Hidden Empire — Part 2



[Hidden Empire was written by William Pelly in the late 1930s warning Americans of the threat that Organized Jewry posed by its plans for the takeover of America and world domination.


In Part 2 here, Pelly takes the view that Jesus should not be viewed as a jew because of his rejection of their beliefs and ways, and their subsequent hatred of the man whose philosophy has so seriously hindered the consummation of jewish plans for world dominion.


Next, the Talmud is condemned for all its horrifying contents that is both anti-Christian and anti-civilization.


In “Persecution” Pelly dismisses the notion that a whole people cannot be indicted for the acts of a few of those people, when those “few” people are the admitted and avowed spokesmen for that people. These leaders of jewry are descendants of a priestly group know as the Sanhedrin, now  called the Kahal, with its local governing bodies called Kehillah. All these world-wide jewish groups work together using all and any means to accumulate jewish power and dominance. This has resulted in rightful resistance from non-jews that the jews describe as “persecution” — when in truth it is merely “prosecution” of their crimes.


In “We Have Tarnished and Broken Their Power” various jews, and others, are quoted on how destructive they have been to non-jews —  KATANA.]





Hidden Empire




William Dudley Pelley


circa 1939


Part 2





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William Dudley Pelley
Out of Their Own Mouths

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William Dudley Pelley

(March 12, 1890 – July 1, 1965)



Bolshevik Revolution correspondent, Zionologist,
author and founder of The Silver Legion.


… By the end of the First World War, Pelley’s prestige was such that his publisher commissioned him as a foreign correspondent on assignment in Eastern Europe. With a generous expense account and the diplomatic rank of “consular courier” conferred upon him by the United States government, he shipped out for Russia in early 1918. To him, his assignment was a fun adventure, a well-paid lark and a chance to vacation overseas. It turned out to be something far more. Until his fateful voyage, Pelley was a happy-go-lucky, up-and-coming author, with no real convictions of his own. As he remembered years later, the experience transformed him “from a nondescript writer to a grim crusader.


For two years, he covered 8,000 miles by train and horse-back through Siberia, into the Ukraine, across the steppes of Central Russia, into the Far East and through Asia to Japan. Through all these extensive travels, he was a personal witness to the communist revolution. He saw peasant women crucified to barn doors and a schoolroom in which the teacher and all the students had been bludgeoned to death, their brains splattered against the blackboard. There where whole villages depopulated by murder, with corpses swinging from every lamppost and choking the nearby streams. These victims where rarely military personnel, nor politically involved in any way. They were common people, mostly farmers and factory workers. Such horrific sights, encountered wherever the Reds passed, almost unhinged his mind. But they were so commonplace, he gradually grew inured to the sea of blood through which he traveled daily.


He learned first-hand that communism was not an ideology, it was simply the organization of the worst criminal elements led by Jews to destroy society. This was no speculation. Virtually all the commissars he knew (some of whom he interviewed) where Jewish, while the majority of their activists where common murderers and perverts “liberated” from prison. They were motivated by hatred, power and revenge, nothing else. All their slogans about “Equality” and “Peace” where transparent rues to dupe thoughtless liberals among the Russian people, their victims.


Drunk with success, the Jews boasted openly of their plans for world conquest by fomenting the same kind of divisiveness in other countries. They told Pelley that Russia was just a stepping stone, a base for international subversion. Even their phony “communism” was utterly dispensable, just like their own followers, who they never hesitated to massacre on the slightest whim. Their long-range goal was one-world government, in which the masses became willing slaves, fueling an international economy with their genius and labor, while the Jewish people dominated all important positions of power.


“‘After Russia,’ one greasy commissar smirked at Pelley, ‘then Europe and later, America!’…









FOR INSTANCE, the world has accepted for centuries that our Beloved Lord Jesus was a Jew. But no where in the Bible is the statement made that Christ was a Jew. Definitely therein do we learn He was a Nazarene. Never were the Nazarenes known as Jews. Christ severely denounced the Jews, for their evil ways in no uncertain terms. Never did He address them as “My people.” As a matter of provable fact, the Jews disown Christ, refuse His leadership, refuse Christianity. The only reason they have ever claimed Christ to have been a Jew, was a childish idea they could thus turn aside the Gentiles indignation at their Jewish destructiveness.


The Jewish priesthood hated Jesus and betrayed him because of His outspoken opposition to their philosophy of life and because if His teachings were followed, their plans for world dominance that had already been formed for a few hundred years would be given a serious setback. Moreover, He was one of the despised Nazarenes, a Jew only in the sense that he was born in a Jewish province and was therefore a Jewish citizen. Why should a Nazarene, an outsider, set himself up as a higher authority on religious matters than the Sadducees and Pharisees and above all lay claim to being the Messiah foretold by Jewish prophets?


