Merry Christmas 2017 and a Happy New Year, 2018!



Dear Contributors and Readers, …



Merry Christmas  2017






A Happy New Year, 2018!




 And let’s also remember and honour those that

understood and fought the “problem” before we did, …




Some thoughts about, …


The Past


National Socialism drove Germany to achieve massive positive developments in all areas of life, supercharging the economic, scientific, social, and cultural life of the nation to great heights that were, given the economic depression that the rest of the world was being subjected to, the envy of all. Germany was headed for world superpower status, all based on its people’s industriousness and inventiveness, organised under a system that brought Germans together to work for the benefit of all.


Yet such positive and wonderful developments could not go un-answered by Hell!


Hell was unleashed on Europeans by Organized jewry in 1914 with its carefully planned WWI, and subsequent massive destruction of Russia in its 1917 “Jewish Revolution” and following slaughter of its people over decades.


Organized jewry then unleashed Hell, Version 2, aka, WWII, in response to the reactionary rise of National Socialism. Using  the best puppets that jewish Money Power could buy, it used its tools; Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin to wage war on Germany.


The end result was over 55 million dead, Europe in ruins, the expansion of the jewish Soviet empire and the everlasting poison pill, the “Holohoax“. But most importantly, National Socialism was “discredited” and jewish Money Power ended in full control, running our “democracies”, where Tweedledee is set against Tweedledum.



The Present


The latest major iteration of the “Tweedledee vs Tweedledum” puppet show being, Trump versus Clinton. Many see Trump’s election as a gain for our cause, all things considered. I see Trump as a complete tool of Organized jewry that used White concerns to divide us. His election is Organized jewry’s “business as usual” even if some bones are thrown our way.



The Future, …


No, you don’t need shades quite yet, as its brightness, all very much depends.


The future is up to us. We either fight Hell and defeat it, or we, and all our descendents will end up in hell, under a tyranny run by Organized jewry. That book, 1984 warned us about that.


I’m cautiously optimistic. Over the last several years I see more and more thinking people awaken to what is going on. We’ve been massively conned over many generations, yet there is a growing understanding of that.


To return to the past, the good Germans of the 1930s understood the problem, … can we do likewise while preventing Hell re-asserting itself?


A fantastically great future awaits humankind, if only we could, … and we will, with great struggle, …


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!









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Version 1: Posted, Dec 26, 2017

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas 2017 and a Happy New Year, 2018!

  1. Jim Rizoli says:

    Thanks so much for the great work that you have done for the cause.
    We all can contribute in some way and should because we are the only ones exposing the Synagogue of Satan and their followers.
    Every new year brings on its own peculiarities of issues and demands and the Jews know they are in damage control mode so we can expect them to keep the pressure up on those like us that contend with their lies.
    Looking forward to what the future holds for us all, and remember the quote from Ingrid Zundel who used to sign the end of here power letters….

    No Surrender!

    Jim Rizoli

    • katana17 says:

      Thanks Jim!

      And thank you and Diane for all the amount of work you have both done with your videos.

      Don’t forget to take some time off and relax over the holiday period, because all work and no play makes, ….


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