Mark Collett talking about YouTube censoring his “Christmas Adverts” video.




Mark Collett


Christmas Adverts:


Multicultural Propaganda!










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YouTube Description


Published on November 17, 2017


[NOTE: This is from the London Forum Youtube channel]

Author and presenter Mark Collett has earned himself an enviable reputation for consistently well-researched articles and podcasts, and his wealth of knowledge of nationalist matters is known throughout the USA as well as in Britain. His output is thoroughly checked by legal experts before being published, but sometimes even if an item is legally sound, it can be removed without prior notice by certain web agencies. And the reasons for this can be obscure. In this popular podcast, Mark outlines some current peculiar trends in Christmas advertisements from many of today’s High Street retailers.




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PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to debate with me in the comments about anything I have said, I welcome that. However please listen to the complete podcast and ensure you argue with the points I have made. Arguments that simply consist of nonsense such as “what gives you the right to judge” or “I’m a [insert religious affiliation] and you should be ashamed of yourself” or other such vacuous non-arguments will simply be ridiculed.











Christmas is coming and, you know, what that means. Christmas adverts! Yes, over the last few years the adverts screened by large companies, such as Debenhams, Tesco and John Lewis, have increasingly taken center stage in the run-up to the big day. And before we get to the content of these adverts, let’s begin with a very important point. Christmas should be about spending time with your family! It should be about coming together with people you love! And obviously it also has a lot to do with Christianity. As after all, it’s a time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus.



So the very fact that Christmas adverts are seen as being so important — yes adverts! advertisements that are created to stimulate spending and promote materialism, and that push the idea that shopping and consumerism should be central to Christmas, is straight away something that isn’t really healthy, or in the genuine spirit of Christmas. What’s more, the fact that every newspaper seems to cover these adverts. And in some cases newspapers actually write articles to let their readers know when these adverts will first be screened, is pretty sad.

In fact, I find it pretty insane that people actually sit down to watch an advert. Not a show, not a movie, but actually sit down to view an advert. But this may just be a sad indication of just how materialistic our society has become.



But you didn’t come here today to hear my opinions on Christmas and materialism. So let’s get straight down to business and discuss the crop of multicultural, multiracial, and politically correct Christmas adverts that have been foisted upon the public this year. And let this be a reminder to all, that these companies aren’t our friends! They are all pushing the same anti-White, multicultural agenda as Hollywood, the media, and the establishment. So without further ado, let’s get down to it. And if we’re going to do this, let’s do it right and just jump straight in at the deep end.



Let’s start with Tesco’s Christmas advert. Now this has to rank as possibly the most sickening display of multicultural propaganda that I’ve ever seen! And I mean, this ticks nearly ALL the politically correct boxes. And the ultimate insult is the fact that this multicultural garbage was made for Christmas and there is literally nothing Christian about it! In fact, there are Muslims, Sikhs, a mixed-race family, and, because it’s 2017, there’s even a gay couple with their adopted son. This advert is a full one minute of utter stomach-churning PC crap!



It starts with a dopey White boy asking his parents what’s for dinner. Because obviously, it’s Christmas Day and he’s too stupid to realize that means turkey. Because Whites are stupid! And don’t you forget it! Then a quick cut, an Indian woman is preparing the turkey, then quick cut again, homosexual dads with their adopted son. And they don’t know whether they took the giblets out of the turkey! Hilarious!



I wonder if the son was adopted though, or maybe he was produced via the turkey baster method, with a lesbian womb donor? Now that would be really “progressive”! Also that would garner extra points, as not only would it include a lesbian angle, but would also potentially tie the turkey to the birth of the son, in a cutaway, one of the gay dads could be waving the turkey baster with a cheeky grin on his face!



Then we cut to a White family. The mother is trying to force the turkey into the oven. But it just doesn’t fit, because she hasn’t taken the upper shelf out of the oven. But she’s banging the turkey into the top shelf like an idiot, causing potatoes to fly out of the pan and go all over the floor! Because, remember, White people are stupid! Who would have guessed that leaving the top shelf in the oven would mean that there wasn’t enough room for the turkey? Hilarious!




Then we have the dysfunctional family, who obviously have the smallest and least pleasing home. They’re obviously White. And the mother throws the family out of the kitchen. Then there’s lots more quick cuts before we settle on a Muslim woman in a headscarf greeting two other Muslim women in headscarves, as they exchange gifts, in a scene so baffling and far from reality it actually begs the question as to what planet the people who wrote this advert actually live on, then!