It simply couldn’t be tolerated, so He was betrayed and crucified.


The wise men of the Jews had been telling their followers that the world was to be delivered to them and that the Gentiles would he “their servants in the fields.” Jesus was becoming too popular and His teachings were weakening their propaganda. That must be stopped once and for all. So they plotted His death. But as the years rolled on and Christian teachings became more and more popular, a cleverly camouflaged program was worked out, essentially anti-Christian but which, by claiming that Jesus was descended from David, strengthened the position of the Jews as “The Chosen People,” and therefore entitled to tolerance by the followers of the Christ.


[Page 16]


Back of it all, however, was a hatred of the man whose philosophy had so seriously hindered the consummation of Jewish plans for world dominion.


It is this sort of background that enables us to understand the Jewish anti-Christ endeavors; we can understand why communism and socialism, secret societies of continental Europe, and all cults and organizations developed or sponsored by the Jewish Sanhedrin, have as one of their principal aims the elimination of the Christian faith; we can understand why Jewish writers have since slandered Jesus, saying that he was an illegitimate child; we can understand why Jewish writers put out the tale that the works of Jesus were no miracles of God, but instead were performed by the aid of a magic stone that Jesus concealed within a slit in his flesh.


Jesus had his own ideas about the Jews. He may have gone about speaking in their synagogues, but when he faced them as a race, he said with flashing eyes:


Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar, and the father of it.


A few moments before this terrific indictment Jesus had likewise said (see the eighth Chapter of St. John, the 38th to the 45th verses):


I know that ye are Abraham’s Seed. .. but if ye were Abraham’s Children ye would do the works of Abraham. But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told ye the truth, which I have heard of God, this did not Abraham. Ye do the works of your father.





STUDENTS of the Jewish Question run across astounding bits of history full of proof that the “Jewish Question” has been recognized as existing down through the centuries. In “The Original Mr. Jacobs.” the Minerva Press, in 1888, presented the findings of a trial instigated by the French King, St. Louis, 1215-1270, known as “The King Without Fear,” who determined to ascertain for himself the cause of the complaints and bitter animosities against the Jews.


[Page 17]


This great and good king, who had an inexhaustible love for justice, sought to know Wily the Jews were the object of the hatred of all. Upon the demand of Pope Gregory IX, whose attention was also called to this fact, he caused the Talmud to be examined in a solemn assembly, over which presided William d’Auvergue, and in which the Rabbis were invited to take part.


It was in Paris, in the beginning of summer, the 24th of June, 1240, when this memorable council took place. The Court of St. Louis was presided over on that day by Queen Blanche, Mother of St. Louis. A few volumes, covered with strange characters, attracted the attention of the curious, and it became known through Nicholas, a converted Jew, that the characters were Hebrew letters, and that the books were the Talmud.


But soon a more interesting spectacle attracted the attention of the assembly. Four Rabbis had entered the room. They were Jechiel, of Paris; Judah, son of David; Samuel, son of Solomon, and Moses, of Coucy, son of Jacob — the latter a famous orator known throughout France and Spain. They entered. sad and uneasy, into the palace of the King, while the assembled Jews scattered themselves about like a flock of sheep without a shepherd.


Every opportunity was given to the Jews to defend themselves, which they did with courage and ability. They, however, were forced to acknowledge that the Talmud contained precepts not only contrary to the good of Christian society, but of every civilized society. Passages were read which horrified the listeners.


The book said that Jesus Christ was plunged into hell, into ever-boiling mud; that the Divine Son of the Holy Virgin was the fruit of adulterous intercourse with a soldier named Pandara, and that the ministers were no better than howling dogs. Other passages were read that increased the fear of the Jews, and the indignation of the Christians. … St. Louis, the King, displayed an extraordinary amount of moderation. As Jechiel was trembling with fear, one of the officers of the King said, ‘Jechiel, who thinks of doing any harm to the Jews?’ The Talmud alone was condemned and all copies that could be found were cast into the flames.


[Page 18]





THERE are those who still cling to the archaic notion that a whole people cannot be indicted for the acts of a few. But when the “few” are the admitted and avowed spokesmen for a race, and no general protestation of their declarations concerning their whole people is forthcoming from that people, its organizations, its clergy, or its press, then the axiom is again just another bit of brick dust in the eyes of the gullible or unwary. Why else are leaders recognized or tolerated, unless they speak or act for great masses of individuals making up a “people”? If they speak and act without rebuke, then their utterances and behaviors must be accepted as having the approval of that people. And for such approval a whole race can be indicted!


