Andrew Hitchcock with Alfred Schaefer – This is Not a Game — TRANSCRIPT



[In this interview Andrew Hitchcock talks with Canadian-German Alfred Schaefer again, covering a multitude of “truther” topics, including how he first got involved with 9/11 issues, realizing the fraudulent nature of  “Holocaust”, and all the many other acts of systemic aggression that organized jewry has  unleashed in its undeclared war on White people. He describes how he came to despise Noam Chomsky — someone who he once admired — as he discovered through correspondence with him that Chomsky is just another jewish shill trying to distract people away from 9/11 and it being a jewish false flag event. 


Also discussed is the jewish engineered invasion of Europe by the Third World and how that has affected Germany, where he lives  — KATANA.]


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This is Not a Game




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Published on Nov 21, 2017



Andrew Hitchcock’s Description

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (483)

Alfred Schaefer – This is Not A Game!



In today’s show originally broadcast on November 21, 2017, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Alfred Schaefer for a show entitled, “This is Not A Game!


We discussed: Alfred’s dialogue with Noam Chomsky; Alfred’s videos; the police raids on Alfred’s home; the persecution of Ursula Haverbeck; how the authorities in Germany fear taking people to trial; how there is a media blackout on free speech trials, so the general public don’t realize their rights of free speech are being taken away; how Germany has changed dramatically due to mass immigration from the Third World; how Ethnic-Europeans have excelled historically when we are under pressure; how the fiat money system will soon collapse; how Angela Merkel got back into power; and many other topics.





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Now the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show with your host, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.



Andrew: Hello everybody. I’m very pleased today to have a guest back on who I wanted to have on for a while, and he’s very graciously, I’ve only phoned him up about fifteen minutes ago, because I had a guest I was going to call who is sadly unwell at the moment. So I thought, well now that I’m doing seven shows a week and I have to record them in five days, it’s important that I get people where I can. And this gentleman has kindly agreed to come on a short notice. And we’re going to talk about a variet of issues. I’m going to bring him up right now. He is Alfred Schaefer in Germany. Alfred are you with me?


Alfred: Yes! Here I am Andy. And thanks for calling me up. Thank you.


Andrew: well thank you so much for agreeing to do this Alfred. It’s a real great help to me. And this is by no means that you were sort of in reserve, it was just a case of I wanted to have you back on and we had the opportunity. And this is something I think is going to happen at points now in the future, because where I was in the past, I was recording five shows a week, you know, if I miss a day could always maybe get a couple on another day. Now I’m a lot more limited on time. So thank you as I say for stepping in. And if you could start off with any websites that you have for the listeners.


Alfred: No, I don’t have any of my own websites. What my activity has been in the past was making videos, which came about after, … Well my first video was the “9/11 Gate Keepers and the Controlled Opposition”, which resulted after I had an e-mail dialogue with Professor Noam Chomsky. And after, I was absolutely appalled at his behavior, watching him deflect away and not answer the questions about WTC 7 — that’s pertaining to 9/11. And that was in, I think, 2013. And this dialogue was just after I had met Christopher Bollyn. And he’s the top investigative journalist for 9/11. And he helped me with this dialogue, because this went back and forth a few times. And the answers that this professor Noam Chomsky gave me proved to me beyond any doubt, that he is deliberately deceiving and keeping us, and leading us, basically down the garden path, away from the facts, away from the logical conclusions that one comes to when one sees the evidence.




And then I had this dialogue on my desk and says, well that we can’t just let it, you know, drift away and down the memory hole, we have to do something with it. And after some time I realized I’ve got to make a video out of this. And that was basically how my own video career started.


And then after making that video then I thought, “Oh boy! Now they are going to come and get me for sure”, but nothing happened! They didn’t ever come and get me! And then material started piling up again, and again, and then I thought I’ve got so much stuff here I’ve got to make another video! And then I made my “Brainwashing Number One”. I was going to make a series out of it, of this, and I called it. “9/11 Brainwashing”. And that’s how just one video, you know, a had to make one video, after the other, as the material piled up.


And at the point we are now, is they have raided me twice now. The last time — I’m living here in Germany — the last time they raided me with a troop of well armed thugs, I call them. And they stormed in here at six o’clock in the morning and they stole everything they could find that was either, computing equipment, storage devices, and all of my studio equipment, and the microphones, everything! They just cleaned me right out completely!


And while they were doing that, I gave them a two hour lecture, because it took they were here for about two and a half hours cleaning everything out. And I told them — I took two hours — I told them what treason is! I told them what theft is! And I asked them how they explain their act, their job, what they’re doing, to their children? I asked them, you know, I told them why didn’t you learn something decent? Like learned, you know, be a baker, be a mechanic, or something, but you chase “Holocaust” deniers and steal their equipment? I mean, how do you tell your kids about that?


So, you know, you have to look at these attacks on us as opportunities to educate the attackers, so they will start to, … Basically we have to subvert them with the truth and shame them so they don’t never do that again! I don’t know if I’ve been successful with these guys, but I do know, that throughout all of our security apparatuses, they are extremely demoralized. And people are, they can’t take it anymore. They know that they’re being treasonous. And that shows that we’re being successful, and these things are accelerating now. So your call right now, is actually very timely.