There are some more cuts including a family of Sikhs pulling Christmas crackers, before we finally get to the big finale. A happy mixed-race family having their dinner in a harmonious scene of multicultural bliss! Thanks Tesco! I’m sure your founder, (((Mr. Cohen))) would be delighted!



But remember, I said they  tick nearly all the PC boxes. Well, they left out the transgenders! Maybe that’s one for next year? A male to female, and a female to male tranny couple sat by a Christmas tree, unwrapping sex toys, in front of their adopted Somalian child! I can barely wait!



It’s also very illuminating to see who came up with the Tesco Christmas advert. It was produced by a company called Bartle Bogle Hegarty, who are owned by a company called Publicist, who were founded in 1926 by one Marcel Blaustein Blanchett, the son of a Russian jew.



But, let’s now move on to Debenhams. They have a two-part advert, because why give us one dose of crap when they can give us two? And it’s narrated by Ewen McGregor, you know, the one, he helped to wreck Star Wars by being in those appalling prequel films. He’s also a painful social justice warrior who refused to appear alongside Piers Morgan, because Piers had dared to criticize the anti-trump Women’s March.



So here we are, with Ewen McGregor narrating the story. And it’s a love story! An interracial love story! I bet you couldn’t see that coming! A black man is sat on the train and a red-haired, fair-skinned lady, sits opposite him. And they start giving each other cheeky looks. But, oh no! It’s her stop, and she has to jump off the train without even having time to throw herself on top of him! Oh the horror! But don’t worry, she drops her sparkling silver shoe, and he picks it up. And as the train pulls away, they stare at each other longingly, and he holds up the shoe. You see, it’s just like Cinderella! Get it! He’s the prince!




But don’t worry, it’s a modern tale, and the public, and the media, are so desperate to reunite the couple and see them get it on, that the whole world mounts a social media campaign to reunite her with the shoe, and make sure that two people who briefly sat opposite each other on a train, get together!



And I’m not joking. That’s actually the plot of the advert. Which obviously ends with them sharing their interracial kiss.



As the mixed-race couple kiss, Ewen McGregor walks off into the snowy night, and he asks:


As for happily ever after, well who knows?



Well Ewen, if statistics on interracial marriage between black men and White women are anything to go by, then no! They’re over 60% more likely to end up separated! Not to mention the large number of unmarried relationships that break up. Maybe next year she could appear as a single mum in a follow-up advert?





Now this year, even eBay are getting in on the Christmas adverts. One of their adverts begins with a White girl who is a little bit quirky, but not unattractive. She’s obviously buying all her Christmas decorations on eBay, via her smart phone. They’re all quite quirky; a pink tree with a black star on top? Could this be leading somewhere? Then the screen flashes with the message:


Celebrate Christmas like no one else!


Then the big reveal! She shouts “ta da!” and throws her arms up in the air to reveal her black boyfriend.



Then the end slate comes:


Fill your cart with colour.



Yes! Fill your cart with colour! Not, fill your cart with Christmas goodness, not fill your cart with Christmas cheer, not fill your cart with Christmas anything! But fill it with colour! It’s almost like there’s a sexual innuendo hidden in there? Who even thinks like this? I have never ever in my life heard anyone say, that they are looking to fill their shopping cart with color. At this point it is blatantly clear what they are saying and they might as well have ended the advert with a huge neon sign that flashed:


White women should date black men!



Now let’s look at the John Lewis advert. This is always the big one in the UK. Oh yes! The press love the John Lewis advert. And I always see at least one cretin puts something on Facebook like:


It’s not Christmas until the John Lewis advert is out!


Yes jackass, because nothing says Christmas like a department store spending 7 million pounds on an advert in order to get you in the door to buy overpriced tat!


So what did John Lewis do this year? Well it’s a strange story about a boy who has a monster living under his bed. The monster is called “Moz” and they play together, and the boy gets tired and can’t function, because the monster is always keeping him up playing.



Oh, and the boy is black. And he’s daddy’s black, and his sister is black. But guess what? His mummy is White! Because John Lewis didn’t want to miss out on the propaganda bandwagon. However John Lewis weren’t the only company to have a fantasy creature on their advert.