History records, available to the public, make practically no mention of Jews, prior to something like 220 years before the advent of Christ. Even then they were a retrogressive clan, even old Ezra putting into the Lord’s mouth the criticism: “Thou art a stiff-necked people.” It was the Sadducee’s priest craft, organized as a Sanhedrin for purely temporal power, that proceeded to give the Jews a racial consciousness down to modern times. And terrible indeed has been the growth of that organized temporal power unto the present day. Instead of being a small religious oligarchy over a restive and non-social people in a corner of Palestine, as it was in the day of Christ, the Sanhedrin has now spread out and become worldwide, under a name which few Gentiles ever chance to hear — the Kahal!


[Page 19]


Wherever the Tribe of Judah has penetrated, there trouble has arisen for political authority. We have not the time in this article to trace a careful history of the Jews. It is enough to begin the story with the disgust of Titus, the Roman Emperor, who in 70 A. D. determined to blot out the Sanhedrin as an unhallowed power for political mischief in his empire, by scattering the Jews to the four corners of the world.


Again other commentators say:


The authority of the Jewish leaders in the time of August us had been widely extended by a learned but unscrupulous priesthood, over an ignorant, superstitious people. In that age while a struggle was going on between two rival sects, Pharisees and Sadducees, certain political clubs were formed which concealed under a religious mask the grasping aims of a clique.


These clubs were not slow to take advantage of their country’s misfortunes. A few years later during the siege of Jerusalem by Vespasian, they won, by the betrayal of the Jewish cause, the favor of the Roman Conqueror, and were subsequently entrusted by the Imperial Government, with the administration of Palestine.


Moreover, with the sack of Jerusalem, the destruction of the Temple, and the death of the patriotic leaders, the common people found themselves utterly dependent, in spiritual as well as civil matters, upon the same self-styled societies of the learned, which alone possessed the secrets of the priesthood and copies of the sacred texts. By interpreting, altering and augmenting the rules and rituals these texts contained, and by a system of espionage and assassination, the new rulers established a strict control over the daily lives of their co-religionists.


Having thus taken hold of the Jewish people through the medium of the Roman authority, this clique easily placed its laws above the Ten Commandments and formed a government whose control over its subjects was absolute. This government became known henceforth as the Sanhedrin!


The dispersion of the Jews which followed in 135 A. D., instead of destroying the Sanhedrin, served on the contrary, to set it on a new and firmer basis, on which it has continued ever since.


[Page 20]


Wherever Jewish immigrants settled, they founded communities apart under the direction of the fraternities, and held to the precepts of the Talmud. Each community had its local secret government, called Kehillah. The different aims of these communities always found themselves intimately related with those of the Central body upon which their existence depended.


So it was possible for the Jews to develop and operate a perfected system of espionage, which they still maintain. In olden days as now, they sent agents to watch over Jewish affairs at police stations and other agents were posted at the doors of shops, hotels, business houses, law courts, and even in private homes, to get advance information of all kinds. In this manner all kinds of things became possible, even blackmail, with which all sorts of political pressure could be brought to bear on Gentiles who had political influence in the Roman Government at that time. Hence, it is easy to understand the reason for the concentration of trade into Jewish hands, with all these instruments of political pressure and advance business information at their finger tips at all times.


There is a colloquial term that should always be coupled with the Dispersion. That is “Der Tag,” or “The Day of Redemption,” when World Jewry shall be gathered together again under one head, with all Gentile nations subservient to this world-wide Jewish empire whose governing seat is to be in Jerusalem. (Zion Movement.)


Millions of gullible Germans, as well as millions of gullible and illiterate Christians everywhere, thought back in 1914 that Der Tag meant the Day of Recognition for Germany as to her place in the sun as a nation. It was a phrase and a term art fully “sold” to the German people, or rather, put in their mouths. Really it was Hebrew in meaning, indicating — in the secret councils of Jewry — that having provoked and produced world war, with the white pariah nations thus engaged in slaughtering one another by the hundreds of thousands, the outcome could only mean the achievement by the Jews of an age-long goal: winning to the pinnacle of world-wide political and economic power.


[Page 21]


So the Germans, French, English and Russians went forth to fight this war of self-extermination, not knowing that in greeting Der Tag they were playing the game of Jewish world imperialists — as will be explained and authenticated more in detail further along. The true story of the rise of Hitlerism to power in Germany, how and why it could get the support of the whole German people and why the Jews are execrating it all over the world, is really the story of how the Germans discovered the Jewish influence about the Kaiser that worked to project the world war — not only from Berlin, but from Paris, London and Washington. Real Germans are smashing Jewish influence; weeding it out of Germany. Because of this setback to their plans, world Jewry is turning the full blast of its temporal power and control of instruments of publicity in all countries against Hitler to vilify, misrepresent, and destroy him. This too will be dealt with later.


The point to be registered here is, that from the Roman Titus through the long line of medieval monarchs to Queen Isabella and Ferdinand, wherever the Jews have won political or financial prominence in a country, seeds of disruption, unrest, and sedition have been sown to such an extent that in a greater or lesser degree monarchs have had to deal harshly with this people in consequence.