Andrew: Excellent! Well thank you for running through all that Alfred. Firstly do have, you talk about the videos, do you have a particular YouTube channel?





Alfred: Well, my channel, it’s been censored in the European countries, anyway. It’s Alfred S [YouTube channel name], actually, you know, just the name that I just had.


But my videos, they’ve been reloaded on other channels and now we are making DVD’s that I’m, you know, sending out, and people are making copies and stuff like that. And a lot of the work now is actually just connecting the dots, by writing things, like emails, you know, putting the pieces together with large distribution lists, and stuff like that. So the thing is if we have a YouTube channel and they censor it, then, of course, we’re using the jewish infrastructure and then they can just shut it down. So we have to bypass these channels. And so my channel, most people will not be able to find it here in Europe, unless they bypass the censorship somehow. Which you can do it but, you know, I can’t go into all the tricks on how to do that right now.


But you could find my [videos] just by keying in my name “Alfred Schaefer”. And then something like “Holocaust”, “Alfred Schaefer Holocaust” or “Alfred Schaefer 9/11”and you’ll probably find [me]. Once you find one you can find the rest as well.


Andrew: Well, funnily enough, I just typed in “Alfred S YouTube” into Google and it comes up right at the top at the moment. So I will certainly put a link to, as well into the post for this show. Now you mentioned about, you know, these authorities, and you basically said:


How can you explain your actions to your children?


I mean, if we look at the case of Ursula Haverbeck, and it just goes to show how utterly sick these people are! You know, if Ursula Haverbeck said that the moon was made of green cheese, people would have absolutely no problem with her opinion. But the only opinion that can be criminalized at the moment, of course, this is at the moment, on an alleged historical event, is anything relating to this alleged “Holocaust”. And we’re talking about an eighty eight year old woman that they keep rolling out in front of the courts, to put her in jail! I mean, how can an eighty eight year old woman giving views on history, be worthy of sending her to jail, for what could be a life sentence?


See post: Ursula Haverbeck “The Greatest Problem of Our Time” — TRANSCRIPT


It can only be explained that these people are truly evil! They have absolutely no compassion for the elderly, and they have absolutely no willingness to let people have free speech! If their story of this alleged event is so true, then they wouldn’t be running around trying to goal people who express any different view on the event! What are your thoughts on that Alfred?


Alfred: Yeah, I’m glad you brought that up. You know, I met those Ursula Haverbeck, about, I guess it must have been about a month ago, or so. And I was at a place and I made my presentation there, about psychological warfare, and she was also there. And when we parted ways I told her, I said:


We’re going to win this one, hands down, like we’re not just going to give up!


And she grinned from ear to ear and said:


And I’m not going to jail!


And just laughed like a little schoolgirl! I mean, she is so full of energy, you know. I think everybody would like to have a grandmother like that!






But that’s the case, you see. They like to scream, they used to always scream out every couple months so, you know:


Oma [grandmother] has to go! Nazi oma goes to goal!


She never went to goal! She has not spent a single day in prison! And in fact the last court appearance, just to show you where we are with our waking up of people and how the people involved in this treason, where they are on this, the judge passed a sentence saying:


I’m going to give you six months, in prison, but this is a meaningless sentence, because you will appeal it anyway. And, by the way, I have read the book from Gerard Menuhin, ‘Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil”.



And so they have to obey the law, because that’s their job, but they are admitting right there and then, that they are doing something extremely evil, and they don’t want to be involved in it. So what they’re saying:


Okay, I’m going to past this sentence on you, but it’s meaningless, because you are going to appeal anyway and we’ve read the book that you are quoting from!


So they’re basically conceding defeat! And this is the message we have to get out there, is that the people who are in the judiciary are conceding defeat! And what happens then, is that the perpetrators, the jews, the talmudic jews, they don’t have anybody doing the dirty work for them anymore and have to come out themselves!


I’ll give you an example. Just after they raided me and stole all of my equipment, I got a “Strafe Rechtsordnung [sp] which means an order for punishment from a, I call it a transvestite, I call it a “kike dyke”, a transvestite, or a lesbian in Dresden, who calls herself the state prosecutor. And they wanted five thousand euros from me, for so having said something I never even said. And this was also a case that’s very interesting to me.</span

See post: Greetings from Dresden


Now Dresden, I was there last year, or less than a year ago, and I gave a speech in commemoration of the bombing in Dresden, the fire bombing which was a real “Holocaust”. And I had told them that they had replaced the original memory of what actually happened there. And as I was growing up in Canada and they had replaced that with these pathetic silly stories about the Germans having made shrunken heads, soap and lampshades, out of the jews. And the thing is they could tell us these obscene ridiculous stories in the West, because we believed everything that we were told. But, in the east behind the Iron Curtain, which was communist, which was a jewish construct, communism, they were skeptical, because they knew they were being lied to. And they would never have been able to tell them those stories, because they would never believe such nonsense! And this judge, or state prosecutor [in Dresden], that was behind the Iron Curtain, so they never heard these stories about the soap, and lampshades, and shrunken heads. And in German if I say I said “Seife” which is soap and “Seide” which sounds very similar, is silk.




