Patrick Little — Twitter Protest, Dec 19, 2017 — TRANSCRIPT


[Patrick Little, a 33-year-old married White, a USMC veteran of Afghanistan, and an experienced IT engineer is running for US Senate in California. He’s been censored off from social media after trying to start a discussion about the jewish supremacist control of many critical institutions of the United States and her government.

Here, back in Dec 2017, he conducts a one-man protest, outside of Twitter’s HQ in San Francisco, against Twitter for suspending his account. He interacts with an unnamed reporter, and a jewish counter-protester.







Patrick Little


Twitter Protest


Dec 19, 2017







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Twitter Protest
Joe Vazquez
Published on Dec 19, 2017
Patrick Little, a holocaust denier, protests at Twitter HQ in San Francisco because Twitter suspended his account. A counterdemonstrator who says he lost family in the holocaust calls Little a white supremacist.















Little: So I got kicked off Twitter for talking about jews. It’s something you’re not allowed to do.


Reporter: Patrick Little, right?


Little: Yes.


Reporter: Patrick, why are you here?


Little: I’m here to protest the censorship of White men on Twitter.


Reporter: You were booted off of Twitter for your views?


Little: Yes! I was trying to debate whether, or not, the “Holocaust” happened.


Reporter: The “Holocaust” happened, Patrick Little!


Little: Well, I’d like to debate that. That’s the one thing you can’t talk about. As a matter of fact, I’ll be landing in Austria in a few days, and I welcome the jews to have me arrested there.




Reporter: And so, you decided to come to Twitter headquarters and hold the sign?


Little: Yes. It’s okay to be White, and that’s something that these Internet companies are slowly going to learn. The new public forum, the new public square, is Twitter! Is Gab! Just as I can go to the public forum and discuss anything in front of the Town Hall, I should be able to on Twitter, as well. Just, because the first person might have laid telephone lines at one point doesn’t mean he has a monopoly on telecoms. The ADL runs Twitter! They have opened up a regional headquarters here.


Reporter: How can I debate facts about whether the “Holocaust” happened, because that’s, …


Little: Well actually, it’s legal to do that in this country. It’s illegal in other countries, …


Reporter: You can do that. I’m not going to do that. I’m not gonna debate whether the holocaust, … I mean, the Nazis themselves reported the numbers, …


Little: What is a Nazi?


Reporter: Oh yeah, I’ve seen this, … this is a, … really we have to get to Berkeley, but you sir what is your situation? You saw him?




Counter protester, “Son of Le Happy Merchant“?



Counter protester: Yeah. I was just walking home from work and I saw him with the sign. We didn’t get into the “Holocaust” denial until later. I started speaking Yiddish to him and he responded in German.


Little: Hebrew first.


Counter protester: Right. He’s started in Hebrew at first, and then in German, that he had some issues with the numbers. I’m the grandchild of “Holocaust” survivors. Much of my family perished in the Shoah. So, …


Reporter: When you hear him say the “Holocaust” didn’t happen, …?


Counter protester: It’s both incredibly disturbing, and incredibly boring! Just kind of fascinating to me. But I felt like the really the only thing I could do is stand here and make a sign, and then invite my friend and comrade to make another sign. So we’ve been standing out here for a couple of hours. And, you know, it’s all very well, he has the free speech to say these things. I personally don’t think he has, but as long as he does, we have the free speech to stand here and denounce him.


Reporter: His point is that Twitter kicked him out of the public square!


Counter protester: Sure! I mean, whatever, Twitter’s a private company.




I think “hate speech” should be restricted. That’s just my belief. Speech which is hateful, speech which is threatening, speech which puts people’s lives in danger, … I mean, this guy in a very subtle,


Reporter: In this country speech is free!


Counter protester: It’s free, yeah!


Reporter: With very few limitations whether you, …


Counter protester: That’s true. And we’ve seen what has happened when, you know, speech has gone unchecked.


Reporter: Bottom line here. Do you agree with Twitter taking him out of, as he calls it, the Town Square?


Counter protester: Yeah, of course! Yeah, no Nazis on Twitter! No Nazis anywhere!


Little: What’s a “Nazi”?


Counter protester: You’re a Nazi bud!


Little: Okay. So a Nazi is any White that stands up for his people.


Counter protester: No, no, no, no!


Little: What is a “Nazi”?


Counter protester: That is not what you did. You stand here as a White person and then you start disputing the numbers of how many people perished in the “Holocaust”!


Little: If I come up with some cruel sounding word for a jewish person and I constantly use this slur against any jew that stands up for their people. And if I mentioned perhaps the twenty million Christians ethnic Europeans that the jews starved to death in Ukraine, on purpose, to ethnically cleanse the country in the 1930s, what would you say to that?


Counter protester: I mean, I’m not going to engage in a debate with you, because that’s, because that’s completely pointless. And I would only be giving you exactly what you want. And I have zero interest in debating you.


Little: What about the genocide in Palestine? How come only these supposed “Nazis” have this monopoly on genocide?











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