Marks and Spencer went down that route too, with an advert that features the anthropomorphic “Bear Paddington” who unwittingly stops a burglar and mistakes him for Santa. Paddington then takes the burglar on a bumbling trip around town to deliver all the presents he has stolen. And on this magical jaunt, the burglar learns the error of his ways and completes his heartwarming journey, from heartless criminal to conscientious citizen!



A journey that ends with him looking through the window of a home and watching as the family within enjoy the Christmas cheer. And you’ve guessed it!



The family is made up of a White woman, a black man, and their mixed-race children! The White criminal stands out in the cold, with a tear in his eye, as he stares longingly through the frosty window at the harmonious mixed-race family. And the moral of the story is clear. The White male is left out in the cold as the White female chooses a partner of immigrant descent.



At this point, I began to wonder, if a company did produce an advert with a White traditional family who was seen leaving church, or that had some Christian imagery decorating their home, would any broadcaster actually allow it to be aired? It seems that a mixed-race family is now a prerequisite for a Christmas advert.



Which takes us nicely on to the Morrisons Christmas advert. Which, you guessed it, features a mixed-race family. This time they make it clear that the family is one that was born out of divorce, as the female is black, the male is White, and they have a mix of White and colored children from previous marriages. Thus, making the Christmas dinner table look more like a meeting of the UN, than a cohesive and traditional British family gathering.




This advert is called the “Christmas List”. However Morrison’s also have a second advert called, “Free From”. And you can actually add multicultural propaganda on the end of that.



As their second advert is actually a White family taking part in feeding reindeers, dressing a tree, and attending a nativity play. It’s almost like they made two completely different adverts. And the reception of these adverts is very telling. As the traditional family advert has 362 likes to 24 dislikes on YouTube, whereas the multicultural propaganda advert has a 173 likes, to 671 dislikes!



And this brings me on to something important. All the adverts that feature these blatant scenes of multicultural propaganda are getting slated by the public, and disliked heavily on YouTube. With the Tesco advert having 3, 255 likes, but 6, 364 dislikes.


I have placed the links to all of these adverts in the description of the video below, and I politely suggests to all my viewers, that if you disagree with the agenda these companies are pushing, you visit their pages and politely let them know how you feel. What’s more, as we live in a capitalist society, vote with your wallet. Don’t give them your money! Let’s screw these retailers and make sure they have the worst Christmas ever! Let’s leave their tills empty and ensure the high street retailers who push this multicultural propaganda are left counting the financial cost.



These companies they are not our friends! They are pushing the same anti-white multicultural and degenerate message that the establishment pushes. Their aim is to propagate the idea that mixed-race families are the norm. That Muslims celebrate Christmas, and are just like us. That gay adoption is healthy. And that interracial relationships are somehow cool and desirable.



And you can see from their adverts what they think the perfect family looks like. And you can see what they think the future of Britain should be. And sickeningly, it lacks the traditional homogeneous family units that built this land! These companies are all part of the problem. And they are all pushing the same propaganda. Propaganda that pushes the agenda of White genocide! And propaganda that normalizes the breeding out of the indigenous people of these lands.


These adverts are important though, as they communicate an important message to the public. They tell us the aims and desires of the globalist, capitalist system. The big corporations and the internationalists who control them.


You see, these internationalists have just shared with us their Christmas wish! And they don’t just wish for a world of degenerate madness. They wish for a world where White people no longer exist. A world where the indigenous European people are erased and replaced!



And my Christmas wish, is that we come together as a homogeneous traditionalist group, that stands up it’s these internationalists and stops their dreams from ever coming into fruition! That we come together and defend the traditional family unit. That we push back against White genocide, and that we ensure the survival of those of European descent!




Thank you for listening.


If you enjoyed this podcast, please help spread the message by liking and sharing it on social networks. If you want to hear more from me, please hit the subscribe button, as new videos are posted every week. You can also read my book “The Fall of Western Man”. It’s available as a free ebook and in both hardback and paperback, and all the links are in the description below.



Finally if you want to join in the discussion with me feel free to add me on Facebook, and you can now follow me on Twitter as well. Everyone’s welcome.