So she listened to the police recording of my speech there, and then she tried to quote me and said that I claimed that we were taught that they made “lampshades, shrunken heads, and silk out of jews”! Now how can you make “silk” out of jews? You can’t even make soap out of jews, so how do you make silk out of jews? [Andrew chuckles]


So, when I got that “Strafe Rechtsordnung [sp], I just sent it back and said I appeal that — I have to do that very quickly, because if I don’t do it really fast, the automatic process kicks in and then they will come in to steal my money. So I sent it back. Now I have to have a real trial, but and I have put this publicly out, in e-mail, all over the place. And I got a number of offerings from lawyers, they said, we’ll represent you, you know. But there’s not going to be a trial, because they know, they fear a trial the way that the devil fears, you know, or the way a vampire fears the sunlight! They don’t want trials!


See post: Horst Mahler — Speech Before Returning to Prison — TRANSCRIPT


And like, when they threw Horst Mahler in prison, they got him on an existing order for imprisonment. But they really don’t want any new trials, because every trial now exposes their obscene, pathetic, lies more and more. And I, for one, I’m not holding my mouth on this, and I speak openly about this, and I use the proper language and the proper words. I call them “thought police”, I call it “Inquisition”, and I never, … As soon as any of these control words come at me, like they say:


You’re a “Holocaust” denier!


Then I say:


Well geez, I ever glad you don’t confuse me for someone, weak, so weak in their brain that they would still believe that nonsense!


And then I say:


The whole world is waking up and laughing about the fact that there might still be a few Germans that believe that, but please don’t ever confuse me for one of those!


Andrew: I agree. I mean, the only concern I have with what you say is the case of Jez Turner in the UK. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that. But what they been doing here, … He’s been accused of saying that the jews have been controlling the UK for over one hundred years, etc., But what they do, is they don’t report in any of the mainstream media, so if they do end up giving him a goal sentence — I mean, there was another guy called Lawrence Burns that they did this too. And the only place you could read his story, about the trial, and the fact he been sent to prison for three years, was in the Cambridge Evening Post. Which I’ve never even heard about. It’s a local newspaper, you know, just for people living in Cambridge. And so, this is a way these jews control things.


If they were actually publishing stories of how they’re locking people up in the UK, left, right, and center, because they said something that they don’t like, then the general public would probably start to say:


Well, hang on, I thought that we had our democratic right to free speech.


That they are always saying. And quite honestly, if this guy said something and, you know, I’m a liberal and I don’t agree with that, I still don’t think that someone should go to jail at all, for saying something. Because I know that he’s wrong, you know, and that would be their belief system. You see what I mean? But they are now actually starting to jail people for their belief system!







I think a lot of people who are on the left would actually stand up for these people and that’s why they don’t report it in their media. Do you have a similar situation in Germany? I mean, they keep rolling out the Ursula Haverbeck story in the UK. And things like the Daily Mail. So they tackle that, but how often do they I publish these stories in Germany, or is there a media blackout, like there is in the case of Jez Turner in the UK?


Alfred: There’s a media blackout. They only report that which reinforces their own, you know, instilling fear into the people, and so forth. There’s not a word of the police raid against me, or anything. They’ll never report on that! No, because they couldn’t report that without people saying:


What’s going on?


They’re trying to basically hide, genocide us, or prepare us for our own genocide, in quiet. No one is supposed to know about it. This is how the jews do it. I mean, if you look in their Talmud and their own Protocols, they even say that. The people will be delivered to you for slaughter and then there will be rivers of blood! Well, that’s how they do it. They do this without us knowing what’s happening. And then, until there’s really real massacres and bloodshed — and that’s what they’re setting us up for.


I mean, at the same time that they don’t let us say anything anymore, they are sending out videos in Arabic, throughout the Arab world, instructing them exactly how they can circumvent any kind of problems in Europe. And that if they’re here for six months and they’re guaranteed to be able to stay here. And they’re really trying to, through propaganda, through advertising, to get as many people from the Arab world and even Africa, they’ve done the same. Get all these people coming up here, because they’re being promised all kinds of nice things. At the same time that they are becoming hysterical if anybody here so much as breathed a word of dissatisfaction, or discontent about what’s happening.


So that’s how the jews do it. But at the same time people are dropping away from the jewish media by, it’s an exponential thing. I mean, here I hear the comments all the time. People are saying:


I can’t watch TV anymore!” or “You can’t read that anymore! You can’t buy that!


I’ll give me an example. My wife, until recently, worked in a library. She just retired now, but she said even a year ago she noticed that magazines, like news magazines, that used to be special, or reserved for people that want to read it, people coming into the library would not touch them anymore! And she was always observing comments like:


Oh! Who can read that? … I can’t read that anymore!






So once people have unplugged themselves from the matrix by not being plugged into it anymore, they sort of drift along with the installed programs in their brain and start to try to look for information elsewhere. So that’s the situation we have right now. And that’s why they’re censoring like crazy here now! Like I mean, Youtube is, all these jewish outfits are just censoring like crazy. But I always say, if you have a little child at home and you tell them not to look in this particular drawer, well the first place the child, if he’s curious at all, is going to look when you go out of the house is in the drawer that he’s not supposed to!