To counterbalance or suppress such unrest and sedition, one of three expedients has been resorted to: Jews have been expelled from such royal domain, or “dispersed,” or they have been confined in restricted areas called Ghettos with orders not to leave the same under pain of death, or they have been butchered in massacres called “pogroms.


Jewish publicists by the tens of thousands have trained the Christian public to believe that their “persecution” is chastisement inflicted on this people by God Almighty, and that it has resulted from the competitive cleverness of Jews, or religious prejudice, which Gentiles fear or resent. Delving soberly and clinically into the facts, we discover that persecution has come about from far different causes. Jews are everywhere persecuted, and have been persecuted consistently through the generations, as mass reprisals against their own behavior and their own predatory or seditious acts. We have ample admissions from Jewish authorities that this is so!


[Page 22]







DR. MUNZER, a Jew, in his book The Way to Zion, boasts:


We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races. We have tarnished and broken their power. We have made everything foul, rotten, decomposed, and decayed.


The Jew, Dr. Weizman, in a pamphlet entitled “Great Britain, Palestine and the Jews,” states:


Here we are, just Jews and nothing else, a nation among nations.


The Jew, Isaac Adolphe Cremieux, the founder of the Universal Jewish Alliance, says:


Our nation is not a French one, nor English, nor Swiss, nor German. Nay, our union is Jewish and it is universal. Living in lands of dispersion, we cannot be concerned about the changing aims of those lands which are strange to us until the time when our own aims, both moral and material, are in danger. If you realize that in spite of your cover-nationalities that you form only one and the same people, if you believe that only Judaism constitutes the religious and political truth, then you will listen to our appeal and accept it.


The Jew, Maurice Samuel, on p. 155 of his book, You Gentiles, says:


We Jews, we the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever! Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of ‘our own.’ …


The Jew, D’Israeli, in 1844, in his book, Coningsby, said:


The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.


Later, in his book, Life of George Bentinck (pp. 497-8), the same author says in regard to revolutionary outbreaks,


The influence of the Jews may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle ill Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. Destruction of the Semitic principle, extirpation of the Jewish religion, whether in the Mosaic or the Christian form, the natural equality of man, the abrogation of property, are proclaimed by the secret societies who form proviso governments, and men of the Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them.


The people of God cooperate with atheists ; the most skillful accumulators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen race touch the hand of all the scum and low castes of Europe. And all this because they wish to destroy that ungrateful Christendom which owes to them even its name and whose tyranny they can no longer endure.


[Page 23]


The Jew, Walter Rathenau, in Wiener Press, Dec. 24, 1921, said:


Only three hundred men, each of whom knows all the others, govern the fate of Europe! They select their successors from their own entourage. These German Jews have the means in their hands of putting an end to the form of any State which they may find ‘unreasonable.’


This sort of testimony is not manufactured propaganda to advance race prejudice from religious or economic spleen. It is the attestment of representative and responsible Jews themselves.


Wherever Jews are knotted together, in any country, there they are banded to bring about in some form or other the weakening of that country, that the world-wide Zionist government may eventually be actualized.


Mr. Charles Pinckney, one of the framers of the Constitution, published a diary for private distribution among his friends under the title: Chit-Chat Around the Table During Intermission.


[Page 24]


Says Mr. Pinckney in his little book [1]:


Dr. Benjamin Franklin, a venerable figure, weighed down by years and wisdom, leaned one hand on his staff, the other on the table and said, ‘There is a greater menace to these United States of America….’


This great menace, gentlemen, is the Jew!


In whatever country Jews have settled in any great numbers they have lowered its moral tone; they have depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves ; have not assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which this nation is founded by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within a state, and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.


If you do not exclude them from the United States in this Constitution, in less than two hundred years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land, and change our form of government for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our substance, jeopardized our liberty, and put into i t our best thoughts.


If you do not exclude them, in less than two hundred years our descendents will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses, rubbing their hands gleefully. I warn you, gentlemen, that if you do not exclude the Jews for all time, your children’s children will curse you in your graves! Jews, gentlemen, are Asiatics. Let them be born where they will, or how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise.


Mr. Franklin was well qualified to voice an opinion, because he had just returned from France where he had witnessed the early stages of the Revolution. While there he was able to perceive the diabolical influence that was throwing the country into turmoil.


It has not taken two hundred years for Benjamin Franklin’s prophecy to come true. Private Jewish statistics indicate there are over 12,000,000 Jews in the United States, where they control more than sixty-five percent of the vital interests of our country.


[Page 25]




[1] [There is some doubt about the authenticity of the Franklin quote. See discussion at this Stormfront link: https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t646261/ ]



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