Links to ads:


TESCO Christmas Advert

Debenhams Christmas Advert

eBay Christmas Advert

John Lewis Christmas Advert

Marks & Spencer Christmas Advert

Morrisons Christmas Advert





Mark Collett


YouTube Censor My Podcast


Click the link below to view the video:

YouTube Description

Published on November 16, 2017

YouTube have decided to censor my criticism of the current Christmas adverts that are doing the rounds. If you wish to see the video in question, please click the link below:










Well, it’s Thursday and as most of my regular viewers will know, Thursday is the day I release my latest podcast. And today many of you will be coming to my channel and finding no podcast! So where is it? Have I been lazy? Have I decided to give up? Well, neither of those options are actually the case., in fact, I uploaded a podcast and it’s been taken down by YouTube!


So what was I talking about that has annoyed YouTube to such a degree they’ve had to remove it? And they removed it after 75 minutes. And just for the record, it was the fastest growing of any of my podcasts. It had over a hundred views and over 200 likes and only three dislikes.


Now the content of this video was a discussion with commentary on the current crop of Christmas adverts. And obviously people who have been keeping up with the news may have noticed that every single Christmas advert is incredibly, how can we say it without getting another video taken down, “multicultural”.


Well these Christmas adverts, the ones by Marks & Spencer, the ones by Tesco, the ones by Morrison’s, the one by Debenhams, the one by eBay, the one by John Lewis, all had, more, or less, one thing in common. And that was that they all pushed the idea that interracial relationships and these mixed-race families, are the norm. That was something that was common in all of these adverts. Now, I did a commentary video on this, and as I said, it was very well-received. People seem to be watching it, people seem to be enjoying it. And it’s already been taken down. It’s disappeared.


Now, I will be appealing that. I will be trying to get it back up, but before I do that, I’m going to be giving you some facts about the video.


Now this video had been checked before it went up online. It had been looked over by a solicitor, a good friend of mine, and I’d been assured that this was completely legal under UK law. I wasn’t breaking the law. I wasn’t breaking any hate speech laws. I wasn’t inciting any form of hatred. This video was completely A-OK. Now if it’s okay under UK law, it’s certainly going to be okay under US law, where YouTube is based.


Now, the reason I think this video’s been pulled, is, because it criticizes large corporations and the agenda these large corporations are pushing. This video was something that really hit out these large corporations. It criticized the internationalists who own these large corporations. And I wasn’t shy about talking about the agenda that they’re pushing, about their Christmas wish! Which is, of course, a world filled with degenerate madness, and a world where apparently there aren’t any homogeneous White families left.


Now, this is something that has actually shocked me a bit, that they pulled it down. Now I could understand, maybe them having, sort of the gall, to put it behind some adult content lock, or putting it in YouTube jail., but to pull it down when it was completely legal, when it clearly wasn’t inciting anything, it wasn’t using any racial slurs, any foul language. It was simple commentary and a discussion on what was being shown in these adverts, and the way these Christmas adverts all seemed like a coordinated effort to push a multicultural narrative. Personally, I think this is sickening!


Now, I’m not going to complain about YouTube removing ad revenues. Now YouTube, you know, they are a company and if people who advertise on YouTube don’t want to put their adverts on certain videos, that’s fine. That’s up to them. That’s their right. If I owned a large, I wouldn’t want to advertise on certain videos. And that’s my prerogative, that’s their prerogative., but to pull down videos which criticize large multinational corporations, and criticize their aims and objectives, is frankly sickening!


I urge all of you to check out the links in the description of this video below. I’ve uploaded the video elsewhere, please check it out. If you wish, you are free to download that original video from these sites. You are free, completely free, to upload it wherever you want. If you can help, the video go viral. If you can support my channel by sharing it and getting people to subscribe, please help get this message out. This is a massive infringement of, not just my rights, but, the rights of everyone who wants to hear the, and who wants to partake in discussion and commentary on what is going on in the world today.


This is an absolute scandal! Please help support this channel. Please help support other channels like it, and bear in mind there was a video for today, and there will be future videos. Obviously, I am going to have to, you know, look very carefully at what I can say in the future. I don’t want to be in a position where I am being censored, but obviously I am going to be censored. And, because of that, I’m going to look at the content, but I am still going to keep speaking the truth, as much as I can. I will be using other channels to do that — other sites.


I’m already started an account on, and I will continue to upload my videos to, as well.


So I just like to thank everyone who supported me since I started this channel, and reassure you all, but I’m not giving up! I’m not going away! There was a video for today. There will be future videos, and I will be appealing this frankly scandalous attack on my right to freedom of speech!


Thank you.







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