So that’s what they’re trying to do to us now. And that’s we, the White European peoples, have always been the biggest headache for these jews. And that’s why they want to breed us down with this massive influx of Africans and whatnot, because they figure that if they can’t really beat us, but if they can breed us down, then they can [will]. But we’re waking up now faster than they can breed us down, and they’re not going to get this under their control. So, we’re living in an exciting times and this is the reality that we all have to face and deal with.


Andrew: Yes. And I’m really appreciate your optimism Alfred, because I tend to be a lot more, I get depressed about this sort of stuff. Because, of course, they keep bringing more and more people in. I think some 675,000 immigrants into the UK last year, and then keep telling us that:


Oh well, National Health Service can’t cope and this can’t cope, …


And then we find out that most of these people are going on to benefits. And it’s like these people aren’t coming here to pay our pensions of the elderly, that they try and claim, because they’re being given all these benefits! What’s the situation in Germany with these migrants? I’ve heard so many horror stories about these rapes and, you know, people like Dr Lenoard Caldwell, I’ve heard, and he talks about how people won’t go out at night anymore.


Is this scare-mongering? How much of a threat has it been in your regular day to day life in Germany, with the arrival of all these immigrants?


Alfred: The change is dramatic! I tell you, when you go to any of the cities now, in the train stations, that’s where you see it the most. You will see almost like a majority of these, just invaders I call them. They’re just invaders! And it’s very disconcerting. And the thing is the jews like to they use whatever excuse that needs to be used in the respective European countries. A country like Sweden, for example, they couldn’t hound them with “Holocaust”. No! They told the Swedes all along, just the like in Canada:


Oh, you’re so boring! You need multiculturalism so it gets more exciting!


Well, they were right on that one, because now it is more exciting. The women go out and they get raped! That it used to happen.





So. But all these people coming in they are they are basically draining our what we have built up and this is a process that leads to the inevitable explosion and when like some people are pessimistic, but I’ll tell you one thing that could maybe make you more optimistic even though they might be gruesome, but we’re a peons have always excelled when we were under pressure and this is now going to place us under extreme pressure until the zombies they will either get back on their feet and understand that life has a greater purpose than being a zombie, or they will be butchered and slaughtered because.


It’s the Europeans that built up everything that we have here and not the invaders the invaders are coming into an infrastructure that our ancestors built and we inherited. And we continue to build on that and they come in after everything has been nicely built up with our inventions with our money not a single one of these Africans would be anywhere here were it not for the fact that they were brought here by infrastructure that we provided for them that was stolen from us, or so this is basically the biggest theft and fraud. Perpetrated against us as Europeans and I am convinced that we will come out of it, because I know in European history we’ve had invasions before that we were able to repel and sometimes I think these repulsion of these invasions, you know, whether it was done over a period of hundreds of years so I’m sure that once and at the rate that this awakening is happening now, you know, a lot of people are going to go insane when they realize what the reality is, but it will also give a lot of people new sense of purpose and that alone gives them more power and energy than they ever thought they would have so so I’m optimistic I have no doubt that we’re going to get this sorted out a new mention of the television I mean, like yourself are calm watch the television anymore I mean, need to think most of the country was black, or Indian, or what have you with all the people who put on the television it’s absolute lunacy. But my concern as well ease, of course, rice mixing aspects, because we want to return these people to their countries of origin it’s nothing to do with height to anything not that we didn’t invite these people in the to support them in to destroy the rice and so if they’ve got any problem with anybody it’s the jews that they need to take it up with, because they’re the people that call says the state laws I should be bringing them over from their countries to invite all countries on the Tuesday, because the jews a stay at the death of the want rights, because the want Mycenaean device that kicked them out of countries over one hundred times in the history and so they’ve earmarked for destruction.




Question is then. Thought. Where you have White women in the of shacked up with black men, or what have you and the having children with them, this is where it’s going to difficult, because you know.


We went through a tunnel country through it’s historical racial demographic So what happens with these people.


Well, you know, when this has the zeitgeist that we are where we are right now going through an explosive change in the zeitgeist and these people depending on the India Indian individual circumstances will have considerable explaining to do and will not exactly be on the upper end of esteem and so forth and that’s going to be a big problem for them, but I don’t think we should be concerned about that right now, because any woman who. Stoops to that level.


Well that’s not there’s consequences I mean, there’s decisions in those consequences and I’m not going to go into what the consequences might be, but I just don’t see much of a future for them, because things are going to get very, very tight and, you know, in war time when these things happen feelings don’t really count that much anymore I mean, when Europe was induced into butchering itself in what we call the wars, because the jews had been if you lated certain parts of Europe to attack the heart of Europe which was Germany. Where were the feelings there I mean, you know, there was so much hatred that was directed at Germany and then this hatred was only stepped up afterwards and now expanded to include the entire White race. And now I see like the UK, for example, they were induced to believe that they had been some kind of victors after this civil war which we call the, you know, World War to be that they were victors Well it got to look at the UK now and the UK it’s actually worse than Germany, you know, even the that’s why Germany is now the focus of the inundation, because they want to bring Germany down to the same level basically as the UK and that’s the reality and now I say this way now we Europeans need to understand we are standing with our backs against the wall and we are standing shoulder to shoulder and any animosity that we have amongst ourselves is nothing, but residual poison that the parasite that the jew has it’s residual poison of the jew as brought put into our minds and we need to put that aside and join ranks and deal with this, because our entire financial order is going to come crashing down every single field money system in history always has it’s end of life date and our jew world money world, you know, there’s this whole world financial order will come crashing down.




Because you cannot bring in these invaders who are not producing anything, but are consuming things and productive workers who have a brain in their head get thrown in jail just for thinking, you know, and that system like that is eased It’s like a cancer it’s a self in itself up until the pain be reaches a level where the people just revolt and that’s it that’s the big revolt and that’s what we’re going to see in the very, very near future I think this whole thing is going to be playing out. Within one year from now it’s going to be unrecognizable I didn’t even know the awakening now is under recognisable compared to what we had one year ago and this is an act exponential process so I believe we’re going to see a very exciting times in the next six months eight months it’s only going to keep getting more exciting until we get that sorted out yes exactly in Assam not trying to be negative it was just trying to throw different things in on I don’t know what’s going to happen with these sort of people, but as you said, that. Not really our wish you all wish us to write the idea amongst the mainstream of what’s really going on so we can White cop all right she’ll problems insistence and say no we don’t want this and that’s where movies see things change, but then we look at things like.


You know at some point I think the place is just going to have to turn man and say look, you know, we’re police officers we can see all these markets are causing all this trouble so why we got them in our country, but what they do, of course, is I start putting a lot of Norm Watts in the police service down in the UK And so therefore you get a police service wise up, because they’ll say well this is a colleague of mine and he’s black and this is what the cue does they create all these programs like affirmative action, or what have you to hire these minorities into all these government departments.


Literally Mike all recovery more difficult on every level possible so we could almost see a splintering off where some White people within the security services actually do decide to come out and say This is Roland speak out, but again it’s getting that voice and he can’t predict how this a White shooting is going to happen, but we do know that it does happen, because it’s even talked about inscription that it does happen and these White nations are going to be experiences racial flood going into them so agree with you it’s exciting times I would just cite the listeners to just like your time and spread the word about what is going on to people so people wake up and they’re ready and then they’re going to be on the winning side, but certainly what you said about the UK I mean, we don’t have the volume that we’re having in Germany, because we’ve had this immigration. Coming in for a longer period.




It’s been coming in they’ve been adjusting the curriculum in the store. To promote all the still of us to take on how to jump out for it and lost all to working full time in the N that ninety full on the job well I haven’t had to go on if quality a delight to try to hit on a me and it’s in every job, you know, twenty three years.


In this program in and that’s why they’ve created the rights mixing them all happy, but I think the some point we all to the White top right surely that is when the shoe is going to try. We will see what comes up then what are your thoughts on that okay, I mean, this in May and June this year I was in Canada on a trans-Canada speaking tour, and my subject was a psychological warfare and what I had observed on this tour which took me all the way from Toronto all the way to Victoria like all across the country fourteen talks in eleven different cities and people the things I was hearing were just absolutely shocking, for example, from several of my old friends they would tell me they had, you know, sons that were like twenty five years old kind of thing and looking for work and they were always being told the same thing highly qualified perfect for the job and they would always hear something like oh, you know, you have been privileged for so long now you must understand that we’re going to have to hire one of our visible minorities and you will understand and so there are so shocked by this kind of a response when they’re looking for a job. That they don’t know how to respond to that initially, but this is a this is an engineer and extermination of a syrup in peoples and we that’s what we have to understand I give you another example I was in Toronto and one of the people came he was about thirty years old, or something and he told me, you know, Alford I was just applied and it was an I.B.M., or something — I used to work from there to. And he said I have all the qualifications and then the last question the interviewer asks me something like Can you imagine working with a transvestite and he started laughing, you know, as a snickering is that what kind of a question What is that got to do with his job and then there the interviewer says Oh I see you have an attitude problems no we cannot take you he saw you can see how this subversion is just rot it is absolute destructive no society no society can survive that level of internal rot I mean, that’s like a cancer we have got a real cat and that’s the jew the jew is the subvert and he continues to subvert us until there is resistance and he pushes it and pushes it and pushes it until there is resistance so it’s oh this is a there’s no. There’s no a cheerful solution to this.




The solution is going to be like in the United States the that the mean that is making the rounds in the United States is the following once a certain percentage of Americans. Understand only a certain percentage of what the jews have done to us the jews will not live to see the light of day again and why we’re there I’m going to just reach you I.


Mean that is really important in this. Right now it’s called Do, or die in the mind of every White American who voted for Donald Trump whether conscious, or unconscious make America great again bent make America White again we are approaching the defining moment of American history it is left to us just us to step up and claim rightful ownership of this nation and to show the people the jews who stole it from us and I will tell you this it can be done once we have the people behind us the war is already. Over at that point we can directly and maybe even peacefully reclaim everything that was taken from us, it’s a big job, but it is what all of this has been leading up to the final showdown us versus them so this is the mindset that is being that they cannot contain the jews cannot contain this anymore and if you just look at take videos, for example, that were done let’s say three, or four, or five years ago and how they were at that King people who were just exposing the truth about 9/11 and you cannot imagine they would be so auditions now anymore now they prefer not to talk about that one at all anymore just like when the thugs that raided my us here installed all my video equipment and everything there was no mention of the holohoax anymore, because they know that lie is through and they say that I am using my video equipment to do to do racial incitement I mean, how pathetic is that they were been inciting against Germans all these years, you know, last eighty years and siding against Germany now they’re inciting against all White people and they are talking about racial incitement I mean, how pathetic is that and I tell you one thing this mean I just read to you and that taken together with what we are observing that should give people a real purpose in life again they wait to fight for our survival and that’s what this is a fight for our survival and I’m convinced Like I said before that we Europeans when we are standing there with our backs against the wall we will be up to it I’m absolutely convinced!


Andrew: yes and on the subject of means our foot off salted all my Twitter every time something, or use hash tag it’s okay, to be White which is these flaws you probably heard about new and America and it’s such an important thing to do folks month cards to listeners who use Twitter through the same thing.




Because it’s going to force these people out into the open an old like to demand defray with Jack that comment it’s okay, to be White then what they’re calling for is your genocide, because the only way out to not be White is if I’m dead, because I can’t change month D.N.I. So anyone who disagrees with that statement wants to kill you on a soon as we get these means out of these hashtags out people not never use the hashtag a lot from Twitter all of it there is use it to. Interesting articles for often that came out I was so impressed with it seeing the reaction from the left which can only be in our favor, or thought that he uses on every post it’s not right surely no one could say that this is a Rice’s comment, because I’m saying it’s okay, to be White if a black person said it was okay, to be black, or that it was okay, to be Muslim they could be treated to any sort of rights hate laws, or not that in a life of saying it’s okay, to be White, because the alternative is you couldn’t be killed, because that’s what they want if they think it’s not okay, to be White, but out for another subject I cannot understand to most people around the world cannot understand only if the election was rigged how on earth did Agricola Markel get back into power in the recent general election in Germany.


Well I think that has to do with.


You know first of all I wouldn’t I don’t believe the official outcomes anyway and it is only, because of the extreme censorship here in Germany that people are so what those people who still do vote I think I don’t know what like I mean, when I talk to people on the street, for example, not that long ago it was for that election that I was a two I was in a taxi, for example, and I told the guy in the taxi when I see this picture of Merkel I have to really hold back I don’t vomit all over your car story after say that and he says absolutely right on so people everywhere. Are they hate her the hatred against her is phenomenal so you ask me how she won I don’t know I think it’s been.


I can’t answer that I think there’s been a lot of fraud there. And if not then the people who did vote for her still got their crude for a moment they got their head shoved up their asses that’s what the problem is, you know, they’ve sometimes like the questions how how. How wretched does our reality have to be before people begin to understand that how the level of treason that all of our leaders are exercising against us I mean, whether it’s Cameron in the UK, or Merkel here or, you know, I mean, these people are all they’re all jews basically, or completely. Under their control and they have one agenda and that is our extermination in the end and once people understand that it will be as William Pierce said Dr William Pierce he says broom of fire will sweep them out and that’s what it’s going to be it’s going to be ugly, but that’s what it takes, you know.




And then I also say this that when you. Get a flu, you know, you get sick like you’ve got a bad cold coming on sometimes you really feel like you’re going to die everything hurts and you just can’t do anything anymore and then you’re you figure out your White blood cells that sort of figure out what’s going on here they identify the invading bacteria and only then and only after they’ve identified them do they figure out what to do about it and then they kick into gear and that’s when you get a fever and then you convalesce you get better again you recover and afterwards not only are you back to full health, but you have an immunity to this disease and that’s what we’re going to be experiencing we are now coming down with a serious influenza serious colds the entire European nations throughout the world we’re now figuring out what the problem is and we’re going to deal with it and you have to remember that.


Until quite recently we our minds were so compartmentalize the that we believed the story about those bad Germans and Hitler was so evil and all of those poor jews I mean, this is just all complete and total utter nonsense that has been hardwired into our brains and only now with the advent of digital technology are we able to actually figure out what the what the reality is and that’s the same as we can observe everywhere in nature if you, for example, you have a monoculture of let’s say you just put corn every field on this planet you’re going to put corn on there well event, you know, and you say all this corn is growing just fine and then something comes along like a fungus, or of something, or an insect and destroys your corn and that’s it then your you go to waste land and we have had the jews have had a total monopoly monoculture, if you will, on. My hands they have had complete control over our minds and they’ve made different populations and different geographies believe different things and then they would incite these people to go at each other’s throats and that’s what they’ve done and that’s their munch all the time is we will have all others gang up on whoever it is who is needs to be ganged up on and that’s what we’re seeing now playing out against all European peoples is there they are putting programs in all these invaders their brains that are designed to exterminate us while weakening us too and we cannot resist I mean, for example, the Africans coming out from Africa they have been programmed to believe that German women any relationship with a German woman begins with sex that’s how they’re told they actually believe these things and they’ve been told while in Africa all they need to up there as engineers and doctors you don’t really have to work everything will be taken care of for you and I actually believe that plus they opened up all the prisons down there and have old people coming up here I mean, this is a very it is such up. Blatantly engineered planned to have us. Breed and bred down, you know.




When people understand this ugly horribly obscenely ugly reality the response will be in accordance with what they’re observing and when you detect an obscenely ugly plan against us the reaction will also be obscenely ugly, but it will be what we need to do to clean us back up again and that’s what’s going to come that’s coming I mean, I’m sure of that I’m convinced of that yet what you sit there with me if the.


Deception the wall.


Oh yeah everything is by deception I mean, everything, but they got so sort of drunk on their own power they started making more and more mistakes I mean, the five dancing Israelis I mean, how I mean, no necklace take like that, but that’s only one of millions of mistakes and now they’re done they’re going has terrible and the more heist Eric and the more panicky they get the more mistakes they get while we are recovering control over our own minds again they are going into full high sterile mad madness mode and all the invaders that have come in here, you know, like this can like I just read that mean, you know, do, or die that I just read before this can be done peacefully actually all those invaders will be X. They will have the truth explained to them and they will understand that they are only they were duped into coming here and they have a home that they can return to and they will be returning there unless they can actually have a Unless they have a very good case why they think they can stay here and those, of course, well they could stay here then, you know, might that, but that would that would not be for you, or me to decide that will be for the future.


The powers that be then and put in place to decide and that will be done in accordance to the will of our people the English people the Scottish be. Well the French people German people I don’t think some negro from Nigeria is going to have a say in the matter I don’t care if they if he says I have a piece of paper and Angela Merkel invited me, or Cameron invited me, or whatever that piece of paper will be worth absolutely nothing and they will be able to put their case forward why they think that we should leave let them stay here when they have a whole continent of their own and this is the only home that we have, you know, and that’s that and that’s coming up this these discussions these debates these decisions yes and I mean, what you just said there was fantastic for it, because what you were minded me Elf is these people out there that will try.


Some Facebook, or what have you put you into a corner and well how you going to get rid of them how you can do this, because they want you to say something violent and they want to catch you all up that die and then running off to the authorities saying that you might speak kill will have you.




And that’s one power to listeners to be very careful this is what got lowered sperms into child someone was sending in private Facebook messages obviously and provocateurs and then they could get into site things that he thought he was saying in a cipher, because this person had views on rice etc, but this person was just trying to get evidence against him that like to take the place and then say that they were offended by what he said, but they don’t at the moment and so, you know, what we do folks is when the spokesman at the moment on I don’t see myself as suddenly becoming a politician when all this is over we have all come to his back I don’t know what I’m going to be doing and so we can’t be part of the pressure now people to actually come out a default line how this problem is going to be resolved we have a political system out there that should be resolving this problem and it might be the listeners and end up becoming a political system. As I say we can point out the problems and we can White people up to the problems, but the solutions will evolve over time as they will be governed by the will of the people and the other question I’ve got a few Alford unbothered by just on the ten minutes left so if there is anything that you want to get into the show that you have and feel free to do cite, but obviously all these governments, you know, in the UK and Germany and throughout Europe in America there’s jews in positions, but they’re not.


So on that basis how come they all Whites through the will of the Q one want anyone stand up to them on I think that it could be two reasons One is that they were compromised and so they just go along with it and the other reason is there’s some Sampson option that we know that. They might not have just said well look we’ve got all our weapons pointed at you so if this doesn’t happen that we’ll take the whole world down with us, because I’ve already said that they’re going to do that what you will for someone like politicians.


German heritage your heritage don’t do the right thing by the German, or English people.


All of the partitions without exception that we have now are compromised those who are not compromised never get past a certain point okay, Now a lot of them are jews a lot of them are not jews, but are just compromised people with spinal as. They just do what they’re told and that’s why we will not find a solution in the present political system you also have to understand that you mock, or see is there also a jewish construct as much as is communism OK, because with caught with democracy you can get you can tell a people all kinds of lies and then they’ll make based decisions based on these lies so it’s just a nonsensical system.


And Another thing that’s important people have to understand is they have to understand the explosive change that we are going through is for ours that site Geist is concerned.




Now, you know, need not behave the way you would have had to behave two months ago, or two years ago with the rate of change that we’re witnessing now and I know in the UK there’s. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they have a law that even if you look at what they deem as being radical right websites, or something too often you can go to prison for fifteen years. Now how obscene is that when you actually when they say even for looking at stuff they don’t want you to look at you are making yourself. Criminally, you know, guilty I mean, that is so pathetically obscene and those of these laws are only they only They’re made to make people fear fear just keep the chains that make them slaves are the chains of fear not people just get over this fear I mean, how are they going to prison if everybody stands up and says, you know, come on get over this nonsense the “Holocaust” anybody who believes that is God is going to mentally retarded, or something that can’t be normal I mean, what they do have put all the people in prison for saying that and have the negro invaders close the prison gates from the outside I don’t think so see that’s the reality of these the old the best way to face these things down is just face them down I could give you a little story, you know, you know, Shirley Temple I mean, in the states everybody knows Shirley Temple, you know, she was a child actor, very famous. Well I just learned recently that she was able at the age of eleven years to face down a jewish pervert see and when she was eleven years old she was invited into this jewish film director something his office, you know, supposedly to, you know, talk about her next scene, or something like that, and then he says, you know, I have this eleven year old girl and then he says I have got something made just for you and he drops his trousers, you know, in his dog was hanging down and as an innocent eleven year old girl she had the perfect healthy reaction she just started laughing, because she didn’t understand why. The hell is this and that laughing so enraged him and totally So he now is he couldn’t go and rape her as he had intended with so brought, you know, this concept is he is a is still a chain of thought was so brought out of out of order that he threw her out of the room and this stuff is all coming out now you seem like. If an eleven year old girl can laugh down face down an attack like that then we as growing European men and women should also be able to once we have a certain understanding of what’s going on. Just face them down! That’s why I call that kike Dyke that one in five thousand euros for me for as talking about silk in Dresden that’s why I don’t call her a state authority I call it a probably a transvestite, or something if they want to put me on trial then. For God’s sakes, but don’t come to me with that kind of stuff that’s insulting, you know!




That’s why I say we have to learn who we are and what’s at stake our and higher ancestry that goes back to, you know, our ancestors they built castles they have, you know, they built it all are inventions everything comes out of the European spirit now these jewish parasites want to degrade as with our own inventions and have a bio mass of zombies that they can herd around come on that’s not that’s not our past it’s not our future it’s nothing it is absolutely nothing and we have to just face it down and that’s what we’re happy that’s what’s happening now are our job is to awaken people up to have them understand the dogs have them understand the big picture and get out of this compartmentalized way of thinking understand the big picture and then we will it’ll be it’ll come instinctively and no thought was going to be able to stop the reaction that’s going to that’s coming down the road it’s coming yes and I think the novel thing that people need to look at is look at South Africa the dying and it’s been on the black pool for just over twenty years now and it’s just the jet. Right and I’m not just talking in the tax I’m wants on talking in the general infrastructure, because even Dr James David Manning in the state saw that on the show he said blacks cannot build a city they cannot run things I just not want for that and people need to start looking at these societies and see what happens when you give power to these people what happens to what walls a first world country and it starts rapidly requests into Third World status and what are your full sold to South Africa situation is a multi for us to look at Alf what a multiple is a warning for us as to what could happen to all countries if we allow this current immigrant evaluation to continue on the plighted Well that is it is an absolute stark and dire warning, because when somebody says oh that’s racist I say Of course it’s racist I’m a racist, you know, you know, where the word racist comes from the racist was the word that the jews the communist jews in Russia used against the Russians that wanted to preserve their culture and their heritage their White people and the jews started calling them racist in a derogatory type kind of kind of a way and attach all these negative emotions that word that word is absolutely meaningless that is one of the many words that comes out of the psychological warfare department and we have to take these things okay, he said before if I have see something important I want to say I want to put this in this context if you are playing in a card game and this game is for all, or nothing and then fairly far into the game you find you notice you are playing with marked cards what do you do where you had better start calling out these cards and demanding an explanation and every one of these words in the psychological warfare Department are like marked cards you cannot win if you submit, or use these marked cards you have to talk in clear logical terms that make sense and do not start justifying, or excusing, or apologizing when these marked cards are flung at you.




If someone says oh, but that’s racist I say what are you talking about what do you ask them to define that word racist and if they ask them What have the I asked them, this if Africans designed an airplane built the airplane and fooled and were flying the airplane would you get on that airplane not even the Africans would get on that airplane come on there, of course, there’s differences in the races and anybody who denies that is need to have their head examined, or they’re still they’re still.


Contaminated with this indoctrination that’s what it is there are contaminated with your doctor nation, you know, and that’s how we have to work in the future we have to use clear language straightforward and keep the emotions out, because this is, you know, don’t start apologizing and defending Oh I’m not a racist blah, blah, blah, blah, blah no ask them what that word means and ask them for clarification and then ask them if they get on that airplane that the Africans designed and built and they’re flying, you know, of course, they’re not going to get on, you know, and that’s all we have to work on. With pretty much out of time, but I’d like to hand back to you for the last comment you want to make to listeners what I just want to say thank you very much for calling me up and we are now very close to this thing igniting this tinderbox that we are in igniting and that’s where we have to get the maximum number of intelligent people with him with them a certain amount of understanding so that we don’t go completely insane, because this we’re going into a real crisis here and that’s what we need we need that we need the right people on our side and we can deal with it peacefully as peacefully as possible, but it’s not going to be possible without some bloodshed I fear, but that’s it I’m very optimistic thank you very much I’ll foot on the folks if I get a guest in the future notices Hoffa’s could to sell for false hope before you feel he pleased he was just fantastic this is going to be a long shot to write some pretty tough with some of the topics that he saw the and that the ability to come up again very soon some want to thank you all for listening on to be back tomorrow with Walsh and Paul I find that.




You have been listening to the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show on TBR Radio. Brought to you by The Barnes Review. Andrew’s book, The Synagogue of Satan is now available on his website, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock dot com in an updated, expanded and uncensored edition.










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